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March 2003

Monday, March 31
Orville Schell: From Sands to Quagmire
Jimmy Breslin: Blood Remains On the Hands
Jenny Durkan: This is What Happens When You Go It Alone
Madeleine Bunting: Bombs and Biscuits: Every Iraqi Child is Now an Unwitting Participant in This Obscene War. And Every One of Us is Morally Implicated
David Weintraub: Our Servicemen's Health in Danger
William Raspberry: Hawks and Hornets
Bob Herbert: Who Will Rescue Iraqi Civilians?
Ruben Navarrette Jr: The Cheney Connection
Robert Fisk: Sergeant's Suicidal Act of War has Struck Fear into Allied Hearts
Harold Meyerson: Social Activism For Iraq
Jonathan Steele: Read the Small Print: The US Wants to Privatize Iraq's Oil

Sunday, March 30
Eric Margolis: Once More Into the Swamp
Bill C Davis: Support Our Protesters
Susanna Hecht: Uranium Warheads May Leave Both Sides a Legacy of Death for Decades
Robert Fisk: In Baghdad, Blood and Bandages for the Innocent
Susan Faludi: An American Myth Rides Into the Sunset
Christopher Bellamy: First 'Shock and Awe', Now 'Operational Pause'
Mary Riddell: The Testimony of the Dead
Robin Cook: Let's Send Rumsfeld and His Hawks to War Instead
Will Hutton: By Opting to Join the American Hard Right, Tony Blair has Made the Gravest Mistake of His Political Life

Saturday, March 29
Antonia Zerbisias: US Eyes Wide Shut to Real-Life Gore and Guts
Guardian/UK: America in the Vice
Christopher Brauchli: Who Will Profit From War in Iraq?
Paul William Roberts: Rocking the Cradle: What's at Risk When Bunker Busters and Patriot Missiles Rain Down on the Birthplace of Modern Civilization?
Harvey Wasserman: The Superpower of Peace and the Fundamentalist Nightmare
Robert Fisk: Bombing of Phone System Another Little Degradation
Fergal Keane: Does the West Understand How This Hated War is Altering the Arab World?

Friday, March 28
William Pfaff: Americans are on Their Own Now, Lone Rangers, Riding Toward the Sunset
Adrian Hamilton: Whoever Wins the War, The US has Lost the Peace
Ashley Decker: Support the Warrior Not the War: Give Them Their Benefits!
Robert Fisk: Raw, Devastating Realities That Expose the Truth About Basra
US Rep Jesse Jackson Jr: Iraq: From Gunboat Diplomacy To Gunpoint Democracy
Michael Moore: Starting a Ruckus Was The Right Thing to Do
Paul Krugman: Delusions of Power
Stephen Zunes: A Disaster Unfolding in Iraq
Faisal Bodi: Al-Jazeera Tells the Truth About War
Ira Chernus: The Warmakers Are Not Evil. They're Just Misguided - Really
Jason Leopold: The Enterprising Hawk
Andrew Buncombe: The Priority Here is Clear: Oil Comes Before People

Thursday, March 27
Antonia Zerbisias: Fog of Coverage Paved the Way for War
Naomi Klein: Standing Up to Uncle Sam
Seumas Milne: They are Fighting for Their Independence, not Saddam
Norman Solomon: Media War: Obsessed with Tactics and Technology
Robert Fisk: 'It Was An Outrage, An Obscenity'
Molly Ivins: Bush's Sneak Attack on 'Average' Taxpayers
Harold Meyerson: Smart Bombs, Dumb War
James Travers: US Envoy Doesn't Get It: Canada Will Not Be Bullied or Bribed Into Doing Something That is Morally Offensive
Gary Younge:   McCarthy's Ghost: Democracy is Under Threat in the United States
Bob Herbert: Casualties at Home

Wednesday, March 26
Clarence Page: US Pays a Price for Living Like an Empire
Mary Ann Maggiore: Peace Work/Piece Work -- Women's History of Peace
Robert Fisk: In the Long Hours of Darkness, Baghdad Shakes to the Constant Low Rumble of B-52s
Vinay Menon: American Hawks' Plan Sounds Chilling Today
Cathy Breen: Baghdad Diary: The Bombs Continue to Fall
Pierre Tristam: Bush’s Iraq War: Icarus on Crack
David Krieger: Shock But Not Awe
Susan Thistlethwaite: The Math of Martyrs: Has the US Unwittingly Entered Into the Business of Producing Terrorists?
Joyce Marcel: Marching for Peace in a Time of War
Robert Kuttner: War Distracts from Bush's Budget Cuts
Russ Baker: The Big Lie: Why Did Newsweek Underplay Big Story?
Derrick Jackson: Beware Military Hype on Technology

Tuesday, March 25
James Carroll: America the Destroyer
Fisk/Goodman/Scahill: Robert Fisk on Washington’s ‘Quagmire’ in Iraq, Civilian Deaths and the Fallacy of Bush’s ‘War of Liberation’
Robert Scheer: The Wraps Come Off Bush's Colonialist Agenda
Kathy Kelly: From Baghdad: Angry, Very Angry
George Monbiot: One Rule for Them: Five POWs are Mistreated in Iraq and the US Cries Foul. What About Guantanamo Bay?
William Gates Sr/Chuck Collins: A Fair Payment for War
David Lazarus: US Pushes Freedom Abroad, Stifles It Here
Paul Krugman: Channels of Influence
Erwin Chemerinsky: By Flouting War Laws, US Invites Tragedy
Sean Gonsalves: Harnessing Women Power
Andrew Reding: Why Washington is Isolated in Its Own Back Yard

Monday, March 24
Leonard Pitts Jr: War Opens a Door to an America None of Us Has Ever Known
Thom Hartmann: How to Take Back America
Bill Holm: Paul Wellstone: When Needed Most, The Voice That Could Say 'No' is Gone
Robert Jensen: On NPR, Please Follow the Script
Ira Chernus: To Get Peace Message Heard, Call Our Leaders Misguided, Not Evil
James K. Galbraith: What Economic Price This War?
Steven Shults: The Oscars: The Courage of Their Convictions
Edward Wasserman: Facing a War Abroad, Counterrevolution at Home
Les Aucoin: Even Future Warriors Harbor Doubts About War
Will Rose: Civil Disobedience Can Be Civic Duty
Robert Fisk: 'Iraq Will Become a Quagmire for the Americans'
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: I am Burning With Fury Because My Country Has Been Betrayed

Sunday, March 23
Arthur Schlesinger Jr: Today, It is We Americans Who Live in Infamy
Bill Hartung: Keeping Hope Alive: The War Has Started, But The Peace Movement Has Not “Lost”
Robert Fisk: This is the Reality of War. We Bomb. They Suffer
Henry Porter: How to Save Brand America
Ralph Nader: The Judicially-Selected Dictator's Pre-Emptive War
Zoe Pilger: Generation Apathy has Woken Up
Anders Stephanson: Hail America
Peter Gomes: For Those Who Oppose War, What Now?
Maureen Dowd: Perle's Plunder Blunder

Saturday, March 22
Paul Gilfeather: Coalition of the Bribed, Bullied & Blind
Robert Koehler: The Words of War Can Be Dangerous
Christopher Brauchli: Pursuing All Means, Bush Still Failed
Antonia Zerbisias: TV Avoids Showing Deadly Side of War
Seth Sandronsky: What Attacking Iraq Might Do To The US Economy
Claire Phipps: Who Can Blame the Decision-Makers of the Future for Taking to the Streets?
Tom Teepen: Bush Bashed Way to Puny 'Coalition'
Jonathan Freedland: Peaceniks Lost the War But Changed the Shape of Battle

Friday, March 21
Kathy Kelly/Ramzi Kysia: Word from Iraq Hours Before "Shock & Awe"
Jimmy Breslin: Familiar, Haunting Words
Desmond Tutu/Ian Urbina: Antiwar Thinking: Acknowledge Despair, Highlight Progress on Moral Preemption
Lillian Corti: Ultimatums and War
Magie Dominic: One Cowboy Can’t Control the World
Joyce Marcel: Masters of War
Derrick Jackson: What 'Coalition'?
Michelle Kinnucan: If You Work for Peace, Stop Paying for War
Andrew Murray: Redeem This Day of Shame

Thursday, March 20
Roger Normand/Jan Goodwin: The Second American Revolution
Norman Solomon: Casualties of War -- First Truth, Then Conscience
Rahul Mahajan/Robert Jensen: Myths and Facts About the War
Natasha Walter: Don't Idealize the Soldiers Fighting This Unjust War
Ira Chernus: Don't Feel Powerless. The Peace Movement is More Important Than Ever
Bob Herbert: Ready for the Peace?
Helen Thomas: Preventive War Sets Perilous Precedent
Rev. Dr. G. Penny Nixon: If This Is Armageddon, I’m Not Ready!
Ali Abunimah: We Almost Stopped the War
Mark Weisbrot: Military Force Won't Restore Lost US Power
Sheryl McCarthy: War Coverage Is All About Boosting Ratings
Antonia Zerbisias: How Bush Sold War to Americans

Wednesday, March 19
Sen Robert Byrd: Today I Weep for My Country
Kathy Kelly: The Illness of Victors
Mary Dejevsky: The Nightmare World of a Paranoid President
Arianna Huffington: We Have a Winner in Iraq. Corporate America
William Wong: Of Culture and Conscience
Rachel Corrie: 'You Just Can't Imagine It'
Matthew Engel: Iraq, The 51st State
Magie Dominic: How Many Deaths Will It Take
Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity: Memo to the President: Forgery, Hyperbole, Half-Truth: A Problem

Tuesday, March 18
Stanley Kutler: There Will Absolutely Be No Dissension
Robert Jensen: Confronting Our Fears So We Can Confront the Empire
Bill C Davis: Kennedy's Torch in Bush's Hand
Robin Cook: Why I Had to Leave the Cabinet
Robert Fisk: Baghdad Sleepwalking into History
Ralph Nader: It's Time for the Democatic Leadership to Speak Out
Bill Hartung: An Open Letter To Bill O'Reilly: "No Spin Zone" or "NoIntegrity Zone" -- You Decide
Thomas Walkom: Attack on Iraq Could Turn Bush into Criminal
Robert Steinback: War Talk Driven by Myths
Robert Scheer: A Naked Bid to Redraw World Map
Paul Krugman: Things to Come

Monday, March 17
Paul Loeb/Geov Parrish: If War Comes
Bob Herbert: With Ears and Eyes Closed
Ruth Rosen: Of Oil and Almonds
Michael Moore: A Letter to George W. Bush on the Eve of War
Magie Dominic: What Century Are We In?
Matthew Rothschild: A Moment of Falsity
Rahul Mahajan: Ave Caesar
Steve Niva: Rachel Corrie, Nuha Sweidan and Israeli War Crimes
Martin Sheen: A Celebrity, but First a Citizen

Sunday, March 16
Les Payne: A War That Cannot Be
Robert Fisk: The War of Misinformation Has Begun
Linda McQuaig: Pliable Bush Puppet of Hawks
Thom Hartmann: When Democracy Failed: The Warnings of History
Paul deLespinasse: How Iraqi Oil Could Work For Peace
Eric Margolis: Is Tony Blair Crazy, or Just Plain Stupid?
Linda Diebel: Rewriting History in the Gathering Fog of War
Gordon Livingston: True Believer's Moral Certainty Leads Us Astray
Ira Chernus: US Jews Could Pay High Price for Iraq War

Saturday, March 15
Randall Forsberg: Curbing Saddam Without War
Kathy Kelly: From Baghdad: Let There Be Life
Harvey Wasserman: The Emerging Superpower of Peace
Madison Capital Times: George: Listen to Your Father
Christopher Brauchli: A Short Primer on DeLay Tactics
Paul Rockwell: Presidential War is Unconstitutional

Friday, March 14
Desmond Tutu/Ian Urbina: Confronting Iraq: Might Doesn't Make Right
Robert Fisk: The Forgotten Power of the General Assembly
Ramzi Kysia: This Present Moment: Living in Baghdad on the Eve of War
Laura Flanders: Diplomatic Offensive
Paul Krugman: George W. Queeg
Andrew Greeley: God Bless America? God Save America? Or God Forgive America?
Joe Conason: Is the President a Victim of Bogus Evidence, or a Purveyor of Such?
Molly Ivins: Have You Ever Seen Such Amazing Arrogance Wedded to Such Awesome Incompetence?
Ralph Nader: Requests for Meetings with President Bush Ignored
Dennis Kucinich: Every Human Being has the Right to Clean Water
Derrick Jackson: The Dance for African Votes in UN

Thurday, March 13
Bob Herbert: Bombs and Blood
Ted Rall: Don't Support Our Troops; Win or Lose, War on Iraq is Wrong
Seumas Milne: Threat of War has Created an Unprecedented Globalization of Public Opinion
Fran Shor: Our Fellow-Citizens - Not Our Troops
Mohammed AlMohaissen: A Saudi Dissident's Agenda for Democratic Reform
Haroon Siddiqui: US Credibility on Iraq Has Eroded to an Extent That It is Becoming Hard to Believe Anything from the Bush Administration
William Hartung: The High Costs of War With Iraq: The Administration plays "Russian Roulette" With Our Economy
Dean Baker/Mark Weisbrot: High-Powered Diplomacy at the UN: Advice for the "Willing"
Antonia Zerbisias: Why Americans Tune in to Canada
Noam Chomsky: The Case Against US Adventurism in Iraq

Wednesday, March 12
Richard Gwyn: Bush Losing the Moral High Ground
Gerald Caplan: How Dare Bush Invoke Rwanda to Justify His War
Jules Witcover: Bush Bungling Pits US Against the World
Karyn Strickler: Partial Birth Abortion Bans: Why Does the Big Lie Continue?
John H. Brown: Letter of Resignation by John H. Brown, Foreign Service Officer
Molly Ivins: Press Dropping the Ball
Robert Jensen: Petróleo, Petróleo, Petróleo
Derrick Jackson: Marching Toward War as the World Says No
John Nichols: Constitution Could Keep Bush at Bay

Tuesday, March 11
Robert Scheer: When Bombs Fall, US Will Join Ranks of War Criminals
Thom Hartmann: The Empire Needs New Clothes
Thomas Walkom: The Iraq Crisis is No Longer About Stopping Iraq. It's About Stopping the United States
James Carroll: War's Power of Attraction
Sean Gonsalves: Support Our Troops
George Monbiot: Why Can't Liberal Interventionists See That Iraq is Part of a Bid to Cement US Global Power?
Nicholas Kristof Hatreds Steeped in Blood
Gilbert Jordan: Humanity Hanging from an Iron Cross
Matthew Engel: His Country Needs Him But We Have Yet to Find the New Gene McCarthy

Monday, March 10
Ira Chernus: The "Bush & God" Scam: Don't Buy It
Sarah Anderson: Can UN Ambassadors be "Survivors"?
Michael Mandel: An Immoral and Unjust War on Iraq is No Less One Because the Security Council Caves in to Pressure from the US and Authorizes
William Pfaff: Bush Tactics Strengthen UN Brake on US Power
Helen Thomas: The 'Macho President' Ignores Calls for Peace
Mark Weisbrot: Why He Can't Wait
Gary Younge: Defiance of Global Will
Mark Littman: Any Member of a Government Backing an Aggressive War Will Be Open to Prosecution

Sunday, March 9
New York Times: Saying No to War
Eric Margolis: Americans Owe France an Apology, and a Hearty "Merci Mon Ami"
Linda McQuaig: Rebuffed President Recklessly Saddles Up for War
Sam Husseini: Follow the Policy: Why So Long for Iraq to Comply?
Les Payne: Bible-Thumping War Drums
Jimmy Carter: Just War — or a Just War?
Haroon Siddiqui: Arrogant Bush Sets Stage for Final U.N. Showdown
Michael Byers: America in the Dock
Maureen Dowd: The Xanax Cowboy

Saturday, March 8
Edward Said: Who is in Charge? A Tiny, Unelected Group, Supported by Powerful, Unrepresentative Minorities
Noeleen Heyzer: Boosting Women and the World
Robert Fisk: US War Plans Are Not Helped By Blix
Colin Shea: Supporters of War Will Become Accomplices to Murder
Merope Mills: The Threat of War has Terrified Young People - But It Has Also Radicalized Us
Christopher Brauchli: Bush Plays Shell Game with AIDS Funding
William Greider: Washington Post Warriors
Paul Krugman: 'Let Them Hate as Long as They Fear'
Members of the European Parliament Who Visited Iraq: A Message to Our American Friends
Bill C. Davis: Some of the Facts as of 3/07/2003
Stephen Zunes: President Bush's February 26 Speech on the Future of Iraq: A Critique

Friday, March 7
William Hartung: Bush Presses for War
Bill Moyers: Where are the Democrats?
Robert Jamieson Jr: Signs of Peace Must Be Read, Mr. President
Susan Estrich: War-Dazed: There are Other Things Going On... But They All Circle Back to the War
John Buell: Just War or Just Us
Lee Drutman: What About Three-Strikes-and-You're-Out for Corporate Criminals?
Caroline Arnold: Pledging Allegiance, Declaring Independence
Derrick Jackson: Athletes' Protests Draw Scorn from Coaches
Robert Malley: Bush's Irrational Rationale: An Unnecessary, Avoidable, Dangerous War

Thursday, March 6
Norman Solomon: Media Dodging UN Surveillance Story
Bouthaina Shaaban: Bush Risks a Mideast Inferno
Susan Lenfestey: Bush Bullies and Bribes His Way to War
Leah Wells: On International Women's Day: Reckless Abandon
Thom Hartmann: Now Your Vote Is The Property Of A Private Corporation
Jonathan Turley: Rights on the Rack: Alleged Torture in Terror War Imperils U.S. Standards of Humanity
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: It's Not Anti-Semitic to Connect Iraq and Israel
Linda Diebel: Rumsfeld's War Coalition? Blink and You Might Miss It
George Bisharat: Democracy - or Colonialism in Iraq?
John MacArthur: The Two Faces of France
Laura Flanders: Not Welcome Here: Feds Now Arbitrarily Turning Away Foreigners At Airports
Isabel Hilton: America's War on Terror Has Set a Pattern of Fit-up and Cover-up

Wednesday, March 5
Jennifer Wells: Big Bucks Won't Buy Respect for 'Brand America'
Jeremy Brecher: What Can the World Do if the US Attacks Iraq?
Robert Kuttner: Bush's Bogus Medicare Reform
Lori Wallach: Why Does the WTO Want My Water?
Leah Wells: When Oprah Says No To War
Jules Witcover: 'Ugly American' Back on Display
Jonathan Steele: Independent Iraqis Oppose Bush's War
Bernard Weiner: How to Swagger & Bully Your Way to Disaster: Bush's Foreign Adventurism
Derrick Jackson: US Abstains in the War on Tobacco
Ed Garvey: Bush's Rush to War is Madness and Must Be Stopped
Arianna Huffington: For Pols and Lobbyists, Pillow Talk Can Pay Off

Tuesday, March 4
James Carroll: A War Policy in Collapse
Ira Chernus: Neck-Biters and Belly-Gazers
Nancy Snow: While the Propaganda Czar Departs, the Product Pitching Remains
Mokhiber/Weissman: The Unbalanced Hawks at the Washington Post
Tom Turner: Thank You for Writing, Now Go Away
Sean Gonsalves: Administration Plans Don't Meet Carter's Criteria for 'Just War'
Catherine Sundberg: Higher Ground
Robert Scheer: Bush Pushes the Big Lie Toward the Brink
Jesse Jackson: Diplomats Believe the Push for War is Eroding US Credibility and Goodwill
Frances Kissling: Bush Cripples His AIDS Initiative

Monday, March 3
Charley Reese: OK, This is My Last Anti-War Column
Erna Paris: The New World Disorder
Charles Kupchan: Iraq Isn't Worth Losing US Allies
Ralph Nader: MSNBC Sabotages Donahue
Matthew Rothschild: Manipulation of the Public Builds Along With War Clouds
Robert Jensen: Bush's Contempt for Democracy
Robert Fisk: A Breakthrough in the War on Terror? I'll Believe it When We See Some Evidence
Madeleine Bunting: Greed is the Word
William Raspberry: Consequences of War
David Davis: The Politics of Truth

Sunday, March 2
Eric Margolis: Bush's War is Not About Democracy
Heather Wokusch: The Dangers of Dissent
Bob Fitrakis/Harvey Wasserman: Bush and America's Willing Executioners Would Be Guilty at Nuremberg
Khalid Khawaja: War Will Create More Baby Bin Ladens
John Liechty: Is It War Yet?
Robert Fisk: American Billions Keep Arab Regimes Sweet
Peter Preston: Media Balance Will Be the First Casualty

Saturday, March 1
Don Sellar: Did Saddam Hussein Gas His Own People? Reality Checks Needed During War
Steve Early: Unions Are Joining Peace Parade
D.H. Kerby: Peace Protests Moving to L.A. Neighborhoods
Leah Wells: Three Blind Mice
Christopher Brauchli: Looking for Problems in All the Wrong Places
Ramsey Clark: Why Does Bush Push to Silence Free Speech?
New York Times: Bush Rebuked on Global Warming




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