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Thursday, August 2, 2007
Matthew Rothschild
Dems Complicit in Bush Power Grab
Unbelievably, the Democratic leadership in Congress seems about to cave in to Bush and grant him, of all things, more power to spy on Americans. This, even as Alberto Gonzales continues to dissemble...
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Wednesday, August 1, 2007
Robert Naiman
Now Who's "Bush-Cheney Lite"?
Just when some folks might have been thinking that Hillary Clinton had been magically transformed into an actual opponent of the neocon Empire project, what with her outrageous suggestion that the...
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Tom Engelhardt
Benchmarking Iraq For Disaster
Under the headline, "A War We Just Might Win," the New York Times on Monday published an op-ed by Michael O'Hanlon of the Brookings Institution and Kenneth Pollack, both referred to as critics of the...
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Michael Schwartz
Benchmarks That Matter: The American Military's Lose-Lose Dilemma in Iraq
President Bush has called upon Congress, the American public, the Iraqi people, and the world to suspend judgment -- until at least September -- on the success of his escalation of the war,...
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Marianne Williamson
A New Order of The Ages
There is a principle in A Course in Miracles stating that it is not up to us what we learn, but only whether we learn through joy or through pain. In a universe that is, quite literally, the ongoing...
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Derrick Z. Jackson
The $63 Billion Sham
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the United States wants to send $63 billion in military aid and weapons to the Middle East to "bolster forces of moderation and support a broader strategy to...
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Mario Cuomo
War Powers Rest With Congress
The Constitution gives a clear vision of the Founders’ intentions. If Only Congress Hadn’t Ceded Its Authority To A War-Bound President.
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Nat Hentoff
Mr. President, Tear Down That Prison!
Even though the prison at Guantanamo Bay for purported "enemy combatants" has damaged America's name and credibility, I was still surprised by the huge and diverse turnout at a June 26 rally in...
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Marianne Means
Gonzales Has Starring Role in DC Farce
A political train wreck is inevitable now between the White House and Congress over Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' refusal to take seriously the oath he took as the nation's chief law enforcement...
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Ari Berman
Why Pelosi Opposes Impeachment
If she were not in the House--and not Speaker of the House--Nancy Pelosi says she "would probably advocate" impeaching President Bush. But given her current role as party leader, at a breakfast with...
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John Nichols
"The President Cannot Ignore an Impeachment"
After months of revelations about his ham-handed attempts to politicize investigations and prosecutions by U.S. Attorneys and sections of the Department of Justice he heads, after his repeated...
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Robert Scheer
Bush Keeps Israel Close, Saudi Arabia Closer
Go figure: From the White House comes the news that self-styled anti-terrorism crusader George Bush wants to sell $20 billion in high-tech military equipment to Saudi Arabia, the source of most of...
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Scott Ritter
A Call To Service
I have always had an immense appreciation for my country and the ideals and values it aspires to embrace. This appreciation has manifested itself over the years in both written and spoken form, and...
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Josh Silver
Murdoch: Bad for Journalism, Bad for Democracy
Today's news that the Bancroft family has agreed to News Corp.'s $5 billion dollar buyout offer for Dow Jones , is a powerful reminder of how media consolidation is constantly eroding the...
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Jeremy Scahill
A Very Private War
There are 48,000 'security contractors' in Iraq, working for private companies growing rich on the back of US policy. But can it be a good thing to have so many mercenaries operating without any democratic control?
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Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Pierre Tristam
War's Not A Drumbeat Exclusive To Republican Party
The assumption is a perfect fit for the reactionary-conservative narrative of the last half century: Republicans know national security and foreign policy. Democrats don't. It's also an outlandish...
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John Nichols
Ted Stevens -- and Senate GOP -- In Trouble
Alaska Senator Ted Stevens is in big trouble. And when Stevens is in trouble, so are Senate Republicans. In a high-profile raid on the senator's home, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Internal...
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John Smart
An Empire Can Be Terribly Expensive
Forget the spin about WMD's or "Iraqi Freedom" or the "War On Terror." The White House is lying, Congress is lying, and the media stopped asking questions. What we are not told is that Iraq is about...
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Naomi Wolf
Time for a Democracy Movement
America is looking less and less like America. And more and more Americans are worried about it.
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John Gray
The Death of This Crackpot Creed Is Nothing To Mourn
The Wider Conflict Now Engulfing Iraq Lays Bare The Absurdity of Liberal Interventionism - and The Decline of US Power
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Matthew Rothschild
Why Gonzales Still Has His Job
It's amazing that Alberto Gonzales still has his job.What do you need to do to get fired in the Bush Administration? Well, if you're the President's crony, quite a lot, evidently. Gonzales lied six...
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Marie Cocco
Republicans Defend Tobacco Giants from Sick Children
WASHINGTON-In keeping with Oscar Wilde's adage that one cannot be too careful in the choice of enemies, congressional Democrats have chosen wisely and well. Are there two industries in America toward...
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Arianna Huffington
Blowing Off the PR Pixie Dust While Waiting for Petraeus
The White House is giving Gen. David Petraeus the most over-the-top PR push since the Segway's inventor predicted , "It's going to change the world." The constant sprinkling of pixie dust is meant to...
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Stephen H. Baum
Whole Foods But Not Whole Truth
Recent news about Whole Foods' CEO, John Mackey, indicates that he used a pseudonym ("Rahodeb") to post commentary on Yahoo's financial site. Nothing new in that. However, the articles further...
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Harvey Wasserman & Bob Fitrakis
Will Bush Cancel The 2008 Election?
It is time to think about the "unthinkable." The Bush Administration has both the inclination and the power to cancel the 2008 election. The GOP strategy for another electoral theft in 2008 has taken...
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Dean Baker
Midsummer Market Meltdown: Is the End Near?
Last week's stock market tailspin has many of the big-time money folks worried. They have suddenly discovered risk. It turns out leveraged buyouts are not always successful, and mortgages and other...
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James Carroll
The Peril of Valuing Celebrity Over History
As we entered the stately house in the tony suburb of New York, we commented on what an impressive place it was. Our host looked around with satisfaction. He had a lot of new money, and had only...
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Monday, July 30, 2007
Kathy Kelly
Dancing in Darkness
Last weekend was an important one, regarding education, here in Jordan. Jordanian high school students learned the results of exams qualifying them (or not) for University studies. Television news...
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Chip Ward
Diesel-Driven Bee Slums and Impotent Turkeys: The Case For Resilience
Resilience. You may not have heard much about it, but brace yourself. You're going to hear that word a lot in the future. It is what we have too little of as our world slips into unpredictable...
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Paul Krugman
An Immoral Philosophy
When a child is enrolled in the State Children's Health Insurance Program (Schip), the positive results can be dramatic. For example, after asthmatic children are enrolled in Schip, the frequency of...
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Johann Hari
Defunding The Genocide:
Sudan Rakes in Billions Selling Oil To The World, and Spends It On Hardware to Trash Darfuri Villages
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Senator Dianne Feinstein
Close Guantanamo Now
On July 26, Lt. Col. Stephen E. Abraham testified on Capitol Hill that the Bush administration's legal system at Guantanamo - used to determine which detainees should be held indefinitely as enemy...
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Chris Edelson
Fear Itself
When Franklin Roosevelt took office as president in 1933, the United States was in the middle of the Great Depression. In fact, there was a worldwide economic depression. Fascism was on the rise in...
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James Rothenberg
Impeachment as Political Solution to Iraq War
It has become cliché to say that this Iraq war cannot be won militarily. Equally comfortable with this admission are hawks who would turn on a dime if they thought the insurgency was capable of...
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Linn Washington, Jr
Documents of Courage and Cowardice
SALISBURY, England - Even many atheists acknowledge the awe inspiring beauty of the fabled Salisbury Cathedral, the stunning Gothic edifice built in the 1200s topped by the highest church spire in...
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Marjorie Cohn
Time for an Independent Counsel
Congressional leaders are calling for the appointment of a special counsel to investigate possible perjury charges against Alberto Gonzales. As we saw during the Watergate scandal, the executive...
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Kaleem Omar
Bush's Critics Say Threat of Martial Law in The United States is 'Real'
Two issues are being debated concurrently in the United States these days. On the one hand, critics of the Bush administration say that, from the look of things, the Bush/Cheney regime has been...
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Cindy Sheehan
Brought To You By Boeing
Before I headed to our "Gather-In of Hearts" in Central Park West this afternoon, I was watching NBC's Meet the Press. Except for a brief excerpt about the Alberto Gonzales hearing this week, the...
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New York Times Editorial
Mr. Gonzales's Never-Ending Story
President Bush often insists he has to be the decider - ignoring Congress and the public when it comes to the tough matters on war, terrorism and torture, even deciding whether an ordinary man in...
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John Nichols
Censure and Impeachment: Take 2
New York Congressman Maurice Hinchey is easily the most dogged critic of Vice President Dick Cheney in the House of Representatives, and Hinchey has not exactly been soft on President Bush. So it...
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Saturday, July 28, 2007
Robert Fisk
Why My Lebanese Landlord Is Expecting The Worst
I returned home to Beirut this week to find my landlord, Mustafa, welding an armoured door on to the entrance of his ground-floor flat. "There are many thieves nowadays, Mr Robert," he pleaded with...
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Noam Chomsky
The Cold War Between Washington and Tehran
The following is an excerpt from Noam Chomsky's new book Interventions published by City Lights Books.
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Amitabh Pal
Bush Administration Utterly Callous Toward Iraqi Refugees
New definition of chutzpah: You send a country to hell, and then you refuse to assist the millions of people you have caused to suffer. The Bush Administration is showing the utmost callousness...
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Katrina Vanden Heuvel & Michael Corcoran
Spun To Death: 'War Made Easy'
In 2005, Norman Solomon released his book, War Made Easy , which exposes the manner in which US presidents manage to sell war, like clockwork, through the same fallacious arguments, largely with the...
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Derrick Z. Jackson
An Unlivable Minimum
The Democratic presidential candidates were asked in the CNN/YouTube debate if they were willing to work in the White House for the national minimum wage. Senators Christopher Dodd and Joe Biden said...
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Ralph Nader
Acting on Bush/Cheney's Impeachment
Most readers of The Washington Post probably missed it. But probably not Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Fifty-six of his law school classmates (Harvard Law School, class of 1982) bought space for...
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John Nichols
A Commitment to the Constitution
The Center for Constitutional Rights, Human Rights Watch and have launched a vital campaign to put restoration of the Constitution on the agenda for Democratic presidential candidates --...
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Christopher Brauchli
Bush vs. Children
Health is the second blessing that we mortals are capable of; a blessing that money cannot buy. - Izaak Walton, Epistle to the Reader So you were surprised? Blame it on your short memory. If it were...
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Friday, July 27, 2007
Bernie Sanders
'Open Access' Essential To Media Reform
Media ownership in this country is facing the largest crisis of ownership since the era of William Randolph Hearst's yellow journalism. Rupert Murdoch could possibly acquire the Wall Street Journal...
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Glenn W. Smith
Congress, Bush and The Real Constitutional Crisis
America is in the midst of an authentic constitutional crisis as the Bush Administration moves to reduce Congress to little more than an irrelevant focus group and achieve what no U.S. President has...
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Dave Lindorff
Martial Law Threat is Real
The looming collapse of the US military in Iraq, of which a number of generals and former generals, including former Chief of Staff Colin Powell, have warned, is happening none too soon, as it my be...
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Christopher Cooper
See You Can't Please Everyone So You Got To Please Yourself
I make some effort to give you people what you want. Some. Nothing heroic, but some. I wouldn't pander, and I won't sell out. Not for what they pay me now. But I'll consider at least the possibility...
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Mohja Kahf
A Letter To Your Beautiful Heart
"Muslims are the youngest sibling in the Semitic family of religions, and we typically get no respect from the older kids - Judaism and Christianity. That our older sisters didn't stick our pictures...
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Julene Bair
The Environmentalist Within
Environmentalists get a bad rap in farm country. Many farmers complain that environmental regulations interfere with their property rights and ability to feed a hungry world. To that end, these...
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Tom Engelhardt
The Withdrawal Follies: The Bush Administration Plants Its Flag in the Future
Withdrawal is now so mainstream. Last week, debate about it led to a sleep-in protest in the Senate and, this week, it's hit the cover of TIME Magazine , of which there's no mainer-stream around. The...
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Aziz Huq
Dangerous Privilege
It's time to do something about executive privilege. Having stretched the Constitution to the snapping point, the White House now brandishes "executive privilege," talismanlike, to ward off discovery...
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Arianna Huffington
Bush Sets the Table for September: Who You Gonna Believe, Petraeus or Your Own Eyes?
In preparing us for Gen. David Petraeus' inevitable glass-half-full September assessment, the administration has been putting a Bushian spin on the classic Marx Brothers line "Who you gonna believe,...
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Ezra Klein
Spring Training for Universal Health Care
The Bush administration is equating health care for children with public health care. This is good news for Democrats, for whom this is a winning issue and an excellent warm-up for a future fight...
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Hubert G. Locke
Talk of Impeachment Gets Louder
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was quick to quash any such idea after the Democratic sweep of Congress in last November's election. And the full-page ads from such groups as Why We Can't Wait, calling...
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Kari Hamerschlag
Farm Bill - 1 step forward, 3 steps back
Today, the House will be asked to vote for a Farm Bill that keeps intact a food and farming system that has failed our country. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, together with House Agriculture Committee...
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Rosa Brooks
Dark Powers, The Sequel
The president's recent executive order allows the CIA to detain anyone the agency thinks is a terrorist -- or a terrorist's kid.
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Matt Duss
Misunderstanding Muqtada al-Sadr
In a July 11 Wall Street Journal op-ed, writer Kimberly Kagan touted the success of the Iraq surge strategy. Kagan noted, among other supposed triumphs, that the Maliki government had "confronted...
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David Michael Green
Forget Third Parties — It Ain't Gonna Happen: Hijack The Democrats Instead
Huge numbers of Americans are disgusted with both the Republican and the Democratic parties right now, and are hungrily clamoring for a third alternative. I know, I know - imagine that! What's not to...
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Olga Bonfiglio
Whatever Happened to Shame and Guilt?
Once again we have been treated to yet more failures of leadership. Last week it was Cardinal Roger Mahony, Archbishop of Los Angeles. Instead of testifying in court over his priest-child-abusers,...
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Thursday, July 26, 2007
Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr.
Race is the Tripwire for the Progressive Movement: John Conyers and Impeachment
On July 23, Cindy Sheehan, Ray McGovern and I met with U.S. Rep. John Conyers about the issue of impeachment. We delivered a petition for impeachment with one million signatures. While we met, 400...
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Sidney Blumenthal
Operation Iraq Betrayal
In The Absence of Anything Remotely Resembling Victory In Iraq, Bush and Cheney Play The Blame Game
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Mike Gravel
Don't Lock Me Out: My Competitor's Comments Reveal Character Traits Voters Should Know.
Earlier this month, Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., made a statement that cleared up the mystery about who has been attempting to limit my participation in Democratic debates and forums. No other...
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A New York Times Editorial
Defying the Imperial Presidency
The House Judiciary Committee did its duty yesterday, voting to cite Harriet Miers, the former White House counsel, and Joshua Bolten, the White House chief of staff, for contempt. The Bush...
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Glenn Greenwald
The Mainstream, Sane, Serious Joe Lieberman
One of the favorite tactics of super-sophisticated Beltway media insiders is to band together and point to anyone who expresses views outside of their narrow orthodoxies and laugh at what crazy and...
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Bruce Dixon
How Democracy Works: Democratic Deceit and Denial on War, Impeachment, Health Care and Prisons
Most Americans, and most Democrats want an end to war. Most Americans favor impeachment, and when alternatives are described to them, most favor a single-payer health care system on the French or...
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Bill C. Davis
Appetite for Humiliation
What seems to be part of the digestive process of the American psyche is both the witnessing of and the participation in the spectacle of humiliation. The programming of networks and certain marching...
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Congresswoman Barbara Jordan
Thirty-Three Years Later: A Statement on the Articles of Impeachment
Statement on the Articles of Impeachment delivered July 25, 1974, House Judiciary Committee by Congresswoman Barbara Jordan: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Mr. Chairman, I join my colleague Mr. Rangel in...
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Ira Chernus
Who Knows Why Ward Churchill Was Fired?
My employer, the University of Colorado, has finally fired my colleague, tenured professor Ward Churchill. Why? There are lots of explanations. Take your pick. The University claims that Churchill is...
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Norman Solomon
Media Spin on Iraq: We're Leaving (Sort of)
Last week, a media advisory from "The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer" announced a new series of interviews on the PBS show that will address "what Iraq might look like when the U.S. military leaves." A few...
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Michael Moore
My Challenge to the Presidential Candidates
The American government isn't afraid to hand out free health care. Senior citizens get it. Veterans get it. As SiCKO shows you, even the detainees at Guantanamo Bay get it. So, too, do our federal...
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John Nichols
Clinton, Kissinger and the Corruptions of Empire
Of all the corruptions of empire, few are darker than the claim that diplomacy must be kept secret from the citizenry.This hide-it-from-the people faith that only a cloistered group of unelected and...
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John W. Dean
Joe Wilson's War:
Though He and His Wife Valerie Plame Lost Their Lawsuit against Cheney and Others, It's Only One Battle in a Fight that Flushed Out Much Truth
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Pierre Tristam
An American Plantation in Baghdad
We've known about the Bush administration's Fortress of Folly for a while. It's one of Iraq's endless occupation-bred, American-made scandals: the $600 million American "embassy compound" redrawing...
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Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Robert Weissman
A Heartless "Philosophy"
After six-and-a-half miserable years, it is hard to tally up the worst abuses of the Bush administration.Narrow the field, and focus only on abuses related to the economy. That's the universe of all...
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James Ridgeway
Just Who Is This Guy?
Ex-senator Mike Gravel may or may not belong on the debate stage. But he's not really a crazy person at all.
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Boston Globe Editorial
Contemptible Conduct at Justice
When a senator of the president's party tells his attorney general that his "credibility has been breached to the point of being actionable," it is time for the president to stop letting loyalty...
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John Nichols
Cindy Sheehan: "Challenge the Status Quo"
Fresh from being arrested on Capitol Hill, along with 45 other activists demanding that Congress get about the business of impeaching George Bush and Dick Cheney, Cindy Sheehan has determined that...
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Katrina Vanden Heuvel
Why Obama Got it Right
In Monday's debate, and with the benefit of having time to think through her response, Hillary Clinton posed as the foreign policy sophisticate to Barack Obama the bold leader who did not hesitate to...
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Derrick Z. Jackson
Tapped Out: The Perils of Bottled Water
Bluesman Howlin' Wolf moaned in 1956, "I asked her for water, she brought me gasoline." Sly and the Family Stone warned in 1969, "Don't let the plastic bring you down." In 2007, you ask a waitress...
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Ruth Conniff
The Impeachment Imbroglio: Sheehan, Conyers, Pelosi, and Feingold
The blogosphere was aquiver with the news that Cindy Sheehan announced she will challenge House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as an independent, since Pelosi has refused to renounce her position that...
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Amy Goodman
Children's Healthcare Is a No-Brainer
Deamonte Driver had a toothache. He was 12 years old. He had no insurance, and his mother couldn't afford the $80 to have the decayed tooth removed. He might have gotten it taken care of through...
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Robert Scheer
Bush In Free Fall
At what point will President Bush finally grasp the enormous disaster that the neoconservatives, from Vice President Dick Cheney on down, have visited upon his presidency? Or, to put it numerically,...
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Chalmers Johnson
Agency of Rogues: The Life and Times of the CIA
This essay is a review of Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA by Tim Weiner (Doubleday, 702 pp., $27.95). The American people may not know it but they have some severe problems with one of their...
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Times Union Editorial
Censure and Courage
For the millions of Americans who voted to shake up Congress last year, the new Democratic leadership has been disappointing. Democrats talked a good game on Iraq and an array of other issues. But...
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Marjorie Cohn
Showdown Looming Over Executive Privilege
George W. Bush's presidential tenure has been marked by one cover-up after another. But the masterful spinning of Karl Rove and a compliant media enabled Bush to get away with it. Now that the...
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Ted Rall
Poor and Uneducated Like We Thought: Debunking The Military Debunkers
"The typical recruit in the all-volunteer force is wealthier, more educated and more rural than the average 18- to 24-year-old citizen is," claimed the authors of an oft-cited 2005 "comprehensive...
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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Shelly Blake-Plock
Would You Like Fries with that Debate?
"What the mass media offers is not popular art, but entertainment which is intended to be consumed like food, forgotten, and replaced by a new dish." - W.H. AudenMore than ever. I watched the CNN/...
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Michael T. McPhearson & Ying Lee
Never Give A Life, or Take A Life, For A Lie
There are many kinds of betrayal in human affairs. But in the affairs of state, there is no greater act of disloyalty than to send young men and women to their deaths on the basis of fraud. No...
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Ray McGovern
John Conyers Is No Martin Luther King
What do Rep. John Conyers, D-Michigan, chair of the House Committee on the Judiciary, and President George W. Bush have in common? They both think they can dis Cindy Sheehan and count on gossip...
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Steven Weber
Now It's On to Iran and Let's Win There!
We are rapidly approaching a karmic bitch slap, kiddies. Don't think 'cause we have iPhones and drive Navigators and run our air conditioners 'round the clock that we're immune from history's all-...
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H.D.S. Greenway
All's Trouble on The Central Front
The few declassified tea leaves from the brewing pot of the National Intelligence Estimate, released last week, are being studied for justifications and denunciations by both sides in the national...
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George Monbiot
Eco-Junk: Why Buying Less Is More Than Buying Green
It wasn't meant to happen like this. The climate scientists told us that our winters would become wetter and our summers drier. So I can't claim that these floods were caused by climate change, or...
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Melanie Sloan
Congress Must Reassert The Balance of Powers
The White House, by proclaiming that it will not let the Justice Department pursue contempt charges against a former White House official who failed to comply with a congressional subpoena for...
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Kathy Kelly
Attuned to Tom and Jerry
Iraqi Refugees In Jordan: Real Crisis Is No Cartoon
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Bob Burnett
George Bush: Moral Termite
For many of us on the left coast, President Bush's pardon of Scooter Libby was a non-event; we've grown blasé about Bush abuses. As a result, we shrug and say to the rest of the nation: What did...
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