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Thursday, December 13, 2007
Katrina Vanden Heuvel
On the Media
Michael Copps, a Commissioner at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), stops by The Nation offices every year to talk about what is happening to our media landscape. Invariably, he let's us...
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Daphne Wysham
Hoodwinked in Bali on Carbon Credits
It's the second week of the UN Climate Change Conference and the air is heavy with humidity, but despite being the rainy season, it hasn't rained heavily in weeks. The rooms in the conference...
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Tony Juniper
The Bali Summit and American Sabotage
The US is trying to sound constructive at the latest climate talks, but its aim is to put the boot in
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Adrian Hamilton
The UN Has Come to Be Seen As a Tool of the West
Answering questions on Radio 4's World Tonight about the bomb attack on its offices in Algiers, a spokeswoman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees was cut off in mid-sentence. When...
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Mary Conroy
Let's Count the Ways We've Sacrificed for the Iraq War
As children, we learned about Santa Claus -- a pleasant, harmless myth. As adults, we're being taught another myth -- that ordinary people haven't sacrificed anything during the Iraq war. But the...
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Tom Teepen
Honor, Dignity and the CIA
Far from destroying those tapes of its agents, umm, persuading a suspected terrorist to talk, you'd think the CIA would be hounding the TV networks, CNN, BBC and, especially, al Jazeera to run them,...
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Rosa Brooks
Torture's Blame Game
Who done it? Sometime late in 2005, the CIA destroyed videotapes showing hundreds of hours of interrogations of two top Al Qaeda suspects -- while continuing to imply to the 9/11 commission and the...
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Timothy Karr
Big Media Myopia at the FCC
Too often in the give-and-take of media policymaking, it's government officials that are giving, corporate giants that are taking, and the public that's left with nothing in the exchange. This is...
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Ralph Nader
NYT's Gail Collins and the '2nd Tier' Presidential Candidates
Gail Collins, the columnist for the New York Times, has a problem. While regularly writing in a satirical or sometimes trivial way about the foibles of the two major Parties' front-running...
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Robert C. Koehler
Crooked Timber
America's suicide bombers don't use bombs and don't seem to have a cause larger than their own angst, but they're as lethal as any misguided political fanatic and they beg a question as urgent as any...
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Norman Solomon
The USA's Human Rights Daze
The chances are slim that you saw much news coverage of Human Rights Day when it blew past the media radar -- as usual -- on Dec. 10. Human rights may be touted as a treasured principle in the United...
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Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Ray McGovern
Are Americans Really 'Better Than That?'
A boyish, inquisitive face with an innocent look peered out from the Washington Post's lead story yesterday on torture. It was well groomed, pink-shirted John Kiriakou, a CIA interrogator who could...
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Glenn Greenwald
New Poll Reveals How Unrepresentative Neocon Jewish Groups Are
A new survey of American Jewish opinion , released by the American Jewish Committee, demonstrates several important propositions: (1) right-wing neocons (the Bill Kristol/ Commentary / AIPAC/Marty...
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Stacy Mitchell
You'd Better (Not) Shop Around
Whether to patronize locally owned stores or chains is not at the top of the mind for many holiday shoppers. But it should be. It's a choice that has profound implications for our economy and for our...
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Stephen Zunes
Hillary Clinton on Iraq
Public opinion polls have consistently shown that the majority of Americans - and even a larger majority of Democrats - believe that Iraq is the most important issue of the day, that it was wrong for...
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Nadim Rouhana
Israel's Palestinians Speak Out
The Annapolis peace talks regard me as an interloper in my own land. Israel's deputy prime minister, Avigdor Lieberman, argues that I should "take [my] bundles and get lost." Henry Kissinger thinks I...
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Barbara Ehrenreich
Bonfire of the Disney Princesses
Contrary to the rumors I have been trying to spread for some time, Disney Princess products are not contaminated with lead. More careful analysis shows that the entire product line--books, DVDs, ball...
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Clint Talbott
'We Do Not Torture'*
(*As we define it)
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Renata Rendón
Mexican Human Rights As Important As Drugs
Between June 2006 and January 2007, thousands of state, municipal and federal police violently clashed with citizens of Oaxaca, Mexico. These protests, which began in support of striking teachers,...
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New York Times Editorial
Weapons of War at the Mall and Church
Barely touched on in the coverage of the two latest gun rampages is how the disturbed shooters could so easily obtain assault rifles - weapons designed for waging war. In separate random massacres,...
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Jimmy Carter
Subsidies' Harvest of Misery
Congress can still act decisively this year to right a wrong that is hurting both small American farmers and the poorest people on the planet. A long-overdue debate is taking place on reform of the...
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Pat LaMarche
One Man's Misjudgment, America's Sour Legacy
'In the United States of America, at the holiest time of the year, a time marked by religious devotion and unapologetic consumerism, innocent people are being murdered in shopping malls and churches...
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Amy Goodman
From Oil Wars to Water Wars
The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded this week, in Oslo, Norway. Al Gore shared the prize with the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which represents more than 2,500 scientists...
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Robert Scheer
Waterboarding Our Democracy
When the CIA destroyed those prisoner interrogation videotapes, was it also destroying the truth about 9/11? After all, according to the 9/11 Commission Report, the basic narrative of what happened...
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Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Ross Gelbspan
Beyond the Point of No Return
It's too late to stop climate change -- so what do we do now?
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Greg Grandin
The Unholy Trinity: Death Squads, Disappearances, and Torture -- from Latin America to Iraq
The world is made up, as Captain Segura in Graham Greene's 1958 novel Our Man in Havana put it, of two classes: the torturable and the untorturable. "There are people," Segura explained, "who expect...
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George Monbiot
The Real Answer to Climate Change Is to Leave Fossil Fuels in the Ground
All the talk in Bali about cutting carbon means nothing while ever more oil and coal is being extracted and burned
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John Kenney
Lord, Deliver Us...
My speech on religion and politics.
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Patrick Cockburn
Only One Thing Unites Iraq: Hatred of the US
The Americans will discover, as the British learned to their cost in Basra, that they have few permanent allies
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Peter Hart
Poll-Obsessed Media Focus On Strategy Over Substance
With just a few weeks to go before the Iowa caucuses, polls are providing pundits and political junkies with fresh data to spin out a new round of the usual "who's up, who's down" campaign coverage...
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Pierre Tristam
Spinning Yarns of 'Good News'
When Kuwait was liberated in 1991 -- a strange concept, Kuwait having been free neither before being invaded by Iraq nor since -- its citizens lined up in the streets of their capital and waved...
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John Buell
Democrats Choice: Corporate or Kucinich Center?
Longtime Democratic Party activist who had worked with Sens. Ed Muskie and George Mitchell recently sent me an intriguing email. Despite his connection with these legendary mainstream Democrats, he...
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Jerry Lanson
It's Time to Clean the House
Nancy Pelosi should resign as Speaker of the House of Representatives. Since she won't, I hope the voters in her liberal California district throw her out next November. Here are the facts as...
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Dean Baker
The Teaser Freezer and the Housing Market Meltdown
With millions of people facing the loss of their home over the next couple of years, President Bush was finally prompted to take serious action. For homeowners with subprime adjustable rate mortgages...
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Jeremy Brecher and Brendan Smith
The Reach of Complicity
What did Congressional Democrats know, and when did they know it? Is it possible that many Democratic leaders have been informed by the Bush administration over the years about its doubtfully legal...
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Cindy Sheehan
Once Upon a Time
Once upon a time in a land called California, there was born a beautiful baby named Casey. Casey's mom and dad knew from the minute he was born that he was a very special baby. He had dark hazel eyes...
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Brian Concannon Jr.
Disturbing the Peace, in Haiti and New Orleans
Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste, a Catholic priest from Haiti, just does not know when to shut up. In the 1970's he saw his people starved and persecuted while Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier lived in opulence...
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Harvey Wasserman
Two Critical (But Tentative) Green Victories Hang in the Balance
The eyes of the world are now on the US Senate. Our oil-endangered species anxiously awaits even a tiny American step toward fighting global warming and saving the planetary environment. But the...
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Monday, December 10, 2007
Sean Gonsalves
Where's the 'Missing Link'?
In my neck of the woods - actually Woods Hole in Falmouth, Mass. to be exact - a new front in the "Culture War" has opened up. A federal lawsuit has been filed against a biologist at the world-famous...
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Brad Warthen
Can Anyone (Any Viable Candidate, That Is) Say 'Single-Payer'?
Can anyone among those with a chance of becoming president say "single-payer?" If not, forget about serious reform of the way we pay for health care. It doesn't even necessarily have to be " single-...
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Al Gore
Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech
Speech by Al Gore on the acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize December 10, 2007 Oslo, Norway Your Majesties, Your Royal Highnesses, Honorable members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Excellencies,...
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James Carroll
The US: All Power, No Influence
A man bit a dog last week. Not just any man, and not just any dog. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates decried the vast disproportion between America's annual investment in the Pentagon - something...
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Steve Kallick
The Pipeline Dream Lurking in Canada's Wild
One of many ways to combat global warming is to replace our dirtiest, carbon-polluting fuels, especially coal and oil, with cleaner fuels like natural gas. So proponents of the Mackenzie Valley...
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Craig Unger
A Failure of Intelligence
Intelligence failures, intelligence failures. The United States spends more than $40 billion a year on intelligence, but, gosh darn it, we just can't seem to get it right. The latest fiasco, of...
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John Nichols
Pelosi and Torture
That House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been a disappointing leader for House Democrats, few serious observers of the congressional condition will deny. But, now, she appears to be something more...
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Paul Krugman
Henry Paulson's Priorities
By Bush administration standards, Henry Paulson, the Treasury secretary, is a good guy. He isn't conspicuously incompetent; and he isn't trying to mislead us into war, justify torture or protect...
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Mike Hudema
BP's Project in Alberta: A License to Wreak Environmental Havoc
This week BP announced it is buying a 50 per cent stake in Husky Energy's tar sands development project in Alberta, Canada, to produce more than 200,000 barrels by 2020. The move in effect signals...
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Nomi Prins
Home Sweet Gone
Behind every great bubble and its subsequent bust lies the power of Wall Street's trading operations. In the case of our national housing market saga and toxic subprime fallout, it's true that banks...
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Chris Hedges
Why We Resist
The refusal to pay my taxes if we go to war with Iran, and the portion of my taxes spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan if we do not cut off funding for these two conflicts, is not a means. It...
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Sunday, December 9, 2007
Doug Pibel
Pete Seeger: The Power of Song
Pete Seeger has been making music for 80 years. It should be impossible to do that justice in 90 minutes, but " Pete Seeger: The Power of Song " does it. This tightly packed, but graceful,...
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Eric Margolis
Final Disgrace for Bush & Co.
New intelligence report a devastating, humiliating blow to U.S. president and his neocons
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Steve Fraser
The Perfect Campaign Storm of 2008: War, Depression, and Turning-Point Elections
Will the presidential election of 2008 mark a turning point in American political history? Will it terminate with extreme prejudice the conservative ascendancy that has dominated the country for the...
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Glenn Greenwald
Democratic Complicity in Bush's Torture Regimen
The Washington Post reports today that the Bush administration, beginning in 2002, repeatedly briefed leading Congressional Democrats on the Senate and House Intelligence Committees -- including, at...
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Elizabeth Sullivan
No hero at Home, Hotel Rwanda Protagonist is a Critic In Exile
Paul Rusesabagina may be a hero, the real-life Hotel Rwanda operator who saved an estimated 1,200 lives by bartering words, cash and courage to save family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Yet the...
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Saturday, December 8, 2007
John Kaminski and Gary Higginbottom
Public Sentiment For Impeachment Expands
The percentage of Americans favoring impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney is approaching the percentage who favored impeachment of President Nixon in 1973-74.Public opinion has...
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Christopher Brauchli
Bad Presidents
A Ship of Fools - Title of a1965 Movie If craziness loves company, U.S. citizens should take comfort from some of the other world leaders. Evidence was offered by a teddy bear and a South American...
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Mark LeVine and Salman Ahmed
Led Zeppelin: Force For Peace
Next week's reunion of Led Zeppelin is among the most anticipated in rock history. And with good reason. In the 1970s, the British band was mesmerizing. But beyond unforgettable songs and legendary...
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Aimee Allison and David Solnit
People Power: It's Time To Stop The War Ourselves
We need a strategy to end the occupation of Iraq and stop the next invasion, in Iran or elsewhere. One reason it's been hard to mobilize people since the invasion of Iraq is the absence of a clear...
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David Korten
Only One Reason to Grant a Corporate Charter
This is an expanded version of a presentation given to the Summit on the Future of the Corporation, Faneuil Hall, Boston, MA, November 13, 2007: It is fitting that we hold this conversation on the...
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Jonathan Hafetz
Time for Meaningful Justice at Guantanamo
The Guantanamo detainee cases returned to the Supreme Court Wednesday for yet another round in the longstanding battle over legal rights in the administration's "war on terror." Remarkably, the 300-...
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Glenn Greenwald
"Missing" Evidence Is Familiar Bush Pattern
The New York Times ' revelation that "the Central Intelligence Agency in 2005 destroyed at least two videotapes documenting the interrogation of two Al Qaeda operatives in the agency's custody"...
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Matthew Yglesias
Beyond Preemption: Front-running Democrats Miss The Point on Foreign Policy
The release of a new National Intelligence Estimate concluding that Iran doesn't have an active nuclear weapons program is good news on its own terms. And just as important, it signals that the hawks...
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Scott Ritter
Calling on Congress to Stop a War
Let's hear it for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). After more than five years of effort, incorporating technologically advanced, exhaustive inspections of Iran's declared nuclear...
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Ray McGovern
White House & Press Spinning Iran's Centrifuges
Those who know about the centrifuges used to refine uranium tell me they must spin at an almost unrivaled velocity-almost unrivaled, because Bush administration statements are being spun at...
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César Chelala
Now Is The Time For Serious Diplomacy With Iran
The recent National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran's nuclear program offers a unique opportunity to change a bellicose course of action with that country. Rather than stressing confrontation,...
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Cindy Sheehan
What is Peace?
Is peace just an absence of war? That question begs another question: What is war? Is war a "hot" conflict with bombs raining down on civilians? Is it covert action with undercover agents fomenting...
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Friday, December 7, 2007
Michael T. Klare
Iraq and Climate Change
When our grandchildren and more distant descendants assemble in such classrooms as may be available and ask their teachers, "Why did our ancestors not take effective action to prevent the...
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Joseph Stiglitz
Carbon-Taxing the Rich
The Bali summit: Countries generating emissions must pay the cost, and the fairest and simplest way of forcing them to do so is through tax
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Peter Dreier
NPR Debate Moderators All Wet on Sweatshop Labor
At the NPR Democratic candidates' debate in Iowa on Tuesday, the topic of global sweatshops finally reared its head. But the way debate moderators framed the issue revealed ignorance about the...
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Sean Penn
Piano Wire Puppeteers: The Constitution, Media & Dennis Kucinich
It's been an odd week. For me, a particularly odd week. But that's another story. So, wait a minute. Iran DOESN'T have nuclear weapon capability??? So, who are we gonna bomb? I want to bomb somebody...
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Anne Miller
Top Candidates Wrong on Iran
The National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran released earlier this week should come as welcome information to all who support peace and stability in the Middle East. The report has determined...
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Juan Cole
Romney: Some Beliefs Are More Equal than Others
Mitt Romney's speech in Texas on Thursday was supposed to be an attempt to fend off religious bigotry. Instead, it betrays some prejudices of its own (against secular people), and seems to provoke...
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David Sirota
Flying Coach on a Planetary Scale
A recent flight I took was, like most these days, completely packed. About 100 fellow travelers and I were crammed into a way-too-small coach cabin. But when I stood up for a moment, I discovered we...
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Medea Benjamin
Deported At Gunpoint by Pakistani Government
On our tenth day in Pakistan, my colleague Tighe Barry and I, both human rights activists with CODEPINK and Global Exchange, were arrested at gunpoint by agents of the Pakistani government. We had...
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Paul Krugman
Obama's Health Care Plan: The Mandate Muddle
Imagine this: It's the summer of 2009, and President Barack Obama is about to unveil his plan for universal health care. But his health policy experts have done the math, and they've concluded that...
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Tony Norman
Mitt Romney Steps into the Lion's Den
If there's one Republican presidential hopeful who could eventually rival the current occupant of the White House in the annals of boobology (as H.L. Mencken might have put it), Mitt Romney is that...
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David Michael Green
Getting Past 'Oh!': Why Americans Misunderestimate the Depravity of the President They Hate
Most Americans have long ago now reached two conclusions about their government. First, that George W. Bush is an incompetent president with, additionally, a temperament ill-suited to the job. And...
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Barb Olson and Amal Othman
Summit's Goal: Perpetuate Repression of Palestinians
"After meeting their own low expectations for the Annapolis conference amid intense skepticism, Bush administration officials crowed with delight," said an Associated Press story. And well they might...
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David Domke and Kevin Coe
Mitt Romney's Case for Pastor in Chief
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney addressed the nation Thursday about his Mormon faith and how it relates to his candidacy and policy goals. Beforehand many called it a potential "JFK...
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Helen Thomas
Iran: Bush Loses Even More Credibility
We are still in the dark as to what evidence the U.S. turned up that has now convinced U.S. officials that Iran was on the level when it denied nuclear ambitions. It was good news for the world --...
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Jonathan Steele
The Surge Is a Sideshow. Only Total US Pullout Can Succeed
When resistance leaders are given an assurance that the Iraq occupation will end completely, real negotiations can begin
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Jeremy Scahill
Blackwater's Bu$ine$$
Gunning down seventeen Iraqi civilians in an incident the military has labeled "criminal." Multiple Congressional investigations. A federal grand jury. Allegations of illegal arms smuggling. Wrongful...
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Thursday, December 6, 2007
Boston Globe Editorial
Why We Can't Trust Our Food
The shortcomings in the Food and Drug Administration that became apparent during the scandals over Vioxx and contaminated spinach are just a small part of the problems besetting the agency. In a...
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Rosa Brooks
For Once, Let's Use Our Intelligence
Iran doesn't have a nuclear weapons program, so why not extend an olive branch?
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Khaled Diab
Survivors of Cluster Bombs: From Victims to Champions
For world leaders with doubts about the need to ban cluster bombs, courageous survivors made a trip to Vienna to promote the cause
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Marc Cooper
The CIA 'War' on Bush: The New Neocon Ploy
Extreme Right meet the Extreme Left. Now you both can agree. Whatever happens, it must be the fault of the CIA. Sleeper cell members, Al-Qaeda operatives, terrorists, foreign agents you can all rest...
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Haroon Siddiqui
Speaking Truth to Power on Iran
Credibility of Bush administration sinks to new low after report demolishes bomb claims
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Jay Bookman
New Intel on Iran Offers a Chance to Rethink Policy
The president's policy toward Iran - harsh, threatening and dismissive of any chance at negotiation - was supposedly founded on the belief that Iran was pursuing nuclear weapons and had to be stopped...
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Peter Rothberg
Media Ownership Fight Moves to Congress
Rutgers University recently hosted the latest in a series of town hall forums being conducted by the two members of the five-person Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) who are opposed to...
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Jon Wiener
Arguing About Gitmo
Yesterday the Supreme Court heard arguments in what may be the most important constitutional case of the decade: whether the men detained at Guantanamo have a right to a fair trial before a real...
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Joe Conason
Telling the Truth About Iran
Even when George W. Bush tells the truth, he cannot quite bring himself to tell the whole truth. Although the White House released a new National Intelligence Estimate on Iran's pursuit of nuclear...
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Joyce Marcel
The State of Journalism: We're Killin' All the Bees
Where does content come from, Mommy? Well, sweetheart, the Content Fairy comes at night and sprinkles content over all the good little Web sites. Yeah, right. I knew journalism was in trouble the...
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Allan Nairn
It Takes (Out) a Village: Illegitimate American Power
Hillary Clinton just pointed out that whoever holds the US presidency can, on both national and foreign matters, engage in "split-second decision-making that can affect the lives of millions of...
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Robert C. Koehler
Iraq's Million
In the Fantasy Middle East, the troop surge is helping plucky Iraq get its act together; and Iran, as serious a threat as ever and still lusting to start World War III, awaits liberation by the...
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Jane Anne Morris
High Court Rulings Threaten State 'Labs of Democracy'
How to be sure that toy under the holiday tree has no lead paint? With only a month of shopping days remaining, the public depends -- more than at any other time -- on our federal regulatory agencies...
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Olga Bonfiglio
Seven Palestinian Women
Seven Palestinian women traveled to five cities across the United States this fall on a three-week cultural exchange trip sponsored by the U.S. State Department's International Visitor Leadership...
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Robert S. Rivkin
Another Gun Massacre on America's Crazy Road
Christmas shoppers in America's heartland have been gunned down for no reason - this time in an Omaha, Nebraska mall. This time the death tally appears to have been eight, plus the shooter. This time...
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Kathy Kelly
Traveling Light
Traveling with as light a load as possible is something I long for during long stretches away from home. I routinely discard paperwork and periodicals, "recycle" gifts and give away clothing. But,...
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Judith Blau
Thinking Internationally - Acting Locally
Americans ignored Martin Luther King when he urged that the civil rights movement broaden to become a human rights movement just as the nation earlier ignored FDR when he proposed a bold human rights...
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Wednesday, December 5, 2007
Jerome Grossman
The Iranians Have Disappointed Us
Gosh, what a disappointment. You can't even trust the CIA anymore. Imagine, all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies agree that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003. Where is George Tenet when we...
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