Monday, April 24, 2017
Robert Reich
First 100 Days: Trump and the Degradation of the Presidency
Trump’s failure to accomplish little or any of his agenda during his first 100 days is striking. But we should not forget the vast harm he has done in this comparatively short time – especially his...
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Dieter Duhm
Defend the Sacred: How Could the Peace Movement Prevail?
The fight for Standing Rock is over, at least for now. With the help of Donald Trump and the banks, the oil industry has imposed its agenda. The construction of the pipeline has been completed. Our...
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Bill Blum
Why Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III Is Unfit to Be Attorney General
Don’t let his languid Southern drawl or physical resemblance to the kindly Keebler elves fool you. Ever. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, the nation’s 84th attorney general, is neither laid back...
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George Goehl
Transforming the Possible Through Radical Imagination
This is the text of opening remarks delivered Sunday, April 23, 2017, at the People’s Action founding convention in Washington, DC – “Rise Up: From Protest to Power.” David pulled a stone from his...
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Tom Engelhardt
The Chameleon Presidency
MOAB sounds more like an incestuous , war-torn biblical kingdom than the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast, aka “the mother of all bombs.” Still, give Donald Trump credit. Only the really, really...
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Sunday, April 23, 2017
Lawrence Wittner
Why Is There So Little Popular Protest Against Today’s Threats of Nuclear War?
I n recent weeks, the people of the world have been treated to yet another display of the kind of nuclear insanity that has broken out periodically ever since 1945 and the dawn of the nuclear era. "...
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Shahid Buttar
A Municipal Vote in Providence for Police Reform Carries National Implications
After three years of sustained community mobilization and advocacy, the Providence City Council in Rhode Island voted this Thursday to unanimously approve among the most visionary set of policing...
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James Zogby
Palestinian Prisoners’ Hunger Strike
One thousand five hundred Palestinian prisoners have been on a hunger strike for almost a week now. They are refusing sustenance in an effort to improve the deplorable conditions faced by the nearly...
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Naomi Klein
“Fear City” Explores How Donald Trump Exploited the New York Debt Crisis To Boost His Own Fortune
When I published “The Shock Doctrine” a decade ago, a few people told me that it was missing a key chapter in the evolution of the tactic I was reporting on. That tactic involved using periods of...
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Ashley Gorski
In Time for the Reform Debate, New Documents Shed Light on the Government’s Surveillance of Americans
The ACLU on Friday released more than a dozen new documents concerning the government’s warrantless surveillance of millions of Americans. They were obtained from several intelligence agencies in an...
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Maria J. Stephan
Why Support for Syria’s Nonviolent Fighters is Key to Ending the War
Debates over the morality, legality and strategic efficacy of U.S. missile strikes in Syria will dominate the news for the foreseeable future. It is understandable why so many people, notably many...
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Ezra Silk
The “100 by ’50 Act” Cannot Become Our “North Star”
On Tuesday, Senators Jeff Merkley and Bernie Sanders are scheduled to introduce the “100 by ’50 Act,” billed as “the most ambitious piece of climate legislation Congress has ever seen.”’s...
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Saturday, April 22, 2017
Gareth Porter
US 'Deep State' Sold Out Counter-Terrorism to Keep Itself in Business
New York Times columnist Tom Friedman outraged many readers when he wrote an opinion piece on 12 April calling on President Trump to "back off fighting territorial ISIS in Syria". The reason he gave...
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Tim Donaghy
9 Reasons to March for Science This Earth Day
This Earth Day, April 22, Marches for Science will take place in DC and countless cities across the country. Here are some reasons to grab a sharpie, make a sign, and show up at your local march. 1...
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Shelley Poticha
Earth Day Should Be Called "People of Earth" Day
You might think of the rainforest or the endangered polar bear on this day, but Earth Day is a commemoration with decidedly American roots, born in 1970 with marches and rallies by 20 million people...
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Heather Moyer
EPA Budget Cuts Will Severely Affect Environmental Justice Communities
Port Arthur, Texas, is home to a tremendous number of hazardous waste incinerators, petrochemical refineries, and a myriad other toxic facilities. The city is also home to many low-income families...
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Josué J. López
Marching for Science and Climate Protects Our Communities
Until three years ago, you could have called me a scientist, educator, or mentor—but not an activist or marcher. Over time, however, I have recognized that I have the knowledge, privilege, and...
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Christian Detisch
Standing Up for Science: 5 Facts About Our Food and Water on Earth Day
This Saturday, Earth Day, The March for Science convenes on Washington, DC. Hundreds of satellite marches have also been organized around the world to take to the streets in the name of science. The...
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Michael Winship
At Sea With Capt. ‘Wrong Way’ Trump
Baby boomers like me fondly remember the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons of childhood (and adulthood, for that matter — in their grown-up jokes and cultural references they presaged The Simpsons by a...
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Friday, April 21, 2017
Faisal Kutty
Trump’s Bombings May Elicit the 'Mother of All Blowback'
Years ago, a young man was interviewed by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) at my office. He was flagged for his “anti-Canadian” views for opposing Ottawa’s involvement in Afghanistan...
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Sonali Kolhatkar
Donald Trump’s Modern-Day Gestapo
The Republican Party likes to tout “family values.” Its website says , “The family is the bedrock of our nation. When American families flourish, so too does our country.” House Speaker Paul Ryan...
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Isaiah Poole
Grassroots Candidates Will “Rise Up” To Electorialize The Resistance
Here’s something that can’t be dismissed with a dismissive Donald Trump tweet: An electoral wave is building that seriously threatens the stranglehold that Republicans have on electoral power around...
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Bob Burnett
Reaching Out to Trump Voters
On April 17th, my Berkeley Indivisible group hosted a two-hour discussion on "Reaching out to Trump voters," featuring UC professors Arlie Hochschild and George Lakoff. Participants learned how to...
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Paul Rogers
Trump’s Wars: More to Come
A series of accelerating and interlocking security crises, from the Middle East and southwest Asia to North Korea, makes the first months of 2017 an especially perilous time. Increasing the dangers...
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John Feffer
The Hunger President: Trump Doctrine Takes from Poor, Gives to the Rich
One death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic. The quote comes from Stalin. The policy comes from Donald Trump. Trump famously changed his policy on Syria after seeing photographs of a...
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Eugene Robinson
The GOP’s Latest Health-care Plan Is Comically Bad
House Republicans are apparently ready for yet another attempt to snatch health insurance away from constituents who need it. Someone should remind Speaker Paul Ryan of a saying often attributed to...
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Andy Greenberg
The US Charging Julian Assange Could Put Press Freedom on Trial
Julian Assange has made himself a difficult figure to love. The organization he created, WikiLeaks , has spilled secrets that infuriate the right and, more recently, the left side of the political...
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Thomas Palley
Trumponomics: Neocon Neoliberalism Camouflaged with Anti-Globalization Circus
A key element of Trump’s political success has been his masquerade of being pro-worker, which includes posturing as anti-globalization. However, his true economic interest is the exact opposite. That...
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Thursday, April 20, 2017
Libero Della Piana
This Earth Day, Defeating Trump is Job One
This Earth Day, we face a climate threat greater than ever before. And he lives in the White House. On the campaign trail, Donald Trump consistently mocked climate science and promised to gut...
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Leah Greenberg, Angel Padilla
From Congress to Protest
In the aftermath of the shocking results of the 2016 presidential election, we, like many Americans, were wondering what we could do to resist attacks on our values from the Trump Administration. As...
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Chuck Collins
Congrats, Graduates! Here’s Your Diploma and Debt
It’s that time of year again. Flowers are flowering, spring is springing, and across the country college graduates are graduating with their newly awarded degrees held high. Also high is the mountain...
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Robert C. Koehler
Beyond Redemptive Violence
Sometimes our tame and compliant media upchucks a piece of truth. For instance: “American officials had predicted that the missile strike would result in a major shift in Assad’s calculus, but the U...
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Katherine Paul
International Monsanto Tribunal Calls for Human Rights Over Corporate Rights
Most opinion tribunals have had a considerable impact, and it is now accepted that they contribute to the progressive development of international law. – International Monsanto Tribunal Advisory...
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John Nichols
Donald Trump’s ‘Buy American’ Initiative Is a Lie
T here is a good argument to be made for so-called “Buy American” initiatives. Done right—as part of a national industrial policy that embraces smart regional development and fair-trade protections—...
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Bhikkhu Bodhi
People's Climate: On Changing Directions Before It’s Too Late
Suppose I was a bus driver driving a busload of people along an unfamiliar route and at a certain point my GPS device showed me that I was heading toward a precipice. I would not assume that the...
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Michael T. Klare
Climate Change as Genocide
Not since World War II have more human beings been at risk from disease and starvation than at this very moment. On March 10th, Stephen O’Brien, under secretary-general of the United Nations for...
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Norman Solomon
The Democratic Party’s Anti-Bernie Elites Have a Huge Stake in Blaming Russia
After Hillary Clinton’s devastating loss nearly six months ago, her most powerful Democratic allies feared losing control of the party. Efforts to lip-synch economic populism while remaining closely...
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Jim Lobe
Bannon Down, Pentagon Up, Neocons In?
The apparent and surprisingly abrupt demise in Steve Bannon’s influence offers a major potential opening for neoconservatives, many of whom opposed Trump’s election precisely because of his...
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017
Bill McKibben
On April 29, We March for the Future
I t is hard to avoid hyperbole when you talk about global warming. It is, after all, the biggest 
thing humans have ever done, and by a very large margin. In the past year, we’ve decimated the Great...
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Olivia Alperstein
Is Trump Taking Us to War Everywhere?
No one ever expected Donald Trump to be a peace-loving president. On the campaign trail, he endorsed torture, said he’d bomb the families of alleged terrorists, and spoke gleefully about the...
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Phyllis Bennis
There’s No Strategy Behind Trump’s Wars — Only Brute Force
These are awesome days for headline writers. So many global settings, such an abundance of weapons, such a wealth of choices! On the morning of April 14, the New York Times led with “A Giant U.S...
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Ralph Nader
What are the Super-Rich Democrats Waiting For?
Democratic Party loyalists are always complaining about the big-money fat cats behind the Republican Party’s candidates and platform. Over the last few election cycles, the Democratic Party has lost...
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Robert Parry
Why Hillary Clinton Really Lost
An early insider account of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, entitled Shattered , reveals a paranoid presidential candidate who couldn’t articulate why she wanted to be President and who...
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Ruchi Shroff
The Monsanto Tribunal’s Legal Opinion Reinforces Movements’ Struggle for Basic Human Rights
On Tuesday, the Monsanto Tribunal of international judges presented in The Hague their legal opinion after 6 months of analysing the testimonies of more than 30 witnesses, lawyers and experts. Their...
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Beverly Bell
Sowing the Seeds of Berta Cáceres
Two Honduran cultural workers, feminists, and close friends of Berta Cáceres will tour 20 US cities between April 20 and May 23, 2017 to “sow the seeds of Berta.” Singer-songwriter Karla Lara and...
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Meleah Geertsma
East Chicago Needs More than "Basics" from Scott Pruitt's EPA
With his upcoming visit to East Chicago , Indiana, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has a critical opportunity to make good on his confirmation statement —that EPA should have “acted faster” in Flint—...
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Liz Hayes
There’s No Reason For The Supreme Court To Hear Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer
Americans United on Monday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to dismiss Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Comer – a church-state separation case scheduled to be heard by the high court today. AU and...
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Jay Bookman
An Ossoff ‘Victory for the Ages’? No, Not Quite. Not Yet.
“A victory for the ages,” Democrat Jon Ossoff called it last night. But it wasn’t. Not quite and not yet. You could call his showing a surprise, a success, an achievement, a signal of deep public...
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Jim Hightower
To Have A People's Government, We The People Must Build It
In high school, I had a girlfriend who was involved in student government and all sorts of good works. While she paid attention to all that was happening in those years of the early '60s, she...
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John Nichols
Trump to Erdogan: Congrats On Your Dictatorship!
O ne of the greatest responsibilities of an American president is to encourage the development of democracy and the protection of basic liberties in countries with which the United States is allied...
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Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Danny Sjursen
How to Lose the Next War in the Middle East (Short Answer: Fight it!)
Make no mistake: after 15 years of losing wars, spreading terror movements, and multiplying failed states across the Greater Middle East, America will fight the next versions of our ongoing wars. Not...
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Jeffrey D. Sachs
Our Misguided 'Wars of Choice'
There is one foreign policy goal that matters above all the others, and that is to keep the United States out of a new war, whether in Syria, North Korea, or elsewhere. In recent days, President...
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Katrina vanden Heuvel
Why Slashing the NIH Budget Is Indefensible
In January 1970, the organizers of the first Earth Day published a full-page ad in the New York Times. A few months ahead of thousands of demonstrations and teach-ins across the United States, they...
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Robert Reich
The Only Real "Centrist" Agenda ... Is a Bold, Progressive Agenda
With Steve Bannon on way out, official Washington is jumping for joy that Gary Cohn—the former president of Goldman Sachs who’s now running Trump’s National Economic Council, along with Dina Powell,...
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Hunter Blair
Likeliest Outcome of Tax Reform is a Deficit-Financed Tax Cut for the Rich That Will Expire in a Decade
Undeterred by their failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Republicans look set to move on to the next item in Paul Ryan’s “Better Way” agenda— tax reform . This post helps set the stage...
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Dave Johnson
Real Solutions For Tax Day, Not Bogus Tax Reforms
We are in a time of fantasy proposals from our country’s “leaders.” What We the People need is real policy proposals to address our real problems. “Tax Reform” Next up on the Trump/billionaire/...
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Martin Winiecki
War and Peace and War
BOGOTA, Colombia – At the end of last year, the world celebrated what seemed to be the end one of history's longest standing internal wars. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, who had brokered a...
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Chris Hedges
The Price of Resistance
This is a talk that Chris Hedges gave Monday, April 17, 2017 at Princeton University in New Jersey. In the conflicts I covered as a reporter in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans...
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Kathleen Rogers
Earth Day, The Climate Agreement and March for Science
It’s no coincidence that Earth Day, the first anniversary of the signing of the climate agreement and the March for Science are all taking place on the same day, April 22 . It is the people’s day. It...
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John Nichols
The Democratic Party Must Finally Abandon Centrism
I t is easy to dismiss the “Come Together and Fight Back” Tour that this week will take Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez to eight cities in eight...
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Monday, April 17, 2017
Michael Winship
The Waters of Trump’s Washington Are Dark and Deep
Years ago, I worked for a wealthy television executive in Washington, DC, who had a posh Georgetown townhouse with a courtyard. In the center of his courtyard was a small fountain, and he became...
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Michael Schwalbe
Nothing Beats Science for Explaining How the World Works
Scientific literacy is usually measured through surveys that ask questions about basic scientific facts, such as, “Do the continents move? Does water boil at lower temperatures at higher altitudes?...
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Masha Gessen
The Real Madman
“Putin is the real world version of the person Trump pretends to be on television,” historian Timothy Snyder wrote in this space during the presidential campaign. A year after Snyder made that...
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Stanka Becheva
The Battle to Feed the World: David vs. Goliath
The fight over who will control our food, countryside and natural resources is heating up. Today, April 17th, marks the International Day of Peasant Struggles . These ‘peasants’, or paysan in French...
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Richard Eskow
Trump’s Five Worst Tax Secrets, Revealed
Thousands of demonstrators marched on Saturday to demand that Donald Trump release his tax returns. But, barring an unexpected surprise – a W2 form issued by Vladimir Putin, or a 1099 from mafia boss...
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Ira Chernus
Trump, A Symptom Of What?
You could hear the deep sadness in the preacher’s voice as he named “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today -- my own government." With those words, the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr...
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Paul Buchheit
What Our Grandchildren Will Do When the Jobs Are Gone
The jobs reports would have us believe our rebound from the recession is almost complete. The reality is very different, and The Economist has some fancy words for it: "Job polarisation," where...
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Hank Edson
Reaching Impeachment Critical Mass
1. Regaining Our Common Sense Two things are inhibiting our exercise of common sense as a self-governed people: First, the cancer of our corporate media monopoly has ravaged the culture of the...
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Sunday, April 16, 2017
Steven Singer
Dept of Ed Hires Anti-Civil Rights Crusader to Protect Student's Nonexistent Civil Rights
Candice Jackson is a victim of oppression. When she was attending Stanford University in the mid-1990s, a minority calculus tutoring group refused to help her because she was white. Sure she could...
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Jim Hightower
Nuns Take On Wells Fargo
In an insightful song about outlaws, Woody Guthrie wrote this verse: “As through this world I travel / I see lots of funny men / Some’ll rob you with a 6-gun / Some with a fountain pen.” The fountain...
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John Feffer
Trump's New Foreign Policy Is the Worst of Both Worlds
It didn’t take long for Donald Trump to discover that U.S. foreign policy is about as easy to turn around as a warship in dry dock. Despite any number of promises to shake things up — during the...
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Dave Zweifel
Trump's Budget Paves a Road I Don't Want to Travel
So is this how Donald Trump is going to make America great again? An America that claims it can't afford to subsidize Meals on Wheels programs for elderly folks who are homebound? An America that...
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Robert Dodge
Tax Day—the Nuclear Option
"Don't tell me what you value. Show me your budget and I'll tell you what you value," Former vice president Joe Biden quoting his father knew that a budget reflected the values and priorities of our...
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Saturday, April 15, 2017
Norman Eisen, Richard Painter
Trump's Taxes Must be Released Before Tax Reform
Many of us will fork over up to a third of our income to pay federal taxes this year and as much as half of our income in federal, state and local taxes combined. We only ask a few things in return...
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Adam Johnson
Thomas Friedman's Perverse Love Affair With ISIS
For the second time in as many years, Thomas Friedman has explicitly advocated that the United States use the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria as a proxy force against Syria, Russia, Iran...
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Dave Johnson
Trump's Goldman Sachs Vampire Squid Presidency
The things that come out of President Trump’s mouth seem to depend on who he talks to or what he sees on TV in the minutes immediately preceding his mouth motion. Based on his recent switchbacks,...
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Sue Sturgis
The Energy Lobbyists Linked to Trump's Offshore Drilling Plans
Last week U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announced that President Trump plans to issue an executive order expanding offshore drilling in areas now off limits, including the Atlantic Ocean and...
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Peter Dreier
Saturday's Celebration of Jackie Robinson Should Remind Us of the Importance of Political Protest
This Saturday, April 15, while every Major League Baseball team will be celebrating the 70th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s achievement of breaking baseball’s color line, many Americans will be...
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Christopher Brauchli
Prison and Profits
Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison. — Henry David Thoreau, Civil Disobedience It turns out that the immigration crackdown that DJT’s ICE...
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Friday, April 14, 2017
Lisa Gilbert
We the People Do Care About Trump's Taxes
Despite pledging he would release his taxes as soon as his " routine audit " was completed, right after his inauguration President Donald Trump flip flopped. When prodded, his counselor, Kellyanne...
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Juan Cole
In Three Months, Trump has Charged into Four Mideast Wars, to No Avail
In his less than three months in office, Donald Trump has escalated four wars, and all of his escalations have been failures. To be fair, Trump inherited all 4 wars from Barack Obama—Afghanistan,...
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Jameel Jaffer
Censorship at the Border Threatens Free Speech Everywhere
Defending one’s political and religious beliefs to government officials is an obligation we associate with life in authoritarian regimes, not open societies. It’s becoming common, though, for foreign...
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Robert Reich
The World According to Trump
The starkest difference between dictatorships and democracies is that democracies are ruled by laws, and dictatorships are ruled by dictators. The “rule of law,” as it’s often referred to, stands for...
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John LaForge
Nuclear Power Bums, Bailouts, and Bankruptcy
You have to hand it to the nuclear industry for socializing costs and privatizing profits. Last year, lobbyists for operators of dirty, deadbeat old reactors won massive public subsidies -- bailouts...
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Medea Benjamin
The 'Mother of All Bombs' is Big, Deadly – and Won't Lead to Peace
“I’m really very good at war. I love war, in a certain way,” bragged candidate Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Iowa. This is the same Donald Trump who avoided the Vietnam draft by claiming a bone...
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Lois Marie Gibbs
Tax Reform Should Begin With Making Polluters Pay
As we begin our national conversation about tax reform, why don’t we start with low-hanging fruit – the things we can all agree are right? Why not reinstate the Superfund tax, which used to make...
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Bill Moyers
Ask Yourself: Will Donald Trump EVER Become President?
It’s been a week now since Donald Trump once again became our president. Here’s how it happened. After he unleashed missiles on a Syrian airfield, members of Washington’s national security...
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Peter Dreier
Tax Day Marchers Want to Know: What Is Trump Hiding?
This Saturday, Americans will be protesting in the streets of Washington, D.C. and more than 100 other cities as part of Tax Day. Demonstrators will be calling on President Donald Trump to release...
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Jesselyn Radack
What Have We Done: Executive Power, Drones, and Trump?
The news is rife with President Trump’s threatened and actual military misadventures: in Syria, Yemen, and North Korea. But these military actions take on a new gravity considering the vast and...
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Thursday, April 13, 2017
Neal Gabler
Why Trump Was Able to Sucker the World on Syria
It is pretty amazing how quickly the media and suck-up politicians can transform a mendacious, hypocritical, amateurish, ignorant, incoherent, bigoted buffoon who is way, way out of his depth into a...
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Jeff Bryant
During Resistance Recess, Join The Fight For Public Schools
In this season of resistance, there’s no issue more imperative to your community than the fight for public education. While Congress is in recess, until April 23, you’ve got the opportunity – and a...
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Anusha Ravi, Eliza Schultz
Mike Pence’s Policies Aren’t “Traditional.” They’re Dangerous.
Last month, Vice President Mike Pence cast the deciding vote on a measure that targets funding for Planned Parenthood clinics. His vote—which broke a 50-50 tie in the Senate—makes it legal for states...
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Miriam Berg
6 Ways the Trump Administration and Congress Have Threatened Women’s Health in Just a Few Months
Look at how Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and anti-abortion politicians in Washington have systematically targeted women’s health since day one. It’s hard to keep up with the terrible policies coming out...
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Ann Reid, Glenn Branch
Is No Place Safe? Climate Change Denialists Seek to Sway Science Teachers
A few weeks ago, science teachers across the country began to find strange packets in their school mailboxes, containing a booklet entitled “Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming” ( sic ), a...
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Sarah Anderson
You Pay Your Fair Share. Shouldn’t Wall Street?
Did you pay all of your taxes this April? Wall Street banks typically pay much less than the official 35 percent corporate tax rate. And yet after attacking Hillary Clinton for her ties to Wall...
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Peter Van Buren
Flashback! Questions from the Last Time America was Supposed to "Take Out" Assad
History is a funny thing, because we forget it so easily, and so quickly. That forgetting is usually based on the political needs of the moment, and politicians and the media count on us being that...
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William Astore
What Does an "America-First" Foreign Policy Actually Mean?
What does an “America-first” foreign policy look like under President Donald Trump? As a start, forget the ancient label of “isolationism.” With the end of Trump’s first 100 days approaching, it...
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Dan Kovalik
'The Resistance' That Doesn't Resist War
Simultaneously with Trump’s Inauguration, the liberal “opposition” announced the beginning of “The Resistance” against Trump’s openly racist and xenophobic reign. Most notably, “The Resistance”...
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Richard Eskow
Trump's Budget Director Declares War on the American People
White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney has issued a declaration of class war against the American people. His words may have sounded wonkish or technical, but underneath the coded language,...
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Robert C. Koehler
The Mental Limits of War
A Morning Consult poll winks at me from my inbox: 57 percent of Americans support more airstrikes in Syria. My eyeballs roll. Hopelessness permeates me, especially because I’m hardly surprised, but...
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