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Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Patrick Cockburn
Iraq: Divided and Disintegrating
Iraq is disintegrating faster than ever. The Turkish army invaded the north of the country last week and is still there. Iraqi Kurdistan is becoming like Gaza where Israel can send in its tanks and...
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Walt Gardner
Lessons From Finland: The Way to Education Excellence
When Finland's 15-year-olds recently placed No.1 in math and science on the recent Program for International Student Assessment, the news of the coup was received in Helsinki with characteristic...
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Pat LaMarche
Racial Disparity: A Real Reason to Cry
Are you crying? Are you crying? ARE YOU CRYING? There's no crying! THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!" Once heard, those immortal words spoken by Tom Hanks playing the part of Coach Dugan in that epic...
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Thomas Schaller
Clinton Squanders Support With Inept, Unseemly Campaign
The big-state primaries in Ohio and Texas are less than a week away, yet Sen. Hillary Clinton has already forfeited. Oh, she's still running against fellow Sen. Barack Obama for the Democratic...
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Dave Zirin
Can't Knock the Hassle: Chávez Challenges Baseball
"Marines shouldered bats next to their rifles when they imposed imperial order in a region by blood and fire. Baseball then became for the people of the Caribbean what baseball is to us." -Eduardo...
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Noam Chomsky
The Most Wanted List: International Terrorism
On February 13, Imad Moughniyeh, a senior commander of Hizbollah, was assassinated in Damascus. "The world is a better place without this man in it," State Department spokesperson Sean McCormack said...
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Robert Scheer
What the Times Didn't Tell About McCain
As Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain twisted briefly in the wind kicked up by that New York Times story suggesting he had swapped political favors for the personal favors of an...
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William Hartung
Say It Ain't So, Ralph!
I had mixed feelings when some friends of mine pointed out that Ralph Nader had mentioned me as an "independent military analyst" in his Sunday appearance on NBC's Meet the Press. In responding to a...
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Harvey Wasserman
Did Turkey Point Again Take Florida to the Radioactive Brink?
As many as two million Floridians were blacked out yesterday by a series of grid malfunctions that forced shut two old atomic reactors south of Miami and renewed nightmares of a radioactive...
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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Erika Bolstad
Exxon Valdez: Long Voyage to Justice
On Wednesday, Supreme Court takes up oil giant's final appeal of $2.5 billion in damages awarded in wake of 1989 spill
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Leslie Griffith
US Quietly Breaks UN Treaty
On Friday, at a United Nations meeting in Geneva, the United States broke a series of legal promises. Keeping those promises would have proved extremely embarrassing to the United States government...
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Arjun Makhijani
Nuclear Is Not the Right Alternative Energy Source
New plants are risky, costly and unnecessary
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Scott Ritter
The Mughniyeh Enigma
Imad Mughniyeh is dead, killed in a Feb. 12 car bomb attack carried out by as yet unidentified assailants in a Damascus suburb. Mughniyeh, a Lebanese, had been the head of Hezbollah's Jihad Council,...
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Simon Lewis
Climate Change Is Killing Us. It's Time for a Body Count
In April last year a group of environmentalists shut down E.ON's coalfired power station in Ratcliffe-on-Soar. The goal: to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and, in their words, "save lives"...
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George Monbiot
Pro-Death: Religious Conservatives Are Responsible for High Abortion Rates
Who carries the greatest responsibility for the deaths of unborn children in this country? I accuse the leader of the Catholic church in England and Wales, His Eminence Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'...
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Robert Weitzel and Meredith DeFrancesco
Salvadorans Offer Lesson on Trampling of Rights
In 2006 the government of El Salvador replaced lawful dissent with U.S.-inspired anti-terrorism legislation as its national policy. In return, the Salvadoran people are offering Americans an object...
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Sarah Henly-Shepard
For Sustainable Food Choices, Go Home-Grown
City should work together to boost the availability of locally produced food
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Kevin Martin
Obama, Clinton, Dems: Show Leadership, Make Change Happen, End the War Now
Next year, or more likely 2010, will be too late for the thousands more who will die or be maimed in Iraq
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Ed Garvey
Nader Is Too Late to Play, and Stakes Are Too High
The New York Times reported the other day that Ralph Nader was thinking of running for president this year and before anyone could holler "No Más!" Ralph went on "Meet the Press" and announced he is...
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Carol V. Hamilton
Fetishizing the Flag
An article in Sunday's New York Times reports on conservative hostility to Obama. He doesn't wear a flag pin, they complain, and he doesn't put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem. In...
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Ira Chernus
Election-Watchers May Miss Chances for Peace
Now that the Academy Awards have been presented, we can all turn our attention back to the one competition that really matters, the world's greatest spectator sport: the choosing of an American...
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Danny Schechter
The Crash That's Coming: More Bubbles Are Turning 'There Will Be Blood' From Fiction to Prophecy
Now that that this year's Oscars are history, imagine if you will, an awards ceremony honoring not the best of the best but the worst of the worst, not just spinoffs like the "Razzies" (the Golden...
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Helen Thomas
Bush Legacy Already Established
President Bush should stop worrying about his legacy. It's already established. By his deeds you shall know him; preemptive war, torture and wiretapping, for starters. Nothing said in history can...
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Monday, February 25, 2008
Maude Barlow
The Global Water Crisis and the Coming Battle for the Right to Water
The following is an excerpt of Chapter 5 in Maude Barlow's latest book, Blue Covenant . The Future of Water
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Julie Deardorff
We Chow Down on a Diet Salted With Mystery
Most of us have absolutely no idea where -- or from whom -- our food is coming, which is exactly how we like it. Factory farming isn't pretty, even when slaughterhouses obey regulations. And who...
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Juan Cole
Osama bin Laden's 'Second Life'
In virtual worlds, does it take two terrorists to tango? And how much should we worry about those secret stockpiles of cartoon weapons?
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John Nichols
Nader Runs, Obama Responds Wisely
Ralph Nader is running again for president. After four previous bids, mounted in varying forums and with varying goals, Nader is used to the slings and arrows that will be tossed his way. He is...
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Chris Bond
Long March of the Protesters Who Tried to Save the World
Critics often dismiss Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament supporters as a bunch of tub-thumping zealots. They remember the news footage of women chained to fences at Greenham Common during the mid 1980s...
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Chris Hedges
The Calm Before the Conflagration
The United States is funding and in many cases arming the three ethnic factions in Iraq-the Kurds , the Shiites and the Sunni Arabs . These factions rule over partitioned patches of Iraqi territory...
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Christopher D. Cook
Meat Roulette
Nauseating as it was, last week's record-setting beef recall and theapparentfeeding of meat from crippled "downer" cattle to our nation's children and others should come as little surprise. Although...
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James Carroll
'National Security': The Ghost Story
The unfolding political contest is a window into America's soul. The nation is arguing with itself. The candidates embody separate impulses. As voters choose sides, a red state-blue state polarity...
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Jen Marlowe
The Tightening Noose: Gaza Under Hamas, Gaza Under Siege
Images from Rafah flicker on my computer screen. Gazans blowing up chunks of the wall that stood between them and Egypt, punching holes in the largest open-air prison in the world and streaming...
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Johann Hari
The Diamond Heist That's Mass Murder
Almost unnoticed in the rich world, a trial for Crimes Against Humanity is taking place in the Hague. From a shiny modern courthouse, a medieval story is emerging - one where the poorest people in...
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Beth Quinn
A Thank-You Note to George W. Bush
It's time to give the devil his due. And I'm here to do it. I'm here to tip my hat to George Bush. That's right. You heard me. We owe a debt of gratitude to this president, and I'm here to...
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Sunday, February 24, 2008
Howard Zinn
Election Madness
There's a man in Florida who has been writing to me for years (ten pages, handwritten) though I've never met him. He tells me the kinds of jobs he has held-security guard, repairman, etc. He has...
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Greg Mitchell
Five Years Ago 'Embeds' Got Ready for War Duty in Iraq: How Did That Work Out?
In the autumn of 2002, the drumbeat began for a U.S. attack on Iraq. Our "coverage of the coverage" of the war has earned several prestigious national awards, but one of our most significant efforts...
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Paul Greenberg
The Extinction of Political Debate
It was sad, watching the two remaining contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination engage in a civil little sparring match in Austin on Thursday night. Because it was hard not to note, once...
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Tara McKelvey
What Happened to Mental Health Care for Vets?
The debate over the subject of suicide, and the treatment of soldiers and veterans, continues in Washington. Meanwhile, veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are killing themselves at an alarming rate.
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Sean Gonsalves
The Future of Black History?
"If Obama were to somehow prevail on election night, I would be OJ Simpson-acquittal shocked...The awe part wouldn't kick in until a few months later...If he actually lived aaaall the way from...
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Jonathan Rosen
The Relationship Between Humans and Nature: What a Little Bird Told Us
Once upon a time, there were parrots living in America. Not the escaped kind we know today that steal away from airports and apartments to find improbable refuge in Brooklyn or Chicago, but wild...
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Frank Rich
The Audacity of Hopelessness
When people one day look back at the remarkable implosion of the Hillary Clinton campaign, they may notice that it both began and ended in the long dark shadow of Iraq. It's not just that her...
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Dave Zweifel
War Cost Is the Real Danger to Our Security
The presumptive Republican nominee for president, John McCain, has positions on several issues that would make him a far better president than the current occupant of the White House. But on the one...
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Saturday, February 23, 2008
Elizabeth Holtzman
Cheney Impeachment: Courageous, but Not Surprising
For the first time since the Bush administration took office, three members of the House Judiciary Committee, Robert Wexler (D-FL), Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), and Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), are calling for...
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The Final Frontier
So, after years of trying, the U.S. military finally had a successful real world test of its anti-ballistic missile defense systems. The Pentagon claims that a three-stage missile launched from the...
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Christopher Brauchli
The Forgotten Promises of George Bush
If you can't give me your word of honor, will you give me your promise? --Samuel Goldwyn, The Great Goldwyn The man can't keep his word even though the words are always the same. Having mouthed them...
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Ralph Nader
'My Number One Priority Is to Protect You'
Like other families, the Bush family eats, uses medicines, and relies on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to assure the safety of vast amounts of both products. Like other families, more and...
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Paul Rogat Loeb
How Much Damage Will Clinton Do Before She Folds?
n the wake of ten straight losses, Clinton's going to need some miracles to win, and Mike Huckabee's already ahead of her in line for divine intervention. But the question is how much damage she'll...
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Stephen Zunes
Why Hillary Clinton's Iraq Vote Does Matter
In response to a series of articles in recent months regarding the foreign policy positions of Senator Hillary Clinton - in which, among other things, I have emphasized her October 2002 vote...
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Joseph L. Galloway
Some Inconvenient Truths, Conveniently Locked in a Safe
One of the great strengths of the American Army that was reborn in the wake of the disastrous Vietnam War has been a rigorous After-Action Review and Lessons Learned process that's conducted after...
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Glenn Greenwald
McConnell/Mukasey: Eavesdropping Outside of FISA Is 'Illegal'
The White House yesterday escalated its most brazen, Orwellian campaign of the last eight years -- shrilly accusing House Democrats of jeopardizing the nation's security by allowing the Protect...
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Joanne Landy and Thomas Harrison
Pushing Missile Defense in Europe
With the occupation of Iraq soon to enter its sixth year and the looming possibility of war against Iran, it's easy for Americans not to notice the Bush administration's attempt to expand the U.S...
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Friday, February 22, 2008
Sara Robinson
When Change Is Not Enough: The Seven Steps to Revolution
"Those who make peaceful evolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable." - John F. Kennedy There's one thing for sure: 2008 isn't anything like politics as usual. The corporate media (with...
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Congress Should Act to Preserve Net Neutrality
The Internet has spawned tremendous choice and innovation for consumers and businesses. But that would change if the phone and cable giants played favorites in who uses their broadband networks, and...
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Tom Gardner
Torture in 60s South Shows Error of Waterboarding
When I read about the increasing acceptance of waterboarding as a form of torture, I vividly recall how in 1968 members of the Memphis Police Department believed I could tell them information about...
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David Sirota
A Trade Transformation
When it came to sex, Bill Clinton made us debate the definition of "is." Now, when it comes to economics, Hillary Clinton wants to debate the definition of "long," claiming this week in Ohio that "I'...
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E.J. Dionne
Wellstone Would Be Smiling
If you want to talk about candidates borrowing from each other, consider how much Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are taking on loan from the late Sen. Paul Wellstone, the affable populist killed in...
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David M. Crane
The Scourge of Child Soldiers
Lost generations of children around the world are victims of warlords and tyrants
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Eric Schneiderman
Transforming the Liberal Checklist
Check off the boxes, copy the paragraph from two years ago, mail it in. As an election year approaches, I again face the piles of questionnaires that progressive organizations use to evaluate public...
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John Nichols
Valedictory in Texas...
It sounded like a concession. Hillary Clinton, after what came across more like a valedictory statement than a rallying cry, turned to the man who so soundly defeated her in this week's Wisconsin...
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No Retroactive Immunity for Unlawful Secret Wiretapping
The Washington dispute over extending the secret wiretapping law has fallen victim, not unexpectedly, to the fear-mongering and chest-thumping patriotism that has characterized so much of the post-9/...
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Shami Chakrabarti
Rendition: The Excuse That America Didn't Tell Us Doesn't Wash
Nearly three years and three foreign secretaries on from Liberty's first call for an investigation into UK involvement in extraordinary rendition flights, the Government has admitted that US...
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Wangari Maathai
Kenya Can't Solve It Alone
International help to end the crisis is not meddling but a moral duty, and our leaders must embrace it
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William D. Hartung
Dems: What About the Military Budget?
One issue that will not be discussed in tonight's presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is our nation's burgeoning military budget. Earlier this month, the Bush administration...
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Jessi Simek
Letter From a Young American
I am 23 years old, and in my conscious lifetime I have not seen an American President. I'm aware that while I have been alive, there have been people occupying the Oval Office and living in the White...
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David Michael Green
Love, American Style
Outside I hear the ground shaking Up from underneath It's only when the empire's breaking That you see their teeth (Al Stewart - "Rain Barrel") Americans love to think that we're a peaceful people,...
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Karen J. Greenberg
Visiting the Torture Museum
Barbarism Then and Now
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Thursday, February 21, 2008
Mark Lloyd and Joseph Torres
Net Neutrality Is a Civil Rights Issue
You might not know it, but there's a crucial debate happening now in Washington about the future of the Internet. Decisions made by Congress and the Federal Communications Commission in the next few...
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Amy Goodman
Lessons of Internment
Nearing 87 years old, Yuri Kochiyama lives in a small room in an Oakland, Calif., senior living facility. Her walls are adorned with photos, posters, postcards and mementos detailing a living history...
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Helen Thomas
McCain Foresees 100-Year War
If Americans want to continue the Iraq War, then Sen. John McCain - the apparent Republican presidential candidate and relentless hawk - is their man. It seems McCain was not kidding when he said the...
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Joshua Frank
Why Bush Wants to Legalize the Nuke Trade With Turkey
According to FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, there is a vast black market for nukes, and certain U.S. officials have been supplying sensitive nuclear technology information to Turkish and Israeli...
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Joe Conason
No 'Straight Talk' on Iraq Cost
As a presidential candidate, John McCain stands out not only for his vocal endorsement of the unpopular war in Iraq, but also because one of his own sons is a Marine Corps officer on active duty...
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Haroon Siddiqui
US Foreign Policy Failures Thrust Into Spotlight
This week brought two failures of American foreign policy into sharp focus - in Cuba and Pakistan. The Cuban catastrophe is familiar. Isolating Fidel Castro only helped consolidate his iron grip...
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Johann Hari
We'll Save the Planet Only if We're Forced To
Do you check every item you buy to make sure it is green and planet-friendly? Do you buy carbon offsets every time you fly? Stop. It is time to be honest: green consumerism is at best a draining...
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Mary Beth Maxwell
Elaine Chao's Absence of Accountability
In a recent six-part series, the Charlotte Observer exposes the horrendous working conditions of Carolina poultry workers, suffering among other things from unreported injuries, exploitation and...
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Margaret Krome
Politicians Must Change Tone of Immigration Debate
As we sat on my cousin's screen porch at night and listened to frogs and night birds, our conversation wasn't so terribly different from wintry conversations over coffee with some of Wisconsin's...
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Rosa Brooks
Bush's Africa Burden
The white house scramble for Africa came to an end this week -- symbolically, at least. During his tour of the continent, President Bush seized every opportunity to boast of his innovative approaches...
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Mort Rosenblum
Is It Torture? Try It
Ask any reporter who knows brutal regimes: No hairs can be split over torture. Victims see no ambiguity. The memory stays fresh all their lives. More than pain, they recall smoldering contempt for...
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Tim Newman
Rejecting Paternalism in Africa?
A central aspect of President Bush's trip to Africa is the promotion of neoliberal trade policies and foreign direct investment as a path to "empowerment" and a "culture of self-reliance and...
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Walden Bello
Capitalism in an Apocalyptic Mood
Skyrocketing oil prices, a falling dollar, and collapsing financial markets are the key ingredients in an economic brew that could end up in more than just an ordinary recession. The falling dollar...
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Cindy Sheehan
Open-Armed Policy
Last year, on the 5th anniversary of the opening of the Guantánamo torture camp in Cuba, I had the singular privilege of being able to travel there. Travel to Cuba by Americans is, of course, banned...
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Tom Hayden
'End the War in 2009'
In his victory speech in Texas Tuesday, Barack Obama promised to end the Iraq war in 2009, a new commitment that parallels recent opinion pieces in The Nation. Prior to his Houston remarks, Obama's...
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Joyce Marcel
Hillary Clinton: Bridge Woman
Out there in America - yes, still - is a generation of women who were born in the 1940s, raised in the 1950s, and who came to radical consciousness in the late 1960s and early 1970s. I am one of them...
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Juan Cole
Pakistan Turns Scary for Bush's War on Terror
The unraveling of Pervez Musharraf's presidency has dealt a severe blow to Bush's fatally flawed policy in the region.
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Amira Hass
Palestine: If the Land Isn't Private?
Not long ago the greengrocer in Ramallah recalled - between weighing locally grown zucchini and stripped hyssop leaves - that his family owns the land on which the gas station at the old entrance to...
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Peter Dreier
The History of Hope
America seems to be holding its breath, trying to decide what kind of country we want to be. The current presidential election may provide an answer. Political campaigns don't ignite grassroots...
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Chris McGinley and Morris Morley
Cuba Too Big a Prize for Meddling US to Resist
How dramatic a change Fidel Castro's retirement as president of Cuba represents for the island itself, for Latin America and for the world, could depend less on how the Cubans now behave than on...
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Trusting Our Safety to the Current System: A Shot in the Dark
Two massive product recalls - one involving beef, the other a life-saving drug - demonstrate that the regulatory framework Americans depend on for protection from unsafe food and dangerous drugs is...
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Dean Baker
Does Ben Bernanke Have to Go?
This is a question that members of Congress should be asking right now. It is becoming increasing clear that we are facing the worst financial meltdown since the Depression, and Mr. Bernanke was...
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Dave Lindorff
Just When You Thought the Corporate Media Couldn't Get Any Worse
I would not have thought that the coverage of the US presidential campaign could get more shallow and meaningless, and then, along comes the plagiarism story. OMG! Barack Obama, the silver-tongued...
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Olga Bonfiglio
See What the Young Are Saying…and Be Moved!
In my peacemaking class I challenged my 20-year-old college students to approach global issues by studying the conflicts they engender and then to seek the ways of peace and nonviolence by starting...
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Bruce Ramsey
What Would It Take to Launch a War With Iran?
Iraq should have cured President George W. Bush of any further itch for starting a war. And yet there comes a rumble for an attack on Iran. Opposing this, the Center for Arms Control and...
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Desmond Tutu
Taking the Responsibility to Protect
What is to be done when a government is unwilling or unable to stop mass atrocities being committed within its borders? That question has been asked far too many times in Africa - from Rwanda to...
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Thomas Schaller
Super Dilemma
In their role as superdelegates, Maryland officials may have to choose between their loyalty to a candidate and the will of the electorate
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Erika Falk
The 'First Woman,' Once Again
I was surprised to read in The New York Times that Sen. Hillary Clinton was the "first woman with a real shot at the presidency." I thought that honor had gone to Sen. Elizabeth Dole in 2000. In that...
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Pat LaMarche
Lack of Incumbent Creates Unique Election Year
Not many folks remember 1928. The few folks alive today that lived back then were just kids at the time. So you might not know that 1928 was the last time that there was no executive branch incumbent...
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Robert Scheer
Castro and the Colossus
The resignation of Fidel Castro is more promising for the burnishing of his legacy than the mostly septuagenarian Cuban hard-liners in Miami and their fawning allies in the Bush administration would...
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Tom Engelhardt
The Million Year War: How Never to Withdraw From Iraq
Think of the top officials of the Bush administration as magicians when it comes to Iraq. Their top hats and tails may be worn and their act fraying, but it doesn't seem to matter. Their latest "...
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Tim Giago
Reconciliation and Outright Apologies
I was speaking with my Nez Perce friend, Ron Holt, on Saturday about the apology offered to the Aborigines of Australia by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. "What good is that going to do for the Aborigine...
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Derrick Z. Jackson
Missing on Gun Control
Barack Obama offers hope and Hillary Clinton offers solutions, but they offer little of either on gun control. In the wake of the Feb. 8 shootings at Louisiana Technical College that took three lives...
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Nancy Sullo, Tom Moore, Liz Robinson and Bruce Robinson
Impeachment Critical to Set Standards for Future Administrations
There seems to be considerable confusion as to what is being asked of the Boulder City Council regarding an "Impeachment Resolution." It is not an "Impeachment Resolution." To quote from the...
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