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Saturday, June 2, 2007
Joseph Margulies
Gitmo: A Fetid and Cancerous Symbol
The Offshore Prison Breeds Terror; It Must Be Closed Now.
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Michael Copps
The Price of Free Airwaves
As a member of the Federal Communications Commission, I often hear how fed up Americans are with the news media. Too much "if it bleeds it leads" on the evening news and not enough real coverage of...
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Friday, June 1, 2007
Jon Wiener
A Day in the Life: Sgt. Pepper Turns 40
It was forty years ago today: the release of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band . "It's certainly a thrill," the Beatles sang; but listening today, much of the thrill is gone--except for one song...
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Stephen Zunes
The Democrats' Support for Bush's War
The capitulation of the Democratic Party's congressional leadership to the Bush administration's request for nearly $100 billion of unconditional supplementary government spending, primarily to...
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Robert W. McChesney & Mark Weisbrot
Venezuela and the Media: Fact and Fiction
To read and view the U.S. news media over the past week, there is an episode of grand tyranny unfolding, one repugnant to all who cherish democratic freedoms. The Venezuelan government under "...
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Bob Mitchell
The Partisan Versions Of The Ant and The Grasshopper
I recently received an email that retold the famous fable of the ant and the grasshopper in a modern light from a Republican point of view. It was cute, but I felt that it need to be responded to, so...
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John Dean
The Bush Administration's Dilemma Regarding a Possible Libby Pardon
And How Outsiders Such as Fred Thompson Appear to Be Working on a Solution
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Mark Danner
Taking the Measure of the First Rhetoric-Major President
This commencement address was given to graduates of the Department of Rhetoric at Zellerbach Hall, University of California, Berkeley, on May 10, 2007 : When my assistant greeted me, a number of...
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John Kirby
How The Ruling Class Thwarts Democracy
With the 2008-presidential-election cycle already in full swing, it seems a good time to revisit a perennial question in our country's political life, namely, "Who really rules America?" So many of...
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Rosa Brooks
Deniable, Disposable Casualties
Something was missing from my local Memorial Day parade. There were soldiers, sailors, World War II veterans, firefighters, Girl Scouts, soccer players, marching bands, flag-draped floats and even a...
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The Toronto Star
Creating a Field Day For Militias, Large and Small
The crises in Iraq, Gaza, Lebanon and Afghanistan are the inevitable outcome of treating the symptoms rather than the disease. Gaza: Israeli bombing won't bring peace any more than previous military...
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Robert Weissman
Corporate Power Since 1980
The United States Since 1980 (Cambridge University Press, 2007) is a superb short work from Dean Baker of the Center for Economic and Policy Research. In a couple hundred pages, Baker covers enormous...
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Howard Friel
Kids: Why Die For Oil, Car, Nuke Kings, Greed and Profits?
Among the list of lies proffered by the Bush administration for the invasion and occupation of Iraq, "Support the Troops" has been the most transparently dishonest. Yet, the Democrat-controlled...
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Joseph L. Galloway
Congress Goes On Vacation While More 'Honored Dead' Come Home
This week it's Congress' turn in the bulls-eye _ all of the elected worms on both sides of the aisles. Especially the new Democratic majority, which arrived last January with the mistaken idea that...
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David Michael Green
Cowering In The Suburbs of Berlin
Somebody needs to write the sequel to John Kennedy's " Profiles In Courage ". Let's call it "Profiles In Cowardice". I know a really, really good case study for Chapter One. Kennedy's original book...
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Laura Flanders
Why Cindy Sheehan 'Retired'
Angered by Democrats, The US Peace Movement's Most Visible Leader Withdrew From The Public Eye On The Day Her Son Would Have Turned 28.
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John Nichols
Cindy Sheehan's Farewell
Cindy Sheehan never set out to be the face of the antiwar movement. She was a mom thrust by an ugly circumstance and a lovely faith to the forefront of a movement that was struggling to find its...
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Naomi Klein
Baghdad Burns, Calgary Booms
The invasion of Iraq has set off what could be the largest oil boom in history. All the signs are there: multinationals free to gobble up national firms at will, ship unlimited profits home, enjoy...
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Thursday, May 31, 2007
Ahmad Samih Khalidi
Internal Conflict and Paralysis Is Corroding Our Credibility
Israel's Occupation Is The Main Reason For Today's Misery. But Palestinians Still Need To Take Control of Their Own Future
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Danny Glover & Nicole Lee
Poverty Scavengers
In June of 2006, world leaders stood with British Prime Minister Tony Blair and pledged their support for debt relief for impoverished African nations. The intent of their principled gesture was to...
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Jim Minick
The Value of Boosting Our Miles Per Gallon
We have a dwindling supply, a hugely hungry demand and a government unwilling to act. I'm talking about oil, of course, and our head-in-the-Middle-Eastern-sand attitude. Just keep driving, we think,...
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Jeff Cohen
Are Media Out to Get John Edwards?
Give me a break about John Edwards' pricey haircut, mansion, lecture fees and the rest. The focus on these topics tells us two things about corporate media. One we've long known - that they elevate...
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John Young
Welcome to The Supposeum
Welcome to the Supposeum. The Supposeum is a museum dedicated to bolstering our suppositions, whether they be religious, ethnocentric, political, economic or militaristic. We founded the Supposeum...
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Kathy Kelly
Being Hope
Earlier this week, the American Friends Service Committee asked me to speak about finding hope in hard times as part of an interfaith service to conclude their "Eyes Wide Open" display in Chicago's...
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The Corporate Crime Reporter
Zheng Xiaoyu Meet Lester Crawford
Zheng Xiaoyu meet Lester Crawford.Lester Crawford is the former head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Zheng Xiaoyu is the former head of China's equivalent of the FDA. Both have been...
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Robert Weissman
Well, At Least He's Not A War Criminal*
Well, at least he's not a war criminal. George Bush's new selection to head the World Bank, Robert Zoellick has that over his predecessor, Paul Wolfowitz. But can't the world demand a slightly higher...
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Kay Lucas
We Must All Recognize The 'Leader' Within Ourselves
Cindy Sheehan's announcement that she is leaving the anti-war movement is surprising, especially right on the heels of renouncing her support of the Democratic Party. Her frustration and...
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Neil Watkins
Will Vultures Be Allowed to Undermine the G-8 Summit?
In January, I saw first-hand the impact that decisions from a G-8 summit meeting can have on people's lives. I visited a rural health clinic in Siavonga, Zambia which had recently abolished "user...
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Alfie Kohn
NCLB: 'Too Destructive To Salvage'
It's time to say in a national newspaper what millions of teachers, students and parents already know: No Child Left Behind (NCLB) is an appalling and unredeemable experiment that has done...
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Marie Cocco
Gore and Sheehan Join Forces
WASHINGTON—They are an unlikely couple. She, an exhausted and emotionally spent woman limping home to find solace in a measure of solitude she could have given herself long ago. He, an upbeat and oh-...
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Dominick A. DellaSala
Bush Bureaucrats Rewrote Owl Plan
The Bush administration recently proposed a "recovery" plan for the threatened northern spotted owl that could allow increased old-growth logging in the Pacific Northwest. If you wonder how cutting...
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Sarah Anderson
Mr. Hardball Goes to the World Bank
Nine days after the September 11 terrorist attacks, I opened up The Washington Post and stared right into the flinty mind of one Robert B. Zoellick, the Bush administration's pick for new World Bank...
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Scott Ritter
Repudiation, Not Impeachment
It is a question I am faced with at every public event I participate in: What are my views on the impeachment of President Bush and others in his administration? Generally, the question is preceded...
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Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Katrina Vanden Heuvel
Killing Silent Spring
Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring and a seminal figure for the modern environmental movement, would have turned one hundred this past Sunday. "Carson's book altered the nature of...
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Floyd McKay
Profiles In Candor: Carter, Gore Dare To Speak Out
Some presidents or vice presidents have a lot of time after their departure to shape their legacy, and those with a literary bent are particularly prone to the temptation. While most have adhered to...
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Jonathan Freedland
The Internet Will Revolutionise The Very Meaning of Politics
The Web Could Yet Bypass Government and Existing Political Communities, and Either Expand Democracy In The Process - or Stifle It
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John Nichols
Cindy Sheehan Calls It Quits
The decision of Congressional Democrats to hand George Bush a blank check to maintain a war they were elected to end has frustrated a lot of Americans -- even the until-now indefatigable Cindy...
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Robert L. Borosage
Ending A Failed Occupation
Congress has just voted to fund the war for another year — $100 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan. How could that happen when two-thirds of the public are opposed to the war and the Democrats just...
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Amy Goodman
CBS Silences General Dissent
Listening to retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. John Batiste, you sense his intense loyalty to the military. He commanded the Army's 1st Infantry Division in Iraq, capping a 31-year Army career. So why did...
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Robert Scheer
Welcome to Grandpa's World, Baby Cheney
Thank the Almighty, whatever that might mean, for planting the seed of life in the lesbian body of Mary Cheney and for granting her parents the opportunity to show support for a homosexual couple...
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Garrison Keillor
Telling Lies Over Good Soldiers' Graves
Dishonesty Has Gutted The Last Patriotic Holiday That Means Something.
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Bart Jones
Hugo Chavez Versus RCTV
Venezuela's Oldest Private TV Network Played A Major Role In A failed 2002 Coup.
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Mark Morford
Bush Declares Self 'Mega Decider'
New documents ensure Dubya Will Rule America, Should Calamity Strike. Free Balloons!
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Joyce Marcel
On Cindy Sheehan
So Gold Star peace mom Cindy Sheehan is quitting the American antiwar movement. That's bad news. Sheehan lost her son, Casey, on April 4, 2004, in Sadr City, Baghdad. In August of 2005 she set up a...
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Ted Rall
Mission Accomplished: Funding Battle Highlights American Embrace of Moronitude
ORLANDO--I'm against the war. Who isn't? (Maybe the two percent who tell The New York Times/CBS poll that Iraq is going "very well.") But this column isn't about the war. It's about logic.In his new...
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Pierre Tristam
What Is Required of Us To Be Loyal, Patriotic Americans?
Loyalty is a curious concept. I don't mean loyalty to one's family or friends or -- to a more guarded extent in these economically indiscriminate days -- to one's employer. That sort of loyalty isn't...
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Robert Naiman
Cindy, Guess Who Voted No on the War? A Peace Tax Pledge
The progressive political world is wailing and gnashing its teeth over the failure of Congressional Democrats to stand up to President Bush on the war supplemental. Most spectacularly, Cindy Sheehan...
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Danny Schechter
A Letter To Cindy Sheehan: Darkness Comes Just Before Dawn
It was sad to read Cundy Sheehan's letter of "resignation" from the peace movement because she offered so much of herself-despite all the personal pain she suffered from the loss of her son, the...
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Dean Baker & Mary Beth Maxwell
Human Rights at the Workplace
Americans shouldn't have to check their rights at the door when they enter the workplace, but, unfortunately, this is often the case due to the state of our labor laws. One of the basic rights that...
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Ralph Nader
Taming the Giant Corporation
This column heralds a pioneering conference next month in Washington, D.C. But first a little background. Back in the nineteen thirties, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt went on the national radio...
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Jacob Boas
What Erasmus Knew (And We Didn't)
It has been reported that in the summer of 2003 Pentagon employees viewed a special screening of The Battle of Algiers , the late Gillo Pontecorvo's 1965 classic film of terrorist insurgency and...
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Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Joshua Kors
How Specialist Town Lost His Benefits
Jon Town has spent the last few years fighting two battles, one against his body, the other against the US Army. Both began in October 2004 in Ramadi, Iraq. He was standing in the doorway of his...
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Tom Engelhardt
Wonders of The Imperial World
Of the seven wonders of the ancient Mediterranean world, including the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Colossus of Rhodes, four were destroyed by earthquakes, two by fire. Only the Great Pyramid...
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Steve Ettlinger
From a Chinese Oil Refinery To Your Twinkie
Food Makers Don't Often Know Where The Chemicals In Their Products Come From.
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John Nichols
Fighting for Democracy on Memorial Day
Memorial Day is, as former North Carolina Senator John Edwards reminds us, "a serious holiday." And this year, in particular, it falls at what Edwards rightly refers to as "a serious time." It is...
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Teresa Stack & Jack Fowler
Magazines Feeling Postal Pinch
The cost of getting magazines into your mailbox will shoot up July 15. How much? It depends. Magazine publishers are facing a radical postage rate restructuring that favors those with large...
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Paul Krugman
Trust and Betrayal
"In this place where valor sleeps, we are reminded why America has always gone to war reluctantly, because we know the costs of war." That's what President Bush said last year, in a Memorial Day...
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James Carroll
Sacrifice, Pain, and Grief
This article was published on Monday, May 29 - Memorial Day, 2007: The nation pays its respects today to those who have fallen in America's wars. The central ritual of our communal bereavement takes...
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Ashifa Kassam
South Americans Wage Battle Against Economic World Order
Continent's People Optimistically Continue Fight Largely Abandoned by Western Activists
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Harvey Wasserman
To Save The Earth, Are YOU a Solartopian?
In the global campaign to save the Earth, a shared vision is vital. "Solartopia" foresees a democratic, green-powered 21st Century civilization. Our economic and ecological survival depend on it...
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Barbara J. Miller
Done Deal
George W. Bush's war has generated enough tears to hydrate the Sahara. More tears this morning. Cindy Sheehan has thrown in the towel . Her protest against the war that killed her son Casey is over...
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Thom Hartmann
The Republican Plan For 2008 Begins Today
It's difficult to watch Democrats play checkers while Republicans play chess with Iraq. It's particularly difficult on Memorial Day as more Americans and Iraqis die. But the Republican Party has been...
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Bill Quigley
"Less Meeting, More Fighting!"
Lessons Learned by Grassroots Katrina and Tsunami Social Justice Activists
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Olga Bonfiglio
Calling All Warriors for Peace
When I first heard someone use the word, warrior, I was surprised, repulsed—but fascinated. An Annapolis-educated, former Navy fighter pilot told me he was a warrior. I had associated warriors with...
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A classic example occurred when US forces destroyed a chemical munitions dump in Khamisiyah, Iraq in March 1991. The US Defense Department (DoD) initially denied the dangers but backtracked in 1997 after a UN Special Commission investigation proved that sarin gas had been released during the demolition. Heather Wokusch
Poisoning the Troops, Again
The Pentagon has a disturbing pattern of withholding information on the impact of chemical/biological weapons and other toxins on US service members. As a result, veterans are often told that their...
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David Cates
Our Feelings Are The Key To Why We Went To War
My neighbor once announced righteously when describing a dispute at work: Feelings are facts! Well, not exactly. But what's great about them is we don't have to check them like we check facts. We...
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Cindy Sheehan
Good Riddance Attention Whore
I have endured a lot of smear and hatred since Casey was killed and especially since I became the so-called "Face" of the American anti-war movement. Especially since I renounced any tie I have...
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Sunday, May 27, 2007
Laura Carlsen
NAFTA: Kicked Up a Notch
The North American Free Trade Agreement is the world's most advanced example of the U.S.-led free trade model. It's not just about economics any more. The expansion of NAFTA into the Security and...
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Rebecca Clarren
Rachel Carson's Alarm Still Echoes
T oday marks Rachel Carson's 100th birthday. She has been dead for more than 40 years, but the environmental movement she gave life to with her seminal book "Silent Spring" has evolved from the grass...
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Elizabeth Sullivan
With More People Coming, U.S. Needs A Plan
No immigration compromise can ever be fair for everyone. That's why Congress is about to take the big duck, again. That's why the system will continue to be driven by lawlessness, exploitation and...
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Frank Rich
Operation Freedom From Iraqis
When all else fails, those pious Americans who conceived and directed the Iraq war fall back on moral self-congratulation: at least we brought liberty and democracy to an oppressed people. But that...
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Paul McLeary
Fear-Mongering and Fiction: Cheney Addresses West Point Grads
With the poise and purpose that has been drilled into them during the past four years, the cadets filed slowly into West Point's Michie Stadium in crisp lines, standing at attention as they reached...
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Saturday, May 26, 2007
Ann McFeatters
Iraq Refugees Find No Refuge In America
WASHINGTON -- Just about every American serving or working in Iraq knows Iraqis who have been loyal to the United States, have risked their lives for Americans and are in serious danger of being...
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Yvonne Roberts
Throw A Pebble At Goliath: Don't Buy Israeli Produce
"The boycott campaign is not really about what happens in the Middle East but about what happens in our unions, on our campuses and in our public discourse. The damage that it does in the UK is that...
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Stephen Glain
In Damascus one recent evening, Ahlam Al Jaburi entered the foyer of her apartment in tears. She had risen at 5:30 am that day to be first in line at the office of the United Nations High...
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David Corn
The Dems' Self-Defeat on the Irar War Vote
The congressional Democratic leaders' big problem: they can't count. Given the choice of funding the unpopular Iraq war or being accused by George W. Bush of succumbing to a defeatism that endangers...
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Steven Weber
Truth and Automats
Two score and six years ago I fell out of my mother's vagina onto a table at the last extant Automat in New York City, knocking over a sugar dispenser and causing only the Romanian busboy to barely...
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James Ridgeway
Attention Immigrants: Thanks for Your Hard Work. Now Leave.
What Could Be Better For Business Than A Workforce That Toils For Next To Nothing, Drives Down Wages For Everyone Else, Can't Protest or Unionize, Then Goes Away When You're Done With Them? Your Guide To The Guest Worker Program.
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Robert Fisk
Innocent Victims Caught Up In A War Of Endless Revenge
It is a place of Palestinian fury - and almost as much Palestinian blood. The bandage-swaddled children whimpering in pain, frowning at the strange, unfatherly doctors, the middle-aged woman staring...
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Derrick Z. Jackson
Optimism In The Hate Crimes Debate
Despite a threatened presidential veto, Northeastern University criminologist Jack McDevitt was optimistic. Three weeks ago, the House voted 237 to 180 to expand hate crime laws to include attacks on...
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Stephen Lendman
Memorial and Veterans Day Hypocrisy
Because both days are related, they're discussed together. The first, Memorial Day, is commemorated on the last Monday in May and was first observed in 1866 and called Decoration Day beginning in...
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Sean Gonsalves
'Fill The Jails', Part II
Part I of this essay was published on Saturday, May 19, 2007. "Nonviolence is a universal principle and its operation is not limited by a hostile environment. Indeed, its efficacy can be tested only...
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Christopher Brauchli
Strange Bedfellows
In idle wishes fools supinely stay. — George Crabbe, The Birth of Flattery (1792) The stars are aligned. Guantanamo detainees and their prosecutors wish for the same thing-fewer lawyers. Alberto...
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Friday, May 25, 2007
David Bromwich
The Anti-War Principle
The Democrats who vote this week to give the president the additional billions he wants for his war without a "timeline of withdrawal" are acting on a rational calculation. Nothing, for them,...
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Donna Smith
The Moon and the Sun Over Miami
The evening before I went to Havana, I sat starboard in the back of a boat slapping over the waves on Biscayne Bay just offshore from Miami. The sun was setting on the Florida coast side of the bay...
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Sarah van Gelder
Cuba's Cure
Why is Cuba Exporting Its Health Care Miracle To The World's Poor?
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Saeed Taji Farouky
Gaza's Innocents Suffer Amid The Anarchy
Amid the Israeli air strikes there is a lull in the infighting, which had once again threatened to bring Gaza to the brink of civil war. Many Palestinians here fear it could be short-lived. For Gaza'...
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Antonia Zerbisias
Pundit Defines Fearlessness
Midway through Arianna Huffington's latest book, On Becoming Fearless ... In Love, Work and Life , she writes, "If you want to succeed big, there is no substitute for simply sticking your neck out.''
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Bill Distler
We Can't Win An Immoral War
George W. Bush and Gen. David Petraeus, the new commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, both want U.S. forces to stay in Iraq, but for different reasons. Bush wants to turn the oil and natural gas...
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Colin Burgon
We Should Back Chávez
It's Not Too Late For Britain To Stand Against The Washington Consensus On Latin America
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Matthew Rothschild
Feingold, Kucinich Denounce the Democratic Cave
A nd so the Democrats caved, pathetically, to Bush and to Bush's war. "It tells American workers that the only way they will get an increase in wages is to continue to support funding the war which...
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John Nichols
"A Big Mistake" Vote Gives Bush His Iraq Money
Despite the results of last November's elections, which gave them the authority to check and balance George Bush, and despite polls that show roughly two-thirds of Americans want them to do so,...
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Rosa Brooks
The Good, The Bad and The Prosecuted
The Feds Swarm In On A Navy Lawyer Who Held Them Accountable by Leaking The Identities of Gitmo Detainees.
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David Sirota
We Gave Them Our Hearts, They Gave Him A Blank Check
It is a dark day in our nation's history. That sounds melodramatic - but it is true. Today America watched a Democratic Party kick them square in the teeth - all in order to continue the most...
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Finkelstein Tenure Case Exposes The Commonplace Cowardice of "Responsible" Professors
For two years I have served at the University of Texas at Austin on the faculty committee on "academic freedom and responsibility," a pairing of concepts that is common in higher education. While...
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Olga Bonfiglio
A Memorial Day Reflection
Over the past 5,600 years, historians estimate that 14,600 wars have been waged. In the twentieth century alone, over 100 million people were killed in wars all over the world although some...
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David Michael Green
Winston Churchill Bush? Nah. Guess Again.
George W. Bush's all-in gamble of other people's stakes in Iraq has become the mother of all disasters. Even relatively conservative members of the Washington establishment have labeled it the...
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Andrew Bard Schmookler
Why Didn't You Stand Your Ground, Mr. Carter?
I don't get it. First you speak an important truth to the American people. Then you take it back. Why didn't you stand your ground? I'm sure I'm only one of millions who felt heartened to hear the...
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John Stauber
Democratic Spin Won't End the War in Iraq
After several months of empty posturing against the war in Iraq, politicians in Washington have made what Democratic congressman James P. Moran called a " concession to reality " by agreeing to give...
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Michael Parenti
Globalization and Democracy: Some Basics
The goal of the transnational corporation is to become truly transnational, poised above the sovereign power of any particu­lar nation, while being served by the sovereign powers of all nations...
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