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Friday, August 31, 2007
Naomi Wolf
Dodd Defends Constitution -- Where are the Others?
Ten days ago, I wrote in this space about the American Freedom Campaign's launch of a U.S. citizens' democracy movement that will drive the issue of defending the Constitution to the center of the...
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Nathan Gonzalez
Five Reasons to Engage Iran
It seems that with every news cycle comes yet another attempt by the Bush administration to pave the way for a war with Iran. As if we weren't facing enough problems in Iraq, there seems to be a...
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E.J. Dionne Jr.
Why Do The Poor So Rarely Make The News?
Who could not guffaw over the news that Leona Helmsley left her dog "Trouble" a $12 million trust fund while cutting two of her grandchildren out of her will? The queen of mean, as the tabloids...
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John Nichols
Evolution in Texas -- On the Death Penalty
There are many Americans who do not believe in evolution. And it is probably fair to say that a disproportionate number of them reside in Texas. But it is from Texas that we gain confirmation of the...
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Matthew Rothschild
A Cameo by the Old John Conyers
I'd been waiting for the old John Conyers to reappear. Conyers rightfully brags about being a leader in the movement to impeach Richard Nixon back in the day. And in the last Congressional term,...
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Jean Casella, James Ridgeway
Windfall: How Conservatives, Contractors, and Developers Cashed In on Katrina
In those first emotional days after Katrina laid waste to the Gulf Coast, widespread predictions of a political sea change arrived from liberal and even some conservative commentators. "Americans are...
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Rosa Brooks
Succeeding by Withdrawing: US Forces Would Only Make Things Worse by Staying In Iraq.
What? You want us pundits to stop complaining about what a mess the Bush administration has made in Iraq, and say something constructive for a change? But sniping is so easy! Did you know that a...
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Conn Hallinan
Death at a Distance: The US Air War
According to the residents of Datta Khel, a town in Pakistan's North Waziristan, three missiles streaked out of Afghanistan's Pakitka Province and slammed into a Madrassa, or Islamic school, this...
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Robert Weissman
The Benchmarks Iraq Is Meeting - And One It Thankfully Is Not
The Government Accountability Office has confirmed the obvious: the "benchmarks" the U.S. Congress set out to assess progress in the Iraq war will not be met by a September deadline. Unfortunately,...
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David Michael Green
American Indigestion: Why Bush Governs From the Gut
George W. Bush is actually one of the most educated of American presidents, believe it or not. That statement depends, of course, on a couple of whopping assumptions. Like defining education formally...
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Frida Berrigan
Fighting Fire With Fire?
New Weapons Sales and Military Aid Will Not Bring Peace and Stability to the Middle East
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Robert Shetterly
The Necessary Embrace of Conspiracy
Several years ago I gave a talk on Martha's Vineyard about many of the people whose portraits I've painted in the Americans Who Tell the Truth series. I spent some time talking about the legacy of...
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Matt Taibbi
The Great Iraq Swindle: How Bush Allowed an Army of For-Profit Contractors to Invade the U.S. Treasury
How is it done? How do you screw the taxpayer for millions, get away with it and then ride off into the sunset with one middle finger extended, the other wrapped around a chilled martini? Ask Earnest...
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Thursday, August 30, 2007
Jimmy Breslin
Remove Bush Over War Lies
There had been the sound of many feet on a Brooklyn street at the first funeral, of firefighter Joseph Graffa-gnino, and at the second funeral, of firefighter Robert Beddia, a fire engine sounded in...
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Doug Pibel
Standing Up To Corporations One Town At Time
In 1819, the Supreme Court declared for the first time that corporations are entitled to protection under the Constitution. That case started in New Hampshire. Since then, corporations have been...
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Marie Cocco
Free Market Madness
With Labor Day approaching, it must not go unnoticed that Angelo Mozilo, chief executive of Countrywide Financial-the company that has helped drive world markets into turmoil with its lending-raked...
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Matthew Rothschild
Another Person Arrested for "Impeach" Sign
Watching Melissa Etheridge on TV at the Live Earth concert persuaded Jonas Phillips and his wife, Kindra, to go out and do something about the Bush Administration's abuses. So they made a cardboard...
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Michael Tomasky
The Legacy of Katrina
The Events In New Orleans Exposed The Bush administration as Callous and Incompetent. And Neither The City Nor The Administration Have Recovered in The Two Years' Since.
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Robert Kuttner
What's Behind the Sub-Prime Disaster
The current high-risk mortgage mess is not so much a new crisis as the result of decades of government deregulation of the financial industry. The calamity in "sub-prime" mortgages has exposed the...
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Paul Waldman
A Guide to Media Manipulation, Republican Style
In recent years the GOP has turned the technique of making hay from their opponents' words into a reliable formula for success -- with a few distortions and a little help from the media, of course...
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Robert B. Reich
What Happened to Labor Day?
A young person asked me not long ago -- only half in jest -- whether Labor Day was named in honor of natural childbirth. Most young people today have no memory of a time when Walter Reuther of the...
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Hank Edson
In The Name of Sincerity: Politics, Corporations, and... Revolution?
The Sincerity Question We Don't Need to Ask
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Megan Tady
Offsets Aren't Enough: Two Environmental Groups Cave To Big Coal in Texas
As someone who once sunk a shrimp boat as an act of civil disobedience, Diane Wilson was disappointed when two big environmental groups opted for a less-than risky alternative to blocking a new coal-...
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Robert Higgs
The Carnage in Iraq—Past, Present, and Future
The headline of an August 22, 2007, article in the New York Times reads, "Citing Vietnam, Bush Warns of Carnage if U.S. Leaves Iraq." Readers with live brain cells must be stunned by such a warning...
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Elizabeth Sawin
Overdosing The Earth
No long ago I lived through a few minutes of very deep fear, thinking it possible that I had accidentally given my six-year-old an overdose of an over-the-counter medication. I filled the little...
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Elizabeth Sullivan
Abu Ghraib: Top-Down Responsibility, Bottom-Up Accountability
The only Army officer to be court-martialed for Abu Ghraib abuses just got off with a tap on his oak leaf -- a reprimand but no jail time. The shaky case against reserve Lt. Col. Steve Jordan did...
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Ted Rall
Gonzales vs. The United States: A Torturer Takes a Victory Lap
Al Capone served six years at Alcatraz--for tax evasion. The true Original Gangsta was never held to account for the St. Valentine's Day Massacre that left seven men cut in half by machine gun fire...
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Dahlia Wasfi
The Legacy of Oppression and The Legitimacy of Resistance
The following remarks by Dr. Wasfi were given at the March and Rally For Peace held in Kennebunkport, Maine on Saturday, August 25th: I speak to you today on behalf of relatives on my mother's side-...
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Robert Freeman
The Frightening Future in the Market Meltdown
For the better part of a year every senior government official involved with the economy, from Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke to Treasure Secretary Henry Paulson, has said that the bursting housing bubble...
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Olga Bonfiglio
Just War Theory Revisited
Army captain and Iraq War veteran Robert P. McGovern's new book All American: Why I Believe in Football, God, and the War in Iraq makes the case that "as a lawyer, a soldier, and a graduate of four...
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Glenn Greenwald
The President's Escalating War Rhetoric On Iran
George Bush, speaking before yet another military audience, yesterday delivered what might actually be the most disturbing speech of his presidency , in which he issued more overt war threats than...
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Jeremy Koulish
Unequal Fallout from the Bursting Mortgage Bubble
While the American dream of home ownership has turned out to be merely a house of cards for hundreds of thousands of families, the costs of the mortgage crisis are not being shouldered equally by...
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Michael Marx and Marjorie Kelly
Who Will Rule? Citizens Movements Take On Corporate Power
Corporate power lies behind nearly every major problem we face-from stagnant wages and unaffordable health care to overconsumption and global warming. In some cases, it is the cause of the problem;...
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Amy Goodman
Abu Ghraib: One of Al's Claims to Fame
The abrupt resignation of Alberto Gonzales as United States attorney general on Monday morning was not soon enough. But the policies and politicization of justice that have been his hallmark remain...
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Robert Scheer
A Legacy of Legitimizing Torture
The resignation of the torturer in chief was noted by his patron, the president, as an unfortunate day for American democracy. "It's sad that we live in a time when a talented and honorable person...
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John Nichols
Attorney General Bruce Fein
It is likely -- though not entirely certain in these tumultuous times for the dangerously adrift Bush-Cheney administration -- that the next Attorney General of the United States will be a...
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Katrina Vanden Heuvel
Confronting the CEO Pay Gap
The staggering gap between CEOs and workers is, at long last, getting some attention in Campaign '08. But there's still more to be done to tackle the gap. If candidates really want to turn up the...
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Adele M. Stan
Defending the Constitution After Gonzales
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was deeply involved in both of the scandals that may yet yield contempt of Congress citation for members of the executive branch. But will Congress step up to defend...
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Derrick Z. Jackson
Kucinich Is Right On Healthcare
Dennis Kucinich rarely gets much airtime in Democratic presidential debates. That was underscored recently when ABC's George Stephanopoulos called on him in an Iowa forum to talk about God. Kucinich...
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Michael Winship
History Will Tell Lies, Sir, As Usual
Monday, Monday. Can't trust that day. The GOP always seems to purge its leadership ranks on Mondays -- just when I'm sweating the deadline for this column, so I have to start all over. I swear, it's...
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Hope Marston and Ben Grosscup
Gonzales's Constitution Day Gift to The United States
Constitution Day (September 17) will be an especially fitting day for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to officially leave office. He has been one of the many administration officials deeply...
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Erica Etelson
After Oil Supplies Dry Up, What's Plan B?
When Hurricane Katrina struck two years ago, Americans learned just how ill-equipped the government is to respond effectively to natural disasters. But if you think the government's response to...
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Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Alan Parker
Indigenous Nations For United Voice
At the invitation of Evelyn Jefferson, chairwoman of the Lummi Indian Nation, about 40 indigenous nations met to discuss a proposed treaty that would establish a United League of Indigenous Nations...
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Bill C. Davis
In The Men's Room
Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho) most likely thought he was invisible - or he didn't fully exist when he was in the men's room. What was he thinking? What did he need? Could he have found someone with...
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Diane Farsetta
The Other Half of the Nuclear Industry's Power Couple: Christine Todd Whitman
"Was it wrong to try to get the city back on its feet as quickly as possible?" an exasperated Christine Todd Whitman asked members of Congress. The occasion was Whitman's first appearance before the...
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Bernard Weiner
CheneyBush's "Mercenary" Legions
"Outsourcing" jobs overseas is only the tip of the iceberg. How about the CheneyBush Administration "outsourcing" our military, our intelligence-gathering, our nation's soul? Taking private...
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Sam Provance
Army Adds Farce to Abu Ghraib Shame
Breaking News: The Army officer in charge of the interrogation/torture operation at Abu Ghraib in late 2003 is being court-martialed. My first thought was: Finally an officer is being held...
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Megan Tady
Who Owns the Media and How the People Can Take It Back
Most progressives already know that the nation's media is in the hands of the few, the rich, the white, and the male. We know that local control of the airwaves and newspapers is as rare as a "fair...
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Michael Tomasky
Sinking Ship Leaves Rat
Back when George Bush, in the picture presented by the US media, was a visionary leader who was protecting us from evil, and a swell guy you'd like to have a beer with to boot, the press corps in...
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Dean Baker
The Right to Unionize: Key to Democracy
For the last quarter century, corporate America has been at war against the labor movement. After a long period in which unions were an accepted part of the economic and political landscape, most...
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Robert Fisk
The Forgotten Holocaust
The killing of 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottoman Turks during the First World War remains one of the bloodiest and most contentious episodes of the 20th century. Robert Fisk visits Yerevan, and...
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David Swanson
Made Love, Got War: Norman Solomon's New Book
" Made Love, Got War " is the title of Norman Solomon's latest book, an autobiographical account of the peace and disarmament movements in the United States over the past half century. Better than...
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David Korten
Living Wealth: Better Than Money
If there is to be a human future, we must bring ourselves into balanced relationship with one another and the Earth. This requires building economies with heart.
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Arianna Huffington
War Deadenders Take Hope: The Surge May Not Be Working, But a US-Allawi Coup May Be On Its Way
As we all await the Petraeus Report on the state of the surge, we may also need to be anticipating the Allawi Coup. I'm talking, of course about Ayad Allawi, longtime C.I.A. asset and former interim...
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Arnold Hiatt
May The Best Fund-Raiser Win?
In recent news reports, US Representative Don Young of Alaska has been accused of securing $10 million to help build a highway offramp in Florida -- a project that would increase the value of several...
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Roberto J. González
Gonzales' Resignation Should Not Impede Inquiry Into War Crimes
In the aftermath of Alberto Gonzales' resignation and the U.S. attorney firings scandal, many have forgotten about the role he played in creating policies profoundly more troubling from a global...
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George Monbiot
How Did We Get Into This Neoliberal Mess?
For the first time, the United Kingdom's consumer debt now exceeds our gross national product: a new report shows that we owe £1.35 trillion(1). Inspectors in the United States have discovered that...
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Jesse Jackson
Join March Against Gun Violence
Wednesday is the anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington, made famous by Martin Luther King's stirring oration. We remember the Rev. King's "dream," but he was not a dreamer. The March on...
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Pierre Tristam
Louisiana Lynching and The Jena Six
It's the sort of story that should be front-page news and fodder for a national discussion: Six black adolescents railroaded by an all-white justice system in a small Louisiana town where terrorizing...
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Paul Campos
Gonzales & Son: The Legacy of An Honest Day's Work
I used to have lunch occasionally with the late Archibald Cox, the first Watergate special prosecutor, who was fired by President Nixon in the infamous "Saturday Night Massacre" after Cox insisted...
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Monday, August 27, 2007
John Nichols
Gonzales Goes But Investigation Must Continue
Facing the prospect of increasingly aggressive congressional inquiries into his politicization of the Department of Justice, as well as an energetic House push for his impeachment, Attorney General...
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Paul Krugman
A Socialist Plot
Suppose, for a moment, that the Heritage Foundation were to put out a press release attacking the liberal view that even children whose parents could afford to send them to private school should be...
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Constance Seré
The Politicization of Military Commanders
Since when did American military commanders start inserting themselves into political debates? When did men in uniform -- honored, but never elected -- start giving the American people lectures on...
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Glenn Greenwald
The Democrats' Responsibility In The Wake of Gonzales' Resignation
One of the most blatantly dishonest political hacks ever to occupy the position of U.S. Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, has now resigned . This is a real moment of truth for the Democratic...
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Sean Gonsalves
The Fear of Terrorism
Thanks to Temple University math professor John Allen Paulos, it can be demonstrated mathematically why the threats to our civil liberties should be of more concern than terrorism threats. Paulos'...
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Andrew Greeley
Wild Greed Chase Rolls Over US Economy
In the 1980s, the Reagan Era, an attitude slipped into the corporate world, especially with the young people who were pouring into the financial services sector of the economy: Greed is good! The...
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Dexter J. Kamilewicz
What's In A Name
The following address was given to over 4,000 peace activists in Kennebunkport , Maine on August 25, 2007: Members of Military Families Speak Out are necessarily focused on names. Have you ever...
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In May 2013, protesters marched in Washington D.C. to demand that government hold the "too big to jail" banks accountable for the ongoing home foreclosure crisis. (Photo: Stephen D. Melkisethian/ cc via Flickr) Heather Wokusch
How the Bush Administration Is Turning the USA into a Subprime Borrower
"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we." - George W Bush Much in the same way that...
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Danny Schechter
Missing The Subprime Menace: Why Did The Markets and The Media Downplay The Subprime Crisis?
That why didn't we know question is back. Again? It was asked about 911 in connection with our government ignoring warning after warning about likely terrorist attacks. The CIA has just raised it...
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James Carroll
Outsourcing Intelligence
The ways in which the Bush war has degraded the structures and culture of Iraq are obvious. Less so are its insidious effects on the United States, but President Bush is similarly destroying...
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Martha Baskin
Singing Our Way To Truth: Peace Chorus Travels To Venezuela
Whom to trust? In a world full of manufactured truths, it's hard to know. But this much is true. If we'd trusted the Bush administration, our group of singing ambassadors would have missed the chance...
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Harvey Wasserman
Astonishing Tower Collapse Screams "No New Nukes!!"
A cooling tower at the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power plant has collapsed. A broken 54" pipe there has spewed 350,000 gallons per minute of contaminated, overheated water into the Earth. "The river...
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Johann Hari
Need Iraq Suffer More If We Pull Out?
As it bleeds into its fifth year, the Iraq war is excelling only in savagery and surrealism. We now have an American President publicly citing the similarities to Vietnam as a reason why the US must...
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Sunday, August 26, 2007
Bill Brownstein
Searing Documentary on War Complicity Indicts not Just US Politicos, but Major Media, too
It might not be the most Hollywood-slick, user-friendly title, but it couldn't be any more direct in conveying the movie's message. The title? War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning...
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The Toronto Star
United States Joins Generals and Crooks In Pakistan
One former prime minister in exile has been given permission to return home. Another, also in exile, is doing a deal with the military ruler to return. Both politicians hope to contest the election...
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Mike McCabe
Public Financing Would Mean Cheaper Elections
Unless you ask the right question, you'll never get an answer that's worth a damn. Failure to use such common sense is on prominent display in the debate over the pros and cons of publicly financed...
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Andrew J. Bacevich
Vietnam's Real Lessons
Finding the debacle of the Vietnam War a rationale for sustaining the U.S. military presence in Iraq requires considerable imagination. If nothing else, President Bush's speech to the Veterans of...
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Elizabeth Sullivan
The Anti-Leadership of a Wartime President With Blinders
President Bush wants to shore up national resolve to keep troops in Iraq by invoking the past struggles that yielded alliances. "We fight for a free way of life against a new barbarism," he told the...
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Jules Boykoff
Awareness Is Two Steps Ahead, Paranoia Is Two Steps Behind
When it comes to the suppression of dissent and the subversion of the U.S. Constitution, ignorance is not bliss. That's why people who believe in the importance of the First Amendment and the...
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Stephen Soldz
In Protest of APA Torture Stance, Author Returns Award
For several years, psychologist members of the American Psychological Association (APA) have been fighting to change the APA's policies allowing psychologists to participate in interrogations widely...
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Rita Corriel
Courageously Defying The Holy Roman Empire, Amnesty International Stands Tall
Amnesty International has recently taken a monumentally courageous step for which I am profoundly grateful. But it may cost them dearly. This month, in it's 28th International Council Meeting in...
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David Howard
The Elvira Arellano Endgame
On rare occasions humble acts of moral courage awaken our souls and reverberate through history. They touch us quietly and intimately, shed light, and profoundly inspire spiritual renewal: Rosa Parks...
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Saturday, August 25, 2007
Richard Jagels
In A Fog In Wonderland
Early morning I often see Penobscot river fog. In Maine we take fog as well as rain, snow and sleet for granted. But water-blessed natural surroundings are not universal - many parts of the globe...
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Robert Fisk
Spare Me The 'Ravers', But Even I Question The 'Truth' About 9/11
Each time I lecture abroad on the Middle East, there is always someone in the audience - just one - whom I call the "raver". Apologies here to all the men and women who come to my talks with bright...
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William D. Hartung
Exporting Instability
Under the guise of promoting a "security dialogue" in the Persian Gulf, the Bush Administration has proposed $63 billion in arms transfers to the Middle East over the next ten years. As is so often...
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A Seattle PI Editorial
Plan B: The Fight Goes On
It's been a year since Plan B contraception (sometimes referred to as "the morning after pill") became available over the counter, much to the relief of American women. Sales of the pill are "booming...
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Dan Smith
Of Secrecy and Sex in Washington
If it's August, there must be something the White House is trying to slip by the Congress and the public. The patterns were there long before the Bush administration was a jot - let alone a tittle -...
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Robert Naiman
The 'Credible' Human Toll of War
Another Iraq-Vietnam Link: Many Killed By US War
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Christopher Brauchli
Specially Designated Terrorist Organization and Us
Big brother is watching you. - George Orwell, 1984 It's not like they did it on purpose. It was just a mistake and then a bunch of soreheads go and make a big deal out of it. The soreheads are Al-...
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Ralph Nader
Contracts Online Now!
Several weeks ago, I joined with Grover Norquist, President, Americans for Tax Reform in urging state governors to emulate and go beyond the advances in bringing more openness to governmental...
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Marjorie Cohn
Turning Iraq Into Vietnam
Desperate to shore up support for continuing his unpopular war on Iraq, George W. Bush drew an analogy with Vietnam when he addressed the Veterans of Foreign Wars. "The price of America's withdrawal...
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Friday, August 24, 2007
David Michael Green
History Is The Last Refuge of Scoundrels
We'll never know whether Germanicus, the highly accomplished Roman general, was mortified by the actions of his spawn, the insane and insanely destructive emperor Caligula. Or whether he was even...
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Nadia Connors
The 11th Hour: Something To Talk About
I just got back from a conversation after a sold-out screening of our film at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood. It's 11p.m. A Wednesday. Amazing. People came out to see the film and it was a packed...
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Steve Chapman
U.S. Cuba Policy Not Improved Under Democrats
"Experience keeps a dear school," said Benjamin Franklin, "but fools will learn in no other." But if someone who will learn only from painful experience is a fool, what do you call someone who won't...
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Cesar Chelala
The Unending Humanitarian Nightmare
In August 2002, Brent Scowcroft, national security adviser under Presidents Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush, wrote a prescient article in The Wall Street Journal warning of the dire consequences of...
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Joel Stein
No Thanks, and Keep Your Farm Aid
Taking a stand against U.S. subsidies that help cripple Third World economies
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Jesse Singal
A New Group with an Old Message on the War
An organization set up to advocate for our continued involvement in Iraq doubles down on a failed PR strategy in the hopes of regaining the support of moderate Republican voters -- and smoothing the path for a pro-war presidential candidate.
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Rosa Brooks
Bush's Next Invasion: Vietnam?
Following the president's logic, our best move is to repeat a huge mistake.
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Bernie Sanders
Fox Attacks: Iran
"Fox Attacks: Iran" is a bold effort to provide Americans with a different view of our policy toward Iran than the one Fox News keeps pushing on us. While Fox beats the drums for war, Robert...
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Rebecca Adamson and Scott Klinger
Hope in the Eye of the Storm
Hurricane Dean, the third most powerful tropical storm to transverse the Gulf of Mexico, raced across the Caribbean last week, taking aim at the Yucatan Peninsula. Mexican officials pulled carefully...
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