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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Gen. Wesley Clark
Joe Lieberman Is At It Again
After wrongly supporting George W. Bush's strategic blunder of attacking Iraq, and continuing to support Bush's failed policies after the invasion, Senator Joe Lieberman made irresponsible comments...
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Simon Kelner
Would You Be Saying This, Mr Blair, If We Supported Your War In Iraq?
'Opinion and fact should be clearly divisible. The truth is, a large part of the media today not merely elides the two but does so now as a matter of course. In other words, this is not exceptional...
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Thomas Schaller
When Will We Finally Pull The Plug On Mess In Iraq?
Imagine a bathtub half-full with stagnant water and the drain plugged. Your task: Empty the tub without a pail. Do you: (a) stand there and hope the stagnating water evaporates, (b) turn the spigot...
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Leo Docherty
The Afghans Are Sick of Our Armies Killing Their People
The Scale of Civilian Casualties At The Hands of British and US Forces Is Losing Us The War - As I Know From Experience
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Ruth Conniff
No-Confidence Vote, Appeals Court Ruling Are Two Strikes Against Administration
W ith no one but George Bush and Joe Lieberman in his corner, it must be a drag for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to get up and go to work every morning. The Justice Department insists that...
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Ken Miller
Wall Street, Iraq and the Declining Dollar
The disastrous impact on the economy of George W. Bush's response to the attacks of September 2001 is still being measured. On Friday of last week the Bush Administration announced that it would not...
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Amy Goodman
War and Censorship at Wilton High
Last Sunday night, as millions of Americans tuned in to the two Tonys—the final episode of "The Sopranos," to see whether Tony Soprano lived or died, and the Tony Awards, celebrating the best in...
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Robert Scheer
'President' Lieberman: A Cautionary Tale
What if Al Gore had won the 2000 presidential election but died in office? Would President Joe Lieberman have been worse than George W. Bush? His recent actions suggest that he could have descended...
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Ted Rall
What'd We Do?: In Turkey, Yet Another Reason to Worry
ISTANBUL -- George W. Bush didn't own a passport before 2001. Seventy-nine percent of Americans don't have one now. Maybe they're better off.Traveling can be unpleasant: pickpockets, jetlag,...
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Mark Morford
You Are So F--ing Obscene
The President Says It, You Say It, Your Kids Say It All The Time. So What's The F--ing Problem?
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Ralph Nader,
Tax Haven Racket
Lucy Komisar of the Tax Justice Network—USA ( ) spoke at the Conference on Taming the Giant Corporation last week about "Closing Down the Tax Haven Racket." Her words were so...
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David Michael Green
How Ronald Reagan Won the Cold War
Over the years, conservative America has transformed Ronald Reagan from president to icon to deity. You could see that in this year's first Republican debate, in which everybody on the stage was...
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Tim Newman
Child Labor Behind Firestone Tires
As people around the world commemorate World Day Against Child Labor on June 12, the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company recognized the day by continuing its 81-year tradition of exploiting workers in...
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Paul Campos
And Justice For All?
The absurd media frenzy over the perils of Paris Hilton shouldn't obscure the serious issue this made-for-TV pseudo- event raises. That issue is the astonishing number of Americans who are in prisons...
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John Buell
Where's The Anti-War Passion?
I recently attended my Amherst College ('67) reunion. It was an occasion to catch up with old friends, but I was also saddened by a recitation of the names of too many classmates who had passed away...
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Pierre Tristam
What 'These People' Contribute Remains America's Saving Grace
If anyone doubts that bigotry is enjoying a Great Revival of its own in the United States, the spectacle of the past week's "crass roots" banding up across the land to defeat what they called a "...
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Stephen Zunes
Jerusalem: Congress Endorses the Right of Conquest
In a flagrant attack on the longstanding international legal principle that it is illegitimate for any country to expand its territory by military means, the U.S. House of Representatives, by an...
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Harvey Wasserman
The Honor of Being Called a "Jerk" By Pro-Nuker Patrick Moore
Patrick Moore has called me a "jerk." He may not be Queen Elizabeth, but it feels like being made Knight of the Realm. Moore is a supporter of nuclear power. He is also an advocate for clear-cutting...
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Arianna Huffington
Democratic Dinosaurs Turn D.C. into the Land That Time Forgot
With each passing day, Washington, D.C. is turning into the Land That Time Forgot. While the rest of the country is dealing with the here and now -- exemplified by Bush's puny approval ratings and...
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Midge Miller
For Democracy, We Must Consider Impeachment
The United States democracy is in a struggle for its life. A growing number of writers, generals and other opinion leaders are speaking up to inform and encourage an inattentive public to understand...
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Terry Jones
A True Land of Opportunity
Where There's Death and Destruction, There's Profit - As Security Companies in Iraq Know Only Too Well
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William Gumede
Developing Nations Have Right To Be Suspicious
Climate Change Cannot Be Tackled If Existing Injustices in Global Politics Are Overlooked
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Matthew Rothschild
Lieberman Threatens War With Iran
W e have the people of Connecticut to blame. For Joe Lieberman. Last November, after Ned Lamont bested Lieberman in the Democratic Party, Lieberman turned coat and ran as an independent and defeated...
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Frida Berrigan
Guantánamo Takes A Hit
Colonel Peter Brownback III, a military judge , dealt a serious blow to Guantánamo—and by extension, the "global war on terrorism legal system"—this week. He ruled that because the military had...
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Marie Cocco
'Forced Disappearances': It Can Happen Here
WASHINGTON-There was a time when the dark, political drama was my preferred weekend movie. That was before kids and suburbs and serial viewings of "Shrek." The films were almost always about some...
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Jesse Jackson
Get Justice Out From Behind Bars
In London, on the 200th anniversary of the outlawing of the slave trade, I found the media focused not on the anniversary or on the war in Iraq or even on Tony Blair's leaving the world stage. What...
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Monday, June 11, 2007
John Brown
A Modest Proposal: Let's Just Have The New American Embassy in Baghdad in Second Life!
The $592 million new American Embassy in Baghdad has been in the news recently. And not only because of mortar shells hitting the Green Zone where it will be located -- or because, The Wall Street...
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Johann Hari
What Makes Us Think We Can Entrust The Future of The Human Race to These People?
The G8 was a slap-in-the-face reminder that we can't leave it up to our leaders to choose a sane path
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Karen Horst Cobb
Eating Cake and Playing Tag; A Farewell Address
"You can't have your cake and eat it too", but that is the futile pursuit of most "christians" in America. In October of 2004 the first editorial I ever wrote was published on Common Dreams . The...
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Bruce Fuller
No Child Left Behind Lowers The Bar on School Reform
President Bush seems a bit frantic as he campaigns for swift renewal of the No Child Left Behind Act, eager to salvage a late-inning win on the domestic policy front. He recently dropped into a...
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Paul Krugman
Authentic? Never Mind
Rich liberals who claim they'll help America's less fortunate are phonies. Let me give you one example — a Democrat who said he'd work on behalf of workers and the poor. He even said he'd take on Big...
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Gregory Rodriguez
A Sanitized Betrayal of America's History
The "merit-based" immigration system enshrined in the all-but-dead Senate "grand bargain" was one of the reform bill's more controversial elements. Those who railed against it might think it's a...
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Samuel Gross
Weeding Out The Innocents
The first innocent American defendant to be exonerated by DNA evidence was Gary Dotson of Chicago. Before his conviction was overturned on Aug. 14, 1989, he'd spent 10 years in prison and on parole...
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Katrina Vanden Heuvel & Michael Corcoran
Education For All
Paying for a college education has become a burden many Americans can no longer afford. Tuition has outpaced the rate of inflation for the last 16 years, some private schools are charging more than $...
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Nancy Dickeman
We Live Amid The Power To Block The Sun
When she was grown up and about to be married, my oldest niece told her fleet of aunts that we had struck fear in the heart of her childhood with our talk, with our out-loud worries about nuclear war...
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David Swanson
War Opposition Made Easy
The new film " War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death " makes arguing against wars easy. If you get into a debate about war, just make the points made so clearly in this...
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Dilip Hiro
A Catch-22 Nuclear World
Nuclear Weapons Programs Are about Regime Survival
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Doris "Granny D" Haddock
What Do Subsidized Corn, A Militarized Border, and Finance Reform Have To Do With It?
The following remarks were offered at a Democracy for America gathering in Manchester, New Hampshire on Saturday morning, June 9th, 2007: It is normally expected that, when given an opportunity to...
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Norman Solomon
The Silence of the Bombs
Three years have passed since most Americans came to the conclusion that the Iraq war was a "mistake." Reporting the results of a Gallup poll in June 2004, USA Today declared: "It is the first time...
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Sunday, June 10, 2007
New York Times Editorial
The Democrats Lag on Warming
When Americans elected a Democratic Congress last November, they were voting to end politics as usual and special interest legislation. On the vital issues of energy independence and global warming...
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Barry Payne
Suppressing Free Speech with Market Power
"There's a problem. It's called Net Neutrality," Whitacre told the heirs to AT&T's telecommunications empire on June 5. "Well, frankly, we say to hell with that. We're gonna put up some toll...
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Joe Lauria
Maverick Mike Gravel
Former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel is running for President in the Democratic primaries. At seventy-six, he has been out of politics for two and a half decades. Now he wants back in. And he's making...
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Carlo Strenger
Why Israel Does Not Engage With The Saudi Initiative
One of the most puzzling aspects of Israeli policy over the last five years is that neither the Sharon nor the Olmert governments have given the Saudi peace initiative any serious consideration. For...
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Ann McFeatters
Again, Bush Delays the Inevitable
WASHINGTON -- U.S. automakers, on a collision course with catastrophe, are involved in behind-the-scenes machinations in Washington that could well sound the death knell for the industry. Just as...
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Rosa Miriam Elizalde
In Venezuela, Reality TV
CARACAS-On Sunday night, May 27, at 11:59, the big switch took place. RCTV broadcast the National Hymn of Venezuela, sung by faces as pale as those you would find in any country, but this one a...
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Saturday, June 9, 2007
Danny Schechter
Is There a 'Foxification' Underway at Al Jazeera Television?
Sources inside Al Jazeera who are in a position to know what is going on now confirm to that there is an internal struggle underway that may dilute Al Jazeera's independence and...
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Monica Benderman
Fighting Back
"These are the times that try men's souls: the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it NOW, deserves the love and...
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Dave Lindorff
Impeachment on a Roll
Down the shore yesterday, as we say in Philly, I was body surfing in the Atlantic and it got me to thinking. On the East Coast, where the prevailing winds are offshore, the surf tends to be pretty...
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Sean Gonsalves
Ron Paul for President?
A belated, Texas-sized, Ten-Gallon Hats-off to Congressman Ron Paul. I still haven't gotten over what he said during the Republican presidential debate in South Carolina a few weeks back on live TV!...
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Christopher R. Brauchli
James Dobson as Cotton Mather
An Army of Devils is horribly broke in upon the place which is our center . . . . And the houses of the good people there are filled with the doleful shrieks of their children. . . tormented by...
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Patrick Seale
Withdrawal Won't Happen
The US plans permanent military bases in Iraq, confirming to many that it really was all about oil
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John Nichols
Neoconned Again
One vote decided the race for World Bank president: that of the only world leader who thought neoconservative lothario Paul Wolfowitz was doing a heckuva job managing the troubled lender of last...
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Froma Harrop
The Disgusting Business of Milking the Working Poor
The working poor make great victims. They are often trusting and financially unsophisticated, and with wages stagnant, they're desperate for cash. These folks hold jobs, so they have a money stream...
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Martha Burk
High Court Vs. Working Women
On May 29, the Bush Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Roberts delivered what could be a devastating blow to women experiencing discrimination in pay and promotion. After many years of employment...
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James P. Pinkerton
Homeland Security Weak as its Leader
HERE ARE TWO REASONS the American people don't trust the federal government to keep them secure - and why the immigration deal is likely to fail, cracking up on the rocks of public mistrust. Consider...
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Aziz Huq
Bush's Plan to Erode Our Liberties
Early this week, judge advocates halted two prosecutions in the Guantánamo military commissions established under the 2006 Military Commissions Act (MCA). This is not the first setback the...
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Charles N. Davis
Holding Back the Public's Right to Information
CONGRESS, apparently content to explore ever new depths in public disapproval, is on the verge of having a single member derail the most meaningful reform in years of the federal Freedom of...
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Friday, June 8, 2007
Daniel Vallin
Separate and Not Equal-- the G8 Reveals our Apartheid Style Democracy
By the time you read this, another G8 summit meeting will be over. And, to quote the ever-quotable Shakespeare, it will once again have been a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,...
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David Michael Green
The Gore Door
It's fair to say that this is not the very worst of times in American history. The British are not marching through the homeland, burning down the White House. We are not murdering each other by the...
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Rosa María Pegueros
Bobby Kennedy: In Memory Yet Green
Thirty-nine years ago today, I came of age. I was seventeen, about to graduate from high school and I had spent that exhilarating spring volunteering for Senator Bobby Kennedy's campaign. I wasn't...
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Olga Bonfiglio
Life In The 00's
Yes, I sure wish we could go back and live the life of the 1950s. It was a happy, simpler time. America was booming economically and other nations of the world liked us, even admired us. True, we had...
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Mark Morford
iPhone Will Broker World Peace
Luscious Uber-Gizmo Also Rumored To Cure Brain Cancer, Provide Oral Sex. All True!
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Andrew Greeley
'Long War' Plan Short On Substance
Plan B is beginning to emerge -- the followup to the strategy of the "the surge," which is the current strategy. The president recently has been comparing the Iraq war with the Korean War. Both, he...
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Elizabeth Sullivan
Bush Traveling With An Old Script
Backdropped by the Slovenian Alps and a sparkling blue sky, Presi dent Bush first looked into Vladimir Putin's eyes six years ago and grasped "a sense of his soul." The warmth of the two leaders'...
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Tom Engelhardt
The Great American Disconnect
Iraq Has Always Been "South Korea" for the Bush Administration
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P. H. Liotta
We're Nearing Climate's Tipping Point
MARK TWAIN once quipped that "everybody talks about the weather, but nobody ever does anything about it." While Twain's remarks were tongue-in-cheek, they took on resonance in the wake of NASA...
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Ellen Goodman
President Heats Up The Cold War
WASHINGTON -- President Bush says the Cold War is over but his latest military move and the reaction of Russian President Vladimir Putin make me wonder. Despite his reassuring words, Bush triggered a...
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Simon Jenkins
In Iraq's Four-Year Looting Frenzy, The Allies Have Become The Vandals
British and American Collusion In The Pillaging of Iraq's Heritage Is A Scandal That Will Outlive Any Passing Conflict
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Ronald Aronson
The New Atheists
What began with publisher W.W. Norton taking a chance on a gutsy, hyperbolic and idiosyncratic attack on religion by a graduate student in neuroscience has grown into a remarkable intellectual wave...
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The Katrina Vanden Heuvel
Bush in "Fantasyland"
Last month's failed missile defense test was categorized as a "No Test" by the Missile Defense Agency (MDA). The target missile didn't fly into range of the interceptor so it was never launched. Even...
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Marie Cocco
Improvisational Justice
WASHINGTON-Now we've bungled our own kangaroo courts. Two military judges, acting separately in the cases of two alleged terrorists, have dismissed war crimes charges against both. The legal...
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Rosa Brooks
At Gitmo, It All Hinges On A Word
If Military Tribunals Can Only Try 'Unlawful' Enemy Combatants, They May Have No Authority Over Guantanamo Detainees.
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New York Times Editorial
It's Subpeona Time
For months, senators have listened to a parade of well-coached Justice Department witnesses claiming to know nothing about how nine prosecutors were chosen for firing. This week, it was the turn of...
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Paul Krugman
Lies, Sighs and Politics
In Tuesday's Republican presidential debate, Mitt Romney completely misrepresented how we ended up in Iraq. Later, Mike Huckabee mistakenly claimed that it was Ronald Reagan's birthday. Guess which...
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Thursday, June 7, 2007
Marjorie Cohn
No Unlawful Enemy Combatants at Guantanamo
In 2002, Donald Rumsfeld famously called the detainees at Guantánamo "the worst of the worst." General Richard B. Myers, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, warned they were "very dangerous...
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The G8 leaders at the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm, Germany Thursday June 7, 2007. From Left to Right:  British Prime Minister Tony Blair,  Russian President Vladimir Putin,  European Commission President Juan Manuel Barroso, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, President George W. Bush, and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. G8 Photo Heather Wokusch
Yet Another G8 Farce
Few expect the G8 summit taking place in Heiligendamm, Germany from June 6-8 to yield positive results. The main question is how much damage Bush will do to US international standing during these...
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Michael Shaw
Reading The Pictures: Have We Just Seen The Last Combat Injury In Iraq?
©Michael Kamber: Latifiyah, Iraq. May 19, 2007. What you're looking at, I'm afraid, is a potentially historic image. Specifically, the photo above -- taken by embedded photojournalist Michael Kamber...
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Paul Reickhoff
As The Turkish Army Storms Into Iraq, CNN Is Stupider Than Usual
Yesterday, when I heard that thousands of Turkish troops may have crossed the border into Iraq, I was extremely concerned. Turkey has been building up its military forces on the Iraqi border for some...
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Zachary Katznelson
In Guantanamo, Men Shadow-Box For Their Lives
Have Your Hopes Dashed Enough and You Start To Question If There Is Ever A Way Out
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Roberto Rodriguez
Climate of Fear, Hate Makes Immigrants Villains
Is anyone old enough to remember the expression "Go back to Africa"? Can anyone remember when the lynchings of blacks and Asians and the hunting down of American Indians and Mexicans were commonplace...
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Dilip Hiro
Putin's Popularity
Russian Voters Crave Stability and Security, Which Is Why Vladimir Putin's Quasi-Authoritarian System Continues To Score An Enviable Approval Rating
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Richard Gott
The Battle Over The Media Is About Race As Well As Class
The Protests in Venezuela Are Motivated By More Than A TV Station. The Oligarchy Fears It Is Losing Its Right To Run The Country
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Matthew Rothschild
Why Bush Will Pardon Libby, Soon
T he only thing that dampens my cheer at the Scooter Libby sentence is the lead-pipe likelihood of a Bush pardon. There's a lot of speculation that even if Bush decides to pardon Libby, he wouldn't...
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Philip Mattera
The Greenwashing Of America
In the business world these days, it appears that just about everything is for sale. Multibillion-dollar deals are commonplace, and even venerable institutions such as the Wall Street Journal find...
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Bill Boyarsky
The Biggest Loser
In the contest for Worst President Ever, who's the winner—Richard M. Nixon or George W. Bush? It's a depressing question but relevant now that we are picking Bush's replacement. For Nixon had, just...
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Garrison Keillor
Making A Case For SimpleLife In A Small Town
I bought a jar of elderberry jelly and an armload of rhubarb at a small-town festival last week, simply because the seller was a slender, fair-haired, luminous beauty who happened to be Amish,...
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Robert S. McElvaine
Is It Anti-Americanism or Just Anti-Bushism?
Australia - "In Papua New Guinea," a woman said to my wife when we were in that country recently, "we used to look up to the United States, see it as our father, our model. Now we are afraid of the...
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Patt Morrison
Green Guilt Trip
Too Lazy To Recycle? Here's How Much You're Wasting.
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Martin Wachtelborn
A Democratic World Is Possible
"Another world is possible" is the motto of those who are protesting against this year's Group of Eight summit, which began Wednesday at the German resort town of Heiligendamm. For globalization...
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Wednesday, June 6, 2007
Leutisha Stills
The Black Caucus' Fatal FOX News Embrace
The leadership and majority of the 43-member Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is certainly "dancing with the Devil" in their obscene pursuit of presidential debate face-time on FOX News, the...
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Bob Dreyfuss
Financing The Imperial Armed Forces: A Trillion Dollars and Nowhere to Go but Up
War critics are rightly disappointed over the inability of congressional Democrats to mount an effective challenge to President Bush's Iraq adventure. What began as a frontal assault on the war, with...
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Corporate Crime Reporter
NYU Professor Robert Boyden Lamb Cares Deeply about Nuclear Power
Who is professor Robert Boyden Lamb?And why does he care so deeply about nuclear power? On May 25, 2007, USA Today published a letter from Robert Boyden Lamb, a professor at New York University's...
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Robert Shetterly
What Would Jonah Do?
And heaved and heaved, still unrestingly heaved the black sea, as if its vast tides were a conscience; and the great mundane soul were in anguish and remorse for the long sin and suffering it had...
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Ira Chernus
Six Day War Transformed American Jewish Life
The Six-Day War transformed the world of Palestinians, Israelis, and also -- lest we forget -- American Jews. Here in the U.S. "Jewish" and "Israel" have been linked so closely for the last forty...
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Doug Grow
Through His Work For Wellstone Act, Son Is Adding To His Father's Legacy
There are places David Wellstone would rather be. On the charter fishing boat he operates in Hawaii, for example. Or his home near Santa Cruz, Calif., not far from brother Mark's place. But...
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Ted Rall
Left Turn: The Political Pendulum Swings Back
America's experiment with neofascism is coming to an end. He came to office in a coup d'etat and consolidated power after 9/11. George W. Bush may be our worst president in history--certainly in...
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Pat LaMarche
US Failing To Support Our Soldiers
No just society should allow profit for the powerful from the suffering of the few.
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Andrea Otanez
A Menacing Tide Against Women Who Speak Their Minds
The glorious Internet offers us more ways than ever to triangulate the truth and then opine about it on our favorite blog. But, oh my, the inglorious invective that pockmarks those virtual town...
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Chris Huhne
Warm Words Won't Save Us
The G8 Must Show Bush That On Climate Change Compromise Is Futile
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Katrina Vanden Heuvel
Lou Dobbs and Leprosy
Last week, New York Times columnist David Leonhardt wrote of Lou Dobbs' tenuous relationship with the truth — "a somewhat flexible relationship with reality"— and his refusal to own up to an...
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