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July 2003

Thursday, July 31
Ray McGovern: Playing Make-Believe for War: Not the First Time
Marc Cooper: It’s the Governor, Dahling - Arianna Gathers Her Friends to Talk About Sacramento
Joseph Stiglitz: Terrorism: There's No Futures in It
New York Times: Bush's Sidestepping on Iraq
John Buell: The Politics of Drug Wars
Bob Herbert: Dying in Iraq
Seumas Milne: Why the US Fears Cuba
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Bait and Switch: The Neocon Case for War in Iraq

Wednesday, July 30
Paul Loeb: Hope Out of Quagmire -- New Peace Movement Opportunities
Steve Perry: The Bush Administration's Top 40 Lies about War and Terrorism
Ramzy Baroud: Iraq Could Become U.S. Greatest Blunder
Ruth Rosen: Gambling on Terror
Jeff Milchen: The Lunatic Fringe of Capitalism
Robert Kuttner: Double Standard on Globalization
Clare Short: Blair's Lack of Courage
Maureen Dowd: Blanket of Dread

Tuesday, July 29
Victor Narro/Kimi Lee: The Court has Spoken -- Corporations not Human
Helen Thomas: Bush's Vietnam-sized Credibility Gap
John Nichols: Unveiling Bush's Mass Deceptions
Walter Mosley: Ignorance is not Bliss: The Race Riots of the 1960s Civil Rights Struggle Were Motivated by the Same Alienation That Fueled the September 11 Attacks
Heather Wokusch: Deceit, Danger Mark US Pursuit of New WMD
Ray McGovern: Cheney Chicanery
Sean Gonsalves: Filling up Holes in National Security
Pierre Tristam: Orwell's Elephant and the Parading of Qusai and Odai Hussein
Yves Engler: Why We Rage at the WTO
David Mamet: Silly Signing and Fake Democracy
George Monbiot: America is a Religion: US Leaders Now SeeThemselves as Priests of a Divine Mission to Rid the World of Its Demons
Jimmy Breslin: 'He Died An American Hero'
Sandra Jewell: Class Wars: A Regal Obituary
Should the Green Party Run a Presidential Candidate in 2004?
No! Dan Coleman: Greens Must Back Away from ’04 Presidential Campaign
Yes! Blair Bobier: We are a Political Party. That’s What Political Parties Do

Monday, July 28
John Houghton: Global Warming is Now a Weapon of Mass Destruction
Heather Wokusch: Who Profits from Erasing Iraq's Debt?
Mokhiber/Weissman: Corporate Crime Without Shame
Gary Younge: They Fought the Same War and Both Lied About Why, Yet Bush Marches on While Blair Has Been Fatally Wounded
Sheryl McCarthy: Can't People See the Emperor's Pants on Fire?
Crispin Sartwell: Administration Lies Hurt Democracy, Cost Soldiers' Lives
Dennis Hans: Undeleted Uranium and the "Highest Standard"
Colleen Redman: Independent Investigation into Iraq War: Bring It On
Isam al-Khafaji: 'I Did Not Want to be a Collaborator'
Sheema Khan: International Laws Concerning the Treatment of Children During Times of Conflict Seem to be Forgotten in This War Against Terrorism
Matthew Thomas Harwood: Desperation Amidst Plenty

Sunday, July 27
Eric Margolis: Terms of Engagement
Haroon Siddiqui: Bush Boys Blow it Again in Post-war Iraq
William Arkin: A Thin Basis for War
Les Payne: A One-Sided 'Gunfight'
G Jefferson Price III: Distractions Won't Hide Truth About War in Iraq

Friday, July 25
Derrick Jackson: Noble Act or Political Assassination?
David Corn: The 9/11 Investigation
Ira Chernus: Korea Armistice 50 Years Ago Created Conservative Spirit In US
Jonathan Steele: Resistance Has its Roots in the Present - The Iraqis Opposing Occupation are not Remnants of the Old Regime
Harvey Wasserman: Ayatollah Robertson's Supreme Fatwah and Bush's Desperate Attack on America: Is the Superpower of Peace Turning the Corner?
David Krieger: A Time for Questions
Hubert Locke: Let's Cut our Losses in Iraq
Steve Niva: Time for Israel to Make "Painful Concessions" on Roadmap to Peace
Dean Baker/Mark Weisbrot: False Promises on Trade
Greg Palast: Corpses at Our Doorstep

Thursday, July 24
Norman Solomon: Green Party Taking the Plunge for 2004
Sandra Mackey: Uday and Qusay: Better Alive Than Dead
Mike Littwin: Peace-loving Nuns Have Become Cause Célèbre
Congressman Dennis Kucinich: Open Letter to Nader Voters and the Greens
Christine Ahn: Peace: The Real Solution to Famine in North Korea
Richard Norton-Taylor: The Killing of Saddam's Sons Won't Divert Attention for Long from the Specious Reasons Given for Invading Iraq
Ellen Goodman: Snooping on Readers
William Pfaff: Blair and Bush: When Time-honored Ties Become a Short Leash

Wednesday, July 23
Harold Meyerson: The Democrats' War Trap
Arianna Huffington: Corporate Tax Cheats Wreak Havoc On The Neediest Among Us
John Nichols: Media Giants Get Slapped
Froma Harrop: Not All Americans In Tune With Ashcroft's Blood Lust
Robert Kuttner: Gone AWOL on Leadership
Steve Kretzmann/Jim Vallette: Operation Oily Immunity
Jules Witcover: Congress Misses The Big Picture On War With Iraq
Ed Garvey: Progressives Must Join Forces For Victory In 2004
Jane Eisner: Now That the War's Over, Deaths Raise the Question: What For?
Simon Tisdall: The War Bill Soars, While Public Confidence Sinks - Now Bush Needs the UN More Than Ever...

<Tuesday, July 22
Paul Krugman: Who's Unpatriotic Now?
James Carroll: Was the War Necessary?
Antonia Zerbisias: Bush's Nose is Growing; Nobody Cares
John Nichols: Blair Loses Credibility in Well of Congress
Maria Cristina Caballero: Key Allies are Casualties of US War on Court
Luke Eric Peterson: Globalization Fight Continues
Madison Capital Times: Silly Ads by Democrats
Sean Gonsalves: 'It's All Over the News'
Tam Dalyell: Honesty Killed David Kelly
Toronto Star: The Tragic Cost of a Rash Iraq War

Monday, July 21
Governor Howard Dean: President Bush Must Set the Niger-Uranium Story Straight
Eric Margolis: Bush Deserves to be Impeached
Harley Sorensen: Like Father, Like Son
Bob Keeler: Lost in Iraq (and Washington): U.S. Troops
Helen Thomas: On Trial: Terror Suspects, US Fairness
Morton Abramowitz: Don't Let Burma Slide
John R. MacArthur: A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing
Peter Preston: An Uncertain Ending for Blair's Role

Sunday, July 20
Linda McQuaig: Sixteen Little Words, my As*terisk
Charles Knight: Fear-Mongering and Bad Thinking Are Real Threats to Our Security
Thomas Oliphant: Bush Stonewalling Will Bring On Probe
The New York Times: The Rigged Trade Game
Edward Said: Blind Imperial Arrogance - Vile Stereotyping of Arabs by the US Ensures Years of Turmoil
The Washington Post: Why Deficits Matter

Saturday, July 19
Hugo Young: Kelly Didn't Stand a Chance Against the Frenzy of No 10
Robert Alison: Yes, We'll Have No Bananas - Thanks to Selective Breeding, our Favourite Fruit can Neither Reproduce nor Defend Itself from Disease
Mark Morford: Pat Robertson, God's Simp - In Which the Divine Announces Plans for a Major Karmic Enema for all of Organized Religion, ASAP
Mary Beth Norton: The Founders and the Fedayeen
Julius Richmond/Judith Palfrey: 'Keeping Head Start Strong and Successful
Christopher Brauchli: Ugly WWII Echoes at Guantanamo
New York Times: The Marketing of Political Clout
Joel John Roberts: 10 Things We Can Do to Perpetuate Homelessness
Philadelphia Inquirer: Bush's Conscienceless Spending is Making his Father Appear Wiser

Friday, July 18
Sheldon Wolin: A Kind of Fascism Is Replacing Our Democracy
Jules Witcover: Look Who's Rewriting History Now
James Huntley: Our Place in the World: Experience Says Iraq will Resist U.S.-Imposed Democracy
San Francisco Chronicle: Misplaced Priorities
Lynn Landes: 'Offshore Company Captures Online Military Vote
Paul Krugman: Passing It Along
Derrick Jackson: GOP's Double Standard On Presidential Lies
Jim Lobe: Will the U.N. Bail Out Bush?
Martin Woollacott: The US Needs Allies - But Is Too Proud To Pay The Price - Bush Has Ambitious Plans For Iraq, But Lacks Money And Manpower
David Sirota: No Question: The Media Is Right

Thursday, July 17
David Corn: A White House Smear
Jim Spencer: Locking Up Nuns Makes Sense To None
Jay Bookman: U.S. High Horse Now Riderless
Helen Thomas: Some Feds Slow 9-11 Probe, Preventing Closure
William Pfaff: The Loyal Ally Becomes the Scapegoat
Sheryl McCarthy: Pat Robertson Loses It in Attack on High Court
Harold Meyerson: Inconvenient Facts
David Leigh/Richard Norton-Taylor: We Are Now A Client State; Britain Has Lost Its Sovereignty To The United States
Matt Peiken: Is Bush Really Lying If He's Only Saying What People Tell Him To Say?
Kathryn Welch: Secrets and Lies: The White House Pretexts for War
Mark Morford: With BushCo Reaming the Nation on Just About Every Possible Front, is Implosion Imminent?
Ralph Nader: Open the Window on Government Contracts

Wednesday, July 16
Ira Chernus: Bush Lies About Iraq Are Only The Symptom, Not The Disease
Arianna Huffington: If His Words Are His Bond, We're in a Bind
Transcript: Rep Bernie Sanders vs. Chairman Alan Greenspan
Robert Kuttner: The Press Gives Bush A Free Ride On His Lies
Robert Jamieson Jr: 'Baghdad Jim' Was Dead on About War
Jeff Danziger: Tour of Duty or Deplorable Deployment?
Jonathan Steele: The Classic Dilemma Of Collaboration
Salim Muwakkil: Affirmative Denial
Geoffrey Bindman: Illegal U.S. Campaign Against International Justice
Derrick Jackson: Limbaugh Brings Baggage with his ESPN Blabber
Peter Bales: Bloody History Puts Iraq War in a New Light
Jules Witcover: It's Far From Over, Mr. Bush

Tuesday, July 15
Nicholas Kristof: 16 Words, and Counting
James Carroll: America's Unintelligence Community
Jim Spencer: Words Matter When They Lead To Suffering
Betsy Barnum: USA PATRIOT Act: Grassroots Uprising Fights to Protect Rights and Freedoms
Bill Gallagher: Public Doubt Growing Quickly As Bush's War Stories Unravel
Sean Gonsalves: 'The Devil's Dictionary' Revisited
Los Angeles Times: The Administration's Real Problem: Unexplained Leaps
Richard Norton-Taylor: Tell Us The Truth About The Dossier
Paul Krugman: Pattern of Corruption
Jimmy Breslin: Africa? AIDS Is Right Here
Pierre Tristam: Homophobia as National Sport: Marriage by Constitutional Writ
Alan Morse: Got Democracy?...A Modest Proposal For Parents
Gainesville Times: Occupation Of Iraq Is Taking A Costly Toll In Lives And Money

Monday, July 14
Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity: Intelligence Unglued
Gary Younge: America Just Loves Immigration - it's Immigrants Who Aren't Popular. As Muslims Are Now Finding Out
Ruth Rosen Bush Doublespeak
Malcolm Knox: Private Lynch, Symbol of a Fictitious War
Harley Sorensen: Introducing The Utopian Candidate For Prez -- Me
Chris Strohm/Ingrid Drake: Peaceful Warrior
Kumar Venkat: Beware the Life Cycle of 'Recycled'
George Galloway: An Unwinnable War in Iraq and the Deceit That Led to it Have Destroyed the Credibility of the Prime Minister
John Sweeney: Overtime Changes Would Deprive Millions

Sunday, July 13
Renana Brooks: Power of Presidency Resides in Language As Well As Law
George McGovern: Ignore Pollsters -- Just Tell the Truth
Haroon Siddiqui: And Now the Big Questions: Did George W. Bush Wage War Under False Pretenses? And Will He Be a One-Term President?
Marilyn Krysl: We Were Obeying a Higher Law...But the Judge Won't Allow Us to Make Our Case
Tom Brazaitis: Life-and-Death Questions on Capital Punishment
Maureen Dowd: National House of Waffles
Lynda Hurst: Theodore Postol was Right About Patriots' Failures in 1991. Now, He Says US Missile-Defense System is a Fraud

Saturday, July 12
Sheldon Rampton/John Stauber : From the Start, the Invasion of Iraq Was Seen in the US as a Marketing Project. Selling 'Brand America' Abroad was an Abject Failure; But at Home, It Worked
New York Times: The Uranium Fiction
Christopher Brauchli: Bush's ICC Worries Are Hypocritical

Friday, July 11
Jim Lobe: Analysis: Anatomy of a Quack-Mire
Mokhiber/Weissman: The Two Faces of George Bush in Africa
Polly Toynbee: A Lottery-Winning Couple Who Gave Millions to Charity Could Give World Leaders a Lesson in Wealth Distribution
Berkshire Eagle: Why Does 9/11 Inquiry Scare Bush?
Marty Jezer: Not A Vietnam-like Quagmire
Russ Baker: All Spin All The Time
John Nichols: Was War Based on a Lie? Ask Cheney
HDS Greenway: Give Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz the Boot
Michael Eagan: Meanwhile: A French Farmer Against Big Business
Derrick Jackson: Where is the Apology for Slavery?
Kate Michelman: Pro-Choice Advocates Can't Relax
Gerald Caplan: Blame America for Conflict in Liberia, Too
Joan Ryan: As Stimulating as a Tax Cut -- a Living Wage
Jules Witcover: Truth Time on Iraq

Thursday, July 10
Robert Byrd: A Call for International Assistance, Not Isolation
Jay Bookman: If One War 'Fact' On Iraq Is False, What Of Others?
Ruth Rosen What's the Exit Strategy?
Richard Cohen: Why the CEO in Chief Needs an Audit
Harry Targ: End U.S. Occupation Now
Paul deLespinasse: The Parallel That Wasn't: John Marshall and Kofi Annan
Kevin Martin: Bush and the Damage Done: Presidential Hopefuls Must Articulate A New Foreign Policy
AL Kennedy: Our Gift to Iraq: Depleted Uranium
Roger Doiron: In the Transatlantic Food Fight, Europe Tells US "Bring 'Em On"
Boston Globe: Negligence in Afghanistan
John Vigileos: An "Aberration" Responds to the DLC's Attack on Progressives
Mark Weisbrot: Bush in Africa: Compassionate Protectionism?

Wednesday, July 9
Derrick Jackson: US Repeats Vietnam-Era Arrogance
Huck Gutman: Supreme Court Issues Watershed Decision on Gay Rights
Thabo Mbeki: If Progressive Politics is to Have Any Meaning, it Must Start From the Reality That You Can't Overcome Global Poverty Through Reliance on the Market
Robert Kuttner: Count This President Increasingly Vulnerable
Arianna Huffington: The California Recall: Looking For The Silver Lining
Jeffrey Sachs/Sakiko Fukuda-Parr: If We Cared to, We Could Defeat World Poverty
Alex Roth: Fallout from Bush's Tactical Nukes on the American West
Mokhiber/Weissman: Crooks: The Two Major Political Parties Take Big Money from Criminals
Mark Dunlea: Hold Bush Accountable If He Lied About Iraq
Carol Goar: Science at Humanity's Service
Saskia Sassen: Global Protests Did Help Poor Countries Over Drugs and Aids. But the Counterattack Has Begun

Tuesday, July 8
James Carroll: Bush's War Against Evil
James DePreist: A Nation That Closes Its Eyes Is Sure To Stumble Sometime
John MacArthur: Lessons of History in Iraq
Kimberle Williams Crenshaw: The Twenty-Five Year Détente
Pierre Tristam: Filtering Babel Insults Adults for its Presumption of Prudery
Robin Cook: It Was The Politicians Who Took Us Into War, and Not The Intelligence Services
Norman Mailer: The White Man Unburdened
John Nichols: Left Should Take a Page From Wilde
George Monbiot: Our Fake Patriots: Britain is Fast Becoming Bush's Doormat
Alan Wolfe: Losing Battle - Why the Democrats Should Pursue Defeat in 2004
Philadelphia Inquirer: Bring Reality On: Continued Hubris in High Places Heightens Risks for U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

Monday, July 7
Harley Sorensen: The Madness Of King George
Harvey Wasserman: Will The Hole-In-Head Machine Of Nuclear Mass Destruction Now Re-Open?
Tim Harper: Red, White and Worried
John Nichols/Robert McChesney: The Battle Over Media Ownership is Far From Over
Dennis Jett: Are We Committing War Crimes in Iraq?
William Pfaff: White House Refuses to Treat Allies as Equals

Sunday, July 6
Marco Fernández: Short-Term Thinking Dooms Social Progress
Robert Higgs: All War All The Time
Joseph C. Wilson 4th: What I Didn't Find In Africa
Eric Margolis: US Falling Into Bin Laden's Trap
Elizabeth McAlister/Susan Crane: An Act of Peace
Ali Abunimah/Hussein Ibish: US Must Avoid Appearing Colonialist In Iraq
Frank Rich: Had Enough of the Flag Yet?
G. Jefferson Price III: Using One War to Distract From Another

Friday, July 4
Charley Reese: Trust Is Important
Bill Berlow: Celebrate America - by Questioning Where it's Headed
David Rabin: Independence Day Revisited or Tail of Two Dogs
John O'Farrell: The Tyranny of George II
Ira Chernus: Patriot Act Promotes Homeland Insecurity
Patrisia Gonzales/Roberto Rodriguez: Pre-emptive Wars And The End Times
Ed Madden: June 26: The Day South Carolina Was Changed
Marty Jezer: Graceland
Derrick Jackson: Mugging Frederick Douglass
Paula Palmer: For Love of God and Mud: Korean Environmental Movement Inspires

Thursday, July 3
John Nichols: July 4th: A Day to 'Begin the World Over Again'
Naomi Klein: Canada: Hippie Nation?
Thom Hartmann: Dear Clarence Thomas: It Happened on July 4, 1776
Natasha Walter: We Still Need Feminism
Richard Clinton: Between Iraq And A Hard Place
Ruben Navarrette: 'Bracero' — Another Word for Corporate Welfare
Salih Booker: Bush's Lackluster Africa Policy
Randeep Ramesh: Imperial History Repeats Itself: Once Again, Indians are Being Asked to Fight Iraqis for Empire's Sake
Reed Brody: Trials for 'Enemies of All Mankind'? Count the US Out
William Jackson: Still Miller Time: 'NY Times' Circles the Wagons

Wednesday, July 2
Bill Berkowitz: Quagmire Alert
Mokhiber/Weissman: The Bush Administration: Causing Repetitive Stress
Arianna Huffington: Atrocities in Africa Not on Bush's Radar
Derrick Jackson: Bush's 'Blind' Justice in Texas Executions
Harold Meyerson: Grand Old Gay Bashers
Steve Tibbett: The Spoils of the War on Poverty
Roger Doiron: Of Food, Farming, and Freedom
Mark Engler: Beyond the War on Terror
John Buell: The Politics of Class War
Robert Kuttner: The Bush Formula for Policy-Making
Danny Schechter: What Do Americans Know? Not Very Much

Tuesday, July 1
Carol Glenn: A Matter of Freedom: Sitting In
James Carroll: Why You Love America
Pierre Tristam: Underestimating the Capacity of Americans to Detect a Fraud
Gary Olson: Iraq Eerily Starting to Look a Lot Like Vietnam
Max Castro: Was NY Times Iraq Coverage Tainted?
Harley Sorensen: Resistance Isn't Futile
Gideon Burrows: Arms and the Taxman
George Monbiot: Shadow of Extinction
Sean Gonsalves: Understanding Islam
Andrew Murray: Hostages of the Empire...




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