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Tuesday, June 19, 2007
John Logan
Tony Blair's Real Legacy: Minimum Wage and Union Recognition
On June 27th Tony Blair will stand down after a decade as Britain's Prime Minister. Unfortunately for Mr. Blair, he is now far more likely to win popularity contests on this side of the Atlantic, and...
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Cindy Sheehan
Turn, Turn, Turn
To everything there is a season. A time for war, a time for peace. Ecclesiastes, Hebrew Scriptures I wish I could say I thought of something profound as I saw the president and his wife's picture on...
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Jeff Leys
Break Time Is Over: Building Nonviolent Resistance to the 2008 Iraq War Supplemental
On August 6, Congress begins its month long recess. August 6 also marks the start of Year 62 After Hiroshima-the one and only time that nuclear weapons were used. And it marks Year 17 After Iraq...
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Ralph Nader
Is Hillary Clinton A Political Weather Vane or A Political Compass?
Consider her latest detour from the NAFTA and WTO policies of her husband. Last week she announced her opposition to the proposed trade agreement between the U.S. and South Korea. The place for her...
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Jeremy Brecher & Brendan Smith
A Moratorium Wired to Stop the War
Though Americans disapprove of President Bush's handling of the situation in Iraq by more than two to one, they don't seem to be expressing that disapproval to anyone but pollsters. A plan to...
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Katrina Vanden Heuvel
Blackstone Greed
Thank you, Blackstone, for being so greedy. Your decision to go public in an IPO has, at long last, led to much-needed scrutiny and legislation that may upend the rules of the game in which secretive...
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Monday, June 18, 2007
Arianna Huffington
Iraq: The Battle For September Has Already Begun
According to the White House -- and to the dwindling number of Congressional dead-enders still backing the war in Iraq -- we have to wait until September to be able to judge whether President Bush's...
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Chris Hedges,
A Culture of Atrocity
All troops, when they occupy and battle insurgent forces, as in Iraq, or Gaza or Vietnam, are swiftly placed in what the psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton terms "atrocity-producing situations." In this...
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Peter Preston
It Has Got To Be Al Gore
If he is as serious about climate change as he says he is, he has to run for the US presidency
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Seattle Post-Intelligencer Editorial
Childhood Collateral Damage
That wars yield collateral damage is something we know, but tend not to dwell upon. It's just too horrible to think of. The worst of the worst of those unbearable thoughts has to be what becomes of...
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Andrew J. Bacevich
More Troops, More Troubles
Candidates Who Call For Beefing Up Our Armed Forces to Deter Terrorism Show a Profound Misunderstanding of the Mideast.
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James Carroll
War's Sacred Toll
Last week, explosions once again tore through the great Askariya mosque in Samarra, one of the Shi'ite faith's most revered shrines. Its massive golden dome had been destroyed by bombs last year, and...
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Karen Greenberg
The Plight of American Prisoners in Iran
For Americans, it should be startling to see the word "detainee" suddenly appear in a different country, on a different continent, and referring not to alleged jihadi terrorists but to a group of...
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Medea Benjamin
Confronting Joe Lieberman to Stop a War With Iran
On June 10, Senator Joe Lieberman said on CBS Face the Nation that he had seen incontrovertible evidence that Iran was training and equipping Iraqi extremists to kill American soldiers and that we...
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Norman Solomon
War at the Remote
It's a popular notion: TV sets and other media devices let us in on the violence of war. "Look, nobody likes to see dead people on their television screens," President Bush told a news conference...
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Rosa Maria Pegueros
Where Have All The Young Ones Gone?
They saunter into my classroom alone or with friends, at the height of their youthful beauty. They may be 17 or they may be 22; they may dress in classic preppy style or, more likely, they may have...
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Sunday, June 17, 2007
Mikhail Gorbachev
US Needs to Exit Iraq
Clashes between U.S. troops and insurgents throughout Iraq, political maneuvering in the United States over its presence there and the repercussions of that presence around the world leave no doubt...
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John Nichols
Dysfunctional Debate, Dysfunctional Policies
The tragedy of Washington's narrow to the point of dysfunctional "debate" about the Middle East is that few American political players are willing to comment in a serious manner about the fact that...
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Caroline Arnold
A New Iliad: The Fixation of Dubya or The Wrath of the American People?
"I sing the Wrath of Achilles" ... proclaims the opening verse of the Iliad.Scholars generally agree that the Iliad originated in orally generated and transmitted stories, scenes and characters...
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Anatole Kaletsky
Why We Must Break with the American Crazies
When Gordon Brown returned from his fact-finding tour of Iraq on Monday, he proclaimed the importance of learning from our mistakes but also of looking forward instead of backward. Did this admission...
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Lori Sturdevant
Were Voters Saying Give Peace a Chance?In the last election and the next, the Iraq war may be the only issue that counts.
Former Gov. Wendell Anderson's name hasn't been on a ballot in 29 years, but his political antenna remains in fine working condition. (Minnesotans who remember the late 1970s will recall its singular...
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Saturday, June 16, 2007
Robert Fisk
Welcome to 'Palestine'
How troublesome the Muslims of the Middle East are. First, we demand that the Palestinians embrace democracy and then they elect the wrong party - Hamas - and then Hamas wins a mini-civil war and...
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Christopher Brauchli
Bush Warming to Global Warming
What man has made, man can change. — Fred M. Vinson, Arlington Nat'l Cemetery Memorial Day Speech 1945 It was a confusing few days for the climate and those affected by it. On May 22, 2007, Robert...
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Bill Moyers
Begging His Pardon
We have yet another remarkable revelation of the mindset of Washington's ruling clique of neoconservative elites -- the people who took us to war from the safety of their Beltway bunkers. Even as...
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Reese Erlich
Blowback In Lebanon
Has the U.S. Helped Create Another Jihadist Monster?
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Rick Perlstein
'Honest Conservatives': Oxymoron?
Brad DeLong, the remarkably erudite and morally penetrating blogger and economics professor, has been writing some very useful things about the question of "honest conservatism"—the understandable,...
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Brian Beutler
Honoring Emmett Till
W ho says bipartisanship is dead? Well, actually, a lot of people do. And they're mainly correct. But every now and then, some animating force—a just cause, a moving story, an unexpected event—will,...
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William Powers & Glenn Hurowitz
Home On The Rainforest
Deep within Madagascar, more than 1,300 square miles of rainforest continue to breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen every day, helping to keep the planet cool. That may not seem like a...
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Jacqueline Marcus
A Powerful, Massive Protest: Diminish the Corporate Media's Power by Turning off Your TV for Good!
It pleases the Bush administration that the majority of Americans will not hit the streets of D.C. to protest their unconstitutional war crimes. They haven't time, but they would still like to do...
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Arnie Patterson
Our Southern Neighbors; A Canadian Perspective
The United States is losing its closest and best ally. While hostility to the U.S. is rampant throughout the world, this largely related to the Iraq war, surprisingly the reaction of most Canadians,...
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Mandy Benson
Title IX Turns Thirty-Five
On June 23, 1972, Congress passed the federal law that has become known as 'Title IX.' It succinctly states: "No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation...
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Derrick Z. Jackson
Tyranny By Ballot
Opponents of gay marriage say democracy was stolen by the Massachusetts Legislature. Former governor and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said, "Unfortunately, our elected...
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Friday, June 15, 2007
John Dean
Scooter Libby's Appeal: The Focus Shifts To the Highly Political U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit
On June 14, U.S. District Court Judge Reggie Walton rejected the motion filed by Scooter Libby, asking to remain out of prison while he files his appeal, seeking to overturn his conviction for false...
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Tony Norman
A 'Gay Bomb'? Let It Rip!
Dr. Strangelove has nothing on the U.S. Air Force Wright Laboratory in Dayton, Ohio. Thirteen years ago, the lab asked the Pentagon for $7.5 million to research a scheme to create a bomb capable of...
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Gary Leupp
The Day After We Strike Iran
Let us suppose that the Bush-Cheney administration answers the neocons' prayer and does indeed bomb Iran sometime soon. The plan apparently involves more than the destruction of nuclear facilities,...
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Rosa Brooks
United, Not Divided -- Against Bush
You know you've got a problem when only the Albanians welcome you with open arms — and even then you need to take your watch off to keep them from stealing it. This is what it's come down to for...
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Derrick Z. Jackson
Ring The Wedding Bells
Let the wedding bells ring 151 times for gay couples and a courageous commonwealth. Not only did the Massachusetts Legislature vote 151-45 today to block a proposed constitutional amendment to ban...
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George Galloway
The Threat to al-Jazeera
Since its launch just over a decade ago, the al-Jazeera satellite TV station has transformed the politics of the Middle East. For the first time, people in the region had access to a genuinely free...
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John Nichols
Faithful Lose Faith in Their President
Could it possibly get any worse for George Bush? Could he possibly be any less popular? Yes, if diehard Republicans start to abandon him. And that, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street...
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Robert Borosage
Bush Shafts Enron Victims
Wall Street's investment banks just got another one step closer to making defrauding investors an accepted line of business. And Enron's employees who lost their pensions and the small investors who...
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Marie Cocco
From Katrina to Gonzales: Incompetence Reigns
WASHINGTON—Now that there will be no vote of "no confidence" in Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, we must ask an impertinent question: What, exactly, are we supposed to have confidence in? Certainly...
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Eugene Robinson
The 'Surge' Bait and Switch
WASHINGTON—Here's a surprise: Remember how we were told that if we just waited until the fall, we'd see that George W. Bush's "surge" was working in Iraq? Well, now it turns out that we shouldn't...
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Michael Klare
The Pentagon v. Peak Oil
How Wars of the Future May Be Fought Just to Run the Machines That Fight Them
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Arianna Huffington
How Many Will Die Before Petraeus Tells Us What We Already Know?
Be afraid. The ghosts of campaigns past are once again haunting the Democratic Party. Remember 2004, and how the Kerry camp couldn't decide whether to highlight the war and national security or to...
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Naomi Klein
Gaza: Not Just a Prison, a Laboratory
Gaza in the hands of Hamas, with masked militants sitting in the president's chair; the West Bank on the edge; Israeli army camps hastily assembled in the Golan Heights; a spy satellite over Iran and...
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Chris Cooper
Open To Pain And Crossed By The Rain
Of what good use am I to anyone? This is a question not so easily answered and not as often asked as it should be, I think. And it is a query more commonly put to themselves by the honest, the decent...
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Ira Chernus
US and Israel Stir Up Palestinian Crisis
It's so obvious that Fatah and Hamas should work together to achieve an independent Palestine. Not long ago, they were proclaiming their unity. So why are they now destroying each other? If you get...
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David Michael Green
What Every American Should Know About Iraq
Some people think that anyone who disagrees with the American invasion and occupation of Iraq is either a bleeding-heart liberal appeaser, a George W. Bush hater, a blame America firster, an...
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John Zogby
Will Katrina Be Our Defining Moment
I have been saying for some time that the top issue in the 2008 presidential campaign is going to be the Iraq war, with the war on terror a clear second. This is not rocket science; our polling has...
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Glenn W. Smith
What the Media Is Missing about the Summer of Love
On a dark Texas highway in November 1967, a fourteen-year-old boy rides beside his father in an old Chevy pickup. The radio's off; there's a mist on the road through which the headlamps cut tunnels...
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Thursday, June 14, 2007
Olga Bonfiglio
Flag Day
A big, red, Ford pick-up truck was parked in the handicapped spot of the YMCA lot one day. It had a small American flag flying out its window and "God Bless America" and "Support President Bush and...
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Charu Saxena
Our knowledge Has Surpassed Our Wisdom, Which Puts Us in Grave Danger
We fall short in knowing facts, and yet we achieve much. What will we do with it?
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Haroon Siddiqui
Obama's Muslim Heritage
JAKARTA—Barack Hussein Obama Jr. spent part of his youth here in Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation. The entrance foyer to his elementary school has a photograph, 2 metres by 1.3...
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Johann Hari
Stem-Cell Research Is Liberation Biology - and The Religious Objectors Are Costing Lives
The Religious Damned Organ Donation, Autopsies, IVF and Even Pasteurised Milk
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David Suzuki
Keeping An Eye On Transgenic Crops
Did you know that genetically modified, or "transgenic" crops are now commonplace on North American farms? According to a recent survey in the United States, the majority of Americans have no idea...
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Laura Flanders
Idiot Liberals Strike Again
When will Democratic leaders stop dissing their base? David Obey is making a habit of it. Earlier this year, the Wisconsin veteran, who heads up the House Appropriations Committee called anti-war...
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César Chelala, Alejandro Garro
Texaco's Toxic Legacy In Ecuador
It can be considered one of the most unequal battles in the world today. It pits a group of indigenous people in Ecuador, almost totally devoid of material resources, against one of the most powerful...
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Natalie Hudson
For New Grads, Activism Doesn't Pay the Bills
Liberal Youths Are Selling Out to Pay Their Debts
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James Ridgeway
Health Care and the Horse Race
With Americans pegging health care reform as the top domestic priority, the candidates are unveiling their plans. Some are better than others, but none include the changes necessary to take on the...
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John Abbotts
Nuclear Power's Not The Answer
According to recent news reports, the idea of more atomic power plants as a solution to global warming seems to be gaining support in some circles. However, this option is not likely to provide a...
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Roger Cohen
The Cry of The Disappeared
To disappear became a transitive verb in Latin America. Military dictatorships "disappeared" their opponents. That is to say, they kidnapped, tortured, murdered and disposed of them, leaving only an...
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Matthew Rothschild
Bush Pushes Iraq Oil Law for ExxonMobil
W ith Iraq going to hell, and the al-Maliki government failing to meet one benchmark after another, Bush is getting desperate. On Sunday, he sent Admiral Fallon, the chief U.S. commander in the...
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Katrina Vanden Heuvel
It's Not About Dan and Katie
When asked about his view of CBS Evening News during a radio interview with MSNBC's Chuck Scarborough on Monday, Dan Rather said network execs had tried to boost ratings by "dumbing it down and...
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Eric Lotke
America's Progressive Majority
The façade of conservative political dominance is crumbling. The disintegration runs deeper than public disaffection with the Bush administration's catastrophic failures and is more fundamental...
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Ellen Goodman
Science Progresses Despite Politics
BOSTON—By now you may be forgiven for suspecting that science is tinted—if not entirely tainted—by politics. The arguments over evolution and global warming alone are enough to make anyone believe...
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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Russell Mokhiber
Twenty Things You Should Know About Corporate Crime
This is the text of a speech delivered by Russell Mokhiber, editor of Corporate Crime Reporter to the Taming the Giant Corporation conference in Washington, D.C., June 9, 2007: Twenty years ago,...
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Stuart A.P. Murray
Has Baghdad Captured Petraeus?
When top British general Sir William Howe marched his powerful professional army of Redcoats, American Loyalists, and German mercenaries into Philadelphia in 1777 it appeared the American...
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Robert Naiman
By Lieberman's Logic, the US May Have to Bomb Itself
Mount Lieberman erupted again on Sunday, perhaps doing the bidding of the "war, not negotiation" faction of the Administration grouped around Vice President Cheney's office. "I think we've got to be...
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Christina M. Smith
To Catch a Wolf: How to Stop Conservative Frames in Their Tracks
Wolf Blitzer often pretends to be a neutral broadcaster while framing his questions and his news using conservative frames. During the second Democratic debate on June 3, he was caught, and Barack...
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Mark Weisbrot
A New Assertiveness for Latin American Governments
The relationships between governments and investors - especially transnational corporations -are changing rapidly, and this is especially true in Latin America today. Last month, Bolivia, Venezuela,...
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Gen. Wesley Clark
Joe Lieberman Is At It Again
After wrongly supporting George W. Bush's strategic blunder of attacking Iraq, and continuing to support Bush's failed policies after the invasion, Senator Joe Lieberman made irresponsible comments...
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Simon Kelner
Would You Be Saying This, Mr Blair, If We Supported Your War In Iraq?
'Opinion and fact should be clearly divisible. The truth is, a large part of the media today not merely elides the two but does so now as a matter of course. In other words, this is not exceptional...
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Thomas Schaller
When Will We Finally Pull The Plug On Mess In Iraq?
Imagine a bathtub half-full with stagnant water and the drain plugged. Your task: Empty the tub without a pail. Do you: (a) stand there and hope the stagnating water evaporates, (b) turn the spigot...
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Leo Docherty
The Afghans Are Sick of Our Armies Killing Their People
The Scale of Civilian Casualties At The Hands of British and US Forces Is Losing Us The War - As I Know From Experience
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Ruth Conniff
No-Confidence Vote, Appeals Court Ruling Are Two Strikes Against Administration
W ith no one but George Bush and Joe Lieberman in his corner, it must be a drag for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to get up and go to work every morning. The Justice Department insists that...
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Ken Miller
Wall Street, Iraq and the Declining Dollar
The disastrous impact on the economy of George W. Bush's response to the attacks of September 2001 is still being measured. On Friday of last week the Bush Administration announced that it would not...
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Amy Goodman
War and Censorship at Wilton High
Last Sunday night, as millions of Americans tuned in to the two Tonys—the final episode of "The Sopranos," to see whether Tony Soprano lived or died, and the Tony Awards, celebrating the best in...
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Robert Scheer
'President' Lieberman: A Cautionary Tale
What if Al Gore had won the 2000 presidential election but died in office? Would President Joe Lieberman have been worse than George W. Bush? His recent actions suggest that he could have descended...
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Ted Rall
What'd We Do?: In Turkey, Yet Another Reason to Worry
ISTANBUL -- George W. Bush didn't own a passport before 2001. Seventy-nine percent of Americans don't have one now. Maybe they're better off.Traveling can be unpleasant: pickpockets, jetlag,...
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Mark Morford
You Are So F--ing Obscene
The President Says It, You Say It, Your Kids Say It All The Time. So What's The F--ing Problem?
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Ralph Nader,
Tax Haven Racket
Lucy Komisar of the Tax Justice Network—USA ( ) spoke at the Conference on Taming the Giant Corporation last week about "Closing Down the Tax Haven Racket." Her words were so...
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David Michael Green
How Ronald Reagan Won the Cold War
Over the years, conservative America has transformed Ronald Reagan from president to icon to deity. You could see that in this year's first Republican debate, in which everybody on the stage was...
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Tim Newman
Child Labor Behind Firestone Tires
As people around the world commemorate World Day Against Child Labor on June 12, the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company recognized the day by continuing its 81-year tradition of exploiting workers in...
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Paul Campos
And Justice For All?
The absurd media frenzy over the perils of Paris Hilton shouldn't obscure the serious issue this made-for-TV pseudo- event raises. That issue is the astonishing number of Americans who are in prisons...
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John Buell
Where's The Anti-War Passion?
I recently attended my Amherst College ('67) reunion. It was an occasion to catch up with old friends, but I was also saddened by a recitation of the names of too many classmates who had passed away...
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Pierre Tristam
What 'These People' Contribute Remains America's Saving Grace
If anyone doubts that bigotry is enjoying a Great Revival of its own in the United States, the spectacle of the past week's "crass roots" banding up across the land to defeat what they called a "...
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Stephen Zunes
Jerusalem: Congress Endorses the Right of Conquest
In a flagrant attack on the longstanding international legal principle that it is illegitimate for any country to expand its territory by military means, the U.S. House of Representatives, by an...
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Harvey Wasserman
The Honor of Being Called a "Jerk" By Pro-Nuker Patrick Moore
Patrick Moore has called me a "jerk." He may not be Queen Elizabeth, but it feels like being made Knight of the Realm. Moore is a supporter of nuclear power. He is also an advocate for clear-cutting...
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Arianna Huffington
Democratic Dinosaurs Turn D.C. into the Land That Time Forgot
With each passing day, Washington, D.C. is turning into the Land That Time Forgot. While the rest of the country is dealing with the here and now -- exemplified by Bush's puny approval ratings and...
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Midge Miller
For Democracy, We Must Consider Impeachment
The United States democracy is in a struggle for its life. A growing number of writers, generals and other opinion leaders are speaking up to inform and encourage an inattentive public to understand...
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Terry Jones
A True Land of Opportunity
Where There's Death and Destruction, There's Profit - As Security Companies in Iraq Know Only Too Well
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William Gumede
Developing Nations Have Right To Be Suspicious
Climate Change Cannot Be Tackled If Existing Injustices in Global Politics Are Overlooked
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Matthew Rothschild
Lieberman Threatens War With Iran
W e have the people of Connecticut to blame. For Joe Lieberman. Last November, after Ned Lamont bested Lieberman in the Democratic Party, Lieberman turned coat and ran as an independent and defeated...
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Frida Berrigan
Guantánamo Takes A Hit
Colonel Peter Brownback III, a military judge , dealt a serious blow to Guantánamo—and by extension, the "global war on terrorism legal system"—this week. He ruled that because the military had...
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Marie Cocco
'Forced Disappearances': It Can Happen Here
WASHINGTON-There was a time when the dark, political drama was my preferred weekend movie. That was before kids and suburbs and serial viewings of "Shrek." The films were almost always about some...
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Jesse Jackson
Get Justice Out From Behind Bars
In London, on the 200th anniversary of the outlawing of the slave trade, I found the media focused not on the anniversary or on the war in Iraq or even on Tony Blair's leaving the world stage. What...
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Monday, June 11, 2007
John Brown
A Modest Proposal: Let's Just Have The New American Embassy in Baghdad in Second Life!
The $592 million new American Embassy in Baghdad has been in the news recently. And not only because of mortar shells hitting the Green Zone where it will be located -- or because, The Wall Street...
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Johann Hari
What Makes Us Think We Can Entrust The Future of The Human Race to These People?
The G8 was a slap-in-the-face reminder that we can't leave it up to our leaders to choose a sane path
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Karen Horst Cobb
Eating Cake and Playing Tag; A Farewell Address
"You can't have your cake and eat it too", but that is the futile pursuit of most "christians" in America. In October of 2004 the first editorial I ever wrote was published on Common Dreams . The...
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Bruce Fuller
No Child Left Behind Lowers The Bar on School Reform
President Bush seems a bit frantic as he campaigns for swift renewal of the No Child Left Behind Act, eager to salvage a late-inning win on the domestic policy front. He recently dropped into a...
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