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January 2003

Friday, January 31
Thom Hartmann: "If You Want To Win An Election, Just Control The Voting Machines"
Stephen Pelletiere: A War Crime or an Act of War?
Molly Ivins: Media Concentration is a Totalitarian Tool
Daniel Forbes: Drug Czar Super Bowl Ad Features Anti-Abortion Subtext
Mokhiber/Weissman: Hide & Seek: The Public Has a Right to Know About Criminal Prosecutions of Major Corporations
Ira Chernus: Israeli Elections Impact Future in Israel and US
Marty Jezer: The Many Wars of George W. Bush
Conn Hallinan: Blinded by Belligerence
Paul Koretz/Joan Hartmann : War on the Wetlands Is Bush's Latest Environmental Assault
Adrian Hamilton: Why Break Europe for This Senseless War?

Thursday, January 30
Thomas Cottle: A War for God-Fearing Peoples
Ruth Rosen: Why Iraq?
Seumas Milne: The Recolonization of Iraq Cannot Be Sold as Liberation
William Hartung: George II, Part 1
Molly Ivins: Politicians For Sale - At Low Prices
Naomi Klein: What Happened to the New Left?
Antonia Zerbisias: Beating Around the Bush
Bob Herbert: Bait and Switch: The State of the Union Speech
Ralph Nader: Join the Fight for Title IX

Wednesday, January 29
John Pilger: Tony Blair is a Coward
John Nichols: The Democrats Bumbled Response
Günter Grass: No Beginning or End to War
Richard Adams: In a Bizarre Twist, Global Bankers Love Lula and Despair of Bush
John Moyers: Don’t Call It 'Conservative'
Dr. Ali Mekky: Are We Heading Into a New Dark Age?
James Ridgeway: Forget Your Problems, We're Preparing for a War
Dinah Po Kempner: America's Dangerous New Style of War
Derrick Jackson: Rumsfeld Leads the Trash Talk
Paul Knox: I Beg to Differ: The American Emperor Has No Clothes
Stephen Zunes: An Annotated Overview of the Foreign Policy Segments of President George W. Bush’s State of the Union Address
Natalie Johnson Lee: The Green Party Response to George Bush's State of the Union Address

Tuesday, January 28
Kathryn Casa: The Other State of the Union
Jimmy Breslin: War's Bottom Line: Death
Mark Weisbrot: Another World Is Possible -- and Necessary
George Monbiot: Stronger than Ever: Far From Fizzling Out, The Global Justice Movement is Growing in Numbers and Maturity
Mokhiber/Weissman: Stealing Money From Kids
Robert Scheer: US Knows Its Condition -- Lousy
Sean Gonsalves: From Confusion to Clarity
Gabriel Kolko: The Perils of Pax Americana
Dennis Hans: The Evidence Bush is Withholding Weakens, Not Strengthens the Case for War
Alex Beam: What War Can Do For You!

Monday, January 27
Robert Fisk: The Wartime Deceptions: Saddam is Hitler and It's Not About Oil
Ira Chernus: Shock & Awe: Is Baghdad the Next Hiroshima?
Suzanne Goldenberg: Where the Young Learn That Fear is a Way of Life
Salim Muwakkil: Few Nations Marching to Bush's War Drums
Ray McGovern: Caveat Preemptor!
Alon Ben-Meir: Explanation Time: From the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict to North Korea to Iraq, Efforts at Peace are Crumbling on President Bush's Watch
James MacKinnon: Brand America
William Pfaff: Europe and America: Some Know More About War
Neal Peirce: Time to Stop Dodging the Death Penalty
Santa Rosa Press Democrat: Too Many Not to Count

Sunday, January 26
William Arkin: Bush Has Lowered Bar for Using Ultimate Weapon
Eric Margolis: Europe Urges Restraint, But Bush Knows Best
Colman McCarthy: A Survivor of 2 Killing Machines
Caroline Arnold: The Armed Man Must Be Feared
Robert Fisk: The Human Cost - 'Does Tony Have Any Idea What the Flies are Like That Feed Off the Dead?'
Trudy Rubin: At Davos Forum, A Slide Toward Alienation
Scott Laderman: In Timing and In Size, Last Weekend's Antiwar Protests Made History

Saturday, January 25
Heather Wokusch: Destroying the Village to Save Weapons Manufacturers
Frank Drazan: Stopping Bush
Alwyn Moss: Military Power Threatens the Planet; Wisdom Hasn't Advanced with Technology
Kerry Max Cook: The Failures of the Death Penalty
Edward Said: When Will We Resist? The US is Preparing to Attack the Arab World, While the Arabs Whimper in Submission

Friday, January 24
Giles Fraser: US Churches are Preparing for Civil Disobedience Against War
Ralph Nader: Protecting Public Education from Tax Giveaways to Corporations
Arianna Huffington: The State Of The Union Address I'd Like To Hear
Chuck Sigars: Are We Itching for War or Just Really Stupid?
Bruce Mulkey: Marchers Send Compelling Message of Peace. Are Our Leaders Listening?
Don Williams: Bush Hasn't Made Case for War in Iraq
Margaret Krome: Peace Activists Need Ammo
Marc Cooper: Letter From Porto Alegre

Thursday, January 23
Robert Reich: The State of Citizenship
Simon Tisdall: World Opinion Moves Against Bush
Ruth Rosen: Dissent: Nothing Could Be More American
Mary McGrory: 'A River of Peaceful People'
Joyce Marcel: Fast Food Fascism
Haroon Siddiqui: 'Sept. 11 Just a Straw in the Wind'; Asian Intellectuals Vilify 'Cowboyish' Bush
Molly Ivins: Health Care Crisis: Sometimes the Sheer Stupidity of Our Choices is Amazing
Richard Norton-Taylor: A Blindness That Puts Us All in Danger
Walter Bernstein: How Will Iraqis Greet Their 'Liberators'?
Robert Jensen: From the Streets Into the Studios

Wednesday, January 22
Walden Bello: World Social Forum: Coming Together of a Movement
Dennis Kucinich: Peace as a Civil Right
Jonathan Freedland: War is Not Inevitable: All an Attack on Iraq Will Do is Fan the Flames of Terrorism
Sayra Meyerhoff: On the 30th  Anniversary of Roe vs Wade: Choice Under Siege
Derrick Jackson: The King They Still Won't Talk About
Norman Solomon: Memo: When War Is a Rush
Richard Gwyn: Bush's 'Moral Clarity' Turns Fuzzy
Jules Witcover: Trying to Halt America's March to War
Joseph Stiglitz: The Myth of the War Economy
Ed Garvey: Arrogant Bush Shows No Respect for US or Iraqi Lives

Tuesday, January 21
Pierre Tristam: American Borders North, South Speak Louder Than Tea Leaves
Sean Gonsalves: Repeal of Estate Tax Morally Bankrupt
Susan Lenfestey: High-Flying Hyprocrisy on Drugs
John Nichols: Smart Hart Makes a Compelling Case
Robert Scheer: Cries of 'Reverse Racism' Ring Hollow
Toronto Star: Weak US Case For War

Monday, January 20
Robert Wiener: Truth May Sink in Desert Sand
Ira Chernus: Dr. Martin Luther King, A Domestic Terrorist?
New York Times: A Stirring in the Nation
David Weiss: 'The Dream' Remains, But More of King's Fury Needed
Seth Sandronsky: The Young And The Peaceful
David Garrow: The Dream and Beyond: Embrace All of King's Wisdom, Including His Anti-Militarism
Stephen Zunes: Remembering the Real Martin Luther King
John Peters: Why Tax Cuts Just Don't Work

Sunday, January 19
Zoltan Grossman: Dispatch from Main Street: Winning Hearts and Minds for Peace in the Heartland
Bernie Sanders: The USA Patriot Act: What Are You Reading?
Caroline Arnold: Time To Stand Up Against Bullying War Talk
Linda McQuaig: Let's Opt Out of Absurd War with Iraq
Tom Brazaitis: Attack Iraq? NO! Doubters Must Push Hard for Peace
Haroon Siddiqui: 'Oil Lobby Determined to Have Its War' in Iraq

Saturday, January 18
Robert Fisk: This Looming War Isn't About Chemical Warheads or Human Rights: It's About Oil
Marty Jezer: The Spiritual Politics of Martin Luther King
Ian Roberts: The US Economy Needs Oil Like a Junkie Needs Heroin - And Iraq Will Supply Its Next Fix
Christopher Brauchli: Do Well in Hard Times: Become a Bush Political Appointee
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Human Rights: Trading Away America's Treasure
Norman Solomon: Mixed Messages Call for Healthy Skepticism
Stephen Zunes: Bush Working to Ensure Sharon's Re-Election
Michael Copps: Crunch Time at the FCC: The Future of the Media Hangs in the Balance

Friday, January 17
Jules Witcover: Voices for Peace Growing Stronger
Tom Plate: War-Protest News Missing In Action
Caroline Arnold: What Can We Do, In a Time of War?
Ralph Nader: "The Pentagon Connection"
Joost Hiltermann: America Didn't Seem to Mind Poison Gas
Holly Sklar: Racial Gaps Still Wide This King Holiday
Michael Honey: What Would King Say About Iraq War?
Derrick Jackson: GW Bush: The Great Demancipator
Ziyaad Mia: Snake Oil for a New Century

Thursday, January 16
Frida Berrigan: MLK's Legacy Continues: Hope and Action in the Midst of War
Ruth Rosen: March -- But Bring Your Own Sign
Molly Ivins: Demand Peace: Vote in the Streets This Martin Luther King Weekend
Mokhiber/Weissman: The New American Filter
Seumas Milne: Direct Action May Become a Necessity
Lucy Barber: Marches Can Change American Politics
Naomi Klein: Fortress Continents: The US and Europe are Both Creating Multi-tiered Regional Strongholds
Rev. Francis X. Meehan: Will the Bombs Be Dropped in My Name?
James Gustave Speth: Carbon Dioxide Won the Elections
Roberto Gonzalez: Detentions Don't Make Us More Secure
Max Page: Democrats Should Unpack the Court

Wednesday, January 15
John le Carré: The United States of America Has Gone Mad
Ira Chernus: For Peace Movement, Optimism = Realism = Peace
Molly Ivins: Connect the Dots, Folks: Bush Tax Cuts for Rich
Madison Capital Times: A Lesson on Foreign Policy
John-Mark Stensvaag: Terrorism, Patriotism, and Environmental Law
Stephen Zunes: A US Invasion of Iraq Can Be Stopped
John Nichols: George W. Lieberman
Bruce Ramsey: Questions About War That Can't Be Ignored
Kenneth Roth: Neglecting Human Rights Not the Way to Fight Terrorism
Derrick Jackson: GOP Puts a New Twist on 'Lynching'

Tuesday, January 14
James Carroll: The 29th Day for America?
Robert Scheer: Bush Doesn't Want Good News
Huck Gutman: A New Year's Letter to Students
Pierre Tristam: Triumphal Parallels in Command Time
Margie Burns: The Bush `Warbucks' Family Cashes In
Donald Miller: Religion Must Lead the Charge in Questioning War
Sean Gonsalves: 'A Time to Break Silence'

Monday, January 13
Dennis Kucinich: Iraq and the Economy
Ruth Rosen: Never Before in Human History Has an Anti-War Movement Grown So Fast and Spread So Quickly
Heather Wokusch: Reign of Terror Redux: From Bush to Bonaparte
Mokhiber/Weissman: Corporate Black Caucus
Salim Muwakkil: The Bush Doctrine Has Finally Sold Too Many Wolf Tickets
Jonathan Power: Lost Credibility Ties Bush's Hands on Nukes
Sheryl McCarthy: Illinois' Gov. Ryan for the Nobel?

Friday, January 10
Jon Carroll: Silence and Forgetting
John Nichols: Tips for Preventing a Dem Wimp-Out
Larry Robinson: The Soul of a Nation
Katha Pollitt: They Know When You Are Sleeping
Adrian Hamilton: Empires Always Serve the Rulers, Not the Ruled
Mark Morford: Let's Be Perfectly Clear: This is Not a War
Stephen Zunes: US Declares Open Season on UN Workers
Boston Globe: Citizens, Beware

Thursday, January 9
Tom Turnipseed: Renewing the Spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr: King Day at the Dome 2003
Helena Cobban: Unintended Consequences of War
Norman Solomon: Not All White House Reporters Are Pushovers
Alexander Cockburn: "No to War!" Is Anyone Listening?
Christopher Flavin/Gary Gardner: Good News: Look What Political Will Can Do
William Pfaff: Bush's 'Moral Clarity': The American Nation May Be Done Lasting Harm

Wednesday, January 8
Alex Vardamis: Canary in the Mine Shaft
Dennis Hans: Defensive Donahue Needs to Go On the Offensive or Get Off the Air
Helen Thomas/Ari Fleischer: Why Does President Bush Want to Drop Bombs on Innocent Iraqis?
Ed Garvey: Why Can't We Get a Gutsy Candidate for President?
Donald Murray: Imagining a Patriotism That Cares More for People
Arianna Huffington: Road Outrage: How Corporate Greed And Political Corruption Paved The Way For The SUV Explosion
Robert Kuttner: Bush's Titanic Tax Deceptions

Tuesday, January 7
George Monbiot: Act Now Against War
John Carroll: Cloning, Terror, and Our Humanity
Robert Reich: Bush Proves He's an Upper-Class Act
Andrew Davison: 'No to War': In an Internet Cafe in Istanbul
Molly Ivins: The Seriously Dumb Tax Cut
Sean Gonsalves: There are Alternatives to War in Iraq
Robert Scheer: Despite So Many Fans, War Is No Game...

Monday, January 6
Osha Gray Davidson: What the GOP Can Learn from the KKK
Salim Muwakkil: Draft Resumption a Crafty Anti-War Tactic
Ralph Nader: The Malpractice Crisis
Melissa Fletcher Stoeltje: Bush & Co. Actions Will Hurt Women's Reproductive Health
Newsday: Foreign Maglev Breakthrough Leaves US in Dust
Bill McKibben: Genetic Tinkering: A Threat to Our Coherent Human Future
Harley Sorensen: Talk Radio Hosts Do The Twist
Greg Laynor/Dan Rosen: Oppose War, Make Sense

Sunday, January 5
Victor Marshall: The Lies We Are Told About Iraq
Linda McQuaig: Lamest Excuse Yet for War
Caroline Arnold: Can I See Another's Woe?
Neve Gordon: Christmas Eve in Bethlehem
Roberto Gonzalez: CIA's Proxy Torture Undermines Law -- and Our Humanity
Ruth Barrett Rendler: No Excuse for Complicity in Torture
Will Hutton: The United States is a Country on the Edge, Lacking Its Customary Self-Confidence. And For That It Can Thank George Bush

Saturday, January 4
Robert Fisk: The Double Standards, Dubious Morality and Duplicity of This Fight Against Terror
Ray McGovern: Drift Toward War Revives Nightmare of Vietnam
Bruce Mulkey: Alignment with Our True Values Provides Path for Change
Helen Thomas: My List of Hopes for the White House and Congress in the New Year
Christopher Brauchli: Sorry About That, Yemen; Never Mind, Venezuela
John Buell: Minimum Wages and the Human Commodity
Ira Chernus: My New Year's Resolution: Think Globally, Love Locally
Marty Jezer: An American Century?

Friday, January 3
Andrew Greeley: Bush on the Warpath Without Proof
Norman Solomon: Announcing the P.U.-litzer Prizes for 2002
Mokhiber/Weissman: The 10 Worst Corporations of 2002
Helen Thomas: Whose Side Are You On, Mr. President?
Rick Salutin: What This War Is Not About
Madison Capital Times: Rumsfeld and Iraq
Stacy Mitchell: Time Warner Could Strangle the Internet
Helen Gilbert: War is a Feminist Issue
Jamie Mayerfeld: The US Shouldn't Fear International Criminal Court
Paul Krugman: What Game Does the Bush Administration Think It's Playing in Korea?

Thursday, January 2
Tom Turnipseed: America's Destructive Devotion To Greed and Violence
William Pfaff: Being the World's Sole Superpower is Not a Permanent Appointment.
John Nichols: History's Inspiration: Robust Opposition
Guardian/UK: Call Off the War
Patrick Carkin: Hidden Casualties & Secret Diplomacy: The History of US Relations with North Korea

Wednesday, January 1
Ron Deibert: The Internet: Collateral Damage?
Robert Jensen: We Won't Be Fighting for Freedom in Iraq
Thom Hartmann: Now Corporations Claim The "Right To Lie"
Robert Kuttner: Bush Making It A Rocky New Year
Benjamin Sachs: Democrats Must Block Right-Wing Judges
Paul Foot: Orwell Warned Against the Kind of Lies We Are Being Fed About Iraq
Richard Gwyn: Dawn of Imperial America




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