War on Drugs

Diego Arguedas Ortiz, Inter Press Service
Poor young men, slumdwellers and single mothers are hurt the most by anti-drug policies in Latin America, according to representatives of governments, social organisations and multilateral bodies meeting at the Fifth Latin American Conference on Drug Policies. During the Sept. 3-4 conference held in San José, Costa Rica, activists, experts and...
Jon Queally, staff writer
World leaders 'need to recognize that toeing the line on current drug control strategies comes with extraordinary human and financial costs to their citizens and economies.' (Source: LSE)
Backed by five Nobel economists, numerous experts and government leaders, a new...
Sarah Lazare, staff writer
"Communities Rising" to end the drug war rally in front of San Francisco City Hall on June 17, 2011 (Photo: Bill Hackwell)
U.S. attitudes towards the War on Drugs appear to be shifting away from...


After five years of Mexico's bloody, ineffective war on drugs, over half the population feel unsafe in their neighborhoods and activist residents are turning to grassroots art projects to fight the violence. Those with "credentials of blood" are publishing Portraits for Peace , making videos to share stories, and, inspired by street artist JR , putting up huge photographic portraits of victims to put people "in the shoes of the other."


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