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Thursday, May 3, 2007
William Hartung
Ending Nuclear Hypocrisy
A few years back, when President Bush described Libya's decision to put aside its programs for nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, he applauded the Qaddafi regime for abandoning its quest for...
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Johann Hari
We Shop Until Chinese Workers Drop
She Was Expected To Work 360 Days a Year From 7.30am to 9.30pm With Only a Half-Hour Break
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JoAnn Wypijewski
Damned Weaklings: The Army's Abuse of Its Own Extends Far Beyond Walter Reed
Accidents," Alexander Cockburn once wrote, "are normalcy raised to the level of drama." The same may be said for scandal, the shocking event that turns out not to have been so shocking after all once...
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Wednesday, May 2, 2007
Carla Blank
Worst U.S. Massacre?
The mass media coverage of how 32 students and faculty members were fatally shot and at least 15 injured on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Va., is punctuated by phrases such as, "the worst...
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New York Times Editorial
Spying on Americans
For more than five years, President Bush authorized government spying on phone calls and e-mail to and from the United States without warrants. He rejected offers from Congress to update the...
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Laurie Garrett
Sex and Foreign Aid
The Lessons Learned From a High-Level Administration Official's Resignation In The 'D.C. Madam' Scandal.
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Derrick Z. Jackson
Here's What Our Mission Accomplished
These are just some of the stories on the four-year anniversary of Mission Accomplished:Washington Post: "The deaths of more than 100 troops in April made it the deadliest month so far this year for...
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Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
Our Chance For An Arms Treaty
MY COUNTRY, Liberia, has a coat of arms that shows the sun rising behind a 19th-century sailing ship bringing Africans back from slavery in America to start a new life in Africa. That voyage was the...
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Ruth Conniff
The War on Terror's Grand Snafu
T he story was so compelling, I sat in the driveway listening to it, hand hovering over the ignition, for almost half an hour. It turned out to be an update of This American Life's Peabody-Award-...
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Barbara Ehrenreich
The Higher Education Scam
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Ted Rall
Choose One: Loyalty or Glory: Bring Back the Principled Resignation
Four years late and half a trillion dollars short. Why didn't George Tenet tell us this stuff when it mattered--before we invaded Iraq?Tenet could have been a hero. He could have changed history...
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Mark Morford
The Hippies Were Right!
Green homes? Organic food? Nature is good? Time To Give The Ol' Tie-Dyers Some Respect
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Devin Helfrich
Build More Nukes? Forget It.
Over the past year, a group of nuclear physicists has been studying a site on the banks of a beautiful river. Hidden from international nuclear inspectors, they are drawing up plans for a new...
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Yifat Susskind
It's Not Just an Abortion Ban: The Christian Right's Global Agenda
After the initial shock of the recent Supreme Court ruling upholding President Bush's abortion ban, it's time to acknowledge the full reality of the decision. According to the American College of...
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Elizabeth R. Sawin
The First Step to Action on Climate Change is Facing Its Reality
In a past column I have written about a narrow window of opportunity, a period of perhaps as few as ten years within which humanity must make dramatic reductions in worldwide CO2 emissions or run the...
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Robert C. Byrd
President Bush Rejects a Plan for Peace
US Senate Floor Remarks -- May 1, 2007
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Robert B. Reich
The Supply-Side and the Record-Breaking Dow
I'm spending my spare time these days debating supply-siders who are convinced that the record-breaking Dow proves the correctness of the Bush tax cuts. Yes, the Dow did reach a record high last week...
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John R. MacArthur
I Deconstruct My Recent French Vote
NEW YORK -- A few days after I voted in the first round of the French presidential election, I dropped by the French Cultural Center on Fifth Avenue to attend a reception in honor of the American...
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Larry Beinhart
The Rise & Fall of America's Political Right
There is no real name for the movement that took over America six years ago and continues run it. That's part of the reason for its success. Its very vagueness makes it hard to attack. In actuality,...
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Cindy Sheehan
Four Dead in Ohio
May 4th, 2007 will be the 37th year since the Kent State, Ohio, massacre where four anti-war protesters were killed by Ohio National Guardsmen during a protest against Richard Nixon's announced...
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The Corporate Crime Reporter
Big Pharma Gets its Hooks into Seton Hall Law School
For decades, the pharmaceutical industry has marinated the medical profession in millions of dollars of free samples, lunches, trips, and fees.The goal — influence, power, profits. Now, the industry...
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Willie and Amy Nelson
A Peaceful Solution
The following was written by Willie & Amy Nelson on April 29th, 2007 at 3:03 am on the bus in California, on the way to Coachella . To listen, click here . If you don't have a media player, you...
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Stephen Lendman
Worthy and Unworthy Victims
Economist and media critic Edward S. Herman and social and political critic Noam Chomsky note two kinds of victims in their classic 1988 book "Manufacturing Consent." So does journalist and...
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Amy Goodman
Voices From the Spanish Civil War
Clarence Kailin is 92 years old. He recently traveled to New York City to attend the annual reunion of the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. The brigade was originally made up of roughly 3,000...
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Robert Scheer
After Thousands Have Died, Tenet Comes Clean
The three short sentences at the beginning of Chapter 17 of former CIA Director George Tenet's memoir, "At the Center of the Storm," tell it all: "The United States did not go to war in Iraq solely...
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Tuesday, May 1, 2007
Clint Talbot
Acknowledging A Massacre: Sand Creek Site Critical
The initial judgment was that the Cheyenne and Arapaho people had it coming. It wasn't a massacre but a "battle." There weren't victims, only "savages." And the butchers were heroes.That was the view...
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George Monbiot
The Rich World's Policy on Greenhouse Gas Now Seems Clear: Millions Will Die
Rich nations seeking to cut climate change have this in common: they lie. You won't find this statement in the draft of the new report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which was...
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Katrina Vanden Huevel
Twelve Steps to Cutting Poverty in Half
Last Wednesday, at the Center for American Progress (CAP) in Washington, the CAP Task Force on Poverty released the results of fourteen months of work in its report, From Poverty to Prosperity: A...
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Martha Burk and Eleanor Smeal
U.S. Needs a Women's Equality Amendment
A Law Against Gender Bias Is Only As Strong As The Next Congress and President.
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Elizabeth Holtzman
Alberto Gonzales' Safety Net
Confirmation Hearings For His Successor Could Spawn Criminal Investigations of The White House.
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Jesse Jackson
Debate Was in South Carolina, But The Focus Was Elsewhere
The Democratic presidential contenders had their first debate last week. It was held in Charleston, S.C. -- but you would not have known from the questions. The moderators -- even the local NBC...
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Paul Campos
Bush's Farewell Tantrum
A story in The New York Times makes it clear White House officials are giving off-the-record interviews designed to dampen expectations regarding Iraq. These officials are saying that the...
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John Buell
Student Loans and Corporate Gravy
Let me begin with a pop quiz. Who remarked: "The proposal of any new law or regulation of commerce that comes from [merchants and master manufacturers] ought always to be listened to with great...
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Michael Winship
To Live and Die in LA, and Iraq
"If Hitler's still alive, I hope he's out of town with a musical."So said the great comic writer and Broadway veteran Larry Gelbart, meaning there are fewer more hellish and excruciating tribulations...
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Dean Baker
Fighting Poverty: The First Step Is Counting It
The Center for American Progress issued a useful report last week on ways to reduce and eventually eliminate poverty. The report proposed a national goal of cutting the number of people in poverty by...
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Ralph Nader
BYU Students Speak Out
Could anyone have imagined that the major commencement protest at a University graduation thus far occurred April 26 at Brigham Young University (BYU)? Probably not.But then could anyone have...
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Barry Lando
And The Lies Go On
May 2, 2003: George Bush notoriously declared "Mission Accomplished." Four Years Later, Even With a Democratically Controlled Congress, The Disaster Grows Worse in Iraq
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Sheldon Friedman
Too Important Not To Pass
S. 1041 The Employee Free Choice Act
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Sally Kohn
Scapegoating: A TrageComedy on the 2008 Republican Agenda
Early December 2006. The curtain opens on the Oval Office. It's holiday season at the White House. A large Christmas tree near the window is decorated with photos of Iraqis who have died in the war...
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Pierre Tristam
Balancing Budget Now Won't Solve U.S. Debt Woes
There are no morals in politics. There is only expedience. A scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a scoundrel." Whoever is stage-managing the remains of the Bush presidency must know his...
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Monday, April 30, 2007
Phil Worden
Has Bush Committed Impeachable Acts?
As an attorney I often get asked if I think President Bush has committed any impeachable "high crimes or misdemeanors." The Constitution gives the power to remove the President to the Congress, not...
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Larry Johnson et al
An Open Letter to George Tenet
The attached letter, written by a group of former CIA intelligence officers, was sent today to George Tenet to protest his upcoming book tour. We specifically call on him to return the Medal of...
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Arianna Huffington
Why Didn't George Tenet Just Resign?
Does this sound familiar? A senior Bush administration official plays a key role in selling the Iraq war debacle to the American public, resigns a few years later, and then tries to distance himself...
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Jay Bookman
Rumbles in Military Hint at Change
Time and again, President Bush has tried to hide his incompetence behind our men and women in uniform. Repeatedly, criticism of his policies has been distorted into an attack on the troops; too often...
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Robert Jensen
Anti-Capitalism in Five Minutes or Less
We know that capitalism is not just the most sensible way to organize an economy but is now the only possible way to organize an economy. We know that dissenters to this conventional wisdom can, and...
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Ray McGovern
Sorry They've Been So Mean To You, George
"If you can't say something positive about someone, don't say anything." This was drummed into me by my Irish grandmother and, as was the case with most of her admonishments, it has stood me in good...
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Bruce Friedrich
Leather: Dead Skin, Environmental Nightmare
The Green Issue of Vanity Fair, currently on shelves, correctly notes in discussing the impact of our purchasing decisions that "fur and leather…mean slaughtering animals," but in an issue...
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Jeremy Scahill
Who Will Stop the U.S. Shadow Army in Iraq?
Don't Look to the Congressional Democrats
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Susan Deans
Censoring Science: Climate-change Info Redacted
We may not be getting the whole story about climate research from our government.New federal guidelines on what scientists say or write about their research place severe limits, perhaps...
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Gary Younge
The Iraq War Is Over. It Is The Moment for Democrats To Show Real Leadership
If President Bush's Veto Is Not Challenged Tomorrow, Thousands of Iraqis and Hundreds of US Troops Are Certain to Perish
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Niall Ferguson
What War?
At home, the economy soars and Americans Let The Good Times Roll. Meanwhile, Iraq Burns.
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Dan Hamburg
Why There Was No Exit Plan
There are people in Washington ... who never intend to withdraw military forces from Iraq and they're looking for 10, 20, 50 years in the future ... the reason that we went into Iraq was to establish...
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Thursday, April 26, 2007
Philip Kovacs
Eli Broad and Bill Gates: New American Propagandists
From Wikipedia: "Propaganda is a type of message aimed at influencing the opinions or behavior of people. Often, instead of impartially providing information, propaganda can be deliberately...
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Monday, April 23, 2007
Don Fitz
Consume Like There's No Tomorrow
Would someone please tell the Sierra Club Exec Board that the idea of an "environmentally friendly car" makes as much sense as a "non-violent death penalty?" While the vast majority of those...
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Ray McGovern
Levin Gives Cheney Reason To Smirk
Never before have I felt such irk from a Cheney smirk -- the one with which he confidently assured CBS's Bob Schieffer on Sunday's "Face the Nation" that the Democrats will continue to vote to fund...
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Jerry Lanson
They Call This The News?
My cousin thought I must be having anger management issues. She and her husband Paul had flipped through the satellite dials and settled on the McLaughlin Group on the European edition of CNBC. And...
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Danny Schechter
Reading Between The Lines to Find The Bottom Line
Thank you Harry Reid for acknowledging what the world press has been saying for more than a year, maybe longer: The war is lost. Now we have the Sunday New York Times with a page one picture of an...
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Harvey Wasserman
Corporate Accountability is this Earth Day's Inconvenient Truth
The great green bandwagon that came of age this Earth Day has been a very long time coming. Its lag time has been no accident. From Rachel Carson's 1963 Silent Spring and Earth Day 1970 and the first...
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Chris Hedges,
Jesus 'Love Bombs' You
There is a false, but effective, fiction that one has to be born again to be a Christian. The Christian right refuses to acknowledge the worth of anyone's religious experience unless, in the words of...
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Jorge Robledo
The FTA Between Colombia and the US Cannot be Salvaged
From March 26 to March 30, I visited Washington, DC, along with Iván Moreno Rojas, Senator of the Polo Democrático Alternativo (PDA-Alternative Democratic Party); Apecides Alvis, President of the...
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Beth Quinn
So Girls, Did You Notice You Were Raped Last Week?
Here's the part that's got smoke coming out of my ears. The part that makes me so mad I could spit nails. The part that's got me purple with apoplexy. The five boy justices on the Supreme Court who...
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Jay Bookman
Fervent Faith in Fair Tax Defies Reason
I wouldn't want to accuse Georgia's Fair Tax movement of being a cult, but it does have a disturbing number of cult-like attributes. Among other things, its adherents display an almost religious...
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Jane Goodall
Life Is Hanging By A Thread
Recently the International Panel on Climate Change issued a report predicting an alarming array of impacts of climate change around the globe, including drought, floods, lower crop yields, threatened...
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Saturday, April 21, 2007
Margaret Carlson
Hand Gonzales, Wolfowitz Pink Slips
In the real world, it takes about a week for someone who has disgraced himself like radio talk-show host Don Imus to lose his job. In Washington, World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz and Attorney...
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Matthew Rothschild
Gonzales Slips on the Stand
A lberto Gonzales is an Olympic skater. An Olympic obfuscator, that is. At his Senate Judiciary hearing, he used the phrase "I don't recall" dozens and dozens of times, including where it seemed...
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E.O. Wilson
Acting Now To Save Life On Earth
Except for giant meteorite strikes or other such catastrophes, Earth has never experienced anything like the contemporary human juggernaut. We are in a bottleneck of overpopulation and wasteful...
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The Boston Globe
Privatizing and Profiteering
The Deepening college loan scandal is a classic case of what can happen when government uses private companies as middlemen to carry out public goals. Lately, investigations by New York Attorney...
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Robert Naiman
What Price for an "Advisory" Timetable? Bar an Unauthorized Attack on Iran
Congressional Democratic leaders are moving to make their proposed timetable for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq "advisory," the Washington Post reports . Many Americans looking to Congress to take...
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Peter Rothberg
The Kids are Alright (Part 2)
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Christopher Brauchli
The Apology People
No sensible person ever made an apology. -Ralph Waldo Emerson It is a web site that many people in the Bush administration should refer to. It is called Writing Express and it comprises samples of...
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Brattleboro Reformer Editorial
Leading by Example
Vermont State Senate Moves Forward On Impeachment
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Friday, April 20, 2007
Teresa Stack
Disseminate Information, Protect Democracy
The following is a shortened version of a letter drafted by Nation president Teresa Stack and signed by her and her counterparts at more than a dozen independent journals, including National Review,...
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Stephen Lendman
New US Postal Rates Undermine Small Publications
The US Constitution's First Amendment guarantees the right of free expression including a press free to do it in. Jefferson, Madison and Congress wanted information easily and cheaply disseminated to...
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John Seager
Effective Way To Fight Global Warming
Washington -- According to the recently released report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, "the resilience of many ecosystems is likely to be exceeded this century." Behind this matter...
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Helen Thomas
Public Service Is Not All About Glory
Washington -- I remember how President Kennedy constantly urged young people to go into public service, telling them it could be the crown of their careers.
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Polly Toynbee
We Need To Focus On This Week's Deaths In Iraq - They Belong To Us
Any Sense of Proportion About Fear and Death Has Been Lost As This Age of Individualism Demands Me-Me Mourning
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Matthew Rothschild
Neanderthal Supreme Court Decision on Abortion
T he religious right got its reward on April 26, when the Supreme Court banned an abortion procedure. And the reasoning of the Bush Court was Neanderthal. "Supreme Court justices have exchanged their...
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James Hansen
Why We Can't Wait
This is an adaptation of a talk delivered February 26 at the National Press Club. Comments relating to policy are Dr. Hansen's personal opinion and do not represent a NASA position. There's a huge...
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Paul Krugman
The Plot Against Medicare
The plot against Social Security failed: President Bush's attempt to privatize the system crashed and burned when the public realized what he was up to. But the plot against Medicare is faring better...
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Sarah Olson
Another Soldier AWOL Rather Than Deploying to Iraq
"Just because we volunteered, doesn't mean we volunteered to throw our lives away for nothing. You can only push human beings so far," says Marc Train, a 19-year old soldier from America's heartland...
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David Swanson
Putting the Gone in Gonzales?
How Not to Answer Questions about (in)Justice in America
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Norman Solomon,
Bowing Down to Our Own Violence
Several days after the mass killings at Virginia Tech, grisly stories about the tragedy still dominate front pages and cable television. News of carnage on a vastly larger scale -- the war in Iraq...
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David Michael Green
Dark of Heartness, Part II
Compassionless Conservatives
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Amy F. Isaacs
Labor Law Reform is Essential to Reviving America's Beleaguered Middle-Class
Pooling resources and banding together with those who share similar beliefs and goals is a basic right that all of use every day. We might join our neighbors to pressure our local government to save...
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Thursday, April 19, 2007
Isaiah J. Poole
Sallie Mae's Menage À Trois
The sale of Sallie Mae to a group of investors that includes JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America should confirm to members of Congress that it is time to pull the plug on what has been a huge ripoff...
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Clint Talbot
Sudan's 'Last Chance'
Time For Dithering Is Over
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Ruth Conniff
Obama on Our Violent Culture
It was supposed to be a raucous event. Barack Obama's Wisconsin campaign kick-off at a sold-out theater in downtown Milwaukee started with a line of people wrapped around the block. Milwaukee mayor...
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Matthew Rothschild
When "Good Politics" Gets Lethal:
Harry Reid Takes a Dive on Gun Control
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John Nichols
Impeach Cheney First?
It is no secret that Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich has been toying with the idea of moving articles of impeachment against a member of the Bush administration. And he appears to be focusing more...
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Karen Houppert
Curbing Abortion Rights
Today the Supreme Court ruled in a 5-to-4 decision that a nationwide ban on so-called "partial birth" abortions was legal. Significantly, this is the first time the Court has intervened to this...
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Marie Cocco
Politics Aside, Guns Still Kill
Washington—A few days before the Virginia Tech massacre, a headline caught my eye: Suicide rates are highest in states where guns are most likely to be kept in the home. I barely glanced at the story...
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Ellen Goodman
Governing the Womb
Boston—May I remind you what else was happening on the very day in 2003 when Congress passed the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban. In Florida, the Legislature passed a law that gave politicians the power...
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Joan Vennochi
The White House Truth Gap
The Bush administration never lets the facts get in the way of a good story. When asked Sunday on CBS's "Face the Nation" about the firing of eight federal prosecutors, Vice President Dick Cheney...
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Brita Sydhoff
Why We Must Tell Truth About Torture
Imagine this: Jack Bauer, America's favorite counterterrorism hero, has just returned from an average day at the office, bringing a terror suspect to near-death by strangulation, staging a mock...
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Louis Freedberg
The Human Face of Death
What the green hills of Blacksburg, Va., and the dusty streets of Baghdad have in common is that in the last few days terrible acts of violence have been perpetrated there. But the reactions to that...
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Diane Farsetta
Onward, Free Market Soldiers:
Privatizing Public Diplomacy
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Philip Kovacs
Democracy and Education
Over the past six years this country has seen the Constitution discarded, the military privatized, the church married to the state, women's reproductive rights repealed, gangster-style cronyism,...
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Sarah Stapleton-Gray
A Culture of Life?
A culture of life. That mantra has been endlessly repeated by conservatives. President Bush spoke about it in March 2001 at an event honoring Pope John Paul II: "In the culture of life we must make...
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Harvey Wasserman
Is "Green" Tom Friedman The New Eco-Orwell of Solartopia?
Not long ago, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman was America's top op ed cheerleader for George W. Bush's attack on Iraq, portraying it as a "war for democracy." Now, in a landmark Times...
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Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Michael Colby
Antiwar Sit-Ins: A Personal Perspective
Vermonters have been seemingly inundated lately with news and images of an energized antiwar movement. Dozens of citizens have taken our urgent calls to "end the Iraq War now" directly to the offices...
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