Jessica Corbett, staff writer
key members of Trump's cabinet
Critics warn the new agreement would make it harder "to hold Big Oil and Gas accountable" while also threatening "efforts to protect consumers, workers, and the environment."
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Activists with Greenpeace
Working to curb emissions while using public funds to subsidize oil and gas...
Common Dreams staff
While nearly all border states have some form of legalized marijuana use, it remains illegal under U.S. federal law and will classify those who work in the marijuana industry as drug traffickers. (Photo: Getty)
"U.S. border policy on pot is about to get even stupider."


About that move by Dumpster and his oil-rich goons to create a pretend-it's-not-there-and-hope-it'll-go away-even-though-we're-gonna-all-die reality: No. Their Orwellian ban on the term "climate change" - now “weather extremes," thanks - has met a flood of opposition, from scientists leaking a damning report to artists working underwater to a rogue Alt N ational Park Service upping their game. Because "climate change isn't like Voldemort - not saying its name won't keep it from happening."