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Saturday, December 31, 2016
Bill Moyers
A Poignant Poem That Encapsulates 2016
Bill Moyers shares "Starting with Black," which addresses the "urgent political and moral crisis" that we currently face.
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Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan
Donald Trump’s New Nuclear Instability
President-elect Donald Trump exploded a half-century of U.S. nuclear-arms policy in a single tweet last week: “The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such...
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Shreya Dasgupta
Top 10 Happy Environmental Stories of 2016
Mongabay takes a look at some of the “happier” stories of this year — from the declaration of large marine parks to animals that are recovering after years of decline, a reserve for the world’s largest primate, and increased restrictions on wildlife trade.
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Andy Bichlbaum
How Standing Rock Solved My 2016, First World Problems
2016 was a rough year. After Nov. 8, it became almost unlivable. In my case, a sustained state of anxiety and depression erupted occasionally into nausea and panic. Behaviors buried since the Bush...
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Friday, December 30, 2016
Zahra Hirji
2017: Trump Peddles Climate Doubt in a World Sold on Action
President-elect Donald Trump may dismiss the Paris Agreement and pack his cabinet with climate deniers, but once he takes office, he will face a world that takes the climate crisis as seriously as he...
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Howard Friel
NYT on Iraq and Russia: Newspaper of Record or Journalistic Home to Intelligence Sources and Warmakers
On May 17 of this year, PBS Frontline broadcast a program titled, “The Secret History of Isis,” which it described as “the inside story of the radicals who became the leaders of ISIS.” As a companion...
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George W. Bush inauguration protests in 2001 Ted Glick
Justice Protectors, Let’s Take Action Inauguration Day
I’m not sure how many Inauguration Day protests in DC I’ve been to over the years. The one I distinctly remember is January 20 th , 2001, George W. Bush’s first inauguration. There was a similar...
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Nuclear testing at Bikini Atoll in 1946 Robert Dodge
Coming to Our Senses Regarding Nukes
As part of President-Elect Trumps daily tweets this past week he stated: The United States must greatly strengthen its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding...
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North Carolina flag Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II
A Call For The Economic Boycott Of North Carolina
The GOP efforts to undermine the very foundation of government cannot be tolerated.
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Thursday, December 29, 2016
Stephen Zunes
Obama's Support for International Law Draws Bipartisan Ire
Here’s one way to look at it: The United States was the only country in the fifteen-member U.N. Security Council that did not support a resolution passed last week criticizing Israel for continuing...
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Bob Burnett
5 Resistance Resolutions
As we enter a perilous new year, here are five resistance resolutions: 1. Practice resistance each day. Political resistance is an American tradition; "eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."...
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Rebecca Solnit
Another, More Beautiful America is Rising. Trump Will Be Resisted
American people will stand up for ideals of humanity, from lawyers and tech workers to the Californian senate
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Alan S. Blinder
The American Public Against Trump
The United States, supposedly the world’s beacon of democracy, is practicing a strange form of it nowadays. One presidential candidate won nearly three million more votes than her opponent, who, with...
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Dean Baker
Denialism on Trade
It is really amazing how the political and economic establishment types feel the need to deny that trade can actually have a negative impact on manufacturing jobs and total employment in their...
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Medea Benjamin
No More Holiday Gifts for Repressive Regimes
The U.S. is selling weapons to a country that's killing a child every 10 minutes. That has to stop.
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Josh Hoxie
Reducing Inequality in the Trump Era
With Washington looking hopeless, it's up to local communities to close the gap between the richest and the rest.
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Brian Bienkowski, Environmental Health News
Justice Jumping Genres
A historic year for environmental justice saw government failures in Flint, a resurgent Native voice, and a merging of movements. We're watching where it’s headed in the new year.
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Donald Trump's nominee for Labor secretary, Andrew Puzder, at the 2016 FreedomFest at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada. Gwynne Dyer
2016 Year-Ender: We're In For A Wild Ride
The main message of 2016 was that we are entering a period of economic and political upheaval comparable to the industrial revolution of 1780-1850, and nothing expressed that message more clearly...
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Wednesday, December 28, 2016
Michael Moore
5 Things You Can Do Right Now About Donald J. Trump
The following was posted by the author to his Facebook page. Read the original here . It's been seven weeks since Hillary beat Trump by nearly 3 million votes but lost the presidency to him. So if...
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Kate Tummarello
The Fight to Rein in NSA Surveillance: 2016 in Review
It’s been a busy year on a number of fronts as we continue to fight to rein in the National Security Agency’s sweeping surveillance of innocent people. Since the 2013 leaks by former government...
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Kevin Basl
Why I Answered the Call for Veterans to Go to Standing Rock
At Standing Rock, for the first time, I felt like I was finally serving the people.
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Peter Van Buren
Symbolic Failure Point: Female Afghan Pilot Wants Asylum In The US
History loves little markers, tidy packages of symbolism that wrap up a big, complex thing. You know, the helicopter on the roof of the American Embassy in Saigon standing in for years of failed war...
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Dean Baker
Trump and Growth
Neil Irwin used an Upshot column to address the issue of whether Donald Trump can acheive the 4.0 percent annual growth rate he has promised over the next decade. He argues that insofar as it is...
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Ali Abunimah
Israel Punishes the World After UN Vote
On Monday evening I appeared on Al Jazeera English to speak about Israel’s reaction to Friday’s UN Security Council decision . Resolution 2334 , passed by a vote of 14-0 with the United States...
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Sarah van Gelder
It Wasn’t All Bad: 5 Signs of Positive Change in 2016
The election divided the year into “before” and “after.” But there remain signs of hope for 2017.
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