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May 2003

Saturday, May 31
Paul Rogat Loeb: Reclaiming Hope -- The Peace Movement After the War
Jim Lobe: A Threadbare Emperor Tours the World
Christopher Brauchli: Bush 'Flyboy' Act Blithely Obscures Truth
Ralph Nader: Media Moguls Pay No Rent for Using Our Airwaves
William Pfaff: Bush's Crash Course in Nationalism

Friday, May 30
Nicholas Kristof: Save Our Spooks
Sean Penn: Kilroy's Still Here
Danny Schechter: Calling for a Media Crimes Tribunal
John Nichols: 'Stop Media Monopoly' Cry is Growing
Helen Thomas: Nothing Sweeter to Bush than Revenge
Ted Turner: Monopoly or Democracy?
Brad Odland: Peace Movement - Shout..."Where are the Weapons?!"
Bruce Mulkey: George Bush Needs a More Intimate Relationship With the Truth, Bless His Heart
John Cassidy: The Sky is Falling
Paul Krugman: Waggy Dog Stories

Thursday, May 29
Joan Chittister: Is There Anything Left That Matters?
John Borowski: Hey Kiddies: Can You Say, "Snare, Leghold and Varmint?"
Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr: Embracing the True Nature of Patriotism
Beth Quinn: A Sad Obituary for a Dearly Departed Friend: Freedom
Susan Hildreth: Big Brother Out of Our Libraries
Bob Herbert: Squeezed: Middle Class Struggles, Washington Celebrates
Mark Engler: Global Showdown in Evian
Salim Muwakkil: Biowar and the Apartheid Legacy
Neve Gordon: Israel's Bad Fence
Joy-Ann Reid: If No Weapons Are Found
Jason Leopold: Despite Thin Intelligence Reports, US Plans To Overthrow Iranian Regime

Wednesday, May 28
Arianna Huffington: Democrats: Profiles In Spinelessness
Robert Kuttner: Diversity is Squashed in FCC Rules Change
Robert Jensen: Texas Democrats Set a Mark for Whole Party
Leah Wells: Aceh: In the Shadow of Iraq
The Scotsman: The Arrogance of Rumsfeld
David Corn: Bush's Postwar Iraq Causing Cracks?
Jules Witcover: Was the Case for Invasion Built on Deception?
Maureen Dowd: In-a-Gadda Da-Vida We Trust
Jonathan Steele: Body Counts: Iraq's Ill-Prepared Military Suffered Large Losses
Harold Meyerson: Union Do's and Don'ts For the Democrats

Tuesday, May 27
James Carroll: The Bad Weather Over America
Adam Cohen: For Partisan Gain, Republicans Decide Rules Were Meant to Be Broken
Gwynne Dyer: Rendering Unto Caesar
Simon Tisdall: Next Stop Tehran?
Madison Capital Times: Big Media, Big Trouble
Jonathan Cook: A Cage for Palestinians: A 1,000-kilometer Fence Preempts the Road Map
Matthew Engel: Washington's Rare Byrd
Paul Krugman: Stating the Obvious

Monday, May 26
Maureen Dowd: Hawking the Next Regime Change: Iran, Al Qaeda and Weapons of Mass Destruction
Alison Wiley: Patriotism in a Peaceful World
Harvey Wasserman: Reloading to fight the Bush Matrix
Chester McQueary: Meeting Dirty Harry in 1953
William Raspberry: Does the Public Really Believe?
Mark Weisbrot: Tax Cut Continues "Class Warfare"
Pat Gerber: Another Scandalous No-Bid Contract Makes Us Look Like Fools
Dana Briggs: First Person: Memorial Day's Forgotten People

Sunday, May 25
Eric Margolis: Oh, What a Tangled Web Bush Weaves
Linda McQuaig: Bush Unchallenged by Media
Peter Oborne: Afghanistan: On the Roads of Ruin
Ira Chernus: We Aim to Advance Nation's High Ideals
Will Hutton: The Shaming Tragedy of Africa

Saturday, May 24
Helen Thomas: US Rearms While Telling Others To Disarm
Andrew Greeley: It's Time for Bush to Tell the Truth
Tariq Ali: The UN Has Capitulated. Now Let the North's Plunder of the South Begin Again
Catharine Cooper: Who Do You Trust?
Christopher Brauchli: Tax Cuts for the Rich, Health-Care Shaft for Poor
James K. Galbraith: Bush Tax Cuts Will Do a Number on Us
Paul Krugman: Fear of an Economic Quagmire?

Friday, May 23
Bill Moyers: On Being a Journalist
Huck Gutman: After Iraq: Dark Roads
David Kreiger: Economic Justice For All
Kenneth Roth: Allies' Postwar Panic Puts Justice in Jeopardy
Paul Ben-Itzak: While George's Guitar Gently Weeps American Ballet Theatre Honors Bush
Nicholas Kristof: The Shape of Hunger
Jim Farrell: Dean's No Wellstone
Thomas Healy: Releasing the Doves

Thursday, May 22
John Nichols: FCC Travels on Industry's Dime
Laura Flanders: Leaving the EPA - Don't Cry for Christie
Lawrence Martin: Don't Hold Your Breath Waiting For Colin Powell To Say He's Sorry
Bob Herbert: Dancing With the Devil
Franco Modigliani/Robert Solow: Dangers of the Dividend Tax Cut
Mike Bryan: Ship Me Off To Guantanamo
Melvin Goodman: Weapons Failure: It Appears WMDs Didn't Exist
Matt Peiken: To Liberate or not to Liberate, Ours is not to Question
Leonard Baynes: Only the FCC Can Stop The Media Giants
Conn Hallinan: US Weapons will be Taking Their Toll Long After War

Wednesday, May 21
Senator Robert Byrd: The Truth Will Emerge
Naomi Klein: Saving Private Lynch, Forgetting Rachel Corrie
Robert Kuttner: Democrats Must Offer Bolder Health Plans
Arianna Huffington: A White House Fluent In Language Of Fanatics
John Nichols/Robert McChesney: Media Monopoly vs. Democracy
Charlie Cray: The WorldCom Con
Harold Meyerson: GOP Gamesmanship
Patrick Cockburn: It's Apparent That Washington Has No Clear Plan For Iraq
Harley Sorensen: Bush's Secret Jobs Plan
Susan Rice: The Looting of Iraq's Nuclear Facilities: What Do We Do Now?

Tuesday, May 20
Rebecca Solnit: Acts of Hope: Challenging Empire on the World Stage
Steve Chapman: Just Where are Those Weapons?
Ethan Nadelmann: The US is Addicted to War on Drugs
George Monbiot: Let's Hear It for Belgium
Ira Chernus: Misleading Media Story May Doom Middle East Roadmap
Warren Buffett: Dividend Voodoo
Peter O'Brien: Good, Bad and Picasso
Stephen Zunes: Time to Question the US Role in Saudi Arabia
G. William Domhoff: Which Side Are We On? Redefining Who’s Us and Who’s Them
Sean Gonsalves: 'The Clichés of Our Forebears'

Monday, May 19
Paul Hawken: McDonald's a "Green Business"? I Resign
Thom Hartmann: Move Over, Right Wing Radio - the Liberals Are Coming
Mokhiber/Weissman: Why Ari Should Have Resigned in Protest
Katha Pollitt: Bah, Humbug: Bill Bennett's Hypocrisy
Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity: We are Perplexed at the US Refusal to Permit the Return of UN Inspectors to Iraq
Mike Leonard: Bush Tough on Corporate Criminals — Except His Pals
Bob Keeler: Combat Needn't Be Used to Topple Dictators
Robert Koehler: Hypocrisy from Bennett to Cheney
Matthew Rothschild: Hubris and Republican Toms
Ralph Nader: Never Try to Cut a Deal with the Lobbyists for the Credit and Banking Industry

Sunday, May 18
Arundhati Roy: Instant-Mix Imperial Democracy (Buy One, Get One Free)
Mary Riddell: On Last Week's Evidence, the War Against Terror Has Failed
Caroline Arnold: Let's Talk
Will Hutton: Praise the Lord, Pass the Votes
Antonia Zerbisias: Iraqi Democracy Means a Free Press
Michele Landsberg: Barbs Aside, 9/11 Questions Aren't Going Away

Friday, May 16
Matt Peiken: If Bush Was Popular, We Wouldn't Need Polls to Convince Us
William Hartung: Bombings Bring U.S. 'Executive Mercenaries' Into the Light
Paul Krugman: Paths of Glory: The Iraq War Did the Terrorists a Favor
Robert F Kennedy Jr: Defending Our Environment and Health from the US Military
Reggie Marra: Importing the Shoot-the-Looters Policy
Laura Berman: Airwaves Abuzz with Hollywood Blacklist; No Secrets This Time
Stan Cox: Miracle Grow! Our Economic System is Grounded in the Fantasy That Consumption Can Grow Forever
HDS Greenway: Democracy, Neocon Style
Steve Chapman: The Spoils of Victory Have Become a Huge Mess
John Nichols/Robert W. McChesney: FCC: Public Be Damned
Leah Wells: In Iraq, Water and Oil Do Mix

Thursday, May 15
Bob Herbert: Shooting to Kill
Gordon Barthos: Baghdad's Blundering Victors
Sandra Jewell: Emily's List: Is It Over Between Us?
Andrew Rice: Some Questions for Dick Cheney
William Pfaff: The Long Reach of Leo Strauss
Marty Jezer: Have Road Map, Need Drivers
Carrie Benzschawel: We Need a New Foreign Policy
Paul deLespinasse: Illegal Aliens and the War On Terrorism
Mark Morford: No WMDs After All, No Excuse for War, Too Late for Anyone to Care Anymore
Paul Hellyer: Missile Defense: It Was Wrong Then and It's Wrong Now

Wednesday, May 14
Glenn Smith: Homeland Security Department Used to Track Texas Democrats
Kurt Vonnegut: Strange Weather Lately
Jack Shanahan: Weak on Offense: Democrats and the Defense Budget
Alan Morse: Nottingham on the Potomac
Arianna Huffington: Would Things Be Any Different If Women Ran Corporate America?
Bob Ray Sanders: Heroic Texas Democrats Have Earned Our Gratitude
Paul Knox: Bush's Afghanistan: How Not To Run a Country
Carl Takei: Building a Nation of Snoops
Julia Suryakusuma: A Singer's Gyrating Rattles Indonesia

Tuesday, May 13
James Carroll: The Absolute Weapon
Helen Thomas: Don't Applaud Questionable Motives
Jacob Levich: Kick Their Ass and Take Their Gas: Democracy Comes to Iraq
Craig Leman: The Greatest Photo-Op on Earth
Archives/William Hartung: Mercenaries Inc.: How a US Company Props Up the House of Saud
Ira Chernus: Nonviolence is Starting to Matter in the Middle East
Paul Krugman: Major Media Companies Have Strong Incentives to Present the News in a Way That Pleases the Party in Power
Ed Garvey: Mainstream Media Still Treating Bush With Kid Gloves
Harold Meyerson: Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction: Enron-Like Unreality
Madison Capital Times: Attack of the War Profiteers

Monday, May 12
Patrisia Gonzales/Roberto Rodriguez: Seeking the Conscience of the Nation
George McGovern: A More Constructive Internationalism
John Buell: Rethinking Alternatives to War
Ruth Rosen: McCarthyism: Could It Happen Again?
Jonathan Steele: Yanks Go Home: The UN Should Resist the US Steamroller and Press for an Early End to the Occupation of Iraq
Denise Giardina: Bush Should Be Impeached and Tried for War Crimes
Felix Kolb/Alicia Swords: Do Peace Movements Matter?
Salim Muwakkil: The Progressive War

Sunday, May 11
Nancy Snow: When Truth is a Dangerous Thing
Medea Benjamin: The Gift of Peace for Mothers Day
Linda McQuaig: Why Help US Create a System That Will Eventually Lead to the Unthinkable: A Nuclear Attack on a 'Rogue' Country
Douglas Sheeley: In Defense of Liberty
Michele Landsberg: Conspiracy Crusader Doubts Official 9/11 Version
Ruben Navarrette Jr: Silence Speaks Volumes on Halliburton's Sweet Deal
Helal Omeira/Arsalan Iftikhar: Pipes Nomination a Slap in the Face for Islam

Saturday, May 10
Naomi Klein: Elections vs. Democracy in Argentina
James Moore: Karl Rove's Campaign Strategy: It's the Terror, Stupid
Matthew Rothschild: Cop Makes Midnight Raid of Teacher's Classroom
Christopher Brauchli: Bush Raises Tax Hurdles for Low-Income Families
Robert Dreyfuss: Bringing the War Home
Ralph Nader: Snapshots of Our Economy and Politics

Friday, May 9
Catharine Cooper: New World Order: Bullying
Ira Chernus: Ideology is Key to Corporate Imperialism in Iraq
Randeep Ramesh: The Two Faces of Rumsfeld: 2000 - Sells Nuclear Reactor to North Korea; 2002 - Declares North Korea a 'Terrorist State'
David Corn: Bush's WMD Search: No Full Speed Ahead
Rahul Mahajan: Don't Lift the Sanctions Yet!
Mike Kress: Aliens and the Rule of Law
John Nichols: Many Americans Follow War on BBC
John Borowski: Pupils, Pawns, Profit and Pornography

Thursday, May 8
Bernie Sanders: Pulling FBI's Nose Out of Your Books
Stephen Zunes: The US and Post-War Iraq: An Analysis
Diana Abu-Jaber: The War, As Told To Us
Lawrence Magnuson: William Bennett: Next Viceroy of Iraq
Martin Luther King III/Greg Palast: Jim Crow Revived In Cyberspace
Sidney Hall, Jr: A Nation of Cowards
Bob Herbert: Trouble in Bush's America
Antonia Zerbisias: Where is the Outrage Over Activist's Death?
Haroon Siddiqui: America Stumbling Along in Iraq
William Pfaff: Scaring America Half to Death: Mixed Messages on Terrorism
Sheryl McCarthy: Bennett's Worst Vice: Telling Others to Behave
Ruth Rosen: Mothers Doing What?
César Chelala: Stop Demolishing Palestinian Homes

Wednesday, May 7
James Moore: Karl Rove: Counting Votes While the Bombs Drop
Mark Weisbrot: When the Media Fails
Arianna Huffington: The President's 77% Solution
Carol Marin: How The War On Terrorism Has Gone Way Too Far
Madison Capital Times: Capitalism & Conscience
Derrick Jackson: Old Man's Sedentary Symbolism
Paul Knox: Dumping the Child-Killing Weapons is a Good Place to Start
Forrest Carr: Unpatriotic Moments
Joe Conason: Rummy the Genius Forgot About Nukes...

Tuesday, May 6
Senator Robert Byrd: 'A Troubling Speech'
Nicholas Kristof: Missing in Action: Truth
Katrina vanden Heuvel: Top Gun at Job Destruction
Robert Koehler: A US Gulag For Children
Eric Zorn: Media AWOL in Noting Irony of Bush's Flight
Susan Lenfestey: Bush's Victory Dance is Premature
Seymour Hersh: Selective Intelligence: Donald Rumsfeld Has His Own Special Sources. Are They Reliable?
Paul Krugman: Man on Horseback
Pierre Tristam: Roadmap to Middle East Peace Dead-Ends Short of Settlements
Aidan Johnson: Dear Sec of State Powell: My Year in the United States
Sean Gonsalves: Wilsonian Idealism or PR Gimmick?
George Monbiot: Poor, but Pedicured

Monday, May 5
Howard Zinn: My Country: The World
Gary Younge: Winners and Losers: The Left's Dilemma is How to Harness the New Social and Protest Movements Into an Effective Electoral Strategy
David Moberg: Stiffing Workers, Not Big Shots - How American
Michael Kinsley: Bad Bet by Bill Bennett
Jacqueline Hannigan/Paula Fee: The Old Man on the Mountain Teaches Us A Lesson
Michael Schwalbe: Lessons in Death, Born in the USA
Peter Preston: The World Won't Forgive or Forget: A Vast Global Majority Opposed the War - And Nothing Has Changed

Sunday, May 4
Nick Nyhart/Joan Claybrook: Take the 'For Sale' Sign Off the White House Lawn
Terry Jones: 'If Fish Can Feel Pain, Then Maybe Iraqi Children Can, Too'
Clay Evans: All Clear for Groupthink
Caroline Arnold: The Story We Got
Maureen Dowd: The Iceman Cometh
Haroon Siddiqui: Real American Agenda Now Becoming Clear

Saturday, May 3
Jill Nelson: A Mean-Spirited America: Today, I Fear My Own Government More Than I Do Terrorists
Gary Younge: Dancing to an Old Southern Segregationist Tune
Christopher Brauchli: Ashcroft Becoming National Hall Monitor
Bruce Mulkey: Establishing Democracy in Iraq? Let’s Fix It Here First
Chris Marcil: That Was the War That Was
Seth Sandronsky: Incarcerated And Invisible

Friday, May 2
Frida Berrigan: Proud to be American? Not While it Chooses Bombs Over Bread
Steven Hill and Rob Richie: Democracy Unbalanced
Jason Halperin: Feeling the Boot Heel of the Patriot Act
Harvey Wasserman: Bush's Military Defeat: The SuperPower of Peace is Our Only Hope
Joshua Green: Bill Bennett: The Bookie of Virtue Made Millions Lecturing Morality and Blew it on Gambling
Andrew Greeley: US Miscalculates in Iraq
Ralph Nader: Wall Street Crooks Need More Than A 'Slap On the Wrist'
Derrick Jackson: How Big Tobacco is Rising from the Ashes
Jonathan Turley: Appetite for Authoritarianism Spawns an American Gulag
Martin Woollacott: Strong-Arm Tactics Leave the World a Weaker Place
Geoffrey Wheatcroft: When Weapons of Mass Destruction are in Friendly Hands We Call Them Defense Forces
Madison Capital Times: Keep Calling for Peace

Thursday, May 1
Ian Masters: Media Monopolies Have Muzzled Dissent
Matthew Thomas Harwood: Rolling Back May Day
Liza Featherstone: Meet the Enron of Workers' Rights
David Corn: Bush's Top Gun Photo-Op
Mike Bryan: Liberals Suck At Sales
Sandi Schmidt: Snowflakes and EGGS?
Suzanne Blanchard: Losing the War at Home
Sheryl McCarthy: Wal-Mart - Always Low Wages for Women!
Robert Reich: The Economy Is on the Move -- Downward
Joan Ryan: Hooray for Bush! Wait . . . Never Mind
Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity: Intelligence Officers Challenge Bush...




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