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Friday, June 29, 2018
"ACLU advocates say they’re concerned by the absence of a coherent federal plan to comply with the order." (Photo: aclu) Ashoka Mukpo
In Brownsville, Converting Pain and Anger Into Action
“We have to continue the pressure to make sure the families are in fact reunited.”
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"Can these global Bernies turn the Trump tide?" (Photo: Shutterstock) John Feffer
Next Stop for the Global ‘Bernie’ Movement: Mexico?
After many disappointments, the left-populist alternative looks primed for a big win in Mexico.
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Joseph Crowley on Capitol Hill in Washington. (Photo: Susan Walsh / AP) Norman Solomon
What Joe Crowley’s Defeat Has to Do With Democratic Party 'Superdelegates'
Grass-roots pressure to democratize the party—mounting since 2016—is starting to pay off.
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Thursday, June 28, 2018
Justin Anderson
The Economist’s Premature Obituary for the Sanders Movement
Once more, the corporate media is doing their part in either suppressing or ignoring progressive upstarts and the movement the represent
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Jack Holmes
Fox News Reminds Us Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Platform Is...Pretty Reasonable
Hannity seems to think these positions are self-evidently extreme. But just look at them.
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Protesters block a bus transporting immigrant children in McAllen, Texas on June 23, 2018 (Photo: Associated Press) Vann R. Newkirk
Protest Isn’t Civil
Attacks on incivility are rooted more in preserving the status quo than in addressing ongoing harms and violence.
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Bonnie Castillo
A Dagger in the Heart of Workers and Our Democracy: What's Behind the Janus Court Ruling
Make no mistake, this is the oligarchy at work to undermine the common good in the name of profit and unfettered power
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Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen takes questions while White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stands nearby. (BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI via Getty Images)  Michelangelo Signorile
Fuck Civility
If you care about America and its future, your blood should be boiling.
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"Nonetheless, thanks to its credit-card version of war financing, the government has effectively deferred most of the financial costs of its unending conflicts to the future." (studioEAST/Getty Images) Stephanie Savell
How America's Wars Fund Inequality at Home
What happens when you put endless Pentagon spending on the credit card
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Progressive challenger Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez celebrartes with supporters at a victory party in the Bronx after upsetting incumbent Democratic Representative Joseph Crowly on June 26, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Scott Heins/Getty Images) Richard Eskow
How to Cover a Political Revolution
Few political machines are as well-oiled as New York’s Democratic Party, and it just lost to a movement. Journalists and party leaders, take note.
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"U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Judge Neil Gorsuch (L) takes the judicial oath as President Donald Trump looks on during a ceremony in the Rose Garden at the White House April 10, 2017 in Washington, DC." (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) Peter Certo
The Supreme Court Is a Slurring, Undemocratic Mess
The court’s been popping off far-right proclamations like a drunk uncle at Thanksgiving.
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"It’s so easy to kidnap children, indeed, to commit murder (usually called war) when you first dehumanize the designated enemy." (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) Robert C. Koehler
Valuing Life More Than Borders
Change begins here, with us, and the right to life doesn’t stop at this invisible line.
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Wednesday, June 27, 2018
Mary Bottari
Trump’s Supreme Court Strikes Blow to Government Workers, Good Paying Jobs
The Janus decision could lead to weaker unions, lower wages for government workers, and poorer public services
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"Mugger Mick is a walking candidate for impeachment." (Photo: Carolyn Kaster/AP) Ralph Nader
Mugger Mick Mulvaney—Trump’s Sadist-in-Chief
His hellish agenda, undertaken on behalf of his plutocratic rulers, is comprehensive.
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"White moderates who are more devoted to “order” than to justice — are gross and, frankly, offensive." (Photo: CREDO Action/Screengrab) Will Bunch
(Bleep) Civility! 'Trump-Shaming' Is What Happens When Elites Won't Listen to the People
Our basic humanity requires that we speak up and that we confront the complicit, by any nonviolent means necessary
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"The party leaders in Congress and the DNC, continue to think they can ignore the progressive groundswell growing beneath them and run on how bad Trump is." (Photo: Screenshot) John Atcheson
Can You Hear Us Now? On Why Documenting the Daily Outrage Is Not Enough
If you don’t build it, they won’t come
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"If instead Trump’s foul politics rouse more opposition than support, the rebuke will attest to what kind of country we are." (Image: Jesse Jackson
The Question in November: ‘What Kind of Country Do We Want to Be?'
Donald Trump may find out that we are a better people than he assumes.
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Larry Stafford
Go Bold, Ben: A Progressive Earthquake Shakes Maryland
Primary victory by former NAACP head Ben Jealous represents a shift in the balance of power in Maryland politics and within the Democratic Party away from the old, corporate consensus that the only kind of change that's possible is incremental
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Andrew Behar, Andrew Montes
Are You Funding Gun Violence?
Weapon-free investing can align your savings with your values
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"When union supporters say that Janus could be a big blow to unions, my first thought is that my co-workers and I lived without fair share for decades." (Photo: Takvr) Peter Greene
The Janus Decision Is Wrong, But Teachers Know How to Organize Around It
The Janus decision is wrong, but teachers know how to organize around it.
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Women like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez "aren't supposed to run" for office, the primary winner said in a campaign video. (Photo: Natasha Hakimi Zapata
How a Socialist Latina Millennial Beat a Wall Street Favorite
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s win in New York’s 14th Congressional District primary is nothing short of incredible.
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"This is what it means to deliberately prevent children from receiving all the blessings of life to which they are entitled simply by having been born." (Photo: Julien Harneis / Flickr) George Capaccio
Suffer the Little Children
The U.S.- backed killing of Yemeni children continues.
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"His cold, highly aggressive behaviors evidence the essential characteristics of psychopaths whose disregard for the welfare of others comes from an absence of both empathy and remorse, the foundations of conscience that make us human." (Photo: AFP/Timothy A. Clary) Kathleen Barry
Presidential Psychopathy: Trump at the Border
As there is no cure for psychopathy, in a civilized country all that is left is removing the psychopath from office.
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"The 28-year-old Democratic Socialist ended the career of Joe Crowley, a 14-year incumbent who was even-money to be the Speaker of a Democratic House one day." (Photo: Getty) Charles P. Pierce
Anything Can Happen: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Victory Shows Stunning Energy of the Democrats' Progressive Arm
A stunning demonstration of the energy in the progressive base of the Democratic Party
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Tuesday, June 26, 2018
"It was delivered by thousands of people spontaneously coming together at airports across the country to declare that we will not stand for hatred and discrimination." (Photo: Ryan/flickr/cc) Cody Wofsy
The Supreme Court Ignores the Reality of President Trump’s Discriminatory Muslim Ban
Trump’s consistent messages and actions paint a “harrowing picture, from which a reasonable observer would readily conclude that the Proclamation was motivated by hostility and animus toward the Muslim faith.”
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"In the world of Macronism, pluralism isn’t the essence of a functioning democracy, efficiency is." (Photo: Shutterstock) Juliette Legendre
Emmanuel Macron’s ‘Extreme Centrism’ Is a Threat to Democracy
Hiding behind appeals to "rationalism," the French leader seeks to "fix" the French economy by cozying up to a tiny, binge-eating wealthy elite.
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"The U.S. is engaged in endless wars around the world." (Photo: Debra Sweet/flickr/cc) Jodie Evans, Andrew Behar
Who Is Making a Killing on Killing?
The merchants of war who have shaped U.S. foreign policy since the end of WWII have a foothold so strong, the act of extracting ourselves from the war economy has become incredibly complex.
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 "More importantly, it’s time to to look into ourselves, so we can change the policies that displaced these children and their families in the first place." (Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Richard Eskow
For Immigrant Children, Empathy Is Not Enough
It’s time to remember that we also bear historical and moral responsibilities for the plight of these children, so we can dedicate ourselves to stopping the violence against them is all its forms.
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Karen Greenberg
A Children’s Gitmo on the Border: Heartless America’s Latest Nightmare
A requiem for a tragedy
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Girls and mothers, waiting for their duvets, in Kabul. (Photo: Dr. Hakim) Kathy Kelly
On Purpose, In Kabul
The U.S. government, “made things worse rather than better.”
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"By purporting to punish the Human Rights Council, the Trump presidency, representing the U.S. Government, is much more punishing itself, as well as the peoples of the world." (Photo: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images) Richard Falk
The U.S. Withdraws (Again) From the UN Human Rights Council
America's laughable tendency to lecture the world about the human rights failures of others.
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"Parents who were deported four months ago and are still waiting for the U.S. to return their baby." (Photo: @ajplus/Twitter) Marcia Zug
For Many Immigrant Families, the Fight for Reunification Is Just Beginning
Deported parents are rarely able to return to the U.S. to seek reunification, and this has allowed courts to treat deportation as abandonment.
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In this June 18, 2014 file photo, two female detainees sleep in a holding cell, as the children are separated by age group and gender, as hundreds of mostly Central American immigrant children are being processed and held at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Nogales Placement Center in Nogales, Ariz. The photos were taken by The Associated Press in 2014, when President Barack Obama was in office. (Photo: Ross D. Franklin / Associated Press) Will Bunch
Some of the Pictures of Border Kids That Haunt Me Most Are From 2014. Here's Why
The president with the looming stain on his legacy was Barack Obama.
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Robert Reich
Donald Trump's Dastardly Fourth of July
On the very worst American patriot.
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Monday, June 25, 2018
IDF soldiers hold their weapons Tom Palaima
Sniper’s War and Anti-Terrorist Terrorism
“Better ways must be found to deal with such confrontations.”
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A rally to support healthcare John Atcheson
Lessons From the Healthcare Wars: or Why Democrats Will Be Disappointed in 2018
The Party is continuing to fight its increasingly progressive base, instead of mobilizing it
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Ryan Cooper
In Defense of Incivility
Ostracizing Trump administration officials in public isn't rude. It's necessary.
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Jeff Bryant
Supreme Court’s Janus Ruling Will Hurt Children
The nation's rightwing has taken a big swing at workers and unions, but kids will also be among those who get hit
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Rebecca Gordon
Nicaragua at the Barricades... And a Crossroads
"We will always be confronted by U.S. power..."
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Chris Hedges
The Soldier's Tale: A Man Who Went to War and Realized His Side Was the Enemy
"I was blindly following orders. I was inflicting violence on the poorest people on earth. How is there any morality in that?"
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Juan Cole
Warning to US: Erdogan Has Used Same Techniques as Trump to De-Democratize Turkey
Erdogan's rise as an authoritarian strong man is a key lesson to America about how Trump could move the US in a similar direction
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Sunday, June 24, 2018
"All across this country, the author writes, "we're still not safe." Robin Carver
Why We Still Need Pride Parades
Pride parades are safe spaces in a country where LGBTQ people can be harassed, fired, and denied housing or even medical care.
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Steven Singer
Antwon Rose’s Life Matters
We need justice for Antwon.
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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy Melissa Boteach
New Jersey’s Governor Just Proposed a Millionaires’ Tax. So Why Is the Legislature Opposing It?
If the choice is between protecting New Jersey millionaires from a negligible tax increase or restoring funds for public education, health care, transit, and other basic needs, there is a clear answer
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Sign reads: Keep Out Kristine Mattis
Dispatches from the War on Cancer: Detection as Prevention, Chronic Disease as Cure
Far too many carcinogens exist merely for profit and convenience, not necessity.
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 ‘Please sir, may I have some more?’ James Mahoney’s illustration for chapter one of Dickens’s ‘Adventures of Oliver Twist.’ (Image: Public domain) Sarah Bilston
Breaking Up Families? America Looks Like a Dickens Novel
It’s 2018, but it sure feels like 1834.
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Saturday, June 23, 2018
Demostrators with the Poor People's Campaign rally in Sacramento, Calif. on May 14, 2018. (Photo: Peg Hunter/flickr/cc) Juan Cole
The American March to Inequality: Why the UN Alston Report Alarms the Trump Plutocrats
The new report violates the basic tenet of the propaganda of our robber barons, which is that things are getting better.
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Demonstrators rally outside the Supreme Court on April 25, 2018 as Trump v Hawaii is argued inside. (Photo: Victoria Pickering/flickr/cc) Sirine Shebaya, Johnathan Smith
President Trump, Your Words Do Matter (And Should Doom Your Muslim Ban)
Trump has never been bashful about his anti-Muslim animus.
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Mary Green Swig, Steven Swig
A Movement Emerges to Free Former Students from Crushing Loan Debts
Today’s burgeoning student debt only exists because our country abandoned the principle that young people who are willing to work hard should have access to higher education, regardless of their economic circumstances.
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Virginia Republican Senate candidate Corey Stewart Janine Jackson
WaPo Can’t Believe White Supremacist Senate Candidate Really Means It
It's "discourse" that's the problem?
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Lara Merling
The Pain of Puerto Ricans: A Profit Source for Creditors
Thousands died because of the storm. For those who survived, the territory's burdensome debt means more suffering is on the way
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Friday, June 22, 2018
 "Families aren’t the only things being separated, she shows us. Americans, too, are being divided from their consciences." (Photo: Beppesabatini/Flickr/cc) Laura Flanders
National Suicide Point?
This state of affairs is normal, but only in a broken society.
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Michael Winship
Trump’s Mean Boy Nation
Never forget that the president's gang may be incompetent at a spectacular level but they're cruel and nasty to the bone
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"In Mexico, the influx of corn has created a situation where U.S.-grown corn is cheaper than corn grown in Mexico, pushing farmers and families off their land." (Photo: Richard Perry/NYTimes) Wenonah Hauter
Recognizing the Neoliberal Roots at the Heart of Trump's Cruel and Inhumane Border Policies
America’s unique responsibility for creating this crisis is one of the many reasons that we have to put an end to the president's "zero-tolerance" policy.
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A group of U.S. mayors left shoes and a teddy bear outside a holding facility for immigrant children in Tornillo, Texas, on Thursday. The mayors, from more than a dozen cities, gathered near the holding facility to call for the immediate reunification of immigrant children with their families. (Photo: Andres Leighton / AP) Sonali Kolhatkar
Which Side Are You On?
There are no gray areas, no nuances when children’s lives are at stake.
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"The mothers, fathers, little children and teenagers fleeing violence in Central America are not coming to “steal” the United States. They are simply looking for a way to survive." (Photo: U.S. Customs and Border Protection) Ruth Conniff
Trump’s Get-Tough Policies Will Make the Border Crisis Worse
Nothing about Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ approach is addressing the root cause of migration.
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 "Today, thousands of refugees face grave harm if they return to their countries of origin. And yet the United States, Turkey, Israel, China, and others blithely return these refugees as part of a worldwide crackdown on “illegal” immigration." (Photo: UNHCR Photo Unit / Flickr) John Feffer
World to Refugees: Go to Hell
Over 22.5 million people have been forced to flee their countries. Last year, less than 200,000 were resettled.
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Thursday, June 21, 2018
"Throughout Central America extreme inequality along with ruthless and repressive governments have led to a pathological politics." (Photo: @NIJC/Twitter) John Buell
Look Deeper: Child Detention and the US’s Paramilitary Politics Abroad
Amidst the justifiable horror evoked by US authorities’ criminal treatment of these children there is too little examination of the conditions that spur many of these mass migrations.
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 "Amazon has been a leading corporate welfare King and is about to reap more of this extorted harvest once you decide where to locate your second headquarters." (Photo: Mathieu Thouvenin/flickr/cc) Ralph Nader
The Unsurpassed Power Trip by an Insuperable Control Freak: An Open Letter to Jeff Bezos
Given your successful tax avoidance mania, you should be ashamed of yourself. Because of your company’s insatiable greed, you have decided to ignore the plight of the homeless.
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"Such was the case with the more than 100,000 Japanese men, women and children, the vast majority of them US citizens, who were imprisoned in concentration camps during World War II." (Photo: Chronicle file photo, The Chronicle) Brett Wilkins
What Have We Become? What We Have Always Been
We are a nation that has, since its earliest days, stolen children from their parents.
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"I’m a working class, Black Latina living in a multi-racial, multi-generational household." (Photo: Brandy Brooks
How We Can Transform Our Communities Now
I want to change how we understand who is qualified to lead – and how we decide who and what counts in Montgomery County.
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Ernesto Falcon
Corruption at the Assembly Committee Gutted California's Net Neutrality
Between the money, the disingenuous arguments of the telecoms, and the manipulated process that forced the hostile amendments into the bill, what happened this week shows just what giant corporations can accomplish with willing legislators.
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United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley withdrew the United States from the U.N.’s Human Rights Council. (Photo: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images) Charles P. Pierce
Just Another Day Where the United States Completely Abandons Its Commitments to the World
On human rights and climate change, Trump says we're taking our ball and going home.
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"There is no mechanism in place to reunite parents, some of whom have already been deported, with their children, who are still in cages, jails and hastily erected tent cities scattered around the country in 17 states." (Photo: Screen shot / Democracy Now!) Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan
How Four Words Changed the Course of the Immigration Debate
“They was begging and saying, ‘No, no.’ And the mothers was hugging their children and … well, we kept right on firing."
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"From Oct. 15 to present, 2017-2018, only 15,383 refugees were legally admitted to the US."(Photo: Masha George / Washington, DC) Juan Cole
Not Only Is Trump’s Refugee Policy Morally Wrong, it Is Illegal in US and Int’l Law
It is absolutely clear that the US under Trump is in violation of its commitments under the 1967 Protocol and the relevant articles of the Convention on the Treatment of Refugees.
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"As the explosive Group of Seven, or G7, summit in Quebec showed, the Trump administration is increasingly isolating itself from its allies in palpable ways and, in the process, significantly impairing the country’s negotiating power." (Photo: Miguel Medina/AFP via Getty Images) Nomi Prins
Imperial President or Emperor With No Clothes?
How Donald Trump’s trade wars could lead to a great depression.
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"Over seven decades of murderous contempt for this tiny, communist country, we helped create it." (Photo: KCNA via Reuters) Robert C. Koehler
Trump, Kim and the Nuclear Status Quo
There seems to be a huge media memory void surrounding North Korea — and the U.S. role in shaping its defense strategy.
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Katie Wilson
Jeff Bezos 1, Seattle Homeless 0. Now What?
Advocates are regrouping after city officials knuckled under to pressure from Amazon and repealed a tax on big employers.
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Jessicah Pierre
Celebrating the End of Slavery—With One Big Asterisk
Juneteenth marks the end of slavery in America. But with over 2 million of us behind bars, has it really ended — or just transformed?
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"This battle is a tough one, as public sector workers are constantly under attack, all over the world." (Photo: Poor People's Campaign/Twitter) Rosa Pavanelli
50 Years Later, We Still Have a Dream
Only real access for all to quality public services—education, health care, childcare services, decent retirement, public transport, efficient justice systems and quality infrastructures—will allow the fight for social justice and the reduction of inequalities to progress.
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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
"Already pediatricians are warning about the lasting damage they’re likely to suffer from this cruel treatment." (Photo: Otherwords) Jill Richardson
Immigrant Kids Are Suffering Trauma That Will Last Years
I know firsthand how childhood trauma follows you your whole life. What's happening to kids on the border is even worse.
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 "It will mean things like abolishing the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency (or better yet, the entire Department of Homeland Security)." (Photo: National Nurses United/flickr/cc) Ryan Cooper
Democrats Were Oblivious About Immigration During the Obama Years. Now They're Enraged — and Hopefully Sorry
A sensible and humane immigration policy will mean far more than just reversing the particular actions from Trump.
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Tamara Pearson
The Vivid Dangers of Our Indifference to a Hellish World
What if ignoring the world's problems was the most morally fucked thing a person could do?
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U.S. Border Patrol agents process immigrants from Central America while taking them into custody on August 17, 2016 near Roma, Texas. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images) Kate Aronoff
Why Abolishing ICE Is Good Climate Policy
The war on terror has unleashed unspeakable cruelty. We must not rely on its institutions to fix the climate crisis.
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"The Syria war has resulted in a massive influx of refugees, most of whom are hosted by neighboring Middle Eastern countries, but many have sailed the sea to seek safety in Europe." (Photo: Getty Images) Ramzy Baroud
End the Wars to Halt the Refugee Crisis
Without military interventions, economic exploitation and political meddling, a refugee crisis - at least one of this magnitude - wouldn't exist in the first place.
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“Our true national security lies in achieving the long overdue objective of nuclear disarmament.” (Photo: Screengrab) Kathy Kelly
Hungering for Nuclear Disarmament
Our small community here longs to preserve all life, to end potential omnicide.
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"The next step on the road towards total tyranny might be arresting the leaders of the Israeli human rights community and outlawing the existence of the major NGOs doing this lonely, valuable work - and it has already made moves in this direction." (Photo: MEE) Richard Silverstein
Israel Wants to Turn Filming of Its Crimes Into a Crime
Bill criminalising the filming of Israeli security forces underscores the state’s chilling suppression of Palestinian rights.
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“The act of ripping children away from their parents is nothing new for the United States. Separating children and their families to ‘kill the Indian to save the man’ by sending Native children to boarding schools, and doing it in the name of religion, is one generation removed from my family.” (Photo: John N. Choate/MPI/Getty Images) Mark Trahant
Indian Country Remembers the Trauma of Children Taken From Their Parents
As Congress prepares to debate separating families at the border, a look back at the U.S.’s past with the cruel practice.
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"This is about a runaway military-industrial complex that our ruling elite are more than happy to let loose." (Photo: Pixaby) Lee Camp
Trump’s Military Drops a Bomb Every 12 Minutes, and No One Is Talking About It
We are a rogue nation with a rogue military and a completely unaccountable ruling elite.
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 "Parents who were deported four months ago and are still waiting for the U.S. to return their baby." (Photo: @ajplus/Twitter) Amrit Cheng
Fact-Checking Family Separation
The Trump administration is choosing to separate families. It’s a policy decision that could be stopped at any time by the president without legislation.
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Jim Hightower
What Do Those People Want?
It's simple: progress.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
"Americans for Tax Fairness estimates that the Kochs will get $1.4 billion from the Jobs and Tax Cut Act of 2017, money that could be used to pay asbestos victims before they die." (Photo: Wikicommons) Don Wiener, Mary Bottari
ALEC’s Deadly Asbestos Agenda Benefits Koch Industries, Nationwide
The ALEC bill offered by DeGroot would mean that many victims would not live to see their day in court.
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Palestinian medic Razan al-Najjar, who was killed by an Israeli sniper, was featured in an Israel propaganda video claiming she was used as a 'human shield' by Hamas [Reuters/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa] Neve Gordon, Nicola Perugini
The Fallacy of Israel's Human Shields Claims in Gaza
Desperately trying to justify the killing of unarmed protesters, Israel once again uses its 'human shields' mantra.
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"You may have heard of Sinclair before, because it has been exposed for repeatedly injecting politically charged segments into local news, which otherwise typically avoids ideological punditry." (Photo: William Thomas Cain/Getty Images) Jacob J. Hutt
A TV Mega-Merger That’s Bad for the First Amendment
This unprecedented concentration of control, which contradicts the FCC’s own policies about how wide a broadcasting company’s reach can be, would stifle the diversity of views in the press that’s essential for a healthy democracy.
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"Authors, teachers, and parents are upset about Scholastic’s President Donald Trump by Joanne Mattern, saying the biography leaves out his racism, misogyny, xenophobia to the point of inaccuracy." (Photo: YES! Magazine) Lornet Turnbull
Scholastic Under Fire for Children’s Book Portrayal of Trump
Parents and teachers aren’t angry over what the new book says about the president, but rather what it leaves out.
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Leah with Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX). (Photo : Tim Wilkins / PA / cc) Tim Wilkins
Children Say NO! to Family Separations by ICE
“Because I am out here, fighting for them to have the right to be with their families, to be happy.”
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George Washington; Thomas Paine; Donald Trump (Getty/Shutterstock/Photo Montage by Salon) Jeff Biggers
Trump's Immigration Debacle Repeats History's Mistakes
An insult to George Washington and Thomas Paine.
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"For decades, the principal objective of U.S. strategy in Asia had been to bolster key Pacific allies Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines, while containing Chinese power in adjacent waters, including the East and South China Seas." (Photo: Thomas Peter-Pool/Getty Images) Michael T. Klare
Is War With China on the Horizon?
The Pentagon’s provocative encirclement of China.
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President Trump and Melania Trump signing a ‘Be Best’ initiative the day after Sen. Senator Jeff Merkley was barred from examining a children’s detention center in Brownsville, Texas. (White House) Pierre Tristam
Cruel and Usual Trump
The zero-tolerance policy at the border doesn’t enslave children but it achieves the same ends: it dehumanizes parents and children and treats both as surplus merchandise warehoused in prisons, without a say, without rights.
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"This crew are psychopaths and, as their attempt to blame the Democrats for their own policy shows, unrepentant professional prevaricators." (Photo: David McNew/Getty Images) Juan Cole
It’s All About the Midterms: Trump Took Those Children Hostage to Stoke His Base
Ripping infants out of the arms of their mothers excites Trump’s base.
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Monday, June 18, 2018
Eugene Victor Debs, American Union leader, addressing a crowd, 20th century. Debs ran for President of the United States on behalf of the Social Democratic Party in 1900, and the Socialist Party of America in 1904, 1908, 1912, and 1920. Artist Unknown. (Photo: Historica Graphica Collection/Heritage Images/Getty Images) Peter Dreier
One Hundred Years Ago, Eugene Debs Gave An Anti-War Speech That Landed Him in Prison
"But in all the history of the world you, the people, have never had a voice in declaring war, and strange as it certainly appears, no war by any nation in any age has ever been declared by the people.”
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Russell Mokhiber
Florida Trial Lawyer Offers $100,000 Reward for Evidence That Corporations Are Behind Frivolous Lawsuits Against Corporations
"We know that big corporate interests have successfully attacked the credibility of our civil justice system by highlighting frivolous lawsuits. They do it so they can eliminate truly righteous lawsuits."
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Briahna Gray
Fetishizing "Identity Politics" Could Cost Democrats in 2020
It’s inevitable that every election between now and 2020 will be read like tea leaves, full of potential insights into how to unseat Trump. But that analysis must be rooted in evidence — what policies candidates actually support and how they frame them — rather than forcing pre-existing ideological...
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"Giving a narcissist like Trump that kind of coverage is like feeding a malignancy."(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images) John Atcheson
We Get It — Trump Is Awful
Now what?
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"In addition to the meager pay, most have no benefits, no job security, no government regulations backing them, and usually a longer work day, with many young people putting in 10- to 12-hour days for $13 per hour or less." (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) Paul Buchheit
The "Jobs for Everyone" Fantasy
The super-capitalists want us to believe that they know what they're talking about.
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"The vision of a liberated LGBTQ2S existence is one that must be embodied every day in a politics of solidarity, and not just once a year in a public display." (Photo by Meera Fox/Getty Images) Saurav Sarkar
Why We Fight About Pride Parades
Can the queer community support members who suffer state violence or corporate exploitation? That's what the pride debates come down to.
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 A U.S. Border Patrol facility for children and families in McAllen, Texas, pictured in September 2014. (Photo: 2018 John Moore/Getty Images) Michael Garcia Bochenek
‘Whatever’ – What Happens to Kids Taken From Families at US Border
CBP has no childcare facilities in detention centers.
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"The Department of Homeland Security recently confirmed that from April through May of this year, nearly 2,000 children were separated from their families by the U.S. Border Patrol." (Photo:Getty) Deborah Gross, Ellen Olshansky
Toxic Effects of Stress on Children Separated From Parents
This kind of trauma overwhelms the body. It causes feelings of terror and helplessness.
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"Dreams were seen as a waste of the mental energy needed to seek out and acquire the basics: food, rent, clothing, whatever was essential to get through a day, a week, or at most a month." (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images) Beverly Gologorsky
What Does Poverty Feel Like?
The poor in America.
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"Don’t fall for the reality-TV spectacles he creates." (Photo: Screenshot) Robert Reich
To the Press, After 18 Months of Trump
Focus on what he’s really doing.
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