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NWC Urges Congress to Pass Whistleblower Bill Immediately

Today Rep. Van Hollen Reintroduced a Bill Extending Whistleblower Protection to All Federal Employees


The National Whistleblowers Center thanks Representative Van Hollen (D-MD) for
his continued support and strongly urges Congress to enact this
critical legislation immediately. Whistleblower protection is
absolutely essential to ensure accountability over billions of dollars
of stimulus spending.

As National Whistleblowers Center
President Stephen M. Kohn noted "Without protecting federal employees,
the oversight and accountability of taxpayer dollars will be virtually
ineffective. Congress must act now to protect American taxpayers from

In a report
issued this week, the National Whistleblowers Center cited independent
studies that reveal whistleblowers are the single most important
resource for detecting and preventing fraud. The Ethics Resource Center's
National Government Ethics Survey found that 52% of federal employees
observed misconduct in the past year. Additionally, 24% of federal
government employees who observe misconduct choose not to report it,
fearing retaliation from management. Of those who reported misconduct,
83% only reported it to their supervisor or managers (conduct not
protected under the current federal Whistleblower Protection Act).

Since 1988, the NWC and attorneys associated with it have supported whistleblowers in the courts and before Congress and achieved victories for environmental protection, government contract fraud, nuclear safety and government and corporate accountability.