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Experts Say Long War of Attrition in Ukraine Is a Dangerous Path

"By expanding support to Ukraine across the board and shelving any diplomatic effort to stop the fighting, the United States and its allies have greatly increased the danger of an even larger conflict."

Brett Wilkins ·

Ukraine Needs a Negotiated Peace Because Everyone Will Lose This War of Attrition

Despite the brutality of Russia's assault, Ukraine should intensify the search for a negotiated peace of the kind that was on the table in March, but which was abandoned following atrocities in Bucha.

Jeffrey D. Sachs ·

$40 Billion War Fever Grips Congress as US Escalates Ukraine War

It's time for negotiations, not arms shipments, to end the Ukraine/Russia war.

Cole Harrison ·

Russia Cuts Off Electricity to Finland as Tensions Grow Over NATO Expansion

President Vladimir Putin told Finnish President Sauli Niinistö that joining the U.S.-European military alliance would be a "mistake."

Jon Queally ·

To End the Horror in Ukraine, Go Big, and Go Broad

Amid such suffering and with the risk of escalation increasing by the day, our call must be clear: End the war now.

Kevin Martin ·

UN: Ukraine Death Toll Doubled in Past Week

As humanitarian crisis continues, dispute continues over convoy

Andrea Germanos ·

Ukraine Is Ripe for the Shock Doctrine

Like many states in crisis before it, Ukraine serves as a perfect opportunity for neoliberal transformation.

Sean Guillory ·

There Will Be No Victory Day

Dealing with stalemates between Russia and Ukraine, environmentalists and climate change, and COVID and humanity.

John Feffer ·

Will Ukraine Bid To Join NATO Unleash 21st Century Cold War?

Experts warn that if US and Europe continue to expand NATO's reach without recognizing destructive consequences, crisis in eastern Ukraine risks serious escalation

Jon Queally ·

The Crazy US ‘Group Think’ on Russia

Congress has voted to up the ante in the showdown with Russia over Ukraine, embracing a new Cold War and the neocon scheme for “regime change” in Moscow. But – amid the tough-guy-ism – there was little consideration of the risks from destabilizing nuclear-armed Russia.

Robert Parry ·

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