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May 2008

Saturday, May 31
Chris Hedges: The Corporate State and the Subversion of Democracy
John Pilger: After Bobby Kennedy (There Was Barack Obama)
Timothy Karr: McClellan and the 'Enablers'
Robert Weissman: Behind Skyrocketing Oil Prices
Dana Goldstein: Pedal Pusher
David Fiderer: What's the Difference Between Dan Bartlett, Brian Williams and David Gregory? A Lot Less than You Think
Keith L. Alexander: 34 Convicted in Display at US Supreme Court
Russell Mokhiber: Bugliosi Would Seek Death Penalty for Bush
Christopher Brauchli: Missing Money in Iraq

Friday, May 30

Robert McChesney/John Nichols: Who’ll Unplug Big Media? Stay Tuned
Jeff Cohen: McClellan and His Media Collaborators
David Michael Green: The Audacity of Dopes: The Regressive Right’s Happy Memorial Day Message to the Troops
Witness Against Torture: Standing Up for the Soul of the Nation
Stan Cox: It Will Take a Lot More Than Gardening to Fix Our Food System
Jonathan Steele: The Road to Peace in Iraq Runs Directly Through Tehran
Glenn Greenwald: The Right-Wing Politico Cesspool
Michael Schwalbe: You Might Be a Progressive If…
Robert A. Levy: May 30, 1942: The Day the United States Sold Its Soul
David Sirota: The Lamont Lesson
Tony Norman: Thanks, Scott, but We Knew It Already
Clive Stafford Smith: Why Has the Government Forsaken Binyam Mohamed?
Terra Lawson-Remer: The US Farm Bill and the Global Food Crisis
Matthew Norman: Has McClellan Handed Victory to Obama?
James Howard Kunstler: Wake Up, America. We’re Driving Toward Disaster
Emanuel Pastreich/John Feffer: Wenchuan as Eco-City

Thursday, May 29

Sarah Stillman: The Unsung Victims of the Emerald City
Robert Koehler: The Flip Side of Glory
Witness Against Torture: A Plea of Innocence and a Plea for Humanity
Amy Goodman: Utah Phillips Has Left the Stage
Karl Grossman: Half-Trillion Dollars for Nukes!
David Corn: Foreclosure Phil
Barry Nolan: The Story Behind My O’Reilly Protest
Robert Weissman: What to Do About the Price of Oil
William Hartung: Invitation to Steal: War Profiteering in Iraq
Christopher Cerf/Victor S. Navasky: McCain (Mis)Speaks
Johann Hari: The World Must End Its Addiction to Oil
Greg Guma: Citizen Nader: From Prophet to Punch Line
Martha Rosenberg: Postville, Iowa Needs 400 Meat Workers — Start Immediately
Larry Bowoto: Chevron Should Pay
Robert Fox: Cluster Headache

Wednesday, May 28
Robert Scheer: Where Is the Outrage?
Susan Crane/Witness Against Torture: Reflection on Sami al-Haj
Ron Kovic: Stopping the War Machine: Military Recruiters Must Be Confronted
Glenn Greenwald: Israel Imposes a 10-Year Ban on American Critic of Israeli Policies
Joseph Gainza: People Must Reclaim Power
John Nichols: Bush Aide Scores White House War Propaganda
Douglas Milburn: An American President Steps Over the Line (Again)
Ruth Ann Smalley: Sustainable Communities
Juan Cole: John McCain’s Arab-American Problem
Ted Rall: Kids in America(n Torture Camps)
Mark Weisbrot: US Economy: The Worst Is Yet to Come
Jon Ralston: McCain’s About-Face on Yucca
Daniel G. Meyer: Ending the School-to-Prison Pipeline
Pat LaMarche: McCain Needs to Meet Jefferson, Not Religious Right
Deborah Burger: More Insurance Will Not Solve Our Health-Care Woes
Sabin Willett: The Most Famous Journalist in the World

Tuesday, May 27
Witness Against Torture: Giving Voice to the Guantánamo Detainees
Frida Berrigan: Entrenched, Embedded, and Here to Stay
John Buell: Amber Waves of Ethanol
Vincent Bugliosi: Bush’s Reaction to War
David Rovics: Some Thoughts on Utah Phillips
Larry Beinhart: Corrections: In Which The New York Times Perpetuates the Myth It Created -– That George Bush Won Florida in 2000
Eugene Robinson: America’s Insane Cuba Policy
Derrick Z. Jackson: Getting Big Oil to Feel Our Pain
George Monbiot: We Have Gone Mad, Your Majesty, and Only You Can Cure Our Affliction
Danny Schechter: In the Shadow of the Wizard of Oz: Home Sweet Home
Jason Koutsoukis: An Eternal Limbo for Refugees
Christopher Brauchli: The Chancellor and the Academy — Conservative Thought
Helen Benedict: Women Warriors
Bill Berry: It’s the Meat-Eating, Stupid
Jesse Jackson: Desperate GOP Misfires at Obama’s Wife

Monday, May 26
James Carroll: Guantanamo’s Day In Court
Bill Quigley: War Immemorial Day – No Peace for Militarized U.S.
Emanuel Margolis: Hushing Up Crisis Of Suicide, Mental Scars
Binalakshmi Nepram Mentschel: Paying Homage to Women’s Roles in Peace and Disarmament
Chris Hedges: Vermont Leads the Way for Progressives
David Sirota: Why Democrats Won’t Stop the War
Russell Mokhiber: Bugliosi Wants Bush Charged with Murder
Robyn Blumner: America’s Road to Torture and Those Who Kept Silent About It

Sunday, May 25
Sean Gonsalves: The Last Casualty of War?
Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Sweet Victory: Coalition for Immokalee Workers Wins
Christopher Cooper: Campaign Shoutin’ Like A Southern Diplomat
Josh Silver: House Votes to Ban Pentagon Propaganda: Networks Still Silent
David Korten: Navigating The Great Turning From Empire To Earth Community
Glenn Greenwald: How Telecoms Are Attempting to Buy Amnesty From Congress
David Michael Green: Why I’m Kinda Fonda Obama (And More So Each Week)
Mark Brown: Couple Trying To Open Eyes To War Vet Suicides

Saturday, May 24
Jody Williams: US Subverts The Cluster Bomb Ban
Bill Moyers/Michael Winship: Honoring Our Veterans
Ira Chernus: Obama, McCain, and Munich
Edward Tick: Heal the Warrior, Heal the Country
Glenn Greenwald: The California Marriage Decision and Basic Civics
John Nichols: Ralph Nader’s Serious Campaign
Matthew Rothschild: Vets for Peace Booted from National Memorial Day Parade
Marc Garlasco: A Cluster of Excuses
Brian Beutler: In Contempt Case, White House Seeks Cheney Treatment

Friday, May 23
Ann Wright: When Rape Hobbles Bush Administration Policies
Joseph Galloway: How We Can Really Honor Our Veterans
Dave Zirin: What I Want to Ask Mary Tillman
Scott Horton: A Vital Election-year Initiative Against Torture
Tom Engelhardt: Of Juntas, Storms, and Earthquakes-Natural and Man-Made
Larry Beinhart: Ready on Day One!!!
John Griffin: Frightening Food for Thought
Michael Schwartz: How the American Imperial Dream Foundered in Iraq
David Sirota: A Welcome ‘Shareholder Democracy’
Steve Chapman: Mythmaking for the Next War
Robert Weitzel: A ‘Holey’ Instrument of Peace in Iraq
Matthias Basanisi: A UN Whitewash?
Philadelphia Daily News: Let’s Remember to Not Start Another War

Thursday, May 22
Amy Goodman: Presidential Race Ignores Arms Race
Johann Hari: Why Bananas Are a Parable for Our Times
Robert Koehler: The Politics of Peace
Dave Lindorff: For His Treatment of Children in the ‘War on Terror,’ Bush Is a War Criminal
Paul Rogat Loeb: The Bosnian Sniper Math of Clinton’s Popular Vote Claim
Ann Wright: Switching a National Psyche from War to Peace — Japanese Style
Evan Frisch/Joe Brewer: Did the DNC Just Miss a Golden Opportunity?
Harvey Wasserman: Can a Civil Rights/Feminist Presidential Union Put John Edwards on the Supreme Court?
Katherine Ozer: The Irony of a Bush Farm Bill Veto
Adrian Hamilton: Any Change From Bush’s Fundamentalism Will Do
Ahdaf Soueif: Enlightenment at the Palestine Literature Festival
Wendy Williams: Coal Money vs. Wind Power Redux
Dan Brown: Civil Disobedience: South Bronx 8th-Graders Refuse the TEST! (I’m Impressed.)
Elise Patkotak: Closer Community Could Be the Upside of High Gas Prices

Wednesday, May 21
Robert Scheer: Paying for War at the Pump
Lora Lumpe: America AWOL on Cluster Bombs
Tom Engelhardt: The Iron Laws of Imprisonment, Bush-Style
Ted Rall: Propagandists First, Journalists Second
Stanley Kutler: The False Comfort of War
Kerry Trueman: The Bottled Water Industry: When It Pours, It Reigns
Nick Turse: Torturing Iron Man
Chris Hedges: Daniel Berrigan: Forty Years After Catonsville
Paul Roberts: Your Friend, the Kitchen
John Nichols: Kennedy’s Fight and a Democratic Void
Allen McDuffee: Bush’s Commitment Problem
John Young: Operation Hose America

Tuesday, May 20
Ray McGovern: To Admiral William Fallon (USN ret.), With Respect
Dean Baker: Low-Income Renters to Pay for Housing Bailout
Sean Gonsalves: Wanna Know a Secret (Law)?
Marie Cocco: When It Costs Too Much to Support the Troops
Derrick Jackson: Getting on Board With Amtrak’s Needs
Zia Mian: Ten Years After Nuclear Weapons Testing and Little Learned
Rosie Boycott: The War to End All Wars: Raising the Threat of Global Warming to War Status
Sonia Shah: FDA Puts Medical Test Subjects in Danger
Bernie Sanders: An Expanding Military Budget Taxpayers Can’t Afford
Deb Price: California Court Sees Clearly Now on Gays
Eugene Robinson: Pacifying Dr. King
Tony Norman: McCain’s God Squad: Huckabee and Hagee
Nancy Polikoff: Children of No One: A Quiet Revolution of '68
Blair Williams: If We Want Healthy, High-Quality Food, We’ll Have to Speak Up
George Monbiot: This British Government Has Been the Most Rightwing Since the Second World War
Jed Gaylin: The Arts Link Students’ Hearts and Minds
Jesse Jackson: Obama’s Success Reflects America’s Growth

Monday, May 19
Anna Badkhen: That’s What Saddam Said
Raj Patel: A Sober Look at World Food Politics? Fat Chance
Mark Engler: The World After Bush
Danny Schechter: Behind the Rise in Prices: A Plan to Torpedo the Dollar
Martha Rosenberg: Nightly Vigils in South Korea Focus on US Meat Safety
Anna Clark: Society of the Incarcerated
James Carroll: Humanizing Nature’s Fury
Johann Hari: Nuclear Insecurity
Glenn Hurowitz: Clean Hair and the Disappearance of Orangutans
Stephanie Odegard: Informed Purchases: Living Local, Acting Global
Anne Butterfield: Twenty Percent Wind by 2030: Not If, but When

Sunday, May 18
David Orr: Refitting the Presidency to the Constitution
Dave Zweifel: Drop in Life Expectancy Shows Health Care Failure
Sandra Steingraber: Environmental Amnesia
Allen McDuffee: Dollar-Driven Recruiting
Zillah Eisenstein: Hillary Is White
Rosa Maria Pegueros: Goin’ to the Chapel: A Quick Trip to Gay and Lesbian Marriages
Leonard Pitts Jr.: President and Congress Deserve a Raise
John Timpane: The American Car Culture Is Running Out of Gas
Haroon Siddiqui: Why Obama Has Stirred the American Soul

Saturday, May 17
Bill Moyers: Democracy in America Is a Series of Narrow Escapes, and We May Be Running Out of Luck
Robert Fisk: So Just Where Does the Madness End?
Robert Weissman: Pharmaceutical Payola — Drug Marketing to Doctors
Bruce Friedrich: Top Ten Reasons to Go Vegetarian During World Vegetarian Week (May 19-25)
Sally Kohn: Does Everyone Matter Equally?
Dave Lindorff: Want Cheaper Gas and Oil? End the Damned Wars!
Steven Crandell: Security Flaws, Terrorists and Nuclear Weapons
Christopher Brauchli: Drugs, the Patient, and the Insurance Company

Friday, May 16
Jeremy Scahill: John Cusack’s War
Naomi Klein: Regime-Quakes in Burma and China
Joseph Galloway: Propaganda and the Media
Bernestine Singley: Blue-Collar Workers and Political Pundits: Same Pawns, Same Game
Harvey Wasserman: Can Barack Obama Become the Jackie Robinson of the American Presidency?
Walden Bello: Manufacturing a Food Crisis
Mark Morford: Court Approves Evil Gay Agenda
Philadelphia Daily News: Bush and EPA Wage War on Science
Jason Walsh/Sarah White: Global Green Jobs
Josh Silver: Senate Votes to Reverse FCC Decision Allowing Media Consolidation
Eugene Robinson: I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help
David Sirota: Toward a New Washington Consensus
David Michael Green: Hillary Clinton Is The Madonna of American Politics
Robert Weitzel: Hillary’s ‘Dr. Strangelove’ Shtick
Helen Thomas: Israelis Celebrate, Palestinians Mourn

Thursday, May 15
Naomi Klein: China’s All-Seeing Eye
Amy Goodman: Whistle-Blower Points to Target List in US Attack on Hotel
Dan Froomkin: Bush’s Idea of Sacrifice
Ida Audeh: Israel at 60: The Cost of US Support
Johann Hari: Are There Just Too Many People in the World?
Robert Koehler: The Penta-Pundits
Tom Engelhardt: Kiss American Security Goodbye
Donna Hall: Family Planning Must Be a Priority
Warren Karlenzig: Smartly Plan Our Way out of Oil Addiction
Haroon Siddiqui: Failed War on Terrorism on Display
Marie Cocco: The Face of Torture
The Vancouver Sun: Let’s Ignore the Sideshow and Stand Up for the Children of War
Laurie Tarkan: Toxic Wombs
Jerome Grossman: Solving the Oil Crisis
John Nichols: Obama-Backing Edwards Elbows Aside Clinton
Lucy Jarosz: Increase Diversity of Grain Supplies

Wednesday, May 14
Robert Scheer: The Tortured Law on Torture
Ted Rall: The Silver Lining of Economic Collapse
Alice Rothchild: The Other Side of Israel’s Birth
Pat LaMarche: Correcting Those Sins of Omission
Miriam Pemberton: A Climate Change Industrial Policy
Ira Chernus: Israel at 60: Zionism’s Fatal Flaw
Joyce Marcel: Back in the USSR
William Moseley: Forget Another 'Green' Revolution - Support Real Sustainable Agriculture
Glenn Greenwald: Tom Friedman’s Latest Declaration of War
Jonathan Steele: Obama Says He’ll Reshape US Foreign Policy. But Can He?
Erica Sackin: A Generation in the Red
John Young: Where Bush Draws the Line on Iraq Costs: Education Benefits for Veterans
Catherine Cooper: Give Something Back
Gerald Bracey: The Mounting Collateral Damage of No Child Left Behind
Robert Borosage: Rebranding Republicans

Tuesday, May 13
Herman Daly: Climate Policy: From ‘Know How’ to ‘Do Now’
Hope Shand: Corporations Grab Climate Genes
Pierre Tristam: Schools in the Bogus Age of Terror
Danny Schechter: Is Who Becomes the Next President All That Matters?
John Buell: Food Pantries for Poor, Loans for Hungry Bankers
Paul Rogat Loeb: Did the Limbaugh Effect Also Flip Michigan?
Guy Reel: The Handy Reference Guide to Bush Disasters, Incompetencies, and Lies
John Nichols: John McCain: Eco Warrior
George Monbiot: Guantánamo: How to Build a Human Bomb
Dilip Hiro: Lebanon: The Army’s Role
Jesse Jackson: Marketing Won’t Hide GOP’s Lack of Ideas for Real Change
Marie Cocco: A Farewell to the ‘Hillary Nutcracker’ and Other Obscenities
Las Vegas Sun: Mining the Grand Canyon

Monday, May 12
Medea Benjamin: Next Mother's Day Let’s Invite the Whole Family
James Carroll: Preventing an Arms Race in Outer Space
Scott Ritter: Taking a Stand Against War
Sean Gonsalves: Whistleblowers: The Canaries in the Coal Mines
Larry Beinhart: Fog Facts: Petraeus’ Fog of War
Gaylynn Burroughs: Too Poor to Parent?
Katrina vanden Heuvel/Greg Kaufmann: Invasions of Privacy: Burger King and Espionage
Neva Hassanein: Rooted in the Soil: Local Food and Community Self-Reliance
Juan Cole: Clinton and Obama on Al-Jazeera
Barbara Ehrenreich: Hillary’s Gift to Women
Glenn Greenwald: John McCain’s Vietnam-Based View of War
David Runnalls: Planting Ideas to Solve the Food Supply Crisis

Sunday, May 11
MotherVerse Magazine: Día de la MADRE: In Celebration of Mothers around the Globe
Bill McKibben: Civilization's Last Chance
Cindy Sheehan: Mother's Day 2008: Peaceful Idealism v. Political Pragmatism
Haroon Siddiqui: Harper’s Extreme Posture No Way to Support Israel
Mary Shaw: Spoiled Americans Fail the Green Test
Joan Vennochi: The Change We Can Believe In?
Saree Makdisi: Forget the Two-State Solution
Aaron Glantz: The Truth About Veteran Suicides
Michael Lynn: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

Saturday, May 10
Eli PaintedCrow: Mother's Day Veteran: Moms Wear Combat Boots, Too
Charlie Jackson: Support the Mothers
Diane Farsetta: When Recycling Isn't: Lessons from a Nuclear Industry Conference
Derrick Z. Jackson: Clinton's Diminishing of Black Voters
Desmond Tutu: Unjust Debt Weighs Down Poor Nations
Roby Alampay: No News Is Bad News
Bill Fletcher, Jr.: Rev. 'Icarus', the Obama Campaign, & the Left
Bob Herbert: Seeds of Destruction
Christopher Brauchli: The Failure of Privatized Tax Collectors

Friday, May 9
Christopher Cooper: Don’t Make No Difference What Nobody Says
Helen Thomas: People Can Handle the Truth About War
Vincent Bugliosi: The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder
Megan Tady: Why Big Media Needs Propaganda to Survive
Robert Weissman: Global Poverty: More Big Business Is Not the Solution
Glenn Greenwald: CNN, the Pentagon’s ‘Military Analyst Program’ and Gitmo
Michael Klare: Portrait of an Oil-Addicted Former Superpower
Mike Moore: Memo to Next US President: Keep Space Free of Weapons
Sam Sedaei: Deafening Silence on McCain, Hagee and Parsley
Roy Ulrich: Loving, Revisited
Ann Wright: Protest Camps Against American Military Bases in Japan and Italy
Jill Rachel Jacobs: A Television Show That May Make You Sick
Nick Turse: War’s Shopping Cart
Ross Tuttle: Gitmo in Disarray

Thursday, May 8
Amy Goodman: The US War on Journalists
Johann Hari: The Loathsome Smearing of Israel’s Critics
Robert Koehler: Apology Denied
Marjorie Cohn: From the Department of Justice to Guantánamo Bay: Administration Lawyers and Administration Interrogation Rules
Martha Rosenberg: Remembering the First School Shooting and Its Gunwoman
Glenn Greenwald: Neocons and the Truth: Bitter Enemies to the End
Erik Leaver: The Iraq Supplemental: A Three Ring Circus
Russ Feingold: Government in Secret
Robert Fisk: Lebanon Descends Into Chaos as Rival Leaders Order General Strike
Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement: Hawaii Needs You
Benita Jones: Voting Rights and Wrongs: Agencies’ Failure Costs Poor Communities Power
Bob Hepburn: Obama and the Politics of Race
Bernard Weisberger: The Super Problem

Wednesday, May 7
Robert Scheer: Battle of the Hawks
Frida Berrigan: Dismantling Peace Movement Myths
William Astore: The Air Force Above All
Norman Solomon: Obama’s Clarifying Win: The Fly on the Wall Is the Wall
Ehab Lotayef: Palestinian Refugee Problem Cannot Be Ignored
Andrew Greeley: Why Media Fix on Wright and Ignore Hagee
Ciara Gilmartin: The ‘Surge’ of Iraqi Prisoners
Leonard Pitts Jr.: The Land of the Almost Free to Speak Up
Alis Headlan: NCLB and Education Today: Fighting an Uphill Battle
Larry Cox: Like Bush, I’d Like ‘Guantánamo to End’
Joyce Marcel: Junkie Nation
Pat LaMarche: Imprisoning Palestinians Because of Fear

Tuesday, May 6
Michael Winship: White Houses, Right Whales and Moby Dick Cheney
Michael Washburn: Tortured Justification
Derrick Jackson: High Oil Prices for Obama and Clinton
John Cheney-Lippold: Mission Impossible
Ira Chernus: Let’s Get Serious About Patriotism
Betsy Hartmann: Wright or Wrong: What’s Going On?
Dean Baker: The Return of the Granny Bashers: More Attacks on Social Security and Medicare
Gilbert King: Cruel and Unusual History
Las Vegas Sun: Deaths of Immigration Detainees: Too Much Secrecy
David Wallinga/Lindsay Dahl: Toxic Chemicals in Consumer Products: Latest Scare Isn’t the Last
Marie Cocco: Culture of Misogyny
Pierre Tristam: Down and Out With the Democrats? Maybe Not, Look at the ‘48 Election
Danny Schechter: Will the White Collar Perps of Subprime Crime Ever Do Time?
Jesse Jackson: Bush Heads Wrong Way on Global Food Crisis
The Christian Science Monitor: Armed to Kill in National Parks?

Monday, May 5
Scott Ritter: The Pentagon vs. America
Caroline Arnold: Issues Raised in 1970 Remain Unresolved
James Carroll: The New Immorality of Iraq War
Sean Gonsalves: Shhhh …This Is a ‘Secretocracy’
Ann Wright: Despite Bush Administration Pressure, the Japanese People Continue to Say ‘No More War’
Tom Engelhardt: The Last War and the Next One
Nomi Prins: It’s the Profits Stupid! The Rise and Rise of Exxon’s Take From America
Russell Mokhiber: Corporations Bad for Public Health
Robyn Blumner: Military Makes Mincemeat of Church-State Separation
The Philadelphia Inquirer: Voter ID: Another Reason to Stay Home

Sunday, May 4
Glenn Greenwald: The Media, The Right and 1988: Endless Deja Vu
Stacy Bannerman: McCain’s Noble Cause
Bill Moyers: Beware The Simplifiers
Olga Bonfiglio: Iranian Nobel Peace Laureate Doesn’t Mince Words About War and Justice
Joan Vennochi: We’re In A War - Where Are The Media?
Faith D`Aluisio/Peter Menzel: A Full Plate Today, Uncertainty Tomorrow
Bud McClure: Atonement: I'd Rather Fall With Obama Than Win With Clinton
Frank Rich: The All-White Elephant in the Room
Tim Lott: Tribute To Albert Hofmann: My LSD Trip Down Memory Lane

Saturday, May 3
Diane Farsetta: What the Pentagon Pundits Were Selling on the Side: Propaganda Meets Corporate Lobbying
Jeffrey Kaplan: The Gospel of Consumption
Christopher Brauchli: Hiding Truth
Sami Abdel-Shafi: Gazans: A Strangled People
Katrina Vanden Heuvel/Greg Kaufmann: Faith-Based Missile Defense
Bruce Falconer: Contractors Gone Wild
Matthew Rothschild: ACLU of Colorado Sues to Ensure DNC Protesters’ Rights
Robert Gordon/James Kvaa: McCain’s Delusional Tax Plan

Friday, May 2
Robert Weissman: Big Pharma Digs In
Helen Thomas: Bush Admits He Approved Torture
Stephen Zunes: The 2008 Presidential Race: A 1972 Redux?
David Sirota: The Plague of Potomac Fever
Sandy George/Diana George Chapin: Fighting GMOs: Counter-Revolutionaries in Montville
Glenn Greenwald: What Backroom Conniving Are Steny Hoyer and the Chris Carney Blue Dogs Up To on FISA?
Dave Lindorff: American and Israeli War Crimes: Same Atrocities, Different Responses
Betsy Reed: The Clinton Campaign: Playing the Race Card and Driving a Wedge Into the Feminist Movement
Eric Alterman: Mickey Mouse Media
John Dean: Contrary to His Claims, Senator John McCain Is Not a Goldwater Conservative
Eugene Robinson: The Power of a Stupid Idea
Shirley Wilcher: The Devil Wears Pantsuits: Gender and the Exercise of Power
Timothy Karr/Megan Tady: Why Big Media Is Mum About Its Propaganda Habit
Pepe Escobar: The Iranian Chessboard

Thursday, May 1
Jay Bookman: America Could Use a Little ‘Tough Love’ From Leaders
Joyce Marcel: Crumbcatchers: America Wakes From Its Long, Low Dream
Glenn Greenwald: Brian Williams’ 'Response' to the Military Analyst Story
Joe Andrew: Clinton’s Former-DNC Chair Switches to Obama: ‘I Have Been Inspired’
Russell Mokhiber: Farm Broadcaster Ousted After Ripping Monsanto’s Goon Squads
Amy Goodman: Ticker Tape Ain’t Spaghetti
Charles Derber/Yale Magrass: The ‘Wright Problem’ Belongs to America
Graham Thomson: Mother Nature’s Protest
Ashley Powdar: One of History’s Great Atrocities: The Corporate Theft of the Public’s Natural Right to Water
Marie Cocco: Mythmaking and Democracy
John Farrell: An Energy Incentive Is Drifting in the Wind
Blake Fleetwood: 40 Years Ago Today, the Police Tried to Kill Me at Columbia University
The Miami Herald: Scratch Torture From US Rule Book
Andrew McBee: The Well-Manicured Lawn: A Global Menace
John Nichols: Bill O’Reilly’s Foxy Lady
Danny Schechter: The Fire Bell in the Night and Our Real Terror
David Nassar: Why Wal-Mart Does Not Strengthen Our Economy

April 2008




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