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Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Amrit Cheng
Undocumented and Seeking Safety During a Natural Disaster
Hurricane Harvey has already resulted in at least 10 deaths and dozens of injuries. Unfortunately, immediate relief is not in sight for Texas residents. As individuals, families, and entire...
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Glenn Greenwald
In Europe, Hate Speech Laws are Often Used to Suppress and Punish Left-Wing Viewpoints
Terrorist attacks, and the emotions they spawn, almost always prompt calls for fundamental legal rights to be curtailed in the name of preventing future attacks. The formula by now is routine: The...
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If President Trump’s proposed tax cuts are paid for through the types of spending cuts he has proposed in his budget, low- and middle-income Americans would clearly end up far worse off. Chye-Ching Huang
How President Trump’s Tax Plan Would Really Affect the Middle Class
President Trump is set to speak in Missouri today where he will reportedly continue to tout his tax plan’s benefits for the middle class even though it would actually concentrate its tax cuts at the...
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Texas National Guard soldiers conduct rescue operations in flooded areas around Houston, Texas 27 August, 2017 Michael Winship
Trump Hides Behind the Storm
As Hurricane Harvey raged, the president tried to use the disaster as cover. It may have worked.
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Margaret Klein Salamon
Heroism in the Age of Crisis
The flood waters are still rising in Texas, swallowing up homes and whole communities. Rain is predicted to continue for days. Our hearts go out to those who have lost lives, family members, homes...
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The planet is getting warmer, ocean temperatures are rising, the polar ice caps are melting, and all of the incontrovertible science of climate change is that more extreme-weather events are an inevitable consequence. Vernon Loeb
Harvey Should Be The Turning Point in Fighting Climate Change
I’ve covered the news in Houston for 3½ years and have already seen two devastating floods and now what is being described as a one-in-800-years flood brought on by Hurricane Harvey. That suggests to...
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Tuesday, August 29, 2017
Andy Rowell
Houston, We Have a Climate Problem
Texas has never seen rain like it. Some forty to sixty inches of rain in some places. Over 9 trillion gallons of water or maybe even more. There has been so much rain that the National Weather...
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Robert Reich
What Do Democrats Stand For?
The Democratic Party can lead the country in a new direction, but will it? Millions of Americans who are politically engaged for the first time in their lives are crying out for a bold alternative to...
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Hannah McKinnon
A Nobel Appeal to Norway
On one country's historic opportunity to redefine climate leadership
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Paul Watson
The Whale Wars Continue
Japan is now employing military surveillance to watch Sea Shepherd ship movements in real time by satellite and if they know where our ships are at any given moment, they can easily avoid us.
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Confederate statue in Durham, N.C. toppled by activists in August 2017 Adam Sanchez
Taking the Fight Against White Supremacy Into Schools
As a history teacher, there are times when the past reasserts itself with such force that you have to put aside your plans and address the moment. Charlottesville is one of those times. The image of...
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Impeachment is the only constitutional remedy for dealing with a president, writes Feldman, “who abuses the pardon power to break the system itself. Tom Sullivan
Arpaio Pardon: The First Verifiable Impeachable Offense?
Reaction to Donald Trump’s pardon of the controversial ex-sheriff from Arizona has been swift and severe, with some calling for the president’s impeachment.
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Harvey Hurricane Ryan Cooper
How Harvey Exposes America's Dangerously Dilapidated Infrastructure
Hurricane Harvey is wreaking devastation on Houston and other parts of southern Texas. Rebuilding will cost many tens or perhaps even hundreds of billions of dollars. But what then? Climate disasters...
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In the aftermath of Katrina, New Orleans lost almost its entire public school system. About 90 percent of the city’s 126 schools were given to the Louisiana Recovery School District, which turned them all into charter schools. Steven Singer
After Hurricane Harvey, Will Houston Public Schools Be Charterized?
It’s an all too familiar scene in America. A natural disaster devastates a major metropolitan city. And then the forces of profit and privatization use the chaos and uncertainty as cover to steal...
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Naomi Klein
Harvey Didn’t Come Out of the Blue. Now Is The Time to Talk About Climate Change.
Now is exactly the time to talk about climate change, and all the other systemic injustices — from racial profiling to economic austerity — that turn disasters like Harvey into human catastrophes...
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To pardon a public official who refuses to obey the law (especially a direct court order) is to give the finger to the judiciary, and thus our constitutional order. William Cohn
'Of Men, Not Law': To Make America Hate Again
To pardon a public official who refuses to obey the law (especially a direct court order) is to give the finger to the judiciary, and thus our constitutional order
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Isaiah Poole
The Destruction Left By Hurricane Trump
President Trump has planned a visit to the Texas Gulf Coast on Tuesday to survey some of the devastation done by Hurricane Harvey since it hit landfall on Friday. As he is doing that, let’s survey...
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Brian Terrell
Trump's Call for More War in Afghanistan Was a Vicious Racist Rant
President's speech on August 21 promising more war is hate speech, pure and simple
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Monday, August 28, 2017
Sarita Gupta
54 Years After the March on Washington, We're Far From Racial Pay Equity
Fifty-four years ago this week, on Aug. 28, 1963, hundreds of thousands of people gathered for the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. The event marked a turning point in our society in...
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Mark Weisbrot
Trump's New Venezuela Sanctions Will Do More Harm Than Good
The Trump administration announced new, unprecedented sanctions against Venezuela on Friday that are designed to cut off financing to Venezuela. The Trump team pretends that the sanctions are only...
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Robert Reich
Trump’s Anti-Worker Labor Day
This will be the first Labor Day of the presidency of Donald J. Trump, who came to office riding a wave of anti-establishment anger from average working people. No one can say they didn’t see it...
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Dean Baker
Houston, Bangladesh, and Global Warming
We are seeing many terrible pictures from Houston as a result of Hurricane Harvey. People with young children and pets are wading through high water in the hope of being rescued by boat or helicopter...
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"Friends say to me that I shouldn't exaggerate and see black- or brown-shirted thugs under every rock. And my answer is: 'Could you really have imagined even a year ago that Donald Trump would be elected president?' Weisberger writes. Bernard Weisberger
A Fire Bell in the Night
Contemplating the grave ramifications of the Arpaio pardon.
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Jeffrey D. Sachs
Afghanistan and the Collapse of American Governance
For years Donald Trump called for an end to America’s war in Afghanistan. Yet as president he has quickly decided to expand the war. Since Trump’s presidency fails daily on so many levels, it’s easy...
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Mark Decena
Not Without Us – Organizing Our Way to Solve the Climate Crisis
On December 12 th , 2015, when the halls of the Bourget erupted in applause with the signing of the United Nations Climate Change Accords in Paris, climate justice activists recognized a different...
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Sam Pizzigati
Wisconsin’s Foxconn Deal Enriches Billionaires With Taxpayer Cash
Taiwanese billionaire Terry Gou every once in a while likes to think “outside the box.” Back in 2010, for instance, the giant electronics manufacturer that Gou runs — Foxconn — was facing what...
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Juan Cole
Top 5 Ways Man-Made Climate Change Made Hurricane Harvey Much Worse
The images from Houston and its environs are heart-breaking and we at IC wish all those affected a speedy and safe return to normality. Extreme weather events are associated with climate change, and...
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Sunday, August 27, 2017
Joe Arpaio Charles Kaiser
Arpaio Pardon May Be Opening Act of a Constitutional Crisis
Trump's move Friday night shows the same disregard for the rule of law with which he's trying to quash the Russia probe.
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fist and pro-woman poster Sarita Gupta
Happy Women’s Equality Day. Now Let’s Get to Work.
It has been almost half a century since the Women's Strike for Equality March. Forty-seven years ago, 50,000 women marched down Fifth Avenue in New York City, calling for equity in education and...
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Marcellus Williams Leonard Pitts Jr.
Think Innocent People Are Never Wrongly Convicted?
Think again—then ask Marcellus Williams.
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Donald Trump Eric Margolis
Get Trump's Finger Off the Nuke Trigger
President Trump's ability to trigger a nuclear war is "pretty damn scary" said former U.S. intelligence director James Clapper this week. Remember when Trump vowed to "bomb the shit" out of his...
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NYC school protest Steven Singer
Closing Schools Doesn’t Increase Test Scores
You might be tempted to file this under 'No Shit, Sherlock.' But a new study found that closing schools where students achieve low test scores doesn't end up helping them learn . Moreover, such...
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Saturday, August 26, 2017
Hurricane Harvey Juan Cole
Trump Exploits Harvey Victims in Stealth Pardon of Arpaio
Eminent climate scientist Michael Mann of Penn State noticed not one but two horrible things about Friday evening. You never want to see a Hurricane that looks like this at landfall. I fear #Harvey...
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Silent Sam Protest Greg Huffman
A Window Into the Horrors of Our History
I am a child of the South. I was born in North Carolina, grew up in Catawba County, and have never lived outside the state as an adult. My sister and I joke that we never had a real vacation. Our...
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 Attorney General Jeff Sessions Christopher Brauchli
In Alabama, You Can't Keep a Good Man Down...
The run-off, however, suggests you may have trouble finding good men.
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Loldiers of Odin Sarah Freeman-Woolpert
Why Nazis Are So Afraid of These Clowns
Trolls chanted in the streets the day of a planned neo-Nazi rally in the small ski town of Whitefish, Montana earlier this year. But they were not the trolls that residents had been expecting—namely...
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Donald Trump Bob Burnett
Game of Trump: The Battle of Charlottesville
We're more than half way through season 1 of "Game of Trump" and each week's episode brings new surprises. The aftermath of the battle of Charlottesville caused Emperor Trump to reveal his true...
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Friday, August 25, 2017
Katherine Webb-Hehn
Meet Randall Woodfin, the Mayoral Challenger Bringing the Political Revolution to Birmingham
The 36-year-old city attorney is proposing debt-free community college and reinvestment in black neighborhoods.
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Larry Beinhart
The Spectre of 'Pre-Emptive' War
The US could be heading for another 'pre-emptive' war and another overwhelming disaster.
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David Suzuki
When Times Get Dark, We Must Shine Brighter
Are we entering a new Dark Age? Lately it seems so. News reports are enough to make anyone want to crawl into bed and hide under the covers. But it's time to rise and shine. To resolve the crises...
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Charles P. Pierce
Trump May Pardon Joe Arpaio, But History Will Not
The Arizona sheriff deserves to go to jail.
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David Cole
Why We Must Defend Free Speech
Does the First Amendment need a rewrite in the era of Donald Trump? Should the rise of white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups lead us to cut back the protection afforded to speech that expresses...
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Alejandra Gomez
Don’t Let Arpaio’s Arizona Become Trump’s America
Here in Phoenix, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what lies ahead for America under Donald Trump. It will look less and less like a nation of laws, and more like Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s lawless Arizona,...
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Ben Norton
Trump ‘Presidential’ Again—for Ramping Up War in Afghanistan
Donald Trump is finally “presidential” again, pundits insist, now that he is ratcheting up another US war. In a speech on August 21, the far-right US president did an about-face, announcing that the...
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Alfred W. McCoy
The CIA and Me (Or How I Learned Not to Love Big Brother)
Note from TomDispatch: This piece has been adapted and expanded from the introduction to Alfred W. McCoy’s new book, In the Shadows of the American Century: The Rise and Decline of U.S. Global Power...
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Thursday, August 24, 2017
Melissa Byrne
I Was Detained for Protesting Trump. Here’s What the Secret Service Asked Me.
Like many events that end up with a person in handcuffs, my story begins in a bar. I was in Atlanta earlier this month for Netroots Nation, the annual meeting of progressive organizers and writers,...
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"But whatever we may wish to say about nuclear deterrence, we must also ask whether we think that our luck will hold forever, and whether every leader who comes to possess nuclear weapons will be transformed by the awesome power of these weapons." Jeffrey Lewis
I’m a Nuclear Weapons Expert. Trump’s Presidency Is My Personal Nightmare
My greatest fear is a reality: A lunatic has gained control of nuclear-armed missiles that could reach halfway around the globe. And, to make matters worse, Kim Jong Un has them, too. I jest, of...
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Demonstrators participating in the Poor People's March at Lafayette Park and on Connecticut Avenue, Washington, D.C., on June 18, 1968. Amanda Abrams
What A Revived Poor People’s Campaign Needs To Do In The Trump Era
For the new movement to gain national traction, it will need to draw in poor and working-class Whites.
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Jenavieve Hatch
The Problem With Shutting Down Abortion Clinics In Rural And Low-Income Areas
Forcing women to travel long distances to access abortions is bad for both the woman and the state
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Tom Gallagher
If You Hate Donald Trump, Hate This War, Too
If all of those people absolutely fed up and appalled with President Trump's antics would turn their attention toward the disastrous military policy over which he now presides, we'd have the makings of a major antiwar movement
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Progressive values include fairness, equity, a level-playing field, compassion, justice, reverence for our planet and environment, and a genuine pursuit of peace, not war – all things which play extremely well in the hearts of Americans, not to mention in political polling. One of the reasons Sanders is the most popular politician in America is that he tapped into these values and put specific proposals into a broader-values based message. John Atcheson
The Long Game For Progressives
Resistance, while necessary, is merely reactive. Progressives need to start being proactive.
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Your husband hasn’t “given” anything to the economy. He and his fellow bankers nearly crashed the global economy, in fact, and the recession they caused has robbed the U.S. economy of trillions of dollars. Richard Eskow
Open Letter to Louise Linton About Angels and Humanity
Dear Ms. Linton, This has undoubtedly been a difficult couple of days for you, both as a person and as the wife of the United States Treasury Secretary. Nobody enjoys the sudden onrush of hostile...
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"But business is finding a way to proceed as usual anyway. The generals and the military-industrialists have their war in Afghanistan back, for instance. Trump may be a blowhard and a white supremacist — he may be an international laughingstock — but he’s no match for the dark forces that actually run the country." Robert C. Koehler
Facing History in the Age of Trump
Tempting as it is to isolate Donald Trump as the worst president in history (and “worst” is putting it mildly . . . more like the most narcissistically infantile, the most Nazi-friendly), doing so...
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Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Ezra Rosser
Louise Linton and the "Sacrifices" of the Very Rich and Incredibly Obnoxious
Why what Louise Linton doesn't understand about taxation is so endlessly damaging to the common good
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Children in Afghanistan. Adam Johnson
Reporting on Trump’s Afghan Escalation Omits Dead Afghan Civilians
As President Donald Trump tries to make the case for staying indefinitely in Afghanistan, the stakes for those actually living there are rarely broached by US corporate media. In dozens of write-ups...
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Adil E. Shamoo, Bonnie Bricker
It’s Time to Take the Nazi-Trump Comparisons Seriously
The slide towards bleak historical periods can be difficult to recognize in the moment. But in this moment, it's glaringly obvious.
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Trump plans to send 4,000 more troops to bolster the corrupt regime installed by the US in the first place. Matthew Hoh, a former State Department official in Afghanistan, told me Trump used fear mongering about terrorist attacks to justify the escalation. Reese Erlich
Is Trump Planning Permanent Occupation of Afghanistan?
What will 4,000 more US troops do that 100,000 troops couldn't do before?
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The Trump administration’s rollback of civil rights enforcement and police oversight, the Muslim ban, the increase in family-destroying deportations, the dismantling of the social safety net – the list of violations gets longer by the day. Libero Della Piana
Trump Says ‘Love’ But Spews Hate
The rabid, racial-nationalist Trump was on full display in Phoenix Tuesday night, in a speech CNN’s Don Lemon called “A total eclipse of the facts.” The Phoenix Trump stood in sharp contrast to the...
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We’ve been in Afghanistan for a very long time. It has cost us a trillion dollars and thousands of lives. Brandon Friedman
Our Afghanistan Repetition is a Form of National Madness
A vet who served there on Trump's 'new' strategy
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"The revelation was just another of the presidential lies permeating the Trump-Russia story. For months, Trump and his minions insisted that there had been no contact with Russians during the campaign. They were lying." Steven Harper
Follow the Money: They Say It Was About Russian Orphans. They’re Lying.
Repealing the Magnitsky Act has become one of Putin’s top foreign policy objectives. Why? Money. Steven Harper digs in.
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The ad focuses on health care but Bryce and his campaign have zeroed in on an even bigger vulnerability of Ryan’s, and more broadly, of the American experiment itself: the dogged devotion, both personally and politically, to individualism. Alexandra Tempus
Randy Bryce is More Than A Mustache
It was a friendly audience, but Randy Bryce’s voice shook anyway. This speech was among his first to a national crowd of this size—over 1500 people passionate about progressive politics packed into a...
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"He did not drain the swamp. After telling voters how he would take control away from special interests, he has surrounded himself with the very Wall Street players he decried." Robert Reich
Dear Trump Voter: He Lied to You
If you voted for Donald Trump, I get it. Maybe you feel you’ve been so badly shafted by the system that you didn’t want to go back to politics as usual, and Trump seemed like he’d topple that corrupt...
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Jen Psaki
Trump Can Stay Sane for Approximately 24 Hours
Donald Trump has shown he is capable of temporary moments of sanity. They typically include scripted remarks, and they last for about 24 hours -- or less. Just a few minutes into his speech at a...
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Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Jayati Ghosh
150 Years of 'Das Kapital': How Relevant Is Marx Today?
The seminal work of the 19th century economist still provides a framework for understanding contemporary capitalism.
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"The reality is that Barack Obama is a big draw. No one comes close to playing such a role. He can get big media, attract large audiences, and raise large sums of money for the civic groups." Ralph Nader
Barack Obama: What’s He Waiting For?
The most popular Democratic leader by far is still former President Barack Obama. Despite this popularity, many of the signature accomplishments of his modest legacy are being brutishly unraveled –...
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"Let this be a warning to economists, labor leaders, Democratic officials and all progressives fighting for economic and social justice: “progressive-appearing” economic proposals from Trump are likely to be thinly veiled attempts to suck in unsuspecting allies in support of a neo-fascist, authoritarian movement that is increasingly showing its true colors." Gerald Epstein
Trump And The Infrastructure Of Fascism
Infrastructure investment: it’s that economic policy sweet spot that everyone loves to love. Fixing bridges, building roads, modernizing airports, improving mass transportation, keeping lead out of...
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But millions of Americans were willing to overlook how he appealed to the worst instincts of ignorant people who mysteriously believe that Adolf Hitler, the KKK grand wizards and other fascist bigots have the right answers to improve their sorry lives. Dave Zweifel
Trump's a Racist — Don't Tell Me Otherwise
I have to admit I began loathing Donald Trump the day he accused Barack Obama of being born in Kenya, insinuating he wasn't an American citizen and really was a Muslim. Here was one of the country's...
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Bernie Sanders
Why Medicare-for-All Is Good for Business
Despite major improvements made by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), our health care system remains in crisis. Today, we have the most expensive, inefficient, and bureaucratic health care system in the...
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"You’d think that the examples of Cuba, Iraq, and Libya -- not to mention Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen -- would have cured Washington’s regime-change enthusiasts of their recurring illusions. But no such luck, especially since those hawks deeply believe that any negotiations with North Korea will prove utterly futile, merely allowing that country to further strengthen its nuclear program." John Feffer
Trump and the Geopolitics of Crazy
The Times They Are A-Changin’ in North Korea
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California Rep. Jackie Speier tweeted last week that Trump “is showing signs of erratic behavior and mental instability that place the country in grave danger.” Eugene Robinson
It’s Time to Talk About Trump’s Mental Health
How unstable and divorced from reality is President Trump? We’ve reached the point where the nation has the right and the need to know. We’re not accustomed to asking such questions about our...
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Andrew Bacevich
The Conflict in Afghanistan Is Trump's War Now
With President Trump’s Monday night speech, prospects for ending the Afghanistan war anytime soon have vanished. Whether that bodes well for U.S. national security is another matter. Nearly 16 years...
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Monday, August 21, 2017
Robert Reich
How to Remove Trump
With Republicans controlling both houses of Congress, it’s unlikely Trump will be impeached or thrown out of office on grounds of mental impairment. At least any time soon. Yet there’s another way...
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Andrew Rosenberg
Going in the Wrong Direction: We Need More Advice on the Impacts of Climate Change
As of Sunday, the federal Advisory Panel for the Sustained National Climate Assessment is no more. The charter for the panel was not renewed . That makes little sense from any perspective I can...
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"But Exxon-Mobil and the Koch brothers and other oil, gas and coal interests worth billions of dollars are paying people to muddy the waters." Juan Cole
Why No Eclipse Denialists? The Same Science Predicts Global Heating
Eminent physicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s tweet pointing out that there are no eclipse denialists the way there are dedicated climate change denialists went viral: Odd. No one is in denial of America’s...
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Those who are fighting for civil rights here in the United States, should also be concerned about the civil rights violations and environmental damage caused by the sprawling network of U.S. military bases around the world. Jon Rainwater
Why the U.S. Resistance Should Support Protests in Okinawa
Last week tens of thousands of people gathered to demonstrate for human rights and against harmful U.S. government policies. At a huge racetrack, they held thousands of identical signs that carried a...
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Aviva Chomsky
How (Not) to Challenge Racist Violence
"Protesters are eager to expend extraordinary energy denouncing small-scale racist actors. But what about the large-scale racist actors?"
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"The crisis we face is not the result of a natural disaster or some other act of God. It’s entirely man-made. Just as they put us in the dark, they could give us light with the flip of a switch." Abeer Ismail Almasri
In Gaza, We Get Four Hours of Electricity a Day — If We’re Lucky
Some friends threw me a surprise birthday party last month. They placed a chocolate cake lit with candles before me and told me to make a wish for the year ahead. I immediately blurted out, “24-hour...
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"This struggle between the two Americas is not over and, in a real sense, never will be. While we must never lose hope that we can defeat our dark side, we must recognize that these forces of intolerance and exclusion will always be there to be challenging us anew. It is a never-ending struggle." James Zogby
Charlottesville and Beyond: The Never-Ending Struggle
The tragic and deeply disturbing events in Charlottesville last week provoked a debate as old as America, itself. Our nation watched as a motley collection of bigots descended on that town,...
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Chris Hedges
The Corruption of the Law
I drink coffee in the morning on a round, ornate oak table that once belonged to Harlan Fiske Stone, a U.S. Supreme Court justice from 1925 to 1946 and the chief justice for the last five of those...
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Matthew Hoh
The Lies on Afghanistan Trump Will Now Tell
There has never been progress by the U.S. military in Afghanistan, unless you are asking the U.S. military contractors or the Afghan drug barons, of whom an extremely large share are our allies in...
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Paul Buchheit
The Absurdity of Corporate Tax Cuts During the Corporate Pillaging of the Middle Class
It could be argued that the greatest American pillaging is the transfer of taxpayer funds into the bloated military, or a greed-driven private health care system that deprives human beings of...
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Sunday, August 20, 2017
 "Donald Trump has brought bigotry and hate into the mainstream.  He has legitimized the politics of resentment. It's time for progressives to stand up to Trump's hate-filled conduct," Burnett writes. Bob Burnett
Make America Safe Again
"During the next six months, Trump won't change. This six-month period provides a golden opportunity for progressives and Democrats, in general, to tell voters what they stand for."
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"Although EFF has been keeping an open mind about the agreement until we have a better idea of what it will contain, the secrecy of its first negotiation round augurs poorly for what is to come," Malcolm writes. Jeremy Malcolm
As First NAFTA Round Opens in Secrecy, Digital Rights Groups Fear Another TPP
The opening round of a series of negotiations over a proposed revised North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) began this week in Washington, D.C. between trade representatives from the United...
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"Many of the CEOs on these councils had been under heavy pressure to disavow Trump’s agenda of hate and racism even before Charlottesville. That pressure came from grassroots activists," Anderson writes. Sarah Anderson
The Activists Who Helped Shut Down Trump’s CEO Councils
The implosion of these high-level advisory bodies followed a months-long grassroots campaign calling on CEOs to reject the President’s hate-filled agenda.
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"Bannon wanted to cut N. Korea loose, so as to have a clear shot at China," Cole writes. Juan Cole
Trump Fires Bannon: Who Are the Winners and Losers Globally?
Steve Bannon by his own admission promoted the Breitbart webzine as a mouthpiece of white supremacism, in an attempt to create a new, well-educated and well-dressed version of seedy racism. The...
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"Commemorations in public spaces should recall the past and also provide inspiration and hope for the future," Williams writes. Yohuru Williams
No Two Sides About It, Confederate Statues Must Come Down
"The president is wrong. You can preserve history without building or preserving monuments to hate."
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"If only someone running our government read history.  Or even read," writes Lynn Sherr. Lynn Sherr
Collaboration: Be Careful Who You Work With
At a time when precise language has gone missing from the White House, how best to describe those Republicans still loyal to President Trump?
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Saturday, August 19, 2017
"There is already enough evidence to impeach Trump on grounds of abuse of power, obstruction of justice, and violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution," Reich writes. Robert Reich
Remove Him Now
Donald Trump "has given encouragement and legitimacy to the ugliest in America."
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"Wells Fargo was just beginning to recover from the reputational losses it suffered from what, in Trumpian terms would be described as “fake” bank accounts, when it was disclosed that its employees had discovered a new way of bilking customers-insurance sales connected with car loans," Brauchli writes. Christopher Brauchli
More Banking Follies
A power has risen up in the government greater than the people themselves, consisting of many and various and powerful interests . . . and held together by the cohesive power of the vast surplus in...
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"While some GOP senators, such as Florida’s Marco Rubio, Utah’s Orrin Hatch and Arizona’s John McCain boldly and unequivocally denounced white supremacy, they did not publicly break with the president over it," Kolhatkar writes. Sonali Kolhatkar
Is There a Nazi in the White House?
"Donald Trump is trying hard to put a pretty face on racism."
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"While it might seem like friendly corporations are coming to the aid of activists in the debate over net neutrality, the truth is that for-profit, publicly traded corporations don’t have friends—they have interests, which they spend millions lobbying in Washington to defend," O'Day writes. John O'Day
Net Neutrality Reduced to Mogul vs. Mogul in Corporate Media's Shallow Coverage
A common refrain in popular news media is that net neutrality is just too boring and esoteric for ordinary people to be interested in. “Oh my god that is the most boring thing I’ve ever seen,” John...
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"Major military companies actually need wars—or at least, they need very high states of tension and fear, of the kind which will guarantee increased sales potential," Rogers writes. (Photo: Fibonacci Blue/Flickr/cc) Paul Rogers
Arms Bazaar: Needs Wars, Eats lives
"Wars and rumors of wars require constant supplies, and this is where that perennial of human activity, the arms bazaar, comes in."
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Friday, August 18, 2017
"Tolerance and love are as American as apple pie. But so are racism, sexism, prejudice and anti-Semitism." Steven Singer
Surprised by Charlottesville? You Haven’t Been Paying Attention
America is a funny place. On the one hand, we’re one of the first modern Democracies, a product of Enlightenment thinking and unabashed pluralism and cultural diversity. On the other, we’ve built our...
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Laura Bonham
This Is All So 19th Century
Instead of serving democracy, the Trump administration seems focused on serving only its destruction
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Thousands gather with candles to march along the path that white supremacists took the prior Friday with torches on the University of Virginia Campus in Charlottesville, Virginia on Aug. 16, 2017. Keri Leigh Merritt
Charlottesville and the Confederate Legacy
The white supremacist violence in Virginia echoed the tactics of antebellum vigilante groups and showed how deep the roots of racism in America are.
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John Light
Can Anyone Stop Trump’s FCC From Approving a Conservative Local News Empire?
Progressive media watchdog groups, Rupert Murdoch and conservative news outlets all want to stop a merger between Sinclair Broadcasting and Tribune Media.
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Andrew Cockburn
Don’t Believe the Alarmist Propaganda About North Korea
Never underestimate the ability of the national security establishment to believe its own alarmist propaganda—remember those establishment members believed in the fable of Saddam Hussein’s weapons...
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Catherine Lutz
How Did Guam Become a Target of North Korean Missiles?
Guam doesn’t feel like a target. When I have visited the island over the course of the past several decades, it has struck me as one of the most wildly beautiful places on earth, with an endless...
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Isaiah Poole
As Trump Hits a New Low, Here’s How We Go High
It has, today, come to this: The person holding the title of president of the United States in 2017 decries the loss of “beautiful statues and monuments” to white supremacy, “sad to see the history...
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People stand next to flowers, candles and a poster reading ‘Pray for Barcelona’ on Las Ramblas. (Photo: Pascal Guyot/AFP/Getty Images) Paul Rogers
The Barcelona Attack and the Vicious Redundancy of the New Normal
After 16 years of the so-called war on terror, people feel no more secure than in the aftermath of 9/11.
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