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'Normal' is killing us.

Donald Trump is out of the White House. COVID-19 is fading, at least in wealthier nations. The world, they say, is returning to “normal.” That’s the narrative that the corporate media is selling. But there’s a problem: “normal” is destroying our planet, threatening our democracies, concentrating massive wealth in a tiny elite, and leaving billions of people without access to life-saving vaccines amid a deadly pandemic. Here at Common Dreams, we refuse to accept any of this as “normal.” Common Dreams just launched our Mid-Year Campaign to make sure we have the funding we need to keep the progressive, independent journalism of Common Dreams alive. Whatever you can afford—no amount is too large or too small—please donate today to support our nonprofit, people-powered journalism and help us meet our goal.

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Democratic Socialists of America

For Many Young People, Socialism Is as American as Apple Pie

Bernie Sanders may never make it to the White House, but, just when we need them most, socialists like "Bigger than Bernie" co-author Megan Day have picked up his torch.

Robert Scheer ·

Biden Says 'The Bernie Bros Are Here' as Protesters Disrupt Detroit Rally to Denounce NAFTA, Champion Green New Deal

Activists from various groups interrupted the campaign event to highlight the Democratic frontrunner's record on trade and climate.

Jessica Corbett, staff writer ·

Critics Attack Buttigieg for Using 'Fox News Propaganda' By Referring to Grassroots Groups Backing Sanders as Dark Money Organizations

"Disgraceful that Buttigieg continues to smear groups like ours, led by immigrants and people of color—all to boost his own fundraising."

Eoin Higgins, staff writer ·

With 2020 Endorsement, Racial Justice Group Says Movement Behind Bernie Sanders 'Will Change This Country'

The White House hopeful also secured the support of Kshama Sawant, a Socialist Alternative member of the Seattle City Council.

Jessica Corbett, staff writer ·

2020: Democratic Establishment vs. Democratic Socialists

Meet three new challengers to the entrenched old guard.

Michael Sainato ·

Meet Tom Gallagher, the Democratic Socialist Challenging Nancy Pelosi in 2020

Gallagher's record provides a bold contrast to the rightward drift of the Democratic Party: he was resisting neoliberalism before we called it neoliberalism

Patrick O'Malley ·

After Tlaib and Omar Are Barred by Netanyahu, Why Would Any Self-Respecting Democrats in Congress Do the AIPAC Tour Again?

Dem leaders Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Steny Hoyer condemned the move, but it is unlikely that they will do more than that.

Juan Cole ·

Eating Away at Workers' Wages, Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Costs Soared by 121% Since 1999: Analysis

"As healthcare costs escalate, wages remain stagnant. Winning Medicare for All means abolishing the parasitic private insurers that generate unprecedented inequality in our society."

Jake Johnson, staff writer ·