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Guy Reel is an associate professor of mass communication at Winthrop University. He may be reached at

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009
The Gullible Dittoheads
Did you hear about the guy who was driving his Winnebago, set the cruise control after getting on the freeway, then calmly left the driver's seat to fix himself a cup of coffee? The RV crashed, so he sued Winnebago for not informing him in the owner's manual that he wasn't supposed to do this. He won $1.7 million and a new Winnebago. Outrageous, isn't it? Argues for tort reform, right? Not really. You see, it isn't true. Not the story, not the lawsuit, not the award.
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009
The United Haters of America
Somewhere deep inside the authoritarian minds of the ultra right-wingers, the fear, helplessness and paranoia that have always been so evident have reached the boiling point. For them, Obama's election and, perhaps even more so, the sight of him standing on the Capitol steps and taking the oath of office, have brought home a grim truth. They have tried to deny it for many years now, but America is not what they think it is.
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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
American Values
What is America? What are the values it has most fought for and admired? A few of the first, and most important, come to mind: Freedom. Equality. Democracy. Champion of the little guy. Helper of the oppressed. Defender against tyranny. Some of the other values are ingrained in our history and our belief in our future: Capitalism. Independence. Strength. Rightness and righteousness. Manifest destiny. God. Freedom of religion. Family. Wealth. Faith.
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