Scottie & Me: October 2, 2003

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Scottie & Me: October 2, 2003

White House Press Briefing with Scott McClellan

Mokhiber: Have any members of the White House staff hired outside counsel to represent them in connection with the criminal investigation?

Scott McClellan: Not to my knowledge.

Mokhiber: Second question, you have said there's no evidence implicating current White House staff. Do you know of any evidence implicating former White House staff?

Scott McClellan: No.

Mokhiber: Third, Karl Rove used to work for Attorney General Ashcroft. Attorney General Ashcroft is investigating the White House, why doesn't that represent a conflict of interest?

Scott McClellan: Career Justice Department officials are investigating the allegation that there is a leak of classified information. And I've already answered that question.

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