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Monday, December 19, 2016
Jessica Levinson
What the Electoral College Must Do
A rejection of Donald Trump by the Electoral College won’t happen, but it should.
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Ezra Rosser
The Bullshit Era
Calling it what it is will be an essential part of fighting back against it
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Sunday, December 18, 2016
Ryan Schleeter
Thanks to Rick Perry, Trump’s Ties to the Dakota Access Pipeline Just Got Deeper
Trump’s pick to lead the Department of Energy sits on the board of the company building the Dakota Access Pipeline.
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Dave Johnson
"Corruption" Then And Now
Remember how the “news” media was going on and on about the Clinton Foundation — at least when they weren’t going on and on abut Hillary Clinton’s emails, or airing entire Trump rallies for free?...
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David Suzuki
Tread Lightly to Lift the Weight of the World
How much stuff will you give and receive this holiday season? Add it to the growing pile — the 30-trillion-tonne pile. That's how much technology and goods humans have produced, according to a study...
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John F. Kowal
The Electoral College, the Constitution, and Trump's Conflicts of Interest
On Friday, the Brookings Institution issued an analysis of an obscure constitutional provision that should concern every American. The paper, by Norman Eisen, Richard Painter and Laurence Tribe,...
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Walter Benn Michaels
It's Not Racism vs. Anti-Racism; It's Capitalism vs. Socialism
Why i nstead of a more complicated understanding of identity, we need a more profound understanding of exploitation
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Arun Gupta
Thanks, Trump! We Now Have Two Opportunities for Bold Progressive Reform
There’s an argument to be made that progressives are lucky Bernie Sanders didn’t win the nomination.
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San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial
Is Russian Election Hack Just the Beginning for America?
The CIA’s conclusion that the Russian government acted to covertly influence the U.S. election has elicited anger and concern from across the political spectrum , even as President-elect Donald Trump...
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Saturday, December 17, 2016
Cynthia Kaufman
Getting out of this Mess by Building support for Economic and Social Justice The election was terrible and means huge setback in the things we who support social and economic justice care about. For...
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Ariel Dorfman
Now, America, You Know How Chileans Felt
DURHAM, N.C. — It is familiar, the outrage and alarm that many Americans are feeling at reports that Russia, according to a secret intelligence assessment, interfered in the United States election to...
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Christopher Brauchli
Trump, Choices, and Qualifications
I’m glad you like adverbs-I adore them. They are the only qualifications I really much respect. — Henry James, Letter to Miss Edwards Now that some of Donald Trump’s choices for important positions...
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Neve Gordon
David Friedman the Crusader
David Friedman, the newly appointed United States Ambassador to Israel, is on a crusade. Two weeks before the elections, he wrote an oped in the Jerusalem Post that reveals his unflinching fervor: “...
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Bill Moyers, Michael Winship
Trumped by Putin
It is very likely now that Donald Trump will be inaugurated as president of the United States on Jan. 20, in no small part because of the direct intervention in and manipulation of the American...
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Howard Friel
A CIA Source Has Informed Me that Paul Krugman Voted 100 Times for Hillary Clinton
If "facts" can be established simply by what "anonymous intelligence sources" tell reporters, we remain in grave threat from irresponsible journalism
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Friday, December 16, 2016
Robert Kuttner
Are We Stuck with Inequality?
The latesT study of deepening inequality by three of the most careful scholars of the subject, Thomas Piketty, Emmanuel Saens, and Gabriel Zucman, has prompted another round of shrugs from economists...
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Richard Eskow
Beyond Resistance: The Story of 2016
This is the time of year when people try to make sense of the preceding twelve months. It’s a fool’s errand, in one sense. A year is an arbitrary division of time. We decide what it means in...
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Harvey Wasserman
Will There Be a 'December Surprise'?
As millions of Americans desperately seek an alternative to Donald Trump , the 2016 presidential election now faces the volatile possibility of a “December Surprise”. Here are some Constitutional...
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Stephen Crowley
If Our Protests Against Donald Trump Aren't Strategic, They Will Fail
Taking to the streets, blocking traffic or marching on Washington will not be enough. What we must do is unite single-issue protests under a broader banner
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Juan Cole
Demonization of Putin as "Personally" Behind Clinton Hack Is Old Propaganda Technique
The leaked allegations supposedly from the CIA that Russian President Vladimir Putin “personally” directed how hacked emails from the Clinton campaign should be used should be treated with a good...
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Rachel Levinson-Waldman
Will Police in the Trump Era Embrace Accountability?
Six weeks before Donald Trump takes office, there are growing fears about what he is likely to do with America’s powerful law enforcement apparatus. He has proposed banning all Muslim travel to the U...
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Janine Jackson
Hypocrisy of Russia-Did-It Stories Is Hard to Stomach
It is, of course, worth knowing what involvement any other country might have had in the US election, but elite media’s consumption with the Russia-did-it storyline so far is discouraging to say the...
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David Korten
Trump Played to Anger, But We Don’t Have to Fall for Divide and Conquer
We’ve been pitted against each other for too long. Now is the time to come together to fix our corrupt political systems.
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Robert Crawford
The Culture of Torture in the Trump Era
“Would I bring back waterboarding? You bet your ass I would. . . . It works. And even if it doesn’t work they deserve it anyway for what they do to us.” Among the anxieties about what Donald Trump...
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Thursday, December 15, 2016
Robert Reich
The 4 Syndromes of Passivity in the Face of Pending Tyranny
As the era of Trump approaches, some of you are succumbing to the follow four syndromes: "Millions of others feel equally powerless. But taking action—demonstrating, resisting, objecting, demanding,...
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