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Sunday, December 3, 2017
2015 World Economic Forum in Davos Jeremy Lent
AI Has Already Taken Over. It’s Called the Corporation.
Futurists warning about the threats of AI are looking in the wrong place. Humanity is already facing an existential threat from an artificial intelligence we created hundreds of years ago. It’s called the Corporation.
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Margaret Mead at work. Barbara Nimri Aziz
Margaret Mead: Where Are You Now?
Sexual perversion--I categorize the kind of predatory behavior we are witnessing today as perversion-- generally by men in power vis-à-vis women, never attracted much attention in cross-cultural studies.
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Blue roofs, temporary blue plastic sheeting, installed on homes damaged by Hurricane Maria, by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in partnership with FEMA in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Harvey Wasserman
Warring Visions of Puerto Rico's Future
Amid all of this corporate conniving, the people of Puerto Rico remain in dire straits.
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The Golden Cathedral  in the Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument, Utah Stephen Trimble
When Trump Guts Two Utah National Monuments Next Week, He'll Trigger a New Conservation War
President Trump plans to head for Utah on Monday to wreak destruction on public lands he knows nothing about.
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(image/cc/donkeyHotey) Dave Zweifel
'Tax Reform'? No, GOP Plan is 'Wealth Care'
"Reform" that will save big corporations and wealthy Americans trillions
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Saturday, December 2, 2017
Protesters demonstrate near the full Senate budget committee markup of the tax reform legislation on Capital Hill November 28, 2017 in Washington, DC. Republicans in the Senate hope to pass their legislation this week and work with the House of Representatives to get a bill to President Donald Trump before Christmas. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images) Steven Singer
"We Want Our Money Back!" The Rallying Cry of the 99% After GOP Tax Scam Bill Passes Senate
The political landscape has never been more primed for a landslide against the ruling class.
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US B-26 Invaders bomb logistics depots in Wonsan, North Korea, 1951 Robert Alvarez
Korea: End the 67-Year War
The seeds for a nuclear-armed DPRK were planted when the United States shredded the 1953 Armistice Agreement.
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Soul Repair Camillo Mac Bica
“Thank You for Saving My Son From All the Grief and Pain!”
Life amid the violence, death, horror, trauma, anxiety, and fatigue of war erodes our moral being
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"Make no mistake, what Trump and Republican leaders in Congress are proposing is not tax reform," Frank Clemente, executive director of Americans for Tax Fairness (AFT), said in a statement on Tuesday. (Photo: Americans for Tax Fairness/Twitter) Robert Reich
The True Path to Prosperity
Growth doesn’t “trickle down.” It rises up.
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(photo/Lorie Shaull) Wenonah Hauter
Happy Birthday, EPA! (Hopefully Not for the Last Time)
The EPA is suddenly on life support
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Wedding Cake Christopher Brauchli
The Christian and the Cake
Jack is sure that when the “love thy neighbor as thyself” was announced, that did not mean that Jack had to love his neighbor as himself if the neighbor was gay.
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Friday, December 1, 2017
Richard Silverstein
Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner, and the Logan Act
What Flynn's guilty plea has to do with lying about Trump sabotage of Security Council Resolution against Israeli settlements
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Lina Michel Colindres, 17 months, with her mother, Nely, at a voting booth in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, on Sunday. (Rodrigo Abd / AP) Sonali Kolhatkar
Is the Honduran Election Being Stolen Eight Years After U.S.-Backed Coup?
It is tragically ironic that the U.S.-backed leadership in Honduras is the one directly linked to drug smuggling, repression and violence.
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"Mike Pompeo is just an unqualified nebbish who’ll be promoted, if he is, because he climbed on board the Trump Train when everybody else was running away from it." Charles P. Pierce
What Tom Cotton Would Mean for the CIA
It's a terrifying, dangerous prospect.
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 "Providing there is no war on America’s behalf, this is one which can evolve naturally as the clout and urgency of sanctions depletes." Tom Fowdy
Trump Has Failed on North Korea
It's time to accept that reality and plan for the future.
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Jared Bernstein
If You’re Against the Tax Plan, You’re a) in the Majority, and b) Not a Congressional Republican
"Simply put, imagine a president supported by a party that actually wanted to help the people who need help. Not pretending to help them, not lying about helping them, but actually helping them."
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There’s just one problem: All of Pai’s “myths” are real, and all of his “facts” are twisted. Dana Floberg
Schooling Chairman Pai On Net Neutrality 'Myths' vs. 'Facts'
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has announced his plan to slash the Net Neutrality rules, and everyone hates it.
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"A study in 2003 found that the average Walmart man makes $5200 more than the average Walmart woman." Tiffaney Meredith
Help the Women of Walmart Today
Being a Walmart worker means being expected to put up with poverty pay, inflexible schedules, and disrespect from bosses.
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The most effective way to reduce the chances that Kim Jong-un will press the nuclear button would therefore be to convince him that the U.S. won’t drop the first bomb. Lisa Fuller
Lawmakers Are Scrambling to Prevent Trump from Launching a Nuclear War
The most effective way to prevent a nuclear war with North Korea is to reassure them that the U.S. won't strike first.
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As a result, an entire generation now exists who have been exposed — figuratively — to presidential genitalia. This is not normal. Lynn Sherr
Not All Men Are Pigs: But the Ones Who Are, Are Swine.
And let’s stop pretending that we didn’t know.
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Juan Cole
Trump ‘Working Visit’ to Britain Has to be Cancelled After He Outrages All 65 Million Britons
Scores of members of parliament and London mayor Sadiq Khan, of Muslim heritage, have said that Trump is not welcome in the country.
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Thursday, November 30, 2017
Chye-Ching Huang
Millions of Households Face Tax Increase or No Tax Benefit Under Senate GOP Bill
When all the bill’s individual income tax provisions are in place, about 79 million households with incomes below $200,000 would either lose or gain little from the Senate bill
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“Many inside the Trump administration privately agree” that a freeze agreement would be advantageous as an interim solution because “it holds the prospect of preventing the crisis from growing worse." Tim Shorrock
North Korea Tests Its Third ICBM: What’s Next?
Cautionary voices rarely appear in US media coverage of North Korea, and this week was no exception.
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"Additionally, the doubling and eventual elimination of the estate tax, which only applied to a mere 5,500 estates to begin with out of 3 million in total, will add tens of billions in additional wealth to a crowd that’s seen their wealth soar as the stock market has rocketed upward." Greg Coleridge
Corporations and the Super Rich Tax Democracy
Trump’s claim that “we are giving them a big, beautiful Christmas present in the form of a tremendous tax cut” is spot on when applied to corporations and the super rich.
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John Burroughs
US Can’t Attack North Korea. It’s Against the Law
As we learned from the Iraq War, there is great wisdom in the charter requirement that peaceful solutions, however difficult to achieve, take precedence over resorting to force.
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"The world was trembling, international compassion flowed, and the leaders of the world’s most powerful nation were plotting in utter ignorance a war that would make them look big and strong." (Photo: Alisdare Hickson/flickr/cc) Robert C. Koehler
Reopening The Doors Of Perception
As the president soon put it, America’s mission was to “rid the world of evil.” They concocted what might as well be called the War To Promote Terror.
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"Most heartbreaking of all, we know that the GOP tax plan, which is being rushed through even though it's the most comprehensive tax reform bill in decades, takes an ax to the American dream for many of our children." Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner
A Vote For This Tax Plan Is A Vote Against Women And Families
Economic inequality for women is a huge weakness for our nation, and the GOP proposed tax plans in the US House and Senate could turn that disaster into a national calamity.
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"It was, in other words, the perfect moment for a billionaire salesman-cum-conman-cum-reality-TV-sensation to descend that escalator." (Photo: Getty) Tom Engelhardt
A President Made for a Zombie Apocalypse Media World
Why we need to stare at you know who.
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Donald Trump's face on a billboard outside the home of a supporter in Des Moines Iowa in a Jan. 29, 2016, file photo.  (DAMON WINTER / NYT)  Daniel Dale
The Truth Behind Trump’s Retweets: The U.S. President Is An Unapologetic Anti-Muslim Bigot
Donald Trump’s retweets triggered an international incident Wednesday. It was at least the eighth time since Trump began his campaign that he has uttered or promoted a false claim about Muslims for the purpose of smearing them.
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 "There is ample historical evidence to support the view that the tax increases are unlikely to take effect." (Photo: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik) Sharon Parrott
“Trigger” in Senate Tax Bill Flawed, Inadequate, and Unrealistic
Today, about one-third of the accumulated $15 trillion national debt is due to the adverse fiscal impact of the Bush tax cuts.
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Robin Andersen
Backlash Against Russian ‘Fake News’ Is Shutting Down Debate for Real
The way fake news is being defined in this battle is an attack on alternative journalism itself.
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Wednesday, November 29, 2017
"Instead of the normal media guidelines, the FBI apparently had separate—and secret—rules for using National Security Letters to target journalists." Trevor Timm
Lawsuit Aims To Uncover How Government Surveils Journalists
Attorney General Jeff Sessions has said criminal investigations into the sources of journalists are up 800 percent.
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Jim Goodman
Stop Pretending the Estate Tax Has Anything to Do With Family Farmers
Rolling back the estate tax is the least of our concerns.
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"Not only did the Kennedy Administration pour fuel on the fire of the arms race, it practiced nuclear brinksmanship of the most dangerous sort." John Buell
President Trump: Nuclear Business As Usual?
The US led every step in the arms race, which remains the greatest immediate threat to the survival of human civilization and other living beings.
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 'So hardly any farm families actually face any estate tax liability. But are those who do face this liability getting taxed unfairly? Are family farm heirs being forced to “sell the family farm”? No, not even close." (Photo: Don Graham/flickr/cc) Bob Lord
Inside the Pity-Our-Farmers Tax ‘Reform’ Scam
No farm families, repeat no farm families, are losing their family farms to the federal estate tax.
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Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks during a rally against President Donald Trump's proposed tax plan outside the United States Capitol. Peter Dreier
Trump vs. Warren
The president aims to discredit the Bay State Democrat as a possible 2020 rival.
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But to acknowledge NATO’s complicity in empowering these racist extremist militants, corporate media would have to acknowledge NATO’s role in the 2011 regime change war in Libya in the first place Ben Norton
Media Erase NATO Role in Bringing Slave Markets to Libya
In the six years since NATO launched a war in Libya, the country has been roiled by chaos and bloodshed.
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Even excluding the effect of repealing the individual mandate, it would raise taxes on 87 million households with incomes below $200,000 Chye-Ching Huang
Senate Finance Committee Tax Bill Even More Skewed to Top Than Bush Tax Cuts
If we consider the impact of the bill’s mandate repeal, we estimate that those in the top 1 percent would receive tax benefits of $40 billion, even as those in the bottom 99 percent would see losses of $30 billion.
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"The legislation involves forgiveness for a major chunk of Puerto Rico’s $70 bn in debt, which impedes its recovery." Juan Cole
Sanders Pushes Marshall Plan, Renewables, For Puerto Rico As Trump Tries To Lower Own Taxes
"We’re talking two years from now, Puerto Rico can be 100 percent renewable."
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Donald Trump was hostile to the CFPB from the start, and he said this as he shoehorned Mulvaney into the director’s chair (in a tweet, naturally) Richard Eskow
Mulvaney’s In, Bankers Win, and Trump Shafts Americans Again
The political extremist who once said he would like to get rid of the CFPB is now its Acting Director.
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The total tax burden that worries small business owners also includes state and local taxes, but again the Republican tax proposal to lower top federal income tax rates on pass-through income does absolutely nothing to the state and local taxes that these owners face. Hunter Blair
Why The Republican Tax Plans Do Nothing To Help Genuine Small Businesses
It is abundantly clear that the Republicans’ proposed cap on the taxation of pass-through taxes would disproportionately benefit the top 1 percent.
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Andrew D. Selbst, Julia Ticona
Supreme Court Must Understand: Cell Phones Aren’t Optional
The government argues that it should always be entitled to your cell phone's tracking information, no questions asked.
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Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Rather than throwing up their hands and surrendering to the outside dark money forces already invading their state, Dawn Penich-Thacker, Save our Schools Arizona Co-founder and spokesperson tells CMD they are ready to battle the Kochs. Mary Bottari
Koch Latino Front Group Instructs Arizona Moms About School Vouchers
Two of the richest men in the world believe that transforming the public school system into for-profit money making operations is the “choice” Arizona moms should be making.
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Jacob Leibenluft, Chye-Ching Huang
GOP Process Designed to Obscure Tax Plan’s Effects
A combination of the speed of their process and intentional choices by leadership has meant that information that would be helpful in evaluating the legislation has not been available, for either the public or for legislators considering the bill.
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Susann Scherbarth
In Face of Climate Crisis, Environment and Trade Union Movements Finding Common Cause
Properly done, we can tackle the threat of climate change while simultaneously reducing inequality and promoting democracy
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Trump's economic nationalism is, of course, a con job. Rajan Menon
The Many Ways Trump Will Betray His Base
The ugly facade of 21st Century American populism.
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"The need to diversify our economy and restore our mountains and rivers has never been more urgent." Mary Anne Hitt
We Will Fight Scott Pruitt's Attempts To Scrap The Clean Power Plan In Charleston
The plan would prevent 3,600 premature deaths and 90,000 asthma attacks every year by 2030.
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The mushroom cloud above Hiroshima about one hour after the atomic bomb was detonated on Aug. 6, 1945. Joan Wickersham
The Nightmare Aftermath Of A Nuclear Bomb
“Now not many people walked in the streets, but a great number sat on the pavement, vomited, waited for death, and died.”
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"The Senate should not support a tax bill that incentivizes the transfer of corporate operations, profits, and the economic rights to intellectual property overseas." Carl Levin
Congress Must Not Give Companies Tax Reasons To Move Jobs Overseas
Poll after poll shows Americans overwhelmingly oppose tax cuts for profitable corporations.
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 A single provision buried in Executive Order 13768 threatened to cut off all federal funds to so-called sanctuary cities. Ruthie Epstein
Trump and Sessions Keep Trying to Institute Anti-Immigrant Policies
The administration continues its campaign to harass cities and states that support immigrant communities and advance public safety.
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Subhankar Banerjee, Terry Tempest Williams, et al.
Scholars for the Arctic Refuge
An open letter calling upon Congress to remove reckless Arctic Refuge drilling proposal from the budget.
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Monday, November 27, 2017
Visitors listen to a "living history interpreter," in the old Jerusalem exhibit at the Museum of the Bible which opened to the public on Nov. 18, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post via Getty Images) Bill Moyers, Michael Winship
Once Again, the Right Hijacks That Old-Time Religion
A new museum in Washington reminds us that the Good Book is subject to interpretation — and abuse.
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 March on Harrisburg activists rally inside the Pennsylvania state capitol building for a state gift ban and gerrymandering reform on November 17, 2017. Frances Moore Lappé, Adam Eichen
A Perilous Time, a Promising Movement
No matter what our specific issue passion, we now see that we can’t move it forward without fixing the rules of our democracy itself.
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Andy Rowell
Climate-Denying Koch Brothers Help Buy Time Magazine
Which includes a reminder: You don’t invest $650 million for nothing.
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John Atcheson
There’s a Strategic and Deadly Attack Aimed at the US Republic, But It’s Not the Russians
The nation's powerful anti-democratic forces have had a plan for decades—a diabolic and wildly successful plan.
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Immigrant workers are particularly vulnerable to wage theft and unsafe working conditions  because employers realize they will be reluctant to report violations out of fear of being reported to immigration authorities.  Rachel Deutsch
How Can We Combat Wage Theft And Protect Immigrant Workers?
Every year, millions of workers suffer from wage theft when employers or companies do not pay them what they are owed.
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"Behind all the bellowing and bluster, Hatch’s tax plan is nothing more than another giveaway to his rich patrons." Richard Eskow
Orrin Hatch’s “Bullcrap” on Taxes Is Exactly That
Hatch is apparently willing to ruin the futures of countless younger versions of himself.
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The attacks in New York City on September 11, 2001. Danny Sjursen
What If? An Alternative Strategy for Sept. 12, 2001
A generation born after 9/11 will vote in the next presidential election. They’ve never known peace. Will they even bother to demand it?
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"And in any event, the court battle may last until 2020 and serve as a good argument to spur voters to vote against Trump and thus change the FCC leadership, mooting the whole point." Cory Doctorow
The FCC Chairman's Arrogant Internet Overreach
Ajit Pai's plan to totally destroy net neutrality may doom him in court.
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Ryan Cooper
Save the Internet!
With a bit of reform and sustained attention, we can make American internet at least as cheap, fast, and reliable as it is in Europe or South Korea.
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Sunday, November 26, 2017
Brent Patterson
Will Trump's Telecom Deregulation & NAFTA Talks Undermine Net Neutrality in Canada?
The regulatory 'cooperation' and 'harmonization' agenda built into NAFTA would do just that
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Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. (Photo: DoD News/flickr/cc) Linda McQuaig
Morneau and Trudeau Are Looking Out for the Rich
The finance minister’s company has been involved in converting workers into riskier pensions, which of course haven’t affected managers.
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Tim Berners-Lee
Protect Net Neutrality and Internet Freedom: World Wide Web Inventor
Treating all content equally online is key to individual empowerment, democracy and economic growth. But the FCC is threatening to take that away.
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Diablo Canyon power plant in California. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons) Harvey Wasserman
Earthquake Risk Keeps Heat on Vulnerable Nuclear Reactors
A proposal by a California administrative law judge has given safe energy advocates new hope
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Closed on November 24. (Photo: CoolCaesar, CC BY-SA) Matthew Klingle
Nature Lovers May #OptOutside on Black Friday, but They Consume Resources Year-Round
REI’s Black Friday campaign can look like an unabashed marketing ploy that ignores the fundamental source of our environmental problems: humans’ overuse of the earth’s resources.
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Robert Reich
Fools or Knaves?
Is Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Trump's point person on the Republican tax bills now making their way through Congress, a fool?
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Saturday, November 25, 2017
Justin Catanoso
A Reflection on COP23: Incremental Progress but No Industrialized Country’s Top Priority
Another year passes as nature responds ever-more furiously to the lack of progress.
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Democrat John Nance Garner from Texas sits with Governor Roosevelt in September 1932. (Photo via National Archives and Records Administration/Wikipedia) Sam Pizzigati
How to Stop a Tax Plan Rigged for the Rich
Average Americans today face political elites hellbent on a tax 'reform' that funnels new fortunes to the already fortunate. Back in 1932, average Americans faced the same scenario—and dealt the political elites a history-shifting defeat.
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Ben Spielberg
The Paul Ryan Guide to Pretending You Care About the Poor
A handy guide just in time for the tax debate
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Paul Rogers
The Myth of the "Clean War"
Trump's worldview promises low-cost military success. The blasting apart of civilian lives in Iraq says otherwise.
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"The FDA is tasked with building a campaign around the 'safety and benefits of crop biotechnology.' But what about the risks, concerns, and unknowns?" the author writes. (Photo:  Michael Semensohn/flickr/cc) Anna Meyer
Your Taxpayer Dollars Are Funding Corporate Propaganda
Congress wants to spend millions peddling corporate talking points on GMOs.
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Friday, November 24, 2017
Adam Johnson
Trump Administration Plays Media Like Fiddle on Iran/HBO Hacking Story
"The media is taking DoJ and CIA moves at face value and not presenting these stories as what they clearly are: marketing collateral in a broader PR push for sanctions and potentially war against Iran."
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Juan Cole
As Flynn Cuts Off WH, Top 4 Alleged Crimes He Could Sink Trump With
"Remember, it isn't the crime that usually gets them but the cover-up."
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Jason Hickel
Averting the Apocalypse: Lessons from Costa Rica
"If we want to have any hope of averting catastrophe, we’re going to have to do something about our addiction to growth."
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Yxta Maya Murray
In Puerto Rico, the 'Natural Disaster' Is the US Government
Conscious of its own role in creating “disasters,” the U.S. must also tailor aid to local conditions, and to respond to an injured community with an appreciation of its history and foreseeable future.
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Mark Trahant
7 Not-So-Subtle Messages Congress Is Sending With Its Tax Plans
The two tax bills define what's important to a society. Or more to the point, who's not important.
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Bill Moyers, Steven Harper
The Trump-Russia Story Is Coming Together. Here's How to Make Sense of It
"Everything the Trump campaign told you about the connections between Trump and Russia was a lie."
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Thursday, November 23, 2017
walmart Peter Dreier
What I’m Thankful For: Food Workers and Anti-Hunger Activists
Happy Thanksgiving to all (except the Walmart board of directors)
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net neutrality protest Matt Wood, Gaurav Laroia
Unless We Stop It, This FCC Order Will End Net Neutrality and Break the Internet
We've read the order. Here's what you need to know.
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Tommy Orange
Thanksgiving Is a Tradition. It's Also a Lie
Sure, it's a tradition. So is the Confederate flag.
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David Orr
Democracy at Risk in These Perilous and Trumpian Times
We are living through the most dangerous challenge to the free government of the United States that anyone alive has encountered. What happens next is up to you and me.
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Sonali Kolhatkar
In the Era of #MeToo, Will Trump's Accusers Finally Be Heard?
Why is Donald Trump still immune from the equal-opportunity whirlwind of public shaming?
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Juan Cole
Remembering Puerto Rican–Americans on Thanksgiving
Because if you don’t have water and electricity, you don't have liberty.
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A general view of the inbound area of the MPX5 fulfillment center on November 17, 2017 in Castel San Giovanni, Italy. "In seeking to defend the living world from the maelstrom of destruction," writes Monbiot, "we might believe we are fighting corporations and governments and the general foolishness of humankind. But they are all proxies for the real issue: perpetual growth on a planet that is not growing." (Photo by Emanuele Cremaschi/Getty Images) George Monbiot
Every Friday Is Black Friday: Why Our Addiction to Consumption and Growth Is Killing Us
Our behavior within the system cannot change the outcomes of the system. It is the system itself that needs to change.
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Ralph Nader
National Democratic Party – Pole Vaulting Back into Place
So what’s the plan for the Democratic Party? Looks a lot like the old plan.
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Kathy Kelly
On the Quality of Mercy
Look around and realize why the young people's question should persist: "Who are the criminals?"
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Wednesday, November 22, 2017
Judith Le Blanc
Native People and Allies Pledge to Stop Keystone XL
This fight is important not only for those who live along the pipeline, but also for how our country can become less dependent on fossil fuels, and we can move towards the protection of our planet.
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Lorraine Chow
Costa Rica Runs Entirely on Renewable Energy for 300 Days
The Central American nation has emerged as an global environmental leader, with its frequent 100 percent renewable energy streaks and its 2021 goal of becoming carbon neutral—a deadline set a decade ago.
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Chad Bolt
How to Talk to Your Family About the #TrumpTaxScam This Thanksgiving
When your crazy right-wing uncle starts spewing lies between the main course and dessert, here a few key facts to keep in mind
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Leonard Higgins
'Valve-Turners' Putting Lives On the Line For Our Climate Emergency
"Our lives are at stake. But people won't understand that until some of us demonstrate we're indeed fighting for our lives."
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Mary Alice Crim
Seven Things You Can Do Right Now to Save the Internet
It's time to get loud and tell everyone that our digital civil rights are on the verge of being destroyed.
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Ronald Klain
Wake Up Progressives: Conservatives Have a Breathtaking Plan for Trump to Pack the Courts
Almost overnight, the judicial branch could come to consist of almost equal parts judges picked by nine presidents combined — Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, Bush 43 and Obama — and judges picked by one: Donald J. Trump.
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Robert Reich
With Few Watching, Republicans Have Put in Place New Poll Tax to Disenfranchise Voters
Preventing people from voting because they owe legal fees or court fines muzzle low-income Americans at a time in our nation’s history when the rich have more political power than ever.
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Will Bunch
Many Americans Think It's Worse to Vote for a Democrat (or Republican) Than for a Child Molester. Is That a Problem?
At long last, America, have you left no sense of decency?
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Sara Laycock
This Thanksgiving, Skip the Turkey
Why take part in animal abuse when you don't have to?
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Tuesday, November 21, 2017
Josh Bivens
The Biggest Turkey This Thanksgiving Is the Republican Tax Plan
The reason to oppose the latest round of Republican tax cuts is that they’re simply unfair and stupid and solve no economic problem facing typical American families
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Gina Scaramella
Here’s What Your Workplace Can Do about Sexual Harassment
Bringing these conversations to your school or workplace is a massive disruption to business as usual, and that’s exactly what we need.
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Les Leopold
Check Your White Privilege?
A significant question facing progressives today is whether the use of the term "white privilege" helps or hurts building the kind of solidarity needed to promote racial justice and reverse runaway inequality.
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Léonce Ndikumana
In America and Around the World, the Poor Will Pay for the GOP Tax Plan
A large cut in corporate rate in the U.S. would be perceived internationally as a full throttle acceleration of the global race to the bottom on corporate taxation.
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Candace Clement
What You Need to Know About the Trump FCC's Plan to End Net Neutrality
The details of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s plan to destroy Net Neutrality are out. And they’re even worse than expected.
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