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January 2008

Thursday, January 31
Susan Lenfestey: What Would Molly Do?
George Lakoff: What Counts as an ‘Issue’ in the Clinton-Obama Race?
Amy Goodman: Western Civilization: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Thomas Bass/Maurice Isserman: Iraq of ‘08 Eerily Like Vietnam of ‘68
Karen Dolan: Foreign Policy Goes Local
The Roanoke Times: A War Without End or Oversight
Marie Cocco: Ten Months Too Long
Rosa Brooks: Obamania in Action
Glenn Greenwald: Mukasey’s Radical Worldview Is Now the Norm
Paul Rogat Loeb: Why This Edwards Voter Is Now Backing Obama
Matthew Rothschild: Bush Betrays Belligerent Intentions Toward Iran in State of Union
Danny Schechter: Memo to the FBI: Expand the Probe of Economic Crimes
Robert Koehler: Defeat Without End
Leslie Griffith: Post-9/11 Censorship in the Press
The New York Times: Mukasey: A Disappointing Debut

Wednesday, January 30
John Nichols: With a Last Call to Action, John Edwards Will Exit the Race
Tom Engelhardt: Looking Up: Normalizing Air War From Guernica to Arab Jabour
Robert Weissman: The Shameful State of the Union
Robert Scheer: Obama, Clinton and the War
Simon Jenkins: The ‘War on Terror’ Licenses a New Stupidity in Geopolitics
Pat LaMarche: How Easily Offices Are Stolen in the US
Michael Shank: False Sense of Security in Iraq
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Slavery in the Union
David Cook: Kissing the President
Daniel Barenboim: Passports to Progress
Eric Reeves: Genocide Prevention: 60 Years of Abject Failure
Mark Morford: The 935 Lies of George W. Bush

Tuesday, January 29
Jamie Menutis: Super Bowl of Shame
Jeremy Scahill: Pioneering Blackwater Protesters Given Secret Trial and Criminal Conviction
Martha Rosenberg: Pay No Attention to That Clinical Data or Squandered Tax Payer Dollars for Medicaid Drugs
Mark Bittman: Rethinking the Meat-Guzzler
Paul Rogat Loeb: It’s Her Party and She’ll Do What She Wants To
Marie Cocco: An Economic Bridge to Nowhere
Robert Fisk: Eight Dead, and Echoes of Beirut’s Bloody History Reverberate Around Its Streets
John Nichols: The Sorry State of a Lame-Duck’s Legacy
The Brattleboro Reformer: Iraq: Making It Someone Else’s Problem
George Monbiot: Population Growth Is a Threat. But It Pales Against the Greed of the Rich
Pierre Tristam: Billions in Stimulus Miss the People Who Need It Most
Dean Baker: Ben Bernanke: Supernanny?
Robert Jensen: Investigative Journalism Project Reveals Problem at Core of Mainstream Journalism
Stephen Zunes: Arming the Middle East
Gary Hirshberg: How to Recycle Less and Do More
Peter Dreier: White Voters Deserve More Credit
Tom Turnipseed: South Carolina up for Grabs in November; Overcoming Lee Atwater’s Legacy
Eugene Robinson: Cards From a Worn-Out Deck
San Francisco Chronicle: Shame on Him

Monday, January 28
James Carroll: Our One-Way Trip to Disaster
Madeleine Bunting: From Buses to Blogs, a Pathological Individualism Is Poisoning Public Life
Robert Parry: CBS Falsifies Iraq War History
Medea Benjamin: ALBA, an Economic Alternative for Latin America
Joel Connelly: Bush Moves on Alaska as Backs Are Turned
Johann Hari: Beware the Internet’s Looming Class Divide
Mike Marqusee: The Ominous Lesson of Tet
Dahr Jamail: ‘Reality Is Totally Different’: Iraqis on ‘Success’ and ‘Progress’ in Their Country
Caroline Arnold: Common Sense, Common Purposes, Common Dreams
John Nichols: What Pledge? Clinton Appears in Florida
Joe Amon: How Not to Fight HIV/Aids
Timothy Gay: America’s Forgotten Genocide

Sunday, January 27
Naomi Klein: Why The Right Loves A Disaster
Glenn Greenwald: Bill Clinton: The Chris Matthews of South Carolina
Elizabeth Holtzman: Judiciary Committee Should Move to Impeach Bush and Cheney
Michael O'Donnell: ‘Torture and Democracy’ is Definitive
Caroline Kennedy: A President Like My Father
Frank Rich: The Billary Road To Republican Victory
Stephen Zunes: Sexism, the Women’s Vote and Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy
Eric Margolis: Panel Gets It Wrong on Afghanistan

Saturday, January 26
Naomi Wolf: It’s Time to Hold Democratic House Leaders in Contempt
Ralph Nader: Eight More Years?
Eyad al-Sarraj and Sara Roy: Ending The Stranglehold on Gaza
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Iraq: The Forever Treaty
Matthew Rothschild: Kucinich Bows Out with Dignity, Bangs Anti-War Drum
Helen Thomas: Candidates: Come Clean About Iraq
Glenn Greenwald: More Disruptions to The Cheney/Rockefeller FISA Plan
Christopher Brauchli: Arms and The President

Friday, January 25
Elliot Cohen: The End of Privacy
Marjorie Cohn: Senate Poised to Capitulate to Cheney’s Fear-Mongering
Tom Hayden: Are the Democrats Proposing Peace, or Counter-Insurgency Without End?
Laura Kaminker: US War Resisters in Canada Face Deportation and Prison: You Can Help Them
David Michael Green: What a Great Freakin’ War!!
Stephen Zunes: The Foreign Policy Agenda of the Democratic Front-Runners: Comparisons on Some Key Issues
Nick Turse: Two Men, Two Legs, and Too Much Suffering: America’s Forgotten Vietnamese Victims
Silja Talvi: Tupperware and Tasers
Robert Fisk: A Lesson in How to Create Iraqi Orphans. And Then How to Make Life Worse for Them
John Nichols: With Kucinich’s Exit, Democratic Discourse Is Diminished
Sean Gonsalves: Don’t Say That Anymore
Robert Weissman: Reclaiming Economic Freedom
Paul Krugman: Stimulus Gone Bad
Russell Mokhiber: Fastest Growing Corporate Crime in America
Khaled Diab: From Gaza- Glimmers of Hope
Robert Borosage: Stimulus Deal: The Banes of Bipartisanship
Gary Younge: Some Things Even Obama Can’t Transcend
Philip Jenkins: Apocalyptic Politics

Thursday, January 24
Coleen Rowley: Telecom Immunity: Covering Up Illegality by Secrecy and Fear
Rick Jacobs: Why Al Gore is Not President
Amy Goodman: The Invisible War in Congo
Glenn Greenwald: Jay Rockefeller’s Unintentionally Revealing Comments
Rosa Brooks: A Clinton Twofer’s High Price
Linda McQuaig: Elites Love to Pig Out on Energy
Bassam Aramin: End The Occupation - and Get Justice For Its Victims
James Ridgeway: Don’t Even Think About It: Enter The Thought Police
Clint Talbot: Hail, The Misleader
Danny Schechter: New Study Claims Mistruths Shaped Rush to War
Wylie Harris: Lawn to Farm: Suburbia’s Silver Lining
Robert Reich: The Politics of An Economic Nightmare
Johann Hari: Don’t Be Fooled by The Myth of John McCain
Shepherd Bliss: ‘Bernanke Rides to the Rescue’ — More Cowboy Deception

Wednesday, January 23
Robert Shetterly: Corporate Priests and Moron Jokes
Norman Solomon: In Honor of My Mother and the Power of Love
Pat LaMarche: Dear W: Take a Hint From Nixon
Robert Scheer: Who Will Take On the Banks?
Barbara Ehrenreich: Desperately Seeking Stimulus
Joyce Marcel: The Patriarchy Fights Back
Nomi Prins: Will Bush’s Stimulus Package Work? It Depends on Who You Ask
Chalmers Johnson: Going Bankrupt: Why the Debt Crisis Is Now the Greatest Threat to the American Republic
Uzodinma Iweala: Racism in ‘Post-Racial’ America
Sheila Casey: Not in the Script
Amira Hass: They Neither See Nor Remember
Charles Lewis/Mark Reading-Smith: False Pretenses: Orchestrated Deception on The Path to War
Ted Rall: Media Freezes out a Threat to Corporate Owners
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Big Brother Is Blocking
Roberto Lovato: Everyone’s an Expert on the Latino Vote, Except Latinos
Soumaya Ghannoushi: Gaza Explodes
Thomas Preston: How to Begin Reforming Health Care

Tuesday, January 22
Jill Filipovic: 10 Reasons to Support Reproductive Justice on Roe Day
Frances Kissling/Kate Michelman: Abortion’s Battle of Messages
Stephen Zunes: Obama vs. Clinton – October 2002
Robert Weissman: Deregulation and the Financial Crisis
Roshi Pejhan: Democracy Takes a Hit on the Campaign Trail
Bob Barry: A World Without Nuclear Weapons
John Dear: Being Sentenced in Federal Court for Reclaiming the Wisdom of Nonviolence: My Statement Before the Judge
Robert Crawford: Democracies Don’t Torture
Jesse Jackson: King’s Mission of Economic Justice Has Yet to Be Realized
Brendan Smith/Tim Costello/Jeremy Brecher: Unsafe at Any Price: Building the New ‘People’s Car’
The Madison Capital Times: The Duty of Congress
Steven Hill: Fixing the Presidential Primaries
Pierre Tristam: Maybe the World’s Not Looking for Missionary America to Lead
Sam Husseini: Stoning King
Marie Cocco: Ignoring Our Economic Achilles Heel

Monday, January 21
Martin Luther King Jr.: Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence
Paul Krugman: Debunking the Reagan Myth
Beth Quinn: Richonomics 101 in Post-Bush America
Daniel Ellsberg: Covering Up the Coverage - The American Media’s Complicit Failure to Investigate and Report on the Sibel Edmonds Case
Evan Frisch: Dr. King and the Cognitive Dimension of Leadership
Marjorie Cohn: Cheney Impeachment Gains Traction in House Judiciary Committee
Craig Kielburger/Marc Kielburger: How the Iraq War’s $2 Trillion Cost to US Could Have Been Spent
Cindy Sheehan: The Fierce Urgency of Now
Chris Hedges: The Lessons of Violence
Linn Washington Jr.: Deferring Dreams: Delusions of Democracy
Jonathan Steele: A Failure to Think
Jules Boykoff: The Hidden Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.
Ira Chernus: My Dr. King and the Challenge of National Security
Dave Zirin: Is the NFL on the Right Team? A Super Bowl Sponsor Isn’t Playing Fair With Rubber Workers in Liberia
Gary Younge: Republicans Lack Consensus, but Their Democrat Rivals Lack Content
James Carroll: Islamofascism’s Ill Political Wind
Daniel Macallair: US Among Harshest for Sentencing Children

Sunday, January 20
Joan Wile: Anti-War Grannies Challenge that Surge is Working
John Tirman: The Murky Toll of the Iraq War
Rupert Cornwell: Just One More Year! Good Riddance to George W. Bush
Martha Rosenberg: Accused of Hiding Drug Dangers Again, Big Pharma Starts 2008 Defending Itself
Mariella Frostrup: Oh for God’s Sake, Say What You Mean
Joseph E. Mulligan: Little Gauze, Gas in Gaza as Israel Tightens Closure on Palestinians
Carolyn Eisenberg: Follow the Money
Shepherd Bliss: The False US Economy Versus Nature’s Expansion-Contraction Cycle

Saturday, January 19
Dave Lindorff: A Tax Rebate Won't Fix This Mess
Olga Bonfiglio: 2003 Flashback: Maybe Democracy Happened That Day
Bob Herbert: Good Jobs Are Where the Money Is
Jeff Biggers: The Coal Truth on Candidates
Virginia Lockett: No Place to Run, No Place to Hide
Christopher Brauchli: The FBI and The Telephone
Ralph Nader: When the Big Boys Get in Trouble, the Little Taxpayer Pays the Bill

Friday, January 18
Tom Andrews: Contrary to the Headlines: There Will Be No Retreat From the Anti-War Movement on Iraq
John Nichols: Obama and the Reagan Wing of the Democratic Party
Joan Chittister: What About the Ones Who Are Both Sexist and Racist?
Robert Fisk: Bloody Reality Bears No Relation to the Delusions of This President
Danny Schechter: Stimulate This: Why the Talk of Economic Stimulus Will Remain Talk
Paul Rogat Loeb: Hillary Clinton’s Sleaze Parade
Paul Krugman: Don’t Cry for Me, America
Carla Wise: How Oil Finds Its Way Into Your Starbucks Latte, and Other Good News
Jill Hopke: Respect Women’s Rights
David Michael Green: So You Wanna Be My President, Huh? Answer Me This!
Ben Trott: Shepherding Social Change
Stephen Zunes: Barack Obama on Diplomacy
David Sirota: Digging in the Right Place
Roger Morris: Pakistan Has Paid Dearly for America’s Most Generous and Tragic Patronage
Erica Jong: Barack Hearts Ronnie: An Old, New Song
Mark Morford: Guess Which Drug Is Illegal?

Thursday, January 17
Rosa Brooks: Monsters of Our Own Making
Tom Engelhardt: The Corpse on the Gurney: The ‘Success’ Mantra in Iraq
Antonia Zerbisias: No Movie Endings for Pregnant Teenagers
Glenn Greenwald: Lawbreaking Telecoms Still Conniving to Obtain Immunity from Congress
Eva Sohlman: According to Harold Bloom, 'What We Are Seeing Is…the Fall of America'
Robert Naiman: Congress Should Investigate Release of Pentagon Iran Video
Joan Lester: Will Obama Have to Spend More Than His White Rivals?
Stephen Zunes: Bush’s Middle East Trip: Still No Peace
Wanda Grasse Hass: Let’s Jump In Where Vietnam Protests Left Off
Roberto Lovato: Presidential Candidates Take the ‘Social’ Out of ‘Change’
Joe Conason: What They Call ‘Progress’ in Iraq
Joyce Marcel: Back in the Box
Dean Baker: Year of the Fat Cats
Joseph Palermo: The Terrific News in Iraq
The Capital Times: Dan Rather’s Search for Truth

Wednesday, January 16
Robert Weissman: Big Business Is Even More Unpopular Than You Think
John Nichols: Michigan’s Ominous Message for Hillary Clinton
Pat LaMarche: Bush’s Legacy in the Making
Scott Ritter: The Pakistan Conundrum
Anita Inder Singh: Blowback in the War on Terror
Rebecca Solnit: Revolution of the Snails: Encounters with the Zapatistas
Dave Zweifel: World Too Dangerous a Place for Nukes
Grace Lee Boggs: King’s Legacy of Change
Robert Scheer: Those Ungrateful Saudis
David Thomson: America’s Pain Inside
Robert Borosage: Oops, It’s a Recession
Mark Weisbrot: Americans Need to Look Beyond the Media on Venezuela
Allan Nairn: Skinny Kids: Economic Indicator

Tuesday, January 15
Derrick Jackson: Hillary and the Race Card
Rose Ann DeMoro: Obama-Clinton Health Debate Ignores Real Issue
John Nichols: MLK, LBJ, Clinton, Obama and the Politics of Memory
Marie Cocco: No Time to Argue About the Economy
Susan Faludi: The Correct Hillary Clinton Stereotype
James Reston Jr.: Iraq, Anyone?
Phyllis Stenerson: Change, Martin Luther King, Jr., British Petroleum and Precinct Caucuses
Cindy Sheehan: The ‘I’ Word
Tor Hundloe: Robert Kennedy Warned Us About the Environment
The Brattleboro Reformer: A Rush to War?
Jesse Jackson: Dem Hopefuls Must Keep Eyes on the Prize and Stay Civil
Ralph Nader: Candidate Taboos
Nick Clegg: Let’s Not Spy for the FBI

Monday, January 14
Chris Hedges: The End of the Road for George W. Bush
Ira Chernus: Is Religion a Threat to Democracy?
Andy Worthington: The Future of Guantánamo
Stephen Marglin: Where Have You Gone, George Bailey?
Beth Quinn: Seven Down, One Year to Go for America
Charles Knight: Ideas, Homework, and Message
David Corn: Clinton Smears Obama on Iraq — Again
Al Meyerhoff: Financial Forces Run Amok
Paul Krugman: Responding to Recession
Cynthia Tucker: Voter ID Scam Is the Real Fraud
Johann Hari: President Bush’s Only Achievement in the Middle East is to Increase the Power of Iran
The Beaver County Times: State Secrets: Government Officials Making It Harder and Harder to Hold Them Accountable

Sunday, January 13
Danny Schechter: When a ‘Rescue’ Is Not: Bank of America Buys Countrywide
John Mearsheimer: Candidates’ Unconditional Support Isn’t Right for Jewish State
Virginia Lockett: Living in the Material World
Armando Iannucci: Barack Obama - I’m Sure We’ve Seen Him Somewhere Before
Clint Talbott: Truth About Abstinence
Frank Rich: Haven’t We Heard This Voice Before?

Saturday, January 12
Ray McGovern: Gulf Shenanigans: No Laughing Matter
Christopher Brauchli: Humane Executions?
Sean Gonsalves: Whither the Working Class Hero?
Eric Alterman: Blowhards and Windbags
Peter Hart: New Hampshire Fiasco?
Bonnie Block: Torture Is Illegal, Immoral and Ineffective
Chris Petrak: Bush Is for the Birds, but What About Birdwatchers?

Friday, January 11
Moazzam Begg: Guantánamo: How Much Longer?
Anthony Romero: Our Shameful Guantánamo Anniversary
Amy Goodman: The Broadcasters’ Big Payday
Rosa Maria Pegueros: Guantánamo – Six Years of Impunity
Robert Weissman: The First Amendment Gone Wild: Big Pharma’s ‘Right’ to Find Out What Doctors Are Prescribing
Jonathan Steele: Welcome, Mr President, to the Misery You’ve Created
Amitabh Pal: Bush Visits His Odious Saudi Friend
Stephen Zunes: Barack Obama on the Middle East
Garrett Epps: The Voter ID Fraud
Catherine Fransson/Jamal Rahman: Denial of Contraception Is Immoral
Paul Rogat Loeb: Media Misses Story: Obedwards Wins New Hampshire
David Michael Green: Dispatch From the North Country: Of Hamsters New, Hope in Blue, and ‘Change’ out the Wazoo
Paul Krugman: The Comeback Continent

Thursday, January 10
Frances Kissling: Why I’m Still Not for Hillary Clinton
Yifat Susskind: Who Is Killing the Women of Basra?
Michael Gould-Wartofsky: Repress U: How to Build a Homeland Security Campus in Seven Steps
Naomi Schalit: Religion-Politics Mix Gives Rise to Fear
Stephen Zunes: Lantos’ Tarnished Legacy
Tom Hayden: Anti-War Lessons From New Hampshire
Ariel Werner: A Response to Gloria Steinem
Barbara Ehrenreich: Recession–Who Cares?
Rosa Brooks: Sex, Race and Gen Y Voters
Erik Leaver: Iraq Outlook 2008
Cindy Sheehan: And the Oscar Goes to…
Ari Savitzky/David Segal: The Glories of the ‘Single Transferable Vote’
Joyce Marcel: Why the Writers Strike Matters
Lauren Wolfe: Young Voters Are Reshaping the Political Map and Politicians Are Listening

Wednesday, January 9
Robert Scheer: Playing the Class Card
Bangor Daily News: Cheney Impeachment
Benjamin Barber: Malawi’s ‘Free Trade’ Revolt
Ruth Conniff: Knocking Hillary for All the Wrong Reasons
Ru Freeman: The Morning After: Race or Gender? Neither.
Russell Mokhiber: Why Picket the New York Times in Washington on Friday?
Deborah Whitford: US Should Resist Linguistic Terrorism of English-Only Laws
Seumas Milne: Those Who Talk Democracy Should Listen to Iraq’s People
Thomas Schaller: Rise of Obama Jolts Democrats - and GOP
Ira Chernus: Bush’s Israel Problem — and Ours
Tom Engelhardt: The $100 Barrel of Oil vs. the Global War on Terror
Marilyn Gardner: Five Years and Counting, a Peace Vigil Stands Firm
John Nichols: On to Michigan, Nevada… and Maybe Oregon
Simon Jenkins: The West Has Not Just Repressed Democracy. It Has Aided Terror

Tuesday, January 8
Jonathan Schell: A Season of Change
David Corn: Desperate in NH: Fibbing About Obama and Iraq?
Marie Cocco: Justice Is Blind, but Can She Vote?
Jesse Jackson: Obama’s Success Is Making Us All Winners
Richard Gwyn: Right Words Said at the Right Time Can Cause a Political Revolution
David Lindorff: What Is This ‘Iranian Provocation’ BS?
Bill Boyarsky: The Battleground of New Hampshire
John Buell: US-Peru Trade Deal Adds Insult to NAFTA’s Injury
H.D.S. Greenway: Dynastic Politics at Work
John Holdridge/Cassandra Stubbs: Debunking the Death Penalty Deterrence Myth
Jeff Miller: NCLB: Goodbye to Bad Law, Hello to Opportunity
Elizabeth Sullivan: Creating an Intersection for Politics and Science

Monday, January 7
Chalmers Johnson: Imperialist Propaganda
Claudia Lefko: The Humanitarian Crisis for Iraq’s Children Continues
Mark Dunlea: Can Incrementalism Be the Path to Universal Health Care?
Frida Berrigan: The Fog of War Crimes
Sean Gonsalves: Making Change in a ‘Ballotocracy’
James Carroll: Obama and the Ghosts of Racism
Joshua Hoyt: Immigration Issue Fizzles Again
Nick Nyhart: Partisanship Fueled by Funds
Paul Krugman: From Hype to Fear
Leonard Pitts Jr.: Years After 9/11, Nation Remains Scared
Ralph Nader: An Obama Fable–It’s All About the Mood, Dude
John Nichols: The Return of the King… for Kucinich
Martin Schönfeld: Climate 2007- Trying to Make Sense of the Year of Records
Paul Rogat Loeb: Still True to Obedwards–Why I Keep Donating to Both Edwards and Obama
Gary Younge: An Obama Victory Would Symbolise a Great Deal and Change Very Little

Sunday, January 6
Tom Hayden: US Military Escalation Gets Underway In Pakistan
Danny Schechter: ‘The Urgency of Now’: Our Politicians In Economic Denial
George McGovern: Why I Believe Bush Must Go
Anthony Cody: Why No Child Left Behind Should Be Scrapped
Eric Margolis: Pakistan's 10% Solution
Frank Rich: They Didn’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow
Shepherd Bliss: Survival Tools — Farming, Stories, Poetry, Writing, and Leaning

Saturday, January 5
Neal Starkman: Everything I Know I Learned Since Jan. 20, 2001
Ruth Conniff: So Much for “Inevitability”
Harvey Wasserman: Anti-Nuclear Renaissance: A Powerful but Partial and Tentative Victory Over Atomic Energy
Tamara Henry: Science Education: Another Casualty of NCLB?
Christopher Brauchli: A Veto in a Pocket
Gareth Porter: The Surge and American Military Triumphalism
Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Tyranny of Super-Delegates
Mel Visser: Great Lakes, Oceans Won’t Be Clean Until Global Pesticides Banned
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Veterans: Home From Hell
Matthew Thomas Miller: ‘The Kite Runner’ Critiqued: New Orientalism Goes to the Big Screen

Friday, January 4
David Sirota: The Numbers Don’t Lie - As I Said Long Ago, Populism Is on the Rise
Helen Thomas: Democrats Need to Take a Stand
Frida Berrigan: Nukes and the Elections
Peter Erlinder: Who Killed Benazir Bhutto? Why Not Ask Charlie Wilson… or George Bush?
Ellen Goodman: Changing the Script on Teen Pregnancy
David Domke/Kevin Coe: Explaining Iowa: The God Strategy at Work
David Michael Green: Missing in Inaction: Why an Opposition Party Matters
Jeffrey Buchanan: Bringing the Gulf Coast to the Debate
Peter Tatchell: Water Not War
Paul Krugman: Dealing With the Dragon
Jerry Lanson: A Different ‘Tude for 20-Something America?
The Boston Globe: Charlie Wilson’s Zen Lesson
Olga Bonfiglio: Imagine It in Toronto

Thursday, January 3
Robert Koehler: Pseudo-Reporting
Rosa Brooks: A Dynasty Isn’t a Democracy
Norman Solomon: Edwards Reconsidered
Conor Clarke: I Hate Iowa
Cindy Sheehan: All Power to the People
John Nichols: Most Candidates Wrong on Death Penalty
Joseph Galloway: Sins of Omission and Sins of Commission Haunt Bush in Pakistan
Mark Weisbrot: A Lesson From the Last, and Next, Recession
Christopher Hayes: Return of the Swift Boaters
Johann Hari: The American Right Is Dazed and Confused
Derek Wall: Run, Cynthia, Run
David Goodner: What Kind of Party Do the Democrats Want to Be?
The Capital Times: John McCain and Henry Kissinger

Wednesday, January 2
Michael Moore: Who Do We Vote For This Time Around?
Amy Goodman: Musharraf Still Stands
Tom Hayden: Edwards Breaks with Establishment Consensus on Iraq
Ira Chernus: Re-Create ‘68?
Glenn Greenwald: 9/11 Commission: Our Investigation Was ‘Obstructed’
Ashley Casale: Our Spring Break Will End the War!
David Bromwich: Maxims of Peace and War
Arthur Donner/Doug Peters: Welcome to Third World, USA
John Atcheson: William Kristol and the NYT: Symptom of a Greater Malady
Tom Engelhardt: Journey to the Dark Side
Debi Smith: Teatime with Gods, Goddesses, Angels, and Demons
Robert Scheer: What ‘Good Time Charlie’ Brought
Dean Baker: The Cost of Living
Jared Diamond: What’s Your Consumption Factor?

Tuesday, January 1

Robert Weissman: Victories In 2007
Cindy Sheehan: The White Rose and The Rose Parade
Peter Rothberg: Don't Forget Iraq
Matthew Yglesias: The Year When Nothing Happened
John Nichols: The Most Valuable Progressives
Matthew Rothschild: William Kristol, Coronated by The Times

December 2007




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