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November 2007

Friday, November 30
Naomi Klein: Guns Beat Green: The Market Has Spoken
Robert Hinkley: Corporate Citizenship–Oxymoron or Necessity
David Sirota: Blue Dog Democrats: Conservative, Or Just Plain Corrupt?
Jules Boykoff: ‘Homegrown’ Suppression of Dissent
Cindy Sheehan: Come Together, Right Now!
Michael Schwartz: Catch 22 in Iraq
The Seattle Times : A Kick in the Eye from the FCC
Tony Norman: Exploding Cells, Extreme Hubris
Ari Berman: The War Comes Home to Iowa
Paul Krugman: Mandates and Mudslinging
Aimee Allison/David Solnit: It’s Time to Stop the War Ourselves
John Dean: The Effort to Change California Election Law, Through an Initiative, to Help the GOP
Terence Blacker: Britain’s Brand of Fair-Weather Environmentalism

Thursday, November 29
Ruth Conniff: Hillary’s Defense Dough
Curt Guyette/W. Kim Heron: Bombs Away?
Johann Hari: The Plot to Rig the 2008 US Election
Michael Winship: Last Night’s Viewing and Other Afflictions
Joyce Marcel: It’s Closing Time
Arianna Huffington: Karl Rove’s Shameless, Remorseless, Soulless Attempt to Rewrite History
Harvey Wasserman: Will Congress Make Taxpayers Fund Terror-Target Nuke Reactors?
Sally Kohn: Are the Presidential Candidates in Touch with America?
Robert Koehler: Trial by Fire Hose
John Nichols: Out-Tancredoing Tancredo at GOP’s Anti-Immigrant Debate
Nicholas von Hoffman: Global Warming: The Rich Opt Out
Marie Cocco: America’s Gulag Goes Before the Court
Adrian Hamilton: Annapolis’s Sole Purpose Is to Serve the Bush Agenda
Reese Erlich: US Wants to Have It Both Ways on Iranian Nonintervention Pact
Tom Gallagher: Kucinich for ‘Realists’
The Capital Times : Coalition of the Unwilling

Wednesday, November 28
Ira Chernus: Spectacle at Annapolis Spurs Nuclear Danger
Amy Goodman: Have They No Shame?
Margaret Kimberley: Taser Nation
Bernie Sanders: Global Warming Is Reversible
Mark Morford: Black Friday Die Die Die
Pat LaMarche: Asking for Soldier’s Money Back Unacceptable
Conn Hallinan: The Algebra of Occupation
Frida Berrigan: Unfriendly Fire: Cluster Bombs Keep Killing
Robert Scheer: Playing Roulette in Pakistan
Medea Benjamin: Judges Are Heroes in Pakistan
Catherine Collins/Douglas Frantz: The Proliferation Game: How the World Helped Pakistan Build Its Bomb
Robert Reich: Why the Telecoms Shouldn’t Get Immunity
Aaron Glantz: The Soldier and the Student
Alan Weisman: Grooming the Next Ahmad Chalabi

Tuesday, November 27
DeWayne Wickham: McClellan Admission Evokes Memories of Nixon
Bill Gallagher: Saudis Pour Oil Money into Terror
Bob Herbert: Behind the Curtain
Medea Benjamin: This Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Stephen Zunes: Broken Peace Process
Paul Rogat Loeb: Hillary and the Politics of Disappointment
Jesse Jackson: Most Democratic Candidates Are Ignoring African Americans
Scott Ross: FDR Proved Government Can Work in a Big Way
Ralph Nader: The Lost Art of Family Traditions
Christopher Lisotta: WGA: Picket and Click It
Paul Campos: America's Worst Congressman
John Buell: Education Has a Long Way to Go

Monday, November 26

Beth Quinn: Stunned by Lack of Courage, not Outrageous Acts
John Atcheson: The High Price of Arrogance and the Bitter Harvest of Hypocrisy
Chris Hedges: America in the Time of Empire
Pat Elder: Military Recruiting Vans Draw Fire
Paul Krugman: Winter of Our Discontent
Dahr Jamail: Iraq Has Only Militants, No Civilians
Sean Gonsalves: Let the Music Play
DavidLove: From Cradle to Jail in America
Alice Rothchild: The Judaization of East Jerusalem
Dave Zweifel: Why Do the 'Liberal Media" Go So Easy on Bush?
Rev. Sharon Delgado: Shaking the Gates of Hell: Faith-Led Resistance to Corporate Globalization

Sunday, November 25

Linda Boyd: Impeachment: If Not Now, When?
Eric Margolis: Posing For A Peace Snap: Photo Ops Are Easy, Real Peace Is Not
Marjorie Cohn: Preventing the Impending War on Iran
David Morris: Why Close A Factory When It Could Be Used to Produce the Plug-In Truck of The Future?
Joel Brinkley: Winning Back The World
Helen Thomas: US Friends and Foes Grabbing Power
John Smith: Stem Cell Research, The Iraq War, False Victories and Deception
David Sirota: Was Perot right?
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Radical Ethics: No Bucks From War
Haroon Siddiqui: Dose of Realism Would Help at Annapolis

Saturday, November 24

Scott Ritter: The Not-So-Sick Man of Europe Does Matter
Joseph Stiglitz: Reckoning: The Economic Consequences of Mr. Bush
Robert Fisk: Darkness falls on the Middle East
Tony Norman: At the White House, Truth is a Casualty
Derrick Jackson: Hesitance on the Warming Front
Christopher Brauchli: US Embassy in Baghdad: Incompetence & Corruption

Friday, November 23

César Chelala: Iraqi Children Bear The Burden of An Uncalled-For War
David Michael Green: If Conservatism Is The Ideology of Freedom, I’m The Queen of England
Olga Bonfiglio: Disintegration of the Bourgeois Brain
Dilip Hiro: Time for Reality Check in Iran
Ira Chernus : A Thanksgiving Day Ritual For 60’s-Style Activists
Joseph Galloway: Good Riddance To Them All
Paul Buchheit: Shut Up (About) Chavez
Paul Krugman: Banks Gone Wild

Wednesday, November 21

Naomi Klein: Shocked in Death, Shocked in Life: More Than a Taser Story
Ted Rall: Sign the Pledge! Trim Bush from American History
John Nichols: Will McClellan Be John Dean to Bush’s Richard Nixon?
Amy Goodman: What Would Jesus Buy?
Laura Flanders: What Would Jesus Buy?
Bill Maher: George Bush: Pardon All the Turkeys
Gustavo Esteva: The Cancer of Growth
Corporate Crime Reporter: If Our Friends Do It, It Is Not Genocide
Andi Zeisler: A Bitch for President
J. Michael Bodi: Creationist Bugaboo Back Again
Tony Newman/asha bandele: The War Comes Home: PTSD; Addiction; Homelessness and Suicide All Coming to a Neighborhood Near You!
Allan Nairn: Approach with Caution, Americans: Adam Smith Has a Gun
Sameer Dossani: Pakistan’s Wounded Dictator

Tuesday, November 20

George Monbiot: The Middle East Has Had a Secretive Nuclear Power in Its Midst for Years
Norman Solomon: US Media Poodles
Marjorie Cohn: Musharraf Plays Bush for a Fool
Michael Winship: ‘A Plank in Reason, Broke’
Ralph Nader: Is Corporate Greenmania Real?
Susan Lenfestey: Sending Our Cyber Waste Downstream
Jesse Jackson: Media Pundits Ignore Gathering Storm of Housing Crisis
Virginia Lockett: Excuse Me, Please, I’m Having a Bad Decade
Bill Gallagher: Bushes Thankful for Stupid Voters
John Nichols: Hurricane Katrina Blows Apart New Orleans Politics
Sean Gonsalves: Uncle Sam Fishin’ for Seniors
Courtney Martin: The Problem with Youth Activism

Monday, November 19
Ralph Shaffer/R. William Robinson: Here Come the Thought Police
John Brown: The Bush Administration: Too Parochial for Empire
Harvey Wasserman: People Were Killed by Three Mile Island and Other Nuclear Disasters
Madeleine Bunting: The EU is Bullying the World's Poor to Rush into a Dubious Deal on Trade
Leigh Donaldson: America's Health-Care System Could Learn from Cuba
Danny Schechter: As the Media Merges with Politics, Can We Resist 'Electotainment'?
Bill Quigley: Twenty Thousand Protest at Ft. Benning: Eleven Face Federal Criminal Trials
Cynthia Tucker: US Excess Vs. Nature's Limits
Al Norman: Building SuperConsumers: Wal-Mart's Unsustainability Report
Paul Krugman: Republicans and Race
Will Durst: Nuclear Two-Step
Allen Smith: The Road to Energy Conservation
Michael Tomasky: Fox 'News': A Myth in the Unmaking
Sherry Boschert: Bring Back the Electric Car

Sunday, November 18
Haroon Siddiqui: Invaders and Allies Ignore Iraq's Humanitarian Crisis
Steve Duin: The Freezing of Love into Small Spaces
Roberto Rodriguez: On the Verge of Democracy Collapse Disorder
James North: Confronting the Global Timber Barons
Eric Margolis: Musharraf Feels the Heat

Saturday, November 17
David Benjamin: Strange Bedfellows - George W. Bush & the New York Times
Christopher Brauchli: Presidential Candidates, the Internet, and Very Important News
Sara Gould: Words Matter: What the McCain Debacle Reveals about Politics in '08
Robert Naiman: Clinton Flogs Alleged Iranian Role in Iraq - Even More Than Bush
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Global Warming: China Says: Et Tu?
Jay Mandle: What is Wrong with Presidential Campaign Financing
Russell Mokhiber: California Nurses Bristle at AFL-CIO's Support of Illinois Health Plan
Zack Knorr: Six Degrees of Exploitation: Anti-Sweatshop Activists Target Kevin Bacon
Thomas Nash: Cluster Bombs: Realism and Reality
David Gumpert: Old McDonald Had a Farm.and He Got Arrested?
Matthew Yglesias: Disservice Journalism at the Democratic Presidential Debates

Friday, November 16
Anthony Gregory: The Man Who Bombed Hiroshima
Laura Flanders: Pakistan vs. Punditry
Paul Krugman: Obama: Played for a Sucker
Pete Letheby: On the Plains, There's Room Outside the Box
Chris Cooper: Rattus Norvegicus, His Hindquarters, Heaven and Hell, Our Common Purpose, The State of Our Understanding Thus Far
Sarah Anderson: Wal-Mart's New Greenwashing Report
Tom Engelhardt: A Question No One Wants to Raise About Drought
Joan Wile: Grannies Urge Closing the US Bases on Foreign Soil
Olga Bonfiglio: A Review of America's 'Investment' in El Salvador
Jonathan Steele: The Palestinian Path to Peace Does Not Go Via Annapolis
Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater's Brothers
Matthew Duss: Naim Ateek: A History of Nonviolence
John W. Dean: Can Democrats Stop Bush and Cheney fom Depriving the Library of the Papers They Wish to Keep Secret?
Tony Norman: The Gradual Abolition Act of 1780 and the Journey to Freedom?

Thursday, November 15
Jeremy Scahill: Blackwater's Loopholes
Martha Rosenberg: Vioxx Settlement Is Classic Wall Street Denial: Bury the Losses and Say It Never Happened
Juan Gonzalez: Democrats Cowed by GOP Scare Tactics on Immigrants
Cindy Sheehan: The Family That Slays Together
Woody Tasch: $1 Trillion to the Rescue
William Beeman: Sanctions Against Iran Will Cure Nothing
Michel Shehadeh: Charges Dropped Against Last of 'Los Angeles Eight'
Floyd McKay: Blackwater: Bulging Biceps Fueled by Ideological Purity
Haroon Siddiqui: Iraq Crisis' Untold Tales of Refugees
Richard Kim: Bridge Ladies Slammed for Anti-Bush Sign
Adolph Reed Jr.: Sitting Out This Round of Candidate Charades
Leonard Pitts Jr.: Blurring Lines Between Real and Fake
JoJo Farrell: US Media Bias and Recent Student Violence in Venezuela

Wednesday, November 14
Jonathan Schell: The Road from Washington to Karachi to Nuclear Anarchy
Robert Shetterly: Fundamentalism Moves Mountains
Amy Goodman: Studs Terkel: Curiosity Didn't Kill This Cat
Ted Rall: Pakistan's Con Continues
Elizabeth Holtzman: Beyond Mukasey's Confirmation, White House Liability Issues Loom Large
Robert Scheer: Bush Stands by His Dictator
Shepherd Bliss: US Economy-Recession, Depression, or Collapse?
Jeff Leys: Slip Sliding Away: House Votes on Iraq War Funding Today, November 14
Laurie David/Gene Karpinski: Did Tim Russert Get the Memo?
Christopher Hayes: The Coming Foreclosure Tsunami
Joe Brewer: Beyond Extreme: The Illusion of a New Climate Centrism
Joe Volk: The Story of Religion
Christopher Hellman: Here's What America Really Spends on Security
Richard Gwyn: Pessimistic Fuel Report Too Bright
Peter Schaufele: My Father - 30 Year Career U.S. Diplomat - Left Out To Dry
Hamish McRae: These Are Perilous Days for the US

Tuesday, November 13
Pierre Tristam: Hillary Clinton's Foreign Policy: Nothing Wagered, Nothing Learned
Laura Flanders: Victory for Ehren Watada
Charlie Cray/Christopher Hayes: Executive Excess on Capitol Hill
Bob Herbert: Righting Reagan's Wrongs?
Jesse Jackson: 2 Million Homeowners Are Too Many to Fail: We Need Action
John Buell: Wealth Fails to Trickle Down to the Lower, Working Classes
Ralph Nader: Golden Parachutes Instead of Accountability
Desmond Tutu: The Doctrine of Revenge
Bill Christofferson: We Can Help End the War One Third Friday at a Time
Derrick Jackson: Bush's Emotion Without Reflection
Dean Baker: Outsourcing Healthcare
Bill Gallagher: Pelosi, Feinstein Betraying Dems

Monday, November 12
James Carroll: Primitive Impulses of War
Chris Hedges: At the Mercy of the Military
John Nichols: 11th Hour, 11th Day, 11th Month
Danny Schechter: What the FCC Gives with One Hand, It Takes with the Other
Robert Dreyfuss: Who's the Enemy?
Deb Derrick: The VA's Claim Dodge
Leo Hickman: Save Our Seas
Linda Milazzo: The Courage of Kucinich in Pelosi's House of Wacks
Jay Bookman: No Real Control, But We Could Get a Clue
Stephen Zunes: Pakistan's Dictatorships and the United States
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Wiretapping: Think Carefully

Sunday, November 11
Erwin Chemerinsky: Break Through Bush Administration's Executive Privilege Roadblock
Eric Margolis: Who In Pakistan Will Be The First To Blink?
Olga Bonfiglio: An Armistice Day Legacy
Frank Rich: The Coup at Home
Donald Cohen: The Market Made Me Do It: Health Insurance That Disappears When You Need It
Glenn Greenwald: Dianne Feinstein: Bush's Key Ally in The Senate
Craig & Kathie Jamison Cote: Our Son Cannot Win an Iraqi Civil War
Bill C. Davis: WGA Strike: In The Beginning There Was The Word
Robert Fisk: Holocaust Denial in The White House
Haroon Siddiqui: Picking Through Pakistan's Clichés

Saturday, November 10
Norman Mailer: The White Man Unburdened
Naomi Klein: Latin America's Shock Resistance
Tom Hayden: An Appeal to Barack Obama
Bill McKibben: The Unsung Solution: What Rhymes With Waste-Heat Recovery?
Sean Gonsalves: Testing For Intelligence(s)
Clint Talbot: Support The Troops? Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
Ralph Nader: The Price of Oil
John Nichols: Shame on Clinton, Obama, Dodd & Biden for Skipping AG Vote
Virginia Lockett: Have It Both Ways: Perspective From a Progressive Ex-Pat
Christopher Brauchli: Cremation For Free?

Friday, November 09
Glenn Greenwald: What Happened to the Senate's '60-Vote Requirement'?
Imran Khan: The Battle for Pakistan
Jeremy Scahill: All Cowboys Out Now
Cindy Sheehan: Faith and War
Russell Mokhiber: AFL-CIO Leaders Work to Derail Rank and File Drive for Single Payer
Susan Faludi: They Always Play the Gender Card
Amartya Sen: We Can Best Stop Terror by Civil, Not Military, Means
David Michael Green: A Beautiful Corpse: Sixteen Sure Signs That the Regressive Right Is Over
John Nichols: 75 Years Ago FDR Read the Results Right, and Took a Left Turn
Daniel Smith: Paying for the Wars' Wounded
Tony Norman: Congress' Majority Wimps
Paul Krugman: Health Care Excuses
Eugene Robinson: Driving the Masses Mad

Thursday, November 08
Marcus Raskin/Robert Spero: Bush's Dangerous 14 Months-And Ours
Jeff Halper: Whose Road Map?
David Antoon: The Cancer from Within
The Brattleboro Reformer: Move to Impeach Not Another Distraction
Rosa Brooks: Torture: The New Abortion
Avi Lewis: Think Twice Before Imitating the Irish Miracle
Johann Hari: Stop This Strategy of Strangulation
Jon Soltz: Yet Another Alarm Sounded on Homeless Vets and PTSD. But, Who's Listening?
Joliange Wright: Environmentalism With a Social Conscience
Ali Eteraz: Pakistan, Prince of Denmark

Wednesday, November 07
Robert Scheer: Our Man in Pakistan
Amy Goodman: A Vote for Mukasey Is a Vote for Torture
Bonnie Raitt/Harvey Wasserman: No Government Subsidies for New Nuclear Plants
Michael Winship: Why We Want Our Words' Worth
John Dear: The Legacy of Franz Jagerstatter
Joyce Marcel: Hillary and the Rat
Corporate Crime Reporter: Democracy, Corporacracy, Kleptocracy
Lynne Varner: Please, Please, Please FCC
Daniel Smith: Lies Make the War Go Round
Pat LaMarche: Count Votes and Mark a Real Holiday
Ted Rall: The Time-to-Make-the-Doughnuts Candidate
Lewis Diuguid: Building Peace While Picking Up the Pieces
Joe Brewer: Climate and the Psychology of Loss
Michael Schwalbe: Common Wealth and the 'Entirely Self-Made' Myth

Tuesday, November 06
Frida Berrigan: How Much is Enough?
Keith Olbermann: The Presidency Is Now a Criminal Conspiracy
Marie Cocco: Smearing Code Pink
Ira Chernus: US Hypocrisy, and Worse, on Pakistan Democracy
William Greider: Citigroup: Too Big to Fail?
Pierre Tristam: The Madness of Paul Tibbets
Tom Hayden: Rating the Presidential Candidates on Iraq, Another Agonizing Year Ahead
George Monbiot: The Western Appetite for Biofuels Is Causing Starvation in the Poor World
John Laughland: On the Path to Barbarity
Derrick Jackson: Democratic Majority Meaningless Once Again
Haroon Siddiqui: Musharraf Plays His Hand Craftily
James Carroll: For Turkey, the War Is Real
Former US Intelligence Officers: On Mukasey and Waterboarding
Glenn Smith: Slippery Scribes Shaft Striking Screenwriters
James Moore: Freedom's on the March!!!!!
Guy Reel: The Party of Chumps
Jesse Jackson: Trade Pacts Have Paved Way for Toxic Toys

Monday, November 05
Naomi Wolf: A 'Paper Coup,' and Blackwater Eyes Midtown Manhattan
Asma Jahangir: Musharraf Has Lost His Marbles and Is Targeting Progressives
Bianca Jagger: Cluster Bombs and Teddy Bears
Mary Trotochaud: Cluster Bombs in Iraq: The Deadly Footprint
John Nichols: Mukasey Is (Much) Worse Than Gonzales
Jennifer Matesa: Blood Diamonds and Sweatshop Shirts
Madeleine Bunting: The Iraq War Has Become a Disaster That We Have Chosen to Forget
Tom Engelhardt: Advice to a Young Builder in Tough Times
Adrian Boutureira: The Hidden Costs of Free Trade
Neal Peirce: Fire, Water and Denial
Cynthia Tucker: Interrogation Abuses Undercut Our Moral Authority in Eyes of World
Michael Tomasky: This Is One Dangerous Man: It's George Bush with Brains
Paul Krugman: Wobbled by Wealth?

Sunday, November 04
Ian Williams: Déjà Vu All Over Again
Joseph Galloway: Attacking Iran Makes No Sense
Tariq Ali: Pakistan Takes Yet Another Step into the Dark Night
Michael Pollan: Weed It and Reap
Frank Rich: Noun + Verb + 9/11 + Iran = Democrats' Defeat?
César Chelala: Indigenous Rights Champion Fights On
Tom Hayden: San Francisco No Longer Sweat-Free
Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Waterboarding Justice
Rami G. Khouri: Karen Hughes' Two-Year Halloween
Haroon Siddiqui: Humanitarian Tsunami Sweeping Across Iraq

Saturday, November 03
Ray McGovern: Iraq's Early Vietnam Moment
Amitabh Pal: Hiroshima Bomber Unrepentant till Death
John Brown: Karen Hughes: Out to Pasture
Robert Fisk: Rendition: Warning, This Film Could Make You Very Angry
Barbara Ehrenreich: The Gap: New Frontiers in Child Abuse
Josh Freedman Berthoud: Evangelical American Christians & Jews: Friends and Enemies
Christopher Brauchli: 'The Tongue Can No Man Tame'
Tim Rutten: Regarding Media
The Independent/UK: Snowflakes and Scare-Mongering

Friday, November 02

Medea Benjamin: George Bush and CODEPINK: Women for Peace
John Nichols: Frances Moore Lappé's Recipe for Radical Renewal
Chris Cooper: It Don't Look Like They're Here to Deliver the Mail
David Haven Blake: Prophetic Face in the Crowd
Naomi Klein: Rapture Rescue 911: Disaster Response for the Chosen
Robert Shetterly: Mountaintop Removal and Kitty Genovese
John Dean: Political Processes Matter
Tony Norman: The Tortured Logic of the Torturers
Paul Krugman: Prostates and Prejudices
Robert Naiman: Deescalate with Iran: Free the Irbil Five
Arnie Alpert: Clinton Must Speak Clearly on Nukes
Arianna Huffington: Unhinged: Giuliani Buys Into His Own Testosterone-Fueled Myth
Helen Thomas: Giuliani Follows Hard-Liners' Script

Thursday, November 01

David Bromwich: The Power of Inspection and the Claim of Impeachment
Arthur Magida: Disconnect Between Anti-War Activism Then and Now
Mike Davis: San Diego Builds a Statue to an Arsonist
Stacy Bannerman: War IS a Women's Issue, Senator Clinton
Karen Dugdale: The Untold Stories of Late Abortions
Rosa Brooks: Mukasey's Black Magic on Torture
Paul Waldman: Tim Russert: Stop the Inanity
Haroon Siddiqui: Iraq's Little-Known Humanitarian Crisis
Seumas Milne: The Siege of Gaza Is Going to Lead to a Violent Escalation
John Nichols: Kucinich's Challenge
Simon Tisdall: Facing Defeat in Afghanistan
Shahid Masood: Where Wrongs Make Right

October 2007




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