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February 2008

Friday, February 29
Naomi Klein: Obama, Being Called a Muslim Is Not a Smear
Ryan Blethen: Next FCC Must Grasp Change — and Truly Understand History
Tom Engelhardt/Frida Berrigan: The Commander-in-Chef Cooks Up a Storm: Recipes for Disaster in Iraq
Heath Haussamen: Dems Should Thank Nader, Not Trash Him
Bill McKibben: First, Step Up
Naomi Wolf: Why Barack Obama Got My Vote
Sonali Kolhatkar: Obama Intends to Swap One Failed War for Another
Dan Brown: Child Poverty and How to Stem America’s Prison Madness
Ruth Rosen: Let Us Remember Barbara Seaman, Crusading Pioneer of the Women’s Health Movement
The Ottawa Citizen: The World Has Gone to Seed
Phyllis Bennis: Iran in the Crosshairs
David Sirota: The New Permanent Campaign

Thursday, February 28
Jeremy Scahill: Obama’s Mercenary Position
Amy Goodman: Taxi to the Dark Side
Robert Naiman: Hillary: ‘Ready to Lie From Day 1' About Venezuela
Dennis Bernstein: Obama’s Sub-Prime Conflict
Joyce Marcel: Which America Do You Live In?
Dave Koehler: From Our Archives 5 Years Ago Today: Fallacies and War: Misleading a Nervous America to the Wrong Conclusion
Barack Obama: October 2002 Speech: Against Going to War With Iraq
Martha Rosenberg: Downer Cows in Slaughter Video Were Products of Profit Happy Dairy Industry
Patt Morrison: If a Tree’s Owner Falls …
Donald Macintyre: To Be in Favour of Peace Is Not Anti-Israeli
Joe Conason: McCain’s Political Quagmire
Frida Berrigan: Indonesia’s Arms Appetite
John Young: Iraq War Costs Americans in Health Care Tradeoff
Seumas Milne: Kosovo Shows a System to Enforce Imperial Power Will Only Be Resisted
Robert Koehler: The State Religion
Hagit Ofran: West Bank Settlements Continue

Wednesday, February 27
Harvey Wasserman: Did Florida Nuke Plant Take State to the Radioactive Brink Again?
Robert Scheer: What the Times Didn’t Tell About McCain
William Hartung: Say It Ain’t So, Ralph!
Amira Hass: Gaza: The Breakthrough That Did Not Happen
John Nichols: Clinton’s Cringe-Worthy Moment
Suzanne Elston: Canada’s Inuit Are the Canaries in the Coal Mine
Noam Chomsky: The Most Wanted List: International Terrorism
Thomas Schaller: Clinton Squanders Support With Inept, Unseemly Campaign
Leora Tanenbaum: Barbara Seaman: Your Pill Is Safer Because of Her
Pat LaMarche: Racial Disparity: A Real Reason to Cry
Walt Gardner: Lessons From Finland: The Way to Education Excellence
Patrick Cockburn: Iraq: Divided and Disintegrating
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Stopping the New Arms Race
Dave Zirin: Can’t Knock the Hassle: Chávez Challenges Baseball

Tuesday, February 26
Scott Ritter: The Mughniyeh Enigma
Robert Weitzel/Meredith DeFrancesco: Salvadorans Offer Lesson on Trampling of Rights
Erika Bolstad: Exxon Valdez: Long Voyage to Justice
Kevin Martin: Obama, Clinton, Dems – Show Leadership, Make Change Happen, End the War Now
Danny Schechter: The Crash That’s Coming: More Bubbles Are Turning ‘There Will Be Blood’ From Fiction to Prophecy
Ira Chernus: Election-Watchers May Miss Chances for Peace
Arjun Makhijani: Nuclear Is Not the Right Alternative Energy Source
Ed Garvey: Nader Is Too Late to Play, and Stakes Are Too High
Carol Hamilton: Fetishizing the Flag
Leslie Griffith: US Quietly Breaks UN Treaty
Simon Lewis: Climate Change Is Killing Us. It’s Time for a Body Count
Sarah Henly-Shepard: For Sustainable Food Choices, Go Home-Grown
George Monbiot: Pro-Death: Religious Conservatives Are Responsible for High Abortion Rates
Helen Thomas: Bush Legacy Already Established

Monday, February 25
Jen Marlowe: The Tightening Noose: Gaza Under Hamas, Gaza Under Siege
James Carroll: ‘National Security’: The Ghost Story
Chris Hedges: The Calm Before the Conflagration
Christopher Cook: Meat Roulette
Maude Barlow: The Global Water Crisis and the Coming Battle for the Right to Water
Julie Deardorff: We Chow Down on a Diet Salted With Mystery
Johann Hari: The Diamond Heist That’s Mass Murder
Chris Bond: Long March of the Protesters Who Tried to Save the World
John Nichols: Nader Runs, Obama Responds Wisely
Juan Cole: Osama bin Laden’s ‘Second Life’
Beth Quinn: A Thank-You Note to George W. Bush

Sunday, February 24
Jonathan Rosen: The Relationship Between Humans and Nature: What a Little Bird Told Us
Greg Mitchell: Five Years Ago ‘Embeds’ Got Ready for War Duty in Iraq: How Did That Work Out?
Howard Zinn: Election Madness
Sean Gonsalves: The Future of Black History?
Tara McKelvey: What Happened to Mental Health Care for Vets?
Paul Greenberg: The Extinction of Political Debate
Frank Rich: The Audacity of Hopelessness
Dave Zweifel: War Cost Is the Real Danger to Our Security

Saturday, February 23
Christopher Brauchli: The Forgotten Promises of George Bush
Stephen Zunes: Why Hillary Clinton’s Iraq Vote Does Matter
Glenn Greenwald: McConnell/Mukasey: Eavesdropping Outside of FISA Is ‘Illegal’
Ralph Nader: ‘My Number One Priority Is to Protect You’
Paul Rogat Loeb: How Much Damage Will Clinton Do Before She Folds?
Joseph Galloway: Some Inconvenient Truths, Conveniently Locked in a Safe
Elizabeth Holtzman: Cheney Impeachment: Courageous, but Not Surprising
Joanne Landy/Thomas Harrison: Pushing Missile Defense in Europe
The Brattleboro Reformer: The Final Frontier

Friday, February 22
Jessi Simek: Letter From a Young American
Tom Gardner: Torture in 60s South Shows Error of Waterboarding
Karen Greenberg: Visiting the Torture Museum
John Nichols: Valedictory in Texas…
William Hartung: Dems: What About the Military Budget?
David Michael Green: Love, American Style
David Crane: The Scourge of Child Soldiers
Sara Robinson: When Change Is Not Enough: The Seven Steps to Revolution
David Sirota: A Trade Transformation
E.J. Dionne: Wellstone Would Be Smiling
San Jose Mercury News: Congress Should Act to Preserve Net Neutrality
Eric Schneiderman: Transforming the Liberal Checklist
Wangari Maathai: Kenya Can’t Solve It Alone
Miami Herald: No Retroactive Immunity for Unlawful Secret Wiretapping
Shami Chakrabarti: Rendition: The Excuse That America Didn’t Tell Us Doesn’t Wash

Thursday, February 21
Amy Goodman: Lessons of Internment
Mark Lloyd/Joseph Torres: Net Neutrality Is a Civil Rights Issue
Tom Hayden: ‘End the War in 2009'
Joyce Marcel: Hillary Clinton: Bridge Woman
Joshua Frank: Why Bush Wants to Legalize the Nuke Trade With Turkey
Cindy Sheehan: Open-Armed Policy
Tim Newman: Rejecting Paternalism in Africa?
Mary Beth Maxwell: Elaine Chao’s Absence of Accountability
Mort Rosenblum: Is It Torture? Try It
Rosa Brooks: Bush’s Africa Burden
Haroon Siddiqui: US Foreign Policy Failures Thrust Into Spotlight
Joe Conason: No ‘Straight Talk’ on Iraq Cost
Helen Thomas: McCain Foresees 100-Year War
Walden Bello: Capitalism in an Apocalyptic Mood
Margaret Krome: Politicians Must Change Tone of Immigration Debate
Johann Hari: We’ll Save the Planet Only if We’re Forced To

Wednesday, February 20
Tom Engelhardt: The Million Year War: How Never to Withdraw From Iraq
Robert Scheer: Castro and the Colossus
Olga Bonfiglio: See What the Young Are Saying…and Be Moved!
Dave Lindorff: Just When You Thought the Corporate Media Couldn’t Get Any Worse
Pat LaMarche: Lack of Incumbent Creates Unique Election Year
Juan Cole: Pakistan Turns Scary for Bush’s War on Terror
Chris McGinley/Morris Morley: Cuba Too Big a Prize for Meddling US to Resist
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Trusting Our Safety to the Current System: A Shot in the Dark
Dean Baker: Does Ben Bernanke Have to Go?
Bruce Ramsey: What Would It Take to Launch a War With Iran?
Desmond Tutu: Taking the Responsibility to Protect
Erika Falk: The ‘First Woman,’ Once Again
Amira Hass: Palestine: If the Land Isn’t Private?
Peter Dreier: The History of Hope
Thomas Schaller: Super Dilemma

Tuesday, February 19
George Monbiot: An Exchange of Souls
Michael Swigert/Sena Tsikata: Bush’s Out-of-Tune AIDS Plan
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Arsenal of Secrecy
Ali Noorani: Nothing Super About These Delegates
Steve Suppan: Cattle Abuse, Beef Recall Highlight Systemic Weaknesses
Pierre Tristam: Immigration’s Tale Told on New York’s No. 7 Subway Line
Nancy Sullo/Tom Moore/Liz Robinson/Bruce Robinson: Impeachment Critical to Set Standards for Future Administrations
John Buell: Stimulus Plan Not Based on Sound Economics
Derrick Jackson: Missing on Gun Control
Tim Giago: Reconciliation and Outright Apologies
Baltimore Sun: Standing Against Torture

Monday, February 18
Paul Rockwell: Screw the Voters. Let Superdelegates Decide!
Cindy Sheehan: Military Tribunals and You
Stephen Zunes: Clinton Bought Bush’s War Talk, Obama Didn’t
Kerry Trueman: No Cow Left Behind
Gary Younge: It’s up to the Superdelegates to Prove Democrats Believe in Democracy
John Nichols: Obama Meets Edwards, Pledges Party Remake
Marianne Schnall: Jane Fonda, the ‘Today’ Show and the ‘C-Word’
Paul Krugman: Poverty Is Poison
Philip Giraldi: What FBI Whistle-Blower Sibel Edmonds Found in Translation
Juan Wilson: The Privatization of Hawaii: Some Things Should Be Free
Leonard Pitts Jr.: Want to Help? Be on Time, for a Change

Sunday, February 17
Glenn Greenwald: The Fun and Excitement of Civilization Wars (Fought from Afar)
Ann Jones: The War Against Women
Ben Wizner: A Check on Abuse of Power
Elizabeth Sullivan: By Killing Satellite, US Would Send Ominous Message
Eric Margolis: More Violence Seems Likely in Pakistan
Frank Rich: The Grand Old White Party Confronts Obama
Haroon Siddiqui: No Telling Where Pakistan Is Headed

Saturday, February 16
Ralph Nader: Open Letter To George W. Bush
Sean Gonsalves: Understanding The Obama Surge
Naomi Wolf/Shahid Buttar: Musharraf’s Playbook is the Same as the Bush Administration’s
John Nichols: Harlem Mystery: Did Rangel’s District Go for Barack Obama?
Christopher Brauchli: The Forgotten Promises of George Bush
Louise Slaughter: Nothing But Contempt For Those Who Trample The Constitution

Friday, February 15
Barbara Ehrenreich: Unstoppable Obama
Jonathan Schwarz: The Lost Kristol Tapes
Glenn Greenwald: Jihadis Throw a Wild Bash Over the Protect America Act
Marjorie Cohn: Injustice at Guantánamo: Torture Evidence and the Military Commissions Act
John Nichols: An Accountability Moment That Must Not End
Robert Kuttner: Obama’s Voice, Edwards’s Message
Frederick Barton: A New Course for the US and Pakistan
Russ Feingold/Jack Kemp: Restoring Democracy
Michael Winship: O Brave New World, That Hath Such Re-Runs in It
David Michael Green: Not Bad. Not Half-Bad
Cynthia Boaz: Buffy the Cynicism Slayer: Behind the Obama Phenomenon
Muhammad Yunus: How Social Business Can Create a World Without Poverty
Sam Stein: Mark Penn Tied to Controversial Nuclear Firm
David Sirota: The Candidate of the Permanent Will

Thursday, February 14
Olga Bonfiglio: A Valentine’s Day Tribute: The Things They Do for Love
Rosa Brooks: Bush’s Last Push for Torture
Chris Frasier: Gas That Need Not Pass Unused
Tom Andrews: Congressional Democrats Swing and Miss on Capitol Hill
Amy Goodman: Lessons of the Chesapeake Sweep
Joe Roman: Of Whales and War
Paul Rogat Loeb: Behind Obama’s Wave of Victories: The More They Know Him…
Jim Goodman: Clinton, Obama Must Answer to Farmers
Nicholas von Hoffman: Vice President Rice?
Robert Fisk: Bloody End of Man Who Made Kidnapping a Weapon of War
Andy Worthington: Torture on Trial
Matt Rice: ‘Eco-Friendly’ Fur? That’s Fuzzy Thinking
Johann Hari: Spielberg Has Taken a Stand. We Must Too

Wednesday, February 13
Robert Scheer: Aboard the Condoleezza Rice
Andrew Murray: We Didn’t Stop That War, but May Have Stopped the Next
Pat LaMarche: Xenophobe: Warrior Princess
Christina Kasica: King’s Dream, Foreclosed
John Feffer: Asia’s Hidden Arms Race: Six Countries Talk Peace While Preparing for War
Bronwen Maddox: The World Sees America in the Dock
Rosa Maria Pegueros: Washington Is Not Dodge City
Billy Briggs: Painful Aftermath of War Never Ends With a Ceasefire
Sam Sedaei: Not Revising History on Tom Lantos
Antonia Zerbisias: Without Us, They’d Just Fight and Eat out of Cans
David Broockman: Beware of Democrats Bearing Compromise
Ted Rall: There Should Be Blood
Stephen Zunes: Teachers and the War
Dave Zweifel: ’60s Icon Takes up Today’s Challenge of Bullies
The Baltimore Sun: A Poor Excuse for Justice

Tuesday, February 12
Victoria Brittain: Smoke, Mirrors and American Justice
Tom Hayden: Death of Reform, Birth of Reform: Clinton Democrats Face the Obama Future
Ronnie Cummins: Corporate Globalization: Standing at the End of the Road
Glenn Greenwald: Amnesty Day for Bush and Lawbreaking Telecoms
Susan Jacoby: Darwin’s Belated American Birthday Present
Dave Lindorff: Obama and Progressive Change
Dean Baker: Own to Rent: Yes, We Can!
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: Our Crimes in Iraq Must Not Be Forgotten
Gary Barnett: The New Crime of Thinking in the US
Froma Harrop: Smell the Wildflowers, Kids
Pierre Tristam: Neo-Hawks Rely on Distortion to Peddle War-for-Democracy
Ralph Nader: Let the Sun Shine on Government Contracts
George Monbiot: Apart From Used Chip Fat, There Is No Such Thing as a Sustainable Biofuel
Jesse Jackson: No Voting Division Splits Latinos, African Americans

Monday, February 11
Naomi Klein: Police and Tasers: Hooked on Shock
Sean Gonsalves: The Superdelegate ‘Firewall’
Frida Berrigan: Surge in Spending on Nukes a Grave Error
Chris Hedges: The War Against Tolerance
Kevin Brooker: Peace Symbol Says Style, Not Hope
Kathleen O'Hara: Farming Carbon as a Cash Crop
Leonard Pitts Jr.: Every Year Brings Us Closer to 1984
Eric Mink: ‘Taxi to the Dark Side’
Michael Schwartz: Iraq’s Tidal Wave of Misery
Eugene Robinson: Damage That Must Be Undone
Katie Kohlstedt: Mexicans Say: Integrate This!

Sunday, February 10
Elizabeth Stephens: Border Wall Slashes Through Texas' Soul
Laurie King-Irani: Turning the Corner to a New Season?
Ray McGovern: Waterboarding for God, with Decency and Compassion
Yifat Susskind: Inequality, Not Identity, Fuels Violence in Kenya
Rupert Cornwell: Out of America
Jerry Lanson: All the Dirt That's Fit to Print
Harvey Wasserman: There's Nothing Mainstream about the Corporate Media

Saturday, February 9
Ann J. Simonton: Slow Sex: Moving Toward Informed Pleasure
Derrick Z. Jackson: An Education Lesson for Obama and Clinton
Seymour Hersh: A Strike in the Dark
Kate Michelman: What I Really Wanted to Say to Chris Matthews
Guy Reel: The Right-Wing:SOL
Robert Shetterly: My Mother-in-Law, Aborigines, Law, and the Election
Christopher Bruachli: The Cigarette
Matt Taibbi: The Chicken Doves

Friday, February 8
Laura Flanders: A New Moment? The Grassroots and the Party, 1964 and 2008
David Gitlitz: Waterboarding and Inquistion
Medea Benjamin: Our Terrorist in Miami
David Sirota: The Democrats’ Class War
Danny Schechter: What Is the ‘Change We Can Believe In'?
David Michael Green: Particide in Six Easy Steps: Diligent Democrats Demonstrate Dumbness Daily
Jeffrey Kaplan: Corporations Given ‘Human Rights,’ Humans Are Denied Them
Adam Doster: The Conscious Classroom
Rick Steiner: Chukchi Sea Lease Sale Is a Risky Fix for Our Oil Addiction
Douglas Johnson: It’s Past Time to End the Use of Torture
Steve Valandra: Europeans Ponder the US After Bush
Joe Conason: What Will McCain Do Now?

Thursday, February 7
Tom Hayden: After Super Tuesday, Time for Peace Movement to Get Off the Sidelines
Amy Goodman: Millions Without a Voice
Dilip Hiro: A Nuclear-Free Mirage
Caroline Arnold: The Ticking Time Bomb Thought-Experiment
Ron Blackwell/Thomas Palley: Winning the Edwards Vote
Michelle Chen: New Orleans: Vanishing City
Riane Eisler: Opportunity to Protect Our Children
Rosa Brooks: A National Mood Swing
Dave Lindorff: To Hell With the Chief!
Tom Athanasiou: Toward a Defensible Climate Realism
Gar Smith: Make Sure Your Valentine’s Day Roses Are Green
Margaret Krome: Bush Budget Designed for Maximum Damage
The Las Vegas Sun: Forging an Energy Path
The San Francisco Chronicle: US Needle Policy Hurts AIDS Sufferers
James Wellman: The Civic Gospel of Hope
Peter Hartcher: America’s Choice, Our Future

Wednesday, February 6
Robert Scheer: The Legacy of Bush II
Pat LaMarche: New Orleans Still Looking to Recover From Katrina
Michael Parenti: Bad Boys, Nasty Boys: Out of the GOP’s Closet
Antonia Zerbisias: Afghan Evils Ignored at Our Peril
Mark Morford: The Machine Gun of Capitalism
Ray McGovern: Powell’s UN Fiasco: Fresh and Festering
The Brattleboro Reformer: GWOT or Global Warming: The Right Fight?
Tom Engelhardt: Exit Poll: Your Enthusiasm and the Media’s
Jules Boykoff: Security or Liberty? It’s a False Choice
Alexia Kelley: Redefining ‘Values Voters’
Ted Rall: Puffing up John McCain, POW
Miriam Pemberton/Anita Dancs: Bush Budget Adds to Military, Cuts Prevention

Tuesday, February 5
Scott Ritter: Iraq’s Tragic Future
Pierre Tristam: Compelling Leaders in a Party Impaired by Assassins and Bores
Barbara Ehrenreich: The Boom Was a Bust for Ordinary People
Dean Baker: These Loans Were Made for Walking: The End of the Subprime Crisis
Laura Flanders: Which Womanhood?
Christopher Cook: Why I’m (Still) Voting for Edwards
Lisa Margonelli: Five Myths About Greener Energy
Marie Cocco: Permanent Disaster
John Nichols: Ten Tips for Sorting out Super Tuesday Spin
Seumas Milne: Afghanistan: The War That Can Bring Neither Peace nor Freedom
Carolyn Anderson: The 60-Plus Population: Living History
Sherman Yellen: Crimes Without Punishment
Jesse Jackson: Super Tuesday Voters Are Energized, Eager for Real Change
David Roberts: Obama v. Clinton: Who’s Greener?

Monday, February 4
Jamison Foser: Rich Media, Poor Debates
Martha Rosenberg: Viewers Cringe at Slaughter Video While USDA Spins
John Pearce/Kathy Cramer: Hillary’s Looming Electability Crisis
Lewis Seiler/Dan Hamburg: Rule by Fear or Rule by Law?
Gary Younge: In This Great Meritocracy, Only One Thing Matters: Who Is Your Daddy?
Philip Giraldi: Sibel Edmonds Must Be Heard
Sean Gonsalves: What Is the Point of Congress?
William Astore: The Tenacity of American Militarism
James Carroll: JFK’s Torch for Obama
Stephen Zunes: Behind Obama and Clinton

Sunday, February 3
Glenn Greenwald: Is Michael Mukasey Prioritizing the Harassment and Imprisonment of Journalists?
Karl Grossman: Money Is the Real Green Power: The Hoax of Eco-Friendly Nuclear Energy
Joseph Nevins: US Must Atone for Aiding Suharto
Robert Fisk: Torture Does Not Work, as History Shows
Jim Goodman: The State of the Union and the Davos Forum, Singing From the Same Hymnbook
Paul Rogat Loeb: How Obama Could Create a Long-Term Democratic Majority
Jerry Lanson: Can the Democrats Blow It Again?
The Capital Times: Bush’s Digital Dysfunction

Saturday, February 2
Nomi Prins: The State of Whose Union?
Stephen Zunes: Hillary Clinton Again Lies about Iraq
Ralph Nader: No Debate
Bud McClure: The Republican Debate: The Ghouls Came out and Danced About…
Saree Makdisi: The Strangulation of Gaza
Tim Rutten: Mukasey’s Confession
Peter Weiss: Torture Unnecessary to Get Information
Christopher Brauchli: Cigarettes, Drugs and Corporations
Derrick Jackson: How Edwards Advanced the Democrats’ Debate
Dave Zirin: The Super Bowl: Who Stole the Soul?

Monday, February 1
Naomi Klein: Disowned by the Ownership Society
Jeff Cohen: Stepford Republicans: All Caught on Tape!
Ira Chernus: The Edwards Campaign: What Went Wrong?
Michael Klare: Something Had to Give: How Oil Burst the American Bubble
Helen Thomas: Bush Plans to Leave a Lot of Unfinished Business
Ray McGovern: Iniquities and Inequities of War
Barry Lando: Giving Israel a Pass
Bryan Farrell: Lessons from Protesting Guantánamo
Juan Cole: Blowback From the GOP’s Holy War
Tom Devine/Adam Miles: A New Golden Age for Whistleblowers
David Michael Green: Clinton Reflux Syndrome
Christopher Hayes: The Choice

January 2008




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