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Monday, June 29, 2020
MSNBC Graphic (1/3/20) celebrating female heads of weapon-making corporations and military agencies. Alan MacLeod
Bombing People Is Not Feminist, No Matter How You Spin It
That this structure still exists, reaping untold violence across the world, only it is now headed by women, is hardly a step forward for feminism.
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 Congress could also seek to require that all drone exports would have to go through a congressional approval process, rather than forcing a resolution of disapproval to stop a sale. (Photo: Shutterstock) Rachel Stohl
Defense Industry Cheers as the Trump Administration Is Poised to Loosen Restrictions on Drone Exports
In light of the U.S. decision, Congress must step up and exert its oversight role.
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President Donald Trump pretends to take a Covid-19 test while holding a swab during his visit of the Puritan Medical Products facility in Guilford, Maine on June 5, 2020. The facility said after Trump's visit it would have to discard tests that were made during the president's visit because he did not wear a face mask. (Photo: Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images) Gleb Tsipursky
"Back to Normal" Thinking and Why Trump's Anti-Mask Stance Has Been So Deadly
Understanding why some people continue to disregard the best advice of public health officials, means understanding why how dangerous the president's behavior has become.
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Bowman’s victory against an entrenched incumbent came on the heels of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s 2018 unseating of 10 term Congressman Joseph Crowley in the nearby 14th District of New York. (Photo: Bowman for Congress) James Zogby
What Jamaal Bowman's Historic Win Represents for the Palestinian People
For decades, the pro-Israel lobby was able to carry the day in Congress because Members feared the repercussions of criticizing Israel. That tide is turning.
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These new minimum wage standards are a s step toward a more egalitarian society, one better equipped to counter the onslaught of disease. (Photo: Strikefor15) John Buell
Amid Pandemic and BLM Protests, Why Minimum Wage Must be Defended and Expanded
Decades of research have shown that businesses are generally able to absorb higher minimum wages without any meaningful negative impact on jobs.
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Lawrence Bell (right), moments after being released from East Jersey State Prison on Sunday, is greeted by his friend Ron Pierce [left], who was also incarcerated for three decades. Chris Hedges
My Student Comes Home
In 1990, Lawrence Bell was 14, orphaned and living in an abandoned house when three Camden cops pressured him to sign a confession of murder. Sunday, thanks to the dogged work of his laywer, he was freed.
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While Americans are overwhelmed by the pandemic, the Pentagon and its boosters are exploiting the emergency to feather their own nests. (Photo: Master Sgt. Ken Hammond / U.S. Air Force / Wikimedia Commons) Mandy Smithberger
Covid-19 Means Good Times for the Pentagon
Or how to vaccinate the military-industrial complex.
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Sunday, June 28, 2020
Eoin Higgins, staff writer
An Interview With Mimi Soltysik, 1974-2020
"I feel allied with most anyone who seeks the overthrow of capitalism."
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Shahid Buttar, Rebecca Parson
'If You Like Your Insurance, You Can Keep It'–Until You Can't
Lack of healthcare is a death sentence.
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Sarah Lazare
First You Bomb and Starve a Country. Then You're Praised for Sending in Aid.
The perverse diplomatic charade of Saudi Arabia starting a fire then getting credit for providing fire blankets.
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Robert Scheer, Meagan Day
For Many Young People, Socialism Is as American as Apple Pie
Bernie Sanders may never make it to the White House, but, just when we need them most, socialists like "Bigger than Bernie" co-author Megan Day have picked up his torch.
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Saturday, June 27, 2020
George O'Connor, Daniel G. Newman
'Electing a President': Exclusive Excerpt From New Graphic Novel on the US Elections System
Unrig: How to Fix Our Broken Democracy is out July 7.
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Christopher Brauchli
The Environment, the Trump and Bolsonaro
"[A] great empire and little minds go ill together."—Edmund Burke, 2d Speech on Conciliation with America (1775)
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Michael Arria
Palestinian Members of Israeli Parliament Call on Democrats to Oppose Annexation
"Democrats have a decision to make. Will they keep wringing their hands and expressing 'concern,' or are they going to do something about it?"
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David Suzuki
Multiple Crises Signal the Need to Change Course
People are calling for change. It's time.
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Freddie Stuart, Aaron White
From the Streets to the Ballot Box: New York's Political Revolution
Alongside a wave of insurgent progressive candidates, New York's primary elections ushered in a mandate for radical change.
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Patrisse Cullors
'Black Lives Matter' is About More Than the Police
Black life must be valued at every stage and in every facet of society. We won't rest until it is.
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Friday, June 26, 2020
While Trump may be expendable, Trumpism—which lies at the intersections of racial and sexual anxiety, hatred of government and the expert class, and opposition to cosmopolitan internationalism—is not so easily rooted out.  (Photo by Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images) John Feffer
What Will It Take to Defeat Trumpism?
Learning lessons from the end of the Confederacy, Nazi Germany, and Saddam’s Iraq.
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Now more than ever, we need to divert funding from programs that threaten to push us closer to the brink of nuclear war. (Photo by Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images) Owen Webster
Defunding Police Must Be Paired With Demilitarization and Denuclearization
In much the same way that local Black Lives Matter activists are right to call for cuts to militarized police departments, we must pair the current movement with efforts to rein in American militarism extending beyond our borders too.
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Demand community control, not only of the police, but of education, housing, health care and all the other services that civilized societies require. (Photo by Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images) Glen Ford
Yes, Defund the Cops–And Put Them Under Community Control
Community control of the police means empowering the people to shape and oversee the mechanisms of their own security and end forever the armed occupation of our communities by hostile forces.
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Vote by mail is gaining traction across the country. (Photo: Getty) Suzan DelBene, Earl Blumenauer
Voting By Mail Is Now a Necessity During COVID-19
We need to ignore the inflamed rhetoric the president is using and act now.
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Executive Chairman of Ford William Clay Ford Jr. (L) tour with President Donald Trump the Ford Rawsonville Plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan on May 21, 2020. (Photo: Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images) Ralph Nader
An Urgent Message to Congress: You Must Hold President Trump Accountable!
What your stewardship of the Constitution requires is manifest.
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Trump’s rhetorical strategies correspond to how authoritarians have historically eroded democracy, which is why his rhetoric is so dangerous. (Photo: Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images) Jennifer Mercieca
A Field Guide to Trump's Dangerous Rhetoric
Trump was so successful in using dangerous demagogic rhetoric that no one could hold him accountable for his words and actions during the 2016 campaign or since.
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Drug Enforcement Administration police are seen as demonstrators marched to Freedom Plaza from Capitol Hill to honor George Floyd and victims of racial injustice on Saturday, June 6, 2020. (Photo: Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images) Maritza Perez
The DEA’s Most Recent Abuse of Power Should Renew Calls for Divestment
A critical look at the DEA is long overdue. The agency has existed for more than forty-five years but little attention has been given to the role it has played in fueling racial disparities, mass criminalization, the surveillance state, and other drug war harms.
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Photo: Promotional image of the Italian frigate the U.S. Navy is adapting for construction at Marinette. (Photo: Fincantieri) Kathy Kelly
Battleground States: The Time for Manufacturing Weapons of War Has Passed as a Viable Industry for Our Nation
The world that our global empire is swiftly creating, through our devastating oil wars in the Middle East and our arriving cold wars with Russia and China, is a world without winners.
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Harvey J. Kaye
In 2020, Reviving the Spirit of FDR
In a new book, John Nichols outlines tragic decisions that quashed past progressive dreams but offers hope for the years ahead.
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Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr.
The Language of 'Brown Finance' in Climate Finance is Racist
If you cannot hear the problem with the term "brown finance" yourself, please let me explain.
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Thursday, June 25, 2020
Economic sanctions in Iraq killed an estimated 350,000 Iraqis. (Photo: Adrian Dennis/EPA) Tom Gallagher
Killing Them Softly With Sanctions
Economic sanctions killed more Iraqis than Saddam Hussein's dictatorship.
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Bombs dropped by a US Air Force B-26 Invader destroy civilian targets in Wonsan, Korea in 1951. (Photo: USAF Photo/Creative Commons) Brett Wilkins
The Korean War and US 'Total Destruction' Began 70 Years Ago
For Koreans of a certain age, total destruction by the United States isn’t just some abstract threat, it is a hellish reality that ranks among the most egregious crimes of a century that witnessed some of the most appalling barbarity in human history.
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130 Sanders delegates (including me) from congressional districts across the state—90 percent of all such Sanders delegates—have signed a statement calling for Khanna to be the delegation chair. (Photo: Michael Brochstein/Echoes Wire/Barcroft Media via Getty Images) Norman Solomon
Progressives Must Fight With—and In—the Democratic Party
In the electoral arena, the goal is not only about winning elections. It’s also about replacing the top-down weight of entrenched politicians with the bottom-up power of grassroots activism.
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A man holding a Palestinian flag and a placard that says, Palestinian Lives Matter, during a demonstration in Amsterdam. Hundreds of people gathered at the Museumplein in support of Palestine and against Israels plans to annex parts of the West Bank in Gaza on June 14th. (Photo by Ana Fernandez/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) Yoav Litvin
Black Lives Matter and Lessons From Palestine
Lessons from the Palestinian struggle can be crucial for the success of the anti-racism uprising in the United States.
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President Donald Trump speaks during the daily briefing of the White House Coronavirus Task Force in the briefing room at the White House on April 16, 2020 in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images) Thom Hartmann
Why Is Trump So Enthusiastic About Americans Dying?
What is it about right-wing leaders embracing death by pandemic? If Trump was the only leader in the world doing this, it might make it easier to figure out. But wealthy oligarchs who have taken over countries around the world are doing the same thing.
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Expecting poorer countries to continue sacrificing lives, health, and resources in order to keep the rich people’s economy going is unacceptable.  (Photo: Modelo brewery, Mexico City, Mexico/ Getty Images) Tamara Pearson
US Drinking Beer, Producing Cars and Military Tech at the Expense of Mexican Lives
"All the companies here … do what they want with us. It’s like we’re a market and the politicians are saying, 'Come here, have what you like'"
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Wednesday, June 24, 2020
This obsession with criminalization is driven by structural racism. (Photo: Shutterstock) Robert P. Alvarez
Land of the Unfree
This July 4, let’s lay claim to the freedom and equality we’ve celebrated for centuries, but seldom practiced.
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President Nicolás Maduro addressed hundreds of thousands of supporters on May 1, 2019, a day after Guaidó’s attempted coup. Leonardo Flores
Bolton Weaves a Tall Tale in his Venezuela Chapter
Four major sanctions over 10 months that crippled the Venezuelan economy are hardly indicative of an administration that "vacillated and wobbled", in Bolton’s words.
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The new proclamation looks to be mostly symbolic and is likely a political tactic to blame immigrants for high unemployment, despite that fact that they had nothing to do with causing it. (Photo: David McNew/Getty Images) Daniel Costa
Trump’s Ban on Temporary Work Visas Is an Attempt to Scapegoat Immigrants During an Economic Collapse
Real reform would improve wages and working conditions.
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By January 2021, the U.S. is likely to have been in material breach of the JCPOA for 32 months and will have very little credibility or leverage to insist on changes to the agreement or a grand bargain addressing all of the international community’s concerns about Iran. (Photo: Ron Adar / Jamal Abdi, Ryan Costello
Biden Can Reverse Trump’s Failures on Iran
It will be important for a Biden administration to act swiftly to restore international confidence in U.S. policy toward Iran.
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London based Vegan burger company Biffs Kitchen handing out samples of their pulled jackfruit burgers during Plant Powered Expo 2020 at Olympia London on February 2, 2020 in London, England. (Photo by Ollie Millington/Getty Images) Simon Whalley
The Plant-Based Diet That Our Planet Urgently Needs
The gulf between what people say they understand is necessary and what their actions continue to prove otherwise is alarming. It is nowhere more evident than their dietary choices.
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The National Memorial for Peace and Justice, informally known as the National Lynching Memorial, is a national memorial to commemorate the victims of lynching in the U. S. (Photo: Ron Cogswell/flickr/cc) Yohuru Williams, Savannah Shepherd
There’s No Excuse for Blocking the Anti-Lynching Bill
It’s 2020—we should’ve made the lynching of Black Americans a federal crime by now.
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From a general macroeconomic perspective, raising the minimum wage in a period of depressed consumer demand is smart policy. (Photo: SEIU) David Cooper
Now Is Still a Good Time to Raise the Minimum Wage
Higher minimum wages disproportionately benefit women workers and workers of color, both of whom are disproportionately represented in frontline industries and "essential" jobs.
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President Donald Trump speaks to the press before departing the White House on June 20, 2020 for a campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. (Photo: Eric Baradat/AFP via Getty Images) Michael Winship
President Trump Ain't Just Dog Whistling Dixie
In his Tulsa speech and an interview Trump previews his hate-fueled, if incoherent, 2020 campaign strategy.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2020
Leonardo would not have objected. (Photo: Ian Burt) Pierre Tristam
Make Masks Mandatory in All Public Spaces
Enough denialism. Enough childishness. People are dying and state government is criminally indifferent. It’s up to our local governments to act.
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Colin Kaepernick, decided to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem during the 2016 season, his announced intention was to call attention to racial inequality in the United States, and its ugliest manifestations via excessive uses of deadly force by police against African Americans. (Photo: AP) Richard Falk
The Politics of Kneeling: A Tribute to Colin Kaepernick
It takes a dedicated movement, not a string of moments, no matter how searing and memorable, to achieve the deep structural changes that will allow all persons of color to be treated as equal citizens with equal rights.
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This pandemic has exposed what has long been true: On the global stage, America is the exception, but not in the way we would like to believe. (Photo: Screenshot) Robert Reich
America Is Exceptional in All the Wrong Ways
The problems at the core of our broken system, laid bare by this pandemic, have been plaguing this country long before Trump came along.
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Let’s hope this letter from over 100 organizations shows Biden the widespread support for him to shed his ”Israel-right-or-wrong” position and instead openly and explicitly distinguish right from wrong. (Photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images) Medea Benjamin, Ariel Gold
Will Biden Remain Tone Deaf to Palestinian Rights?
Biden’s unconditional support for Israel’s rightwing government is not only less and less popular among Americans, but it guarantees continued repression against Palestinians and continued unrest in the region.
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Black Americans are dying from Covid-19 at three times the rate of white Americans and face higher rates of unemployment. (Photo: Screenshot) Negin Owliaei, Sofia Salazar
Black Immigrant Domestic Workers Share Notes on the Storm
Between Covid-19, the resulting economic depression, and structural racism, Black immigrant domestic workers are at the epicenter of three converging crises.
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George Floyd, Michael Brown and the countless others, including myself, have fallen victim to a system of justice that has been blinded not by the quest for equality, but by the sightlessness of a law and order system and attitude that refuses to see and acknowledge its own injustice. (Photo: Wolfram Kastl/Getty Images) Jeffrey Sterling
Whistleblowing, the Pandemic and a 'Law and Order' System of Injustice
All vestiges of the current system of white moderate law and order must be obliterated.
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The soul of a nation corrupted by racism, militarism, and extreme materialism represented King’s ultimate concern. (Photo: Shutterstock) Andrew Bacevich
Racism, Yes, But What About Militarism and Materialism?
Martin Luther King's giant triplets.
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Israeli diplomat Ishmael Khaldi pictured at the nation's U.S. consulate in Miami. (Photo: Courtesy of Israeli Consulate) Jonathan Cook
"I Can't Breathe": Chokehold on Diplomat Exposes Israel's Special Type of Apartheid
An assault by Israeli security officials on a diplomat sounds like an aberration—a peculiar case of mistaken identity—quite unlike an established pattern of police violence against poor black communities in the US. But that impression would be wrong.
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Monday, June 22, 2020
A woman wearing a mask walks past a wall bearing graffiti asking for rent forgiveness in Los Angeles on May 1, 2020. (Photo: Valerie Macon / AFP via Getty Images file) Emily A. Benfer
Coronavirus Rent Freezes Are Ending—and A Wave of Evictions Will Sweep America
The distress among renters will surely surge this summer when recently enacted federal unemployment benefits run dry and courts reopen.
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Iraqi medics arrive at the capital Baghdad's suburb of Sadr City on May 21, 2020, to test residents for COVID-19, as part of measures taken by the authorities aimed at containing the spread of the novel coronavirus. (Photo by AHMAD AL-RUBAYE/AFP via Getty Images) Claudia Lefko
Missing: 505 COVID Masks Destined for Baghdad Hospital via UPS
Our human-to-human good-will gesture—the washing, cutting, sewing, assembling and shipping costs along with the sweet anticipation of their arrival in Baghdad—has been denied, stolen from us.
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BlackRock has been called "the most powerful institution in the financial system." (Photo: Brooke Anderson/@movementphotographer) Ellen Brown
Meet BlackRock, the New Great Vampire Squid
No private, unelected entity should have the power over the economy that BlackRock has, without a legally enforceable fiduciary duty to wield it in the public interest.
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The massive anti-racist rebellion now unfolding is history in the making. (Photo: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images) Mark Harris
History in the Making: Police Violence vs. People’s Justice
This is a people’s movement for a more humane and fair society.
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The virtual rallies over the weekend organized by the Poor People's Campaign "lifted up people who are living the interconnected injustices that have been the campaign's focus for the past two years: systemic racism, poverty and inequality, ecological devastation, and militarism and the war economy. Many spoke of how the Covid-19 pandemic has only deepened existing inequalities." (Photo: Poor People's Campaign) Sarah Anderson
Virtual Poor People’s Campaign Rally Draws Crowd of More Than a Million
Through personal testimonies of systemic racism, poverty and inequality, ecological devastation, and militarism—the event brought the campaign's bold fusion agenda to new audiences.
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African Muslims have been central to American history and American success. Ilhan Omar has been an American citizen longer than Melania Trump, and stands in a tradition of contributing to this country. (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) Juan Cole
Top 6 Reasons Trump’s Racist Attack on Ilhan Omar at Empty Stadium Is a Lie
Trump’s description of Rep. Omar's goals as "no government" is much more appropriate to his own policies.
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A supporter sits alone in the top sections of seating as Vice President Mike Pence speaks before President Donald J. Trump arrives for a "Make America Great Again!" rally at the BOK Center on Saturday, June 20, 2020 in Tulsa, OK. (Photo: Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images) Ted Glick
Live From Tulsa: Trump Is a Hideous Lying Pathetic Clown
If Trump was a stand-up comic instead of President, this trivial, self-pitying story might become known as one of the best, long, stand-up comic routines of the year.
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If those in uniform continue to be the aggressors against black, brown, and white protesters, including children, where will any of us find a safe haven? (Photo:  Apu GOMES / AFP via Getty Images) Andrea Mazzarino
A Military Spouse’s Perspective on Racism and Armed Violence in the United States
The war zone is America.
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In the past four years, as we’ve waited for the EPA to use the new power the law granted them, nearly 160,000 people have died from preventable asbestos-related diseases and the United States. (Photo: Carterdayne via Getty Images) Linda Reinstein
Four Years of Failure on Toxic Chemicals
It’s become clear we can’t rely on EPA to do its job. Which is why the task once again falls to Congress.
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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) holds hands with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) during his speech at a campaign rally in Queensbridge Park on October 19, 2019 in the Queens borough of New York City. (Photo: Kena Betancur/Getty Images) Alan Minsky
If You Want Joe Biden to Govern More Like FDR Than Jamie Dimon, Vote for Bernie Sanders on Tuesday in New York and Kentucky
The progressive base of the Democratic has to let Biden—and the rest of the party's leaders—know which way the wind is blowing.
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Sunday, June 21, 2020
A demonstrator addresses the riot police that are blocking the entrance to I-195 during a protest in Miami on June 5, 2020. (Photo: Adam DelGiudice/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) Reese Erlich
Lessons From Cuban Police
Contrary to the image of brutal and repressive communists, police in Cuba offer an instructive example for activists in the United States.
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gallons of milk in a dairy case Shefali Sharma
Time to Hold Agribusiness Accountable for Its Climate Footprint
IATP’s new study on Big Dairy makes the connection between emissions and the rural crisis
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People receive food at the Voices of Hagar food pantry at St. Mark AME Church in Queens on May, 12, 2020. Bruce T. Boccardy
It’s Still the Economy, Stupid
Carville Quip Democratic Party and neoliberal political strategist James Carville asserted in 1992 that "it's the economy stupid," when addressing the main strategy of Bill Clinton’s presidential...
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Then-U.S. national security adviser John Bolton attends a media briefing during the United Nations General Assembly on September 24, 2018 in New York City. Richard Eskow
John Bolton and Liberals’ Irrational Hatred of Trump
It’s irrational to invest someone like John Bolton with credibility, when Bolton lied and deceived us into war.
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Rich Uncle Pennybags Sam Pizzigati
For a Racism-Free 22nd Century, We Need a Billionaire-Free 21st
The dead hand of grand fortunes past is still poisoning our present.
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A Cyclone Preparedness Programme (CPP) volunteer uses a megaphone to urge residents to evacuate to shelters ahead of the expected landfall of Cyclone Amphan in Khulna on May 19, 2020. Basav Sen
Cyclone Amphan Is a Warning for the United States
The storm ravaged India and Bangladesh all the worse because of social and economic inequality. The same, or worse, could happen here.
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Saturday, June 20, 2020
President Donald Trump pretends to take a Covid-19 test while holding a swab during his visit of the Puritan Medical Products facility in Guilford, Maine on June 5, 2020. Juan Cole
Trump at Tulsa as 21st Century Typhoid Mary, as Fauci Warns on Rally, Science-Bashing
Science has laws, and we can’t change them by glaring at them or shouting at them or wearing a partisan campaign button.
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Demonstrators carry signs during an anti-war protest after President Donald Trump launched airstrikes in Syria, April 15, 2018 in New York City. Rev Dr Liz Theoharis, Stephen Miles
Dismantle the War Economy
To create real security, we must slash the Pentagon budget and invest in meeting everyone’s basic human needs.
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A shrine to George Floyd and others is pictured in the newly created Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), in Seattle on June 11, 2020. Jade Begay
Prolonged Uprising Is the New Normal
This is the new normal. Let’s keep it up.
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(Image: / Institute for Policy Studies) Julian Agyeman, Kofi Boone
Land Loss Has Plagued Black America Since Emancipation—Is It Time to Look Again at ‘Black Commons’ and Collective Ownership?
The lack of ownership is crucial to understanding the crippling economic disparity that has hollowed out the black middle class and continues to plague black America.
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In this picture taken on April 29, 2020, engineers work on an experimental vaccine for the Covid-19 coronavirus at the Quality Control Laboratory at the Sinovac Biotech facilities in Beijing. Dean Baker
Patents and the Pandemic, Again
It is not just for purposes of getting a vaccine and treatments quickly that we should want fully open research.
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Friday, June 19, 2020
The Frisco 5 and their supporters marching in San Francisco on their way toward the mayor's office during the 2016 hunger strike. (Photo: Mona Caron) Rupa Marya, Edwin Lindo
Healing the Nation's "Broken and Scattered" Hoop
We are at a reckoning point in history, where we must decide how we will continue as a nation and how we will continue as inhabitants on this planet that supports all of our lives.
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The history of policing in the United States is also deeply tied to the exploitation of Black workers. (Photo: Dave Bledsoe/flickr/cc) Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II, Saru Jayaraman
Beyond Police Reform: Why We Must Transform Pervasive Systems of Economic and Carceral Injustice
In a nation that says it "cannot breathe," we much reach deep down for fundamental change.
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A worker delivers groceries to a customer's vehicle outside a Walmart store in Amsterdam, N.Y., on May 15. (Photo: Angus Mordant / Bloomberg via Getty Images file) Cat Davis, Dorian Warren
Walmart Exploits Black Lives While Paying Lip Service to Black Lives Matter
Instead of spending $100 million on a 'center on racial equity,' the mega-corporation should give the money to its underpaid African American workforce.
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People pray together during a Juneteenth event Organized by the One Race Movement at Centennial Olympic Park on June 19, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. Juneteenth commemorates June 19, 1865, when a Union general read orders in Galveston, Texas stating all enslaved people in Texas were free according to federal law. (Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images) Bill Moyers, Rev. James Forbes
From George Floyd to Juneteenth, America's Other Independence Day
"We will not return to business as usual after the events we have experienced this year," says Rev. James Forbes.
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We must remember that a large part of early police work, especially in the South, was to implement white supremacy through the enforcement of segregation laws. (Photo: Richard Tsong-Taatarii/Star Tribune via Getty Images) Yohuru Williams
Police Must Be Guardians, Not Warriors
We can’t reform police until we reckon with their history of enforcing white supremacy.
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Ben Cohen
Why Do Police Officers Get Away With Murder Again and Again?
We need business to leverage their power to change a bad law and help end the cycle of state-sponsored killing of unarmed black people.
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Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Donald Trump attend a welcoming ceremony November 9, 2017 in Beijing, China. (Photo: Thomas Peter-Pool/Getty Images) Thom Hartmann
Treasonous Trump Rejects Bringing US Jobs Home to Get Himself Reelected
The president is not only betraying our country and the values that underpin a democratic republic, but he is also selling out the hopes and dreams of the American working people.
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In our new report, White Supremacy is the Pre-existing Condition, we found that the concentration of wealth has surged during the pandemic, further exacerbating an already extreme racial wealth divide. (Photo: Baynard Woods/Twitter) Chuck Collins, Darrick Hamilton, Dedrick Asante-Muhammad, and Omar Ocampo
White Supremacy Is the Pre-existing Condition
Eight Solutions to Ensure Economic Recovery Reduces the Racial Wealth Gap.
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The Constitution’s guarantee of free speech isn’t limited to speech we agree with. (Photo: Getty Images) Suzanne Nossel
Those Who Exercise Free Speech Should Also Defend It—Even When It's Offensive
As path-breaking activists in the antiwar, labor, women’s rights and civil rights movements witnessed, proponents of social change have the strongest stake protecting speech that is unpopular, or even deemed dangerous.
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Thursday, June 18, 2020
"The Covid-19 pandemic and its bungling by Trump and Trumpsters leading to the loss of loved ones, the loss of patients, and the horrific experiences of frontline workers would pave the way to this long-overdue change," writes Nader. "The humane laser-beamed arrival of workers, who have witnessed the tragedies caused by the pandemic will push Congress to provide Americans universal care and relief, from economic anxiety, dread, and fear." (Photo: Molly Adams / flickr / cc) Ralph Nader
Out of the Ashes of Covid-19 Should Rise Our Unstoppable Medicare for All Movement
The battle against this pandemic—and all the associated injustices and inequalities it has exposed—should galvanize a nation to finally embrace the kind of healthcare system it deserves.
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The environmental justice story has long been sitting there, waiting to be told. (Photo: Friends of the Earth International) Mark Hertsgaard
Climate-Justice Stories Are in Every Community, Waiting to Be Told
Only rarely does mainstream news coverage make the point that such environmental violence is pervasive, chronic, and carries a clear racial and economic bias.
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Heidi Shierholz
Over Three Months Into Pandemic and Job Losses Remain at Historic Levels
More than one in five workers are either on unemployment benefits or are waiting to get on
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Think of Donald Trump as the American imperial establishment’s ultimate gift to humanity. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images) Tom Engelhardt
The Pre-History of the Decline and Fall of the American Empire: A Rant
A few thoughts on how the so-called 'American Century' ends.
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Reinvest in people? Are we really ready for that level of common sense? (Photo: Shutterstock) Robert C. Koehler
Defunding 'Justified' Murder
Defunding the police is part of an enormous process of social reorganization.
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Franklin D. Roosevelt at the White House in 1934 as he delivered a national radio address. (Photo: National Archives) Gary Olson
Was It Only "Fear Itself?": FDR and Today
Self-serving actions by the ruling elite.
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Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) speak during a press conference following a vote in the U.S. House on ending US military involvement in the war in Yemen, on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., April 4, 2019. (Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images) Norman Solomon
California “Berning” for Ro Khanna to Chair the State’s Delegation to Democratic National Convention
With so much at stake this election year—fairness, logic, and party unity all argue for progressive U.S. congressman to chair the delegation.
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Wednesday, June 17, 2020
IDF soldiers deployed during "Operation Protective Edge." (Photo: IDF/flickr/public domain) Ramzy Baroud
The 'Palestinian Chair': Exposing Israel’s Direct Role in US Violence
US racism and police violence are intrinsically linked and date back many years, but the militarization of the US police and its use of deadly violence against suspected petty criminals, or even non criminals, is a relatively new phenomenon that has been largely imported from Israel.
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It may come as a surprise to some that, until now, the federal government allowed employment discrimination based on someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. (Photo: Shutterstock) Karen Dolan
The Fight for Equality Just Won a Huge Victory
There’s a lot of bad news out there, but I hope we’ll celebrate amid the pain.
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Black Lives Matter demonstrators in DeLand, Florida (Photo: Shutterstock) Mesha Jefferson
Protesting for Black Lives in Trump Country
Even here, people are organizing demonstrations to protest racism and police violence.
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Activists are winning no-excuse mail voting and COVID-19-excuse mail voting in many states. (Photo by JASON REDMOND/AFP via Getty Images) Mimi Kennedy, Steven Rosenfeld, & Alan Minsky
2020 Voters' Calendar—The General Election Starts in August
This Voters' Calendar will stretch our civic attention span to make high-turnout elections a task that mere mortals can perform, not a superhuman feat that tests the endurance of even the most dedicated voters.
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At every stage in U.S. history—beginning with the brutal dispossession of Native Americans and continuing through modern methods of injustice from redlining to mass incarceration and private prisons—U.S. racism has been inextricably embedded in the system of profiteering. (Photo: Jörg Kantel/flickr/cc) Jeff Cohen
Just Saying "Systemic Racism" Doesn't Expose Systemic Racism
Let us name the system: "racial capitalism."
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Demonstrators march on Constitution Avenue near the Dirksen Senate Office Building during a protest against police brutality and racism on June 6, 2020 in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) Robert Shetterly
The Alchemy of Turning Protest to Affirmation
In order for this country and people in this country to perform reprehensible acts, it has to deny its own professed values and laws while pretending to uphold them. Coming to grips with this is not easy, but it must be done.
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Despite our self-identification as a country teeming with liberty, we harshly cast those incarcerated—who are disproportionately people of color—to the margins and subject them to a range of indignities, from physical abuse to essentially unpaid labor. (Photo: Derek Goulet/cc/flickr) Adam Eichen, Evelyn Li
Far-Reaching Prison Reform Must Be Part of Racial Justice Movement
The systemic racism and brutality of the criminal justice system extend far beyond police misconduct.
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An unexpected and profound impact of today's horrific coronavirus crisis is that it is quietly prompting a societywide recalibration of the rocky road our nation's power elites have put us on. (Photo: iStock/sv_sunny) Jim Hightower
COVID-19 Is Prompting a Societywide Recalculation
Constant cutbacks in public resources; the rigid, small-minded mentality; and the corporate establishment's determination to keep the status quo have needlessly boxed us into this full-blown coronavirus catastrophe.
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An ACT UP protest outside the FDA headquarters in Rockville, Maryland in 1988. (Photo: Peter Ansin/Getty Images) Margaret Klein Salamon
The Climate Movement Must Learn from Larry Kramer’s Fearless Truth Telling
If we are silent about the climate emergency, others interpret our silence as a lack of concern, as a sign that things are normal. We need to channel our inner Larry Kramer, and loudly tell the truth to everyone we know.
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"The entrenched racism in America has always meant that poor people of color are the first cast aside in society and disproportionately suffer from the most brutal forms of social control meted out by the police and the prison system," writes Hedges. "But there will not be, as Martin Luther King pointed out, racial justice until there is economic justice. And there will not be economic justice until we wrest power back from the hands of our corporate masters." (Cartoon: 'Blind Rage'/Mr. Fish) Chris Hedges
Don't Be Fooled. The Corporate Elites Are Gaslighting You Once Again
We are trapped in an abusive relationship. When we finally have enough, our abuser comes after us with flowers and apologies, promising never to do it again.
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We must insist that all eligible voters have ready access to cast a ballot in the crucial upcoming 2020 general election. (Image: Craig Sunter/flickr/cc with overlay) Jeanne Mirer, Jerry Wallingford
Please Note: GOP Efforts Making It Harder to Vote Are Illegal
Now is the time for people to demand that state and local governments take effective measures to ensure all eligible persons are permitted to exercise their constitutional right to vote—and that means removing all barriers and obstacles to voting.
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Tuesday, June 16, 2020
U.S. President Donald Trump listens during a roundtable on “Fighting for America’s Seniors” at the Cabinet Room of the White House June 15, 2020 in Washington, DC. President Trump participated in the roundtable to discuss the administration’s efforts to “safeguard America’s senior citizens” from COVID-19. (Photo: Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images) Thom Hartmann
What Should the Punishment Be for the Crime of Weaponizing a Virus for Political Purposes?
Let's be very, very clear: the president is willing to take specific, willful, intentional actions that will lead to the deaths of other people in order to get what he wants, even when they are members of his own family.
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Former New York Yankees pitcher Jim Bouton signs copies of his new book, "Ball Four: The Final Pitch" November 27, 2000 at a Waldenbooks store in Schaumburg, IL. "Ball Four: The Final Pitch" is a new and final edition of his controversial 1970 book titled "Ball Four" that has sold more than five million copies worldwide its 30-year life. (Photo: Tim Boyle/Newsmakers) Robert Lipsyte
Donald Trump's Baseball Career Showed Us What a Terrible President He Would Be
Remembering Ball Four.
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An Amazon employee works in the company's warehouse on Staten Island. (Photo: Johannes Eisele / AFP via Getty Images) Tim Koechlin
Whitewashing Capitalism
How ECON 100 obscures the relationships among capitalism, racism and racial inequality.
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