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Monday, January 14, 2008
Stephen A. Marglin
Where Have You Gone, George Bailey?
Another holiday season has come and gone with more reruns of Frank Capra's "It's a Wonderful Life." We could sure use banker George Bailey now that the mortgage mess threatens to do what the...
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Cynthia Tucker
Voter ID Scam Is the Real Fraud
If the U.S. Supreme Court upholds Indiana's harsh voter ID law, as its justices seem poised to do, hundreds of thousands of black Americans should march in protest. So should hundreds of thousands of...
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State Secrets: Government Officials Making It Harder and Harder to Hold Them Accountable
"Democracies die behind closed doors." If that's the case, democracy in America is in dire need of CPR. Since President Bush took office, greater secrecy in government has been the norm, and it often...
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Paul Krugman
Responding to Recession
Suddenly, the economic consensus seems to be that the implosion of the housing market will indeed push the U.S. economy into a recession, and that it's quite possible that we're already in one. As a...
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Johann Hari
President Bush's Only Achievement in the Middle East is to Increase the Power of Iran
The most soaring rhetoric about democracy is swiftly choked to death by petrol fumes
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Andy Worthington
The Future of Guantánamo
After the sixth anniversary, is there a growing consensus that the prison should be closed and if so, how can it be achieved?
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Beth Quinn
Seven Down, One Year to Go for America
As I watched Americans caucus in Iowa and enter voting booths in New Hampshire these past two weeks, I felt the first stirrings of hope for my country that I've felt in a very long time. It is as...
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Chris Hedges
The End of the Road for George W. Bush
The Gilbert and Sullivan charade of statesmanship played out by George W. Bush and his enabler, Condoleezza Rice, as they wander the Middle East is a fitting end to seven years of misrule. Despots...
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Ira Chernus
Is Religion a Threat to Democracy?
Faith Talk on the Campaign Trail
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Sunday, January 13, 2008
Frank Rich
Haven't We Heard This Voice Before?
She had me at "Well, that hurts my feelings." One cliché about Hillary Clinton is true. For whatever reason - and it's no crime - the spontaneous, outgoing person who impresses those who meet her...
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John J. Mearsheimer
Candidates' Unconditional Support Isn't Right for Jewish State
Once again, as the presidential campaign season heats up, the leading candidates are going to enormous lengths to demonstrate their devotion to the state of Israel and their steadfast commitment to...
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Clint Talbott
Truth About Abstinence
Simple answers to complex problems are often appealing. Given the nuance and complexity of the human condition, however, simple edicts are the wrong way to change the behavior of the masses. That is...
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Armando Iannucci
Barack Obama - I'm Sure We've Seen Him Somewhere Before
Like Will Smith, who in the new film I Am Legend wakes up to find himself the last man alive in a world of zombies, am I now the only person left on the planet who finds Barack Obama a little bit...
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Danny Schechter
When a 'Rescue' Is Not: Bank of America Buys Countrywide
When Will 'Rescue Me' Become A New National Anthem?
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Virginia Lockett
Living in the Material World
I came home from Vietnam in 1996 with two adopted children and a different point of view. My family and I lived on a little farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia in those days and we were doing...
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Saturday, January 12, 2008
Peter Hart
New Hampshire Fiasco? Adding context to campaign coverage
Leading up to the New Hampshire primary, the storyline on the Democratic side was the disastrous state of the Clinton campaign. Her loss was a given; it seemed the only considerations were the margin...
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Bonnie Block
Torture Is Illegal, Immoral and Ineffective
I was appalled by a recent letter that attempted to normalize torture. The letter writer and other apologists do this by limiting what is defined as torture, minimizing its effects and arguing that...
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Chris Petrak
Bush Is for the Birds, but What About Birdwatchers?
Every issue of Audubon, the magazine of the National Audubon Society , has a section of "Field Notes" -- brief items about birds, wildlife, and conservation that have recently been in the news. In...
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Eric Alterman
Blowhards and Windbags
The media's myopic obsession with campaign narratives over events of real significance does a disservice to the public
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Sean Gonsalves
Whither the Working Class Hero?
"A working class hero is something to be" - John Lennon Dear John, What do you think about a "Working Class Hero" remix? Maybe change the chorus a bit. "A working class hero was something to be..."...
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Ray McGovern
Gulf Shenanigans: No Laughing Matter
When the Tonkin Gulf incident took place in early August 1964, I was a journeyman CIA analyst in what Condoleezza Rice refers to as "the bowels of the agency." As current intelligence referent for...
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Christopher Brauchli
Humane Executions?
It hath often been said, that it is not death, but dying which is terrible. --Henry Fielding, Amelia The question everyone is asking is whether anything is happening in the United States of America...
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Friday, January 11, 2008
Garrett Epps
The Voter ID Fraud
The case is called Crawford v. Marion County Election Board. It tests an Indiana statute, passed in 2005, requiring voters to present a government-issued ID before they can cast a ballot. The law is...
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Jonathan Steele
Welcome, Mr President, to the Misery You've Created
In eight years Palestinians have seen the bald eagle of enlightened US power degenerate into a phoney, biased, cynical lame duck
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Moazzam Begg
Guantánamo: How Much Longer?
The notorious prison is six years old today. But despite calls from across the US political spectrum, it doesn't look likely to close soon
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Catherine Fransson and Jamal Rahman
Denial of Contraception Is Immoral
Late last year, a federal judge granted an injunction allowing pharmacists in Washington to deny access to a valid, legal prescription, if they chose. We believe the decision is wrong and are pleased...
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Anthony D. Romero
Our Shameful Guantánamo Anniversary
Today, America's Guantánamo era enters its seventh shameful year. If we are ever to regain our standing as a nation committed to the rule of law and fundamental human rights, we must close the...
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Amy Goodman
The Broadcasters' Big Payday
Hillary Clinton's surprise victory in New Hampshire guarantees a longer, more competitive Democratic primary season. It's like money in the bank for broadcasters, as the first billion-dollar...
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Amitabh Pal
Bush Visits His Odious Saudi Friend
How do you punish the principal global purveyor of fundamentalist Islam, someone who backed the Taliban and continues to harshly suppress political freedoms, women and religious minorities? If you're...
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Paul Krugman
The Comeback Continent
Today I'd like to talk about a much-derided contender making a surprising comeback, a comeback that calls into question much of the conventional wisdom of American politics. No, I'm not talking about...
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Paul Rogat Loeb
Media Misses Story: Obedwards Wins New Hampshire
As media commentators proclaim Hillary Clinton's rebirth from the ashes of defeat, they miss a critical story--Obama and Edwards won the New Hampshire primary. Add together Obama's 36 percent and...
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Rosa Maria Pegueros
Guantánamo — Six Years of Impunity
Twenty years ago, when I was the coordinator of a city program for the homeless, I spent an afternoon in jail, with an aching head from being put in a headlock and slammed against a wall by a rogue...
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David Michael Green
Dispatch From the North Country: Of Hamsters New, Hope in Blue, and 'Change' out the Wazoo
Anybody up for some change? That's the operative word in American politics this week. Of course, change can mean a whole lot of different things. Loose change. Chump change. Change of heart. Quick...
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Stephen Zunes
Barack Obama on the Middle East
The strong showings by Senator Barack Obama of Illinois in the early contests for the Democratic presidential nomination don't just mark a repudiation of the Bush administration's Iraq policy and "...
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Robert Weissman
The First Amendment Gone Wild: Big Pharma's 'Right' to Find Out What Doctors Are Prescribing
The founders of the United States took the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the concepts of free speech and freedom of conscience very seriously. "Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a...
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Thursday, January 10, 2008
Naomi Schalit
Religion-Politics Mix Gives Rise to Fear
I grew up in a household where among our many guests were older people with tattooed numbers on their arms. They spoke with accents -- Polish, German, French. These were friends of my parents who had...
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Michael Gould-Wartofsky
Repress U, Class of 2008: How to Build a Homeland Security Campus in Seven Steps
Free speech zones. Taser guns. Hidden cameras. Data mining. A new security curriculum. Private security contractors... Welcome to the new homeland security campus
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Cindy Sheehan
And the Oscar Goes to…
...Hillary Clinton! For phoniest display of belated emotion in a Presidential campaign! Hillary's recent emotion at the tanking of her multi-million dollar; mass pandering campaign reminded me of a...
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Ari Savitzky and David Segal
The Glories of the 'Single Transferable Vote'
In many respects, it's legitimate to scoff at the influential role that the Iowa caucuses play in the election of our president: Iowa is far from demographically representative of the nation as a...
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Erik Leaver
Iraq Outlook 2008
January 10th marks the one year anniversary of Bush's " surge " strategy. Many analysts are now claiming the "surge" is a success, but with no end in sight to the war, the year of the "surge" really...
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Rosa Brooks
Sex, Race and Gen Y Voters
Even the dimmest media bulbs have noticed that there's something a little different about this year's crop of Democratic presidential candidates. Hillary Clinton, who won the New Hampshire primary,...
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Lauren Wolfe
Young Voters Are Reshaping the Political Map and Politicians Are Listening
After the results from Iowa and New Hampshire, we can safely say: discount young voters at your own risk in 2008. This year, with the choice between Democratic candidates who are offering change and...
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Barbara Ehrenreich
Recession--Who Cares?
The soothsayers have slaughtered the ox and are examining the gloppy entrails for signs: rising unemployment, a falling dollar, weak consumer spending, the credit crisis, a swooning stock market...
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Tom Hayden
Anti-War Lessons From New Hampshire
Thousands of idealists marched door-to-door through the snows and delivered a decisive message that the times were changing. From that moment forward, the establishment and its war policies began...
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Joyce Marcel
Why the Writers Strike Matters
When it comes to the writers strike, I have two dogs in this hunt. Maybe three. Or four, if you count my innate love of underdogs.Don't be confused by the beards, the stars carrying signs, the...
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Frances Kissling
Why I'm Still Not for Hillary Clinton
Women voters rallied en masse for her -- but she has run as a stereotypical male and represents the same old cowardly Clintonian politics.
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Ariel Werner
A Response to Gloria Steinem
January 9, 2008 Ms. Steinem, In your op-ed, " Women Are Never Front-Runners ," you claim that a woman with Barack Obama's record, experience, and biography would not be considered a viable candidate...
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Yifat Susskind
Who Is Killing the Women of Basra?
In Basra, Iraq's second largest city, 2008 was ushered in with an announcement of the 2007 death toll of women targeted by Islamist militias. City officials reported on December 31 that 133 women...
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Stephen Zunes
Lantos' Tarnished Legacy
Pundits responded to news of the retirement of Representative Tom Lantos (D-CA) at the end of his current term with platitudes and praise. They have focused primarily on his heroic role as a...
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Wednesday, January 9, 2008
Russell Mokhiber
Why Picket the New York Times in Washington on Friday?
Well, it has to do with a movie I just saw. It's called Body of War. ( ) It was produced by Phil Donahue. The star of the movie is a young man named Tomas Young. He's an Iraq war vet...
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Bangor Daily News Editorial
Cheney Impeachment
Over the past 18 months, a core group of Democrats and others from the left has steadfastly maintained that President Bush and Vice President Cheney should be impeached. Mainstream Democrats in...
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Seumas Milne
Those Who Talk Democracy Should Listen to Iraq's People
The surge has only bought time for the US in Iraq. There will be no reconciliation without complete withdrawal
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Simon Jenkins
The West Has Not Just Repressed Democracy. It Has Aided Terror
Pakistan has as many paradigms as pundits. What is clear, however, is that meddling will only ever foment disorder
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Benjamin R. Barber
Malawi's 'Free Trade' Revolt
First World hypocrisy on farm subsidies pushed the African nation to defy the World Bank.
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Deborah Whitford
US Should Resist Linguistic Terrorism of English-Only Laws
Language is a difficult subject to discuss dispassionately because it's our essence. So when two languages come cheek to jowl, as English and Spanish have in the United States, it becomes a hot issue...
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Thomas Schaller
Rise of Obama Jolts Democrats - and GOP
For the better part of a year, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton was expected to be the Democrats' 2008 presidential nominee. Polls showed her leading nationally and in key primary states. Bettors favored...
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John Nichols
On to Michigan, Nevada... and Maybe Oregon
New Hampshire has rewritten a script that called for settling the Democratic and Republican presidential nomination contests by February 5 at the latest. The state that on the eve of its first-in-the...
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Ru Freeman
The Morning After: Race or Gender? Neither.
Gloria Steinem, writing an op ed in the New YorkTimes yesterday, the day after droves of older people turned out to vote for the status quo in New Hampshire, hands her support over to Hillary Clinton...
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Robert Scheer
Playing the Class Card
As long as Hillary Clinton, and now Gloria Steinem, has chosen to play the women's card against the race card, let me throw in a third one: the class card. Clinton claimed in the New Hampshire...
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Ira Chernus
Bush's Israel Problem -- and Ours
No one knows what's in George W. Bush's mind as he heads off for Israel and Palestine. Perhaps he himself doesn't know exactly why he's making the trip. But if he is really going to burnish his...
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Tom Engelhardt
The $100 Barrel of Oil vs. the Global War on Terror
The Bush Legacy (Take Two)
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Ruth Conniff
Knocking Hillary for All the Wrong Reasons
I watched Hillary's supposed "crack up" and the interview afterward on Fox yesterday.
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Tuesday, January 8, 2008
David Lindorff
What Is This 'Iranian Provocation' BS?
Not one news story about this week's latest chapter in the administration's ongoing effort to gin up a crazy war with Iran--the so-called "provocation" caused by Iranian naval speedboats approaching...
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Elizabeth Sullivan
Creating an Intersection for Politics and Science
"Almost all of the major challenges we will face as a nation in this new century, from the environment, national security and economic competitiveness to energy strategies, have a scientific or...
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Jonathan Schell
A Season of Change
Change, change, change, change, change! With astounding unanimity, throughout the politic sphere--in the campaigns, in the media coverage, in pollsters' surveys--the word "change" is bubbling on...
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John Holdridge and Cassandra Stubbs
Debunking the Death Penalty Deterrence Myth
Imagine the moments leading up to a murder. Are we to believe a person about to commit a homicide would consider whether or not his state has a death penalty as opposed to just life imprisonment...
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H.D.S. Greenway
Dynastic Politics at Work
There were lifted eyebrows in America when Pakistan's largest political party chose a 19-year-old Oxford student to be its leader. But then Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is only following in the footsteps...
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Marie Cocco
Justice Is Blind, but Can She Vote?
The most revealing indicator of the state of our democracy is not to be found in the snowdrifts of New Hampshire but in the marbled chamber of the U.S. Supreme Court. Soon enough we will discover...
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John Buell
US-Peru Trade Deal Adds Insult to NAFTA's Injury
Late last year, in especially untimely action, the U.S. Senate (with Sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe voting yes) ratified the U.S.-Peru Free Trade Agreement. Just as its predecessor, the North...
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Jesse Jackson
Obama's Success Is Making Us All Winners
Barack Obama's stunning victory in Iowa lifts our hearts, no matter whom we support. You can't help but be touched by a brilliant, passionate African American with a message of hope winning the vote...
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Bill Boyarsky
The Battleground of New Hampshire
When Hillary Clinton, seriously set back by the Iowa caucuses, landed in New Hampshire to resuscitate her presidential campaign, the first question from the audience was unsparingly blunt: "When will...
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Jeff Miller
NCLB: Goodbye to Bad Law, Hello to Opportunity
The demise of the federal No Child Left Behind law is imminent. It's unlikely to be reauthorized this year because the coalition that promoted the 2002 law has hopelessly splintered. So 2009 will...
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Richard Gwyn
Right Words Said at the Right Time Can Cause a Political Revolution
America is America again. America, that is to say, is once again America at its best - optimistic, risk-taking, extraordinarily resilient and with the energy and nerve it takes to do things. Or, at...
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David Corn
Desperate in NH: Fibbing About Obama and Iraq?
Campaigning in Dover, New Hampshire the day before the primary, Senator Hillary Clinton once again pounded Barack Obama for being big on talk and small on deeds. And before a crowd that could barely...
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Monday, January 7, 2008
Sean Gonsalves
Making Change in a 'Ballotocracy'
"Ballotocracy is not democracy." -- Richard Haass, president of Council on Foreign Relations. I'm old enough to remember when parents actually made their children go outside and play. Matter of fact...
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Mark Dunlea
Can Incrementalism Be the Path to Universal Health Care?
Governor Spitzer and state lawmakers seek an evidence-based plan that will bring comprehensive health care to all of the people of New York State, a result that almost everyone would like to see...
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Leonard Pitts Jr.
Years After 9/11, Nation Remains Scared
The authorities would just come into your home, grab your mother, your brother, your dad and take them away. No warning, no warrant, no appeal. Thirty thousand people were disappeared that way, she...
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Joshua Hoyt
Immigration Issue Fizzles Again
One of the rituals of going after that elusive big-game target, the "Middle-America White Male Voter," is the hunting trip. The day after Christmas, Mike Huckabee tromped through the Iowa fields with...
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Ralph Nader
An Obama Fable--It's All About the Mood, Dude
The Obamarama Campaign Express was roaring down a New Hampshire highway near Nashua when an aide spotted the sprawling No Holds Barred Sports Bar. "Let's stop the bus," she urged, "and do some random...
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Nick Nyhart
Partisanship Fueled by Funds
In Norman today and Monday, veteran political luminaries from both sides of the aisle are convening to figure out how America can end the polarization and extreme partisanship in today's political...
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Claudia Lefko
The Humanitarian Crisis for Iraq's Children Continues
I imagine I am not alone in despairing at the end of the year. While others look forward, I am haunted by what we did not accomplish in 2007. Particularly devastating is the ongoing war and...
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Paul Rogat Loeb
Still True to Obedwards--Why I Keep Donating to Both Edwards and Obama
It makes me feel like an indecisive mugwump, but in the wake of the Iowa caucuses, I've sent money to both Edwards and Obama. In a month, I'll have to choose, but as long as they're backing each...
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Martin Schönfeld
Climate 2007- Trying to Make Sense of the Year of Records
At the beginning of 2008, we're chugging out more CO2 emissions than ever; the world climate system has started to tip over; and it is on record that the USA torpedoed Bali -- a policy decision with...
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John Nichols
The Return of the King... for Kucinich
Anyone who has seen the trilogy of "Lord of the Rings" films knows that Aragorn is up for a daunting battle. And so it should probably come as no surprise that the actor who played the king has...
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Gary Younge
An Obama Victory Would Symbolise a Great Deal and Change Very Little
The Democrat frontrunner has created a new constituency: its roots are not in race or class but in age and ideology
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Frida Berrigan
The Fog of War Crimes
Who’s to blame when ‘just following orders’ means murder?
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James Carroll
Obama and the Ghosts of Racism
"They said this day would never come," Barack Obama declared in Iowa last week, and the ghosts of this nation nodded. With an African-American competing seriously for the presidency of the United...
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Paul Krugman
From Hype to Fear
The unemployment report on Friday was brutally bad. Unemployment rose in December, while job creation was minimal - and it's highly likely, for technical reasons, that the job number will be revised...
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Chalmers Johnson
Imperialist Propaganda
Second Thoughts on Charlie Wilson's War
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Sunday, January 6, 2008
George McGovern
Why I Believe Bush Must Go
Nixon Was Bad. These Guys Are Worse
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Frank Rich
They Didn't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow
After so many years of fear and loathing, we had almost forgotten what it's like to feel good about our country. On Thursday night, that long-dormant emotion came rushing back, like an old dream that...
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Tom Hayden
US Military Escalation Gets Underway In Pakistan
The US government is considering direct military intervention in the tribal areas of Pakistan, risking an escalated conflict with Pashtun nationalism in the name of crushing al Qaeda. An essay in...
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Danny Schechter
'The Urgency of Now': Our Politicians In Economic Denial
Why The Economic Crisis Has To Become 'The' Political Issue for 2008
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Shepherd Bliss
Survival Tools — Farming, Stories, Poetry, Writing, and Leaning
I farm with an old-fashioned scythe, which I use to cut grass. I relish how my body feels as it dances in the field while swinging this long, efficient tool. I enjoy seeing what I am cutting and thus...
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Anthony Cody
Why No Child Left Behind Should Be Scrapped
America's schools have fallen into a giant trap. This trap is epic in its dimensions, because the people capable of leading us out of it have been silenced, and the initiative that could help us is...
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Benazir Bhutto Eric Margolis
Pakistan's 10% Solution
Husband -- and teenaged son -- of slain leader hope to gain power in troubled nation
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Saturday, January 5, 2008
Neal Starkman
Everything I Know I Learned Since Jan. 20, 2001
Being a Christian is the best. It's not really OK to be a Jew unless you live in Israel, the Promised Land. Mormons should learn how to be more Christian. Everyone else should convert or die. The U.S...
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Tamara Henry
Science Education: Another Casualty of NCLB?
"If you can hear my voice, show me a Joshua Tree Cactus... If you can hear my voice, show me a butterfly's proboscis." As soon as I gave these instructions, the twenty or so first graders at my...
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Matthew Thomas Miller
'The Kite Runner' Critiqued: New Orientalism Goes to the Big Screen
While The Kite Runner movie is now captivating audiences throughout the country-much as the book did four years ago-with its enthralling tale of "family, forgiveness, and friendship" and the promise...
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Harvey Wasserman
Anti-Nuclear Renaissance: A Powerful but Partial and Tentative Victory Over Atomic Energy
As the presidential primary season heats up, an "anti-nuclear renaissance" against loan guarantees for new nuclear power plants will escalate, with the future of American energy policy and global...
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