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April 2007

Monday, April 30
Phil Worden: Has Bush Committed Impeachable Acts?
Larry Johnson et al: An Open Letter to George Tenet
Arianna Huffington: Why Didn't George Tenet Just Resign?
Jay Bookman: Rumbles in Military Hint at Change
Robert Jensen: Anti-Capitalism in Five Minutes or Less
Ray McGovern: Sorry They've Been So Mean To You, George
Bruce Friedrich: Leather: Dead Skin, Environmental Nightmare
Jeremy Scahill: Who Will Stop the U.S. Shadow Army in Iraq?
Susan Deans: Censoring Science: Climate-change Info Redacted
Gary Younge: The Iraq War Is Over. It Is The Moment for Democrats To Show Real Leadership
Niall Ferguson: What War?
Dan Hamburg: Why There Was No Exit Plan

Sunday, April 29
Michael Byers: Is Canada's Defence Minister a War Criminal?
César Chelala: Changing Cultures To Value Women
Emmanuel Jal: I Fought As A Child Soldier in Sudan. And I Say Act Now on Darfur
Frank Rich: All the President's Press
Larry Beinhart: The Republican Disease vs. Reality
Sean Gonsalves: Growing a Rose in a Concrete Garden
Heather Wokusch: From Baghdad to the Brig: A Reluctant Hero for Our Times
Tom Hayden: The Next Step: No Taxes For Torture
Monica Benderman: Selling Out - or Building a Bridge

Saturday, April 28
Cindy Skrzycki: Too Many Hazardous Waste Sites In Minority Areas
A Guardian Editorial: Going Green and Meaning It
Frida Berrigan: A War By Any Other Name
Robert Kuttner: Hedging Disaster
Mario Cuomo: In 2008, Dems Can't Afford To Play It Safe
John Nichols: Spell It Out: I-M-P-E-A-C-H
Harvey Wasserman: Chernobyl Reminds Us that Nukes are NOT Green
Christopher Brauchli: Instability, Chaos, Violence Born of Unstable, Irresponsible, and Dangerous Leaders
Jeffrey Buchanan: Conquering Poverty with Politicos or Pop Stars?
Jacqueline Kim: Intention to Heal: In The Aftermath of The Blacksburg Killings
General William Odom: Bush Has Gone AWOL
Danny Schechter: A Media Scandal A Day Keeps The Ratings In Play
Salim Lone: Inside Africa's Guantánamo

Friday, April 27
Naomi Klein: Sacrificial Wolfie
Phyllis Bennis/Robert Jensen: Moving Beyond Anti-War Politics
Greg Palast: U.S. Media Have Lost The Will To Dig Deep
Laura Flanders: Reality Check
David Michael Green: Schadenfreude Is My Middle Name
Rosa Brooks: 9/11 Was Bad, But .
Mark Weisbrot: Economic Misinformation Plays Major Role in French Election
David Bromwich: Slavery in Guantanamo
César Chelala: The Rights and Wrongs of Owning Guns
Ellen Goodman: Regulating Women
Julia Sweig: A New Stance Toward Havana
John Diaz: On The Government's 'Watch-List'
Ryan Blethen: Big Media's Assault on Democracy
Rosa María Pegueros: Before There Is Nothing Left

Thursday, April 26
Scott Ritter: Mr. Bush, Tear Down These Walls!
Johann Hari: The Real Scandal At The World Bank
Mairead Corrigan Maguire: End the Occupation Now
David Sirota: When Journalism Became Transcription and Reporting Disappeared
Philip Kovacs: Eli Broad and Bill Gates: New American Propagandists
Jeremy Brecher and Brendan Smith: The "Stab in the Back" Trap
David Evers/Charles Driscoll Jr.: The Danger Downwind
Joe Conason: Putting Our Worst Foot Forward
Matthew Rothschild: Kudos to Kucinich, But There's More to Impeach Cheney For
Clint Talbot: Our Secret Detentions: Look Who Defends Them
Dave Lindorff: No Bees? Not Just Strange, But Scary
Peter Rothberg: School of the Americas: Shut It Down
Andrew Cockburn: The Puppet Who Cleared The Way For Iraq's Destruction
Bob Herbert: Hooked on Violence

Wednesday, April 25
Sally Kohn: When In Doubt, Build A Wall
Amy Goodman: U.S. Frees International Terrorist
Robert Scheer: Bush Blames The Troops
Pat LaMarche: President Bush Standing By His Man, To A Fault
Bob Fitrakis/Harvey Wasserman: Are Rove's Missing E-mails the Smoking Guns of the Stolen 2004 Election?
Pierre Tristam: Blind To The Viscera of Violence In Hypocrisy's Airbrush of War
William Hartung: Anti-Missile Missiles in Europe
Anne Miller/Kevin Martin: Memo to the Candidates: If not You, then Who? If not Now, then When?
Joseph Gerson: Obama's Foreign & Military Policies: Old Wine in a New Bottle?
Dian Harriso/Suzanne Poppema: Abortion Ban - Myth vs. Reality
David Corn: Rove's Newest Investigator Is Under Investigation
Kevin Tillman: Deliberate Acts of Deceit
Cindy Sheehan: The Yellow Badge of Cowardice
Robert Naiman: Irish Peace Laureate Shot By Israeli Troops at Non-Violent Protest - Why Isn't This News?
John Brown: The Cho in the White House
Derrick Jackson: Democrats Still Silent On Gun Control

Tuesday, April 24
George McGovern: Cheney Is Wrong About Me, Wrong About War
David Halberstam: A Letter To My Daughter
Naomi Wolf: Fascist America, in 10 Easy Steps
Greg Mitchell: 'Devastating' Moyers Probe of Press and Iraq
David Sirota: Selling Out to K Street Is "A Lot of Fun!"
Dean Baker: For the Sake of the Planet, Privatize Amtrak
Caryl Rivers: Selling Anxiety
Corporate Crime Reporter: At Philadelphia Inquirer, Citizens Bank Crushes the Illusion of Objectivity
Marie Cocco: Life, Death and Politics
Ralph Nader: Earth Day at 37
Mike McCarthy: Another Alarm Bell In A Global Wake-Up
George Monbiot: The Best Way To Give The Poor A Real Voice Is Through a World Parliament
Thomas Homer-Dixon: Terror in the Weather Forecast
Dahr Jamail: The Iraqi Crisis That Has No Name
Eugene Robinson: Mr. Bush, Tear Down That Wall

Monday, April 23
Harvey Wasserman: Corporate Accountability is this Earth Day's Inconvenient Truth
Ray McGovern: Levin Gives Cheney Reason To Smirk
Beth Quinn: So Girls, Did You Notice You Were Raped Last Week?
Jerry Lanson: They Call This The News?
Jane Goodall: Life Is Hanging By A Thread
Linda Milazzo: Milking The Mayhem and Baiting For More
James Carroll: The Two Types of Violence
Dave Lindorff: Huge Win for Impeachment in Vermont
Paul Krugman: A Hostage Situation
Chris Hedges: Jesus 'Love Bombs' You
Danny Schechter: Reading Between The Lines to Find The Bottom Line
Jorge Robledo: The FTA Between Colombia and the US Cannot be Salvaged
Jay Bookman: Fervent Faith in Fair Tax Defies Reason
Jeff Chang/Dave Zirin: Hip-Hop Is Not The Problem
Don Fitz: Consume Like There's No Tomorrow

Saturday, April 21
E.O. Wilson: Acting Now To Save Life On Earth
Margaret Carlson: Hand Gonzales, Wolfowitz Pink Slips
Robert Kuttner: Privatizing and Profiteering
Christopher Brauchli: The Apology People
Robert Naiman: What Price for an "Advisory" Timetable? Bar an Unauthorized Attack on Iran
Matthew Rothschild: Gonzales Slips on the Stand
Brattleboro Reformer: Leading by Example: Vermont State Senate Moves Forward On Impeachment
Peter Rothberg: The Kids Are Alright (Part 2)

Friday, April 20
Bill McKibben: Finally, An Earth Day With Promise
Polly Toynbee: We Need To Focus On This Week's Deaths In Iraq - They Belong To Us
Norman Solomon: Bowing Down to Our Own Violence
Teresa Stack: Public Service Is Not All About Glory
Helen Thomas: Putting the Gone in Gonzales?
David Swanson: Putting the Gone in Gonzales?
Amy Isaacs: Labor Law Reform is Essential to Reviving America's Beleaguered Middle-Class
David Michael Green: Dark of Heartness, Part II
Steven Lendman: New US Postal Rates Undermine Small Publications
John Seager: Effective Way To Fight Global Warming
James Hansen: Why We Can't Wait
Sarah Olson: Another Soldier AWOL Rather Than Deploying to Iraq
Matthew Rothschild: Neanderthal Supreme Court Decision on Abortion
Paul Krugman: The Plot Against Medicare

Thursday, April 19
Sarah Stapleton-Gray: A Culture of Life?
John Nichols: Impeach Cheney First?
Ellen Goodman: Governing the Womb
Brita Sydhoff: Why We Must Tell Truth About Torture
Joan Vennochi: The White House Truth Gap
Harvey Wasserman: Is "Green" Tom Friedman The New Eco-Orwell of Solartopia?
Diane Farsetta: Privatizing Public Diplomacy
Philip Kovacs: Democracy and Education
Louis Freedberg: The Human Face of Death
Karen Houppert: Curbing Abortion Rights
Marie Cocco: Politics Aside, Guns Still Kill
Matthew Rothschild: When "Good Politics" Gets Lethal
Ruth Conniff: Obama on Our Violent Culture
Clint Talbot: Sudan's 'Last Chance'
Isaiah Poole: Sallie Mae's Menage À Trois

Wednesday, April 18
Amy Goodman: Patriot's Day: Stop the Violence
Floyd Rudmin: 32 Senseless Deaths: A Chance for Empathy, Change of Heart, and Change of Course
Kerry Kennedy: Farmworkers Bring Down the Golden Arches
Kirk Johnson: Hounded by Insurgents, Abandoned by Us
Paul Rogat Loeb: Target Global Warming, Target Exxon
Floyd McKay: Congress Should Return Public Records To The Public
Bonnie Erbe: Now Has It Been Enough Gun Violence?
Tom Engelhardt: Words to Die For
Robert Scheer: Heck of a Job, Wolfie
Michael Colby: Antiwar Sit-Ins: A Personal Perspective
William Spady: Federal Education Reform Policy: World-Class Potential or Tragedy in the Making?
John Podesta: Officials Owe Americans, Congress The Truth
Paul Buchheit: Arming Ourselves as the World Burns
Ted Nace: Time to Do the Math in Iraq
Dean Baker: Containing CEO Pay: A Case of Government Efficiency
Peter Singer: Give Us A Smile

Tuesday, April 17
Robert McChesney: Post Office to the First Amendment: Drop Dead
Katrina Vanden Huevel: Beyond Thoughts and Prayers
Joshua Lozman/Lainie Rutkow: Time for America To Stand Up For Children's Rights
Bill McKibben: Green Activists Stepped It Up
John MacArthur: The Vast Power of the Saudi Lobby
John Nichols: A Tragedy of Monumental Proportions.
Brooke Shelby Biggs: Life in Solitary Confinement: 12,775 Days Alone
Eugene Robinson: One Word Describes These Bush Cronies: Unbelievable
Harvey Wasserman: This Earth Day
Danny Schechter: A Student Crisis
Robert Naiman: Is the U.S. Government Planning for Withdrawal from Iraq?
Rupert Cornwall: Will This Terrible Day In Virginia Be Enough to Dent America's Love Affair With Guns?
Sean Gonsalves: The Expert and Public Opinion Gap
Clint Talbot: More Campus Carnage: Analysis Begins Too Soon After Tragedy
Howard Friel: On Finkelstein and Dershowitz
Michael Winship: Va. Tech: People Kill People - With Guns

Monday, April 16
Ralph Nader: Outrageous Words, Outrageous Deeds
Gore Vidal: Hail and Farewell: The End of the American Empire
James Carroll: New Thinking To Save The Earth
Greg McPherson: Leafy, Green and Good
Neal Peirce: Pedal Pushers Making Headway
Dilip Hiro: Sadr's Rising Star to Eclipse Bush's Surge?
Camillo Bica: Collateral Damage: A Military Euphemism for Murder
George Lakoff/Bruce Budner: Progressive Taxation: Some Hidden Truths

Sunday, April 15
Benjamin Barber: Overselling Capitalism with Consumerism
H. Candace Gorman: Kangaroo Tribunals Give a Kafkaesque Edge to Guantanamo
Stephen Soldz: Psychology and Coercive Interrogations in Historical Perspective
Eric Margolis: Afghanistan Fight Will Only Get Tougher
Elizabeth DiNovella: The War of Ideas
Al Meyeroff: Science For Sale at UC Berkeley - Also Known As 'UCBP'
Frank Rich: Everybody Hates Don Imus
Stéphane Dion: Time To Put Big Industry On a Carbon Diet
Rupert Cornwell: Out of America
Haroon Siddiqui: Let Canada Lead Peace Drive in Afghanistan
Jonathan Curiel: Vets Are Home and Homeless
Boston Globe: East Timor Struggles On

Saturday, April 14
Neil Clark: Silence of The Hawks
César Chelala: The Growing Toll of Iraqi Civilian Deaths
William Greider: The Establishment Rethinks Globalization
Ann McFeatters: Need For 'Czar' Shows Chaos of War
Marjorie Cohn: U.S. Attorneys and Voting Rights
David Swanson: Record of Iraq War Lies to Air April 25 on PBS
Christopher Brauchli: Their Arms and Their Man: Musharraf Gives and Takes For Bush-Cheney

Friday, April 13
Larry Elliott: Wolf At The Door
Helen Thomas: Pelosi's 'Mixed Message' to Syria Is More Direct Than The President's
Rosa Brooks: To The Rest of the World, We're Cheapskates
New York Times Editorial: Loosening the Stem Cell Binds
Paul Krugman: For God's Sake
Stephen Hale: Stirring Speeches Won't Tackle Climate Change
Seth Freedman: 'Never Forget' Is Never Enough
John Pilger: We Cannot Look From The Sides As We Are Led Towards Crisis Over Iran
Peter Rothberg: The Green Festival
Scott Ritter: The Final Act of Submission
Dave Lindorff: Bush's Greatest Impeachable Crime
Harvey Wasserman: Peace Be With You, Kurt Vonnegut
Robert B. Reich: The Real Scandal of Student Loans
David Michael Green: Dark of Heartness

Thursday, April 12
Norman Solomon: Awful Truth About Hillary, Barack, John. and Whitewash
Haifa Zangana: The Iraqi Resistance Only Exists To End The Occupation
Zine Magubane: Why 'Nappy' Is Offensive
John Nichols: Senators Expand Inquiry of Political Prosecutions
Cindy Sheehan: Number 3291
Malalai Joya: The US has Returned Fundamentalism to Afghanistan
Johann Hari: The Selfishness of The Self-Help Industry
Terence Kindlon: The Few and Proud Can Certainly Be Female
Behzad Yaghmaian: Bonded At Birth
Ruth Conniff: Imus and Other Big, Fat Idiots
Michael Shank/Samuel Rizk: Turning A Blind Eye to Egypt Gives U.S. a Black Eye In Region
Reza Dibadj: Can Postmodernism Save World?

Wednesday, April 11
Robert Scheer: Iraqis Finally Unite-Against the U.S.
Amy Goodman: Take Back the Airwaves
Sally Kohn: "The Condemned" Reflects Real Life: People Are Disposable
Ted Rall: Ban The Banks
Matthew Rothschild: Feingold Leads the Way on Iraq Again, But Does Not Go Far Enough
Dave Lindorff: A Terrifying Truth
Mark Klempner: Time for New Marshall Plan to rebuild, Heal World
Barbara Stocking: The World Before Iraq
Robert Malley Forget Pelosi. What about Syria?
Jeremy Brecher/Tim Costello/Brendan Smith: Labor Confronts Global Warming
Debi Smith: March's Fallen
Dean Baker: The IMF: A Sandbox to Play In

Tuesday, April 10
Tom Matthews: Sometimes, These Colors Must Run
Paul Campos: An Orwellian PR Stunt
Gwen Ifill: Trash Talk Radio
Harvey Wasserman: Why Must Nuke-Power Lemmings Again Flock to the Radioactive Sea?
Nicholas Von Hoffman: The Ethanol Hoax
Stephen Burd: The Student-Loan Scam
Pierre Tristam: Recipe For The Republic Depends On Diluted Power; Not Bush Rule
H.D.S. Greenway: Cambodia Reflected in Iran Waters
George Monbiot: There Is Climate Change Censorship - And It's The Deniers Who Dish It Out
Scot Lehigh: A Long, Contentious Grind
John Nichols: Which US Attorneys Did Rove's Bidding?
Sean Gonsalves: 'The Hand That Rocks The Cradle'
Robert Jensen: Impeachment, All Down The Line
Salim Lone: Somalia: Islamic Courts Unexpected Stand Offers Way Out of Deepening War
Dilip Hiro: The New Power in Iraq

Monday, April 9
David Abromowitz/Joan Ruttenberg: Sharing The Burden of War and Taxes
Andrew Bacevich: 'Your Iraq Plan?' Is a Pointless Question
John Brown: Karen Hughes and Her "Diplomacy of Deeds"
Katrina Vanden Heuvel: The Media's Ideological View of Pelosi's Trip
James Carroll: Fingerprint Foreboding
Neal Peirce: Paving The Way For Smarter Roads
Peter Rothberg: Step It Up 2007
Chris Hedges: Praying For The Apocalypse
Cynthia Tucker: The Bloody Results of America's Bizarre Love Affair With Guns
Linda Milazzo: Would A Vanilla Jesus Do? The Real Truth About Chocolate Jesus
Tom Engelhardt: Six Crises In Search of An Author
Paul Krugman: Sweet Little Lies
Adam Howard: No More Imus
Miami Herald Editorial: Secrecy, Coercion, Torture: This Is Legal?

Sunday, April 8
Ezra Klein: This Time, We Want Healthcare Reform
Christopher Cooper: The Blessings Of Liberty To Ourselves And Our Posterity
Eric Margolis: Power To Pelosi
Haroon Siddiqui: Address Root Causes of Terror, Expert Advises
Caroline Arnold: The High Price of Mediocrity
John Nichols: Exit Iraq? Republicans say "Yes!"
David Lindorff: Torture Blowback and Selective Outrage
Mark LeVine: Moderation Rocks in Pakistan

Saturday, April 7
Johann Hari: Big Oil's Vendetta Against the Electric Car
Robert Fisk: The True Story of Free Speech in America
Alka Chandna: FDA is MIA on Safe Pet Food Regulation
Ralph Nader: Get Your Telephone Excise Tax Refund: It's Your Money
Andrew Christie: The Big Circus Tent: Industry Hucksters Get in on Global Warming
John Nichols: Conservatives for the Constitution
Robert Kuttner: The Housing Squeeze
Cesar Chelala: Pelosi's Visit Offers New Peace Opportunities

Friday, April 6
Craig Bowron: More Powerful Than We Imagine
Noam Chomsky: What If Iran Had Invaded Mexico?
Laura Flanders: Bottom-Up Power
Rosa Brooks: Bring On The Iraq Micromanagers
Juan Cole: How to Get Out of Iraq
Elizabeth Sawin: Climate Change: A Window of Opportunity
Carole Whelan: In This Mission Impossible, Politics Kills Soldiers
Tom Engelhardt: The President's Global War of Terror
Paul Krugman: Children Versus Insurers
Michael Floegel: A Way Forward
David Michael Green: Playing Politics With War
Richard W. Behan: The Complicity of Congress in a Criminal War
John Atcheson: Snatching Defeat From The Jaws of Victory
Philadelphia Inquirer: Karl Rove and the GSA

Thursday, April 5
Ben Wizner: The Real Crime in The David Hicks Case
Marianne Means: Bushies Remember They Can't Recall
Bob Fitrakis/Harvey Wasserman: Ohio's Election Protection Movement Wins Two Big Victories
Danny Schechter: Memo To Our Media: How To Cover The Debt Crisis
Pierre Tristam: "Operation Wetback": Illegal Immigration's Golden-Crisp Myth
Matthew Rothschild: Bush Plays Superhero in Iraq
Joshua Colangelo-Bryan: No Hope in Guantánamo
Boston Globe: The True Cost of Campaigning
Kate Allen: This Guantánamo Man May Have Gained a Trial, But It's Not Justice
Peter Rothberg: Refunds For Good
Vali Nasr/Ray Takeyh: What We Can Learn From Britain About Iran

Wednesday, April 4
Ellen R. Shaffer: Universal Healthcare: Can We Get It Right This Time?
John Smith: The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act
Guardian Editorial: A Lack of Charity
Bernardo Alvarez: What Venezuela's Revolution Is About
New York Times Editorial: More Than a Feeling
Derrick Z. Jackson: One of The Greatest Rulings on Earth
Robert Scheer: Leave Your Morals at the Border
Jeff Cohen/Norman Solomon: The Martin Luther King You Don't See on TV
Elizabeth de la Vega: Doin' the Karl Rove Dance
Tom Hayden: Stop The Dirty War
Mark Weisbrot: Is Hugo Chavez a Threat to Stability? No.
Benjamin R. Barber: Overselling Capitalism
Bill Quigley: Protesting Priests Escape Jail Before Torture Trail

Tuesday, April 3
Scott Bontz: How Will Our Grandchildren See Us?
Jesse Jackson: Invest In Hope, America, Not Despair
John Buell: Climate Science and The Politics of Economic Growth
Eugene Robinson: Torture of Terror Suspect Surprises No One
DeWayne Wickham: Bush Conjures Up Tortured Defense of Executive Privilege
Pierre Tristam: The Talented Mr. Dowd
George Monbiot: Sharks Deserve The Conservation Status We Give To The Giant Panda
John Burke: 300 Seen as a Tool To Work Up Anti-Iran Sentiment
Brendan Smith/Tim Costello/Jeremy Brecher: Undue Influence: Human Rights and Labor Advocates Are Pushing Back
Robert Naiman: Senator Obama, Congress Has Many Options Besides Full Funding Without Withdrawal
Jennifer O'Connor: Iditarod Deaths Stain Race's Reputation
Ralph Nader: Community Garden Decontamination
Mark Weisbrot: Every Uninsured Child Should Have Access to Health Care
Larry Beinhart: Ah, Alberto Gonzales

Monday, April 2
David Michael Green: American Mugabe
Monica Benderman: On Keeping Men Alive
Robert C. Hinkley: Another Inconvenient Truth
Norman Solomon: While McCain Walks in McNamara's Footsteps
Harry Pachon: Paying Too Much To Be American
Kevin Watkins: Tide of Suffering
David R. Francis: The War On Poverty is Winnable
Carol Pier: A Pact With The Devil
Michael Gawenda: U.S. Values on Trial Alongside Hicks
Lyse Doucet: Mideast Facing Iraq Refugee Crisis
Jay Bookman: When Myths Take Priority Over Facts
Christopher Hayes: The Sum of Our Fears
Melinda Burns: Unionizing to Save The Santa Barbara News-Press
Paul Krugman: Distract and Disenfranchise
Dennis Jett: Get Out - Now

Sunday, April 1
Clint Talbott: Spurned Whistle-Blower
Elizabeth Sullivan: Let's Vote The Detainees Off The Island
Michael Dorsey: Carbon Trading Won't Work
Nancy Wohlforth/Fred Mason: Iraqi Oil Belongs To The Iraqi People
Jennifer Daskal: This Was A Trial?
Rosa Maria Pegueros: Cringing at the Stars

March 2007




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