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December 26, 2016

Dear Friend,

Time is running out and we still need to raise $25,000 by the end of the year to stay alive.

Each year Common Dreams operates on the tightest budget possible. And, with our limited resources, we provide the news that matters to millions of progressive thinkers across the globe.

We don’t rely on infotainment, sex scandals or clickbait. No fake news, phony notions of balance or corporate talking points.

Just the truth.

Our media model is simple: we rely on our readers and thousands of small donations to keep us moving forward. No advertising, no renting or selling our email lists, no corporate donations, and no hidden agendas.


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To halt Trump and his agenda, we will all have to join together in ways that we never imagined. And, every voice will make a difference.

We are prepared to meet this challenge, but we need your help now.

Please make a contribution today. Our future is in your hands.

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With hope and resistance,

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