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As Biden Touts Clean Energy Perks of Inflation Reduction Act, He Moves in Opposite Direction With New Fossil Fuel Projects, Faulty Carbon Capture Schemes

Today, on the eve of the anniversary of his signing of the Inflation Reduction Act, President Biden will speak in Milwaukee at a wind energy infrastructure factory to tout what he claims are the virtues of the law, including billions of dollars in funding for clean energy projects and carbon emissions reduction initiatives.

In response, Food & Water Watch Executive Director Wenonah Hauter has issued the following statement:

“President Biden can talk until he’s blue in the face about investments in clean energy, but as long as he continues to approve massive new fossil fuel projects throughout the country, we keep moving backwards on the path to a livable climate future. No amount of investment in wind turbines, solar panels or faulty carbon capture schemes will protect our environment or stabilize our climate if we simultaneously extract and burn more and more oil and gas.

“The Alaska Willow drilling project, the Mountain Valley Pipeline, a plethora of new LNG export terminals - these are among the features of Biden’s energy legacy that will doom us to climate catastrophe if he doesn’t change course now.

"Meanwhile, President Biden’s massive investments in unproven, impossibly expensive carbon capture schemes serve only to allow the fossil fuel industry to keep doing what it does best - drill, frack, pump and pollute - under the premise that a mysterious, magical technology will somehow clean it all up. These faulty initiatives are sucking away precious time and money that could otherwise be spent on legitimate clean energy projects like wind, solar and building efficiency.”

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