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October 2007

Wednesday, October 31
Jeremy Scahill: State to Blackwater: Nothing You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You in a Court of Law
Ray McGovern: Attacking Iran for Israel?
Amy Goodman: For Whom the Bell's Palsy Tolls
Robert Scheer: Cashing In on Terror
Antonia Zerbisias: Toss Your Briefs at the Guys with Briefcases
Yifat Susskind: Feed People, Not Cars: We Need a Moratorium on Agrofuels
Pat LaMarche: Bringing Rumsfeld to Justice
Bill Quigley: Criminal Justice Meltdown in New Orleans?
Andrea Kavanagh: Risking Kids to Sell Fish: A Case Study in Industry-Driven 'Research'
Tariq Ramadan: The US Blacklisted Me. Let's Talk.
Cindy Sheehan: Organized Money vs. Organized People
Wendy Wolf: The Facts of Life for Voters - It's Really About Important Life Decisions
Michael Schwartz: Why Did We Invade Iraq Anyway?
Glenn Greenwald: Jay Rockefeller Channels Dick Cheney's Fear-Mongering to Urge Telecom Amnesty
John Nichols: Dem Debate: Edwards, Not Obama, Hits Clinton Hardest, Smartest

Tuesday, October 30
Jerry Lanson: War Protests: Why No Coverage?
Laura Flanders: Obama Be Bold: Break with a Backer on Torture.
John Tirman: RIP Randy Forsberg: An Inspiration Against Nuclear Arms
Pierre Tristam: Showtime for Justice Dept. Shams, with Press' Support
Ann Wright: Banned from Canada for War Protest
George Monbiot: Civilization Ends with a Shutdown of Human Concern. Are We There Already?
John Nichols: Al Gore: The Write-In Front-Runner
Abbas Edalat/Mehrnaz Shahabi: Turning Truth on Its Head
Derrick Jackson: The Climate Change Censor
Sean Gonsalves: Actually, It's 'E' Before 'I'
John Buell: The Immigration Blame Game
Marie Cocco: Public Relations Disaster Management
Michael Winship: 'The Weak Slat under the Bed of Democracy'
Dean Baker: The Success of Amazon: Welfare As We Should Know It

Monday, October 29
Tom Engelhardt: The Bureaucracy, the March, and the War
Gary Younge: Democrats Are Hocking Their Agenda As If They Were at a Fire Sale
Ann Wright: Blood on Her Hands
Michael Hochman/David Himmelstein: Say Yes to National Health Care
Chris Hedges: The American Police State
James Carroll: Giuliani's Iron Fist
Max Hastings: Iran's Leaders Need Enemies Like Bush
Johann Hari: While California Burns, Hurricane Giuliani Looms
Donna Marie-Artuso: Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before
Marty Kaplan: No Blood for No Oil
Cynthia Tucker: Young Immigrants' Dreams Die in Senate

Sunday, October 28
Olga Bonfiglio: Nukes and Nuns
Alec Dubro: Right Resolution, Wrong Genocide
Sarah Wilson: We Cannot Allow Institutions Like the World Bank to Impose Ill-Conceived Carbon-Based Energy Reforms on Developing Nations
Lisa Hajjar: Israel's Military Court System is the Model to Avoid
François Furstenberg: Bush's Dangerous Liaisons
Cindy Sheehan: The Morning After
Eric Margolis: Creation of a Virtually Independent Kurdish State in Northern Iraq Was Certain to Provoke Turkey
Sarah Churchwell: Late arrivals at the Hotel Protest

Saturday, October 27

Laura Flanders: 40 Years On, A New Call to Resist?
John Pilger: The Politics of Hypocrisy
Derrick Jackson: The Budget Lies that Haunt Us
Paige Doughty: Don't Rush It. Dig In: Advice for the Possibilities Ahead
Christopher Brauchli: Blackwater and 'Fiscal Responsibility'
Ralph Nader: Rule of Law Under Attack
Katha Pollitt : Women Will Get Abortions, Legal or Not, so Keep It Safe

Friday, October 26
Arianna Huffington: Ending the War: Time for the Dems to Play Hardball
Marshall Helmberger: Wellstone's Voice Sadly Missed in a Spineless Congress
John Nichols: Bush, Cheney, Rice and Kucinich on Iran
Paul Krugman: A Catastrophe Foretold
Clive Stafford Smith: The Case of the Contraband Underpants
Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Everybody Look What's Going Down
Matthew Yglesias: Disasters in the Making
Ana Perez: Bush Pursues Archaic Cuba Policy on Anniversary of Missile Crisis
Jared Genser/Meghan Barron: America Must Do More to End Myanmar Misery
David Michael Green: Just for the Sake of Argument, What Would It Look Like If a President Didn't Give a Damn About Terrorism?
Eric Haas: SCHIP and the Rigged Health Insurance Game
Stephen Zunes: The United States and the Kurds: A Brief History
Heidi Sopinka: Spilling the Beans on Soy

Thursday, October 25
Naomi Klein: The Business Press and Me: A Case of Unrequited Love
Kelly Bjorklund: Paul and Sheila Were Our Friends
Tom Turnipseed: Creating Our Own Hell on Earth
Howard Friel: The New York Times, Iran, and International Law
Judith Schwartz: Tinderbox Nation
Michael Birmingham: What Happened in Nahr Al Bared?
John Buell: Is US Capitalism Headed for a Sea Change?
Cindy Sheehan: Pete, Nancy, George and WWIII
Bill C. Davis: Coup de FOI
Joyce Marcel: An Evening with Garry Trudeau
Pam Costain: Paul and Sheila Wellstone: Inspiring Us with Each Passing Year
Peter Erlinder: Fallibility + Unchecked Power = Trouble
Mark Hertsgaard: If Gore Were Arrested.
Megan Tady: Justice for Some
Rosa Brooks: Straitjacket Bush
Jay Bookman: Altered Words Not Enough to Alter Reality

Wednesday, October 24
Amy Goodman: Hold Politicians' Feet to the Fire
Russell Mokhiber: Jackson Browne Backs Off Support for Pro-Nuke Obama
Shepherd Bliss: Bioneers Evolve and Gain Momentum
Andrew Greeley: Why Those Who Love America Are Feeling Brokenhearted
Juan Cole: The Collapse of Bush's Foreign Policy
Robert Scheer: War Costs Spiral out of Control
Neil Macdonald: When Is Torture Not Torture?
Lynn Feinerman: What It Means to Get Out and March Against the Wars: October 27, 2007
Maureen Dowd: Madness as Method
Simon Tisdall: Bush's Plan to Spend Away the Terror
Thomas Schaller: Facing the Reality of America's Lost War (No, Not That One)
William Collins: A Great Nation, Poisoned by War
Tom Oliphant: The Trap That Is Iraq
Joe Bageant: America's Good Burghers Living in Debtors' Prison

Tuesday, October 23
Barbara Ehrenreich: It's Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week!
Danny Schechter: In the Age of the Superbugs: What Is the Remedy?
Ralph Nader: The Imperial Presidency
Sean Gonsalves: What about the Babies?
Dean Baker: Hostage Taking Bankers and Subprime Borrowers
Pierre Tristam: The Spies Who Shagged Your Fourth Amendment
Robert Goodland: How to Aid Destruction
Jesse Jackson: Punish Speculators, Aid Homeowners in Mortgage Crisis
Sam Daley-Harris: Microcredit Best Tool to Fight Poverty
Brian Obach: Organic Vision Marred by TV Dinners

Monday, October 22
Scott Ritter: On the Eve of Destruction
Marjorie Cohn: Michael Mukasey: Another Loyal Bushie
Ira Chernus: New Pieces Changing the Iraq Puzzle
Holly Sklar: Billionaires Up, America Down
Stephen Zunes: US Denial of the Armenian Genocide
Michael Parenti: Mother Teresa, John Paul II, and the Fast-Track Saints
Madeleine Bunting: Beware Synthetic Biology
Mariann Lloyd-Smith/Jo Immig: Homes Turned Into Toxic Zones
Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Pelosi's Stark Rebuke
James Carroll: Forgotten Faces of War
Michael Tomasky: Is the US Just Tired of Bush, or Have Conservatives Had It?
Greg James: Self-Righteous Warmongers Phony Patriots

Sunday, October 21

John Pilger: Who's Afraid of Michael Moore?
Glenn Greenwald: The False Beltway Script Never Changes
Sally Kohn: Whose Values?
Antonio Zerbisias: Model Vanishing Act Echoes Cultural Famine
Richard Glover: Desire and the Green Cure
Rick Wilson: Nobel Prize Sees What Market-Fundamentalists Don't
Tariq Ali: A Massacre Foretold
Phillip Bannowsky: The Left That Gets Left Out

Saturday, October 20

Naomi Klein: Outsourcing Government
New York Times: With Democrats Like These.
Tom Engelhardt: Bush's Pentagon Papers
Christopher Brauchli: Creationists Strike Abroad
Adil Shamoo/Bonnie Bricker: The Costs of War for Oil
Robert Kuttner: Banking on a Bailout
Christopher Cooper: I Swear I Found The Key to the Universe
Kelly Toughill: Press Must Remain Proud and Free
Tim Watkin: Cruel Intentions
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Children in Prison: Locked-Up Forever

Friday, October 19

Olga Bonfiglio: 9/11 Fatigue
David Michael Green: Al Gore's Inaugural Address: January 20, 2009
John Nichols: An Assault on Media Diversity and Democracy
Mark Weisbrot: IMF Misses Epoch-Making Changes in the Global Economy
Elizabeth Holtzman: Mukasey Should Be Confirmed Only If He Agrees to Appoint a Special Prosecutor
John Dean: Why, Even If You Have Nothing To Hide, Government Surveillance Threatens Your Freedom
Edward Mast: Palestinians' Lives Invisible to Israelis
Rahul Mahajan: A Tale of Two Atrocities - Blackwater and Haditha
Conor Foley: Will Adminstration That Tortures Ever See A Courtroom?

Thursday, October 18

Norman Solomon: The United States of Violence
Harvey Wasserman: Nukes Are Back and So Are We
Conn Hallinan: The Casualties of Iraq
Patt Morrison: 'No Fly' on Steroids
Robert Reich: Corporations Won't Lead the Way on Solving Global Warming
Brian Sonntag: A Government That's Open, Accessible and Responsive
Amanda Robb: Abstinence 1, S-Chip 0
Mark Morford: Wi-Fi, the Death of Us All

Wednesday, October 17

Amy Goodman: Imagine Peace-A Ray of Light in Dark Times
Mark Danner: 'The Moment Has Come to Get Rid of Saddam'
Andrew Greeley: Will We Fall For War Vs. Iran?
Robert Scheer: Dissent from the Front Lines
Ellen Shaffer/Joe Brenner: The Ill Winds of Free Trade
Russell Mokhiber: What Do Brazil, Mexico, Russia and the USA Have in Common?
Cindy Sheehan: The 'Fix'
12 Former Army Captains: The Real Iraq We Knew
Danny Schechter: Can the Foxes Save the Hen House?
Margaret Kimberley: Nancy Pelosi, Public Enemy Number One
Richard Behan: Democrats Live the Lie-to Their Peril and to the Nation's
Christopher Lisotta: Does the 'T' Stand Alone?
John Buell: Terrorism and the Forgotten Threat
Rubén Martínez: Don't Fence Them In

Tuesday, October 16
Ray McGovern: What Did Pelosi Know About NSA, and When Did She Know It?
Norman Solomon: The Pro-War Undertow of the Blackwater Scandal
Yifat Susskind: World Food Day
Jeremy Brecher/Brendan Smith: Watada's Double Jeopardy
Dean Baker: Pete Peterson Doesn't Need His Social Security
Mike Gravel: Note to Obama and Edwards: Step-Up on Iran
Terry Allen: E-Wasting Away in China
William Hartung: A Peace Primary?
Billy Bragg: How the Queen Charmed the Pants off Me

Monday, October 15
Gary Younge: The Land of Optimism Is in the Dumps
Paul Krugman: Gore Derangement Syndrome
Chris Hedges: Outsourcing Torture
Cindy Sheehan: Matthew 7:3 (Look It Up)
Philip Golub: Sun Sets Early on the American Century
Bridget Kelly Ries/Margaret Kelly: Protecting Small-Scale Food Projects from the Ground Up
Rajendra Pachauri: Climate Change Threatens the Fight to End Poverty
Thomas Kaplan-Maxfield: Gothic America
Ron Forthofer/Dick Williams/Gretchen Williams: Time to Ban Weaponized Uranium
James Carroll: Religion and Nation

Sunday, October 14

Glenn Greenwald:The Beltway Establishment's Contempt For The Rule of Law
Frank Rich: The 'Good Germans' Among Us
Ted Nordhaus: Look Who's In Denial About Global Warming Now
Rene Wadlow: World Food Day: No Day Off For Women
Johann Hari: The Price of Freedom: Naomi Klein's 'Shock Doctrine'
James Marston: The Texas Lesson: Bush's Global Warming Reduction Goals Won't Work

Saturday, October 13

Jeff Cohen: Can Al Gore Be Trusted?
Cynthia Boaz: Some Thoughts About The True Miracle in The Andes
Ralph Nader: Dodging Impeachment
Mark Morford: The Whine of Voracious Liberals
Boston Globe: A Nobel For Truth
Bill Maher: American Flag Pins Are For Idiots
Joe Brewer: Missing the Real Message in Nobel Prize?
Tom Engelhardt: A Future Only a Pentagon Planner Could Possibly Love
Christopher Brauchli: Rudy and Propriety

Friday, October 12
Al Gore: Freedom & Security: 2003 Speech to
Helen Thomas: US Torture Tactics Shame Us All
Pat Williams: Where Have You Gone, Paul Wellstone?
Thom Hartmann: Ann Coulter and Justice Antonin Scalia to Synagogue - Jews Are Safer with Christians in Charge
Naomi Wolf: American Tears
Jeremy Scahill: Iraqis Sue Blackwater for Baghdad Killings
John Pierre Ameer: 1860, 1932, 2008
Laurence Ebersole: Imagine No More Guantanamos
Ellen Goodman: Tinkering with Death
Rosa María Pegueros: No More Naked Emperors
David Michael Green: The Coming Progressive Era
Tony Norman: Here Come da Judgment Day

Thursday, October 11
Nancy Kricorian: It Takes A Village to Start World War III
Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Five Years On.
Susan Lenfestey: What If They Had a Peace Rally and (Almost) No One Came?
Nick Turse: Slum Fights
John Atcheson: Democrats: Slack-Jawed Yokels at a Three Card Monty Festival
Joyce Marcel: Tell the Damn Truth Already
Ruth Coniff: The Republican Debate: Who Needs the Constitution?
Suzanne Nelson: What's Really in Your Food?
Barbara Ehrenreich: John Templeton's Universe
Joe Brewer: Who's Afraid of Sick Kids?
Mark Weisbrot: Why the 'Free Trade' Agenda is Losing Steam
Seumas Milne: Claims of a Turning Point in Iraq Are Just Wishful Thinking
Maureen Dowd: Bomb, Bomb Iran
Rosa Brooks: Too Much Cloak and Swagger

Wednesday, October 10
Stephen Zunes: The Fifth Anniversary of the Iraq War Resolution: Why We Can't Forgive or Forget
Scott Ritter: No Legitimate Justification for War with Iran
Jeremy Brecher/Brendan Smith: How the Military Can Stop an Iran Attack
Amy Goodman: Time Is Running Out for Brother and Sister
Richard Silverstein: Land of the Free?
Robert Scheer: The Martyring of Che Guevara
Pat LaMarche: What Larry Craig Has Done for Marriage and Values
Ted Rall: Scapegoating Blackwater
David Steinberg: Myanmar, Minorities, and the Military
Thomas Schaller: Microphone Marines
Mark Steel: However Debased the Image, Che's Legend Lives On
Christine Daniels: Civil Rights for LGB . . . and T

Tuesday, October 09
Tom Gilroy: How Pelosi Ended 'The War With Iraq'
Glenn Greenwald: What FISA Capitulations Are Democrats Planning Next?
Marjorie Cohn: Torture Endorsed, Torture Denied
John Warnock: Depleted Uranium: Enduring Risk
Robert Stormer: Nuke Transportation Story Has Explosive Implications
Ned Resnikoff: Corporations Versus Democracy
Scott Ritter: Oil, Israel, and America: The Root Cause of the Crisis
Bob Herbert: High-Stakes Flimflam
H.D.S. Greenway: A Tortured Stance on Torture
Nicholas von Hoffman: Bonehead U
Pierre Tristam: Outrunning 'The Kite Runner'
Paul Campos: Combating 'Noble Lies'
Jesse Jackson: It Saves Money and Makes Kids Healthy - What's the Problem?

Monday, October 08
James Carroll: A Troubling Turn in American History
Thom Hartmann: Columbus Day - As Rape Rules Africa and American Churches Embrace Violent 'Christian' Video Games
Amy Goodman: Chevron's Pipeline Is Regime's Lifeline
Scott Ritter: The Big Lie: 'Iran Is a Threat'
Ira Chernus: Laughing and Crying with Thomas Friedman
Cynthia Tucker: The Damage Is Done
Neal Peirce: Get Cool with Smart Growth
Steve Chapman: McCain Should Know the Truth about Medical Marijuana
David Love: Academic McCarthyism Threatens Democracy
Paul Brown: Glacial Acceleration - A Sea of Troubles
Dante Zappala: The Not-So-Small Price of Iraq
Beth Quinn: President Offers Noogies Instead of Health Care

Sunday, October 07
Mario Cuomo: How Congress Forgot Its Own Strength
Noam Chomsky: US/Indo Nuclear Agreement: Derailing a Deal
Cynthia Boaz/Shaazka Beyerle: Burma's Saffron Revolution: Goodbye, Generals.
Norman Solomon: How Sputnik Contributed to the Marriage of Science and Weaponry
Heather Wokusch: Pope Versus President
Elizabeth Sullivan: How the Law Lost Out to Laws of Politics at the Justice Department
Robert Weiner: Orwell in 2007
Rupert Cornwell: Out of America
Daniel Baer: The Immorality of Blackwater
James Bovard: Are Presidents Entitled to Kill Foreigners?
Peter Rothberg: Bush Versus Children
John Sweeney/Mike Cerbo: Veto Funding for Children's Health Care? What Could You Be Thinking?

Saturday, October 06
Jeremy Scahill: The Scandal of Blackwater
Christopher Brauchli: A Panglossian View of Success
Mark Weisbrot: Threats, Dirty Tricks, Fake Polls: Costa Rica Votes Under Duress on 'Free Trade'
Ray McGovern: So Who's Afraid of the Israel Lobby?
Bernie Sanders: Fair Trade
Johann Hari: The Last Green Taboo: Engineering the Planet
Brian Eno: This Ban Will Not Stop Us

Friday, October 05

Jeff Cohen: Pundit Elite Enraptured by Hillary's 'Flawless Campaign'
Helen Thomas: The Democrats Who Enable Bush
Mark Hertsgaard: The Making of a Climate Movement
Glenn Greenwald: The Latest Revelations of Lawbreaking, Torture and Extremism
Andrew Greeley: Why Are There No War Crimes Trials?
Margaret Krome: We Need Peacemakers to Counteract Warmongers
Clive Stafford Smith: Gitmo: America's Black Hole
John Bailey: Global Warming Requires Local Solutions
Christopher Cooper: To Find Out Something Only Dead Men Know
Rosa María Pegueros: 'The War'? I'm Sticking to 'Law and Order'
David Michael Green: Murdering Butter with Guns
Paige Doughty/Maureen Thompson: Unencumbered Travel: Environmental Impacts on the Border, Disposable Cups, and Old Band-Aids
Seumas Milne: The Fallout from an Attack on Iran Would Be Devastating

Thursday, October 04

Norman Solomon: Sputnik, 50 Years Later: The Launch of Techno-Power
Cindy Sheehan: Imagine Peace
John Dear: The Martyrdom of Burma's Marching Monks
Ramesh Thakur: US, Iran Play with Fire
Charlie Cray: Blackwatergate
Cecilie Surasky: Dissenting at Your Own Risk
Adrian Hamilton: Sanctions Won't Bring Down Burma's Government
Megan Tady: Recipe for Disaster
David Lebedoff: New Quiz Should Leave Prospective Immigrants at a Loss for Words
Leonard Pitts: A Thousand Ways to Disconnect, and Now a Hugging Ban, Too
James McGovern: The Iraq Money Pit
Peter Spalding: Myanmar: It is Time to Play the Olympics Card.
Matthew Yglesias: Who's Giving Money to Bill Clinton?
Pat Morrison: Blackwater: Not in Our Backyards

Wednesday, October 03
Robert Scheer: The State Dept.'s Murderous Guardians
Sally Kohn: From Here to Junta: Stop Shopping At Wal-Mart, Save The UN And Help Burma
Mark Morford: Is It OK to Love Whole Foods?
Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Obama and Edwards Get It on Nukes
Robert Naiman/Susan Chenelle: Prove the Intensity of Anti-War Sentiment on October 27
Jeff Leys: Our Bonhoeffer Moment
Tom Engelhardt: We Count, They Don't
Maureen Dowd: Sinking in a Swamp Full of Blackwater
Joyce Marcel: Demonize This!
Joan Chittister: Ahmadinejad's US Visit Was a Missed Opportunity for Us
Zia Mian: How Not to Win Friends and Influence People
John Frohnmayer: At the Heart of Who We Are As a People

Tuesday, October 02

Paul Campos: Delusion of Exceptionalism
Barbara Ehrenreich: The Clinton Campaign: Running on Ambien
Scott Horton: Beating the Drums for the Next War
Dean Baker: From WMDs to Social Security: More Bush Stories
Laura Flanders: A Campaign to Love
Paul Rogat Loeb: Pre-Empting the Next War
George Monbiot: The Junta's Accomplices: Western Interests
Arianna Huffington: McCain and the Monks of Myanmar: Two Very Different Ways of Mixing Religion and Politics
Jerry Lanson: No More Spin Rooms? Say It Ain't So!
Michael Winship: My Thermonuclear Coloring Book
Frida Berrigan: The War Resisters League Bestows Its Peace Award.
Marianne Schnall: Hillary, Condi, Aung Sun Suu Kyi and You
Jesse Jackson: Jena 6 Case Highlights Racial Disparity in American Justice
Derrick Jackson: Admiral Mullen Reports for Duty
Barbara F. Walter: You Can't Win with Civil Wars

Monday, October 01

Deborah James/Medea Benjamin: Bolivia's Evo Morales Wins Hearts and Minds in US
Seymour Hersh: Shifting Targets
Norman Solomon: Political 'Science' and Truth of Consequences
Chris Hedges: Israel's Toy Soldiers
Salle Engelhardt: Killing Is Okay. Dying, However, Is Not.
James Carroll: History and the Drumbeat of War
Nick Turse: NYC, the NYPD, the RNC, and Me
Sean Gonsalves: Prayer for the War-Weary
Craig Kielburger/Marc Kielburger: Non-Violent Protest Has Gone Online
Michael Nagler: Burma and the Press
Susan Strong: An 11th Hour Sequel
Gary Younge: NY Is Not Nearly As Liberal or Different As New Yorkers Believe
Ann Wright: More Bounties in Afghanistan and Pakistan Will Result in Detention of Innocent Civilians
Johann Hari: President Giuliani? He'd be worse than Bush

September 2007




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