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Friday, March 30, 2007
New York Times Editorial
Story Time in the Senate
In his Senate testimony yesterday, Kyle Sampson, the former chief of staff to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, tried to be a "loyal Bushie," a term Mr. Sampson used in his infamous e-mail message...
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David Sirota
Windows Into Populism's Rise
A rule of thumb for understanding American politics: The federal government only reacts to popular will when the upper-middle professional class starts making noise. Everyone else's voice falls on...
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Thursday, March 29, 2007
Sarah Olson
Opposition to the War Growing Among Troops
"I joined the Army to go to war, and now I'm fighting to get out," says Pfc. Ryan Follan, laughing nervously. He quickly becomes serious. "Some of the causes are good, but I don't think the war is...
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Gwynne Dyer
Better That Iranians Didn't Go After Yanks
A Similar Attack on Americans Could Have Led to Casualties and an Excuse For Bush to Bomb Iran.
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Marie Cocco
No Longer Bush's War But The GOP's
From its inception, the Iraq War has been President Bush's signature project. It was conceived by a small band of neoconservatives who had on their side the vice president's robust agreement and...
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Garrison Keillor
The Day Mr. Bush Left The White House For a Stroll in The Park
The Current Occupant decided to go for a walk one fine spring morning, and he strolled down the White House drive to the main gate and chatted with the cops in the guardhouse and then strolled down...
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William Greider
Message To The Man In The Bunker
Take a deep breath. The nation has arrived at an extraordinary political moment. The Congress is about to instruct the President he should withdraw from the ongoing war. Yes, I know the fine print in...
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Liza Featherstone
Buddying Up To Walmart
Last week, in a remarkable interview with the American Prospect magazine's Ezra Klein, SEIU president Andy Stern, normally one of the more articulate leaders of the American labor movement, was...
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Matthew Rothschild
Bush Plays Superhero in Iraq
B ush just raised the stakes again in Iraq. In his defiant speech Wednesday morning, he cast the battle in Iraq in the starkest terms yet. It's a battle, he said, against "pure evil." Bush now says...
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Liliana Segura
Prosecutors and the Death Penalty
As the scandal over the US Attorney purge intensifies, each day brings stark revelations. From intimidating phone calls made to prosecutors' homes to incriminating e-mails from the office of former...
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ELizabeth Sullivan
Putting Out Fires Again in Tal Afar
A year ago, President Bush lauded the city of Tal Afar in his City Club speech in Cleveland as a "concrete example of progress in Iraq." He described how U.S. troops, operating with Iraqi forces, had...
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Tara McKelvey
'We Were Torturing People For No Reason'
Tony Lagouranis is a 37-year-old bouncer at a bar in Chicago's Humboldt Park. He is also a former torturer. That was how he was described in an e-mail promoting a panel discussion, "24: Torture...
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Katherine Pryor
New Voices For A New War
The war in Iraq is four years old, and I finally live in a city as outraged as I am. I sent out a mass e-mail asking friends to join me at the anti-war demonstration in downtown Seattle. When no one...
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Jospeh D. Rich
Bush's Long History of Tilting Justice
The Administration Began Skewing Federal Law Enforcement Before the Current U.S. Attorney Scandal, Says a Former Department of Justice Lawyer.
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L.J. Williamson
Let Kids Outdoors
Crime is Down, But Parents Shelter Their Children As If There's a Child Predator On Every Corner.
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Jay Bookman
Will Congress Finally Dare To Tell Bush No?
For more than four years, President Bush has controlled every aspect of the war in Iraq. For more than four years, a docile Congress has given the president every penny he has sought to fight the so-...
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Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Theo Stein
This Is How The Train Goes Completely Off The Tracks
Good news: U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has pledged to get to the bottom of the ruckus over the firing of well-regarded Republican U.S. Attorneys who may or may not have been canned for...
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Tehran, Iran Heather Wokusch
Easter Surprise: Attack on Iran, New 9/11 -- or Worse
"There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again." — George W. Bush,...
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Dean Baker
Thailand Takes the Lead in Promoting Free Trade
Thailand's government has taken the unusual step of challenging one of the world's most powerful industries in order to better the health of its population. Thailand's government issued compulsory...
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Milton Viorst
Richard Nixon's Mideast Blunder
What Might Have Been if Nixon Had Supported His Secretary of State's Efforts to Secure Israel-Palestine Peace?
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Mary Beth Sullivan
Conversion for Survival
In the words of the great economist and engineer Seymour Melman, we live in a "permanent war economy." Since the end of World War II, the federal government has spent more than half its tax dollars...
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Dave Lindorff
Impeachment, Like Spring, is in the Air
It's time for impeachment to come out of the deep freeze. For a year now, Democratic leaders like Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL), Rep. Nancy Pelosi D-CA), Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) and DNC head Howard Dean...
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David Michael Green
Torture Her!
So Monica Goodling doesn't want to answer questions on Capitol Hill, eh? This top official in the Justice Department, who serves as its liaison to the White House, is now refusing to answer any...
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David Corn
The Cunningham Scandal: A White House Link?
It's a cliche: what a difference a Democratic congressional majority makes. The US attorney scandal, Walter Reed, the suppression of global warming data, the FBI's misuse of national security letters...
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Bryan Farrell
Hooked On Weapons: Unfortunately It's Us
Vice President Dick Cheney has said it would be "a serious mistake if a nation such as Iran were allowed to become a nuclear power." He did not enumerate the reasons, but a logical person would...
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Amy Goodman
American Kangaroo Court Claims Its First Victim
It is appropriate that a person from Australia, home of the kangaroo, should be the first one dragged before the kangaroo court at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay. David Hicks, imprisoned there...
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Robert Scheer
Pentagon Cowers Behind Wordplay
C'MON! The Pentagon's inspector general concludes that nine top officers were involved in the cover-up of NFL football star Cpl. Pat Tillman's "friendly fire" death, yet insists that this apparent...
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David Case
Iraq Needs Educated Who Flee Terror
SAN FRANCISCO -- CONSIDERING the persistent bad news from Iraq, it's hard to imagine that adding a mere 21,500 troops will bring security. But even if it does, the surge is only a small step toward...
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Matthew Rothschild
Iran Plays Into Bush's Hand
T his is how wars often start. With little provocations that escalate out of control. When Tehran seized 15 British sailors on Friday for allegedly being in Iranian waters, George Bush and Dick...
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Peter Rothberg
Exxon's Shame
Alaskan wood carver Mike Webber unveiled his "Shame Pole" this past Friday in Cordova to mark the 18th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill , which devastated the area and ruined lucrative...
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Mark Morford
When Liberals Rule The World
Stats Say The GOP is Dying. But Red-Staters Are Breeding Like Drunken Ferrets. Who Wins?
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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Michael Winship
A False Sense of Security
A couple of weeks ago, I was awakened just a little before three in the morning by flashing lights bouncing off the walls of my bedroom. It wasn't the usual time for my weekly alien abduction, so,...
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Sam Provance
The American Ghosts of Abu Ghraib
Editor's Note: Former Army Sgt. Sam Provance was one of the heroes of the Abu Ghraib scandal, the only uniformed military intelligence officer at the Iraqi prison to testify about the abuses during...
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Jesse Jackson
Young African-American Boys Are In Crisis - And Nation Is Silent
Dr. James A. Williams is on a mission. "We have a crisis in this country," he says, "and no one is talking sense about it." Williams is not a rebel. He is the superintendent of the Buffalo Public...
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Laura Flanders
No Special Rights
Nonbinding this and that, deadline lah-di-dah, Bush/Cheney are going to ignore the mandate of the midterm elections and every pressure from Congress on Iraq, because Bush/Cheney know their opponents...
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Harvey Wasserman
Can Al Gore Get Us to Solartopia?
Al Gore has leapt to center stage with well-founded concerns about global warming. He has been gratefully successful in publicizing the fact that there is a virtual library of irrefutable evidence...
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Stewart Acuff
Health Care and the Freedom to Form Unions
The following is based on remarks offered at the Health Care Industry Conference in Chicago on March 21, 2007. The U.S. health care system is in deep crisis. The number of Americans without health...
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The Corporate Crime Reporter
The Corporate Crime of Selling Private Health Insurance
In most of the world, it is a corporate crime to sell private health insurance.That's because most countries insure their citizens as a matter of right. Private insurers dilute the public pool. One...
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Thom Hartmann
James Madison - "Impeach Bush Over Purgegate!"
According to James Madison, the "Father of the Constitution," if a President were to order or allow the "wanton removal of meritorious officers" such as US attorneys, such an action "would subject...
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Mia Farrow
Divesting From Sudan:
Get Massachusetts Money Out of Sudan
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George Monbiot
If We Want To Save The Planet, We Need a Five-Year Freeze on Biofuels
It used to be a matter of good intentions gone awry. Now it is plain fraud. The governments using biofuel to tackle global warming know that it causes more harm than good. But they plough on...
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John Nichols
Getting Serious About the "I" Word
Former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough had me on his MSNBC show tonight to talk about impeachment. It was smart, civil discussion that treated the prospect of impeaching the president as a...
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Pierre Tristam
Past Due: Constructive National Self-Examination
Thanks to the conservative resurgence that began with Ronald Reagan in 1980, the 1960s took a severe and mostly undeserved beating. It was supposedly the decade when the country began "slouching...
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Monday, March 26, 2007
Ramzy Baroud
The Arab Peace Initiative and the Changing Middle East
The rapid, almost hasty, developments on the Arab Israeli front, almost immediately following the Saudi sponsored Makkah Agreement on February 2, should be examined in their proper context, as a part...
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Dave Lindorff
Why Dick and Nancy Will Never be President via Impeachment
One argument I hear over and over when I talk about the need to impeach President Bush for high crimes against the Constitution is that it can never happen because "then we'd have Dick Cheney for...
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Tom Engelhardt
Demobilizing America
Outsourcing Action in an Imperial World
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Neal Peirce
Challenge Created On The Homefront
WASHINGTON — Love, social equity and shelter. With those ideals, the Rev. Jim Dickerson in 1982 founded Manna Inc. to provide housing for people in crime-ravaged, sometimes burned-out neighborhoods...
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Bob Edgar
Ending Debt Slavery
Last week marked the 200th anniversary of the end of the transatlantic slave trade. Two centuries later, it is clear that one of history's most towering evils, the enslavement of human beings, came...
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Beth Quinn
666 Days Left For The Devil Down In DC
It's time for another party. Last time we got together for a drink, we were celebrating a milestone — we'd broken a thousand days left in the Bush administration. It was the 999 party. That was last...
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Carol Rose and Christopher Ott
Inhumane Raid Was Just One of Many
If the chaotic immigration raid in New Bedford earlier this month troubled you, we have news: Immigration and Customs Enforcement, also known as ICE, is just getting warmed up. We know this because...
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James Carroll
Americans Face A Moral Reckoning
YOU HAVE been reading "The Sorrow of War" by Bao Ninh, the classic account of what in Vietnam is called the American war. The title of Bao Ninh's novel captures the feeling of grief and loss that...
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Harold Meyerson
Did God Create Them -- Male and Female and Gay?
Science is stealing up on America's religious fundamentalists, causing much alarm. Consider the dilemma of the Rev. R.
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Paul Krugman
Emerging Republican Minority
Remember how the 2004 election was supposed to have demonstrated, once and for all, that conservatism was the future of American politics? I do: early in 2005, some colleagues in the news media urged...
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Tom Stoppard
We Must Speak Up For The Dead and Dispossessed in An Epidemic of Rage
If not now, when? If not we, who? News of murder, rape, arson and dispossession in Darfur has been coming in for something like four years, stopping and starting and stuttering, scaling up into...
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Sunday, March 25, 2007
Arundhati Roy
On India's Growing Violence: 'It's Outright War and Both Sides are Choosing Their Weapons'
The following is an interview with Arundhati Roy, conducted by Shoma Chaudhury of Tehelka. There is an atmosphere of growing violence across the country. How do you read the signs? In what context...
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Nicholas von Hoffman
Al Gore, Global Statesman
Al Gore is not one of those Power Point politicians whose standard spiel is to pledge to carry on: • The war against cancer • The war against terrorism •The war against sexual...
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Jeffrey Chester
The War Against Google
Fearful of the growing dominance of Google , some of the country's most powerful media companies are seeking to rein in the digital giant. Viacom's $1 billion copyright infringement lawsuit against...
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Roger Doiron
The 100-Foot Diet
I started preparing a large pot of potato leek soup this morning. If all goes according to plan, the soup should be done simmering by late September. No, there's no problem with my stovetop or my...
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Pat Elder
Counter-Recruitment Deserves Higher Priority on the Peace Agenda
The mainstream peace and justice movement is beginning to see that countering military recruitment deserves a higher priority and should be viewed in strategic, rather than tactical terms. Resisting...
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The President's Prison
George Bush does not want to be rescued. The president has been told countless times, by a secretary of state, by members of Congress, by heads of friendly governments — and by the American public —...
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Barry M. Lando
Brits in the Gulf: Playing with Fire
The seizure of 15 British naval troops in the Persian Gulf by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Navy has Washington hawks all aflutter. Anything these days could be a pretext to launch their much...
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David Caploe
It's Not About the Troops - Either Way
Perhaps the most unremarked-upon aspect of the much-noted fourth anniversary of the Iraq debacle is the deeply confused way Americans talk about it. Most egregious is the constant refrain from all...
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Leonard Pitts
The Administration Thinks You're Stupid
Hard to believe, but they're at it again.
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Jonathan Chait
Why the Right Goes Nuclear Over Global Warming
LAST YEAR, the National Journal asked a group of Republican senators and House members: "Do you think it's been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the Earth is warming because of man-made problems...
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Saturday, March 24, 2007
Mark Morford
Is Your Fetus A Republican?
O h right, like you don't want to play God. Maybe it's time to blow it all out of the water. Maybe it's time to say, You know what? All this chatter and yammering and cute brow-furrowed quasi-...
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Matthew Rothschild
Gonzales Lied Before, to Congress
I t turns out that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales lied to reporters on March 13 about the scandal over the fired prosecutors. At that time, Gonzales said he "was not involved in any discussions...
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Howard Zinn
Are We Politicians or Citizens?
As I write this, Congress is debating timetables for withdrawal from Iraq. In response to the Bush Administration's "surge" of troops, and the Republicans' refusal to limit our occupation, the...
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Günter Grass, Harold Pinter, et al.
Darfur: A Letter From Europe's Leading Writers
On The Fiftieth Anniversary of the EU, A Call To Action
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Arianna Huffington
The War on Drugs' War on Minorities
Democratic presidential candidates crave the Latino and black vote, but ignore the Drug War's unfair toll on people of color.
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Derrick Z. Jackson
Science Starts To Fight Back
President Bush's war on science continues to disintegrate into unstable elements. In a hearing before the Senate, Elias Zerhouni, the director of the National Institutes of Health, came out...
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Christopher Brauchli
The Echoes of Reconstruction Rhetoric Near and Far
And be those juggling fiends no more believe'd, That palter with us in a double sense; That keep the word of promise to our ear And break it to our hope. -Shakespeare, Macbeth
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Jennifer Washburn
Big Oil Buys Berkeley
The BP-UC Berkeley Research Deal Pushes Academic Integrity Aside For Profit.
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Robert Fisk
The Crushing Fear That Stalks America:
The Country Is Not At War: It Is The US Military That is Engaged In an Iraqi Conflict
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Danny Schechter
Let's Broaden Our Focus To Include Economic Issues
Another week has passed with most of the progressive community mesmerized by the political game playing in Washington. Don't we realize yet that a totally compromised political process in Washington...
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Scott Ritter
Calling Out Idiot America
The ongoing hand-wringing in Congress by the newly empowered Democrats over what to do about the war in Iraq speaks volumes about the level of concern (or lack thereof) these "representatives of the...
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Sean Gonsalves
What's An Opinion Worth?
"Unless you become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven." - Jesus. My daughters Shanice and Jasmine have asked me over the years: how do you write your column? And my...
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Friday, March 23, 2007
Peter Barnes
A Convenient Windfall: Global Warming's Big Cash Dividend
For years we've heard the bad news about global warming: ice caps are melting, hurricanes are intensifying, polar bears are dying all because we humans can't stop burning fossil fuels. What we haven'...
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David Michael Green
Afghanistan Proves It
What I often find most astonishing about the scorched earth tactics the regressive right uses to sell its policies is how utterly lame they are. Utterly, and embarrassingly lame. If you just stop to...
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Ellen Goodman
Now They're Campaigning On A Wing and A Prayer
He's not exactly a profile in courage. After all, Pete Stark is 75 and has represented his liberal district near San Francisco for more than 30 years. It's unlikely that he'll be tarred and feathered...
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James C. Moore
Don't Expect The Truth From Karl Rove
CONGRESS WANTS TO hear from Karl Rove, and members want him sworn in. Rather than accept a politically expedient deal from the White House — a no-oath interview — Senate and House committees have...
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John Nichols
Lee, Woolsey, Waters, Watson Back Pelosi Bill
Progressive opposition to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's plan to give President Bush the money he seeks to maintain the war in Iraq for at least another year -- but to attach benchmarks and a timeline...
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John W. Dean
New Developments in the U.S. Attorney Controversy:
Why Bush Refuses to Allow Karl Rove and Harriet Miers to Testify Before Congress, and What Role New White House Counsel Fred Fielding May Play
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Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman
Explosive New Vote Fraud Developments Continue To Rock Ohio and Florida
Breaking news in vote fraud cases in both Ohio and Florida are feeding a firestorm of controversy that is likely to continue escalating, with major implications for the 2008 election and the future...
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David Benjamin
That Thin Line Between National Policy and Sheer Lunacy
GREAT NECK, N.Y. — Critics seem to think that Japan's recent effort to re-revise revised history, about its experiment in sexual slavery during World War II, is just a little bit wacky. However, as...
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Caroline Arnold
To Stop War Crimes, Impeach The War Criminal
This year the Ides of March were preceded by an early switch to Daylight Time — devised during World War II to give householders time in their Victory Gardens after work, now marketed as a way to...
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Naomi Klein
Class War in Conrad's Court
During the jury selection process at the Conrad Black fraud trial in Chicago, the judge polled potential jurors on their impressions of Black's home, Canada. "Socialist country," one replied...
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Cindy Sheehan
No Taxation Without Representation
I have about had it! The Bush Criminal Mob is asking Congress for $123 billion more dollars to fund their total demolition of Iraq and their future crime sprees in such places as Iran and perhaps,...
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Meghann Farnsworth
Girl on Fire
Confessions of a Former Journalistic Neophyte
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Thursday, March 22, 2007
Bill Moyers
A Time For Anger, A Call To Action
The following is a transcript of a speech given on February 7, 2007 at Occidental College in Los Angeles.
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Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Tom Gallagher
San Francisco Democrats Tell Pelosi To Vote Against Iraq War Funding
Since she became Speaker of the House, San Francisco Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's position on continued funding for the Iraq War has been explicit: she seeks the war's end, but says, "Democrats will...
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Monday, March 19, 2007
James Carroll
The Many Forms of Fundamentalism
Nearly a decade and a half ago, this condemnation of fundamentalism was issued: "The fundamentalist approach is dangerous, for it is attractive to people who look to the Bible for ready answers to...
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Friday, March 16, 2007
Amy Goodman
Father Turns his Grief into Action
The United States is entering the fifth year of its violent, failed occupation of Iraq, longer than the U.S. was involved in World War II. Through the grimly deepening quagmire, a strengthening,...
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Helen Thomas
Gonzales Needs to Remember Loyalties
WASHINGTON -- If there is one federal agency that should always be squeaky clean, it is the Justice Department. But under Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, the nation's chief law enforcement officer...
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Thursday, March 15, 2007
William Greider
Hubris in High Places
Painful as may be to behold these powerful, prideful men brought down, good citizens should do their duty and applaud vigorously
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Robert Freeman
Henry Paulson’s Delusional View of the U.S. Economy
Henry Paulson, the US Treasury Secretary, may have outdone even his own boss, George W. Bush, for sheer oracular idiocy. Bush, of course, set the standard with his laughable “Mission Accomplished”...
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Norman Solomon
The Pragmatism of Prolonged War
The days are getting longer, but the media shadows are no shorter as they cover the war in Iraq through American eyes, squinting in Washington's pallid sun. Debated as an issue of politics, the...
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Monday, March 12, 2007
James Carroll
60 Years of Faulty Logic
SIXTY YEARS AGO today, Harry Truman went before a joint session of Congress to announce what became known as the Truman Doctrine. "At the present moment in world history, nearly every nation must...
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Saturday, March 10, 2007
Ralph Nader
Bush Twins to Iraq
On many occasions, President George W. Bush has lectured the American people that "amidst all this violence and bloodshed" in Iraq, "is the sacrifice worth it? It is worth it, and it is vital to the...
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Caroline Arnold
Boundaries, Benchmarks and Bright Lines
We must make sure the boundaries and benchmarks of liberty and justice -- and democracy and compassion -- are extended to all of humanity.
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Thursday, March 8, 2007
Amy Goodman
Belafonte Protects the Soul of Struggle
Harry Belafonte just turned 80. The "King of Calypso" was the first person to have a million-selling album, the first African American to win an Emmy and is perhaps the most recognizable entertainer...
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