Julia Conley, staff writer
This technology, says one critic, "poses a profound threat to the future of human liberty that can't be mitigated by industry-friendly regulations."
Eoin Higgins, staff writer
Billionaire Jeff Bezos makes between $4.5 million and $9 million an hour.
A new analysis finds that the billionaire could provide annual coverage slashed...
Eoin Higgins, staff writer
Whole Foods Market in Union Square in New York City.  Whole Foods owner Jeff Bezos slashed benefits for employees on Thursday.
"I am in shock. I've worked here 15 years. This is why I keep the job—because...


A helpful reminder the GOP's deranged war on women's health lumbers on: This week saw not just SCOTUS hearing arguments on Texas' egregious anti-choice law - one of hundreds nationwide - but the first session of a "Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives" where House members rabidly, stubbornly conjured up Mengele, Tuskegee and to condemn Planned Parenthood's "selling baby body parts,” EXCEPT IT STILL DOESN'T. Your tax dollars at work.