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Monday, October 22, 2007
Greg James
Self-Righteous Warmongers Phony Patriots
You have to wonder if the whole conservative movement in the U.S. is living in a weird alternate reality in which the only thing that matters is what you say, and facts, consistency and honor mean...
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James Carroll
Forgotten Faces of War
One news story from Afghanistan last week told of two tragedies. In Paktika Province a young man, whose chest was wrapped with an explosive vest, was en route to the place where he would detonate...
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Michael Parenti
Mother Teresa, John Paul II, and the Fast-Track Saints
During his 26-year papacy, John Paul II elevated 483 individuals to sainthood, more saints than all previous popes combined, it is reported. One personage he beatified but did not live long enough to...
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Ira Chernus
New Pieces Changing the Iraq Puzzle
Trying to understand our war in Iraq is like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle when most of the pieces are missing, and the few pieces you have keep changing shape. It's been that way since...
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Sunday, October 21, 2007
Antonia Zerbisias
Model Vanishing Act Echoes Cultural Famine
This is no model moment. Not with the girls now striding down the designer runways. There is a scary sameness to these very thin, very young women who parade the prêt-a-porter and haute couture in...
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Sally Kohn
Whose Values?
The "Values Voters Summit" kicked off last week in Washington. But whose values were they talking about? Bashing gay people? Denying the basic humanity of immigrants. In what twisted world are those...
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Phillip Bannowsky
The Left Must Remain in the Conversation
Are Americans more open to left-wing ideas than the mainstream media admit? For ideas about war, health care, and a shriveling standard of living, the left could at least expand the range of possible...
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Rick Wilson
Nobel Prize Sees What Market-Fundamentalists Don't
The reality-based community got a little boost recently with the announcement of the 2007 Nobel Prize in economics. Three Americans, Eric Maskin, Roger Myerson and Leonid Hurwicz, shared the honor...
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John Pilger
Who's Afraid of Michael Moore?
In Sicko, Michael Moore's new film, a young Ronald Reagan is shown appealing to working-class Americans to reject "socialised medicine" as commie subversion. In the 1940s and 1950s, Reagan was...
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Glenn Greenwald
The False Beltway Script Never Changes
From an absolutely brilliant front-page article in The Washington Post , by two absolutely brilliant and serious political journalists: Democrats Fear Backlash at Polls for Antiwar Remarks By Jim...
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Tariq Ali
A Massacre Foretold
The massacre in Karachi had been widely predicted. Benazir Bhutto herself has stated that she was aware of the dangers. The government pleaded with her to delay her return. Jihadi leaders, angered by...
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Richard Glover
Desire and the Green Cure
I used to feel bad about mindless consumerism but not any more. The green movement has come to my rescue. With every purchase, I can now enjoy the warm glow of helping develop environmentally sound...
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Saturday, October 20, 2007
With Democrats Like These...
Every now and then, we are tempted to double-check that the Democrats actually won control of Congress last year. It was particularly hard to tell this week. Democratic leaders were cowed, once again...
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Christopher Brauchli
Creationists Strike Abroad
The idea of a sun millions of miles in diameter and 91 million miles away is silly. The sun is only 32 miles across and not more than 3,000 miles from the earth. . . . God made the sun to light the...
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Tim Watkin
Cruel Intentions
The US supreme court is examing the legality of death by lethal injection. But that doesn't mean America has come to its senses about capital punishment.
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Kelly Toughill
Press Must Remain Proud and Free
Another reason to be smug: Canada is a shining example of press freedom. This country does less to censor the news than all but 17 other nations in the world. So says Reporters Without Borders ,...
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Naomi Klein
Outsourcing Government
'We didn't want to get stuck with a lemon." That's what Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said to a House committee last month. He was referring to the "virtual fence" planned for the U.S...
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Seattle Post-Intelligencer Editorial
Children in Prison: Locked-up forever
It seems that our child criminals are the worst in the world. Why else would the U.S. be the only country in the United Nations that voted against abolishing life imprisonment (without parole) for...
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Robert Kuttner
Banking on a Bailout
Earlier this week, the Treasury Department organized an unprecedented rescue plan for America's largest banks. The banks, most notably Citigroup but also Bank of America and Wachovia, got into big...
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Adil E. Shamoo and Bonnie Bricker
The Costs of War for Oil
"We have to decide, as a nation, whether our need for Middle Eastern oil is more important to our future than our conduct as a moral and ethical people." Which brave presidential candidate would lay...
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Tom Engelhardt
Bush's Pentagon Papers: The Urge to Confess
They can't help themselves. They want to confess.
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Christopher Cooper
I Swear I Found The Key to the Universe
I know I could be wrong. Believers do say that only God is infallible, and even He appears to have made quite a startling mess of His great Creation so far. And I'm surely as flawed and fallible, in...
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Friday, October 19, 2007
John W. Dean
Why, Even If You Have Nothing To Hide, Government Surveillance Threatens Your Freedom
The Case Against Expanding Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Powers
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Conor Foley
In the Dock
Bad legal advice about torture could one day lead to prosecutions of the Bush administration in Europe.
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John Nichols
An Assault on Media Diversity and Democracy
President Bush is the lamest of lame-duck chief executives, with no moral authority, no legislative majority and no popular domestic or foreign-policy agendas. So what can he do with the remaining...
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Edward Mast
Palestinians' Lives Invisible to Israelis
On a visit to Tel Aviv last month, I asked some Israeli friends what people in Israel were saying about the Palestinian situation. Not much, they told me. Israelis are more concerned about the...
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Mark Weisbrot
IMF Misses Epoch-Making Changes in the Global Economy
Finance ministers, bankers, and businessmen will gather in Washington DC this week for the annual Fall Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. As is customary, the IMF is...
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Rahul Mahajan
A Tale of Two Atrocities -- Blackwater and Haditha
The recent public outrage over the conduct of Blackwater Security mercenaries in Iraq, after an unprovoked massacre of at least 17 Iraqi civilians in western Baghdad has been heartening;...
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Elizabeth Holtzman
Mukasey Should Be Confirmed Only If He Agrees to Appoint a Special Prosecutor
The Senate should confirm Attorney General nominee Michael Mukasey on one condition: that he appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Bush administration. Recent revelations that the Justice...
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Olga Bonfiglio
9/11 Fatigue
Dear Mr. President, I saw a clip of your news conference the other night and I am concerned about you. Your hairline is receding. Your face is wan and getting more wrinkled. You couldn't stop...
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David Michael Green
Al Gore's Inaugural Address: January 20, 2009
Fellow Americans, and Fellow Citizens of Our Shared Earth - More than two hundred years ago, the shores upon which we stand were blessed to provide home to an unusual outcropping of men and women who...
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Thursday, October 18, 2007
Conn Hallinan
The Casualties of Iraq
The great 19th-century Tory Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli once remarked there were three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. It is a dictum the Bush administration has taken to...
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Brian Sonntag
A Government That's Open, Accessible and Responsive
Democratic government is built on the foundation that its power and authority rest with the people. To preserve that power, citizens absolutely must have information about the actions and activities...
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Mark Morford
Wi-Fi, the Death of Us All
You are going to die. Wireless gizmos are devouring your brain, right now. Very sorry
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Patt Morrison
'No Fly' on Steroids
Under Homeland Security's 'Secure Flight,' your union card or reading preferences could help keep you off a plane.
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Amanda Robb
Abstinence 1, S-Chip 0
Democratic leaders are right to contest President Bush's veto of their bill to expand the State Children's Health Insurance program. But sadly, their "bipartisan compromise" will leave millions of...
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Robert B. Reich
Corporations Won't Lead the Way on Solving Global Warming
Al Gore's campaign against global warming, for which he just received the Nobel Peace Prize, has encouraged many corporations to "go green" and become environmentally friendly. But do these companies...
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Norman Solomon,
The United States of Violence
[This article is adapted from Norman Solomon's new book " Made Love, Got War: Close Encounters with America's Warfare State ."] We keep hearing that Iraq is not Vietnam. And surely any competent...
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Harvey Wasserman
Nukes Are Back and So Are We
The nuclear power industry is back to where it always goes when it wants to build new reactors---the taxpayer trough. And those of us who've been fighting them for decades are doing it again, now...
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007
Mark Danner
'The Moment Has Come to Get Rid of Saddam'
Bush's Faith Run Over by History
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Christopher Lisotta
Does the 'T' Stand Alone?
October was supposed to be a triumph for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, thanks to the recent passage of a comprehensive hate crimes bill in both houses of Congress and...
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John Buell
Terrorism and the Forgotten Threat
Terrorism "experts" worry about threats to Manhattan bridges or the Statue of Liberty, but an older and much more serious potential risk seems almost off the radar screen. Late this summer, a few...
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Amy Goodman
Imagine Peace—A Ray of Light in Dark Times
John Lennon would have turned 67 years old last week had he not been murdered in 1980, at the age of 40, by a mentally disturbed fan. On his birthday, Oct. 9, his widow, peace activist and artist...
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Andrew Greeley
Will We Fall For War Vs. Iran?
It would appear, according to news reports, that the hard-liners in the Bush administration, led by the vice president, are pushing for a war with Iran. The tactics are the same. Once you've played...
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Rubén Martínez
Don't Fence Them In
I stood on the cottonwood-lined banks of the San Pedro River in Arizona recently and watched it flow freely under a "water gap" fence -- two strands of barbed wire and two of wound cable. Those four...
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12 Former Army Captains
The Real Iraq We Knew
Today marks five years since the authorization of military force in Iraq, setting Operation Iraqi Freedom in motion. Five years on, the Iraq war is as undermanned and under-resourced as it was from...
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Robert Scheer
Dissent from the Front Lines
When will we listen to the troops? I'm not talking about soldiers used as props for a George Bush photo op, telling reporters what Washington wants to hear. The military is disciplined and thus...
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Richard W. Behan
Democrats Live the Lie - to Their Peril and to the Nation's
The timid, equivocating, and compromising behavior of the Democrats today-in Congress and among the "top tier" presidential candidates-is despicable, arguably criminal, and gravely dangerous to their...
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Ellen R. Shaffer and Joe Brenner
The Ill Winds of Free Trade
Elected officials are trailing voters on the critical issues of trade and health. Voters, including Republicans, increasingly oppose the current crop of trade agreements and also support raising...
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Danny Schechter
Can the Foxes Save the Hen House?
Fox’s New Business News Channel Seeks to Rescue Corporate America
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Margaret Kimberley
Nancy Pelosi, Public Enemy Number One
"If they were poor and they were sleeping on my sidewalk, they would be arrested for loitering, but because they have 'Impeach Bush' across their chest, it's the First Amendment." - Nancy Pelosi
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Russell Mokhiber
What Do Brazil, Mexico, Russia and the USA Have in Common?
What do Brazil, Mexico, Russia and the USA have in common? A rapidly expanding billionaire class. Rampant poverty. And a distressed middle class. That's the take of Pulitzer prize-winning New York...
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Cindy Sheehan
The 'Fix'
There is quite a lot of interesting, but wild, speculation running around the blog-o-sphere, progressive circles and just plain dinner conversation these days about whether BushCo will allow a...
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Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Billy Bragg
How the Queen Charmed the Pants off Me: Confessions of an Old Leftie
Last week, I shook hands with the Queen. It was a Tuesday evening, at the Royal Festival Hall. I was there with my family for the Royal Gala to open the refurbished hall, and to see a performance of...
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Jeremy Brecher & Brendan Smith
Watada's Double Jeopardy
The double jeopardy clause of the US Constitution ensures that no American can be tried twice for the same offense. But at a time when our civil liberties are rapidly eroding, a drama is unfolding in...
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Terry J. Allen
E-Wasting Away in China
The highway of poisoned products that runs from China to the United States is not a one-way street. America ships China up to 80 percent of its electronic waste -- discarded computers, cell phones,...
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William Hartung
A Peace Primary?
If the presidential primaries were decided based on candidates' positions on war and peace, the frontrunners would be quite different. Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, and Bill Richardson would score...
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Norman Solomon
The Pro-War Undertow of the Blackwater Scandal
The Blackwater scandal has gotten plenty of media coverage, and it deserves a lot more. Taxpayer subsidies for private mercenaries are antithetical to democracy, and Blackwater's actions in Iraq have...
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Yifat Susskind
World Food Day
The Globalization of Hunger At first, the numbers don't seem to add up. The world produces more food than ever-enough to feed twice the global population. Yet, more people than ever suffer from...
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Mike Gravel
Note to Obama and Edwards: Step-Up on Iran
I'm glad to see John Edwards and Barack Obama have finally begun to upbraid Hillary Clinton for going along with Bush's impending attack on Iran. We presidential candidates must keep raising this...
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Dean Baker
Pete Peterson Doesn't Need His Social Security
He has said so himself many times. Peter Peterson first came to national prominence more than three decades ago as commerce secretary in the Nixon administration. However, he is far more widely known...
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Ray McGovern
What Did Pelosi Know About NSA, and When Did She Know It?
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has admitted knowing for several years about the Bush administration's eavesdropping on Americans without a court warrant. She was briefed on it when she was ranking...
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Monday, October 15, 2007
Thomas Kaplan-Maxfield
Gothic America
The Halloween season is an appropriate time to talk about Gothic. At Boston College, where I teach a course in this literature, I kid my students that what we are engaged in in class is not just the...
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Ron Forthofer, Dick Williams and Gretchen Williams
Time to Ban Weaponized Uranium
'There is no safe level of exposure and there is no dose of (ionizing) radiation so low that the risk of a malignancy is zero." "The Veterans Administration seems always on the defensive to make sure...
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Rajendra Pachauri
Climate Change Threatens the Fight to End Poverty
The former United Nations secretary-general, Kofi Annan, brought about a remarkable consensus among world leaders to establish the Millennium Development Goals and for the world to meet these by 2015...
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Bridget Kelly Ries and Margaret Kelly
Protecting Small-Scale Food Projects from the Ground Up
Earlier this summer, 40 families in North St. Louis began receiving weekly deliveries of fresh produce - direct from Missouri farms. In an area that many grocery stores have left, access to fresh,...
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Gary Younge
The Land of Optimism Is in the Dumps, But Refuses to Accept How It Got There
Not since Watergate has such pessimism afflicted Americans. They want politicians to lift them without facing the cause
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Philip S. Golub
Sun Sets Early on the American Century
Even hard-headed realists in the U.S. power elite fear the Iraq war has crippled America's ability to lead
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Paul Krugman
Gore Derangement Syndrome
On the day after Al Gore shared the Nobel Peace Prize, The Wall Street Journal's editors couldn't even bring themselves to mention Mr. Gore's name. Instead, they devoted their editorial to a long...
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James Carroll
Religion and Nation
One of my proudest boasts as a schoolboy was an ability to both identify and spell what my teacher insisted was the English language's longest word: antidisestablishmentarianism. I had, of course, no...
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Chris Hedges,
Outsourcing Torture
The Bush administration has called for the respect of human rights in Burma , a pretty safe piece of posturing, but it remains silent as Egypt's dictator, Gen. Hosni Mubarak , unleashes the largest...
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Cindy Sheehan
Matthew 7:3 (Look It Up)
It is truly touching the way First Lady Laura Bush cares about the people of Burma and is using her officiousness (oops...I think that may be the wrong word...or is it?) to bring attention to the...
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Sunday, October 14, 2007
Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger
On the Climate Change Front
Look Who's In Denial About Global Warming Now
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James D. Marston
The Texas Lesson: Bush's Global Warming Reduction Goals Won't Work
First, the good news: President Bush acknowledged to the world on Sept. 28 that global warming is real and that human activity is contributing to it. And the president told international...
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Frank Rich
The 'Good Germans' Among Us
"Bush lies" doesn't cut it anymore. It's time to confront the darker reality that we are lying to ourselves. Ten days ago The Times unearthed yet another round of secret Department of Justice memos...
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Glenn Greenwald
The Beltway Establishment's Contempt For The Rule of Law
The Washington Post 's Editorial Page, in the establishment-defending form of Fred Hiatt, today became but the latest Beltway appendage to urge the enactment of a special law providing amnesty to our...
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Rene Wadlow
World Food Day: No Day Off For Women
October 16th is the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization's World Food Day - a yearly reminder that there are people who are constantly hungry due to poor agricultural methods, inadequate...
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Johann Hari
The Price of Freedom: Naomi Klein's 'Shock Doctrine'
How can Naomi Klein top No Logo , the most influential political polemic of the past 20 years? Her first book forensically studied the bloodstains that have splashed from the developing world's...
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Saturday, October 13, 2007
Mark Morford
The Whine of Voracious Liberals
Does the extremism of some progressives spell danger to delicious evolution? Well, yes
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Christopher Brauchli
Rudy and Propriety
Evil communications corrupt good manners. - The First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Corinthians Dear Miss Manners*: I am a well-known politician who is confronted with a dilemma. During the...
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Tom Engelhardt
A Future Only a Pentagon Planner Could Possibly Love
How can we understand our world, if we have hardly a clue about the mini-worlds where planning for our future takes place? Just the other day, the Washington Post had one of the odder reports of the...
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A Boston Globe Editorial
A Nobel For Truth
If the Academy Award didn't get the world to heed Al Gore on the threat of global warming, maybe the Nobel Prize will. The decision of the Nobel committee to award the 2007 peace prize jointly to...
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Jeff Cohen
Can Al Gore Be Trusted?
This is a repint of a vintage 2006 CommonDreams column exploring an Al Gore presidential candidacy and the old Gore vs. the new Gore. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."
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Bill Maher
American Flag Pins Are For Idiots
Show me a man wearing an American flag pin in his lapel, and I'll show you an asshole. I'm sure there are exceptions, but in general people need to remember that lapels aren't for wearing pins to...
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Cynthia Boaz
Some Thoughts About The True Miracle in The Andes.
Exactly 35 years ago this Saturday, an horrific and extraordinary chain of events was set in motion high in the Andes above Chile. A small commuter plane carrying 45 people crashed on Friday the 13th...
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Ralph Nader
Bush/Cheney: Dodging Impeachment
The meeting at the Jones Library in Amherst, Massachusetts on July 5, 2007 was anything but routine. Seated before Cong. John Olver (D-MA) were twenty seasoned citizens from over a dozen...
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Joe Brewer
Missing the Real Message in Nobel Prize?
The big story today is that the Nobel Peace Prize recognizes the climate crisis as a genuine threat to humanity. It now has official standing along with the proliferation of nuclear weapons, conflict...
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Friday, October 12, 2007
Thom Hartmann
Ann Coulter and Justice Antonin Scalia to Synagogue - Jews Are Safer with Christians in Charge
The National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) called on media to stop inviting Ann Coulter as a guest commentator and strongly condemned her comments that Jews should be "perfected" by accepting the...
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Naomi Wolf
American Tears
I wish people would stop breaking into tears when they talk to me these days. I am traveling across the country at the moment -- Colorado to California -- speaking to groups of Americans from all...
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Pat Williams
Where Have You Gone, Paul Wellstone?
Do you remember the name Paul Wellstone? He was the United States Senator from Minnesota who five years ago this month was killed along with his wife Sheila, and daughter Marcia. They died in the...
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Jeremy Scahill
Iraqis Sue Blackwater for Baghdad Killings
Blackwater USA is facing a lawsuit over the September 16 killings in Baghdad's Nisour Square. The largest mercenary company working for the US State Department in Iraq, Blackwater may soon need more...
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Ryker Labbee
Myanmar: Guns Vs. Google
When I was last in Burma in 2005, I was tapping away on a keyboard at a newly opened Internet café (the government having eased a restriction on public Internet access in 2004) when a 12-year-old...
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Laurence H. Ebersole
Imagine No More Guantanamos
Imagine no more tortures. Wednesday will be one year since the Military Commissions Act. Wednesday will be the start of 86 days of action to repeal the worst features of this act; then to close...
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Helen Thomas
US Torture Tactics Shame Us All
Thank goodness for whistle-blowers, those public servants who think Americans should know the harm that is being inflicted in our name. Some of those high-minded officials recently revealed to The...
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Tony Norman
Here Come da Judgment Day
Homeland Security dropped the ball. Like a thief in the night, Judgment Day came as unexpectedly as prophesied, taking even the White House with its praying president by surprise. Around the world,...
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Ellen Goodman
Tinkering with Death
So we have a national moratorium of sorts. An unofficial stay of execution. All quiet in the death chambers. In the days since the Supreme Court decided to take on another death penalty case, 11...
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David Michael Green
The Coming Progressive Era
Listen now, right here It's going to be a beautiful year (Mark Knopfler, "We Can Get Wild") Sometimes, being condemned to repeat history is not such a bad thing. Welcome to 1932, redux. Almost all...
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Rosa María Pegueros
No More Naked Emperors
I have been looking at our naked emperor for so long, I have forgotten what he looks like dressed. I know that here on Common Dreams, there are many like-minded folks. What I cannot understand is why...
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John Pierre Ameer
1860, 1932, 2008
It has become too easy to ridicule the current administration. Their syntactical and conceptual errors are so blatantly obvious, that pointing them out is like shooting fish in a barrel. The...
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Thursday, October 11, 2007
Susan Lenfestey
What If They Had a Peace Rally and (Almost) No One Came?
We're too shell-shocked from this war (and the threat of the next one) to do much about it.
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