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Sunday, May 13, 2018
Cynthia Kaufman
Building Democracy to Fight the Nativist Attack: A Review of 'The People vs. Democracy'
If we want to protect society from the rise of illiberal democracy, we need to take very seriously what it would mean to make society democratic in ways that give people control over their lives.
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Gerrymandering Fran Korten
Rejection of Gerrymandering in Ohio Suggests the US Wants Fairer Elections
In both red states and blue states, steps are underway to limit how much districts can be drawn for partisan advantage.
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John Atcheson
Ready, Fire, Aim: Idiocy in Action
When something isn't broken, you have to create the illusion of failure so you can "fix" it and so Trump endeavored create one.
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Juan Cole
Kelly's "Family Separation" Recalls Slave Era Practice of Selling Parents Down the River
Kelly's doctrine of "deterrence" of undocumented immigration into the U.S. through family separation is undergirded by a special kind of sadism and ignorance combined.
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Donald Trump Iran Gregory Shupak
Media Debate Best Way to Dominate Iran
Rarely allowed into the debate is the notion that Iranians have the right to chart their own course free of U.S. interference.
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Saturday, May 12, 2018
Eric Margolis
Trump's War Against Iran
Many of the same war party crowd that engineered the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq are now running the Trump administration. Their goal is to cripple Iran and leave the Mideast to joint Saudi-Egyptian-Israeli control.
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Puerto Rico Stephen Kinzer
The Deal That Puerto Rico Didn't Ask for and Didn't Want
Puerto Rico remains devastated, but few in Congress or the White House seem to consider its reconstruction a priority.
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John Washington
ICE Is Terrorizing Immigrants. Now Some Communities Are Putting It On Trial.
Though ICE has been a scourge on immigrant communities for years, the past year may have been the agency's most brutal.
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Costa Rica Joseph Stiglitz
How Costa Rica Gets It Right
How has a country of under five million people become a world leader in developing holistic policies that promote democratic, sustainable, and inclusive economic growth? The answer lies in its people's belief that focusing on the welfare of all citizens not only enhances wellbeing, but also...
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Robert Reich
Trump's Drug Pricing Scam
If Trump were serious about lowering drug prices he'd have to take on the U.S. drug manufacturers.
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Richard Eskow
Primary Day: Lessons for Democrats
If they are willing to propose bold electoral reform, as well as new rules that "un-rig" the economy for middle-class voters, they’re more likely to turn opportunity into victory in November.
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Gina Haspel Katherine Krueger
WaPo Positions Support for Torturer as Vote for Feminism
"It should be the role of the media to draw attention to Haspel—and the CIA at large—for their work perpetuating the country's long, bloody campaigns around the world, rather than cheerleading her as some kind of feminist hero."
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Friday, May 11, 2018
Brian Terrell
Two Interrogations, Gina Haspel and Adolf Eichmann
Not to compare the evil of the holocaust with the CIA rendition and torture (as if evil could be measured by quantity), but the evasions and obfuscations of these two willing technicians of state terror are chillingly similar
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"There was a time in the not-too-distant past when Californians could attend top tier research universities as well as state and community colleges without incurring student debt." (Photo: Joe Brusky/flickr/cc) Chuck Collins, Josh Hoxie
Restoring Opportunity: Taxing Wealth to Fund College For All in CA
New report finds initiative to restore the California state estate tax could make college accessible for millions of students in the state.
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 "They may not fear a tamed, caged democracy, but they fear a reckless chaplain calling out in prayer for a fair system of taxation." (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images) Robert C. Koehler
Let the Prayer Continue
Let sanity — please, oh Lord — prevail, and the re-empowered voices of war and dominance return to shame and silence.
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Six buttons Mandy Manning wore at the White House. (Screen shot / Democracy Now!) Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan
How the White House Curbed the U.S. Teacher of the Year
"I am here for refugee and immigrant students, for the kids in the gay-straight alliance, and for all the girls."
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Paletinian medics treat injured protesters east of Gaza City on 13 April. (Photo: Mahmoud Ajour/ APA images) Maureen Clare Murphy
Nightmares Rise Among Gaza’s Children
The impact of Israel’s terrible violence towards civilian protesters is not only limited to physical harm.
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“Woman in Chador Walks by Anti-US Mural”(Photo: Screenshot) Jim Naureckas
Who’s Reacting to Iran Deal Pull-Out? Why, It’s Women in Chadors, Walking Past Anti-US Mural
We’re once again seeing a raft of news reports illustrated with photos whose essential visual message is that Iran hates freedom.
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Trump pulling out of the JCPOA. (Photo: Creative Commons) Firoozeh Kashani-Sabet
Narrative on Iran Defective at Its Core
The Iran nuclear deal was perhaps the best hope for allaying Iran’s territorial fears and convincing a skeptical international community that Iran has no intention of commencing a nuclear arms race despite being subjected to repeated hostilities.
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Thursday, May 10, 2018
"Two other federal appellate opinions this year—from the Fifth Circuit and Eleventh Circuit—included strong analyses by judges who similarly questioned suspicionless border device searches." (Photo: qbac07/Flickr/cc) Sophia Cope
Fourth Circuit Rules That Suspicionless Forensic Searches of Electronic Devices at the Border Are Unconstitutional
EFF has long argued that border agents need a warrant from a judge, based on probable cause of criminality, to conduct electronic device searches of any kind.
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"Imagine ending the game." (Common Dreams: CC BY-SA 3.0 US) Kristine Mattis
The Game Never Named, the Addendum Never Spoken
The preservation of capitalism.
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"Overheated economic systems are also prone to catastrophic recessions and depressions, which have devastating impacts on communities, as we saw during the most recent recession." (Photo: Dean Chahim/flickr/cc) Rick Wilson
If Extreme Inequality Harms Our Whole Society, What is a Conscientious Person to Do?
If this keeps up, things don’t look good for the human race.
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"If such deep connections between Saudi Arabia and the Trump administration sometimes seem to surface out of nowhere, they all too often stem from an extraordinarily influential, if largely unpublicized, Saudi lobbying and public relations campaign." (Photo: White House/Flickr/cc) Ben Freeman , William Hartung
Arms and Influence: How the Saudis Took Donald Trump for a Ride
The Saudi royals, who clearly grasp the nature of The Donald, have offered him the one thing he seems to love most: flattery, flattery, and more flattery
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"Trump’s insistence that that the agreement is somehow advantageous to Iran and would allow it to develop nuclear weapons is completely ludicrous." (Photo: AP/Carolyn Kaster) Stephen Zunes
Trump’s Dangerous Abrogation of the Iran Deal
The “threat” from Iran is that it is a regional power that has dared to challenge the United States’ hegemonic ambitions in the greater Middle East.
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"Alvarado arrived at his inauguration in a hydrogen-powered bus." (Photo: Screenshot) Juan Cole
Costa Rica’s New President Promises 100% Green Energy, Aims to Be 1st Such Nation
“We must impel decisive and coordinated action by all sectors of society to initiate and speed up this process permanently."
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"Adelson, for his part, was Trump and the GOP’s biggest campaign supporter." (eastcoastgambler via Flickr) Eli Clifton
Follow the Money: Three Billionaires Paved Way for Trump’s Iran Deal Withdrawal
Trump and the GOP are deeply indebted to anti-Iran deal billionaires who aren’t afraid to advocate for policies that push the country closer to another war in the Middle East.
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“Charter schools increase the cost of public education in Texas by over $600 million per year.” (Photo: Fibonacci Blue/flickr/cc) Jeff Bryant
Charter Schools Threaten the Existence of Public Education
Privately-run, mostly taxpayer-funded schools financially harm public education.
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"The team around Donald Trump, my contact warned, was going to try to discredit me and my organization, the National Iranian American Council, and some of our allies." (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) Trita Parsi
Who Ordered Black Cube’s Dirty Tricks?
If a foreign private intelligence agency was hired to help change a vital aspect of US foreign policy, with global consequences, it is a matter of urgent public interest to discover who ordered the operation.
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Norman Solomon
New Polls Show Anti-Trump Isn’t Enough to Beat GOP
Recent survey data bolsters concerns that Democrats' feeble partisan maneuvers are ill-suited to ousting the Republicans from power
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Adam Johnson
CNN’s Iran Fearmongering Would Make More Sense Coming Directly From Pentagon
Barbara Starr has a long, storied career of acting—in effect if not in name—as a Department of Defense spokesperson
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Wednesday, May 9, 2018
"A war with Iran is not likely to play well with the American public at large or even with Trump’s base, the majority of whom believed him when he said he wouldn’t repeat the mistake of launching yet another Mideast war." (Photo: Screenshot) William Hartung
Make No Mistake: Trump Is Paving the Way For War with Iran
The decision to violate and withdraw from the Iran anti-nuclear deal is one of the most dangerous foreign policy blunders in recent memory.
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John Feffer
The Banality of Haspel
It would be hard to find someone with more experience to run the CIA. And that’s why she’s a terrible choice.
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Tim Karr
Red Alert for Net Neutrality: What You Need to Know
Now is the time! Get your lawmakers to speak up for real Net Neutrality — and to stand on the right side of history
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"For the last several decades, relations between the U.S. and Iran and between Iran and the West have been shrouded in misconceptions and prejudices." (Photo: Alisdare Hickson/flickr/cc) César Chelala
Trump’s Decision on Iran Deal Spells Disaster for the Middle East
While Iran has not invaded another country in centuries, both the U.S. and Israel, Iran’s enemies, have led brutal wars against other countries and peoples.
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Frances Moore Lappé
Hope Hides in the Cracks of Our Faltering Democracy
All is not well, but that does not mean that all is lost
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"Like Pruitt, Ryan Zinke is misusing taxpayer dollars and promoting industries he’s supposed to regulate." (Photo: BSEE / Flickr) Lena Moffitt
Raising the Flag on Ryan Zinke’s Corruption
The man charged with protecting our public lands is handing them over to fossil fuel companies.
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People celebrate on Valiasr street in northern Tehran in April after the announcement of a preliminary agreement in the Iran nuclear talks. (Photo: ATTA KENARE/AFP/Getty Images) Trita Parsi, Ryan Costello
Trump Vindicates Iranian Hardliners And Victimizes Ordinary Citizens
Iranian people are once again those who will suffer most.
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"We cannot continue to allow governments and industry to expand and finance new fossil fuel production that only digs us deeper into the hole we are trying to get out of." (Photo: Screenshot) Hannah McKinnon
When You Are In a Hole…
Tackling fossil fuel production at the UN.
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"In December, the FCC voted to repeal the rules, a decision viewed as catastrophic by many in tech, the music industry, and elsewhere in government." (Photo: Shauna gm/Twitter) Madeline Buxton
Why You'll See Red Alerts Across The Web This Week
Net neutrality rules have existed since 2015 to ensure that all online content loads at the same speed and has an equal chance of being seen.
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"The torture conducted in the “War on Terror” has caused irreparable damage to many of its victims." (Photo: Justin Norman/flickr/cc) Sondra Crosby, Brock Chisholm
We Have Evaluated Torture Survivors. Gina Haspel Cannot Head the CIA.
Confirming Haspel would be unconscionable.
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Tuesday, May 8, 2018
Narges Bajoghli
Iran Will Never Trust America Again
"We were naive to think the Americans would stick to their promises in this deal, but are the American people and the rest of the world really that naive to fall for the same lies again?”
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Trita Parsi
Trump’s Reckless Decision Puts US on Path to War with Iran
Trump has taken a functioning arms control deal that prevented an Iranian nuclear bomb and turned it into a crisis that can lead to war
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"A primary function of this Contra War was to punish Nicaragua for dropping the ball on the anti-communist front and daring to defy US politico-corporate interests in the United States' self-declared backyard." (Photo: Screenshot/Al Jazeera) Belén Fernández
A Nicaraguan Spring or Imperial Spring Cleaning?
Nicaragua in its current state is hardly a revolutionary paradise - but US involvement is not the answer.
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 "Haspel herself played a role in destroying evidence of what occurred at the site she oversaw." (Photo: CIA / with overlay) Karen Greenberg
The Hearings for Trump’s CIA Pick Should Prompt a Reckoning With Torture
Her nomination is a slap in the face to those who embrace the rule of law.
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Across significant parts of the Middle East in the years since, the U.S. has had a major hand in destroying not just tower after tower, but city after city  Fallujah, Ramadi, and Mosul in Iraq, Raqqa in Syria, Sirte in Libya. (Photo: Martyn Aim/Getty Images) Tom Engelhardt
The Caliphate of Trump
And a planet in ruins.
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"Despite purchasing the latest “smart” bombs that, in theory, should minimize civilian casualties, the Saudi-led coalition continues to kill staggering numbers of civilians in Yemen." (Photo: © UNICEF Yemen) Shireen Al-Adeimi
What the Deployment of Green Berets to the Saudi-Yemen Border Tells Us About America’s Dirty War
The U.S. tries to distance itself from Saudi war crimes in Yemen—but it’s always been America’s war too.
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Global agroecology movements have called for “scaling out.” Scaling out agroecology would support farmer-to-farmer exchange that spreads agroecological practices through existing, and expanding, networks of small-scale family producers.  (Photo: Wendy Stone/Corbis via Getty Images Antonio Roman-Alcalá
Agroecology is Becoming A Global Movement. But Where Does the U.S. Fit In?
If there’s one thing the American food movement could learn from the global movement for agroecology, it’s that movements move government policy, not the other way around.
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 "Those who see Trump as a threat to constitutional norms and values should concentrate less on the long shot of impeachment and more on winning elections by promoting a positive vision for the future." (Photo: Elvert Barnes/Flickr/cc) Bill Blum
History Lesson for Democrats: Think Winning Elections, Not Impeaching Trump
Given the two-thirds rule and the paucity of presidential impeachments, it’s difficult to discern a reliable impeachment template for the Democrats to follow that would conclude with Trump’s conviction and removal.
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"The only actually nuclear-armed state in the Middle East is Israel." (Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Ryan Cooper
The Dishonest Case Against the Iran Deal
The Iran deal is working perfectly well.
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"Facebook controls what users see." (Photo: Screenshot) Steven Singer
Facebook is Censoring Your Favorite Bloggers
Facebook has employed a new algorithm to determine exactly what you’re allowed to see on your news feed.
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"Recent developments between North and South Korea have been met with widespread optimism and praise from the South Korean public."(Photo: Korea Summit Press Pool via AP) Adam Johnson
What Do US Pundits Know About North Korea That 88% of South Koreans Don’t?
When 88 percent of the subject of a news story think something is good, and 95 percent of US media say that thing is bad, one should ask why that is.
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"These are the kind of user-empowering features that some companies would rather you didn't know too much about, so don't be surprised if the only news you hear about them comes from poring over these changes to long documents." ( Photo: Wikimotive) Danny O'Brien
Why Am I Getting All These Terms of Service Update Emails?
Most companies that have users in Europe are scrambling to update their privacy policies and terms of service to avoid breaking this new EU law.
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Monday, May 7, 2018
'Laws like SB 1140 in Oklahoma and SB248 in Kansas are not only terrible policy — they are also unconstitutional." (Photo: Africa Studio/Shutterstock) Leslie Cooper
Children in Oklahoma and Kansas Need Love and Stability — Not Discrimination Against Good Families
These bills are part of a broader effort by opponents of LGBT equality to use religious freedom arguments to establish a license to discriminate against LGBT people.
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"Zuckerberg is free to suppress. He’s not a journalist; he’s the head of a for-profit corporation with a track record of mendacity and billions of private dollars at stake." (Photo: Legal Loop) Laura Flanders
What If Ida B. Wells Depended on Facebook?
We need a tax-dollars-funded, just-for-journalism's-sake, public commitment to public media.
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Robert Freeman
Michelle Wolf Didn’t Even Get Started
As members of a mass society, we can only know what we are told by its mass media. And they have methodically, systematically bred a nation of confused, timid, neutered sheep.
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"A mighty movement of parents, students, and teachers has risen up to boycott and opt out of these tests as a way to reclaim public education and fight for authentic forms of assessment." (Photo: AP/file) Jesse Hagopian
Teachers and Parents of Puerto Rico Launch Historic Strike & Boycott Against Standardized Testing
Spread the word: “We want a just, equitable world for our children.”
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Michael Winship
Rudy G and Bubble Boy Trump: Call It Implausible Deniability
Personally, I wouldn’t let Rudolph Giuliani represent me in traffic court.
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"This tax giveaway to corporations was “excess capital” – that is, they didn’t need the money – so they’re giving it back to shareholders." (Photo: Wikipedia/cc) Richard Eskow
Mnuchin Flips Tax-Scam Grift, Hopes Nobody Notices
When the final taxonomy of these Trump Era swamp creatures is conducted, a special category will be reserved for Mnuchin.
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"It’s a hidden upward redistribution of money and power from the majority of Americans to corporate executives and wealthy shareholders." (Photo: Screenshot) Robert Reich
The Monopolization of America
The biggest economic problem you’re hearing almost nothing about.
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"After the public revelation of the vast extent of the torture program horrified the world, Haspel deliberately destroyed 92 videotapes depicting the barbaric practice." (Photo: DonkeyHotey/cc) Robert Scheer
Trump's Shameful Choice of 'Bloody Gina'
Her nomination defines Trump as a fatally callous leader totally contemptuous of basic human rights and the rule of law.
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"Many Americans believe torture is something that happens in other nations led by dictators and despots." (Photo: CNN/Screenshot) Dr. Katherine McKenzie
We Should Oppose Gina Haspel's CIA Nomination Because of Her Torture Record
"Torture can break or damage the will and coherence of entire communities.”
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Sunday, May 6, 2018
Protesters hold a sign reading 'Stop the death penalty' Christopher Brauchli
Missouri and the Death Penalty
Consider the case of Bucklew v. Precythe
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A multiple choice test Steven Singer
Grades and Test Scores Don’t Matter. A Love of Learning Does.
American education policy analysts would do well to take a cue from countries like Finland
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Gov. Rick Scott Renee Parsons
Florida’s Senate Race: Does It Matter?
The Nelson-Scott match up is...little more substantive than peas in a pod or birds of a feather who will flock together
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Demonstrators hold signs on March 24, 2018 in Washington, D.C. during the March for Our Lives. Pat LaMarche
Westworld: A Show That Reveals Killing Is as American as Apple Pie
There are many who understand the fear the actors on Westworld are trying to convey.
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during his address last week from the Israel Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv. (Screengrab: CNN) Eric Margolis
Nuclear Chutzpah
This week's award goes to... Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
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Saturday, May 5, 2018
Polling spot in Chiapas, Mexico Latin American experts
US Academics and Civic Leaders Call on Congress to Ensure Neutrality and Support for Democratic Norms in Mexican Elections
An open letter to members of Congress
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Indignados protest, 2011. Hilary Wainwright
The Spirit of 1968 Is Inextinguishable —Even 50 Years Later
This rebellious era shaped radical activists – and aggressive capitalists. What can we learn from 1968, for democratic change today?
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If “the economy” can recover without real people recovering, then whose economy is it really? (Photo: Shutterstock) Nijmie Dzurinko
Fighting Back in the War on the Poor
In many ways, things are harder now than they were 50 years ago.
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  Demonstrators protest in front of the White House in support of Net Neutrality in 2014 Ernesto Falcon
The Big Lie ISPs Are Spreading in State Legislatures is That They Don’t Make Enough Money
Ultimately, it’s not network neutrality that prevents the large ISPs from upgrading their networks while lowering prices. It is a lack of incentive.
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An elephant, the traditional symbol for the Republican party, and a donkey, the traditional symbol for the Democratic party John Atcheson
Pundits and Pols Still Don't Get It: Trump Didn't Win in 2016, Democrats Lost
The real lessons from 2016, have nothing to do with understanding the Trump voters
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Friday, May 4, 2018
"The mass or indiscriminate use of antibiotics by industrial farms poses a severe danger to the public health, since it breeds antibiotic-resistant bacteria into the human food supply." (Photo: Human Society of the United States) Glenn Greenwald
Six Animal Rights Activists Charged With Felonies for Investigation and Rescue That Led to Punishment of a Utah Turkey Farm
“In my 20 years of investigating animal abuse, I’ve never seen conditions this horrifying at a corporate farm.”
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 "The Animal Welfare Act, doesn’t provide any legal protections for the more than 9 billion animals raised and killed for food in the U.S. each year." (Photo: file) Elizabeth Enochs
Steve King Wants to Force States to Hurt Animals—and People
King’s amendment, if passed, wouldn’t just affect animal protection laws; it could also preempt countless laws meant to protect consumers.
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Rudy Giuliani’s disclosure that President Trump repaid his attorney for the hush agreement with Stormy Daniels could still be a campaign finance violation. (Photo: Screenshot) Norman Eisen, Noah Bookbinder
We Filed a Complaint About Trump’s Ethics. Giuliani Made it Possible.
Lawyers are supposed to help their clients, not put them in jeopardy.
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David Suzuki engages in a lively discussion at a recent David Suzuki Fellowships event in Toronto. The program helps the next generation of leaders tackle complex environmental problems. (Photo: Robert Elliott) David Suzuki
Cutting Through Polluted Public Discourse
People aren’t terribly good at averting the biggest crisis humanity faces, but we’re masters at concocting excuses to do as little as possible about it.
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"This is not the first time US media, or the New York Times in particular, have erased US responsibility Libya’s travails." (Photo: Screenshot) Jim Naureckas
How Did Benghazi Become a Ruin? NYT Ignores US Role—in Multiple Media
Seven years ago, the United States and its allies used military force to overthrow Libya’s government and its been in almost continual civil war since.
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Christopher Anders
Senators Have a New Plan to Expand Indefinite Detention and Endless Global War
Corker and Kaine are working overtime to try to jam through their AUMF— a dumpster fire of bad ideas
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Basav Sen
Impeach Scott Pruitt for Dismantling the EPA, Not His First-Class Flights
This is the real Scott Pruitt scandal—the story of a man systematically dismantling the agency he leads to benefit the oil and gas industry
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Thursday, May 3, 2018
"Unlike Israel’s many invasions and military incursions, Iran, a poor country, has not invaded any country for over 250 years." (Photo: AVI OHAYON - GPO) Ralph Nader
Wake Up to Trump, Distraction and War with Iran
Netanyahu knows the U.S. government and the mass media will embrace his expanding push for U.S. militarism in the Middle East.
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"Chipping away at the media also chips away at our right to be informed. We need access to credible information to engage meaningfully in our communities – and hold those in power to account." (Photo: IFEX) Annie Game
It's World Press Freedom Day. What's Wrong With This Picture?
We need to support a free and independent media; efforts to undermine them are on the rise, and we need to hear a diversity of voices and opinions more than ever. Our 2018 campaign images underscore the fact that one side of the story is never enough.
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"The throwaway phrase assumes that there’s a legal — a moral — force at work protecting the security of Planet Earth. Only responsible, First World nations have been authorized to participate in the game of mutually assured destruction." (Credit: SSGT Phil Schmitten / DoD) Robert C. Koehler
Peace and the Nuclear Paradox
“The most powerful weapons ever devised serve no other purpose but to prevent their use by others."
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When the Arizona Teacher of the Year asked the Secretary about her views of the strikes, DeVos reportedly told her she preferred that “adults would take their disagreements and solve them not at the expense of kids and their opportunity to go to school and learn.”(Photo: WDRB/screenshot) Jeff Bryant
The Right Lashes Out at Uprising Teachers
Rightwing politicians and their operatives have already begun to craft ways to strike back against teachers.
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"A remarkable formula for forever war." (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Russell Bassett) Danny Sjursen
Hail, (Donald) Caesar!: War and the Imperial Presidency
Congress offers a bipartisan blank check to Donald Trump.
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"Rubio saved his real weaselspeak for the electric Twitter machine." (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images) Charles P. Pierce
Marco Rubio's Spine Remained Intact for a Grand Total of Two Days
Before he walked back his Republican tax bill criticism—then walked back his walkback.
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"Compared to the prospect of world war, a much better outcome of the collapse of the Iran nuclear deal would be if Iran quickly acquired nuclear weapons. Then it could deter an Israeli and U.S. attack." (Photo: Shutterstock) John Feffer
Two-Faced Trump: Peace in Korea, World War in the Middle East
Trump believes he can simultaneously capture a Nobel Peace Prize for North Korea while leaping toward war with Iran.
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"Donald Trump had previously denied all knowledge of the payment to Stormy Daniels, before admitting last week that his lawyer struck a “deal” with the porn star on his behalf." (Photo: Iowa Public Radio Images/flickr/cc) Juan Cole
If Giuliani’s Right Trump Lied About Porn Star Hush Money, Why Believe him on Iran?
The Washington Post estimates that Trump is up to 6 falsehoods a day.
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Wednesday, May 2, 2018
Unions continue to fund the Democratic Party, but their investment has seen few legislative gains. (Photo: Flickr/TMT photos. CC BY 2.0.) Steven Parfitt
The US Teachers Strike in Historical Perspective
Unions continue to fund the Democratic Party, but their investment has seen few legislative gains.
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Nancy Altman
Social Security’s Customer Service Budget Finally Got An Increase – But It’s Only a Starting Point
All supporters of Social Security should attend upcoming events in their districts and ask all candidates for federal office a simple question: "Will you vote to expand Social Security or cut it?"
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John Buell
Who Is the Real Nuclear Threat?
There is a range of acceptable debate inside the beltway, such as whether Iran is clandestinely building nuclear missiles. But too many dare not ask if a close ally has been doing the same for a generation.
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Rich people like Sean Hannity can easily get even richer off foreclosed homes, leaving families out in the cold — while attacking poor people on air for not “pulling themselves up by their bootstraps.”(Photo: Shutterstock) Olivia Alperstein
How Elites Scam Americans Out of Housing
The same guy who spent $31,000 of taxpayer money on office furniture wants to triple the rent America's poorest people pay.
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"I would hazard a guess that many of these guys have been sold an unattainable model of masculinity." (Photo: Shutterstock) Jill Richardson
Want to Attract Women? Try Not Hating Us.
The Toronto attack sheds light on a hateful and disgusting view of women.
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"From the outset of the Clinton and Obama administrations, top appointees reflected and propelled the deference to oligarchic power."  (Credit: Kristoffer Tripplaar-Pool/Getty Images) Norman Solomon
The Ghosts of 'New Democrats' Are Haunting Us
“Certainly there are some people in the Democratic Party who want to maintain the status quo. They would rather go down with the Titanic so long as they have first-class seats.”
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"The system that truly needs an overhaul is the American economy, which operates on the labor of millions of low-wage workers who earn too little to keep a roof over their heads without help." (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr/cc) Wendi C. Thomas
What Ben Carson Doesn’t Get About Poverty
The cure is a sizable increase in the federal minimum wage, which remains at $7.25 an hour.
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A job guarantee—properly formulated—could give workers another option and help redefine what valuable, productive work looks like. (Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images)   Kate Aronoff
Yes, a Jobs Guarantee Could Create “Boondoggles.” It also Might Save the Planet
There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of shovel-ready jobs around the country that can help mitigate climate change and prepare for the levels of warming already locked in.
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"Their presumption of class privilege — the warped idea that their great wealth entitled them to rule over and even impoverish the many — is not unique." (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images) Jim Hightower
Patience and Secrecy in the Kochs' Complex Conspiracy
It's a quiet, multifaceted coup that has been underway for some 40 years and has been astonishingly successful ... and disturbingly legal.
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"Zuckerberg runs a media company that distributes news, but doesn’t have a proper newsroom." (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) Adrienne LaFrance
Mark Zuckerberg Doesn’t Understand Journalism
Either that, or he doesn’t care.
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Tuesday, May 1, 2018
"Lawmakers for whom recent financial disclosure forms are available stand to gain more than $14 million next year. Four of these lawmakers seem likely to gain $1 million or more each." (Photo: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images) Melissa Boteach, Rachel West
Lawmakers’ Personal Tax Cuts Could Provide 10 Million Meals for Families in Need
Instead of listening to American voters, these lawmakers are not only pocketing their six- and seven-figure tax gains, they’re turning around and slashing billions of dollars from families’ nutrition benefits over the next decade.
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The notion that poor people must prove they are deserving by jumping through bureaucratic hoops to obtain basic assistance like food and shelter comes from the same warped ideological space that reasons tax cuts for the rich and corporations are a boon to the middle class. (Photo:  Yuri Keegstra/Flickr/cc) Misha Hill
Trump Administration’s Spending Priorities Echo Tax Cut Priorities: Punish the Poor and Lavish the Rich
An economy rigged to reward wealth above anything else.
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Jeff Biggers
May Day: Arizona Teachers Have Resistance History on Their Side
Today's teachers are calling out the same issues of unfair wages and tax giveaways to corporations that gave rise to Arizona statehood a century ago
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"Given all the times that those who want to rip up the JCPOA have called for war with Iran, it’s logical to conclude that deal opponents ultimately want regime change and/or war." (Photo: Wikimedia Commons) Ben Armbruster
White House Joins Netanyahu In Making Case for Iran Deal
All Netanyahu and the White House did yesterday was underscore how vital the Iran deal is.
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