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Sunrise On Presidential Debate: A Trump Presidency Would Mean Climate Disaster


In response to the Presidential Debate, Sunrise Movement Communications Director Stevie O’Hanlon, released the following statement:

“Tonight put on full display how broken our political system is. Our generation deserves better.

The debate also made it undeniable that a Trump Presidency would be a climate catastrophe. When Trump was asked if he would address the climate crisis, he ignored the question completely – because he can’t answer it. He has promised oil and gas CEOs that he will expedite drilling permits, hasten fracked gas pipeline approvals, and release 'vast stores' of oil and gas on public lands. In return, they’re bankrolling his campaign.

Biden touted achievements that young people fought hard and long to win: the Civilian Climate Corps and the Inflation Reduction Act. Like in 2020, we will fight like hell to defeat Donald Trump so we have the political conditions to end the fossil fuel era and win a Green New Deal.

But President Biden and the Democratic establishment’s choices have made an election against a convicted felon dangerously tight. Young people have offered Democrats the vision, energy, and policy on which to beat Donald Trump. They have turned away from it. If there is to be any chance of beating Trump this November, they must listen to young voters.”

Sunrise Movement is a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.