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Friday, August 10, 2007
Rubrick Biegon
Build Bridges, Not Bombers
Foreign policy and bridges are not typically associated with one another, except perhaps in the metaphorical sense, as with President Clinton's "building a bridge to the twenty-first century"...
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Dilip Hiro
On Monday, the Iranophobia of US president George Bush was once again on display. The occasion was the joint press conference he gave at his Camp David resort along with Afghanistan's president,...
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Marjorie Cohn
FISA Revised: A Blank Check for Domestic Spying
Responding to fear-mongering by the Bush administration, the Democrat-led Congress put its stamp of approval on the unconstitutional wiretapping of Americans. George W. Bush has perfected the art of...
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Daniel Ellsberg
A Personal Vision for Cindy Sheehan's Campaign
Remarks of Daniel Ellsberg at a press conference August 9, 2007 at which Cindy Sheehan announced her independent candidacy for the 8th Congressional District of California, an office now held by...
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David Michael Green
Give It Back, Dick: A Modest Proposal Concerning Money, War and Politics
Indulge me for a moment, wouldya? Let's mull over a few related facts and see where it takes us. Fact #1: With the possible exception of George W. Bush, no one in the world is more responsible for...
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Andrew Greeley
Bumbling CIA's Failures Hurt America
"The structure of our intelligence organization is faulty. It makes no sense. It has to be reorganized and we should have done it long ago. Nothing has changed since Pearl Harbor. I have suffered an...
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John Dean
The So-Called Protect America Act:
Why Its Sweeping Amendments to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Pose Not Only a Civil Liberties Threat, But a Greater Danger As Well
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Thursday, August 9, 2007
Abbas Edalat and Mehrnaz Shahabi
Prospects of Armageddon: The Logic That Defends Past Nuclear Atrocities Is Now Used To Support a Strike Against Iran
It is appalling, if unsurprising, to read the neoconservative cheerleader Oliver Kamm arguing in these pages that the atomic bombs that devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki 62 years ago saved lives and...
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Robert Sullivan
Grass Roots Rising: Paul Hawken's "Blessed Unrest"
" Blessed Unrest " is about a movement that no one has noticed, not even the people involved. "The movement," as Paul Hawken calls it, is made up of an unknowable number of citizens and mostly ragtag...
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Harvey Wasserman
Radioactive "Bailout-In-Advance" Opens Fierce New War Over Nuke Reactors
After fifty years of what Forbes Magazine long ago called "the largest managerial disaster in business history," the nuke power industry is demanding untold billions in a federal "Bailout-in-Advance...
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Bruce Dixon
"Terror War" Terrorizes Spineless Democrats
When Democrats compete to adopt the phony "global war on terror" as their own, and promise they can do it "better" or "smarter" than Republicans, they erase what little difference remains between the...
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Seattle PI Editorial
Cuban Prisoners: Send 'Em To Court
At the behest of Britain's brand spanking new Prime Minister Gordon Brown, five Brit residents currently imprisoned at Cuba's Guantanamo Bay might be released and sent back home. Which leaves about...
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Mark Morford
Totally Free! Click Here Now!: What You Win If You Just Stop Caring
Our National Obsession, The Thing We Simply Cannot Resist, The Most Magical Word of All
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Jesse Jackson
A Lot More Than One Bridge Could Crumble Under GOP
A 40-year-old bridge collapses into the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. Levees give way in New Orleans at the foot of the Mississippi. An 83-year-old steam pipe produces an eruption that terrorizes...
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Ted Rall
Perverted Justice: Don't Just Watch What You Say, Watch What You Think
NEW YORK -- "This is not a crime about thought," says the assistant U.S. attorney. Then what is it? Mahmud Faruq Brent, a 30-year-old D.C. taxi driver, is about to spend the next 15 years behind bars...
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Sydney Blumenthal
Will The Real Colin Powell Stand Up?
The White House Fears That The Former Secretary of State Will Finally Tell The Truth About Planning For The Iraq War.
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John Nichols
Bush More "Disastrous" Than Nixon
Carl Bernstein will always be known as the journalist who brought down a president whose disregard for the Constitution and the rule of law disqualified the errant executive from completing a second...
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Megan Tady
Tracking Pharma Gifts to Doctors
A slow wheel is beginning to turn in Congress in favor of forcing Big Pharma to disclose the amount of change it's dropping into doctors' pockets. While it's no secret that pharmaceutical companies...
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Taylor Lincoln
Candidate's Secret Santas
Last weekend's Yearly Kos presidential candidates' debate was marked by highly publicized exchanges between former Sen. John Edwards and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, who touted their pledges to reject...
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Katrina Vanden Heuvel
A New New Deal
When the levees broke in New Orleans, I wrote about the desperate need for a New Deal for the 21st Century - one which would rebuild a crumbling infrastructure, help address glaring income inequality...
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Wednesday, August 8, 2007
Jane Mayer
The Black Sites: A Rare Look Inside The CIA's Secret Interrogation Program
In March, Mariane Pearl, the widow of the murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, received a phone call from Alberto Gonzales, the Attorney General. At the time, Gonzales's role in the...
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David Goodner
American Genocide In The Middle East: Three Million and Counting
Deaths directly and indirectly attributable to the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq have neared one million people, a body count higher than the genocides in Rwanda and Sudan combined, according...
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Ernest Partridge
Hillary Clinton: The GOP's Favorite Democrat
Officials at Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation have contributed to Hillary Clinton's campaign, and Murdoch himself has held fund-raisers in her behalf. Lawyers at Kenneth Starr's law firm, Kirkland...
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John Pilger
The Unseen Lies: Journalism As Propaganda
The following is a transcript of a talk given by John Pilger at Socialism 2007 Conference in Chicago this past June: The title of this talk is Freedom Next Time , which is the title of my book, and...
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Dilip Hiro
The Myth of Mistrust
The US bemoans the lack of trust between Iraq's Sunnis and Shias, which only serves to heighten the contradictions of their own policy in the region.
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Robert Naiman
Oil Law Brings US Intentions Into Focus
Poll: Iraqis Want National Oil Companies to Develop Iraqi Oil
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Richard Cohen
The Ghost of Populism
As always, I was awakened by a sudden draft through the closed windows, saw the curtains ominously stirring and sensed instantly that someone was in my bedroom. Without even looking up, I knew it was...
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Stephen Zunes
The United States and "Regime Change" in Iran
Though the Bush administration has repeatedly emphasized its desire for democratization and regime change in Iran, there are serious questions regarding how it might try to bring this about. There is...
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Simon Tisdall
Iraq's Hall of Mirrors
Britain and US Are Maintaining Positive Illusions About The Situation In Iraq, But The Unvarnished Truth Is Less Comfortable.
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Wesley K. Clark & Kal Raustiala
Why Terrorists Aren't Soldiers
The line between soldier and civilian has long been central to the law of war. Today that line is being blurred in the struggle against transnational terrorists. Since 9/11 the Bush administration...
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John Nichols
Kucinich Helps the AFL-CIO Prove a Point
When the AFL-CIO organized a presidential debate at Chicago's Soldier Field, leaders of the labor federation quietly went out of their way to make sure that Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich would be...
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Max Blumenthal
'Kill Or Convert', Brought To You By the Pentagon
Actor Stephen Baldwin, the youngest member of the famous Baldwin brothers, is no longer playing Pauly Shore's sidekick in comedy masterpieces like Biodome . He has a much more serious calling these...
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Matthew Rothschild
Why Are Most Democratic Senators Hiding Even From Censure?
When the history of the Bush Administration is finally written, the date of August 6, 2007, should stand out. That was the day that a pair of identical resolutions were introduced in the Senate and...
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Robert Scheer
The Terror America Wrought
During a week of mayhem in Iraq, in which terrorists have rightly been condemned for targeting schoolchildren, it is sobering to recall that this week is also the 62nd anniversary of a U.S. attack...
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Amy Goodman
Radio For The People
Rupert Murdoch is looking like the cat that ate the canary with his successful takeover of Dow Jones & Co. and its flagship newspaper, The Wall Street Journal. Media conglomerates like Murdoch's...
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Tuesday, August 7, 2007
George H. Strauss
Tin Soldiers on Parade
A Navy fleet arrives on Memorial Weekend for its annual New York celebration, an event widely covered by the print and broadcast media with great enthusiasm. As the crew stands in crisp white...
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Burt Cohen
America Needs To Impeach
In a letter to constituents, Congressman Barney Frank argues against impeachment. As a fellow pragmatic progressive, it might appear to be the height of hubris for me to disagree with him, but I do...
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John Young
Dixie Chicks Get 'Checked Out'
Impossible To Rent & Difficult To Buy - 'Shut Up & Sing' At Last
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Pierre Tristam
Wordplay Props Up Racket In America's Health System
Socialized medicine. Say the words and you might as well be conjuring up the Ebola virus. Or terrorism. Or Dick Cheney. The words kill whatever chance there may be of having an intelligent...
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New York Times Editorial
The Fear of Fear Itself
It was appalling to watch over the last few days as Congress - now led by Democrats - caved in to yet another unnecessary and dangerous expansion of President Bush's powers, this time to spy on...
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Sean Gonsalves
None So Blind As The 'Colorblind'
Several years ago, I went to visit my grandfather at Mass General Hospital in Boston after he had bypass surgery. Thanks to my younger brother (a batboy for the Oakland A's at the time) I had some...
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Chris Edelson
The Vice President's Popularity Contest
"If I were in business to be popular, I suppose I'd be worried about my poll ratings and so forth. I'm not." Vice President Dick Cheney, on Larry King Live, 7/31/07.
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Dean Baker
Economy Goes From Bad to Worse
For most of this decade, progressive economists have said the economy was growing fine, but typical workers were not benefiting because income was being redistributed upward. We can no longer say...
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William D. Hartung
Myths of Mideast Arms Sales
The Bush administration's proposal to send $20 billion worth of arms and $43 billion in military aid to U.S. allies in the Middle East has been promoted by repeating a series of time-worn myths that...
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Carol Hamilton
A Christian Nation?
On August 6, 2007, the New York Times reported on an interesting dispute between the campaign of Sam Brownback and that of Mike Huckabee. According to Times reporter Sarah Wheaton, the following...
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Norman Solomon,
Let Us Now Praise an Infamous Woman -- and Our Own Possibilities
The problem with letting history judge is that so many officials get away with murder in the meantime -- while precious few choose to face protracted vilification for pursuing truth and peace.A grand...
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Arnie Patterson
Off To War... With Canada?
Could the United States and its neighbor Canada ever go to war? Never a likely prospect, and yet an a mounting conflict over the use of the North West Passage, lying in Canada's territorial waters,...
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Jeff Cohen
Keith Olbermann: Ask Hillary About. . .
Tonight, MSNBC will telecast a Democratic presidential forum sponsored by the AFL-CIO, with an expected audience of thousands of union members at Chicago's historic Soldier Field. Although questions...
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John Nichols
Bush to Karzai: Will You Just Shut Up Abour Iran!
Things got a little testy at the Camp David Summit between Afghan President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan and American President George Bush. Karzai, who when he is in the U.S. is expected to act as a...
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Senator Russ Feingold
Lessons Not Learned
Six years ago, in the aftermath of 9/11, Congress rammed through the USA PATRIOT Act with little consideration of what that bill actually contained. Five years ago, Congress authorized a reckless and...
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Cynthia Cooper
Media & Impeachment: Not For Discussion, Only For Derision
Ocean Beach in San Francisco was abuzz with 1,500 people who showed up to spell out a giant "Impeach Now" with their bodies on April 28, all in the home district of U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi...
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Col. Daniel Smith, U.S. Army (Ret.)
Why Saudi Arabia? Why Now?
The "headline-grabber" read: "U.S. Plans New Arms Sales to Gulf Allies." Nothing startling there. For decades the United States has routinely sold or transferred weapons and ammunition, sent military...
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Monday, August 6, 2007
Cenk Uygur
The Soft Underbelly of the Democratic Party
Here we go again. I was going to write a nice, fun piece about Matt Damon on a lovely Sunday afternoon when the Democrats went and ruined everything, as usual. From time to time, I am told that I am...
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Ron Forthofer
War is Collective Insanity
August 6th is a date that reminds us of a horrible chapter in human history. On this day 62 years ago, the U.S. launched atomic warfare when we dropped an atom bomb on Hiroshima, Japan almost...
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Kathy Kelly
She Stands At Every Door
At a small, informal school in the basement of a church in Amman, many strings of colorful paper cranes bedeck walls and windows. The school serves children whose families have fled Iraq. Older...
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Peter Wilk
Say No To New Nuclear Weapons
Today and Thursday, as we mark the anniversaries of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it is fitting that we take a moment out of our busy Maine summers to remember the hundreds of...
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Olga Bonfiglio
Hiroshima Remembered—and Forgotten
Keyoko was there during the bombing of Hiroshima on Monday, August 6, 1945. At 8:15 a.m. just before the glass of her house shattered into tiny pieces, her baby started screaming. Shards of glass...
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Thom Hartmann
Roll Back the Reagan Tax Cuts
Our bridges are falling apart (among other things), and its Ronald Reagan's fault. A few hours before the bridge collapsed in Minnesota, a news release landed (among hundreds) in my email inbox. It...
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Ralph Nader
Clean Up the Cruise Industry
The multi-billion dollar cruise line business, plying international waters alongside different national jurisdictions, has been playing a hide and seek game for years. Hiding the dumping of harmful...
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Caroline Arnold
Had Enough? It's In Our Hands: Tangle Their Feet
His supporters believed that Ronald Reagan planned to hasten the collapse of the Soviet Union by goading it to invest in military technology to circumvent our "Star Wars" missile interception system...
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Glenn Greenwald
The Strong and Tough Democrats
The Washington Post 's Fred Hiatt has spent the last several years demanding that Democrats show their Seriousness by capitulating to most Bush "terrorism" policies. He is the type of pundit about...
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Seattle Post-Intelligencer Editorial
Iraq War: We're all fed up
In a gesture that says more to Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and the Bush administration that a million suicide bomb attacks could, the Sunni bloc quit the Iraqi Cabinet on Wednesday. That...
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James Carroll
American Disconnection
As a child of 10 or 12, I could tell when the height of summer had arrived by the certain feeling that came over me. Even though I was part of a large, happy family, my main source of connectedness...
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Chris Hedges
Iraq: Beyond Disaster
The war in Iraq is about to get worse -- much worse. The Democrats' decision to let the war run its course, while they frantically wash their hands of responsibility, means that it will sputter and...
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John Nichols
An Overwhelming Vote for Waste, Earmarks and Corruption
In a Congress where it has become fashionable to gripe about earmarks of a few hundred thousand dollars to pay for small-town museums and urban parks - and, until last week, for construction and...
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Ira Chernus
The Real Debate About Iraq Is Between Real, Fake War Foes
The real debate about Iraq is just beginning to take shape. It's not about whether U.S. troops should begin to leave Iraq. A vast majority of Americans now agree on that point. Even at the White...
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Sunday, August 5, 2007
John Diaz
In Bush We Trust - Or Else
It doesn't require a subpoena of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales or a brave whistle-blower to find President Bush's latest affront to the U.S. Constitution. It's in plain view on the White House...
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The Progressive
War Going Horribly—for Iraqis
There's something of a whiff of racism in claiming that the Iraq War is not going too badly because American casualties have been marginally lower last month. On purpose or otherwise, this analysis...
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Frank Rich
Patriots Who Love the Troops to Death
GERALD FORD spoke the truth when he called Watergate "our long national nightmare," but even a nightmare can have its interludes of rib-splitting farce. None were zanier than the antics of Baruch...
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Cindy Sheehan
I'm Perturbed As Heck
"I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!" "I'm human, goddamnit, and my life counts!" Howard Beale, Network 1971 In Paddy Chaefsky's brilliant movie, Network , news anchor, Howard...
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Robert Freeman
Minneapolis Bridge Collapse Reveals Nation's Skewed Priorities
The bridge collapse in Minneapolis was a human tragedy and an engineering calamity. But it shouldn't surprise anybody. It is a case study of what happens when a nation gets its priorities wrong.Over...
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Tom Turnipseed
Transportation Terror in Our Own Backyard
As I watched the extensive TV coverage of the disastrous crash of an interstate highway bridge over the Mississippi in Minneapolis/St. Paul while recuperating from a total hip joint replacement, I...
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Saturday, August 4, 2007
Terence Samuel
Bernie Sanders' Tussle With Nussle
If Jim Nussle wants to be director of the Office of Management and Budget, he is going to have to get around Bernie Sanders, who announced yesterday that he will put a hold on Nussle's nomination to...
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Carolyn Bninski
Stop the War, Amplified
I am writing in response to Clint Talbott's editorial on July 31, "Protest, amplified," which focused on my arrest at Congressman Mark Udall's office. There were two inaccuracies in the editorial...
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Matthew Rothschild
Bush's Executive Order on Lebanon Even Worse than the One on Iraq
George W. Bush is churning out executive orders and Presidential directives just as fast as Dick Cheney's lawyers can fill up yellow legal pads. The power that he is asserting-no, grabbing-with these...
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Glenn Greenwald
Democrats' Responsibility for Bush Radicalism
It is staggering, and truly disgusting, that even in August, 2007 -- almost six years removed from the 9/11 attacks and with the Bush presidency cemented as one of the weakest and most despised in...
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David Masciotra
Minneapolis Bridge Collapse: A Sign of Things to Come
The recent bridge collapse in Minneapolis is the latest in a series of ominous warnings of infrastructural meltdown and inadequate maintenance that will lead to more death and destruction in the...
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Cindy Sheehan
The Other War
I was sitting behind the stage at Union Square the other day when a young woman with a cameraman in tow approached me and asked me if she could ask me a "question." Seldom when I am approached to...
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Bruce Friedrich
Humane Meat? A Contradiction in Terms.
People have become increasingly aware that virtually all of the 10 billion land animals slaughtered in the U.S. each year for their meat, eggs and milk are terribly mistreated . In fact, routine...
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Bob Fitrakis / Harvey Wasserman
The Deepening Criminal Cover-Up of Ohio's Stolen 2004 Election
The illegal destruction of federally protected 2004 election materials by 56 of 88 Ohio counties has become a fraudulent "dog ate my homework" farce of absurd justifications and criminal coverups...
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Christopher Brauchli
Totalitarianism Revisited
I cannot ask of heaven success, even for my country, in a cause where she should be in the wrong. -John Quincy Adams, Letter to John Adams It is time I set the record straight. I applaud all George...
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Friday, August 3, 2007
Jonathan Steele
Good News From Baghdad At Last: The Oil Law Has Stalled
The panic and distraction of the security crisis should not be used as cover for handing Iraq's wealth to foreigners
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Nick Coleman
Public Anger Will Follow Our Sorrow
The cloud of dust above the Mississippi that rose after the Interstate 35W bridge collapsed Wednesday evening has dissipated. But there are other dark clouds still hanging over Minneapolis and...
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Dave Zirin
Even in Minnesota: When Domes Attack
Minneapolis-Saint Paul is the last place on earth I would have expected a "structurally deficient bridge" to collapse, but it happened. As sure as the levees broke in New Orleans, the bridge is no...
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Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr.
Race is the Tripwire for the Progressive Movement: John Conyers and Impeachment Part II
As a minister, an activist, and the president of a Hip Hop organization, I speak often on a number of issues. When I speak at anti-war rallies the audience is usually all White, when I speak at...
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David Michael Green
Conservatism Is Politics For Kindergartners
Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to worry our little heads over politics? Wouldn't it be lovely if we could just turn over control of all those vexing issues, including our health, welfare and...
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Olga Bonfiglio
August Alert
So, what's with August? Since George W. Bush became president, August has either been a month when terrible things happened or it has foreshadowed a precedent. Let's look at the evidence year by year...
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Walter Mondale
Cheney Overstepped The Bounds of His Office
The Washington Post's recent series on Dick Cheney's vice presidency certainly got my attention. Having held that office myself over a quarter-century ago, I have more than a passing interest in its...
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Matt Lewis & Adam Hughes
Bush's Budget Buster
The debate over Iraq has overshadowed an important, and bitter, budget fight brewing between Congress and the president, who has threatened to veto a host of modest, responsible congressional...
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Katrina Vanden Heuvel
When a Government Won't Own Up
Rescue and cleanup workers, who put their lives on the line in our nation's darkest hour, weren't given information about environmental risks and are now paying the price with financial hardship,...
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John Nichols
Representative Baldwin Joins Impeachment Call
U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin, D-Madison, wants to see the House impeach Vice President Dick Cheney. She also wants to investigate whether similar action should be taken against Attorney General Alberto...
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Rosa Brooks
Heroism and The Language of Fascism
'Everyone's a hero, everyone's a star," sings Jon Bon Jovi on his 2005 album, "Have a Nice Day." It's an insipid song, but a fitting anthem for what has become a thoroughly insipid age. Once upon a...
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Matthew Duss
Gasoline for the Fire
Like a gambling addict who has to keep betting more to cover his previous losses, the Bush administration's recently announced plan to provide some $65 billion worth of advanced weapons to Saudi...
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Thursday, August 2, 2007
Leila Fadel
Where Is The Bread
A reader wrote in criticizing me for writing about soccer and a National Anthem when OXFAM had released a report that chronicled the suffering of Iraqi people here, which has deteriorated since the U...
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Jan Resseger & Curtis Ramsey-Lucas
Let's Be Careful about the Reauthorization of the No Child Left Behind Act
Our serious and ongoing concerns about the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) cause us to ask our legislators in Congress not to rush through a quick fix but instead to take the time to reauthorize NCLB...
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Lou Dubose
High Crimes and Misdemeanors
ELIZABETH HOLTZMAN BEGINS HER dispassionate 2006 book, The Impeachment of George W. Bush , with an account of the House Judiciary Committee's July 27, 1974, vote to impeach Richard Nixon. She...
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Dexter J. Kamilewicz
A Dissenter In Search of Clarity
Todd Benoit's commentary , "Get in line, Cindy. An election is at stake" (BDN, July 28), is an interesting assessment of current political chicanery. In a country where Democrats and Republicans...
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Alan Nasser
The Threat of U.S. Fascism: An Historical Precedent
Perhaps the most alarming slice of twentieth-century U.S. history is virtually unknown to the general public, including most scholars of American history. One hopes that a recent BBC documentary...
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Norman Solomon,
Media Blitz for War: The Big Guns of August
This week the U.S. media establishment is mainlining another fix for the Iraq war: It isn't so bad after all, American military power could turn wrong into right, chronic misleaders now serve as...
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Matthew Yglesias
DC Elites Want You To Shush On Iraq
Be Afraid When The Same Centrist Consensus That Has a Lousy Track Record on The War Lashes Out At Partisans.
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