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June 2008

Monday, June 30
Robert Parry: Iran-Contra’s ‘Lost Chapter’
James Carroll: A Blind Eye on Soldiers’ Suicides
Tom Engelhardt: The Good News in Iraq
Caroline Arnold: Of Surpluses and Survival
Glenn Greenwald: The Baseless, and Failed, ‘Move to the Center’ Cliche
Dean Baker: Barack Care vs. John Care: Health Care Under the Next President
Leigh Donaldson: Has Maine Set a Precedent on Anti-War Protests?
William Pfaff: The Illusion of Saving Nations From Themselves
Randy Shaw: Progressive Obama Critics Should Study FDR
Margaux Wexberg Sanchez: Bobbing in Poison Soup
Rajendra Pachauri: The World’s Will to Tackle Climate Change Is Irresistible
Marc Bekoff: Increasing Our Compassion Footprint
Leonard Pitts Jr.: Obama's Fear of Scarves
Madeleine Bunting: Maternal Mortality: The Most Dramatic Health Inequality

Sunday, June 29
Osha Gray Davidson: Gun Control: Let the Debate Begin
Guy Reel: The Handy Reference Guide to Bush Disasters, Incompetencies, and Lies (Part II)
Christopher Brauchli: Blind and Naked Ignorance
Frank Rich: If Terrorists Rock the Vote in 2008
Pierre Tristam: Environmentalism's Legacy
Bill McKibben: When Words Fail
Ali Gharib: All Doughnuts Lead to the Pentagon
Eric Margolis: Gas Up While It's a Bargain

Saturday, June 28
Bill Moyers and Michael Winship: It Was Oil, All Along
Dave Lindorff: Primary Over, Hillary Won
Michael Klare: End of Petroleum Age?
Brattleboro Reformer: People Creating Change
Geoffrey Robertson: Obama's First Presidency
Derrick Z. Jackson: Holding Muslims at Arm's Length

Friday, June 27
Sarah van Gelder: Are Congressional Democrats Leading Us to War With Iran?
Paul Rockwell: Welcome Home, Soldier: Now Shut Up
Cy Bolton: How Does President Bush Lie?
Glenn Greenwald: Keith Olbermann: Then and Now
Adrienne Fitch-Frankel: Tainted Love? Chocolate-Lovers: Cocoa Industry Set to Be a Heartbreaker on July 1, 2008
John Nichols: Sign on for the Bill of Rights
David Michael Green: Now Comes the Hard Part
Frank Mullen: The Exxon Valdez Ruling: Requiem for Fishermen, Justice
Stephen Zunes: Sharp Attack Unwarranted
Priyamvada Gopal: Mugabe Has Recolonised His People
Noelle Robbins: Food for Thought

Thursday, June 26
Scott Ritter: The Nuclear Expert Who Never Was
Robert Koehler: An Urgency of Joy
Matthew Smucker: What Is to Be Done? Assessing the Antiwar Movement
Johann Hari: Our Infantile Search for Heroic Leaders
Medea Benjamin: US Mayors Step Into Iran Fray Calling for Diplomacy, Not War
Sameer Dossani: Africa’s Unnatural Disaster
Dave Zirin: ‘Well, There You Go’: Imus the Bigot Is Back
Amy Goodman: Funny Man in an Unfunny World
Timothy Karr: America’s Next Moon Shot: Internet for Everyone
John Dear: Abolish the Death Penalty Now!
Mike Davis: Living on the Ice Shelf
Joyce Marcel: The Sad Death of a Dangerous American
Greg Hampikian: Salem Witch Trials, Guantanamo Have a Lot in Common

Wednesday, June 25
Glenn Greenwald: Chris Dodd’s Speech and a Glimmer of Hope for Stopping the FISA Bill
Kirsten Stade: Rejuvenating Public Sector Science
Robert Borosage: Time for a Grand Inquest Into Bush’s High Crimes
Matthew Rothschild: Obama’s FISA Betrayal
Antonia Zerbisias: What We Need Is an F-Word Revolution
Robert Scheer: Wasteful Weapons and the Politicians Who Love Them
Robert Weissman: High Flyers and Soaring Inequality
Nick Turse: Billion-Dollar Babies: Five Stealth Pentagon Contractors Reaping Billions of Tax Dollars
Robert Reich: The Great Pendulum of Economic Outrage Is About to Swing Again
Leonard Pitts Jr.: Abstinence-Only Policy Is Bearing Fruit
Pat LaMarche: One Life Is as Valuable as Any Other
Paul Campos: A Tale of Two Presidents
Katrina vanden Heuvel: A New Solidarity: International Grassroots Action Against Missile Defense System
Bernie Sanders/William Hartung: From Staffer to Contractor: Stopping the Pentagon’s Revolving Door
Mark Morford: We Are Doomed! Sort Of!

Tuesday, June 24
James Hansen: Twenty Years Later: Tipping Points Near on Global Warming
Brattleboro Reformer: … Versus Nature
George Monbiot: Crime Is Falling - But Our Obsession With Locking People Up Keeps Growing
Marie Cocco: Oil Mania
Martha Rosenberg: Milk on Trial as Cornell Expert Testifies at Fired Teacher’s Hearing
Sean Gonsalves: Who Cares About the VP?
Jesse Jackson: US in Dire Need of Home Improvement
Pierre Tristam: Still Places Worth Drilling for Oil, but What Does US Do After That?
Margaret Krome: Protect Wetlands to Cut Flooding
John Nichols: George Carlin: American Radical
Derrick Jackson: Big Oil and the War in Iraq
John Buell: Tax Oil Companies to Help Energy Conservation Efforts

Monday, June 23
Chris Hedges: The Hedonists of Power
James Carroll: If Poison Gas Can Go, Why Not Nukes?
Tom Engelhardt: No Blood for… Er… Um…
Gary Younge: Occupations Abroad Always Lead to the Erosion of Liberties at Home
Sara Terry: The Aftermath Project: War Is Only Half the Story
John Nichols: Democrats Write a Blank Check for Bush’s War
Danny Schechter: Catching Predators Is Good; Economic Justice Is Better
Harvey Wasserman: Bush/McCain’s Gas Price Scam Is an Enron Re-Run
Sabin Willett: Doing Battle With Due Process
Glenn Greenwald: Time Magazine Uncritically Prints Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Justifications’ for the FISA ‘Compromise’
Dean Baker: Bloodletting on Wall Street
Dilip Hiro: No Meeting of Minds in Jeddah
Cenk Uygur: Why Doesn’t the Press Ever Talk About the Oil?
Anne Davies: Candidates Are Not Coming Clean on Energy

Sunday, June 22
Jeff Cohen: News Flash: Network Anchor Stands Against ‘Unfair’ Campaign Spending
Eric Margolis: These Wars Are About Oil, Not Democracy
Nicole Sault: Wearing Orange Ribbons: Speaking Out Against Torture
John Keane: The Value of the Impeachment Process
Harlan Johnson: Conference Call: Restore Free Speech, Stop Big Media
Frank Rich: Now That We’ve ‘Won,’ Let’s Come Home
Bruce Friedrich: Taking the Food Crisis Personally
Robert Fisk: Today’s Despot Is Tomorrow’s Statesman

Saturday, June 21
Joseph Galloway: Gen. Taguba Knew Scandal Went to the Top
Aziz Huq: Surveillance Bill: The Worst of All Worlds
Kurt Cobb: Clever and Deceptive: The Oil Lobby’s New Ads
Kate Davies: Truth or Consequences — The Real Life Version
Dave Lindorff: Keeping America Safe: Prosecuting Children as Terrorists
Alon Ben-Meir: Israel’s Peace Offensive
Robert Parry: Democrats Legalize Bush’s Crimes
Christopher Brauchli: Private Sector Perks

Friday, June 20
Ray McGovern: Bomb Iran? What’s to Stop Us?
Medea Benjamin: Iraqi Refugees, America’s Shame
Tom Hayden: Meet the New Dr. Strangelove
David Michael Green: The Poverty of Reaganism-Bushism
Gareth Porter: The Imperialist Right Threatens Obama on Iraq
Nomi Prins: Who Benefits From High Food Prices?
Jane Anne Morris: Meat, ‘Free Trade’ and Democracy
Michael Klare: Anatomy of a Price Surge
Austin American-Statesman: Charges Stack Up, Like KBR’s Bankroll
Emma Gilchrist: The Great Pesticide Debate
Brian Beutler: Pleading Ignorance on Torture
David Sirota: Countering Race With Class
Tony Norman: The ‘Politics of Inclusion’ Takes a Hit
Brattleboro Reformer: Rural Importance

Thursday, June 19
Chip Ward: Big Bad Boom
Ray McGovern: Impeach Bush Now?
Norman Solomon: Health Care and Ghosts of War
Stanley Kutler: A Government of Law, Not Fear
Amy Goodman: Weather Reports Are Missing the Story
Robert Freeman: Why the Economy Is Gloomier Than We Are
Priyamvada Gopal: Superiority and Separation
Robert Weitzel: A MAD Foreign Policy: America’s Irrational Defense of Israel
Glenn Greenwald: Obama, Telecoms and The Beltway System
Conn Hallinan: A New Cold War?
Rosa Brooks: McCain’s Terror Errors
John Nichols: Obama Goes Soft on Free Trade
Johann Hari: There Is a Smart Drug – It’s Called Breast Milk
Haroon Siddiqui: Afghanistan Crisis Worse Than Iraq
Raj Patel: The Food Crisis Is Over (If We Want It)
Kerry Trueman: Lower the Heat to 350 — Unless You Want to Broil

Wednesday, June 18
Antonio Taguba: War Crimes Committed and Justice Denied
Ted Rall: Oops Nation
Paul Campos: Very Serious 9/11 Untruths
Antonia Juhasz: AFRI(OIL)COM
John Feffer: Mother Earth’s Triple Whammy
Robert Scheer: Is Clinton the Ticket for Obama?
Laura Flanders: Of Weddings and Wedges
Thomas Schaller: ‘Straight Talk Express’ Often Reverses Course
Paul Buchheit: Gini’s Turning 1
Cynthia Cooper: Failing to Use the 1st Amendment to Defend the Bill of Rights
Robert Fisk: Snapshots of Life in Baghdad
Tom Gallagher: Say It Ain’t So
Antonia Zerbisias: ‘Demographic Winter’ Is Just Overheated Rhetoric

Tuesday, June 17
George Monbiot: Bush's Secret Prisoners: Lost in the System
Glenn Greenwald: John Yoo’s Ongoing Falsehoods in Service of Limitless Government Power
The Brattleboro Reformer: Impeachment: It Still Matters
John Brown: George W. Bush’s New ‘So?’ Man
Sean Gonsalves: Understanding ‘Media Bias’
Nicholas Kristof: The Weapon of Rape
Marie Cocco: Impatient Justice
Pierre Tristam: Journalism’s Tim Russert Problem
Jonathan Rynn: How to Enter the Global Green Economy
Cynthia Boersma: Real ID, Real Problem
Sam Turton: Of Gasoline and Gardens: A Look at the Future
Bill Berkowitz: Christian Zionist Gathering Mired in Controversy
Linda McQuaig: ‘Friendly Disrespect’ for Market
Almerindo Ojeda: Guantanamo and the Betrayal of American Values
Jesse Jackson: We Can’t Afford to Ignore Foreclosure Crisis

Monday, June 16
Jeff Cohen: Izzy Stone, Patron Saint of Bloggers
Bill Moyers: We Just Might Rekindle the Patriot's Dream
Katrina vanden Heuvel: One Simple Question
Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater’s Bright Future
Tom Engelhardt: The Greatest Story Never Told
Lynn Perrin: The Peaceful Revolution in Farmers’ Markets
William Major: Wilderness: A Place Apart
Leonard Pitts Jr.: Reading a Book — An Act of Sedition?
The Capital Times: Bush Still Plays Politics With Disaster Aid
Jim Goodman: Why You Should Care How Your Meat Is Raised
Joseph Stiglitz: Scarcity in an Age of Plenty
James Carroll: ‘Open Carry’ Guns at Our Children’s Risk
Christian Science Monitor: For Mass Transit, Mass Investment
Evo Morales: 42 Days? Try 18 Months
Felicity Lawrence: Our Diet of Destruction
Robert Fisk: The Middle East Never Tires of Threats
Laurie King-Irani: What Remains After the Storms
Glenn Hurowitz: In Obama’s America, Road to Power No Longer Runs Through Law Firms

Sunday, June 15
Eric Margolis: A Line Not To Be Crossed: American-led War Cannot Be Allowed To Spread Into Pakistan
Caroline Arnold: Fantasies, Fables No Longer Enough For Fragile World
John Nichols: Tim Russert and the End of No-Talking-Points Journalism
Matthew Rothschild: It’s Conyers’s Time to Act on Impeachment
Peter Hart: The Press Corps’ Unshakeable Crush on McCain
Ben Manski/Karen Dolan: Has Your Town Declared Peace Yet?
Glenn Greenwald: British Debate Highlights The Cravenness and Complicity of Congressional Democratic 'Leaders'
Robert Scheer: Empire or Republic?
Matthew Rothschild: A Discordant Note on Tim Russert
Martha Rosenberg: Lighter Side of Foreclosures

Saturday, June 14
Naomi Klein: Obama’s Chicago Boys
Larry Beinhart: 35 Reasons To Call (202) 225-5126
Rebecca Solnit: Revolutions Per Minute: Radical Transformation Is All Around Us
Glenn Greenwald: Conservatism vs. Authoritarianism: The British vs. The US Right
Isabel MacDonald: From Water Torture to ‘Waterboarding’
Christopher Brauchli: Rewards For The Bush Faithful
James Ross: Supreme Court to Bush: You’re Not Above The Law
John Talbott: The Obama Economic Plan
Jonathan Hafetz: Supreme Court Deals Death Blow to Gitmo

Friday, June 13
Robert Naiman: 'What About Afghanistan?'
Lewis Seiler/Dan Hamburg: State of Emergency: The US in the Final Six Months of the George W. Bush Administration
Michael Winship: Media Reformers: It’s the Economy!!
Matthew Rothschild: A Great Decision on Habeas Corpus
Ronnie Cummins: The Food, Climate, and Energy Crisis: From Panic to Organic
Evan Frisch/Joe Brewer: Jujitsu in Action — The Smart Way to Fight Smears Against Obama
Barbara Ehrenreich: This Land Is Their Land
David Michael Green: Ugly: The Future of the Republican Party
Tom Gallagher: You Can’t Beat Something With Nothing
David Sirota: An Anti-Clinton for VP
Anne Landman: Pinkwashing: Can Shopping Cure Breast Cancer?
Michael Klare: Garrisoning the Global Gas Station
The Capital Times: Time’s Right for Rail
Paul Krugman: Bad Cow Disease

Thursday, June 12
Gore Vidal: Gore Vidal’s Article of Impeachment
Robert Koehler: Be the Media
Norman Solomon: Deadly ‘Diplomacy’
Ray McGovern: Jail Time for Tenet?
Frida Berrigan: Trouble at the Pentagon
Bruce Dixon: Grand Theft Digital: How Corporate Broadcasters Will Hijack Digital TV
Amy Goodman
This Way to Better Media
Sarah van Gelder: Canada Says ‘Sorry.’ Will We?
Tariq Ali: NATO’s Lost Cause
John Bruhns: The Acceptance of Unaccountability
Patrick Cockburn: Iraqi Sovereignty and US Bases
Haroon Siddiqui: From Microcredit to Social Entrepreneurship

Wednesday, June 11
Elizabeth Sawin: $4.00 per Gallon Gasoline and Climate Change Both Call for the Same Solution: Collective Investment in Clean Energy
Josh Silver: Moyers vs. Murdoch: Journalism vs. Megalomania
Robert Scheer: Blame Rising Oil Prices on Bush
Joyce Marcel: Our ‘Cheap Oil Fiesta’ Is Over
Ira Chernus: Lesson of ‘72: Compromise on War Plank
Stephen Zunes: Obama’s Right Turn?
Deborah Rich: Hay Belly Nation
Pat LaMarche: Skillful Actor Needed to Portray Bush in Miniseries
John Young: One More Year in Iraq or 100?
Andrew Greeley: Fall Election Hinges on Race

Tuesday, June 10
Scott Ritter: Investigate This
Jeremy Seabrook: Consuming Passions
George Bisharat: The Fallacy of Islamic ‘National Suicide’
Olga Bonfiglio: Overlooking the Elephants in the Room
Gar Smith: Tapping the Fat of the Land
Jordan Flaherty: Organizing for Freedom: The Thousand-Mile Journey of Prison Reform
Yifat Susskind: Food Policies Leave People Hungry
Glenn Greenwald: Comcast Censors Criticisms of Itself and Rep. Carney
Pierre Tristam: Lazy Diplomacy in Foreclosure
Saree Makdisi: Banned in the USA (Almost)
Stephen Zunes: Lebanon Intrusion
Robert Jamieson Jr.: The Face of the Anti-War Movement Fires Back
Neal Peirce: As the Nation’s Top Metro Regions Show, It’s Time to Reinvent Our Energy Future
George Monbiot: Our Best Chance of Feeding the World
John Buell: The Anti-Union Campaign

Monday, June 9
Joseph Gerson: The US War in Afghanistan: Goals, Future, and Alternatives
Chris Hedges: The Iran Trap
Harvey Wasserman: King Fossil Loves Global Warming and Removes McCain’s Mountaintop
Shayana Kadidal: Ghost Ships and the Limitless Scale of US Detention Policies
Greg Grandin: Losing Latin America
Heba Aly: Travelling ‘Torture Caravan’ Disturbing Sign of the Times
Ann Wright: Canadian Immigration Blinks on Use of FBI Database for US Peace Activists
Robert Weitzel: US Military’s Middle East Crusade for Christ
James Carroll: Here’s What She Wants
Gary Younge: Obama Could Set an Earthquake Under the Established Electoral Map

Sunday, June 8
Megan Tady: The Tipping Point for Media Reform
Leonard Pitts Jr.: Panic and Paranoia
Tom Hayden: Obama and the Open and Unexpected Future
Robert Naiman: Will Congress Heed McClellan’s Iran Warning?
Seamus Milne: Justice the Victor for Jara
Dave Zirin: The NFL’s Tillman Offense

Saturday, June 7
Maude Barlow: Life, Liberty, Water
Christopher Brauchli: George Bush and Than Shwe, Katrina and Nargis: A Study in Style
Tad Daley: No Instant Runoff Voting? No Nationwide Popular Vote?
Robert Fisk: The West’s Weapon of Self-Delusion
Christopher Cooper: Come On Take a Walk With Me Arlene
Ruth Rosen: Tales From Inside the Editorial Board Room
David Krieger: Firings and Hirings: The US Nuclear Arsenal Versus the People

Friday, June 6
Josh Silver: The Future of Media Doesn’t Belong to Murdoch; It Belongs to Us
Stephen Zunes: Why Obama Won
Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater’s Private Spies
David Emblidge: My Bobby Kennedy and Yours
David Michael Green: A Whole School of Trout in the Milk: What We Already Know About Iraq From the People Who Launched the War
William Astore: Uncle Sam’s Cyber Force Wants You!
Ted Rall: The E-Word: The U.S. Has Rivals and Competitors, Not Enemies
John Nichols: The Antiwar Plank
David Sirota: The Populist Uprising
Martha Rosenberg: Your Brain on $4 a Gallon Gas
Cristina Page: The Fight to Stop Contraception

Thursday, June 5
John Feffer: The Way to a Just Foreign Policy
Larry Beinhart: Old Myths From the Age of Idiocy to Be Replaced by: New Truths for the Age of Reality
Amy Goodman: Obama Strikes a Chord With a Disaffected Republican
Malini Johar Schueller: On Borders, Globalization, and Terror: A Picture from Beirut
Robert Koehler: Now What?
Bud McClure: Tuesday, Tuesday with Obama in St. Paul

Wednesday, June 4
Chris Hedges: Collateral Damage: What It Really Means When America Goes to War
Joseph Nevins: Apartheid’s Global Face: From South Africa to the United States
Walden Bello: Destroying African Agriculture
Pat LaMarche: Beggars on the Boulevard of Oil Dreams
Robert Scheer: What Makes McCain Tick?
Laura Flanders: Why They Rooted for Hillary
Medea Benjamin: War Resisters May Yet Find Sanctuary in Canada
Joseph Cirincione: A Critical Mass for Disarmament
Timothy Karr: The Cure for America’s Internet
Leonard Pitts Jr.: McClellan’s ‘Mea Culpa’ Way Too Late
Johann Hari: No Wonder ‘Gone With the Wind’ Has Failed
Joyce Marcel: Of Iron Butterflies and Bridge Women

Tuesday, June 3
George Monbiot: War Criminals Must Fear Punishment
Norman Solomon: Obama, Clinton and Anger to Burn
Clive Stafford Smith: Floating Prisons: The Incredible Hulks
Pierre Tristam: Insured or Not, Few Are Secure in US Health System
Sean Gonsalves: Let the Sun Shine
George Bisharat: The Hope of a Victimized People
Michael Dolan: Dedicated to the Pursuit of ‘Stuff’
Jesse Jackson: What Will Be at Heart of Obama-McCain Race
Daniel Allen: A Cluster of Fallacies
Tom Hayden: New York Times Lends Legitimacy to Pentagon Policy on Iraq Inmate Abuse
Glenn Greenwald: McCain, Spying and Executive Power: A Complete Reversal in 6 Months
John Nichols: Obama’s Super Tuesday
Linda McQuaig: Go Ahead and Reopen NAFTA
E.J. Dionne: Using Communion as a Weapon

Monday, June 2
Tom Engelhardt: Presidential Bloodlust: The Movie-Made War World of George W. Bush
James Carroll: The War-Hero President and the Pacifist
Alice Slater: Global Article 9 Campaign to Abolish War Launched in Japan
Olga Bonfiglio: Moving From the Margins to the Mainstream
Sameer Dossani: Hungry for Justice: Modern-Day Slavery in New Orleans
Harvey Wasserman: Coming June 3: The Twin Towers of Internet Censorship and Atomic Reactor Terror
Danny Schechter: McClellan’s Missile: Media Crimes As War Crimes
Allan Lichtman: George W. Bush’s Revisionist History
Chris Cobb: The Carnage of Cluster Munitions
Jesselyn Radack: Report on FBI Interrogations Omits the Lindh Case of Torture

Sunday, June 1

Robert Scheer: Indefensible Spending
Gabriel San Roman: Joan Jara: Justice for Victor Jara, Justice for Chile
Linda Boyd: Our Nation's Self-Respect Demands Impeachment
NYT Editorial: Cluster Bombs, Made in America
John Pilger: Cowardice of Silence
Robert Fisk: So Al-Qa'ida's Defeated, eh? Go Tell it to the Marines
Carol Tashie: Keep it in Vermont
Margaret Wertheim: Reef Madness

May 2008




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