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June 2003

Monday, June 30
Karyn Strickler: The Do Nothing Strategy: An Expose of National Progressive Politics
John Borowski: Christine Todd Whitman: Why Are You Still a Lapdog?
Heather Wokusch: Pre-emptive Assassination and US Foreign Policy
William Pfaff: Britain Stirs, America Sleeps
Mark Seddon: Bush and Blair Promised Justice in Iraq. Another Lie
Ira Chernus: Did Bush Say God Told Him To Go To War?
Bob Herbert: Oblivious in DC
Edward Wasserman: Media Monopolies Still Can't Unearth the Truth
Bill Youngs: George W. and the Cherry Tree
Rachel Stohl: Proliferation of Small Arms: A Menace That Must Be Controlled

Sunday, June 29
Karen Alter: The High Cost of Lying About War
Jack Newfield: Rebel With a Cause
Haroon Siddiqui: Digging for Truth Buried Under Patriotic Guff
Daniel Meltzer: Was it a High Crime?
Gilbert Cranberg: Bring Back the Skeptical Press
Quentin Young: National Health Insurance is the Obvious Prescription
Tom Brazaitis: A Decision-Day Conversion
Eric Margolis: When The U.S. Says Jump, It Wants Pakistan To Jump
Thomas Oliphant: Bush's Duck and Cover Strategy

Saturday, June 28
Huck Gutman: On Science, War, and the Prevalence of Lies
Arthur Schlesinger Jr: The Imperial Presidency Redux
Bernie Sanders: Prescription Drug Plan will Erode Medicare
Christopher Brauchli: Let's Get Them Healthy — So We Can Kill Them

Friday, June 27
Ray McGovern: Cheney And The CIA: Not Business As Usual
Joanne Mariner: Rehnquist Family Values
Jeff Milchen/Jeffrey Kaplan: Saving Corporations from Themselves?
John Cassidy: US Needs Better Angels
Ted Rall: A Crack In Bush's Facade
Helen Thomas: Bush Fundraising: Post-Tax Cut Payback From Rich?
Chip Johnson: Group Stacks Deck Against War Profiteers
Norman Read: We Went to War Under False Circumstances
Derrick Jackson: Bush's Jive Act on Campus Diversity
Marwan Bishara: The Israelization of American Policy
Paul Buchanan: Guerrillas Hold Ace in Post-War Iraq

Thursday, June 26
Howard Zinn: The Specter Of Vietnam
Ellen Goodman: An American Empire Built on Deception
Huck Gutman: Why Bush Ignores the Numbers
Norman Solomon: Tilting Democrats in the Presidential Race
Ruth Rosen: Wal-Mart Wars
Jimmy Breslin: Media Walk on Ashcroft's Leash
Ron Erskine: Don’t Get Too Caught Up In Patriotic Fervor
Arianna Huffington: People Power Goes Hollywood
Floyd McKay: When Images Drown Out The Words We Need To Hear
Gordon Barthos: Alarmist Iraq Hype Backfires
Sam Parry: Bush’s Iraqi Albatross
Sami Ramadani: Bring the British Troops Home

Wednesday, June 25
Paul Knox: Bush's Bogus War
John Moyers: In Bush We Trust?
Betsy Leondar-Wright: White Affirmative Action
John Pilger: Bush's Vietnam: Once More, We Hear That America is Being 'Sucked Into a Quagmire'
Ronda Hauben: The US Government Case for War in Iraq Based on Forgery and Lies
Robert Kuttner: Other Rights Are Hanging By A Thread
Mokhiber/Weissman: Gray Panthers' Corporate Connection
Harold Meyerson: Power to the Janitors
Holly Sklar: Raw Deal for Workers on Minimum Wage Anniversary
Laurie King-Irani: On Learning Lessons: Belgium's Universal Jurisdiction Law Under Threat
Mike Ferner: Tears for the Victims of Bush's Dirty Little War

Tuesday, June 24
Robert Byrd: The Road to Coverup Is the Road to Ruin
Sarah Ferguson: The Anti-Bush Campaign Kicks Off
John Buell: Old Europe and New GM Foods
Paul Krugman: Denial and Deception
Marco Garrido: Global Peace Movement Still Vibrant
George Monbiot: I Was Wrong About Trade
Patrick Cockburn: Our Role in Iraq Affects US Politics
Steve Chapman: The Bush Administration Said We Were Whacking a Piñata. Turns Out It Was a Pandora's Box
Thomas Oliphant: FCC Fight Helps Energize Common Cause
Robert Steinback: True Conservatives Should Take A Stand
Byron Dorgan/Russ Feingold: Undoing The FCC's Damage
Matthew Rothschild: O'Connor Saves Affirmative Action

Monday, June 23
Harley Sorensen: What You Can Do About Bush
Robert Higgs: Aftermath Of War Not Exactly An Eye For An Eye
Dave Zweifel: There's a Method to Bush's Madness
Neil Wollman/Leonard Williams: Guess What? The Anti-War Folks Were Right
Salim Muwakkil: The End of Race?
Robert Reich: Deflation Risks Bigger Than Optimists Let On
Daniel Maguire: Why Do Americans Hate Children?
Neal Peirce: There Are Alternatives To Cluttered Roadways
Michael Schuler: Protesting May Be Our Final Distinction From '1984'

Sunday, June 22
Eric Margolis: Iran's In The Crosshairs Of Bush's Bombsight
Linda McQuaig: Sex, Lies and American Presidents
Boston Globe: Unfair America
Robert Dreyfuss: More Missing Intelligence
Jeff Milchen: Fighting Terror Without Losing Our Freedoms
Jamil Khoury: American Foreign Policy Needs To Be More 'American'
Haroon Siddiqui: Bombing Iran Could Be Tempting Option For Bush

Saturday, June 21
John Gittings: Rapid Change in Beijing is About to Shatter Our Crude Cold War Cliches
Dick Meyer: Where Are WMDs? Where's Congress?
Christopher Brauchli: What's a Few Million Between U.S. Senators?
Leonard Pitts Jr: Christian Conservatives Disturbingly Slow To Assist Those They Don't Like

Friday, June 20
Derrick Jackson: Bush Fries Climate Change
Naomi Klein: Bush to NGOs: Watch Your Mouths
John Nichols: Senate Committee Rebukes FCC
Ira Chernus: US Journalist, Under Attack In Indonesia, Needs Our Help
John Willis: The War, Brought To You By The White House: To See What Media Consolidation Will Do To British Television, Look No Further Than The US
Baltimore Sun: More Revisionist History
Crispin Sartwell: WMD Lies No Surprise
Dan Haar: No Payoff For Many Who Back GOP Goals
Catharine Cooper: Which Patriots Exactly Does The Act Protect?
Lynn Farquhar: Reflections On Dachau And 2 Men Named George
Huch Gutman: Eight Steps To Free Media

Thursday, June 19
Nancy Snow: We’re Caught in a Trap
Wendell Berry: Small Destructions Add Up
Harvey Wasserman: Truth Is The Weapon Of Bush's Self-destruction: The Superpower Of Peace Has The Ultimate Force
Cynthia Cotts: Reason to Deceive: WMD Lies Could Be the New Watergate
Bruce Cole: The DNC Stoops To Push-Polling and Vote-Selling; So Why Is McAuliffe Still On the Job?
Greg Palast: The Screwing of Cynthia McKinney
Joseph 'Jazz' Hayden: Echoes Of Juneteenth Haunt Us Today
Vinay Menon: US TV Lacks Liberal Slant
Seumas Milne: The Right To Resist
Ruth Rosen: Better Safe Than Sorry
Clive Freeman: When You See a Whale, Just Watch It
Laurence Helfer: In Gay Rights, United States Lags Behind Much Of The World

Wednesday, June 18
Geov Parrish: Impeachable Offense
Derrick Jackson: What are Americans Dying for Now?
Ira Chernus: Mainstream News Makes More Sense As Shakespearean Drama
Arianna Huffington: WMDs And The Psychology Of Fanaticism
Jim Lobe: Iraq: From Liberation to Counter-Insurgency in Less Than 80 Days
Harold Meyerson: Democrats' Online Appeal
Daniel Bergner: When Life in Prison is Far Too Long
Bob Kerr: We're In For The Fight Of Our Lives
Daniel Becker: Ford Is a Century Old - and Acting Like It
Robert Kuttner: Half a Loaf on Medicare Rx Benefit
Kennan Ferguson: Lying in the Pursuit of Power Corrupts Absolutely

Tuesday, June 17
James Carroll: Millennial War
John Nichols: Making Media an Issue
Helen Thomas: Doubts About Bush's Postwar Credibility Could Lift Left
Steve Pitelli: When Will House Republicans Call for Bush's Impeachment?
Paul Krugman: Dereliction of Duty
George Monbiot: We Can Seize The Day: The Task Is Not To Overthrow Globalization But To Use It For A Democratic Revolution
William Greider: Deflation: It Threatens the United States--and the World
Pierre Tristam: Arbitrary Interpretations Veil Religious Fashion ...and Now the Law
Max Castro: What's the Official Story? Weapons of Mass Distortion
Bill Moore: A Segway for Bush

Monday, June 16
Harley Sorensen: The War Built On A Lie
Ray McGovern: Iraq Posed an Unclear and Dubious Danger
Robert McChesney/John Nichols: Reclaiming the Media
Thom Hartmann: How An Earlier "Patriot Act" Law Brought Down A President
Cindie Corrie: Remarks for The Evergreen State College Graduation
The Guardian/UK: Iraq's Lethal Peace: It Could yet Change American Minds
Leah Wells: A Culture Of Teaching Peace
Toronto Star: Craven UN Caves In
Alana Price: US Interests in Castro's Crackdown
Garance Franke-Ruta: Dean's Machine
Gary Young: Gay Is The New Black

Sunday, June 15
Eric Margolis: US Media Caved in to the Bush Agenda
Jimmy Breslin: Truth Is Strongest Weapon In War
Caroline Arnold: Who Are the Best Keepers of the People's Liberties?
Steve Crawshaw: America's Rejection of the International Criminal Court is a Threat to its Own Security
David Wise: If Bush Is Lying, He's Not the First
Leonard Pitts Jr: WMDs: A Patient Call for Accountability

Friday, June 13
Kathleen McAfee: Genetically Modified Morals
Derrick Jackson: US Clouds Iraqi Civilian Deaths
Nicholas Kristof: White House in Denial
Jules Witcover: It's Too Early To Start Using The 'I-word' About Bush
Heather Wokusch: America's Shameful Legacy of Radioactive Weaponry
Ralph Nader: Has the American Enterprise Institute Lost Contact with Reality?
Steven Miller: The New Right Wing Agenda
Paul Krugman: Tom Delay: 'Some Crazy Guy'
Navin Nayak/Jerry Taylor: No Corporate Welfare for Nuclear Power
Michael Levi: Image Issue: Stolen Iraq Uranium

Thursday, June 12
Susan Lenfestey: In WMD Debate, Don't Ignore Role of Times and an Iraqi Exile
Bruce Dixon: Muzzling the African American Agenda With Black Help; The DLC's Corporate Dollars of Destruction
Michelle Ciarrocca: The Paris Air Show: The Show Will Go On
Richard Rockefeller: A Fatal Imbalance in Medical Treatment
George Monbiot: How to Stop America
Daytona Beach News-Journal: Selective Paranoia: Racist Crackdown on Arab, Muslim Immigrants
James Klurfeld: Bush Has Taken US Into a Credibility Gap
Jason Leopold: White House Silenced Experts Who Questioned Iraq Intel Info Six Months Before War
Sarah Tobias/Sean Cahill: No Child Left Behind?
Haroon Siddiqui: Ayatollah Ashcroft's Law: How US Attorney-General, a Christian Evangelist With Anti-Islamic Views On Record, Is Waging War On American Muslims

Wednesday, June 11
Jules Witcover: Not Buying Revisionist Sales Job on Iraqi Weapons
Robert Kuttner: Face it: We're Rationing Health
Margie Burns: French Boycott? An Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh
Richard Gwyn: Bush's Weapons of Mass Deception
Harold Meyerson: Reaping the World's Disfavor
Larry Robinson: The Parable Of The Sheep
Daniel Nelson: Hollow Victory
Derrick Jackson: Ashcroft's Backtrack on Gay Pride at Justice
David Hirst: The Occupation of Iraq has Given the Arab World the Choice of National Resistance or Reconstruction

Tuesday, June 10
Rupert Cornwell: Accountability Missing In Bushland
Ira Chernus: Outrage At Administration Lying Misses A Crucial Point
Paul Krugman: Who's Accountable for Misleading the Nation to War?
Pierre Tristam: Secure in a Culture of Razor Wire: The Making of America's Gulag
Simon Hoggart: Blair Could Be Bush's First Fall Guy for Iraq
James Carroll: Fallibility, Democracy, and War
Jesse Jackson: What The Left Can Learn From Bush
Adam Cohen: What Would Jesus Do? Sock It to Alabama's Corporate Landowners
Sean Gonsalves: Dr. Hannibal Lecter, U.S. Prison System
Charles Komanoff: Wind Power Must Be Visible

Monday, June 9
John Nichols: Bill Moyers' "Presidential" Address
Huck Gutman: Like Déjà Vu All Over Again
Melinda Welsh: Kucinich Reloaded: Why the Former Boy Mayor of Cleveland Wants America’s Top Job
Chris Siebert: The Real Theory Of Everything...Or, War As An Advertising Campaign
Jules Witcover: Rallying the Left
John Holum: Don't Make Mini-Nukes: Nothing But Trouble
Salim Muwakkil: Neocon Convergences
Adam Hochschild: Civil War in Africa: Congo Cries Out For International Action
Ka Hsaw Wa: If an American Company Assists In and Benefits from Gross Human Rights Abuses, Should It Be Held Liable and Accountable?
Michael O'Donnell: Capitalism vs. Conscience: Companies Abuse Human Rights and the Feds Don't Care
Giles Fraser: Apocalypse Soon: Evangelicals in the US Believe There is a Biblical Basis for Opposing the Middle East Road Map

Sunday, June 8
Neal Gabler: Bush's Scorched-Earth Campaign
Eric Margolis: Bush and Blair Have Some 'Splainin' To Do
Scott Lynch: Bush's Nuclear Hypocrisy Encourages Proliferation
Haroon Siddiqui: Washington is Breaching What It's Preaching
Lisa See: Waters of Three Gorges Dam Will Wash Over World Culture
Paul Dean: How You Can be Deliriously Happy

Saturday, June 7
Kerry Kennedy Cuomo: Misusing RFK's Human Rights Legacy
Heather Mallick: And You Thought the War Was Over
Christopher Brauchli: Gettin' After Those Rascally Poor People
Toronto Star: Bush's Credibility Founders on Iraq
Tom Teepen: The Travesty of America's 'Disappeared'

Friday, June 6
John Dean: Missing Weapons Of Mass Destruction: Is Lying About The Reason For War An Impeachable Offense?
John R. MacArthur: All the News That's Fudged to Print: If You Think Jayson Blair was Loose with the Facts, Look at How the Times Covered Iraq
Naomi Klein: Downsizing in Disguise: Why is Paul Bremer Hacking Away So Viciously at Iraq's Public Sector?
Norman Solomon: Trust, War and Terrorism
Blaine Townsend: And That's the Way It Is: Loosening Media Ownership-Rules is Bad for America
Helen Thomas: Report Lambastes Justice Department
Joe Bevilacqua: Merge, Left: What Progressives Can Learn from the Right Wing's Rise
Catharine Cooper: Lamenting Miranda's Fall
Derrick Jackson: Bush's Deceptions on Iraq Intelligence
Don Monkerud: Jayson Blair to Replace Ari Fleischer at White House...

Thursday, June 5
John R. MacArthur: The Lies We Bought: The Unchallenged "Evidence" For War
Pat Holt: So Many Governments To Overthrow, So Little Time
Mokhiber/Weissman: Throwing Precaution to the Wind
Boulder Daily Camera: Does It Matter If We Were Misled On Iraq? Hell, Yes
Arianna Huffington: The Enronization Of Public Policy
Bill McKibben: Ocean's Bounty is Gone
Ruth Rosen: Weapons of Mass Deception
John Nichols: Hillary Clinton Hardly a Liberal Icon
Bob Herbert: Cozy With the FCC
William Pfaff: Blair in Trouble: White House War 'Spin' Entangles Downing Street
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Shameful: FBI, INS Abused Sept. 11 Detainees
Tom Teepen: The Cruelest Cut

Wednesday, June 4
Thom Hartmann: Midnight Ride of the Rabble
Maureen Dowd: Bomb and Switch
Ira Chernus: Six Day War Changed Everything Except Jewish Fears
Robert Kuttner: Bush's Reckless Economics
Robert Jensen/Rahul Majahan: WMDs: End the Deception
Danny Schechter: Now That The FCC Has Acted, What Is To Be Done?
Harold Meyerson: Real Live Democrats
Robin Cook: Rumsfeld's Confidence Trick: Britain Must Not Let Iran Become The Next Iraq
Ruy Teixeira: The New Democratic Majority
War Resisters League: The Peace Movement Between Wars: What Next?
Jason Leopold: The Iraq War Was Always Based On Shaky Evidence And Wrong Intelligence Info
Derrick Jackson: A Tax Cut For the Selfish
Monica Griffin: Red, White, and Blue All Over
Jesse Jackson: GOP Out to Swipe Your Over Time

Tuesday, June 3
Paul Krugman: The Selling of the War is Arguably the Worst Scandal in American Political History
Jim Lobe: Credibility Gap, Anyone?
John Nichols: Kucinich Draws Crowd, But Not Media
Helen Thomas: There Must Be Weapons Of Mass Destruction In Here Somewhere
Pierre Tristam: Fabrications as Magic Potion
O. Ricardo Pimentel: Congress Encouraged to Create a Department of Peace
James Carroll: The Palestinians' Pain and Hopes
Sean Gonsalves: To Administration, Credibility is Nothing
Michael Renner/Molly O’Meara Sheehan: A Strategy for Defense: Invest in People
Lee Drutman/Charlie Cray: The Pirates of Fiscal Irresponsibility
Madison Capital Times: FCC Vetoes Public Interest
Robert Fisk: And The Truth The Victors Refuse To See
George Monbiot: At Evian, The World's Rich Nations Missed a Golden Opportunity to Back Fair Trade
Ramzy Baroud: Sharon and the Myth of the Peacemakers

Monday, June 2
FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein: A Dark Storm Cloud is Looming Over the Future of the American Media
FCC Commissioner Michael Copps: I Dissent Because Today the FCC Empowers America's New Media Elite with Unacceptable Levels of Influence
Gordon Livingston: Bush Shines in the Time of the Lie
William Raspberry: Are Democrats Struck Dumb?
Jeremy Rifkin: Bush's Evangelizing About Food Chills European Hearts
Tom Shales: Michael Powell and the FCC: Giving Away the Marketplace of Ideas
John Dear: Revolutionary Nonviolence
Gary Younge: Just About the Only Person Criticizing Bush in the US Media is Sean Penn - and He Paid $125,000 for the Privilege
Gary Hart: Where is Bush Leading Us?
Bob Herbert: The Reverse Robin Hood
Tommy Donovan: What Is Our Vision?

Sunday, June 1
Thomas Friedman: A Theory of Everything
Deborah Blum: A Dark Magic in America's Silver Bullets
Andrew Bard Schmookler: Tale of American Betrayal Epitomizes Moral Danger
David Shaw: Heard the Local News? It May Soon Be Harder to Find
Caroline Arnold: The Map is not the Territory
Linda McQuaig: 9/11 Movie Paints Bush as Hero
Les Payne: Fingering Those Weapons
G. Jefferson Price III: What America Needs is More Slow Food...




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