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Oil Pipeline Canada Bought Will Cost Over $25 Billion and Never Turn Profit

"Guaranteeing another $8.8 billion to complete the project will simply be throwing good money after bad," says a new analysis, "for a total taxpayer loss of $26.1 billion."

Jessica Corbett ·

'Keystone XL Is Dead!': After 10-Year Battle, Climate Movement Victory Is Complete

"Keystone XL is now the most famous fossil fuel project killed by the climate movement,' said one veteran campaigner, "but it won't be the last."

Jon Queally ·

Indigenous and Green Groups Fighting Against Pipeline Urge 2020 Democrats to Take 'NoKXL Pledge'

"You either stand with family farmers, ranchers, Tribal Nations, and environmentalists—or you stand with fossil fuel corporations."

Jessica Corbett ·

Canadian Youth Launch a Rising Tide of Constitutional Climate Suits. Expect more.

In the case of children and youth who lack the right to vote but will disproportionately bear the harmful consequences of the climate crisis in the future, turning to courts is in fact their only hope.

Lynda Collins ·

Historic Tropical Storm Fiona Sweeps Homes Into Ocean in Eastern Canada

"Climate change leads to warmer ocean water at higher latitudes," said one Canadian civil engineering professor. "A warmer future increases the probability that more intense storms will reach Canadian coasts."

Julia Conley ·

Why Does Canada Still Allow Torture in Prisons?

The consciousness of Canadians has caught up with what prisoners have known for years. Prolonged solitary confinement is torture.

Catherine Latimer ·

Private Clinics Won't Solve Ontario's Healthcare Crisis and the Sickest Patients Will Suffer the Most

Private operators may offer faster access to services for their paying clients, rather than determining access to care based on the urgency of need.

Linda McQuaig ·

'A Hopeful Day': Ottawa Endorses Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

One climate campaigner said the Canadian city "is taking responsibility for moving beyond fossil fuels and prioritizing the protection of people and planet."

Jessica Corbett ·

Groundbreaking Report Details Canada's Rapid Path for Renewable Transition

The ambitious shift to clean electricity would also create at least 75,000 jobs a year in construction, operation and maintenance of new wind, solar and transmission lines alone.

David Suzuki ·

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