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September 2007

Sunday, September 30
David Giffey: Fight Back Against Giving Kids' Names to Military
Janine R. Wedel: The Shadow Army
Clint Talbott: Tough Luck, Kids: The President Wants to Veto Your Care
Anna Husarka: Our Disgraceful Refugee Score Card
Frank Rich: Is Hillary Clinton the New Old Al Gore?
Elizabeth Sullivan: US Needs a Tighter Rein on Security Contractors in Iraq

Saturday, September 29
Bob Cesca: America Used To Be Really Goddamn Awesome
Stephen Zunes: My Meeting with Ahmadinejad
Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Ending War for Profit
Ralph Nader: The National Association of Manufacturers and The Wall Street Journal: A Symbiotic Relationship
Glenn Greenwald: Guess Who Else Likes to Attack The Honor and Integrity of War Generals
James Bowlin: My Letter to Barack Obama
Derrick Jackson: Green Energy Meets Jobs
Harold Meyerson: The Rise of the Have-Nots
Christopher Brauchli: China and the US: Whose Kettle Is Really Black?

Friday, September 28
Coleen Rowley: Is Spineless Better Than Evil?
Rosa Brooks: The Bollinger/Ahmadinejad Farce: An Introduction Fit For A President
Mark Klempner: The Internet: Our Last Hope for a Free Press
Jeremy Scahill: Making a Killing
Mike Gravel: Democrats Were Charged To End A War, Not Start One
Jon Wiener: John Dean: From Nixon to Bush to Giuliani-"Much, Much Worse"
Jim Sinclair/Rick Bender: Lives Wasted In An Impossible War
Cindy Sheehan: Pro-Democracy Means Anti-Fascism
David Michael Green: Buyer's Remorse: Their Purchase, Our Regret
John Nichols: Congress Quietly Approves Billions More for Iraq War
Amitabh Pal: Bush Wrong at UN on Benefits of Free Trade
Karen Greenberg: Relax, Mitt: Guantanamo's Not Closing
David Bromwich: Hillary Clinton Votes for War - Again
Ruben Garcia/Andrea Buffa: Wal-Mart: Still Unsustainable
Paul Krugman: Hired Gun Fetish
David Zirin: Soldier In Winter: Dr. John Carlos Speaks Out On The Jena 6
Peter Schmidt: At The Elite Colleges - Dim White Kids

Thursday, September 27

Scott Ritter: Iraq Will Have to Wait
Pat LaMarche: God, Machiavelli, & Mercenaries
Daniel Ellsberg: This Coup and The Next One
Joseph Galloway: The Evil That Men Do
Ray McGovern: Bush, Oil - and Moral Bankruptcy
Sidney Blumenthal: Dan Rather vs. CBS: Beyond The Suit and Towards The Truth
Kyi May Kaung: Monks Versus the Military
John Atcheson: Bush Fiddles While World Burns
Ira Chernus: The Theology of American Empire
Pierre Tristam: At The Mercy of Taser Torturers
Ruth Conniff: UAW Strike Points Up Need for Universal Health Care
Peter Rothberg: The Monks Rebel
David Corn: Bush Administration & State Dept.: Corruption in Iraq is Classified
Adrian Hamilton: Let's Start By Admitting We Were Wrong In Iraq

Wednesday, September 26
Amy Goodman: Global Consensus, Not Global Conquest
Mark Morford: The Republican Who Likes Gays
Laura Flanders: Is Jena America?
Dilip Hiro: How the Bush Administration's Iraqi Oil Grab Went Awry
Bill Quigley: HUD Demolitions Draw Noose Tighter Around New Orleans
Robert Scheer: Biden One-Ups Bush
Ralph Nader: Make Them Sweat The Big Stuff
Arianna Huffington: New Books By Alan Greenspan and Naomi Klein: One is Prophetic, One is Pathetic
Matthew Rothschild: Bush Makes Mockery of UN Declaration of Human Rights in NY Speech
Derrick Jackson: Tough Talk, But Little Punch
Marie Cocco: Forget The Democratic Healthcare Plans, The GOP's Got It All Sorted For Us
Ari Berman: Senate Neocons Provoke Iran
Glenn W. Smith: Credit Cards for Everyone, But a Voter ID for Thee
Bill Wippel: The Local Voice of Radio Has Been Muffled by Greed

Tuesday, September 25

Ru Freeman: Ahmadinejad v. Bollinger: Words Were Spoken, But What Was Said?
Pierre Tristam: Ahmadinejad Does New York
Marjorie Cohn: Pursue Diplomacy, Not War, With Iran
Paul Campos: War-Monger vs. The Porn King: Is Bill Kristol Respectable?
Scott Horton: Listen to the General(s)
Cindy Sheehan: Petty and Cruel Dictator
Lowell Monke: Unplugged Schools: Can Education Ameliorate Societal Ills?
Akbar Ganji: A Plea From the Iranian People
Cornel West/Sylvia Rhue: Fabricated Fears About Hate Crime Legislation
Jesse Jackson: Leaders Should Intervene To Bring Justice (and Security) To The Jena 6
Hank Edson: What Would Lincoln Do?

Monday, September 24
James Carroll: N.Y. Site Transcends Boundaries
Thom Hartmann: Columbia University Shows True American Values
Carol Hamilton: Conscience Voters
Donna Saggia: From "Support the Troops" to Condemning MoveOn
John Brown: Sinking in the Polls: Karen Hughes' Public Diplomacy Moment
Juan Cole: Turning Ahmadinejad Into Public Enemy No. 1
Chris Colin: Cleaning Up After The Bushes. Literally: The Former President's Pool Boy Speaks Out
Olga Bonfiglio: The Peace Movement - Has It Been Worth It?
Robert Kuttner: The Bubble Economy
Sean Gonsalves: The Whole (Jena 6) Story?
Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Bush, the Bomb and Iran
Cecilia Lucas: The Banality of Violence
Chai Feldblum: Time To Ban Job Discrimination Against Gays
Tom Engelhardt: Freedom As Theft: Honoring American Liberators
Cynthia Tucker: America's Oil Lust Means Long Middle East Involvement
Bruce Mirken: Spinning A Failed War on Drugs

Sunday, September 23

Rick Wilson: Who Owns Adam Smith?
Eric Margolis: Hired Guns, Loose Cannons
Glenn Greenwald: Feinstein: Symbol of A Bush-Enabling Beltway Democrat
Linda Milazzo: Corporate Media Love A Good Protest
Marvin Kitman: Even Though The Nightly News Still Stinks. Olbermann Rules!
Haroon Siddiqui: Counting The Casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan
Christopher Brauchli: The Cinema & The Airplane

Saturday, September 22

Jeff Cohen: Senate Clown Show
Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater: Hired Guns, Above the Law
Saree Makdisi: The War on Gaza's Children
Gary Younge: 'Jena Is America'
Bruce Friedrich: Vegetarianism To Save The Planet: Nuggets and Hummers and Fish Sticks, Oh My!
John Nichols: Blackwater, Oil and the Colonial Enterprise
Amitabh Pal: Pentagon Spending Totally Out of Control
Robert Kuttner: The Fed, The Enabler
Ann McFeatters: Bush Returns to Full Campaign Mode
Robert Borosage: Craven Fools In Congress

Friday, September 21

Ira Chernus: Glued to Our Seats in the Theater of War
Cindy Sheehan: General Betray-Us and
Mark Morford: Praise Jesus, It's The Collapse of Evangelical Christian Rule in America. Rejoice!
Karen Topakian: Can We Say No To War For 24 Hours?
Keith Olbermann: Olbermann to Bush: 'Your Hypocrisy is so Vast'
Rosa Brooks: Outsourcing Foreign Policy
Michael Hirsh: Bush Created a Moral Vacuum in Iraq in Which Americans Can Kill for Free
New York Times: In Search of a Congress
Helen Thomas: Bush Not Interested In His Report Card
Tom Engelhardt: Why Bush Shed His GI Joe Gear
Chris Cooper: You Studyin' Hard And Hopin' To Pass
David Michael Green: Hiding Behind The Camouflage Skirt
Lance Dickie: It's Our Constitution, Mr. President
Robert Borosage: Subverting Majority Rule

Thursday, September 20

Marie Cocco: Privatizing Murder
George Lakoff: Oil and Betrayal in Iraq
Linn Washington Jr.: Jena: The Ignored Story of Legal Lynching
Joyce Marcel: All The Perfumes of Arabia
Paul Krugman: What I Hate About Political Coverage
Adrian Hamilton: The Eerie Familiarity of These Preparations For War
Matthew Rothschild: Amnesty International, ACLU Condemn Use of Tasers at University of Florida
Russell Mokhiber: AARP To Kucinish: Drop Dead
Lee Drutman: Corrupt Lobbyists Remain Triumphant
John Nichols: Habeas Corpus and a Senate Race in Maine
Ruth Conniff: Blackwater and Oil Show Administration's M.O. in Iraq
Sally Kohn: Blinded By The White: OJ Simpson vs. The Jena Six
Harvey Karp/Rachel Gibson: Protect Kids From Toxic Toys
Jay Bookman: Our Generation Is All Too Good At Taking The Easy Way Out
Jack Lessenberry: Victory Now Certain!

Wednesday, September 19

Frida Berrigan: The New Military Frontier: Africa
Glenn Greenwald: Are Democrats Planning Still Worse FISA Capitulations?
Amy Goodman: Tipping the Scales of Justice in Jena
Peter Galbraith: The Iranian Conundrum
Robert Scheer: Checkbook Imperialism: The Blackwater Fiasco
Naomi Wolf: A Shocking Moment for Society: Tasering at University of Florida
Dahr Jamail: The Royal Treatment: Saudi Involvement in Iraq Overlooked
William Greider: Blackwater Banned
Danny Schechter: Shock Therapy On Wall Street: What's Next?
Spencer Ackerman: Iraq Forever?
Nat Hentoff: Free-Speech-Free Zones
Tom Hayden: New Military Report Acknowledges Signs of Police State in Baghdad
Matthew Rothschild: VA Police Delete Photographs Taken by Muslim-American Journalism Student

Tuesday, September 18
Carolyn Eisenberg: Stopping the War with the Congress We've Got.
William Greider: The Lies of Alan Greenspan
John Nichols: Clinton's Prescription for Another Heath Care Reform Failure
Arianna Huffington: Dept. of Misdirection: With Iraq a Disaster, GOP Goes Crazy Over a Newspaper Ad
Karma Nabulsi: It Is Unjust and Absurd To Apply Economics To The Hell That Is Palestine
Jesse Jackson: Racially Biased Justice Still Infects American Courtrooms
Poka Laenui: An Honorable Exit from Iraq
Katrina Vanden Heuvel: A Pro-Democracy Movement
Pierre Tristam: Whirlwind Drops on Dying Town With Tragic Word of A Fallen Son
George Bisharat: A Double Standard on Academic Freedom in The Middle East
Dan Smith: Good News In Small Column: A Welcome Page in the Newspaper
Alex Koppelman/Mark Benjamin: What Happens To Private Contractors Who Kill Iraqis? Maybe Nothing
Clint Talbot: Waiting For The EPA

Monday, September 17
Chris Hedges: 'Giving' and Taking: On Bill Clinton's New Book
Ray McGovern: Greenspan Misses Cheney's Memo: Spills the Beans on Oil
Steffie Woolhandler/David Himmelstein: Health Reform Failure
Russell Mokhiber: On Health Care: Dear Democrats...
John Nichols: A Constitution to "Chain the Dogs of War"
Robert Weissman: Greenspan, Kissinger: Oil Drives US in Iraq, Iran
George Lakoff: Whose Betrayal?
Sally Kohn: The War Just Got Personal
Tom Turnipseed: All the Children of the World
Olga Bonfiglio: 'Mission Al Jazeera': From US Marine Officer To Foreign Correspondent
Gary Younge: Jena's Rascism: Not An Anomoly, Just Less Subtle
James Carroll: American Exceptionalism Meets Team Jesus
Robert Fisk: It Is The Death of History
Chris Colin: Black Ops Jungle: The Academy of Military-Industrial-Complex Studies

Sunday, September 16

Bud McClure: The Banality of Evil Revisited
Gary Langer: What They're Saying in Anbar Province
Marjorie Cohn: Erwin Chemerinsky and the Post-9/11 Attack on Academic Freedom
Martin Bell: British Arms Are Killing the World's Children
Haroon Siddiqui: Iraq and Afghanistan Two Sides of Same Coin
Les Payne: Petraeus, Westy Birds of Feather
Elizabeth Sullivan: Gruesome Ethnic Sorting Focuses on Baghdad's Sunnis
Barry Siegel: State-Secret Overreach

Saturday, September 15

Robert Fisk: In the Colosseum, Thoughts Turn to Death
Ralph Nader: The Legacies of Anita Roddick
Joe Conason: The Illusion of Progress in Iraq
Derrick Jackson: Bush's War of False Pretenses
The Oregonian: Even Now, Gonzales Leaves a Mess to Clean Up
Alexander Cockburn: The General Came to Washington

Friday, September 14

Mark Morford: Iraq, Deep In Your Bones
Cindy Sheehan: Arrest Bush, Not Reverend
Glenn Greenwald: The Endless, Meaningless Blather From The Washington Establishment
Jane Smiley: The Shock Doctrine: Milton Friedman's Hold and The People's Hopeful Resistance
Mark Rudd/Doug Viehmeyer: What's a Moratorium?
Russell Mokhiber: As Local Politics Change, So Will National Politics
Ray Hanania: A Thousand American Soldiers Condemned by Bush To Certain Death
Jessica Stites: Sticker Shock: Skyrocketing Birth Control Rates Are Only One Way Bush Administration Obstruct Access to Contraception
RK Stewart: Green Schools: Color Them Healthy Places of Teaching and Learning
Stephen Zunes/Erik Leaver: Annotate This. President Bush's Sept 13 Speech to the Nation on Iraq
Pierre Tristam: Dividends of Mendacity: Bush's 'Way Forward'
Rick Salutin: A Little Nordic Sanity: Actually Doing What You Say
Tony Karon: Despite a Backlash, Many Jews Are Questioning Israel
Danny Schechter: The Crimes of Wall Street: What Are We Going to Do Before Its Too Late?
Matthew Rothschild: Bush Trumpets "Success" in Iraq, Plays the Al Qaeda Card

Thursday, September 13

Nicholas Von Hoffman: Wanted: Unruly Activists
Amy Goodman: Debate Essential To Arab-Israeli Peace
Jeremy Scahill: Testimony of The Tortured
Ellen Goodman: From Fear to Farce
Ted Rall: The War Party: Democrats Lie to Prolong Iraq; Reporters Go Along
Marie Cocco: Just Ask The Iraqis
Adrian Hamilton: The Charade of Letting The Generals Decide
John Nichols: Soldiers Who Challenged War Spin Die in Iraq
Elizabeth Sullivan: The Human Shield: Our Politicians Hide Behind The General While Iraq Burns
Ira Chernus: Is Fear Going to Work for Bush Again?
Aaron Glantz: Petraeus Report Means More Soldier Suicides
Jonathan Kozol: NCLB and The Poisonous Essence of Obsessive Testing
Robert Bryce: A $20 Billion Solution to an Intractable Problem

Wednesday, September 12
Joyce Marcel: Don't Let The Dogs Out! Don't Bomb Iran!
Norman Solomon: Here's the Smell of the Blood Still
Rory O'Connor: Anita Roddick: There Was Nothing Like This Dame
Robert Scheer: The General Lies
Joe Brewer: The 'Feel Good' Approach to Climate Distortion
Derrick Jackson: Has 9/11 Changed Us? Not much
James Ridgeway: Homeland Insecurity: The 9/11 Conspiracy File: Myths and Facts
Tom Engelhardt: Imperial Autism: The Petraeus Moment Blots Out the World
Dean Baker: Recession Time! The Housing Bubble Bursts the Economy
Corporate Crime Reporter: Geoffrey Fieger and the Rise of the Selective Prosecution Defense
Peter Rothberg: Free The Jena 6
Matthew Rothschild: The Petraeus Performance
Andrew Greeley: Bush Not Swayed By Iraq Reality

Tuesday, September 11

Ray McGovern: Swear Him In!
Pierre Tristam: Dead Dogs, Dead Ponies: The Petraeus Show
Arianna Huffington: Denying the Truth: Petraeus, Iraq, and Our Pontius Pilate Press
Robert Naiman: It Only Takes 51 Senators to End This War
Thom Hartmann: The Problem With a "War" Strategy
Ralph Nader: Nuclear Power is Not the Answer
Marie Cocco: Ignoring the Other Victims of 9/11
Mohamed Elmenshawy: What Do Arabs Really Think of America? Ask Them
Stanley Kutler: Surge 2
Clint Talbot: The Power of Fear Too Often Exploited For Political Gain
Jesse Jackson: Next Election Should Focus On Solving America's Problems
Rachel Stohl/Rhea Myerscough: America Arms Questionable New 'Allies'
Phil Tajitsu Nash: Ending the Military - Industrial - Congressional Complex
Dilip Hiro: Wars That Defy Categorization
Max Fraser: Farm Aid Raises a Vision
Paul Campos: The 'Rules' of The Game
Brian Bogart: Bin Laden is Right: The Unwarranted Influence of America's Global "Defense" Corporation

Monday, September 10
Courtney Martin: The Missing Measure of Our Outrage
Naomi Klein: The Age of Disaster Capitalism
James Carroll: Forever The Victims
Norman Solomon: Six Years of 9/11 as a License to Kill
Seattle Times: Failures of The American Airwaves
Sean Gonsalves: Laughing To Keep From Crying
Cindy Sheehan: Pigs of War
Yifat Susskind: Hurricane Felix's First Responders
Tom Engelhardt: 'Progress' by the Numbers
Michael Hansen/David Wallinga: Keep Monsanto Out of Our Milk
Neal Peirce: Fighting to Stay Above Water
John Steinbruner/Tim Gulden: Violence In Iraq Is Beyond Our Control
Michael Tomasky: The So-Called 'Experts': Those Who Got It All Wrong Still Hold Sway

Sunday, September 9

Glenn Greenwald: The DC Establishment vs American Public Opinion
Rev. John Dear: 'Guilty!' - Of Trying to See Our Senator
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Prelude To War? World is Worried
Caroline Arnold: Time to Rattle 'Dem Bones'
Michael J. Copps: Democracy and Media
John Brown: Walk Away from the Lies: A Recommendation to General Petraeus from a Foreign Service Officer
Eric Margolis: Damn, It's 'Nam

Saturday, September 8

Paul Rogat Loeb: Wild Weather Creates Chances for Political Progress
Olga Bonfiglio: Confusion Contemplation on the New Post-9/11 Era
Tom Hayden: Ending the War in 2009
Ray McGovern: Are Petraeus and Westmoreland Birds of a Feather?
Steve Rendall: A Poverty of Coverage: Why Aren't The Poor on The Media Agenda?
Christopher Brauchli: The Toilet and The Senator

Friday, September 7

Ruth Rosen: What Ever Happened to Freedom of Information?
Scott Ritter: Reporting from Baghdad
Paul Krugman: Time to Take a Stand
Joan Chittister: We Need Candidates Who Are Really Religious
Arianna Huffington: Dems Hold All the Cards on Iraq, So Why Are They Folding?
Corporate Crime Reporter: Robert Reich and the Elimination of Corporate Criminal Liability
The Nation: Why We Must Leave Iraq
Aaron Glantz: Success in Iraq? Try Listening to the Troops
Rosa Brooks: The Shrinking Bush Bubble
David Cole/Jules Lobel: Why We're Losing the War on Terror
Mark Morford: Just How Gay Is The GOP?
Nate Van Duzer: Putting A Face on The Need For Peace
Harvey Wasserman: The Genius Doctor Who Diagnosed Nuke Power's Deadly Disease
Helen Thomas: Snow Drifts Out of White House
Sally Kohn: Larry Craig's Pullout Strategy

Thursday, September 6

Lennox Yearwood Jr.: An Open Letter to America: All Power to the People
Elizabeth Sullivan: From Tea-Drinkers To Terrorists
Adil Shamoo/Bonnie Bricker: Who Will Cry for Innocent Iraqis?
Sydney Blumenthal: Bush Knew Saddam Had No Weapons of Mass Destruction
Norman Solomon: Thomas Friedman: Hooked On War
Allan Lichtman: When General Petraeus Speaks, Don't Listen
Ruth Conniff: Overcoming Censorship
John Nichols: Sheehan Seeks a More Principled Politics
Ted Rall: Kill The Poor: Phony Poverty Study Fools Lazy Journalists
E.O. Wilson: That's Life
Eric Schlosser: What's Added Takes Away: What We Don't Know About Food Additives and Why Our Governments Don't Care
Ayaz Amir: In Pakistan: Fighting Someone Else's War
Marie Cocco: Iraq Is Still a Failure
Robert Fisk: Lebanon Cries Victory, But Is It Too Soon?
Johann Hari: Hatred and Bigotry On The Playground

Wednesday, September 5
Medea Benjamin:Nancy Pelosi Should Listen to Karl Rove
Amy Goodman: From the Bayou to Baghdad: Mission Accomplished?
Robert Scheer: Why Is This Man Smiling?
Timothy Patrick McCarthy: Bush PR Machine Works Myth and Magic on Iraq
Cindy Sheehan: Kristol: Another Dishonorable Chicken-hawk
Matthew Rothschild: CBS Early Show Removes Anti-War Protesters from View in Kansas City
Tom Engelhardt: Seven Years In Hell: On Body Counts, Dead Zones, and an Empire of Stupidity
Elizabeth Holtzman: Special Prosecutor Should Arrive On Scene As Gonzales Departs
Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Facing Down Poverty
David Bromwich: Iraq, Israel, Iran
Dean Baker: The Dirty Toilet Principle: The Fed and the Housing Bubble
Alan Collinge:Student Borrowers Often Victims of Serious Abuse
Andrew Greeley:True or False: Can Bush Tell Difference?

Tuesday, September 4
Jeff Cohen: Hillary Rolls On: Are Netroots a Paper Tiger?
Mary Dejevsky: Shame The Doubters Were So Quiet When We Went To War
Barbara Lee: Time For Congress To Take A Stand
Ira Chernus: Bush PR Machine Works Myth and Magic on Iraq
Douglas Borer: America's Craig-Like Credibility Gap
Robyn Blumner: The Difference Between The Parties Is As Deep As A Coal Mine
Jesse Jackson: Invest In US Instead of Sacrificing in Iraq
Neal Peirce: Drug War's Latest Achievement: Boosting Global Terrorism
Hank Edson: Edwards/Kucinich 2008?
Robert Fisk: Strange Goings-On Here In Lebanon
Boston Globe: Mount Stripmine?
Ralph Nader: Repeal the Taft-Hartley Act
Adam Penn: Were You Tricked Senator Clinton?
Steven Laffoley: Just a Cock-Up Democracy or the Theory of Bush's Nose
John Nichols: Edwards Gains Key Union Endorsements
Richard Kahlenberg: A World Without Teacher Unions?

Monday, September 3

James Carroll: Labor's Failure
Chris Hedges: The Next Quagmire
Marie Cocco: Don't Ask, Don't Kvell
Mario Cuomo: What The Constitution Says About Iraq
Andy Stern: Restoring the Promise of the American Dream
Paul Krugman: Snow Job in the Desert
Stacy Bannerman: When Mental Healthcare Goes AWOL
Danny Schechter: When Is a Non-Bailout Really A Bailout, and Why It's A Joke
Howard Rodman: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Bombing Iran
Robert Fox: Before It's Too Late, British Brass Should Tell Us More
Gary Younge: In The US, Class War Still Means Just One Thing: The Rich Attacking The Poor

Sunday, September 2

Marjorie Cohn: Bush Plans War on Iran
Gordon Clark: Al Gore, James Hansen, and Civil Disobedience
Naomi Klein/Avi Lewis: 'Occupy, Resist, Produce'
Joanna Blythman: Cost of War Is Always Too High
Ray McGovern: Do We Have the Courage to Stop War with Iran?
Jeremy Seabrook: A Rich Man's World
Elizabeth Sullivan: Skein of Lies Surrounds Soldier's Death

Saturday, September 1
Robert Naiman: Slam Dunk: The Bush Administration Is Trying to Provoke Iran
Sean Gonsalves: 'Actionable Intel' in Class War
Christopher Brauchli: Imprecatory Prayer
Ralph Nader:
A Call on President Bush to Select New AG Who Respects the Constitution
Stephen Eric Bronner: Is Neoconservatism Dead?
Barbara Ehrenreich: Travails of the Super-Rich

August 2007




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