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Sunday, August 26, 2007
David Howard
The Elvira Arellano Endgame
On rare occasions humble acts of moral courage awaken our souls and reverberate through history. They touch us quietly and intimately, shed light, and profoundly inspire spiritual renewal: Rosa Parks...
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Saturday, August 25, 2007
Richard Jagels
In A Fog In Wonderland
Early morning I often see Penobscot river fog. In Maine we take fog as well as rain, snow and sleet for granted. But water-blessed natural surroundings are not universal - many parts of the globe...
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Robert Fisk
Spare Me The 'Ravers', But Even I Question The 'Truth' About 9/11
Each time I lecture abroad on the Middle East, there is always someone in the audience - just one - whom I call the "raver". Apologies here to all the men and women who come to my talks with bright...
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William D. Hartung
Exporting Instability
Under the guise of promoting a "security dialogue" in the Persian Gulf, the Bush Administration has proposed $63 billion in arms transfers to the Middle East over the next ten years. As is so often...
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A Seattle PI Editorial
Plan B: The Fight Goes On
It's been a year since Plan B contraception (sometimes referred to as "the morning after pill") became available over the counter, much to the relief of American women. Sales of the pill are "booming...
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Dan Smith
Of Secrecy and Sex in Washington
If it's August, there must be something the White House is trying to slip by the Congress and the public. The patterns were there long before the Bush administration was a jot - let alone a tittle -...
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Robert Naiman
The 'Credible' Human Toll of War
Another Iraq-Vietnam Link: Many Killed By US War
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Christopher Brauchli
Specially Designated Terrorist Organization and Us
Big brother is watching you. - George Orwell, 1984 It's not like they did it on purpose. It was just a mistake and then a bunch of soreheads go and make a big deal out of it. The soreheads are Al-...
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Ralph Nader
Contracts Online Now!
Several weeks ago, I joined with Grover Norquist, President, Americans for Tax Reform in urging state governors to emulate and go beyond the advances in bringing more openness to governmental...
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Marjorie Cohn
Turning Iraq Into Vietnam
Desperate to shore up support for continuing his unpopular war on Iraq, George W. Bush drew an analogy with Vietnam when he addressed the Veterans of Foreign Wars. "The price of America's withdrawal...
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Friday, August 24, 2007
David Michael Green
History Is The Last Refuge of Scoundrels
We'll never know whether Germanicus, the highly accomplished Roman general, was mortified by the actions of his spawn, the insane and insanely destructive emperor Caligula. Or whether he was even...
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Nadia Connors
The 11th Hour: Something To Talk About
I just got back from a conversation after a sold-out screening of our film at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood. It's 11p.m. A Wednesday. Amazing. People came out to see the film and it was a packed...
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Steve Chapman
U.S. Cuba Policy Not Improved Under Democrats
"Experience keeps a dear school," said Benjamin Franklin, "but fools will learn in no other." But if someone who will learn only from painful experience is a fool, what do you call someone who won't...
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Cesar Chelala
The Unending Humanitarian Nightmare
In August 2002, Brent Scowcroft, national security adviser under Presidents Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush, wrote a prescient article in The Wall Street Journal warning of the dire consequences of...
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Joel Stein
No Thanks, and Keep Your Farm Aid
Taking a stand against U.S. subsidies that help cripple Third World economies
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Jesse Singal
A New Group with an Old Message on the War
An organization set up to advocate for our continued involvement in Iraq doubles down on a failed PR strategy in the hopes of regaining the support of moderate Republican voters -- and smoothing the path for a pro-war presidential candidate.
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Rosa Brooks
Bush's Next Invasion: Vietnam?
Following the president's logic, our best move is to repeat a huge mistake.
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Bernie Sanders
Fox Attacks: Iran
"Fox Attacks: Iran" is a bold effort to provide Americans with a different view of our policy toward Iran than the one Fox News keeps pushing on us. While Fox beats the drums for war, Robert...
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Rebecca Adamson and Scott Klinger
Hope in the Eye of the Storm
Hurricane Dean, the third most powerful tropical storm to transverse the Gulf of Mexico, raced across the Caribbean last week, taking aim at the Yucatan Peninsula. Mexican officials pulled carefully...
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Jeffrey Buchanan & Chris Kromm
Where Did the Katrina Money Go?
Two years after the storms, most hurricane rebuilding funds have yet to be spent-much less reached those in need.
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Naomi Klein
Big Brother Democracy: The Security State As Infotainment
Recently, as protesters gathered outside the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) summit in Montebello, Quebec, to confront US President George W. Bush, Mexican President Felipe Calderón and...
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Pierre Tristam
Absolution As Accountability
It's a literary genre all its own that will take its place among the few original contributions of the Bush administration: the Official Report analyzing failures and ascribing blame for one scandal...
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Tom Gallagher
Protest the War in September, and October, and ...
The remark of a friend with an abiding interest in the Holocaust was still ringing in my ears as I attended my first meeting of the San Francisco chapter of Iraq Moratorium. She had recently said...
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John W. Dean
Will A Dark Cloud Follow Karl Rove Back To Texas?: Congress Is Still Investigating Serious Criminal Abuses of Executive Powers
When Congress returns from its summer recess, it will again turn its investigative powers on questions regarding the Bush Administration's politicalization of operations in the Executive Branch that...
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Sally Kohn
Blood Coal, Not 'Clean Coal'
It shouldn't go unnoticed that today, while the tragic aftermath of the mine collapse in Utah continues to unfold, the Bush Administration is unveiling new regulations making it easier for companies...
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Thursday, August 23, 2007
Elizabeth Sullivan
Rein in the Political Yes Men, Yes Women and Yes Generals
Leave aside for a moment that Congress had to order the CIA to make public its 2-year-old insider report on sweeping leadership failures. The gist of the report -- whose specific findings on George...
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Arianna Huffington
The Deeper Danger of Crandall Canyon
Before the hordes of reporters move on from the Crandall Canyon Mine disaster, taking the nation's attention with them, we should seize the opportunity to turn this tragedy into a teachable moment...
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Molly Larson Cook
Miners Still Descend and Die in the Dark Heart of the Earth
As I wait through the latest U.S. coal-mine disaster - six men trapped below the earth in Utah, now made worse with the deaths of three rescue workers - I listen to the radio reports, watch the...
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Paul Rieckhoff
President Bush to Our Veterans: Iraq is Like Vietnam
Today, President Bush addressed the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention in Kansas City. Instead of taking the opportunity to discuss the urgent issues that are facing veterans today, the...
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Seumas Milne
How Can This Bloody Failure Be Regarded as a Good War?
The Western Occupation of Afghanistan Has Brought Neither Peace Nor Development - and It Fuels The Terror Threat
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Marie Cocco
Only Little People Pay Taxes
It's odd, this urge I have to mark the passing of Leona Helmsley. The diva of a hotel empire whose abrasive arrogance was given a full public airing during her tabloid-terrific trial on tax-evasion...
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Kathy Kelly
We Shouldn't Be Causing This
Here in Amman, Jordan, a British teenager, Sonia, age 12, recently spent four days interviewing and befriending Iraqi youngsters close to her in age. She wanted to learn, firsthand, about the...
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Robert Fisk
The Iraqis Don't Deserve Us. So We Betray Them...
Always, we have betrayed them. We backed "Flossy" in Yemen. The French backed their local "harkis" in Algeria; then the FLN victory forced them to swallow their own French military medals before...
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Matthew Yglesias
Don't Know Much About History
Why is George Bush suddenly making parallels between Iraq and Vietnam? Because he's preparing to shift the blame for another disaster.
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Ira Chernus
The Forgotten Vietnam - Iraq Parallel
There used to be one word in the White House speechwriting shop that was absolutely taboo: Vietnam. The president was not even allowed to say it in a whisper. Now, in a daring reversal, the White...
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Bruce Fein
The Heart of Queens
Can Nancy Pelosi single-handedly take impeachment off the table?
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Matthew Rothschild
Bush Rewrites History of Vietnam War
You can tell Bush is really getting desperate because now he himself is bringing up the Vietnam War. But instead of recognizing it for what it was-a reckless imperial overreach, just like his own...
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John Nichols
Bush Versus I.F. Stone... and Eisenhower
Something tells me that President Bush did not write the speech he gave today to the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in Kansas City. For one thing, it was relatively coherent. For another thing,...
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Juan Cole
Pitching the Imperial Republic
Bonaparte and Bush on Deck
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Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Charles A. Stevenson
The Power to End War
The debate over whether and how to end the war in Iraq has been muddied by legal disputes over which branch of the federal government has the power to do what. Supporters of a strong presidency can...
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Paul Waldman
The Utter Uselessness of the Petraeus Report
If you think the White House-penned report on Iraq will be anything other than a validation of "the surge" and the Bush administration's larger strategy, you haven't been paying attention.
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Floyd J. McKay
By All Means, Prioritize
President George W. Bush was half right when he rejected a proposed gasoline-tax increase to fix the nation's stressed highway bridges. "Before we raise taxes, which could affect economic growth, I...
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Ruben Navarrette Jr.
Don't Discount Candidates Too Soon
Long-shot presidential hopefuls may not get elected, but they do tend to grow on you - especially when they're being marginalized, insulted and picked on by everyone else. With the first primaries...
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Sidney Blumenthal
Fantasy Island
Karl Rove calls himself Moby Dick. One speechwriter sees himself as St. Francis. Another sees him as Iago. All regard Bush as Abraham Lincoln. In Washington, reality is a myth.
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Michael Stulman
The Flawed ABCs of PEPFAR
Several months ago, President George W. Bush called on Congress to reauthorize funding for the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). The request was to double current funding levels to...
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Pat LaMarche
Dropout of Math, Science Study a Mistake
Have you seen "Shrek"? It's the Dreamworks animated movie that won a whole slug of awards - including an Oscar - in 2001. And I'm not asking just because I'm a political columnist that regularly...
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Ray McGovern
Bush League War Drums Beating Louder on Iran
It is as though I'm back as an analyst at the CIA, trying to estimate the chances of an attack on Iran. The putative attacker, though, happens to be our own president. It is precisely the kind of...
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William Willers
Voluntary 'Carbon Offsetting' as Strategy for Privatizing America's Public Lands
Concern about catastrophes related to global warming has generated a scheme for "carbon offsetting" in which citizens are encouraged to compensate for personal CO2 (greenhouse gas) production by...
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Olga Bonfiglio
Confessions of a Practicing Catholic
After reading Christopher Hitchens' latest book, God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything, I'm almost ready to throw in the towel on my Catholic faith. Given the recent scandals and papal...
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Scott Ritter
Why Cheney Really Is That Bad
Karl Rove, interchangeably known as "Boy Genius" or "Turd Blossom," has left the White House. The press conference announcing his decision to resign has been given front-page treatment by most major...
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Robert Scheer
The Real Iraq Progress Report
The parade of political tourists to Iraq in recent weeks, during which easily impressed pundits and members of Congress came to be dazzled by the wonders of the troop surge, probably ensures that...
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Norman Solomon
Let's Face It: The Warfare State Is Part of Us
The USA's military spending is now close to $2 billion a day. This fall, the country will begin its seventh year of continuous war, with no end in sight. On the horizon is the very real threat of a...
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Sally Kohn
'My Super Sweet 16' and Everything That's Wrong with America
Have you seen this show? It's like a great big warning sign about the level that inequality has reached in America today. The show reveals super-rich kids as they put on 16th birthday parties of...
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Tuesday, August 21, 2007
Dan DeWalt
History Doesn't Impeach, But It Will Judge
One of the more ridiculous utterances coming from the mouths of Democrats who refuse to defend the Constitution and hold the Bush administration accountable is that "History will impeach George Bush...
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Kenny Ausubel
The 11th Hour: The Climate Is Changing...
When The New York Times graces the environmentally themed documentary The 11th Hour with what amounts to a rave review, you know the climate is changing, in more ways than one. (Don't get me wrong, I...
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Michael Winship
Notes from the Underground: Coal Mining Profits Before Safety
In late August 1963, I was an irksome adolescent on a brief, summer's end vacation to Toronto with my parents, brothers and sister. After a hard day's sightseeing, I remember lying across a bed in...
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John Stauber
Iraq: The 'Gift' That Keeps On Bleeding
Shortly after the November 2006 election the Democracy Alliance, an exclusive group of about 100 Democratic Party millionaire activists, met in Miami, Florida. Members and their guests heard their...
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Barbara Ehrenreich
Smashing Capitalism
Somewhere in the Hamptons a high-roller is cursing his cleaning lady and shaking his fists at the lawn guys. The American poor, who are usually tactful enough to remain invisible to the multi-...
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Alan Snitow and Deborah Kaufman
Taking Back Our Water
Today’s rage is the privatization of our highways, energy systems and even our water supplies in order to balance the government books. But as Stockton, Calif., learned, some things are better left in the public domain.
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Paul Rogat Loeb
Gates Foundation Should Invest Its Money Where Its Heart Is
Given the magnitude of the global crises we face, we'd hope the key nonprofits trying to address them would use every appropriate tool to maximize their impact. Yet, Seattle's own Bill & Melinda...
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Kathy Hirsh-Pasek and Roberta Golinkoff
Five Problems with No Child Left Behind
If Congress would do what we did at a recent brain and learning conference in Boston - ask 50 teachers from 25 states if the No Child Left Behind Act is working - it would not reauthorize the act in...
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Richard Sennett and Saskia Sassen
The War on Shapeless Terror
There seems to be no rational basis for the arrest of a group of German sociologists, and the case highlights the fragility of our civil liberties.
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Jared Genser
Gordon Brown's Strange Silence on Burma
One would hope that his admiration for Suu Kyi would be accompanied by tangible support.
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Sergio Salinas
Fair Trade Movement Under Threat
The battle over U.S. trade policy reached a fever pitch this year. Fair trade advocates applauded the demise of fast track, which allows Congress to approve or reject, but not to amend, trade...
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Linda McQuaig
Is Water on the Table at Montebello?
One thing we can be pretty sure won't be announced when Stephen Harper, George Bush and Mexican president Felipe Calderon emerge from their summit in Montebello, Que., later today is a plan to divert...
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John Laforge
There's Still No Clarity on Toxic Waste Dump in Lake Superior
Half a century after barrels were dumped at 16 or more sites, we're waiting for answers about safety and accountability.
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George Monbiot
Beneath Heathrow's Pall of Misery, a New Political Movement Is Born
It was not flawless, but the climate camp was still the most democratic and best organised protest I've witnessed.
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Cristina Page
The Quiet Campaign Against Birth Control
At National Right to Life's conference this year, Mitt Romney set out to convince anti-abortion leaders he was their candidate. At the podium, he rattled off his qualifications. To a layman's ears,...
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Monday, August 20, 2007
Joseph Gerson
Clinton and Obama: Wed to Nuclear Terrorism
I was in Hiroshima, participating in the World Conference against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs, when the latest barrage of nuclear madness flailed out from the U.S. presidential campaign trail. Almost...
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Dean Baker
Save Subprime Borrowers, Not Bloated Bankers
There is a simple and direct way in which the federal government can help out millions of moderate income families struggling to keep their homes. They can simply change the rules on foreclosure to...
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Linda Tyssen
Casualty of War
'When he come back from Iraq, Noah wasn't Noah no more'
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Chris Hedges,
Starving Gaza
Gaza has become the Sarajevo of the Middle East. Israel, in an action similar to that of the Serbs in Bosnia, has surrounded and cut off nearly a million and a half Palestinians in the Gaza Strip...
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Tom Engelhardt
How Super Was Our Power Anyway?
Pick up the paper any day and you'll find tiny straws in the wind (or headlines inside the fold) reflecting the seeping away of American power. The President of the planet's "sole superpower" and his...
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Gary Younge
Bush Is Now the Embarrassing Uncle the Republicans Just Can't Hide
With the departure of Karl Rove, the stench of failure hangs over the president - and his party wants to ignore the smell
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Karin Klein
Pencils, Pens, Meds
Back-to-school season is in full swing. Time to pick out a backpack, sneakers and a stimulant medication for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Nearly 2 million children in the United States...
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Johan Hari
Why We Should All Start Shouting about Airport Expansion
The press coverage has howled about "bomb plots" and "anarchists" and "eco-fundamentalists" - so as they watched the Heathrow protest against Weather of Mass Destruction erupt this weekend, many...
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James Carroll
Questions for Hillary Clinton
The largest surprise in Senator Hillary Clinton's campaign for president, so far, is her success in establishing herself as a viable commander-in-chief.
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Dilip Hiro
The Sole Superpower in Decline: The Rise of a Multipolar World
With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the United States stood tall -- militarily invincible, economically unrivalled, diplomatically uncontestable, and the dominating force on information...
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Harvey Wasserman
'Nuke Nuggets' Glow for the Senate's Radioactive Rip-off
Gargantuan loan guarantees for a "new generation" of nuke reactors define the Senate's version of the Energy Bill that Congress will consider right after Labor Day. Its backers say the $50 billion-...
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Salim Lone
A Dangerous Acquiescence
Once again, UN staff are being sent to Iraq in order to provide cover for predetermined US policy.
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Sunday, August 19, 2007
Randeep Ramesh
The Cost of the Bomb
After the hoopla of 60th birthday celebrations, the bubbly tastes a trifle flat in New Delhi. Instead of cheer, the Indian prime minister, Manmohan Singh, finds himself duffed up by the left and the...
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Harold Meyerson
The President's Brain is Missing
Karl Rove, who announced his resignation last week as President George Bush's political and domestic policy consigliere, was always a man on a mission: he wanted to be the man who engineered a...
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Paul Sheehan
Eerie Saga of the Vanishing Bees
Almost everyone loves bees. And everyone needs bees. They are not merely picturesque. When bees began to disappear from the landscape - and in America and Europe they are disappearing in their...
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Seven U.S. Soldiers Speak
The Iraq War As We See It
Viewed from Iraq at the tail end of a 15-month deployment, the political debate in Washington is surreal. Counterinsurgency is, by definition, a competition between insurgents and counterinsurgents...
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Frank Rich
He Got Out While the Getting Was Good
Back in those heady days of late summer 2002, Andrew Card, then the president's chief of staff, told The New York Times why the much-anticipated push for war in Iraq hadn't yet arrived."You don't...
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Derrick Z. Jackson
When Ignorance Isn't Bliss
Newsweek recently detailed how ExxonMobil, the oil lobby, and other earth-plundering apologists spend millions of dollars to keep us ignorant on global warming. Time reported that in the rebuilding...
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Sky Snoops: We Should Have Seen this Coming
Should have seen this one coming. Once the federal government had rationalized its authority to violate the privacy of Americans by tapping their phones, reading their e-mail, surveying their library...
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Gina Shaffer
Acting Up for Peace: Activists and Artists Challenge War and Worldwide Militarism
"When... at what point will you say no to this war? We have chosen to say with the gift of our liberty, if necessary our lives: the violence stops here, the death stops here, the suppression of the...
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Dave Zirin
Dangerous Sport: What Texas Won't Let Kenneth Foster Read
Who knew sports history could strike fear in the most fearsome prison system in the United States? But what other explanation could there be for the fact that the history of "America's Pastime" is...
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Saturday, August 18, 2007
Robert Fisk
Looking Back at Lebanon
The conflict in Lebanon ended a year ago this week. Robert Fisk reflects on the human misery and destruction inflicted on the country - and on how lucky he is to be alive after more than 30 years of...
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Meghan Daum
Death by Numbers
We're obssessed with plane crashes and bridge collapses, yet we pay little attention to the stuff that kills the rest of us.
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Johnathon S. Ross
Tax-Financed Health Care Offers More Value
Shame on all of us, especially those of us in positions of public trust. Forty-five million of our friends, family, and neighbors, including 1.3 million Ohioans, have no health-care coverage at all...
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Tom Turnipseed
War Profiteering Corruption from Lexington County to the White House
A businesswoman in my home county of Lexington, South Carolina, pleaded guilty on August 16, 2007 to defrauding U.S. taxpayers of $20.5 million in shipping costs for Pentagon supplies.
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Ralph Nader
Corporate Capitalists: Government Comes to the Rescue
The corporate capitalists' knees are shaking a bit. Their manipulation of the sub-prime housing market has led to a spreading credit crunch and liquidity crisis. So it is time for them to call on...
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Sean Gonsalves
'It Gets Lonely Sometimes'
Some readers just don't want to hear it from me - writing about the myths of World War II. Maybe they'll feel better if it's coming from Edward W. Wood Jr., a guy who was awarded the Combat...
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Christopher Brauchli
The Dodo Never Had a Chance
The dodo never had a chance. He seems to have been invented for the sole purpose of becoming extinct and that was all he was good for. - Will Cuppy, How to Become Extinct George Bush is busy...
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Marney White
Legalized Loan Sharking:
The Sleeper Issue of 2008
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Friday, August 17, 2007
Michael T. Klare
Entering the Tough Oil Era: The New Energy Pessimism
When "peak oil" theory was first widely publicized in such path breaking books as Kenneth Deffeyes' Hubbert's Peak (2001), Richard Heinberg's The Party's Over (2002), David Goodstein's Out of Gas (...
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Joe DeVoir
Domination: Traveling through the West Bank
Throughout history there has been a misconception concerning the true nature and influence of power. Many of us recognize correctly that power comes from strength, but where we fail to capture it is...
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New York Times Editorial
The Padilla Conviction
It is hard to disagree with the jury's guilty verdict against Jose Padilla, the accused, but never formally charged, dirty bomber. But it would be a mistake to see it as a vindication for the Bush...
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