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Saturday, January 12, 2019
Pence, Trump, Ryan John Atcheson
Why 'Fact-Checking' Gives Liars a Free Pass
The story isn't that Trump gets his facts wrong—it's that he's a serial liar
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syria Gregory Shupak
Media Worried US Won't Occupy Syria Forever
And even if the U.S. were to pull its troops out of Syria, it's far from certain that this will mean the U.S. will stop meddling
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Friday, January 11, 2019
Members of the Wet’suwet’en Nation argue that they were never consulted about the pipeline and that it violates their constitutional rights.(Photo: Facebook.) Andy Rowell
“Shameful” Trudeau Accused of Violating First Nations Rights Over Gas Pipeline
Indeed Trudeau has another crisis on his hands and once again his administration seems to be siding with oil and gas
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Celebrations on the Berlin Wall after the government announced people could cross the border freely in Germany on Nov. 12, 1989. (Photo: Chute Du Mur Berlin / Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images) Nina Khrushcheva
Trump's Wall With Mexico Follows in the Footsteps of Authoritarian Leaders Throughout History
From China to Germany, walls have been used for centuries to spread fear, closed-mindedness and isolationism
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The Reichstag fire, a tragedy Hitler used to seize almost unlimited power. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons) John Feffer
Will Trump Rule by Decree?
It’s a small leap from a “state of emergency” at the border to martial law throughout the country
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Reporters raise their hands to ask questions as President Trump speaks in the Rose Garden of the White House after a meeting with congressional leaders on Jan. 4 in Washington. (Photo: Jacquelyn Martin/AP) Elizabeth Bruenig
Fact-Checking Has Flourished. But It’s More Complicated Than It Looks
Politics has always been and will always be a battlefield for moral reasoning that requires more than spot-checking of facts
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A staff member affixes the Presidential seal to a podium ahead of an event to mark the sixth-month anniversary of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passage in the East Room of the White House in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Friday, June 29, 2018. President Trump said his tax cuts "unleashed an economic miracle" and his tariffs are bringing "billions of dollars" to the U.S.  (Photo: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg) Frank Clemente
The GOP Tax Cut Is Just as Bad As We Feared it Would Be
What more evidence do we need that the Trump-GOP tax cuts are bad law—for the economy, for working families, and for the health and well-being of millions of Americans?
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We must be equally purposeful in our vigilance with our words if we are to break the structures that draw strength from the words of domination. (Photo: Dr. Divine Taylor
It’s Time to End the Language of Oppression
We are brothers, sisters, sons, fathers and mothers who have been branded by incarceration
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After Trump’s announcement of troop withdrawals, just about every MSNBC host slammed the president and suddenly sounded more hawkish than the clowns over at Fox News. (Photo: The U.S. Army / Flickr) Danny Sjursen
The 'Liberal' Foreign Policy Establishment's Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds
Make no mistake, the Democrats have been tacking to the right on foreign policy and burgeoning their tough-guy-interventionist credentials for decades now
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A customer pays for a bag of cherry tomatoes with EBT tokens at a farmers market. (Photo: John Benford/Aurora Photos/Getty Images) Fran Korten
Healthy Food Just Got a Big Boost in the New Farm Bill
A program that doubles the spending power for food stamp recipients who buy fresh produce just got more funding
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President Trump stops to talk to reporters at the White House on Jan. 10 in Washington. (Photo: Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post) Eugene Robinson
Trump Is Terrified of the Far-Right Echo Chamber
He’s afraid of his shrunken but loyal base, which could abandon him if he doesn’t give them a wall
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The facile logic on display here is so untethered from any basic grounding in how political power works according to our Constitution that it might just float out into space. (Photo: FAIR) Reed Richardson
Corporate Press Stoops to Absurdity to Balance Trump’s Border Wall Lies
Factcheck false equivalence, the sequel
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In Denmark, hygge is achieved in part with tax rates that are consistently among the highest in the world. (Photo: Jacob Surland/flickr/cc) Leo Gerard
Tax Dollars Can Buy Happiness
The deeper meaning of hygge—and why citizens of Denmark are so much happier than Americans
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Thursday, January 10, 2019
Watch a few hours of national cable TV media, and—outside of a very few shows—odds are you won’t hear any detail of actual policy whatsoever. (Photo: Screenshot) Thom Hartmann
4 Reasons the Corporate Media Refuses to Talk About Things That Matter
And how we can restore to America a rational media landscape
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Kate Ruane, Abdullah Hasan
Marco Rubio and His Colleagues Need a Refresher on the First Amendment
Marco Rubio and his colleagues may not agree with the BDS movement, and they have a First Amendment right to express that. But public officials cannot use the power of public office to punish views they don't agree with.
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 In January 2017, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer insisted that Trump had drawn “the largest audience ever to witness an inauguration, period, both in person and around the globe.”(Photo:  Alex Wong/Getty Images) Rebecca Gordon
Confronting "Alternative Facts": A Twenty-First-Century Incredibility Chasm
Life in the United States of Trump
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The vast accumulation of wealth at the top is matched by inordinate concentrations of political power. (Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images) John Buell
Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Right that Tax Justice is Key to our Democratic Prospect?
There is so much wealth and income parked among a few at the top that sums in the neighborhood of 100 billion a year can be raised quite easily
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The Green New Deal sends a positive message of what government can do, for this generation of citizens and the next. (Photo: Emelia Gold) Joseph Stiglitz
From Yellow Vests to the Green New Deal
The grassroots movement behind the Green New Deal offers a ray of hope to the badly battered establishment: they should embrace it, flesh it out, and make it part of the progressive agenda
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U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democrat of New York. outside the US Capito on ian. 4. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP) Jesse Jackson
Trump Administration Is Intent on Weakening Civil Rights Enforcement
This administration is the most hostile to civil rights and to equal justice under the law than any since the passage of the Civil Rights laws
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Sunrise Movement activists confront Democratic leaders in Congress. (Photo: Shutterstock) Basav Sen
Democratic Leaders Failed Their First Big Test on Climate
Kicking the can down the road appears to be a bipartisan sport in Washington
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The Green New Deal resonates with awareness and awakened conscience, with transcendent vision and, hallelujah, youthful determination. (Photo: Archive / History Channel) Robert C. Koehler
A Green Future Is One Without War
Our near-trillion-dollar military budget, and the endless and needless wars it funds—not to mention the ongoing development of our nuclear arsenal—can’t be quietly, politely ignored as we envision a sane tomorrow
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Ramzy Baroud
When Bolsonaro and Netanyahu Are ‘Brothers’: Why Brazil Should Shun the Israeli Model
Bibi's militancy, oppression of the indigenous Palestinian people, his racially-motivated targeting of Black African immigrants and his persistent violations of international law are not at all what a country like Brazil needs
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Wednesday, January 9, 2019
Undoing critical health and safety standards and putting more Americans in danger goes against the very purpose of the EPA. (Photo: Shutterstock) Olivia Alperstein
This EPA Rule Change Could Kill Thousands
Mercury regulations save 11,000 lives each year. Now, the EPA wants to weaken them
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The point is systematic disinformation, to the point that facts mean nothing. (Photo: Shutterstock) Peter Certo
Not One Network Should Have Aired Trump’s Immigration Speech
The president is going to demonize the media no matter what they do. So why not do the right thing?
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The Justice Department needs to correct or retract the DHS-DOJ terrorism report because it is both methodologically flawed and tied to a xenophobic agenda. (Photo: Screenshot) Tim Lau
Flawed Terrorism Report Shows Administration’s Skewed Priorities
While over-hyping terrorism committed by immigrants, DOJ is overlooking a bigger threat: terrorist violence from the far right
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Former President Barack Obama at a rally in October, 2018 with Senator Tammy Baldwin, and soon-to-be- elected Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers and Attorney General Mandela Barnes, at Milwaukee's North Division High School. (Photo: Nile Ostenso) Ruth Conniff
Goodbye ‘Divide and Conquer’: With Walker Gone, Wisconsin Begins a New Era
“We’ve gotten away from who we are and the values that make Wisconsin great. Not Democratic or Republican values, but Wisconsin values: Kindness and respect, empathy and compassion and integrity and civility.”
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Donna Smith
Shutdown Offers Taste of Suffering the Poor and Vulnerable Know Too Well
Quick lesson for those who do not know now or have forgotten what it is like to live on the financial edge: most businesses and financial institutions waiting for bill payment will not care why bills are not paid on time
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Glyphosate contamination was detected in 70 percent of products tested by the Center for Environmental Health, including big name brands like Quaker and Cheerios. (Photo credit: DavidF/iStock) Caroline Cox
There’s a Toxic Weedkiller on the Menu in K-12 Schools Across the U.S.
Monsanto’s glyphosate has been found in over 70 percent of oat-based breakfast cereals served to US school children
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If Trump is impeached it will be because the powers- that-be have concluded  that he’s no longer a reliable tool for lining their pockets and advancing the empire. (Photo: Sean Gallup via Getty Images) Gary Olson
The Infantile Politics Of Compulsive Trump Bashing
Trump bashing, as smugly gratifying as it might be, only obscures some basic truths and handicaps our thinking about the best way to unite and struggle against a common enemy
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Congress should continue to reject demands for wasteful border wall funds and instead vote on pending bipartisan measures to reopen the government. (Photo: US Customs and Border Protection/Flickr) Brian Tashman
A Look at Trump’s Biggest Border Lies
Trump’s characterization of the situation on the southwest border is driven not by facts but by his own nativist agenda and political obsession with building a wall
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So what is the Wall that could keep out these invading storm surges, hurricanes, floods and wildfires? (Photo: Screesnhot) Juan Cole
The Real Threat Is Invasive Climate Crisis, and Our Shield Is Science
Big oil, and Trump, and Fox Cable News don’t know what the earth is worth, amid their deliberately concocted confusion of climate change denial
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Michael Winship
About Last Night...
Trump's Oval Office address was a sham and a disgrace
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Tuesday, January 8, 2019
 On Tuesday, India is on strike. It is likely that about 150 million workers will stay away from their workplaces. (Photo: AP) Vijay Prashad
Here’s What a Real Strike Looks Like: 150 Million Say No to Despotism in India
If a new trade union law goes into effect, India will essentially abandon any commitment to workplace democracy
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We cannot tolerate a new Democratic-controlled Congress continuing to do business as usual, with a military budget of over $700 billion and a trillion dollars projected for new nuclear weapons over the next ten years. (Photo: Alejandro Alvarez/Twitter) Medea Benjamin, Alice Slater
The New Congress Needs to Create a Green Planet at Peace
The time has come for a New Peace Deal that repudiates endless war and the threat of nuclear war which, along with catastrophic climate change, poses an existential threat to our planet
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The Combating BDS Act would attempt to give legal cover to states that enact laws penalizing businesses and individuals who participate in boycott activities against Israel and Israeli-controlled territories. (Photo: Alex Christy/Flickr) Kate Ruane
Instead of Ending the Shutdown, Senators Plan to Encourage Punishment of Israel Boycotts
While we take no position on Israel boycotts, the BDS movement or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we do maintain that states should not be sanctioning businesses on the basis of First Amendment-protected expression and association
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The networks seek to attract viewers and increase profits, not disseminate information about political issues. (Photo: Mr. Fish / Truthdig) Chris Hedges
The Election Circus Begins
“Elections are about a lot of things, but at the highest level, they’re about money.”
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Rep. Deb Haaland speaks at a reception hosted by the Congressional Native American Caucus in Washington on Jan. 3, 2019. (Photo: Brian Snyder / Reuters) Michelle Chen
Two Native Women in Congress Isn't Enough to End the Systemic Violence Native Girls Face
Every level of government has failed to protect communities from violence or support their deteriorating social infrastructure
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These days, it’s even difficult to obtain accurate manpower numbers for the military personnel in America’s war zones, let alone the number of bases in each of them. (Photo: Book cover detail/Metropolitan Press) Nick Turse
Bases, Bases, Everywhere... Except in the Pentagon’s Report
One Down, Who Knows How Many to Go?
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In a win-win-win combination, building the health of soil improves farm viability, increasing farm resiliency to extreme weather events, and improving food quality and surrounding water quality. (Photo: Public domain) Elizabeth Henderson
Why Sustainable Agriculture Should Support a Green New Deal
"De-carbonize the atmosphere, re-carbonize the soil!"
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The thing is, this president has lied so routinely that we tend to forget that some lies have consequences, and here is one that clearly does. (Photo: Donald Trump/cc/flickr) Dave Lindorff
Claiming a ‘National Emergency’ to Justify Building a $5-Billion Wall
At last! A workable reason to impeach the MF
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Thom Hartmann
It’s Time to Bring Back the Corporate Death Penalty
When big companies engage in criminal harm to the public, they deserve serious punishment
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Michael Winship
Something That Doesn’t Love a Wall. A President Who Does.
Crazed and fear-fueled ideology runs rampant over reality.
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Monday, January 7, 2019
The Wall was never anything but a campaign slogan cooked up by aides to keep Trump on message. (Photo: Gage Skidmore/flickr/cc) Miles Mogulescu
Trump’s Delusion About the Wall That Never Was
There never has been a serious plan to build a Wall. And there never will be a Wall. And that’s just fine with Trump, as long as he continues to keep the Wall as a political cudgel.
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It reached a crescendo in 2000 with the storyline about how, unlike the pompous bore Al Gore, George Bush was a guy you could have a beer with. No one mentioned Bush had been a belligerent drunk, the last person anyone would want a friendly beer. (Photo: USCG/Telfair H. Brown/public domain) Mike Lofgren
Extraordinary Popular Delusions
How childish belief masquerades as folk wisdom and warps our politics.
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Scientists in the Arctic observe the Aurora Borealis. (Photo: US Department of Defense) Erika Spanger-Siegfried
The Miraculous Hope of Climate Realists
Today, the only thing we need to ask of ourselves is, whether it’s defeating the fossil fuel industry, winning pro-climate elections, defending climate science, or getting out in the streets in demonstration, that we’re still in
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"From my understanding, CSPI’s position is they are pro-GMO with some reservations.”(Photo: Stephen Melkisethian/cc/flickr) Russell Mokhiber
Center for Science in the Public Interest: Greg Jaffe, Cornell, and GMOs
Greg Jaffe, the head CSPI’s Biotechnology Project, has publically aligned himself with one of the most pro-GMO groups in the country—the Cornell Alliance for Science.
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Rep. Deb Haaland (D-N.M.) stands during the 116th Congress swearing-in ceremony on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives at the U.S. Capitol on January 3, 2019, in Washington. (Photo: Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images) Jenni Monet
Why You Couldn’t Find Big Media Coverage of Haaland and Davids
Time has run out to convince colonized newsrooms that Indigenous issues and perspectives are necessary to the national narrative
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As members of the incoming House majority noted, Pai doesn’t understand how Congress actually works.(Photo: Flickr user Gage Skidmore) Timothy Karr
Chairman Pai Can't Win for Losing
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s 2017 repeal of the Net Neutrality rules is the worst decision in the agency’s history
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While most of the focus on climate risk disclosure has been on the fossil fuel industry, few sectors face as much risk as food and agriculture—in particular, companies with long supply chains increasingly vulnerable to disruption.(Photo: shutterstock) Ben Lilliston
Senator Warren's Push for Climate Risk Disclosure
Warren's new bill shines a light on how agribusiness and food companies will have to adapt to new conditions to reduce their risk and transition toward a more resilient, climate-friendly economy
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Three billionaire families--the Kochs, the Mercers, and the Adelsons--played a central role in bankrolling the Republican Party’s shift to the far Right and its takeover of federal and state offices. (Photo: Screenshot) Lawrence Wittner
Do We Really Need Billionaires?
According to numerous reports, the world’s billionaires keep increasing in number and, especially, in wealth
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Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis and the 1st Marine Division he commanded had just such an impact on the Iraqi city of Fallujah, leaving more than 75% of it in rubble. (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images) Tom Engelhardt
Is Donald Trump an Asteroid?
Honestly, this could get a lot uglier
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Paul Buchheit
By the Best Definition, the Poverty Rate Should Be Tripled
Depressing news doesn't sell on our news shows. So the struggles of the bottom half of America are downplayed, while the "booming" economy for the upper-middle class is highlighted.
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Sunday, January 6, 2019
John Atcheson
With Self-Inflicted Pay-Go Rule, Democratic Victory in 2020 Just Got Harder
Is Pelosi doing the Republican's work for them?
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Matt Stoller
Congressional Staffing for Dummies: The Pay Go Dispute
There are a lot of people arguing about this thing called Pay Go. Here’s my attempted explanation of what Pay Go is and how it intersects with stuff you care about.
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Robert Reich
Democrats Are Hunting Big Game – Did Big Money Already Bag Them?
The party of Pelosi and Schiff is not immune to the influence of Wall Street. Grassroots activists must stay vigilant
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Belén Fernández
How Capitalism Is Killing Us
And how we may have passed the 'point of no return'
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Juan Cole
Rashida Tlaib and Working Class Authenticity v. Trump’s Plutocrat Pretense
Corporate media pundits and political elites expect the wealthy to do bad imitations of working class profanity, but despise the real thing
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John de Graaf
Beauty—The Forgotten Recipe For Happiness
Beauty makes me happy and evidence shows that's true for many, if not, most of us
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Saturday, January 5, 2019
Annie Lo, Thomas Wolf
Partisan Gerrymandering Back at the Supreme Court
Will the justices finally curb efforts to use control of redistricting to rig maps?
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Charles Eisenstein
Why the Climate Change Message Isn't Working
Threats of global catastrophe won't move people to action. Only the heart can inspire zeal.
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Jason Hickel
Degrowth: A Call for Radical Abundance
One of the core claims of degrowth economics is that by restoring public services and expanding the commons, people will be able to access the goods that they need to live well without needing high levels of income.
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Paul F. deLespinasse
How Congress Could, But Probably Won't, Take Charge of Shutdown Battle
It all sounds simple. That it has become impossible tells us how much trouble we truly are in
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Robert Reich
American Democracy Seems Rigged Because It Is
Why we must get big money out of politics
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Ebony Slaughter-Johnson
Integrating the Social Safety Net Into America's Prisons
The First Step Act is a good first step in facilitating incarcerated Americans’ reentry into society. The next should be facilitating the enrollment of the incarcerated into social safety net programs upon their release.
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Friday, January 4, 2019
 Most of the reforms have been proposed by Democratic lawmakers to counter abuses pioneered or deployed this century by Republicans—whether extreme gerrymanders, voter suppression, or stealth financing—or rulings from the conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court that have deregulated campaigning. (Photo: J. Scott Applewhite/AP) Steven Rosenfeld
Democrats in Congress Unveil Ambitious Plan to Fix Our Election System
The new House Democratic majority will introduce H.R. 1, the most comprehensive democracy reform legislation seen this century
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It’s high time African governments start to implement policies that favor the well-being of their people first before pleasing the Money Masters. (Photo: AP) Craig Dube
Doctors Strike in Zimbabwe as Government Imposes Austerity to Attract More Chinese Investment
In the post-Mugabe era, the new regime aims to show it is worthy of a bigger piece of the Chinese pie
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We must all bear witness to what is happening in the Amazon. For the sake of its people, for the sake of the forest as well as for the sake of the climate. (Valdemir Cunha / Greenpeace) Andy Rowell
Within Hours of Taking Office, “Trump of the Tropics” Starts Assault on the Amazon
Bolsonaro’s policies could triple deforestation in the Amazon. If this happens, the so-called lungs of the world, will collapse.
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if this nation is to ever have a female president, Warren would be a good first choice, and certainly a much better one than Hillary Clinton. (Photo: Screen shot / YouTube) Sonali Kolhatkar
Elizabeth Warren’s Presidential Bid Leaves Questions to Be Answered
Leading into the primary races of 2020 our task as progressives is to demand that Warren—and all the other Democratic candidates—understand clearly that they serve the American people, not the elites
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We must support Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats when they need our support to do the right things. We also need to push them when they need pushing. (Photo: Zach Gibson/AFP/Getty Images) Robert Reich
What to Expect of House Democrats
They will do little to change the growing imbalance of wealth and power in this country unless they are pushed to do so
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Katie Halper
The Factual Reporting About Beto by David Sirota That Stirred Epic Freakout
"I was portrayed as some sort of horrible villain dividing the Democratic Party for one tweet that said, 'I didn't know this...' And it became this huge controversy and people are freaking out."
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French protesters wear yellow vests as they march in Paris against rising oil prices and living costs near the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs Elysees.  (Photo: Olivier Coret/News Pictures/REX/Shutterstock 11/24/18) Frances Moore Lappé
What Could the French “Yellow Vests” Teach Us about Ourselves?
For the French, equality is a positive value; whereas here at home calls for greater equality are fought by evoking fear of creeping “communism” and—with racist undertones—the coddling of the “undeserving” poor
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77 percent of registered voters said that “reducing the influence of special interests and corruption in Washington” was either the “single most” or a “very important” factor in deciding on their vote for Congress. (Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty) Tim Lau, Daniel I. Weiner
Historic Bill to Strengthen Democracy Introduced in Congress
Landmark measure would expand voting rights, curb gerrymandering, bolster ethics rules, and revamp how campaigns are funded
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Over 80,000 people are locked up in isolation cells every day in America. (Photo: AP) Talia Remba
It’s Time to Get Serious About Prison Reform
Over 80,000 people are locked up in isolation cells every day in America
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CODEPINK’s Local Peace Economy was created to focus on the disasters that will occur as a result of global inequality, climate change, constant war. (Photo: CodePink) Jodie Evans
What I Learned Being Part of the Sanctuary Caravan: Delivering Support to Asylum Seekers on the U.S. Border
We saw an outpouring of generosity for the people most hurt by our oppressive immigration policy
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In mid-November, during an animal rights conference held in Salt Lake City, hundreds of activists filled a local Whole Foods store and protested the company for animal cruelty and consumer fraud while police and store employees looked on. (Photo: Mike Mozart/Flickr/cc) Michael Goldberg
Is Whole Foods Telling Us the Truth About Its Stance on Animal Rights?
An ethical supermarket shouldn’t be so defensive about animal rights activists trying to make the company more ethical
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Thursday, January 3, 2019
Netflix is a powerhouse in the global media, with over 130 million paying subscribers in more than 190 countries. What it chooses to produce and release, and what it chooses to censor, can have an enormous impact. (Photo: Screenshot/Youtube) Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan
Censoring Commentary on War Crimes and Mass Starvation Is No Joke
Netflix should be ashamed and reverse its decision
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“The cost of one-half day of world arms spending could pay for the full immunization of all the children of the world against the common infectious diseases.”(Photo: Bart Everson / Flickr) Conn Hallinan
“Are You Serious?” Awards 2018
From Saudi Arabia funding Islamophobic attacks on Muslim congresswomen to Israel arming anti-Semitic militias, we look at some of the more fascinating boondoggles from 2018
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Elizabeth Warren has formed her official presidential exploratory committee, dedicating her campaign to “fighting for America's middle class.” (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) Ruth Conniff
And They’re Off! Candidates Race to Challenge Trump in 2020
Here’s a prediction: Political leaders who believe people are entitled to health care, food, and housing will see their stock rise in the coming year.
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Five hundred citizens clearly signing a petition will get a Senator to attend; considerably fewer names a U.S. Representative.(Photo: Architect of the Capitol) Ralph Nader
It’s Your Congress, People! Make It Work for You!
Just 535 humans (Senators and Representatives) need your votes far more than they need fat cat campaign contributions
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Lest one think that protecting civilian lives is a high priority for the United States, let’s remember that U.S. forces were responsible for many hundreds of civilian deaths in the assault on the Syrian city of Raqqa.(Photo: Abdalrhman Ismail/Reuters) Stephen Zunes
Despite Everything, U.S. Troops Should Leave Syria
A small detachment of U.S. troops won’t protect the Kurds from Turkish aggression, but putting conditions on arms transfers might
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The list of challenges is by no means complete, but it's enough to cause us to know that we are hurtling into an uncertain future with good reason to be filled with apprehension. (Photo: Getty) James Zogby
Looking Backward (2018) and Forward (2019)
By any measure, 2018 was a tumultuous year, in no small way owing to President Trump's unpredictable behavior. He has been, in a word, exhausting.
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Americans share the vital interest of the rest of the world in dismantling the U.S. empire and starting to work with all our neighbors to build a peaceful, just and sustainable post-imperial future that we all can share. (Photo: Screenshot) Nicolas J S Davies
The Hidden Structure of U.S. Empire
This irresponsible empire has squandered the resources of our own and other nations and spawned existential dangers that threaten the whole world, from nuclear war to environmental crisis.
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The links between climate change and health present a compelling argument for including climate change in /medical curriculum to prepare doctors for a changing ecological landscape of disease. (Photo: Light Brigading/cc/flickr) Christian Cayon
Preparing Medical Students for a Warmer World
Now more than ever, in this anti-regulatory and polluter-friendly political environment, the medical community must come to grasps with the imminent health threat posed by the uncontrolled release of greenhouse gases
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“Humanity remains trapped in a cage sometimes called ‘the war system,’ which has the semblance of a permanent lockup.”(Shutterstock) Robert C. Koehler
A Loose Cannon for Peace?
What is the value of Trump’s decision to start shrinking U.S. involvement in several war-ravaged sectors of the Middle East?
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The key to Middle East peace is for Turks, Iranians, Arabs, and Jews to coexist. (Photo: DELIL SOULEIMAN/AFP/Getty Images) Jeffrey D. Sachs
US Withdrawal From Syria a Chance for Peace
From Donald Trump’s point of view, a US-installed Syrian puppet regime that would push out Russia and Iran is neither central to US national security nor practicable. And, here, Trump is right for a change.
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President Donald Trump speaks during a cabinet meeting at the White House on Wednesday. (Photo: Evan Vucci / AP) Bill Blum
Donald Trump Will Not Go Quietly Like Nixon
Guided by narcissism and self-interest, and backed by his dogged white nationalist base, he’ll stay put until he is either removed or defeated at the polls
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Michael Lighty
Now That Everybody Is for Medicare for All, Opponents Say Let’s Dilute It
Tweaks and fixes that leave the for-profit insurers intact won't work. Only a mass social movement can overcome the huge resource and political advantages of the medical-industrial complex
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Wednesday, January 2, 2019
A major IPCC special report released in October warns that even just a half-degree more of warming could be disastrous. (Photo: via Earth Island Journal) Lorraine Chow
10 Worst-Case Climate Predictions If Global Temperatures Rise Above 1.5 Degrees Celsius
If humankind carries on its business-as-usual approach to climate change, there’s a 93 percent chance we’re barreling toward a potentially catastrophic level of warming
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Medical bills from an unexpected illness or accident are the leading cause of financial emergency for Americans. (Photo: National Nurses United/Flickr/cc) Zenei Cortez
2019: The Year of Medicare for All
Behind all of the disheartening statistics found in the current for-profit system are real people, enduring pain and suffering that should be unacceptable in the wealthiest country on earth
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Tax cuts for the rich did what they have always done over the past 100 years: they initiated a bubble economy that would let the very wealthy skim the cream off the top just before the ceiling crashed in on working people. (Photo:  Yuri Keegstra/flickr/cc) Thom Hartmann
The GOP’s Most Successful Scam Is About to Reboot Itself
Republicans pour on the tax cuts and spending increases, year after year, whenever they have the power to do so, to intentionally inflate the national debt
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) at the National Press Club in Washington in August. (Photo: Yuri Gripas/Reuters) Eugene Robinson
Who Isn’t Running for the Democratic Presidential Nomination?
If you thought the 2016 GOP debates were crowded, just wait. This year, Democrats may have to debate in shifts, or perhaps stand on risers like a choir
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In 2019, Trump will face greater pressure from the investigation by Robert Mueller.(Gage Skidmore via Flickr) John Feffer
Peak Trump
The president will never again have so many levers of power at his disposal
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We're in the midst of another progressive political uprising that's been coalescing since about 2010. (Photo: John Williams/flickr/cc) Jim Hightower
DIY Democracy
Our elected "representatives" have been bluntly ignoring what we want and routinely delivering precisely what we don't want
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A poster in the West Bank town of Hebron highlights the Israeli occupation, while calling for a boycott of a football match with Israel, on 5 June (Photo: AFP) Gideon Levy
In 2018, Israel’s Mask Finally Came Off
Having cemented its apartheid nature into law, Israel is creating legislative cover for the act of formally annexing the occupied territories beyond the recognised boundaries of the state
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"This may be our first opportunity to see Congress function properly." (Andy Manis/AP) John Nichols
Mark Pocan on Democrats Taking Charge and Holding Trump to Account
A former Dane County supervisor and Wisconsin state representative, Pocan remains a passionate champion of economic, social and racial justice and an ardent advocate for peace and the planet
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The November episode of “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj” addressed the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. (YouTube screen grab) Naomi LaChance
Netflix Removed Clip That Criticized Saudi Arabia's Human Rights Record
The Kingdom’s Communications and Information Technology Commission asked that the clip be removed because of a law allowing a ban on digital media “impinging on public order, religious values, public morals, and privacy.”
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 In this deployment, what have the soldiers done at the border? According to one report, “very little.” (Photo: Caitlin O’hara/AFP/Getty Images) Anthony Pahnke
Trump's Wasteful Military Venture
What have the soldiers done at the border? According to one report, “very little.”
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Tuesday, January 1, 2019
Joseph Nevins
The Problem With "Border Security"
Border security—supported by Republicans and Democrats alike—is responsible for the death of Jakelin Caal, the exoneration of the Border Patrol agent who murdered a Mexican teen, and the separation and death of thousands of immigrant families.
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John Atcheson
The War for the Democratic Party Continues
The only way Democrats could lose their 2018 momentum in 2020 is to return to the same old neoliberal, corporate-friendly policies that sunk the party in 2016
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David Korten
From Me to We. My New Year’s Resolution
In 2019, we must move beyond the myth of the lone individual to recognize our deep interdependence and responsibilities for one another and nature.
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