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Monday, September 9, 2019
The Taliban have made further advances this year, even this month. (Photo: Veronique de Viguerie/Edit by Getty Images) Juan Cole
Trump-Taliban Talks Like Those With N. Korea—A Photo Op on the Deck of the Titanic
The Taliban don’t think they are losing, because they are not.
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Today, Libya is again—or rather, still—a country at war. (Photo: Reuters) Nick Turse
How to Read a Broken Body: Literature in an Era of Endless War
"I'm never going to be well. I still have pain."
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Michael Winship
Is Labor Coming Back to Life?
A conversation with author Steven Greenhouse on history and reviving American unions
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Capitalists go to absurd lengths to lie about capitalism’s true nature. (Photo: Mr. Fish / Truthdig) Chris Hedges
The Capitalists Are Afraid
They know the reigning ideology of neoliberalism no longer has any credibility. Its lies have been exposed. They also know they are to blame.
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Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at the New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention at the SNHU Arena on September 7, 2019 in Manchester, New Hampshire. (Photo:  Scott Eisen/Getty Images) Norman Solomon
Why a DNC Vice Chair Bawled Me Out for Sharing Critical, Accurate Information About Joe Biden
For the bulk of the party leadership who remain in sync with the current frontrunner, self-critical assessments are essentially off-limits.
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Sunday, September 8, 2019
Young people at a concert. Motivating youth—who are largely irreligious—to vote could bring about positive change. James A. Haught
Prodding the Irreligious Left to Vote
If atheists and agnosticis could be induced to participate more strongly in elections, America's moral climate would improve
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Elizabeth Warren speaking at the Heartland Forum in Storm Lake, Iowa on March 31, 2019. Sam Knight
The Jack Lew Problem
Jack Lew was the sort of knife-by-spreadsheet wonk that Warren campaigned to confront during her 2012 run for senate in Massachusetts—so why did she vote to confirm him?
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The struggle is not—nor should it be—between Easterners and Westerners; the struggle is between tolerance and imposition, between diversity and homogenization, between respect for the other and scorn and his annihilation. Jorge Majfud
The Slow Suicide of the West
What is more Western than democracy and concentration camps?
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Climate strikers in Seattle. Heather Price
From Scientist to Activist
A personal journey to the climate strike
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U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during the Republican Jewish Coalition's annual leadership meeting at The Venetian Las Vegas on April 6, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Reese Erlich
Foreign Correspondent: Will Trump Bring Peace to Afghanistan?
Don't hold your breath
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Saturday, September 7, 2019
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) speaks to the crowd during the 2019 South Carolina Democratic Party State Convention on June 22, 2019 in Columbia, South Carolina. Esha Krishnaswamy
Climate Minimizers Don't Deny Climate Change—But Find Endless Reasons to Reject Sanders' Plan to Stop It
Instead of consulting obviously conflicted think tank experts to speculate about hypotheticals, these pieces could have looked at the polls: 69% of registered voters, including 44% of Republican voters would support the Green New Deal, according to a recent study by Yale University
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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Christopher Brauchli
Betsy DeVos, Redux
It's a win-win for everyone but the defrauded students
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School lunch programs have been critical for feeding kids. Karen Dolan
US Kids Shouldn't Go to School Hungry
One might wonder why politicians would want to literally take healthy food out of the mouths of hungry school children
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A protester is seen during a climate change demonstration holding a placard that says, 'There Is No Planet B.' Julie Hollar
CNN Town Hall Went Deep on Climate Crisis—But Was Anyone Listening?
The moments in which CNN hosts tried to be "tough" on candidates were largely based on Republican talking points, like how much their plans would cost (ignoring how much inaction would cost), and whether Americans would be "forced" to drive electric cars or give up meat
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Democrats need to use the tools available in a rapidly changing digital landscape to reach 2020 voters. Scott Goodstein
Democratic Candidates Must Communicate Differently to Impress a New Generation of Voters
And they need to start now
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Friday, September 6, 2019
A Palestinian student takes a selfie during his graduation ceremony at the end of the academic year on May 20, 2016 at Birzeit University in the West Bank town of Birzeit, near Ramallah. / AFP / ABBAS MOMANI (Photo credit should read ABBAS MOMANI/AFP/Getty Images) David Klein
Boycotts, Benjamins, and America’s University Leaders
The current boycott is not a denial of academic freedom, but rather an exercise of it by scholars from around the world who choose not to collaborate with Israeli state institutions complicit in Israel’s apartheid policies.
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 Aerial view of damage after Hurricane Dorian passed through on Sept. 5 in Great Abaco Island, Bahamas. Hurricane Dorian hit the island chain as a category 5 storm battering them for two days before moving north. (Photo: Jose Jimenez / Getty Images) Olivia Rosane
As Dorian Lashes the Carolinas, the Bahamas Grapple With 'Unimaginable' Losses
Hurricanes are becoming more extreme and destructive because of the climate crisis.
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Trump administration is launching a direct attack on California’s long held authority to clean up vehicle pollution. (Photo: Prayitno/Flickr) Don Anair
Trump Administration Goes After States for Protecting the Environment
The Trump administration is launching a direct attack on California’s long held authority to clean up vehicle pollution.
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Bush’s tough guy image worked magic in both of his elections, so no one pointed out the danger of his toxically masculine rhetoric. (Photo: USCG/Telfair H. Brown/public domain) Donald McCarthy
The Tough Guy Presidencies
If Trump is the current iteration of the tough guy president, then what would the next iteration be? Some would have you believe it cannot be any worse than Trump. Those people would be wrong.
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Industry and its allies say fracked gas is a climate solution. It’s not. (Photo: Moms Clean Air Force via Flickr) David Suzuki, Ian Hanington
Fracked Gas Heats the Planet, But Supporters Say It’s a Solution
The best way to address climate disruption is… burn more fossil fuels? It doesn’t make sense, but that’s what industry, media and governments want us to believe.
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New York Times depiction (8/26/19) of David Koch, a "generous benefactor of hospitals and museums." Olivia Riggio
NYT Remembers David Koch More as 'Philanthropist' Than Polluter
Rather than detailing the toxic legacy Koch left behind, the obituary quickly went back to describing Koch’s extroverted personality, his reputation as "a playboy whose penthouse parties were attended by models," and his relative success running for president as a Libertarian candidate in 1980.
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Drought-ravaged agricultural land in Central Europe. (Photo: Shutterstock) Conn Hallinan
Climate Catastrophe Comes for Europe
This year’s floods and heat waves are but a fraction of what awaits the continent—unless a growing climate mobilization succeeds.
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New data shows a grim outlook for U.S. jobs. The answer is more unions. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)  Heidi Shierholz
The Future of U.S. Jobs Looks Bleak. Unions Are the Answer.
Labor Statistics project that six of the ten occupations expected to have the most total job growth over the next decade pay less than $27,000 a year.
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If love is indeed an indicator of true religion, then let us choose love. (Photo: Erik McGregor/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images) Karen Kinney
At the Dividing Line Between the U.S. and Mexico, Two Very Different Visions of God Meet
It would seem that "the God who blesses America," at least the one called upon by politicians in recent years, comes with many strings attached and a well-entrenched belief system designed to protect those who already possess the most.
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Congress should address our nation’s looming retirement income crisis by increasing Social Security’s modest benefits. (Photo: Courtesy of AFGE, Flickr | CC 2.0) Nancy J. Altman
Joni Ernst Wants to Cut Social Security Behind Closed Doors
Republicans, Democrats and Independents, of all ages, races and genders, overwhelmingly agree. We understand that Social Security is more important than ever. We overwhelmingly reject any cuts to its modest benefits.
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Thursday, September 5, 2019
Mark Schlosberg
Confronting the Climate Crisis—Why We Need Bernie Sanders' Green New Deal
We cannot confront the climate emergency—we cannot avoid the worst of rapidly unfolding climate chaos—if we do not stop our headlong rush to expand fossil fuel extraction and burning.
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Charter schools are funded through public education dollars, just like traditional public schools. Can they then function as if they were private real estate holders, with the freedom to knock down or otherwise alter buildings as they see fit? (Photo: Fibonacci Blue/flickr/cc) Sarah Lahm
Why 2020 Dems Should Target the Nonprofit Charter School Industry
A battle over a beloved church building in the Twin Cities reveals how money can be made from charter school real estate deals.
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Soy production for foreign markets, coupled with far-right government of President Jair Bolsonaro’s gutting of environmental protection agencies, are two drivers of the current, catastrophic increase in fires and deforestation. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images) Brian Mier
As Brazil Burns, Northern Media Deploy a Strategy of Deflection
Instead of handwringing about the tragedy while trying to shift the blame, or acting like these devastating fires will somehow fight poverty, journalists should work harder to explain the role Northern business groups have in the process, and encourage boycotts against companies like Cargill.
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A prominent Donald Trump sign on display in West Des Moines, Iowa in 2016. (Photo: Tony Webster/cc/flickr) John Atcheson
Neoliberal Democrats Need to Stop Blaming the Internet and Take Some Responsibility for 2016
Perhaps we could let go of past failures more easily if it didn't look like many powerful forces were so eager to repeat them
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Corporations like Aircastle use tax shelters like Bermuda or Mauritius to legally avoid millions in taxes that would otherwise support services in countries where they do business. (Photo: Shutterstock) William Minter
Corporations Getting to Zero With GOP's Inside Help on Tax Avoidance
The GOP has made it easier than ever for companies to pay $0 in taxes. A Connecticut-based airplane company shows it was already too easy.
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Protests marched against the state visit of US President Donald Trump on 4th June 2019 in London, United Kingdom. (Photo: Mike Kemp/In Pictures via Getty Images Images) Tom Engelhardt
Invasion! When Donald Trump Attacks Planet Earth
Who are the real invaders in these troubled times?
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National policy, especially for the world’s dominant superpower, is based on the threat of unrelenting force. Ordinary citizens have begun to hold the nation, and its military, accountable. (Photo: @kingsbayplow7/Twitter) Robert C. Koehler
Defying the Nuclear Sword
National policy, especially for the world’s dominant superpower, is based on the threat of unrelenting force.
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He should request reassignment or resign for more significant journalistic challenges. He really doesn’t need the money anymore. (Photo: NBC) Ralph Nader
Chuck Todd, Labor Day, and Getting Serious
Todd has allowed his hands to be tied with golden handcuffs.
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Anti-war demonstration in New York City on the 16th anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan, October 7 2017. (Photo: Erik McGregor/SIPA USA/PA Images) Medea Benjamin
Should We Feed Hungry Children, or the War Machine?
Every dollar of public money financing US militarism abroad is a dollar that could fight hunger, homelessness, or climate change.
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Legislators are easy to buy in a poor state. The Waltons own quite a few. (Photo: OUR Walmart) Diane Ravitch
The Walton Family Plot to Privatize the Public Schools of Arkansas
Have they no shame?
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Democratic Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (l), Ayanna Pressley (c), and Rashida Tlaib have shown that progressive lawmakers can be elected if they mount serious and compelling campaigns. (Photo: Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images) Norman Solomon
To Win Power, Progressives Must Embrace 'Primary' as a Verb
Insurgent progressives need a lot more allies elected to Congress as well as colleagues who feel rising heat from the left in their districts.
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Wednesday, September 4, 2019
An illustration of the burning Amazon rainforest. (Photo: Shutterstock) John Feffer
Burning Down the House
Far-right governments in the U.S., UK, and Brazil are laying bare their nihilistic roots and full destructive potential.
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The biggest winners of the last decade, in terms of income and wealth growth, have not been even the richest 1 percent, but the richest one-tenth of 1 percent. (Phone: Shutterstock) Chuck Collins
Tax the Rich Before the Rest
Candidates should pledge that the middle class won't pay $1 more in new taxes until billionaires put up at least $1 trillion.
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Protesters in Philadelphia after the 2016 presidential election dispute the results. Donald Trump lost the popular vote by more than a million votes, but won the electoral college. (Photo: Mark Makela/Getty Images) Chris Winters
What If We Made the Electoral College Moot?
Twice in 20 years, a president has won office without winning the popular vote. A new movement is looking to change that.
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Timothy Karr
A Pivot to Digital Shouldn't Spell the End of Local News
By vowing to increase support for public media and dedicate funds to newsgathering, a proposal put forth by Bernie Sanders is raising a question that's rarely come up in political debates: How can policymakers intervene to help revitalize local news and put journalists back to work?
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It’s not immigrants who are taking from us. It’s Trump. (Photo: Shutterstock) Jill Richardson
Get Ready for Unnatural Disasters This Hurricane Season
The Trump administration is moving money away from disaster relief to lock up more immigrants.
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Afghan policemen inspect the site of a blast in Kabul, Afghanistan, September 3, 2019 (Photo: Omar Sobhani/Reuters) Sahar Halaimzai
The Afghan 'Peace' Deal Will Not Bring Peace to the Afghan People
While rushing to strike an agreement with the Taliban ahead of the 2020 election, Washington is ignoring Afghan demands.
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Biden has been notoriously gaffe-prone for his entire career. (Photo: Marc Nozell/cc/flickr) Ryan Cooper
This Is Joe Biden's Emails Problem
Is Joe Biden mentally unsound?
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The path that we are on leads to darkness. (Photo: Gabriele Holtermann-Gorden/SIPA USA/PA Images) Laurie Laybourn-Langton
The G7 Was a Joke. Three Degrees Warming Isn’t
We need a European Green New Deal that delivers justice on a scale to match the threat of environmental breakdown. Here's how we do it.
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Don't despair, for a warm glow of hope beckons from the very midst of today's cold, often nightmarish system. (Photo: Jim Watson/Getty Images) Jim Hightower
Here's the Real Deal on 'Medicare for All'
The power of the establishment's money and lies wilts in the face of the moral imperative that is at the heart of Medicare for All: Everyone deserves, as a human right, affordable access to quality health care.
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"Historians belong in this debate," writes the University of Michigan professor, "because our moment is world-historical, and only historians can set it in context." (Photo: University of Michigan) Juan Cole
Failing Breitbart Comes for Juan Cole on Climate History and It Won’t Go Well
I don't demean myself by reading Breitbart. I'd rather lie naked in my garden during a rainstorm and let slugs traverse me, leaving trails of slime. But I know who they are are.
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Tuesday, September 3, 2019
Because we burn so much coal and gas and oil, the atmosphere of our world is changing rapidly, and that atmospheric change is producing record heat. (Photo: YES! illustration by Jennifer Luxton) Bill McKibben
Bill McKibben: This Climate Strike Is Part of the Disruption We Need
"It can’t just be young people. It needs to be all of us."
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 If we truly want to stop the Amazon from burning we must immediately focus on building internationalist solidarity, through new and existing institutions, with indigenous movements in Brazil, the Amazon basin and across the global south.(Photo: Catedral Verde - Floresta Amazonica/Wikimedia) Daniel Willis
Amazonian Communities Need Solidarity, Not Saviours
The Amazon is not ours to save with prayers and clicktivism; it is their homeland to defend (with our solidarity) against the global corporations and free trade deals which would open up the Amazon to more risk.
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You want to decode Bill’s brain? Look at his family’s wealth. Look at his upbringing. Look at his medical records. (Credit: flickr / cc / world economic forum) Steven Singer
Inside Bill Gates’ Hubris: Propaganda to Make America Neoliberal Again
New Gates documentary is a cry for oligarchy in an age of idiocracy; a love letter to neoliberalism in a time of neofascism.
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Abortion rights supporters in Missouri take part in a protest, after state lawmakers passed rules aimed at closing Missouri’s only abortion clinic, May 30, 2019. (Photo: AP Photo/Jeff Roberson) Gretchen E. Ely
When Religious Ideology Drives Abortion Policy, Poor Women Suffer the Consequences
Studies show that abortion rates across countries are similar regardless of legality.
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There’s no discounting the heavy hand of time, and no underestimating the impact Ginsburg’s departure—whenever it takes place—will have on the future of the Supreme Court and American law.(Photo: Flickr/National Museum of American History Smithsonian Institute) Bill Blum
If Ruth Bader Ginsburg Can't Hold On
The weight of the Constitution in no small sense rests upon Ginsburg’s slender shoulders.
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Michael Winship
Please Shut Up, Mr. President, and Read Some Books
EB White and James Thurber could teach Trump—and us—a thing or two.
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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn making a keynote speech at The Landing in MediaCityUK in Salford on 2 September. (Photo: Danny Lawson/PA Wire/PA Images) Mathew Lawrence
The Financial Times Is Right—Labour’s Ownership Funds Will Transfer Wealth and Power
Democratising the corporation and empowering workers is an essential part of moving beyond neoliberalism.
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When Greta told the UN that “real power belongs to the people”, she couldn’t have known the extent to which that sentiment would define the next year of climate activism. (Photo: Antonio Masiello/Getty Images) Sophie Yeo
The Rise and Rise of the Global Climate Movement
Climate activism isn’t new, but the last year has seen a resurgence in attention devoted to the subject.
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When workers are unionized they can negotiate better wages, which in turn spreads the economic gains more evenly and strengthens the middle class. (Photo: Screenshot) Robert Reich
5 Biggest Corporate Lies About Unions
Don’t believe the corporate lies. Today’s unions are growing, expanding, and boosting the wages and economic prospects of those who need them most.
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The Trump administration has quietly proposed rolling back emissions standards for coal- and oil-generated power plants in a move that could alter how and whether the government monitors and controls air and water pollution. (Photo: Dreamstime/TNS) Jesse Jackson
As Climate Crisis Thrashes Planet, Never a Leader So Divorced From Reality as Trump
President Donald Trump not only denies the threat posed by manmade climate change, he consciously, purposefully and perversely works to accelerate it.
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"The goal must be to address head on the anger, disappointment, alienation, and loss of control of those who feel left out of the national discussion," writes Zogby. "What is needed is a message that speaks to voters across the spectrum, telling them that they are being heard and their needs will be addressed by proposals for economic and social progress that will include and benefit everyone." (Photo: Jason Connolly/AFP/Getty Images) James Zogby
Addressing Those Who Have Been Fooled All of the Time
What don't we understand about Trump supporters? How have the political experts continuously been so wrong about this president and those who believe in him?
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Monday, September 2, 2019
Lifelong peace activistFrances Crowe (center), who died last week at the age of 100, presents the Frances Crowe Award to Arky Markham (left) and George Markham (right) at the 2003 NPP fall party. Lindsay Koshgarian
Remembering Frances Crowe (1919-2019)
Celebrating a life dedicated to ending war
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(Photo: Courtesy of NASA/Grace Team) Chloe Zilliac
Will Antarctic Ice Doom Us All?
A new study arrives at some disturbing numbers
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The Swedish teenage climate activist, Greta Thunberg (in pink) joins a protest by climate activist near UN headquarters on August 30, 2019, in New York. (Photo: Selcuk Acar/NurPhoto via Getty Images) Andrew Mitrovica
On the Malicious and Scientifically Illiterate Bullies Afraid of Greta Thunberg
As the world starts to take note of the teen climate activist, her critics have launched increasingly personal attacks.
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Kelly Candaele, Peter Dreier
Which Side Are You On? A Question for Labor Day—and Every Day
A stronger union movement would not only mean better lives for working families but also provide support for progressive goals like universal health insurance, tuition-free college, and paid family leave.
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Juan Cole
This Labor Day, US Workers One-Third Poorer Than in 2003—While Top 1% Now Two-Times Richer
The poor got significantly poorer in the past two decades, and the rich got significantly richer
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Chris Hedges
The Messiahs of Hope Assure Us Everything Will Be OK in the End. But It Won't
Justice cannot be fought for in the abstract. It must be grounded in a concrete confrontation with power
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Sunday, September 1, 2019
Pia Klemp Natasha Hakimi Zapata
Pia Klemp Is the Hero the World Desperately Needs Right Now
It is more important than ever to find meaningful ways to celebrate people like her who refuse to be intimidated by the rise of xenophobia across the Western world
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British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain (left) and German Chancellor Adolf Hitler (in light jacket) Robert Freeman
Re-Reflections on the Start of World War II
It is worth our while to try to disentangle some of the realities of the war from the mythologies we so love to worship
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Keira Knightley as Katharine Gun Ed Rampell
A New Film Blows the Whistle on War
If the press is the "fourth estate," the cinema is arguably the fifth. Official Secrets indicts Blair, Bush, and other mass murderers in the court of public opinion—at a theater near you
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kids eating lunch Karen Dolan
Our Kids Shouldn't Go to School Hungry
At the very least they deserve access to hot and nutritious meals. It's a moral imperative.
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afghanistan Eric Margolis
It's Time to Liberate Afghanistan
The sooner America ends this shameful colonial war the better
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Saturday, August 31, 2019
orca whale Dana Drugmand
Could Rights of Nature Laws Help Save Endangered Orcas?
In the face of the climate crisis imperiling endangered species, some activists and governments are turning to a radical, rights-based approach to protect nature
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Protesters hold signs during a demonstration Christopher Brauchli
Health Risks to Immigrants in Trump Administration's Custody Prompt Comparisons to Nazi Camps
Just as immigrants in the custody of ICE are denied vaccines, those in the concentration camps were denied vaccines
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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) John Atcheson
Neoliberals' Attack on Sanders' GND Plan Is a Clear and Present Danger
Democratic Party leaders, the mainstream press, and many in the paid punditocracy are still asking if we can "afford" to implement a program that is—quite literally—necessary
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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Juan Cole
As Hurricane Dorian Threatens Florida, Gov. DeSantis and Trump—Who Haven't Curbed CO2 Emissions—Should Resign
Florida emits 227,000,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year
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A student carried a sign at the March for Our Lives César Chelala
The NRA Versus American Children
Children and teens in the United States experience much higher rates of gun deaths and injuries than in any other industrialized country
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Jane Fonda Jane Fonda
Here's What Happened When I Knocked on Doors in Pennsylvania
All working people, no matter their race, ethnicity, gender, faith, or sexual orientation, or gender identity, need a stake and a say in our society—and they all need to hear that they're part of "We the People."
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tax the rich sign Linda McQuaig
Tax on Super-Rich a Popular Idea, Except in the Media
A new poll shows that 67 percent of Canadians support or somewhat support a wealth tax
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Cotton Field Timothy A. Wise
Big Ag Is a Major Obstacle to Combating the Climate Crisis
Grim as the recent U.N.'s climate report is, it doesn't go far enough to confront the dangerous government-hijacking power of agribusiness
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Friday, August 30, 2019
Ralph Nader
From Trump Tower to Dictatorial Power
If Trump wins, America loses. The outcome is up to you in November 2020.
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In this NASA handout image taken from aboard the International Space Station, shows Hurricane Florence as it travels west in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the U.S. on September 12, 2018.  (Photo: NASA via Getty Images) Craig Holman
A Category 6 'Big Money' Hurricane Is Coming. But With FEC Gutted, the First Responders Aren’t.
We're facing now is a perfect storm of corruption and criminality on a scale that's almost impossible to fathom.
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Workers have plenty to cheer this labor day. (Photo: Scott Heins/Getty Images)   Rebecca Burns
From Victories to Union Militancy, 5 Reasons for Workers to Celebrate This Labor Day
The U.S. labor movement may still be under siege, thanks to powerful anti-union forces, including the Trump administration. But with approval of unions at a 15-year high, and a wave of labor militancy on the rise, working people have plenty to celebrate this Labor Day.
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The 2017 Grenfell Tower fire in London killed seventy-two people. (Photo: Natalie Oxford) Sarah Jaffe
As the World Burns
Catastrophes in the Amazon and elsewhere are flash points for the larger, ongoing crisis that claims lives in less spectacular fashion—one that sees life itself as expendable.
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What was actually crucial to Trump’s 2016 success is that the larger group of poorer less-educated whites, which traditionally leans Democratic or splits its vote, went decisively Republican. (Photo: New York Times/Screenshot) Jim Naureckas
NYT Steers Dems Away From the Obvious Formula for Defeating Trump
Edsall, it seems, has the task of providing the intellectual arguments for why the Democrats should not adopt the progressive economic agenda that would benefit them electorally.
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The only workable fix for a broken democracy is the will of the people—if necessary, expressed with our marching boots. (Photo: STEVEN M. FALK / Staff Photographer) Will Bunch
The Constitution’s 3 Ways to Stop a Demagogue Like Trump Haven’t Worked. Now What?
The only thing that could end Trump’s presidency—and the threat of a nuclear first strike on hurricanes or whatever—before January 20, 2021, is a powerful demonstration that a strong majority of the American people find the current state of affairs intolerable.
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It is our job as the Labour party to ensure that we prevent the huge damage to the living standards and well-being of the ordinary people of this country that Trump, Johnson and No Deal will inflict. (Photo: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images) Diane Abbott
This Is an Anti-Parliamentary Coup—and An Internationally–Organised One
For Trump, No Deal is imperative; a key step towards a vassal Britain, subject to his rules on everything from health to cars to food.
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Local opponents to the Amulsar gold mining project in Armenia have been protesting the operation and blockading access to the site. (Photo: TJ Chua / War on Want) TJ Chuah
Battle for Amulsar: UK Mining Giant Using Corporate Courts to Attack Community Opposed to Massive Gold Mine
This is the sinister mechanism known as ISDS in action—holding a sovereign government to ransom until it betrays the desires and rights of its own people
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Thursday, August 29, 2019
Response by the ideologically leftwing government of Evo Morales has been forced, instead, largely due to domestic pressure by Bolivians that increasingly view the response as not only as too little too late, but also directly blame Morales’ pro-development policies for ongoing destruction of the Amazon. (Photo by Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images) Devin Beaulieu
No Refuge for the Amazon in Evo Morales' Bolivia
Evo Morales has carefully cultivated his image on the world stage as an indigenous defender of the "Pachamama (Mother Earth)," but his domestic policies belie another reality.
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Bernie will lead our country to enact the Green New Deal and bring the world together to defeat the existential threat of climate change. (Photo: Shutterstock) Ronnie Cummins
Bernie Sanders' Green New Deal is a Game-Changer for Food and Farming
Finally, we have a true Declaration of War against fossil fuel pollution and global warming, a radical legislative program that can head off climate catastrophe and supercharge a just transition to a 21st Century Green Commonwealth
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We need drastic reductions in the use of fossil fuels and to accelerate our global transition to carbon neutral societies. But to fight climate change we also need healthy oceans. (Photo: NOAA/Flickr/cc) Jennifer Morgan
Tackling the Climate Emergency and Protecting Our Oceans Go Hand-in-Hand
Scientists are clear that we need to protect at least 30% of our global oceans by 2030 if we are to safeguard wildlife and to help mitigate the impacts of climate change
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 Greta Thunberg arrives in New York after a 15-day journey crossing the Atlantic. (Photo: Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images) Rebecca Solnit
Welcome to the US, Greta. With Your Help We Can Save the Planet and Ourselves
Even in such a divided and troubled country, there is hope. Between us we can beat the climate destroyers.
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Boris Johnson thinks he can trample over the little people in the country like he’s falling out of an Oxford Union bar trussed up in full Bullingdon gear, giddy with the power he has always expected to wield. (Photo: BackBoris2012/cc/flickr) Eloise Todd
A Pro-Democracy Movement Against Boris Johnson Has Been Born—Are You With Us?
Throughout the land people are sharing stories of why democracy is important to them. Together we can bring down Johnson and end this farce.
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The world is currently divided into national and corporate interests that have the power to ignore and dismiss not only the rights of the tribal peoples who live in the rainforest, but also the rights of the planet at large, to breathe, to survive in eco-diversity.(Photo: Rene Rivers/fickr/cc) Robert C. Koehler
We Are All Indigenous
How can indigenous wisdom—the understanding that everything is connected—transcend the power to exploit this planet and continue to shrug off the consequences of doing so, pushing them off on future generations?
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Devote your time and energy to getting others organized and mobilized. It’s going to take a grassroots movement of Americans to take our country back from those who seek to divide us. (Photo: Screenshot) Robert Reich
9 Ways to Stay Sane During the Primaries
We’ve been through dark times before, but we have come out stronger on the other side. We will do so again.
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Netanyahu leads the most militarily powerful state in the Middle East, but is dedicated to further settler colonialism in the Palestinian West Bank, and needs the bogey man of Iran to wag the dog of international diplomacy in favor of Israel. (Photo: Ronen Zvulun/Reuters) Juan Cole
The Saudi Axis and Israel’s Drone War on the Shiite Crescent
The new drone war is largely symbolic.
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We’ve seen what happens when huge corporations, and the politicians beholden to them, wield all the political power. (Photo: Shutterstock) Christine Owens
Democracy Needs Unions
When workers don’t have a voice in their workplace, they eventually lose their voice at the ballot box, too.
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San Juan, Puerto Rico/USA in July 2019 (Photo: © Osvaldo Olmos / Shutterstock) Carlos Figueroa
The Puerto Rico Crisis: A Reflection of a Flawed US Democracy
The recent resignation of Governor Rosselló should be understood within the larger framework of a flawed US democratic state that continues its economic stranglehold over Puerto Rico.
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Norman Solomon
With Sanders and Warren Surging, Is Wall Street's 2020 Nightmare Coming True?
The very biggest fear among corporate elites is that Warren or Sanders could win—and then use the presidency to push back against oligarchy.
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A fire burns trees next to grazing land in the Amazon basin in Ze Doca, Brazil. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images) Osprey Orielle Lake
Indigenous Women of the Amazon Send a Call: The Fight for Mother Earth Is the Mother of All Fights
The lives of every future generation and our species as humans depends on the collective effort to generate new development models. Humanity has no Plan B for the Earth. Our fight is so urgent that we must all get together right now. The fight for Mother Earth is the mother of all fights.
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Wednesday, August 28, 2019
Trump has constantly funneled the White House budget into his own pockets. (Photo: Illustrated | Jeff J Mitchell - Pool /Getty Images, NATALIIA OMELCHENKO/iStock, javarman3/iStock, KittisakJirasittichai/iStock) Ryan Cooper
Donald Trump Is Picking Your Pocket
Donald Trump using the presidency to line his pockets is perhaps the most viscerally compelling piece of evidence against him. It is baldly unconstitutional, practically the dictionary definition of corruption, and simply gross .
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David Koch at the Economic Club of New York in 2012. (Photo: Mark Lennihan/AP Photo) Alexander Sammon
David Koch’s Heirs Will Enjoy the Biggest Tax Loophole Nobody Talks About
It’s called step-up in basis, and it wipes away all capital gains in his $50 billion estate.
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 Tree in the Brazilian rainforest. (Photo: Pablo Albarenga, all rights reserved.) Francesc Badia i Dalmases
The Open Amazon and Its Enemies: A Call for Action and Optimism
The Amazon, now on fire, has become the central political and geopolitical hot spot for humanity's right to its own future. Optimism is the gasoline that must feed the fight.
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It’s beyond elitist for wealthy donors to a president who openly incites violence and hate to complain of "harassment" when they face criticism. (Photo: Screenshot) Basav Sen
Name and Shame Big Political Contributors
Donors don’t like it, but using this publicly available information is one of the best ways to fight corruption.
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