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The Promise of Agroecology Is Under Threat Worldwide

The industrial model marginalizes the world's majority food producers—smallholder farmers, food provisioners and workers, Indigenous Peoples, and their innovative solutions, while causing far-reaching and detrimental environmental impacts.
Lauren Baker ·

'Few Things Matter More to Humans': UN Report Says We Must Protect and Restore Biodiversity of World's Soil

"If things carry on as they are, the outlook is bleak, unquestionably. But I think it's not too late to introduce measures now."

Kenny Stancil ·

Why Agricultural Carbon Offsets Can't Play a Role in International Climate Action

Putting the responsibility of mitigation on farmers lets companies off the hook for reducing emissions along the entire supply chain.

Tara Ritter ·

As Climate Crisis Rages, the World's Public Banks Gathered at First-Ever Summit and Chose to Not Rule Out Continued Fossil Fuels Funding

"There is no excuse for the continued funding of billions of dollars in coal, gas, or oil projects," said one angered campaigner. 

Andrea Germanos ·

World Food Day Drives Home Need for Change in the US

The pandemic has exposed the fragility of the current industrialized food supply system, which is nested in an unequal, racialized and gendered socio-economic system experiencing the increasing prevalence of unemployment and food insecurity.

Shiney Varghese ·

Finance for Agroecology: More Than Just a Dream?

A profound transformation of food systems is needed and such a shift must happen rapidly to constructively address the multiple crises that are threatening humanity. 

Nina Isabella Moeller ·

'Regenerative Agriculture and the Soil Carbon Solution': New Paper Outlines Vision for Climate Action

"Data from farming and grazing studies show the power of exemplary regenerative systems that, if achieved globally, would drawdown more than 100% of current annual CO2 emissions," the new research says.

Andrea Germanos ·

Top Global Experts Say Humanity Must 'Heal Our Broken Relationship With Nature' to Prevent Future Pandemics

"We must curb the high risk trade and consumption of wildlife, halt deforestation and land conversion, as well as manage food production sustainably."

Jessica Corbett ·

Africa Says, "I Can't Breathe": An African Civil Society Perspective on Systemic Racism

The knee on George Floyd's neck is the same knee that is on our neck. It is the same knee that justified colonialism in Africa.

Million Belay ·

Save the Insects, Save the Farmers, Save Ourselves: New Global Report Calls for End of Industrial Agriculture

"The evidence is clear: pesticide use is wiping out insect populations and ecosystems around the world, and threatening food production."

Andrea Germanos ·

Fridays for Future Europe Calls for Transforming Agricultural Policy to Tackle the Climate Crisis

"E.U. politicians must recognize that a great hope to combat the climate crisis and the collapse of biodiversity lies in agriculture."

Jessica Corbett ·

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