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October 2003

Friday, October 31
Tom Engelhardt: The Time of Withdrawal
Patrick Doherty: The Dialogue on American Progress
Robert McChesney/John Nichols: Up in Flames: The Public Revolt Against Monopoly Media
Ann McFeatters: Bush's Half-Full Glass Looks Mighty Empty
Jake Dudas: The Day the Music Died: Musicians Selling Out
Mark Engler: Mark Twain in Iraq? The Famous Writer Championed a Proud Tradition of American Anti-imperialism
Rick Salutin: Comparing Acts of Dissent
Katha Pollitt: There They Go Again: Perhaps It's Time to Organize a New, Muscular, Inclusive Women's Movement
Andrew Reding: Bush's Trade Policies Anger Latin America
Karyn Strickler/Tim Hermach: Liar, Liar, Forests on Fire: Why Forest Management Exacerbates Loss of Lives and Property
Mark Weisbrot: Top Gun Fires Blanks on the Economy
Patrisia Gonzales/Roberto Rodriguez: How We Choose To Remember
Marty Jezer: A Matter of Intelligence
Chad Hanson: Feinstein Logging Deal compromises California's Forests

Thursday, October 30
John Nichols: If You Start War, You Should Fight War
Chellie Pingree: Energy Debate Needs Fresh Air
Michael Tomasky: Wesley Clark's Gutsy New Tack: Blame Bush for not Preventing 9-11
Helen Thomas: Pentagon Manages War Coverage By Limiting Coffin Pictures
Maureen Dowd: Crawford George has Morphed into Baghdad Bob
David Callahan: Corporate Scandals' Ends Leave Bitter Taste
Robert Fisk: Ramadan Revenge - A Message Sent and a Lesson Learned
Peter Spalding: Memo to the President: Subject: A Failed Foreign Policy
Ruth Rosen: 'Sounds of Silence' from Israeli/Palestinian Societies
Jeffrey Sachs: Another US Foreign-Policy Failure
Haroon Siddiqui: American Imperialism Off the Rails
Bill Conroy: FBI Spy Revelation Could be a Thread That Unravels the Bureau
Steven Zunes: The Syrian Accountability Act and the Triumph of Hegemony
Matthew Rothschild: Bush Lies Again

Wednesday, October 29
Joseph Stiglitz: Do as the US Says, Not as it Does
Dick Meyer: Call Him President Backwards
David Corn: The Wilson-CIA Leak, WMDs and the Dems
US Rep Dave Obey: GOP's Fundamental Corruption of the Legislative Process
Karen Dolan: Strange Bedfellows: Bush is Correct. Iraq Funding Should Be grants, Not Loans
Ivan Eland: Cut losses: Leave Iraq
Neil Peirce: Wal-Mart Actions Call for Increased Scrutiny
James Goodman: World's Farmers Stand in Solidarity Against WTO
Kurt Andersen: Why Was Otto Egged?
Jerry Taylor/Dan Becker: GOP's Energy Bill: A Complete Waste of Energy
Derrick Jackson: Barbour Campaign Shows GOP's Racist Side
Jonathan Freedland: No Time to Be Smug: The Anti-war Camp Has Been Proved Right on Every Point. Now We Need a Fast-Track Plan for a Peaceful Pullout
Clay Wescott: In Asia, the Web is Routing Power to the People

Tuesday, October 28
Shirley Williams: The Seeds of Iraq's Future Terror: Free Market Shock Therapy Must not be Imposed by the Occupiers
James Carroll: Bush's Battle to Dominate in Space
Mike Davis: The Perfect Fire
John Liechty: A Fable: Once Upon a Time There Was a Place Known as The Greatest Country In The World
Ira Chernus: Who's Afraid (Of) The Big Bad Bush?
Jason Leopold: Halliburton Won’t Back Off Doing Biz In Iran, Despite NYC Pension Funds Concerns of Terrorism
Kelly Bjorklund: Paul and Sheila Were Our Friends
Raymond Michalowski: Stopping the Cycle of Dictatorship - Why the US Must Withdraw from Iraq
Ed Garvey: Kucinich Stands for True Democratic Principles
Sean Gonsalves: Random Thoughts, More Questions
Paul Krugman: A Willful Ignorance
Adam Werbach: Beyond Politics: Making San Francisco a Clean-Energy Leader
Michael Winship: Stuffing the Electronic Ballot Box?
George Monbiot: Britain and the US Claim a Moral Mandate - and Back a Dictator Who Boils Victims to Death

Monday, October 27
John Zogby: Still Waiting for the Euphoria: A Poll Among Iraqis Indicates the Bush Team Was Wrong in Foreseeing a Warm Welcome for the Occupiers
Susan Lenfestey: Paul & Sheila Wellstone: Multitude of Ways to Measure the Depth of This Loss
Sheryl McCarthy: False Claims Led to Attacks on Grenada, Iraq
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Colin Powell: He Let the Nation Down
Bill Moyers: 'Enough is Enough': Theologian Joseph Hough On Why the Time for a Non-Destructive, Civil Disobedience May Be Near
Laura Kaminker: Patriotism? Or Just Conformity?
Sherri Byrand: Wellstone Was Always a Shining Knight
Harley Sorensen: Living by the Sword and Padlock
Roy Hattersley: Bush Is Not Welcome In Britain
Jay Bookman: Rumsfeld's Leaked Memo Revealing
Doug Rossinow: Memories of Reagan Are Clouded by Ideology
James Goldsborough: A Single-State Solution For Israel?...

Sunday, October 26
Linda McQuaig: Fight War on Terror by Giving Iraq Back to Iraqis
Liu Baifang: Dissing Dissent: In White House Actions, A Troubling Echo of Life in Communist China
Heather Wokusch: Make War Not Love: Abstinence, Aggression and the Bush White House
Tom Brazaitis: Military Supremacy is Never Eternal
Susan Sontag: Susan Sontag On the Great Atlantic Divide
Haroon Siddiqui: Arabs and West Retreat into Parallel Worlds
Rev. Don Christensen: American Observer Sees Real Effects of Israel's Security Wall
Les Payne: The Grenada Example

Saturday, October 25
Christopher Brauchli: To 'Save' Wildlife, Bush Would Destroy It
Laura Rozen: Strange Bedfellows: US Contractor in Iraq Helped Fund Al Qaeda
Dannah Baynton: The U.S. Response to Bolivia and Venezuela: A Study in Opposites
Charley Reese: Gen. Wesley Clark's Compulsory Volunteerism

Friday, October 24
Amy Kaplan: Confusing Occupation With Liberation
Christian Parenti: Many Peaces, One War
Noam Chomsky: Cuba in the Cross-Hairs: A Near Half-Century of Terror
Steven Hill/Rob Richie: Tom Delay Ambushes Texas -- And America
Daniel Schorr: Parsing Official Lies
Mokhiber/Weissman: A Dull and Largely Uncritical Recitation of Official Sources
Thom Hartmann: Republicans - Please Take Back Your Party
Madison Capital Times: The Politics of Choice
Jeff Milchen: Greens and Gun Owners Unite!
Paul Kramer: Twisting the Past to Justify Present

Thursday, October 23
Naomi Klein: Latino Politics, Miami Beached
Norman Solomon: The Politics of Media Filtration
Huck Gutman: History, Justice, Surprise: A Story
Lawrence Pintak: Lessons of Beirut Lost in Baghdad
Dame Anita Roddick: Rupert vs. the BBC -- The 'Foxification' of Britain
Tom Turnipseed: Good Versus Evil Sells Violence To Serve the American Empire
Laura Flanders: Unsafe At Any Size: Silicon Breast Implants are Still Unsafe, Despite Assertions in The New York Times
David Corn: Why the Rumsfeld Memo Matters
James Carroll: The Cult of Exclusion is the Enemy of Peace
Ahmed Nassef: The Essence of Duplicity: The Reaction to Mahathir's Comments on Jews
Joy-Ann Reid: Altering the Rules When Convenient
USA Today: Truth About War Casualties
Ruth Rosen: Oakland vs. Wal-Mart
Jimmy Breslin: Bin Laden, Cop Killer
John Nichols: Here's One Cut NPR Can Afford to Make
Peter Miguel Camejo: Defend Religious Freedom -- Drop 'Under God' from the Pledge of Allegiance

Wednesday, October 22
John & Elaine Mellencamp: An Open Letter to America: It's Time to Take Back Our Country
James Zogby: How the Poll Results on Iraq Were Manipulated
Derrick Jackson: Haley Barbour's Racist Links Tar Bush Too
Steve Rosenfeld: The Pentagon's Achilles Heel
Harvey Wasserman/Bob Fitrakis: Senator Byrd, Major Media Spread Coverage of Bush-Nazi Nexus
Julian Borger: Valerie Plame: The Spy Who Was Thrown Into the Cold
John Nichols: Too Many Rubber-Stampers in Congress
Mark Engler: You May Justifiably Want to Take Friday Off
Peter Maroney: The Case for Unraveling Corporate DNA
Mariana Alberti: My Story: An Immigrant Laundry Worker Tries to Form a Union
Boulder Daily Camera: Friend of the Arctic: 'Mardy' Murie Fought for Land Now in Jeopardy
Andrew Manis: Republicans and Racial Reconciliation
Barbara Ehrenreich: Class Struggle 101

Tuesday, October 21
Greg Thielmann/Daryl Kimball: So What Happened to Iraq's WMD? Time for Reckoning
Fred Abrahams: Iraqi Civilians Fall Victim to Hair Triggers
Isabel Hilton: Justice on the Streets: The Ousting of Bolivia's President
Rami Khouri: Will the Next War Be Against the Palestinians?
Bonnie Erbe: Army Lt. Gen. William Boykin: Who Turned This Idiot Loose?
Katha Pollitt: Is the Pope Crazy?
John Buell: Reflections on Local Drug Wars
Robert Jensen: Anti-Islam Remarks Show a Closed Mind
James Pinkerton: Important History Lessons for the President
Lois Abraham: Join with the UN on All Fronts—Not Just In Iraq
Pierre Tristam: UNthinkable Consequences to Ending Permanent Forum...

Monday, October 20
Lawrence Pintak: Arabs and Democracy: Bush May Not Like It At Home
Wayne O'Leary: The Domino Quagmire: Excuse Me, But This Movie's Been Shown Before
Ruth Rosen: Soldiers Ripe to Resist?
Shaun Waterman: Misleading America
Lutz Kleveman: The New Great Game: The 'War on Terror' is Being Used as an Excuse to Further US Energy Interests in the Caspian
James Goldborough: Abandoning Human Rights Principles
Ray McGovern: Holding Leaders Accountable for Untruths About War
Jocelyn Hurndall: Rafah in Miniature: Six Months After my Son was Shot by Israeli Troops, the British Government has Yet to Condemn the Act
Madison Capital Times: Senate Backs War Profiteering
Richard North Patterson: The United States: Slaughterhouse of Civilization
Colleen Moore/Kristin Shrader-Frechette: Nuclear Moratorium Important to Protect Public

Sunday, October 19
Fred LeBrun: Bush Undoes a Century of Environmental Progress
Zac Goldsmith: This Should Be the End for GM
Keith Slack: Poor vs. Profit in Bolivian Revolt
Sheldon Stern: The Wrong Model for Iraq War
John Nichols: Refusing to Write the Blank Check
David Olive: Kid Gloves for Neo-Con Cranks

Saturday, October 18
Robert Byrd: The Emperor Has No Clothes
Joanne Sheehan: War Resisters League: 80 Years of Resistance: A Legacy and a Future
Kimberle Williams Crenshaw: Rush Limbaugh and the Hypocrisy Smokescreen
Boston Globe: Bush's Don't Ask, Don't Know Policy
Ralph Nader: Don't Let GOP Leadership Bailout MTBE Polluters
Christopher Brauchli: Inhumane Drug Used in Many Executions
William Pfaff: An Unofficial Peace Plan Worthy of Support
Seth Sandronsky: No Skateboards For The American Empire

Friday, October 17
Leah Wells: Whose Side Are You On?
Lawrence Pintak: Beyond Insensitivity: Bush Sends Mixed Signals to Indonesian Muslims
Ira Chernus: The Most Radical Act: Do It Today
John Nichols: Patriot Act is Woefully Out of Tune
The Nation: Is Syria Next?
Jonathan Turley: Students, Nuns and Sailor-Mongers, Beware
HDS Greenway: Will the US One Day Regret its Post-9/11 Excesses?
Marty Jezer: Rightwingers Trying to Convince Voters That Vermont Is Hell
Tony Norman: The Army's Three-star Zealot
Nick Turse: Bringing the War Home: The New Military-Industrial-Entertainment Complex at War and Play
Tim Styer: Don’t Do Me Any Favors, Mr. President

Thursday, October 16
Ted Kennedy: On the Administration's Failure to Provide a Realistic, Specific Plan to Bring Stability to Iraq
William Arkin: The Pentagon Unleashes a Holy Warrior
Thom Hartmann: The Battle Hymn of the New Liberal Media: A Good Business Plan
Norman Solomon: Brand Loyalty and the Absence of Remorse
James Pinkerton: Orwellian Strategy Used to Sell the War
Ruth Rosen: Hidden Injuries of Sex
Dan Plesch: Hans Blix Isn't Needed in Space - Yet; China's Space Mission Could Trigger a Military Build-up by Washington
Bill Youngs: Matthew Lyon and the Pigmy Congress
Jay Bookman: Lies about Iraq Rise to Level of the Absurd
Robert Reich: Subsidies Keep Poor Nations Poor
Huck Gutman: Life in Bush's Fantasy World
Leonida ZuritaVargas: Stop America's War on Bolivian Farmers
David Dow: One Diverse Nation Versus a Nation Under God

Wednesday, October 15
Charles Levendosky: Guantánamo: Isolation and Despair in a Legal Limbo
Joseph Stiglitz: First Japan, Now China is the Culprit
Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity: One Person Can Make a Difference
Mokhiber/Weissman: US Bullies Europeans on Chemical Testing
Rebecca Zimmerman: The Leavitt Nomination: An Opportunity to Get Some Answers
Victor Tan Chen: Budding Democracy Made Trade Talks Collapse
Rick Mercier: Let's Hope Rush Will See That the Right is Wrong on the Drug War
Jason Leopold: Emails Show Enron May Have Influenced FERC Probe On Calif Power Crisis, Refunds
Helen Thomas: No Wonder Bush Doesn't Connect With the Rest of the Country
Thomas Nagy: Saving the Army of Peace
Bernie Sanders: Free Trade Means America’s Biggest Export is its Jobs

Tuesday, October 14
George Monbiot: A Mature Democracy is in Danger of Turning Itself into a Military State
Barbara Lee: Congress Should Veto Misguided Second Installment on Iraq War
Ed Garvey: As Democratic Party Loses its Soul, It Loses Its Voice
Philip Agee: Depressing Ironies of CIA 'Outing'
Robert Steinback: Inconsistency: The American Way
James Carroll: California's Ominous Leadership Trend
John Nichols: Kucinich Gets the Shaft in Dem Debate
Larry Robinson: America is a Great Country. But the Source of Our Greatness is Greatly Misunderstood
James Ridgeway: US, Israel Play Risk - Iraq, Syria...Gee, What's Next?
Los Angeles Times: Israel Ups Ante With Subs
James Ingalls: Bush's 'Policy Shift' in Afghanistan: Domination, "Relevance", and Re-Election
Sean Gonsalves: Expand 'Coalition of the Willing'
Jimmy Breslin: Brave American Troops Die in Obscurity in Iraq
Mark Engler: Activism's Autumn Harvest

Monday, October 13
Naomi Klein: Bush's AIDS 'Gift' Has Been Seized by Industry Giants
Michael Winship: Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright
Ruth Rosen: When Despair Trumps Hope
Natasha Walter: Nobel Intentions: One Peace Prize Does Not Turn the West Into the Defender of Women's Rights Worldwide
Gwynne Dyer: Terrorists and Engineers of War on Terror are Codependent
Harley Sorensen: Lessons From A Liberal Cop
Matthew Briggs: Double Standard on Drugs - Hero or Big Fat Idiot, Limbaugh Should Not Face Prison
Tom Harkin: Rewrite of Overtime Rules is Attack on 40-Hour Workweek
Madison Capital Times: Kucinich's Campaign of Ideas
Judy Shepard: Five Years Later, Progress Against Gay Hatred Lags
Shaun Waterman: US Slips in Secrecy Stakes
Bob Herbert: The NRA Is Naming Names
Neil Peirce: SUV of the Sidewalks: The Segway is Just Another Lard-making Device
Jay Bookman: Vouchers a Line Best Left Uncrossed

Sunday, October 12
Linda McQuaig: Dumbing Down US Politics
Coleen Rowley: The Wrong Side of 'Us vs. Them'
Dennis Roddy: Close Enough for Government Work
Eric Margolis: Turks Trade Troops for Hard US Cash
Richard Gwyn: Downsizing American Imperialism
Kevin Phillips: Voters' Frustration May Drift Bush's Way
Adrian Zupp: What Would Buddha Do? Why Won't the Dalai Lama Pick a Fight?

Saturday, October 11
Maureen Griswold: A Veteran Applauds KB Toys
Phil Zuckerman: 'Environmental Terrorism' Is a Matter of Definition
Kimberle Williams Crenshaw: Bad Calls on the Racial Playing Field
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Iraq: More Spin, Bureaucracy
Steve Foss: Win or Not, It’s Time to Fight the Right Fight
Christopher Brauchli: Arnold Gropes and California Adores Him
Mokhiber/Weissman: Open the Debates
Jonathan Steele: Regime Change, the Prequel: In 1983, the US 'Pre-Emptively'Invaded Grenada. Sound familiar?
Ralph Nader: US Comptroller of the Currency is Shredding State Consumer Protection Laws
Madison Capital Times: A Year on the Wrong National Path

Friday, October 10
Bill Moyers: The Effort to Reverse the FCC is Dead in the Water, Sinking the Democratic Process With It
Doug Thompson: Good Morning Vietnam
Ilene Serlin: Image Vs. Reality: Daddy Will Take Care of You
Paul Krugman: Lessons in Civility
Mike Davis: The Day of the Locust
John Dean: A Further Look At The Criminal ChargesThat May Arise From the Plame Scandal, In Which a CIA Agent's Cover Was Blown
Jason Leopold: Schwarzenegger’s First Role As Governor-Elect of California: The Deregulator
Peter Maroney: Citizen Van Winkle Awakes
Marc Cooper: Total Recall
Robert Dodge: Earth Charter Seeks to Provide Blueprint for Sustainable Future
William Pfaff: Korea: The Real Danger is the Fantasy in Washington
Bob Herbert: Hard Sell on Iraq
Tony Judt: 'Jewish State' Has Become an Anachronism
Reggie Rivers: Rename Columbus Day

Thursday, October 9
John MacArthur: Impeach Bush Now: With Each US Death in Iraq, the Case Against the President Grows Stronger
Gordon Barthos: America, Swept to War on a Lie
William Greider: The Quality of Mercy
Norman Solomon: Media Tips for the Next Recall
John Spencer: Think You're Hearing Spin? You're Wrong
Ramzi Kysia: Seeing the Iraqi People
Jay Bookman: Bush Officials Bend Iraq Facts Till They Break
David Cortright: Weapons of Mass Deception
John Nichols: Arnold Could Frustrate Dems, GOP

Wednesday, October 8
Nancy Snow: Triumph of the People’s Will
Charlie Cray: Iraq and Corporate Patriotism: It's Time to Stop the War Profiteers
Lawrence Pintak: It's the Policy, Stupid: Muslim Antipathy Driven Home by Latest White House Comments
Mokhiber/Weissman: Terry Gross, Grover Norquist and the Holocaust
Ira Chernus: Arnold in Wonderland: Curiouser and Curiouser
Frank Kramer: Why the Patriot Act Worries Booksellers
James Ridgeway: The Dems Helped Arnold But Will the Terminator Put Bush in a Bind?
Ellis Henican: Hunt for Leaker Lacks Inspiration
Robert Kuttner: California's Failed Reform
Geoffrey Wheatcroft: How Blair Lost by Winning
Joyce Marcel: Paying For Iraq
Jimmy Breslin: Echoes of L.A., 1968 and RFK

Tuesday, October 7
Carolyn Eisenberg: New Watergate Soaks White House
John Bugay Jr: Mommy's Back From Iraq
Isabel Hilton: A Tribute To Weapons Inspectors
Sean Gonsalves: Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner?
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Iraq: It Was Never About Sept. 11
Patrick Cockburn: The Americans Must Relinquish Power in Iraq
Guy Reel: You Need Not Be a Liberal to Oppose Bush's Vision of America
George Monbiot: Force-Fed a Diet of Hype
Antonia Zerbisias: A Huge Scandal is Slow to Boil
Dave Zweifel: Americans Ask, 'What's Bush Doing?'
Michael Renner: Control of Iraq's Oil Revenues: Promises vs Reality
Mark Engler: The Welfare Reauthorization Bill Now Championed by Senate Conservatives -- aka PRIDE -- Targets the Poor, but it Won't Defeat Poverty

Monday, October 6
James Goldsborough: Declare Victory in Iraq and Leave
Gary Younge: The Anti-war Movement Failed to Stop the Attack on Iraq, But it has Already had a Decisive Impact on Politics
Michael Moore: Answers Please, Mr Bush
Bob Fitrakis/Harvey Wasserman: Siege Heil: The Bush-Rove-Schwarzenegger Nazi Nexus and the Destabilization of California
Jay Bookman: Vouchers Sure to Hurt Those Most in Need
Robert Fisk: Israel's Attack is a Lethal Step Towards War in Middle East
Heather Gray: Racial Bias from Another Perspective: Limbaugh, the United States and South Africa
Harley Sorensen: Slow Justice, Sympathy for Rush
Jon Luopa: Sharing Opinion Shouldn't be Risky
Edward Wasserman: Iraq On the Auction Block...

Sunday, October 5
Katha Pollitt: Mr. Schwarzenegger Gets a Pass
David Corn: Of Lies and Leaks: Bush Threatened By New Revelations
Ralph Nader: So Exactly Which Provisions of the Texas GOP Platform Does George Bush Disagree With?
Harvey Wasserman: The Gropenator Knows Government Like Rush Knows Football
Susan Faludi: Conan the Vulgarian
Paul Donovan: Why Isn't the Truth Out There?
Tom Teepen: Opposing Bush is Not 'Hatred'

Saturday, October 4
Greg Palast: Arnold Unplugged - It's Hasta la Vista to $9 Billion if the Governator is Selected
Eric Margolis: CIA Enraged by Cynical White House End-Run Around Its Sources
Dima Tareq Tahboub: The War on al-Jazeera: The US is Determined to Suppress the Independent Arab Media
Drew Hamre: Ah, To Be the Breath of Iraq's Liberation
Christopher Brauchli: Letting Colombia's Criminals Off Easy

Friday, October 3
Ira Chernus: So Many Scandals. So Little Time
Michael Moore: A Recall Election? Been There, Won That at Age 18
Thom Hartmann: Rush Limbaugh May Teach Conservatives A Lesson
Ray McGovern: Conscience Before Career
Arlie Hochschild: Let Them Eat War
Paul Krugman: 'Slime and Defend'
César Chelala: Hail Israel's Protesting Pilots
Derrick Jackson: Rush was Wrong From the Get-go
Jules Witcover: Shades of Nixon?
Thomas Hauber: Bush & Co. Don't Want to be Questioned
Tony Norman: He Can Always Say 'It Was the Drugs
Jonathan Steele: Don't Be Fooled. The Iraqi Maelstrom Won't Save Iran
Bob Herbert: Shaking the House of Cards

Thursday, October 2
Amy Goodman/Jeremy Scahill: The Ashcroft-Rove Connection - The Ties That Blind
Judy Ettenhofer: Reaction to Springsteen Reinforces Value of Dissent
Patrick Doherty: The Democratic Alternative: Better Band-aids or Superior Grand Strategy?
Joseph Stiglitz: The Painful Reality the IMF Ignores
Bill C Davis: Paying for Sins Against the Father?
Brenda Humphrey: Colombia: US Aid Worsens Poverty, Oppression
William Greider: People Power: Another Rant on Little Caesar, the Doctor and the General, K Street and Fading Gray
Jay Bookman: Vitriol Sullies Boy Scouts' 'Patriotic Rally'
Roger Arnold: When Your Only Tool is a Hammer
William Jackson Jr: Miller's Star Fades (Slightly) at 'NY Times'
Robert Fisk: US Can't Hide Concern For Iraq's Oil
Linda O'Brien: The Memory Project: The Nation's Soul Memory Has Been Lost
Mikhail Gorbachev: International Cooperation in a Post September 11th World
Ted Rall: America's Best Main Course: Humble Pie
Joyce Marcel: Acid Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Wednesday, October 1
Norman Solomon: Unmasking the Ugly "Anti-American"
Derrick Jackson: Bush's Bitter Harvest
Harvey Wasserman: Arianna Outs Arnold the Barbarian
Gary Olson: He Lied. They Died
Jeffrey Sachs: Stop Wasting Money: Bush's Grotesquely Distorted Priorities
Ruth Brandwein: It's Getting Worse For Poor Families
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Scandal: Who Outed CIA Agent Plame?
John Whitbeck: What if America Just Quit the Middle East?
Robert Kuttner: White House Facing Revolt Within GOP
Neil Peirce: Congress' Puzzling Paralysis on Nation's Transportation
David Goodman: Covertly Recruiting Kids
Madison Capital Times: Warping the White House
Ralph Nader: Tune In, Turn On Voters, Don't Drop Out




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