'Fully Destroyed': Massive Explosion at Port Rocks Beirut

Two huge explosion rocked the Lebanese capital Beirut on August 4, 2020, wounding dozens of people, shaking buildings, and sending huge plumes of smoke billowing into the sky. (Photo: STR/AFP via Getty Images)

'Fully Destroyed': Massive Explosion at Port Rocks Beirut

The blast sent a shockwave across the city. 

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A massive explosion at the port in Beruit, Lebanon sent a shockwave across the city, blowing out windows and sending people scrambling for cover.

While casualty figures were not available, the Daily Starreports that "dozens are feared dead" in the wake of the blast.

An official cause of the blast has not been determined or announced by authorities, but early speculation ranged from stored munitions to possible fertilizers or a combination of factors.

Lebanon's Interior Minister Mohammad Fahm reportedly said that ammonium nitrate stored at the port was responsible for the blast. Head of General Security Gen. Abbas Ibrahim told the National News Agency that the "highly explosive materials" were seized years ago.

Thousands are wounded and at least dozens are dead, according to media reports.

"People are discussing about which hospital they can get to across the city," said Al Jazeera's Timour Azhari. "This hospital, the Hotel-Dieu hospital has formally announced that people should stop coming here."

Video shared to social media shows the blast followed by a shockwave making its way across the city.

"The city is in a state of panic," reportedCNN's Ben Wedeman. "The city is in a state of shock."

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