#Heeling Trends as Trump Again Struggles With Expressing Empathy

The Twitter accounts of President Donald Trump, @POTUS and @realDonaldTrump, are seen on an Apple iPhone on Jan. 27, 2017.

#Heeling Trends as Trump Again Struggles With Expressing Empathy

"I really do think his continuing misspelling of the same simple word says a lot about the man and his presidency," says one critic

President Trump is doing his best to course-correct on empathy after he was widely criticized for some of his initial responses to the disaster caused by Hurricane Harvey in which he repeatedly failed to address the plight of victims while instead focusing largely on the strength of the storm, the size of his crowds, and the actions of government and local officials in response.

But on Friday morning, a tweet by the president was again seized upon by online observers who point out that when it comes to expressions of empathy, they just doesn't come naturally to Trump:

And it's not the first time the president has misspelled the word "healing" with "heeling":

Some argued perhaps it was not a mistake, but rather a clever trick by the president to ensnare his critics:

Either way, the bizarre and frightening world in which Donald Trump is the President of the United States continues:

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