Defend CEO-Worker Pay Disclosure Law from Conservative Attack

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Defend CEO-Worker Pay Disclosure Law from Conservative Attack

Last year we won a major victory in our efforts to rein in excessive CEO pay.  But we need your help to defend it against conservative attacks. In 2010, Congress passed a law that mandates that corporations must now disclose their CEO-to-worker pay ratios.  Under this new provision, major corporations can no longer hide extreme and unfair pay gaps that enrich executives at one end and lower employee morale. 

But now GOP lawmakers are moving to repeal this disclosure mandate before the federal Securities and Exchange Commission can write the regulations necessary to enforce it. A bill by New York Republican Nan Hayworth — that would free companies from the shame of having to reveal their internal pay gaps — has already passed a key House subscommittee.  

IPS is working with the AFL-CIO and other groups in Americans for Financial Reform to rally pressure to stop this pay ratio disclosure repeal. 

Please act now to support this important step towards pay equity. 

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