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March 2007

Saturday, March 31
Joel McNally: A Cluster Bomb Treaty: Again, It's the U.S. vs the World
Robert Kuttner: Comeback Attempt For The Labor Movement
Derrick Jackson: Football Socialism
David Segal/Miguel Luna: U.S. Shares Blame For Immigration Woes
Michael Evans: 'Para-politics' Goes Bananas
Salam Fayyad: Palestinian Hope Held Hostage
Joel McNally: Today's Young Protesters Get No Adult Sympathy
Kenro Oshidari/Felix Bamezon: Darfurian Crisis Spreads
Terry Jones: Call That Humiliation?
>Felicity Arbuthnot: 'Cruel, Callous, Inhumane and Unacceptable.'
Christopher Brauchli: What's In A Lie?

Friday, March 30
Elizabeth Holtzman/Cynthia Cooper: Questions For Karl Rove - and President Bush
Matthew Norman: We've Lost The Authority to Lecture Iran
Diann Rust-Tierney: Alberto Gonzales and the Death Penalty
Richard Behan: George Bush's Land Mine
Robert Naiman: The Courage To Withdraw
Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity: Brinkmanship Unwise in Uncharted Waters
Andrew Fiala: Seeing The Suffering We Cause
John Nichols: Time is Right For Impeachment Vote
Tom Engelhardt: Diplomats to the Sidelines
Andrew Greeley: Bush Team Is Adept Only at Bungling
Christopher Phelps: The New SDS
Ronan Bennett: A Peculiar Outrage
Jonathan Steele: Brown Should Take His Lead on Iraq From the Democrats
Ryan Blethen: Feisty, Independent Newspapers Help Democracy Function
New York Times: Story Time in The Senate
David Sirota: Windows Into Populism's Rise

Thursday, March 29
Tara McKelvey: 'We Were Torturing People For No Reason'
William Greider: Message To The Man In The Bunker
Liliana Segura: Prosecutors and the Death Penalty
Gwynne Dyer: Better That Iranians Didn't Go After Yanks
Katherine Pryor: New Voices For A New War
Sarah Olson: Opposition to the War Growing Among Troops
LJ Williamson: Let Kids Outdoors
Jay Bookman: Will Congress Finally Dare To Tell Bush No?
Elizabeth Sullivan: Putting Out Fires Again in Tal Afar
Garrison Keillor: The Day Mr. Bush Left The White House For A Stroll In The Park
Marie Cocco: No Longer Bush's War But The GOP's
Helena Coban: How Analysts in The Arab World See The Iraq War
Liza Featherstone: Buddying Up With Walmart
Matthew Rothschild: Bush Plays Superhero in Iraq
Joseph Rich: Bush's Long History of Tilting Justice

Wednesday, March 28
Amy Goodman: American Kangaroo Court Claims Its First Victim
Robert Scheer: Pentagon Cowers Behind Wordplay
Heather Wokusch: Easter Surprise: Attack on Iran, New 9/11. or Worse
David Michael Green: Torture Her!
Mark Morford: When Liberals Rule The World
Mary Beth Sullivan: Conversion for Survival
Theo Stein: This Is How The Train Goes Completely Off The Tracks
Dean Baker: Thailand Takes the Lead in Promoting Free Trade
Dave Lindorff: Impeachment, Like Spring, is in the Air
Bryan Farrell: Hooked On Weapons: Unfortunately It's Us
Peter Rothberg: Exxon's Shame
David Case: Iraq Needs Educated Who Flee Terror
David Corn: The Cunningham Scandal: A White House Link?
Matthew Rothschild: Iran Plays Into Bush's Hand
Milton Viorst: Richard Nixon's Mideast Blunder

Tuesday, March 27
Thom Hartmann: James Madison - "Impeach Bush Over Purgegate!"
Sam Provance: The American Ghosts of Abu Ghraib
Laura Flanders: No Special Rights
Pierre Tristam: Past Due: Constructive National Self-Examination
Corporate Crime Reporter: The Corporate Crime of Selling Private Health Insurance
Harvey Wasserman: Can Al Gore Get Us to Solartopia?
Mia Farrow: Divesting From Sudan
George Monbiot: If We Want To Save The Planet, We Need a Five-Year Freeze on Biofuels
John Nichols: Getting Serious About the "I" Word
Jesse Jackson: Young African-American Boys Are In Crisis - And Nation Is Silent
Stewart Acuff: Health Care and the Freedom to Form Unions
Michael Winship: A False Sense of Security

Monday, March 26
James Carroll: Americans Face A Moral Reckoning
Tom Stoppard: We Must Speak Up For The Dead and Dispossessed in An Epidemic of Rage
Elizabeth Quinn: 666 Days Left For The Devil Down In DC
Carol Rose & Christopher Ott: Inhumane Raid Was Just One of Many
Paul Krugman: Emerging Republican Minority
Tom Engelhardt: Demobilizing America
Harold Meyerson: Did God Create Them - Male and Female and Gay?
Bob Edgar: Ending Debt Slavery
Ramzy Baroud: The Arab Peace Initiative and the Changing Middle East
Dave Lindorff: Why Dick and Nancy Will Never be President via Impeachment
Neal Peirce: Challenge Created On The Homefront

Sunday, March 25
Nicholas von Hoffman: Al Gore, Global Statesman
Arundhati Roy: On India's Growing Violence: 'It's Outright War and Both Sides are Choosing Their Weapons'
New York Times: The President's Prison
Leonard Pitts: The Administration Thinks You're Stupid
Jeffrey Chester: The War Against Google
David Caploe: It's Not About the Troops - Either Way
Barry Lando: Brits in the Gulf: Playing with Fire
Jonathan Chait: Why the Right Goes Nuclear Over Global Warming
Roger Doiron: The 100-Foot Diet
Pat Elder: Counter-Recruitment Deserves Higher Priority on the Peace Agenda

Saturday, March 24
Howard Zinn: Are We Politicians or Citizens?
Arianna Huffington: The War on Drugs' War on Minorities
Scott Ritter: Calling Out Idiot America
Jennifer Washburn: Big Oil Buys Berkeley
Christopher Brauchli: Echoes of Reconstruction Rhetoric Near and Far
Robert Fisk: The Crushing Fear That Stalks America
Danny Schechter: Let's Broaden Our Focus To Include Economic Issues
Sean Gonsalves: What's An Opinion Worth?
Günter Grass, et al: Darfur: A Letter From Europe's Leading Writers
Matthew Rothschild: Gonzales Lied Before, to Congress
Mark Morford: Is Your Fetus Republican
Derrick Jackson: Science Starts To Fight Back

Friday, March 23
Naomi Klein: Class War in Conrad's Court
Peter Barnes: A Convenient Windfall: Global Warming's Big Cash Dividend
James Moore: Don't Expect The Truth From Rove
Fitrakis/Wasserman: Explosive New Vote Fraud Developments Continue To Rock Ohio and Florida
Cindy Sheehan: No Taxation Without Representation
John Dean: New Developments in the U.S. Attorney Controversy
David Benjamin: That Thin Line Between National Policy and Sheer Lunacy
Ellen Goodman: Now They're Campaigning On A Wing and A Prayer
John Nichols: Lee, Woolsey, Waters, Watson Back Pelosi Bill
Meghann Farnsworth: Girl On Fire: Confessions of a Former Journalistic Neophyte
David Michael Green: Afghanistan Proves It
Caroline Arnold: To Stop War Crimes, Impeach The War Criminal

Thursday, March 22
Bill Moyers: A Time For Anger, A Call To Action
Stan Cox: Down-To-A-Trickle Economics
Tamara Dietrich: What's Red, White And Blue With Black Eye?
John Nichols: The Decider is Delusional
Joyce Marcel: Come Together Right Now - Over Him
Jay Bookman: Slavery An Integral Part of Nation's Shared Ancestry
Wenonah Hauter: Bush Administration Marks World Water Day by Shirking Responsibility to Fund Clean and Safe Water for America
Peter Tatchell: Why Has The Left Gone Soft On Human Rights?
Peter Rothberg: Students Against The War
Anne Thompson: March Badness
Scott Klinger: World Water Day: A Drop In The Bucket
Ronald Sokol: The Right To Die

Wednesday, March 21
Deborah Morse-Kahn: Old Fighters On A New Front
John Stauber: 96% of MoveOn Members Did Not Show Support for the Pelosi Bill
Bill McKibben: Global Warming Can't Buy Happiness
Cindy Sheehan: White Hot Rage
Marcus Raskin: You Want A New Direction? Here's One
Don Rose: Belated Remorse Can't Excuse Iraq War Votes
Derrick Jackson: What American Sacrifice?
Ted Rall: Conservatism is Dead. Long Live Fictional Conservatism!
New York Times: What People Really Need
Simon Jenkins: Poor Iraq. First The Lies and Now, Even Worse: More Help
Robert Scheer: Man Who Toppled Hussein Statue Has Regrets
Spencer Quong: The Car of Tomorrow Is Here
John Nichols: Kucinich: "I'm Talking About Impeachment"
Corporate Crime Reporter: Jim Cramer Comes Clean
Dean Baker: Celebrating Waste: Praise for the Medicare Drug Benefit

Tuesday, March 20
Adil Shamoo: The Problem With Building An Embassy Fit For An Empire
Fitrakis/Wasserman: Blowback from Ohio's 2004 Stolen Election is Escalating
Pierre Tristam: Four Years and A Weak Punch Line Later, The Joke's On Us
Larry Kramer: Why Do Straights Hate Gays?
Sami Ramadani: In Iraq, Public Anger Is At Last Translating Into Unity
Jesse Jackson: A Job For The U.S.: Make Economy Fair
John Buell: Unions, Worker Rights And Economic Progress
Sean Gonsalves: It's Asymmetrical, My Dear Watson
Tom Gallagher: San Francisco Democrats Tell Pelosi To Vote Against Iraq War Funding
Joseph Palermo: Bush's Shame: From "Biscuit" Teams to PTSD
Danny Schechter: The Politics of Music and Music As Politics

Monday, March 19
John Stauber/Sheldon Rampton: Why Won't MoveOn Move Forward?
Medea Benjamin: After Four Years of War, Congress Should Cut the Funds
Richard Behan: Impeachment As An Act of Patriotism
Joseph Gerson: "Enduring" U.S. Bases in Iraq: Monopolizing the Middle East Prize
Katrina Vanden Heuvel: End the War (On Terror)
James Carroll: The Many Forms of Fundamentalism
Kitty Kelley: Why Aren't The Bush Daughters In Iraq?
Jay Bookman: Gonzales' Lies Give Justice a Dirty Name
Anthony Arnove: Billboarding the Iraqi Disaster
Rosa María Pegueros: General Peter Pace, Have You Ever Been To a Prostitute?

Friday, March 16

Rebecca Solnit: Unstable Foundations: Not Forgetting New Orleans
Jeremy Scahill: Bush's Shadow Army
Elizabeth DiNovella: Salvador Option Surfaces Again
Michael McPhearson: Sitting in to Stop the War
Sam Harris: God's Dupes
Amy Goodman: Father Turns his Grief into Action
Danny Schechter: How True Are the True Confessions of the Terror Mastermind?
Dianne Farsetta: Moore Spin: Or, How Reporters Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Nuclear Front Groups
Joe 'Chip' Pitts: The End of Illegal Domestic Spying? Don't Count on It
David Michael Green: The Sport of King George
Stephen Kinzer: The Peril of Taking on Iran
Helen Thomas: Gonzales Needs to Remember Loyalties

Thursday, March 15

Ira Chernus: The 'Support our Troops' Myths
Costello/Brecher/Smith: Sí Es Verdad: The Immigration Debate and Bush's Trip to Latin America
Lisa Nilles: What We Need: Single Payer, a Single Plan
John Pilger: The Liberal War on Democracy
Dean Baker: Safe Ground in a Housing Market Meltdown?
George Lakoff/Glenn Smith: Making Accountability Accountable
Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity: Denouement on Iraq: First Stop the Bleeding
Paul Rogat Loeb: Fraudulent Firing
Anya Kamenetz: Whose Mortgage Crisis?
Stephen Zunes: Iraq: The Failures of Democratization
Elizabeth Sullivan: Who's Minding Bush's Minions?
William Greider: Hubris in High Places

Wednesday, March 14

Rebecca Solnit: Was I a Good American in the Time of George Bush?
Paul Waldman: All the Rage: There's No Denying It, We Progressives are Angry
Ted Rall: Suckered Again: Abandonment of Vets is a Military Tradition
Bill C. Davis: The Irony of General Peter Pace
Marion Bascom/Andrew Foster Connors: Time for Christians to Preach Peace
Joe Brewer: When Climate Message is Strong, Attack the Messenger!
Robert Freeman: Henry Paulson's Delusional View of the US Economy
Heather Wokusch: Crouching Tiger, Tumbling US Economy
Tom Engelhardt: A Journalist Writing Bloody Murder. and No One Notices
Walter Dellinger/Christopher Schroeder: The Purse Isn't Congress's Only Weapon
Robert Scheer: Dick Cheney: His Own Worst Enemy
Matthew Rothschild: Cheney at AIPAC: It's the US and Israel Against All Comers
New York Times: Politics, Pure and Cynical

Tuesday, March 13
Norman Solomon: The Pragmatism of Prolonged War
Antonia Juhasz: Whose Oil Is It, Anyway?
Helen Zia: Casualties of War -- Who Weeps for Abeer?
HDS Greenway: 'Surge' Doomed to Final Failure
Jesse Jackson: Activist Judge Takes Aim at Gun Law
Pierre Tristam: A World of Difference in Power that Shuns Brawn for Supremacy
Jeremy Brecher/Brendan Smith: Guantánamo, Dred Scott and the Amistad
Tom Engelhardt: Surge Creep
Linda O'Brien: What's It All About, Nancy? Once Again, the Dems have Betrayed the Safety of the U.S. to Protect their Political Careers
Sean Gonsalves: Defense Department Needs a Partner
Stewart Acuff: United and in Motion for Workers' Rights

Monday, March 12
Medea Benjamin: A New Network Forms to Close US Overseas Military Bases
James Carroll: 60 Years of Faulty Logic
Patti Smith: Ain't it Strange? Ruminations on Being Inducted into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame
John Nichols: Honoring Our Rock and Roll Tom Paine
Michael Schwartz: Surge and Destroy: The Brutality Escalates in Iraq
Bruce Barnbaum: It's Expensive to Ignore Global Warming
Salim Lone: The Last Thing We Need: The New US Command for Africa will Militarize the Continent and Inflame a String of Regional Conflicts
Gene Racz: Can the White House Lie to Congress, then Punish Whistle Blowers?
Cynthia Tucker: Libby Not the Only Liar
Danny Schechter: An Open Letter To Bono Re: Debt Relief
Madeleine Bunting: This Cynical Ideology of Individual Selfishness is a Relic of the Cold War
Matthew Rothschild: University of Nebraska Sues Chertoff
David Helvarg: Troubled Waters on UN Oceans Treaty

Sunday, March 11

Tina Richards: How Will We End this War?
Saree Makdisi: Why Does The Times Recognize Israel's 'Right to Exist'?
Les Payne: Libby Trial Revealed his Bosses' Mind-Set
New York Times: The Failed Attorney General
Wayne Clark: Mourning in America: Captain America is Dead, and We Are Left on Our Own to Fight Our Battles
Robert Weitzel: America's Perpetual Nuclear War
Nancy Tuana/Donald Brown: US Has a Moral Duty to Lead in Climate Fix
Karen Horst Cobb: Time for Reform: It is to Reclaim Christianity

Saturday, March 10
Jeremy Scahill/Garrett Ordower: KBR's $400 Million Iraq Question
Laura Carlsen: Bush Tour Seeks to Drive a Wedge in Plans for Latin American Unity
John Nichols: George McGovern to Cheney: Resign
Robert Kuttner: Cheney's Still Dangerous
Caroline Arnold: Boundaries, Benchmarks and Bright Lines
Matthew Rothschild: Congress Has More than Purse Power over War
Ralph Nader: Bush Twins to Iraq
Frank Smyth: Bush's Brush with Latin America's Drug Lords
Philip Agee: A Shameful Injustice: Cuba's 50-year defiance of US attempts to isolate it is an inspiration to Latin America's People
Christopher Bruachli: Fiscal 'Responsibility' and Punishing Children

Friday, March 9
Karen Greenberg: 'Guantanamo Is Not a Prison': 11 Ways to Report on Gitmo without Upsetting the Pentagon
Robert Dreyfuss: Iraq: Pulled Out Or Pushed Out
Noam Chomsky: A Predator Becomes More Dangerous When Wounded
Rosa Brooks: Our Human Rights Hypocrisy
Ray McGovern: There's Still Time To Rethink Iran
John Nichols: Dems Aren't Urgent Enough About Withdrawal
Stephen Zunes: Hillary Clinton's Hawkish Record
Bob St. Peter: You Can't Eat Gasoline: Big Food's Lie About Feeding the World
Antonia Zerbisias: Damn Ann Coulter but Don't Ban Her for F-Word
Cynthia McLean: Tribute to Molly Ivins: I Ain't No Baby Boomer!
David Michael Green: Your Genitals: The Great Moral Issue of our Time

Thursday, March 8
Amy Goodman: Belafonte Protects the Soul of Struggle
Ray McGovern: Why Cheney Lost It When Joe Wilson Spoke Out
John Nichols: Hold Dick Cheney to Account
Isabel Hilton: Bush in Latin America: A Dark Underbelly of Mass Graves and Electoral Fraud
David Sirota: Dems' Big Middle Finger to the American Voter
Brigitte Schöen: The V-Word
Imbert Matthee: Cluster Bombs Leave a Lethal Legacy
Andrew Murray: No, Capitalism is Not the Only Way to Order Human Affairs
Heather Wokusch: War on Terror, War on Women
Maxine Waters: Bring All Troops Home Now
Richard Thieme: Entitlement and Empire
Frank O'Donnell: Indulging In Carbon
Roy Ulrich: The People vs. The Corporation: Guess Who Wins

Wednesday, March 7
Mark Engler: Bush's Spring Break
John Nichols: Vermont Votes to Impeach Bush/Cheney
Ted Rall: Limited Options and Endless Possibilities
David Sirota: Congress's Upcoming "Free" Trade Brawl: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Michele Simon: Do Trans-Fat Bans Miss the Bigger Picture?
Joyce Marcel: How Does an Era End?
Floyd McKay: Don't Let The Neocons Call The Shots On Iran
Corporate Crime Reporter: It's the Political Economy, Stupid
Matthew Miller: Ghawar Is Dead! The Wide-Spread Use of Advanced Extraction Techniques are Killing the Mother of All Oil Fields
Ruth Conniff: Walter Reed Shows Administration Priorities
Yifat Susskind: Iraq's Other War: Violence against Women Under US Occupation
Robert Naiman: Obama Voted to Protect Civilians from Cluster Bombs. Where Were Clinton, Biden, and Dodd?
Tom Englehardt: Hostages to Policy: What We Know About Waste and War in Iraq
Lawrence Smith Jr: Protect The Planet, and Hurry
Robert Scheer: Coulter's Slur Puts Spotlight on Edwards

Tuesday, March 6
Dave Lindorff: Libbygate: Now Let's Get to the Real Story
Pete McCloskey: When Politics Infects Justice
John MacArthur: US Must Decide Who Gets Left Behind
Cindy Sheehan: Vermont: The Land of Hope
Pierre Tristam: When Teaching The Liberal Arts Becomes An Un-American Activity
John Buell: Can We Expect an Attack on Iran Next?
Corporate Crime Reporter: John Edwards' Big Lie
Tad Daley: What Would You Do if You Were Iran?
John Nichols: The Next Mission: Removing a Tyrant
John Campbell: Reflections on China's Growing CO2 Emissions
Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Cluster Bombs and New Nukes
Dean Baker: The Housing Bubble Starts to Burst
Michael Winship: The Voyage of the Snark

Monday, March 5
James Carroll: Candidates' Stories Tell Us What We've Become
Beth Quinn: It's Time to Create a Little Shock and Awe in the Streets
Robert Borosage: When's The Idea Primary?
Shirin Shokouhi: Mandating America to Treatment - A Counselor's Perspective
Gary Younge: The Web Works for the Grassroots, but Political Power Still Lies with the Few
Larry Beinhart: Capitalism 104
Debi Smith: February's Fallen
Robert Parry: Bush Family's Prosecutor Games
Danny Schechter: Producer Protests Dissing of Docs at Oscars
Joseph Palermo: Ann Coulter Hates the Troops
Sean Gonsalves: Getting from 'Here' to 'There'
Helena Cobban: Human Rights, Democracy, the US, and Syria

Sunday, March 4
New York Times: The Must-Do List
Eric Margolis: Cheney's Visit to Afghanistan Proved That Continuing the War There is Futile
AC Grayling: Good men in a mad, bad world
Haroon Siddiqui: Memo to Canada: Might Won't Win in Afghanistan
Clay Evans: Killing Dogs To Make A Sale
Joseph Gerson: Beyond Empire and the Bomb

Saturday, March 3
John Nichols: Vermont Puts Impeachment on the Table
Scott Ritter: See Hillary Run (from Her Husband's Past on Iraq)
Khaled El-Masri: I Am Not a State Secret
Robert Kuttner: Beware of Corporate Do-Gooding
Christopher Brauchli: Bush Never Runs Out of Ideas for Pranks to Play on the World
Derrick Jackson: Tobacco Firms Breathe Easily
Ralph Nader: Republicans are Flummoxed When It Comes to Senator Clinton

Friday, March 2
Anya Kamenetz/David Donnelly: Mitch McConnell's Debt
Rosa Brooks: The Lunatic Right Returns
David Michael Green: 'Others To Choose From'
Elizabeth Sprio Clark: A Chance To Avoid War With Iran
Ira Chernus: Will We Suffer from the Iraq Syndrome?
Helen Thomas: Bush Doesn't Think Father Knows Best
Lt. Gen. Robert Gard/Travis Sharp: The Flawed Surge
Bryan Farrell: Jefferson's Moral Code for Congress
John Nichols: Journalistic Responsibility and the Human Face of Iraq
John Borowski: Teachers: Before Using an "Inconvenient Truth" in Classrooms, Show "Oil on Ice"
Corporate Crime Reporter: Zuckerman Spaeder's Fernandez Says Prosecutor Kromberg Has Apparent Bias Against Muslims
Michael Parenti: The Stolen Election of 2004

Thursday, March 1
Andrew Bacevich: Rescinding the Bush Doctrine
Robert Koehler: Hold the Mushrooms: Cancellation of Divine Strake is a Great Victory, At a Tragically High Cost
Stacy Bannerman: Broken by this War
Laura Carlsen: Migrants: Globalization's Junk Mail?
Todd Huffman: George's War
Ned Lamont: The Real Choice on Iraq
Robert Reich: Time to Join a Union (Or At Least Have the Right to)
John Logan: Who's Afraid of the Employee Free Choice Act?
Dan Bacher: Peace Advocates Question Rep. Doris Matsui about Why She Supports Funding Iraq War
Ethan Nadelmann: Mexico President Calderon Should Not Repeat Drug War Failures of the Past
Rhonda Chriss Lokeman: Tony Blair's the Real Decider
Max Fraad Wolff/Stephen Julias: Global Vacuum: Contested and Absent Leadership

February 2007




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